Belinda demonstrates why she is so reviled


…Because this is what she just said on her blog. Perhaps the mathematicians among you could work out how many levels this is wrong on:


Remember: this is a woman who recently expressed regret over the hurt she’s caused in Hampstead and declared a desire to build bridges with the Hampstead community. You remember – it was shortly before she made a video in which she referred to those “aggrieved families” as “cult members”!

Seriously, it’s difficult to put into words just how much this woman is loathed and detested by our contributors and by the Hampstead families whose lives she has sought to wreck. They will not rest until Belinda is brought to justice; and neither will we. And remarks such as the one above will merely make them – and us – more determined.

We are innocent, while Belinda is not. We are not members of any cult, while Belinda is a cult leader. We have never threatened to “do her in”, whereas we receive death threats from her cult members on a daily basis.

I expect a number of you may have something to say about Belinda’s comment. So get on that comment board and burn that mother down…


22 thoughts on “Belinda demonstrates why she is so reviled

  1. Belinda is scum. She propagated the Hollie Greig hoax and destroyed so many lives and now she’s doing the same in Hampstead. She has no conscience. She is evil and dangerous and the bitch is going to die in prison.


    • This is why it is no longer enough to defeat the aims of Belinda at Hampstead, she and all her supporters need to experience the sting of legal actions for damages so that they fully appreciate that actions comes with consequences.

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  2. Well Belinda, what can I say, except the innocent people/families are indeed caught up in a nasty situation..which is still being perpetuated by YOU.

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  3. Look! ….

    re:We are innocent, while Belinda is not. We are not members of any cult, while Belinda is a cult leader. We have never threatened to “do her in”, whereas we receive death threats from her cult members on a daily basis.

    You/We see this, but she does not. That is how far away from reality she is. This is how dis-attached she is from reality. She talks about it in such a blazay manner! Self important! She is SO self important that people don’t matter.

    Do you understand?

    It is WEIRD!

    I did not get the full gist of this until after watching the last 2-3 videos that she did. All she wants to talk about is herself. YES! She lets other speak, but then uses what they say to bring the conversation back to herself.

    So much so, that she has no bearing on what is what anymore. A dangerous woman, who’s EGO has created her in to a very dark and mad woman!

    Tick Tock ==> BM

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  4. If Belinda comes to the conclusion that the people/families of Hampstead are indeed caught up in a nasty situation IS SHE GOING TO APOLOGISE?

    The above sounds like she knows the game is up and she’s trying to back down. Too late I’m afraid. Far too late.

    The question for me is whether Belinda is mad or bad or possibly both.

    Do people here want to ‘do her in’? Of course not. What people here want is justice and Belinda prosecuted. How dare she do so much damage!

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    • It says on the link:
      “Last week I had a visit from a certain DS of Barnet Police who came to warn me that people in Hampstead were/are angry with me and gave me to understand that it might not be possible to contain this situation for much longer…”

      Violins at the ready..

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    • Well said, Earl. If you read the rest of her post, you’ll sees she also refers to the possibility of the families “bumping her off”. She just can’t open her mouth without slandering someone. It’s like some kind of pathological need.


  5. I’d advise everyone to read the link in its entirety. She’s really got it in for RD! She’s also blaming the leaked videos on the internet on an “Anonymous” and “Someone from Swindon, who has come forward.”
    She’s also feeling really sorry for herself methinks. 🙂

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  6. I have read the full article, and I think that once the children are returned to the father, Mr Dearman on behalf of himself and those children must bring full might of the law against the witchfinder Belinda. The continuous defamatory and threatening postings Belinda is making against Mr Dearman even in this latest posting is outrageous.

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  7. Belinda has been connected with various scams over the years.

    She is a woman of no credibility whatsoever and her family must be utterly ashamed of her.

    I have some information which I will email you. This shows the nefarious scams and how she was involved. Money is the driving force…but if you look at the documents carefully you will see how she is connected to paedophiles and not only landlady in Highgate. .she has run quez

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  8. Belinda is very lucky indeed that the good people of Hampstead have not stooped to her level. She should thank her lucky stars that she hasn’t had even a slap from the people she has accused of being cult members. I don’t think i could show such restraint under the circumstances. She deserves prison time for all she done and i hope that she gets it.

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  9. “My disappearance from the scene in a few days or weeks could be the ultimate ‘HANDS OFF’ warning from these ‘hidden hands’.”

    I wonder if this actually means “My bags are packed, I will be off to Berlin/Suriname/Antarctica before the warrant hits my doormat and I want my followers to blame the security services”?


  10. I don’t think I have anything useful in the way of documents to contribute, it was eighteen years ago. The police got involved after I had problems with her “Iran Aid” minions.

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