Why are the bunk peddlars so excited?

It is easy to bunk, but hard to debunk. Anyone who starts bunking will soon fall in with those who deal in claptrap, hokum and plain lies. Between them there may be jealousies, but at bottom there is a fellowship, and the debunker faces a league formed against him. The debunker, on the other hand, finds himself alone, for exposing sham is a lonely business because it has no profit motive. 

Libertarian monetary theorist E.C. Riegel wrote those words in 1928, and they ring true today: it’s much easier to “bunk”—to engage in peddling absurd, ridiculous nonsense to a gullible audience—than it is to “debunk”, that is, to expose those untruths.

Mr Riegel correctly identifies part of the problem: those who peddle bunk tend to ally with one another, however temporarily, to sell their lies to anyone who’s buying. And so one sees alliances such as that between Catriona Selvester (aka Cat Scot), Robert Matheson (aka Fabooka da Stait), and Naima Dawn Feagin (aka Hope Girl), each of whom is selling a different form of bunk.

The alliance, of course, is based upon their mutual hatred of this blog.

Here we see “Tribal Diva” (another of HoaxGirl’s aliases) claiming some great victory because she managed to have Sheva Burton’s YouTube channel removed:

Naima Dawn Feagin bullying Sheva 2018-05-20

And here’s HoaxGirl thanking Cat Selvester for her video claiming that she’d been trolled by “14 Hoaxtead trolls” (but conveniently forgetting to mention that her friend Fabooka left death and rape threats against Outlaw Jimmy and his wife on the same thread Cat is complaining about…):

Hope Girl & Catriona Selvester 2018-05-20Meanwhile, Cat appears to be convinced that RD is not only associated with, but actually runs this blog (and trolls her, LOL):Catriona Selvester Cat Scot 2018-05-20 1

It’s all most interesting, especially when one considers the all-important question….

What are they all so worried about?

HoaxGirl’s motivation is pretty self-evident: she has been selling plans to her fake “free energy machine” to the gullible and ignorant for some years now, the scam is making her a tidy living, and she doesn’t want anyone to interfere with that. We’ve watched her systematically remove any online material which might be detrimental to her financial interests for some time now.

This does not fully explain her hatred of this blog, however. We think there are several potential reasons for that, some of which we cannot currently discuss publicly, but the most obvious non-QEG related grudge is that she has seen us exposing the frauds and deluded ideas of various of her friends and allies.

As for Cat Selvester, she is well aware that we oppose the actions of the Scottish “Fresh Start Foundation”, and that this blog is read by many who are involved in the fight against child sexual abuse. To Cat and her allies, we represent a very real threat, as CSA survivors—and worse, those who fund resources for them—could learn that the FSF is based on very shaky ideological premises indeed, and could withdraw their support.

In other words, we are debunking their “bunk”, and they don’t like it.

The fatal flaw in their argument

Catriona, Naima, and their ilk are all making a rather large assumption: they believe that the people who oppose them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are the same people who run this blog. Cat has said it herself: she thinks that she was trolled the other day by RD, who she also accuses of being behind this blog. We know there’s no point in asserting that he’s not, but…he’s not.

Based on this assumption, she and her friends believe that if they can report and remove the social media accounts of those whose opinions they don’t like, they will somehow destroy this blog.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: this blog is written by one person, and that person is not RD. Various people assist in various capacities, including comment moderation, research, and so on. We have always operated as a loose, decentralised collective, and as such, having one person’s YouTube channel removed, or another’s video taken down on a confabulated copyright strike, will have absolutely no effect on this blog.

We will continue doing what we set out to do three years ago: debunk lies, defend the innocent, and report on the activities of those who believe it’s okay to destroy lives for the sake of a fantastical hoax. Oh, and we’ll continue laughing at the Hoaxtead mob.


Bunking v Debunking 2018-05-20

Image: Metabunk.org 

Updated 22 November 2019:

Hope Girl seems to have gone off the deep end again, and has been making snorting and snuffling noises about this blog having been hacked and all functionality shut down. Like this nice little porkie pie, for example:

Hope Girl scammer blackmailer QEG faker

Why is she so upset? Could it be that I failed to concede to her feeble attempt at blackmail? Long-time readers might recall that she tried to force me to remove all posts about her from this blog, or she would hold her breath until she turned blue, you just see if she didn’t!

Actually, what she threatened to do was “expose”—which is to say, harass and defame—members of my family. And God bless her, she’s been trying.

Not a very nice thing for a so-called Christian lady to do, you say? Well, I’ll just leave you to ponder that.

Oh, and by the way—if I “can’t continue to run the blog”, how am I adding this note? Just one of those imponderables of life, I suppose.

236 thoughts on “Why are the bunk peddlars so excited?

      • hahahaa, I went to Highbury Hill High School – Grammer for girls…….and well, I got veru ungrammerlylike, unladylike and couldn’t care less 🙂 Grobnob 🙂 Belinda McKenzie et al knew this, hence the 2011 fundraiser for the rally, which I was banned from…was held in Highbury fields, which I had written about some stuff re playing hockey, tennis, netball in those fields. I had written in survivor groups, that were safe, thought I…..until Annamarie came along, notts……Cope ?….. what a vampiric suck she managed, when I was low..ungurarded and without shields……….anyway, so they held that fundraiser, but few were there, magine how many might join me for a walk/run/festival/event…..to reclaim our ground………… and if Truth & Hope were really that, if any or those who took the platform 2010, were real, then 2011, then surely, it would be recognised that for me to have been there would have enabled me an act of empowerment………….. was it cos I attended the ‘Inspired by Icke group event: The Hollie Grieg Hoax’ 2013 ? and afterwards tried to inrome people ?


  1. “Based on this assumption, she and her friends believe that if they can report and remove the social media accounts of those whose opinions they don’t like.”

    But when she fails to get any removed, she’ll spend all day Sunday telling anyone gullible enough to believe her that she’s had them taken down anyway, even when the channels are still there for all to see.

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  2. And all this time, managing not to fall out with each other in a spectacular public spat. Or, if there are differences of opinions, no spite blogs set up. Almost as if we are the reasonable balanced ones. Who knew. Who would have guessed.

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  3. Great post as always EC. If Cat and HopeGirl think they can shut people down or this blog then have sorely under-estimated how committed people are in stopping their scams. Their desperation in trying to get this blog shut down just goes to show how worried they are that people will see right through their bunk.

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    • Free Energy, that’s when you buy your food and power with money you didn’t earn. What is it with the terminally lazy and new age fads, diets and snake oil crystals ? They all flock to bulls**t like moths to a lightbulb.

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      • The BBC have broadcast some real stinkers over the years though.

        One of the very worst was the appalling May 33rd

        There is n interesting and familiar theme in the drama

        A vulnerable young woman suffers various pains in her body and visits an osteopath

        “As he applies pressure to different parts of her body, she is triggered into different personalities. The drama explores the shocking condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition associated with ritual abuse.”

        I was horrified when I saw this drama as it was introduced with an opening section in which an authoritative voice stated that SRA is real, underreported and widespread. The programme is a dramatisation of real events. Apparently.

        Treason? Possibly not but a dangerous production nonetheless.

        I was posting on an internet forum the next day and lots of posters had watched the film and, largely because the BBC had broadcast it, believed it to be completely true. It was quite difficult persuading people that the events depicted in the programme were pat of a massive historical hoax.

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          • The programme was broadcast in 2004. I would love to find a copy online so I can examine it and debunk it thoroughly.

            Another “interesting” BBC programme is this one

            I have not had time to review it properly, but even if it contains only interviews with people claiming to be survivors of mind control who also have MPD (as one of the earliest interviewees does) it may be interesting for debunking purposes.

            For the avoidance of doubt, I am in no way suggesting that MK Ultra actually created Manchurian candidates, just that MK Ultra did actually exist and did conduct unethical experiments on human beings.

            Also the history of the development of discourses relating to Manchurian candidates is interesting to me and should be examined in relation to discourses regarding DID /MPD as there are many common themes

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          • IMDB has this page on the presenter Bruce Burgess
            Looks like he has produced and directed some real stinkers

            I cannot find confirmation that the BBC broadcast the above programme or any information about it on IMDB

            I believe it may be this film, mis-titled https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5310578/

            If so it is definitely worth a look and includes footage with the notorious Colin Ross

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            • Remember when past life regression was popular, and every Hollywood celeb was a Prince / Princess in a previous life ? Same BS different label. It’s 99 percent enabling Bullshitters and Walter Mittys to bore everyone with their crappy tales. When is Fake Special Forces Memory Syndrome going to be recognised ?

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        • I couldn’t find a video of May 33 1/3 but I found this footage of a TV play about a woman called May who is Nuts featuring the guy who played the TV Licence Detectorist in The Young Ones. It was tame for it’s time and heavily censored by the BBC. Ben Wheetley obtained the original script and was able to shoot it in it’s original form as the film Sightseers

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          • I suspect the YT uploader removed details and it isn’t a BBC production, but by Dandelion/Transmedia (for LCD trashy Channel 5) Matches with the MIB thing. I suspect the YT channel changed the name and cut titles to avoid copyright issues as he monetizes other people’s for for ‘fair use’ the cheap prick.

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          • I enjoyed both films and had no idea that Sightseeers was a remake of Nuts in May
            Candith Mawee!
            Used to know a family therapist who was just like the NiM bloke with the guitar, same lisp and everything

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            • You really need to know that I make a good 30 to 90 percent of the crap I write in posts up from the top of my head in a lame pastiche of Chris Morris and Hunter S Thompson. Do not take any of it seriously.

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        • That’s shocking, OMG. It continues to astound me how often stories like this are regurgitated through the allegedly reputable mass media. Makes one realise how important it is to vet what we take into our brains.

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          • It is very shocking indeed

            Unfortunately the BBC have very poor form for working with SRA believers, more recently it seems to be concentrated around BBC Radio 4 and the occasional documentary. For example Brett Kahr makes appearances as a talking head on documentaries and many of Sinason’s associates provide sound bites on Women’s Hour, You and Yours and other programmes, although not usually about SRA. Grayson Perry’s wife Philippa Perry (Grayson is a good chum of Sinason and Philippa is very involved with the Bowlby Centre) often pops up too. I should really keep better records of all the appearances / soundbites, but it happens a lot.

            To the BBC’s credit they broadcast and excellent radio 4 exploration of the Satanic Panic by David Aaronovitch so it’s a bit of a curate’s egg.

            Don’t know if you ever saw this televisual piece of excrement, originally broadcast on Channel 4

            It is a very interesting documentary inasmuch as it shows the appalling boundary violations and exploitation of Pamela Edwards by people who are supposed to be caring for her.

            Survivors on parade it seems.

            Sinason was involved in Pamela’s care, unsurprisingly.

            There was a legal challenge to the programme makers and channel 4 in which various professionals were concerned that the programme was exploitative of Pamela and not in her best interests. They were right to challenge the broadcast but it went ahead anyway.

            Just disgusting the way that an extremely vulnerable adult is exploited by a group of egotistical, narcissistic therapists and their associates.

            The programme was uploaded by true believers who might take it down once they realise I linked to it here. I have already made copies and I would suggest that anyone else planning to write about it makes their own copy incase it disappears.


          • They need to properly research people for possible Waltism. Remember Mike Warnke and the crackpot Yanks who stated this bollocks in the 70s/80s before it was a full blown Satanic Panic ? I know people who attended seminars about SRA by Moonie types come over to spread their deluded brand of Christianity straight from the Books of Jack T Chick.

            We need to address certain people for what they are

            1. Wizard Walts – Knobheads who claim to have been Satanists and detail various murders, blood drinking and general fantastic bull.

            2. Abuse Walts – Knobheads who fabricate tales of abuse to emotionally blackmail people, sell crappy books and make a few quid on the evangelical circuit.

            3. Keyboard Crusaders – As if I need to explain this sector to you lot.

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          • More on the Being Pamela “documentary”


            This is truly shocking, Pamela’s foster mother is a psychotherapist associated with the ISSTD


            Since when has it been proper professional conduct to foster your patients?

            This has echoes of the appalling case of Carol Felstead who was “adopted” (although completely informally and illegally) by Dr Fleur Fisher, who claimed falsely to be her next of kin and also, after Carol’s death tried to have Carol cremated without the knowledge of her family.

            Here is her page on counselling pages website

            here is her own website

            on which the following information appears:

            I am a UK Council for Psychotherapy [UKCP] registered Attachment based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist working with adults and couples. I am a member of The Bowlby Centre.

            I am also a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist, registered with the Association of Child Psychotherapists [ACP] and a Health and Care Professions Council [HCPC] registered Occupational Therapist.

            I am an experienced Maternal Mental Health psychotherapist and I am a member of The Association for Infant Mental Health UK [AIMH (UK)].

            Although I mainly work from a psychodynamic perspective, I have an adaptive approach to my work as a psychotherapist depending on the needs of the client.

            I have extensive experience of working with individuals, couples and families who come with concerns which are causing them anxiety. Please go to Why Psychotherapy? to read more about the areas of concern and problems I can offer help with.

            I am also a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation [ESTD] and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation [ISSTD]. I have presented at the annual conferences for both the ESTD (2012) and the ISSTD (2012), and I have been a visiting speaker on the The Bowlby Centre and The Clinic for Dissociative Studies course: Advanced Working with Dissociation in Clinical Practice from an Attachment Perspective

            I am a Consultant Specialist Psychotherapist with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, UK. For more than 17 years I have worked closely with the Clinic for Dissociative Studies to develop and to provide packages of psychotherapeutic care and treatment for adults, children and young people with dissociative disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder, trauma associated complex needs and intellectual (learning) disability.

            I am an Associate Psychotherapist with The Pottergate Centre for Dissociation and Trauma.

            This is appalling
            She has all the proper qualifications and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council [HCPC] and yet openly boasts of her links to extremely dubious organisations such as the ESTD, ISSTD, The Clinic for Dissociative Studies, the Bowlby Centre and the Pottergate Centre. \\It is terrifying to think that extremely vulnerable people could be referred to her and and up in treatment with her.


          • wow!
            Just found this news story

            Child psychotherapist Judy Williams was suspended for two years then sacked from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. She was reinstated 18 months later, but has been on leave for six months after hospital bosses failed to find a position for her. They have now apologised, on the eve of an employment tribunal.

            The disciplinary case was sparked after she was accused of acting inappropriately to a vulnerable adult known as ‘P’.

            She was accused of unnecessarily giving the woman medicine, inappropriately restraining her and using inappropriate language to colleagues. Ms Williams from Chorlton, is not employed to care for P but has known her for more than 20 years and says she considers her to be ‘like a daughter’.

            She claims health chiefs acted maliciously against her because she had been fighting to protect P’s expensive care package – a claim the primary care trust strenuously denies.

            St Helens originally paid for P’s care, even after she was moved into a house in Greater Manchester, but a court ruling means Manchester now picks up the bill. The patient P is a woman in her 30s, has a severe mental disorder which leads to her having four identities and needs monitoring day and night by carers.

            Ms Williams said: “I am proud I did not walk away from this, I was determined to achieve justice but there is nothing in this situation to make anyone happy. The cost to my physical and mental health has also been enormous.”

            A spokesman for Manchester primary care trust, which receieved the complaint which led to her being suspended by the children’s hospital, said: “We completely reject any allegation that financial considerations influenced our actions.

            “We received evidence that, if proven, in our view would have constituted misconduct. As an NHS body we had a duty to refer this evidence to the appropriate professional bodies. It was then a matter for them to decide whether and how to conduct any investigation and what steps to take following that investigation.”

            more here



        • Here you go, a proper actress doing multiple personality disorder much better than a member of the public, who frankly hasn’t had enough training to properly present the subtitles of each distinct identity.


          • Not yet seen the film Grobnob but the appalling thing about the parading of Pamela Edwards on TV by those who were meant to care for her is that she was and is a genuinely vulnerable person. She has a learning disability and, unless all the documents in the film are lies or forgeries, has a very well documented childhood full of terrible abuse and neglect.

            It is unsurprising that a mentally vulnerable woman with abandonment issues and a learning disability may gain gratification from having a team of excited individuals constellating around her and giving her attention. She may enjoy the attention of being on the telly.

            It doesn’t make her a Walt IMO, just an extremely fragile and vulnerable person who has learned how to act in order to generate excited attention in those around her. To me it seems obvious that she is being abused and that she is not in any position to consent to being on television.

            Judy Williams’s comments about Pamela breaking wind “like a trumpet”, in order to be manipulative, on national TV, are a very cruel kind of bullying, and I think demonstrate Williams’s own sadistic, controlling streak.


    • Looking around….

      Nope, we’re still here. Granted, some gimboid attempted to hack the blog via comment spam using shell programmes the other night, but other than the annoyance value of having to delete 900+ spam messages, it was no big deal.


    • I’m very specific in what a Walt is. Steven Seagal with his claims of knowing Bruce Lee is a Walt. Mike Warnke is a Walt. These are people who lie to aggrandise themselves and get attention. All the fake Navy Seals who get busted are Walts. Anyone selling QEGs and Orgone crystals as anything other than a bullshit set of plans or a colorful ornament is a Walt. The mentally ill aren’t full on Walts as such, but some can engage in walting, and do.

      I doubt the chick in the channel 4 docu is putting it on as such, but has probably moved into a behaviour pattern to coincide with emotional needs or mood swings ? What do I know ? I’m not Dr. Grobnob PHD Psychology. Although I can diagnosed Jazz syndromes in musicians.

      I’m being very specific about my use of the term WALT. Anyone who declares the Queen guilty and shall be arrested or makes bullshit TREASON videos is a Walt for sure.


      • I watched a bit of the Pamela thing, I think we need to account for the movements and whereabouts of Jimmy Savile, Jimmy Hill and Bruce Forsyth in the month of her conception


  4. I’ve come across “orgonite” on a couple of New-Age grifters’ webshops. Essentially “like Crystals, but more natural!” … with the advantage that the product doesn’t have to be actual *amethyst*, you can take any old sparkly tat and set it in a resin pyramid and call it Orgonite.
    I dunno who first coined the word, and promptly got copied by everyone jumping on the scamwagon.

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    • From the Wiki Orgone page

      ” William S. Burroughs was a major proponent of orgone research, who often included it as part of the surreal imagery in his novels. Orgone interested Burroughs particularly because he believed that it could be used to ease or alleviate “junk sickness”—a popular term for heroin withdrawal. This fitted well in the context of his novels, which were usually narrative recreations of his own experiences with narcotics and the Beat life.

      Burroughs explicitly compares “kicking the habit” to cancer in the novel Junky, and ties it to the use of orgone accumulators. He writes:

      Cancer is rot of tissue in a living organism. In junk sickness the junk dependent cells die and are replaced. Cancer is a premature death process. The cancer patient shrinks. A junkie shrinks—I have lost up to fifteen pounds in three days. So I figure if the accumulator is a therapy for cancer, it should be therapy for the after-effects of junk sickness.

      At the time that Burroughs was writing, orgone accumulators were only available from Reich’s Orgone Institute in New York, offered for a ten dollar per month donation. Burroughs built his own instead, substituting rock wool for the sheet iron, but believed it still achieved the desired effect. Burroughs writes about what occurred once he started using the accumulator:

      Constant use of junk of the years has given me the habit of directing attention inward. When I went into the accumulator and sat down I noticed a special silence that you sometimes feel in deep woods, sometimes on a city street, a hum that is more rhythmic vibration than a sound. My skin prickled and I experienced an aphrodisiac effect similar to good strong weed. No doubt about it, orgones are as definite a force as electricity. After using the accumulator for several days my energy came back to normal. I began to eat and could not sleep more than eight hours. I was out of the post cure drag.”

      That drug addict, hipster, male prostitute and bad William Tell impressionist is to blame for the multiple orgonisms punting snake oil, Chaka Khaning and, in 99.7% percent of Satanick Krime sights analysed by the FBI’s ‘Devilhunters’ or ISS (Internal Satanic Security), Tarot Cards, Heavy Metal Long Play Vinyl 33.3 RPM albums and books including Satanist’s Bible (Anthony LaVei) , Das Capital, Catcher of the Rye and Chocolate Orange by Anthony Burguess. Typically Orgonized Satanists combined blood with Heroin, ‘Snowballs’ in needleized inject-able form and combinations of Ice tea and coffee they refer to as ‘Dutch Girls’.

      Typically an Orgone tank is kept at the ‘safe-house’ away from the chapter grotto or methlab compound evil gangs frequent and prolonged use is know as ‘Teachesting’ , ‘Tanking Up’ and De-staticization. Frequent users are known to hum constantly and stare into space.

      Orgone Crystals are produced from the collected perineum sweat of Orgone tank users mixed with bath salts, gelatin and goat tears. Usually street level Orgone is heavily cut (averaging 3% solution) or has no Assidrine
      content (from the perineal gland of heavy users) whatsoever. Typically Orgone Crystals are Methilated and inhaled nasally by low level non affiliated Satanists, along with Jenkem, Whippets and cheap weed.

      Prolongued use of the Orgone Chambers, Huffing Cracked Assidrine (AssCrack) and reading Communist literature leaves habituates in a dazed state and unable to enjoy God’s wonderful kingdom,

      I urge you all to learn from my errors and never use Orgone in any of it’s evil formulations.

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      • In the late 70s I stayed in a nice little hotel in Tangier where the owners 2 gay Brits, said Burroughs wrote The Naked Lunch. In the morning after a massive drinking session when one of the owners took me on a bender around town I turned on a bath tap desperate for some water, forgetting that they warned me water wasn’t turned on until 11am. Waking up about Mid-day I heard a massive rain storm which was actually the bath overflowing and flooding the stairwell down 2 floors.
        Apparently Burroughs did the same thing on his first morning. I feel I’m connected to him.

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        • That surprises me, Burroughs getting up so early and bathing. Jamie Oliver’s sequel The Naked Chef was a far more useful book.

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          • No I think like me he probably got up early to get a drink of water as he was maybe drugged or drunk as well. The room they showed me was small but had the most beautiful window with views over Tangier and the beach. Sadly they didn’t put me in it.


    • The concept of orgone was first posited by the “eccentric” psychoanalyst and associate of Carl Jung, Wilhelm Reich.
      wiki here

      It is interesting that the discussion has moved in this direction as Reich is probably the major influence behind the human potential movement, the movement that spawned Esalen, the hippy retreat where various snake oil merchants, new age gurus, cults and predators meet for hoe downs.

      Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, the authors of the notorious Courage to Heal books have extensive histories of involvement with Esalen


      as do countless predatory, abusive body psychotherapists and “tantric” healers

      which is unsurprising as Wihelm Reich was the originator of the idea that we are sexually oppressed by society, that trauma is held at a cellular level in the body and that genital massage is a wonderful way of freeing people from societal oppression.

      Searching youtube for Wilhelm Reich, Reichian bodywork, Reichian Breathwork, orgone therapy, neo-Reichain therapy / massage etc will throw up a range of quacks, some well meaning, some sinister.

      Just one example

      New age energy therapists almost always have a background in the human potential movement, which also spawned various LGATs such as EST.

      William Burroughs is also interesting as he was one of the most influential figures in promoting ayahuasca tourism, a trend that has become a catastrophe for many tribal peoples and that has not ended well for many new age “seekers”.

      There is also significant crossover between the demographics of people involved in the various Reichian and neo-Reichain energy therapies and ayahuasca tourism and proponents of “healer plants” and “psychedelic psychotherapies”

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      • Wilhelm had two elder siblings you know, his authoritarian father never called them by their Christian names, instead numbering them. He grew up known as Third Reich.

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        • *groan*

          by bizarre coincidence I was enduring watching a video of a certain Charles Seven who now wishes only to be known as Seven.

          Apparently she was named this as she was the 7th child in her family. Did her family name the other children one to six I wonder?

          I am fairly sure I encountered her in the mid 1980s and she had an entirely different name, was a long time ago and I cannot remember it but it definitely wasn’t Charles or Seven back then.

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          • I don’t believe it was Wendy. It might not be the same person and for a while I thought it couldn’t be as Seven looks too young, however in one of her videos she claims she was 38 in 2003 which would make her 53 now, so it could possibly be her.

            I cannot say too much here but this person was making (demonstrably) false claims of being an SRA survivor in the mid to late 1980s.

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      • One of my mates did the Erhard Seminar Training, he thought they were nutters and kept on doing what he was doing. Said they just yell at you for hours on end.


        • They morphed into other LGATs like Landmark Forum / Landmark Education / Lifespring / The Hoffmann Process / loads of others.

          They all isolate people for hours on end and yell at them or bully them until they “pop” (Stockholm syndrome kicks in) and people feel ecstatic and start to act in a compliant way. I have lost friends to LGATs, it’s a very nasty, profitable growth industry.

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    • You are absolutely correct Smut Clyde

      Orgonite pyramids (in fact moulded resin containing bits of metal filings and assorted dust particles) are a staple revenue stream for new age grifters. One of them sells them at an outdoor market near me for £15 a pop, alongside the usual dreamcatchers, sage, sweetgrass, crystals, various Buddhas and other appropriated and environmentally destructive items.

      No need to aspire to be spiritual these days, you can just buy spirituality in the form of consumer items.

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      • Jeremy Ayres’ various new-age and medscam websites were where I first encountered Orgonite Pyramids.

        Now Ayres is a broad-spectrum conman, and he has promoted both SwissIndo and HopeGirl’s QEG grift… he seems to know HopeGirl in person. He also collaborates with Clive de Carle as his business partner… De Carle is another egregious broad-spectrum scammer, who also has many fingers and probably his dick in the “UK Column” pie. He’s interviewed Ray Savage for his youtuber broadcasts, and has probably interviewed HopeGirl directly.


  5. HoaxGirl’s motivation is pretty self-evident: she has been selling plans to her fake “free energy machine” to the gullible and ignorant for some years now, the scam is making her a tidy living, and she doesn’t want anyone to interfere with that. We’ve watched her systematically remove any online material which might be detrimental to her financial interests for some time now.

    You must have watched the sad disappearance of her QEG journals, in which she had dissed the dirt on the various gullible clowns she had lived off in the course of her globe-trotting… calling them, well. gullible clowns. De-published when she belatedly realised that they were not helpful for future collaborations.

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  6. Can Hoaxgirl & Pussycat not go 10 seconds without lying through their arses?
    By the way, nice work there by ‘Sophia’.

    NB: Tribal Diva = Hope Girl

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    • Sophia is correct but mores the pity there isn’t a law of criminal libel which would see most of the Hoaxtead mob locked up. Slander is the spoken word, defamation the written and both are libels. Shows Ms Catnip isn’t the brightest spark.

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    • “The Satanists have been harassing my family for close to two years now.

      …Says the self-professed Christian Naima ‘Hope Girl’ Feagin.

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      • Don’t know if “the Satanists” have been harassing Hope Girl’s family but Hoaxtead posters have only been pointing out that she is a con artist selling a phony “free perpetual energy” scam to unsuspecting people who are told they will be given the (unreadable) plans to her “free energy” machine with follow up consultations at $100s per session and when it all goes belly up and you machine doesn’t work you have no comeback because in the fine print it says you must employ a fully qualified electrical engineer at all times when working on the machine.

        That’s not harassment Hope Girl- that’s warning the innocent about unscrupulous grifters. Next you’ll be saying the FBI “harass” the Mafia.

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    • They report it to the police ?
      The same police that a great many of them frequently state are part of the SRA conspiracy ? Who have an ongoing awareness of the nature of online abuse and the madcap complaints they receive on a daily basis ?
      Good luck with that.
      They’re little pantywaists telling their form monitor.

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  7. So this woman is on the board of a voluntary organisation that supposedly supports abuse survivors – and this is how she treats a fellow survivor? WTF?

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    • I doubt that any survivor seeing that (and Cat’s other posts and videos) would be comfortable turning to Cat for help/support. I trust that as a responsible CEO, Janine Rennie will take stern action against her for bringing Fresh Start/Wellbeing Scotland/ Open Secret/ In Care Survivors Service (or whatever they’re calling themselves today) into disrepute.

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      • Thanks for that screen grab CP
        I checked out In Care Survivors Service Scotland as I am unimpressed, to say the least with Janine and her various projects.
        The In Care Survivors Service Scotland website is set to private however I notice that it is promoted on another website called Help for Adult Victims Of Child Abuse

        their website is here


        Their resources page features a number of websites of SRA promoting organisations including
        Fresh Start Foundation
        PODS – Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors
        TAG (Trauma and Abuse group)
        The Lantern Project
        Survivors Trust
        Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL) (the founder Lee Moore claims to be an SRA survivor)
        Heal for Life Foundation (founded by Liz Mullinar an SRA conspiracy promoter)
        The Penny Parks Foundation (I will be blogging about this organisation at some point)
        First Person Plural
        MIND (will be blogging about MIND at some point)

        There are many other resources recommended by HAVOCA, some may be bonafide, I do not have time to check them all out. All of the organisations recommended in their resources page should be scrutinised IMO

        the recommended book section is also interesting

        The Courage to Heal is recommended. I do not know much about the other 3 recommended books but they are probably worthy of scrutiny

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        • Thankyou. HAVOCA at one time didn’t carry such links, if I remember rightly. They were on my whitelist too. I have noticed that the hoaxers seem to have effected many listed on there, but I wasn’t clever enough to keep track.
          This speaks to the woeful gap that I mention often….That though it might look as if there is lots of support out there for survivors, there isn’t and what there is often further damages people.
          I look forward to your future work, it is sorely needed.

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          • You’re really most welcome Sheva.

            There are a number of problems with determining organisations to be either good or bad.

            Firstly, the infiltration of legitimate survivor support organisations by SRA believers is a huge problem, to the extent that it is rare to find a supportive organisation that is not compromised in some way.

            For example The Tavistock and Portman NHS Mental Health Trust were instrumental in supporting and developing the notorious Clinic for Dissociative Studies. There is a long history of mental health professionals, some apparently well qualified and reputable, who are true believers in SRA working at the Tavistock as trainers, supervisors, consultants and staff. This does not mean that every single person working at the Tavi is a quack or deluded, even though some of them definitely are. I have met both personally and professionally people who work at the Tavi who are straightforward, sceptical and not deluded at all.

            The same is true of the Bowlby Centre I’m sure. I have also had the pleasure of some in depth conversations with various psychotherapists and trainees who have trained at certain organisations and who, for example, believe in energy therapy but who have been shocked and appalled when their supervisor or trainer suggests that genital massage is a legitimate form of psychotherapy.

            What I am saying is that there are many shades of grey and that the situation is nuanced.

            Even if we could accurately divide MH professionals into SRA believers and SRA sceptics there is the issue of identifying who are the well meaning naive people with no exposure to skeptical narratives (a huge population), the truly delluded (I would place Sinason in this category) and the ruthless scammers who are just in it for power, money and don’t care who they hurt (many senior people at the ISSTD). Even then there may be other categories. Given the enthusiasm some of these people have for genital massage it is possible (likely even) that some of them are being blackmailed or otherwise compromised.

            The situation is extremely complicated.

            More to follow

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      • Vive le Hoaxtead, thankyou………. I can see it for what it is, but really don’t know much about her and would like to reveal as much as possible for others to be able to check the background of the information that I am relaying on The Real Fresh Start Foundation and Cross of Change sites and pages, that go out to lots of group admins etc.
        So where can one peruse the evidence ? I would like to do so.

        And viva la Hoaxtead ! …. The blog that deserves an award.

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    • Yep, no way would I feel comfortable confiding a woman who posts crap like this:

      Oh and she’s nearly 3 months behind too – her new acting arselicker-in-chief (presumably until Malcolm’s Facebook suspension is up) Hope Girl already posted a video incorrectly identifying Ray Vark in early March. And even that was based on a made-up name given to her by…wait for it…Angela! Couldn’t make it up, could you? 😂

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      • George Wyman, no, you couldn’t make it up, but they sure can. What a revolting person Cat is. Really abusive. I really am concerned now as to how many victims have been led to her by a charity that has created the illusion of being leading lights in Scotland.

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        • I shouldn’t have said; now. In fact, I and others have been concerned for a longtime. Lately some important to the cause for child protection and better support for CSAvictims/survivors, people that were not aware have become alerted and shocked.

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    • “she stole the name from a scottish CSA charity”

      Interesting. She’s passing off Fresh Start Foundation as a charity. I wonder what the police and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator would have to say about that.

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      • Seeing as it looks like it was done using windows 5 in the mid 90s by the most inept clown imaginable they’ll either think it’s low level fraud, well meaning but incompetent clowns or a spoof site. Personally speaking my refrigerator door has better typography, grammar, design and layout . . . . . more visitors too I expect.

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      • anowlcalledsage, I have been in touch with a couple of the real charities that are called Fresh Start…..
        to let them know that whilst I/we are exposing this lot of charlatans, we mean them no harm, but to let us know if any thing happens as a result, that is concerning to them, because of either Fresh Farts (tho obv I put their stolen/mirroredfromcrediblegroupsasistheirmodusoperndi title) or The Real Fresh Start Foundation.

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    • The “real” Fresh Start Foundation?. Just google it- there seem to be heaps with that name. More likely Cat Scot nicked the name from another that has been established for years.
      She drips venom and accuses others of it.
      I mean her venom oozes and slides off the page just reading it. She seems to have a very serious anger management problem.

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  8. Interesting comment on YouTube under one of the Hampstead videos.

    I have removed the name of the poster who is a potential minor and the children’s names.

    “I was a student in that school and i know that all of this never happened i fully am 100 percent sure because i knew ******** and ******* and the teachers were always nice to us in a friendly way this is something that kids were told to say as to what i can understand because i know that they talked about some of my friends and my friends werent involved in all of this thats why they were surprised and anyways you people shouldnt start calling this school bad because i left christ church because some phyco started accusing the school therefore i left the school although if this rumor hadnt happened i would have stayed for all you people saying really bad school you cant say anything because you didnt go to this school and there is no proof of whats been said

    I have made my point here”

    How sad that this person had to leave “because some phyco started accusing the school”.

    Just another example of the very real damage this hoax has done to people.

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    • Yeah. I found footage of people pestering a preacher at the local chapel. These morons are living in cloud cuckoo land and have convinced themselves they’re crusaders with their lame blogs, facebook slander and egregiously inept video production and presentation skills.

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      • Grobnob, no doubt some are convinced that they are crusaders and any that do wake up and realise, I really have no problem with them as long as they stop, apologise and if possible make amends, even just by sharing the real evidence……………..There are though a lot of people who know/knew ? full well that this was, in their sick minds, destined to be their biggest internet coup/false flag of all time…….that so many like tightarse frost, seaman, etc also call false flags on real tragedies? …..Well, to their followers, duped, then how could they be lying or hoaxing…or pushing an actual false flag? I guess is what is twisting minds of quite a few, maybe.

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    • 😦 That makes me really feel sad, the forgotten victims in this are the children just happily going to that school, before Belinda Mckenzoid decided to launch a new hoax and found what she thought were the perfect victims, amongst her friends. No concern at all for any human harmed along the way…..collateral damage. As she said to Angie, whilst pretending to drop back from the hoax…….

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    • Wow…yes, we can only imagine the depth of the harm this hoax has done, not only to the falsely accused, but to others we’ll never know or meet.


      • Indeed and the real reason I got involved was because of friends who live in Hampstead (but never mentioned or connected to that school or church) in turn had friends who were and who were completely distressed by the whole matter which upset my friends. They even contemplated selling up and leaving.

        These vicious lies radiate outwards and it’s difficult sometimes to pinpoint who the victims will be.

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  9. I considered posting a takedown of Cat Scot but it really is not necessary.

    The filthy, disgusting venom, the bullying, the antisemitism that pours out of her sewer of a mind is sufficient to educate anyone about what kind of individual she is.

    Her vile behaviour reflects very bad on Janine Rennie also. Janine has form for this kind of thing in relation to the disgusting misogynist lyrics of Bruce Hotchkies. Janine, what is wrong with you, seriously?

    It is astounding that any human being could fail to understand that Cat Scot’s malicious communications are anything other than vile abuse, especially of CSA survivors, and yet Janine, who we are meant to believe is an activist against SRA just lets it all go on without comment.

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    • Similar to how Cat Scott applauded Fabooka’s comments on her video, even though they included death threats and a threat to rape someone’s wife!

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    • Janine Danielle Rennie is registered at Companies House as the CEO of Fresh Start Foundation which is not a charity. She is also company secretary for Wellbeing Scotland which is registered as a charity.

      It would be interesting to see whether as a responsible person she will disown Cartriona Selvester for her behaviour or whether she is prepared to condone it. If no action is taken against Cat by the CEO of FSF, you would have a legitimate question as to whether Janine is a fit and proper person to be involved with a regulated charity.

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  10. I wonder if Cat & Naima’s vow to take this blog down will be as successful as Charlotte ‘Jacqui Farmer’ Ward’s was 😀

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  11. Headless chicken update…

    Incidentally, Sam Best and Sam Spade are two entirely different people. Best is the good one.

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  12. Moaning about trolling survivors after the way she’s treated Sheva?! 😮

    That’s a whole new level of hypocrisy right there.

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    • Assuming we don’t have a spy in our midst leaking the Hoaxtead Private (planning and operations) page I can only assume Cat is talking out of her arse as usual. Project JellyBaby is coming along nicely and whoever the wit was with the Stripey Ken profile made me spit my Dutch Girl all over my iPad.

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  13. What on Earth are they on about about, Wednesday night and all three of them?

    Have I missed something? Who broke hoaxstead and why wasn’t I copied in on the memo?

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  14. Pingback: HopeGirls dirty tricks to censor critics – The Real Fresh Start Foundation

    • Bungalow on the coast ? How about a single room in the secure clinic for antisocial wankers who sit in their grubby shit pits screaming into a computer that Saint George needs to save Sheffield’s trees from being eaten by the Internet.


  15. See You Holy Spirit https://s31.postimg.cc/qxu0r5e4b/vvmafjbzi8cnhw2wa3mrk2a0mubuka.jpeg-pwrt3.jpg.gallery.jpg.galler.jpg

    And as for her attempts with etymology it’s well documented that the Scots only achieved 25% literacy in the mid 1980’s, when electricity was introduced. Even up to the 1930s they most conversed in a series of grunts. Upon sending them away to fight in WW2 it was discovered they couldn’t speak due to being drunk, dried out as they trained they managed to speak some rudimentary words and phrases. There is no way they wrote the old testament As it favours wine over spirits, strictly denies pork and offal, so Haggis would be illegal.

    Where do these fuckwits get off on this bollocks ?

    Everyone knows Jesus was English, middle class and a thoroughly nice chap.


      • Don’t force me to wear my grandfather’s kilt.* No-one wants that.

        * Cameron of Erracht (because Cameron Highlanders).

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      • Can you prove significant racial differences to prove it constitutes xenophobia ? Of course not. It’s just a bit of harmless banter.
        The video link that trivialises sexual battery doesn’t offend you as much as cheeking the Jocks ?


        • That’s one hell of an accusation – and rather offensive, if I may say so – and a bit of an ad hominem distraction that has nothing to do with the point I made.

          Oh and xenophobia and racism are two different things.


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