Would-be hacker leaves his calling card

It’s been some time since anyone attempted to hack this blog, but this past week we’ve weathered (successfully, we should add) two separate attacks. Granted, they came from the same person, who was apparently quite determined to find a vulnerability.

As it happens, the hacker wound up telling us more about himself than he intended to—probably not the outcome he had in mind.

Who would want to hack us?

Lots of people, to be honest.

For example, our friend Cat Scot has been huffing and puffing and threatening to blow our house down for the past several days. In fact, we can think of quite a number of people who don’t appreciate us. We think we’re pretty nice people, but that opinion isn’t shared by everyone.

However, only one has directly threatened to hack the blog in the past few weeks.

Remember that wacky Pizzagate group we covered a couple of weeks back? If you recall, several of them became quite upset and paranoid when a non-believer joined their group and began talking to one of their members about the foolishness of claiming people were paedophiles without proof.

One group member, John May, seems to have become more upset than most: before banning the dissenter, he did a bunch of posturing about how he could pay $200 to have a website hacked, and we should watch out, etc.

He really, really doesn’t like us, though he seems a bit confused about who we are. Apparently we work for the Queen:

John May 2018-05-22 HR

And we’re also Russian hackers: John May 2018-05-22 HR 2(Nice that he likes our “expert journalism”, though. Thanks, John!)

He seems to fancy himself a bit of a hacker, too: John May 2018-05-22 hacker extraordinaireBut, judging by the way he tried to break into the blog, he’s not always smart enough to turn on his VPN.

At least, he seems to have forgotten it when he used Arachni (a public-source web application security scanner) to run shell scripts in the Comments and Contact Us sections of the blog, in two failed attempts to probe for security weaknesses.

Or perhaps he thought we wouldn’t notice nearly 900 pieces of comment spam from the same IP address?Hack attempt 2 2018-05-22 1When we had a look at this IP address, here’s what we found:

Hacker IP 2018-05-22It’s a static IP, which means that it’s specifically assigned by the user’s ISP (internet service provider), as opposed to dynamic IPs, which make use of whichever port is free on the ISP’s server.

In other words, it can only belong to one account. That account belongs to someone in West Memphis, Arkansas.

And funnily enough, guess who lives in Arkansas?John May 2018-05-22 ArkansasNow, we happen to know (because we looked it up) that John’s ISP, AT&T, takes a rather dim view of hackers using their service to attack other sites online.

So if John suddenly finds his ability to muck around on the dark web has been severely curtailed, he’ll know exactly why.

You’re welcome.

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158 thoughts on “Would-be hacker leaves his calling card

    • I have to say that aside from manually deleting a total of 1,800 spam comments, I found it pretty amusing too. 🙂 (WordPress.com kept complaining that I was breaking their servers when I tried to mass-delete, LOL.)

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      • Bummer about having to delete them all manually, my condolences…

        (I know what that feels like, since Yahoo was taken over by Oath/AOL to unsubscribe from all their spam/add suppliers, you have to manually untick every single one of them (over a thousand)- there is no ‘tick all’ option, it takes over five minutes to do it


        (And I have 5 different yahoo emails)

        I wasn’t also aware that apparently Oath is also taking over Facebook
        Seems AOL wants a monopoly again

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        • The other problem with trying to delete spam messages in bulk is that you risk deleting genuine comments from regulars that are buried among them. WordPress in its wisdom sends loads of our comments straight to spam. Jumpin’ Jack Harrison, Arthur Pint and Jake Blake, for instance, are regular victims of this!

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          • Yes, you are right Scarlet, I have had this problem numerous times this week. It seems to happen mostly when I am trying to post an image along with a comment.

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            • That’s interesting, Arthur. It’s possible that some alpha-numeric combo in the links you’re trying to post match up with a blocked IP here, then.


          • What comment do you get when that happens, I have had several that had a ‘your comment is waiting for moderation’ or something like that as well- is that the spam box?
            I know I get that if there is more than two links in it, but this has been happening with only one link, or in one case there wasnt a link at all


  1. “Yep, they work for the Queen of England.”

    And once again Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been cruelly overlooked.

    Do I take it Mr. May is an American gentleman?

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  2. “My favorite hobby is tinkering with Tor nodes”

    Wow, what an exciting life you mus lead then, John. Keith Richards eat your heart out!

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  3. “So if John suddenly finds his ability to muck around on the dark web has been severely curtailed, he’ll know exactly why.”

    Oh Gawd, did you say dark web? That sent shivers down my spine. Let’s hope amateur hacking is all he’s been doing on there.

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      • I think it’s where the nutters go to find their “evidence” that there are tunnels under a DC restaurant (which has no basement), and that Hillary Clinton eats babies. Or whatever. Also child sex abuse images, of course. Because how can they fight child sex abuse unless they take a good loooooong look at pics of children being sexually abused? I ask you.

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      • From the news stories posted it would seem possible that he uses the dark Web to purchase certain substances.


  4. Try to contain your excitement, folks:

    “In the first 2 hours I have a pre-recorded interview with John Paterson. It has been a while now since John has joined me on the show and it was great to catch up with him and get all the updates since his last appearance…John’s interview covers such a lot and I will let the recording speak for itself; but shines a light on the global network of the corrupt New World Order.”


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        • Does anyone know why people smoke Meth or Ice?. These don’t seem to be “good time” drugs. Few weeks ago in our local shopping centre I witnessed a woman high on Ice being bundled into the back of a police van when she suddenly burst out of the door and sent 3 coppers flying. She was like a demented King Kong and howling like a banshee.

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          • I used to have a gay acquaintance whose life descended into chaos and serious mental illness as a result of meth use. I am no expert but from conversations with him meth is not uncommonly used in some populations within the gay scene in London, Brighton and Manchester UK and other large cities. People often start using for sex parties. It is a “chem-sex” drug that leaves people seriously disinhibited and likely to do all kinds of risky sexual things that they might otherwise not do. For this reason it is also sometimes used when predatory older men take an interest in younger, naive males.

            According to my acquaintance it is a drug that is often truly amazing during the first few times of taking it for sexual purposes but, obviously, being highly addictive and taking a heavy toll on a person’s looks, those golden days of first use go down the toilet fairly quickly, along with the user’s life.

            Patterns of use in the US and Australia are different with many people living in rural poverty getting involved in the use and manufacture of the drug. Just from news reports it is fairly clear that in the US meth addicted parents of young children are exploited by paedophiles. Some of the news stories in this respect are heartbreaking.

            So my limited understanding of the drug is that it is very often associated with sexual exploitation, either of the user, or of their (sometimes very young) children.

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    • Two interesting things about John May: sometime within the past 5 hours he has taken his Facebook page private.
      And he does seem to be advertising his services as an attorney:
      John  May attorney

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    • Haven’t been able to find out what the current case is about, but Zahid Khan was convicted of being a rogue landlord, fined and ordered to do 150 hours of community service. The Ferrari “stealing” incident happened when he went to appeal his sentence and parked his car on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court. At the appeal three of the charges were upheld and three overruled.

      However, parking his car on the pavement attracted the attention of the police, who spotted that it wasn’t insured, or legally deemed roadworthy. So they crushed it.

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      • Neelu has got the case number wrong. Looking at the Birmingham Mail and cross referencing the list of defendants it looks like this was passed from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court.

        “He is charged with six counts of concealing criminal property relating to six allegedly stolen vehicles bearing allegedly cloned number-plates. The entrepreneur is also charged with conspiracy to commit fraud in relation to alleged number-plate fraud. He is also charged with two counts of perverting the course of justice in connection with the alleged number plate fraud and allegedly stolen vehicles. Mr Khan is also charged with transferring criminal property which it’s understood relates to the alleged transfer of proceeds from the sale of allegedly stolen vehicles. He is also charged with four counts of fraud by false representation over four separate insurance policies for a Ferrari.”

        I can’t see on the face of it why the Ilford Princess is so concerned about this case. I’ve seen no mention of lizards.

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      • It’s about a Ferrarri that was confiscated from some gobby Brummie bloke (the video’s up somewhere). i don’t know all the ins and outs of it but Neelu’s been banging on about it for months. I myself zoned out and lost interest when she described this brand new Ferrari as having “sentimental value”.

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          • I was going to post a cruel joke linking the two, but I’ve thought better of it.

            “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.” Nietzsche

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        • Nothing is ever what it seems in Neelu’s world. The dead are alive and the living are dead. Instead of crushing real cars the police go to the expense of building a replica shell.
          What’s the business about a goat in a power boat?


      • He’s dreaming if he reckons that car is worth £248,000 but I bet that’s the insurance claim he will put in. What is it with these people and their “legal teams”?.

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      • Just realised there’s a Part 2.

        Do my ears deceive me or does he threaten to shoot the coppers in this one? 😮


  5. John May is a noob who could not hack himself out of a paper bag. Idiot. The thing about these Satan Hunters, they read something on Wikipedia, then they think they are instant gurus/experts on hacking (cracking); journalism; video-making; scientists; religion; medicine; legal work; shild protection. They are all ignorant keyboard warriors with no skills, personality or creativity. They are failures in life, but harm anyone or anything they come into contact with.

    I include in my condemnation those paedophile loving extremists who discriminate against religion and hate society and its institutions, the Fresh Start Foundation who will hurt the vulnerable and children if they come into contact with them. Are there regulators to deal with these parasites?

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    • The ‘ZI’ has sod-all to do with Zionism, Andrew, The word ‘Nazi’ is an abbreviation of ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitspartei’ (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). Dickhead.

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  6. “Human means Monster”, wait a minute, what? Where do these people get their information from, they live on an entirely different planet to the rest of us.

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  7. Scammers like APD and other frauds need not apply.


    “Dr. Cameron – the first chairman of the World Psychiatric Association, and president of both American and Canadian psychiatric associations – was recruited by the CIA in the 1940’s after they caught wind of his “psychic driving” concept.
    He had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by “erasing” existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. The CIA, however, sanctioned Cameron’s research in hopes it would one day be used to “crack” spies.

    He was reportedly paid $69,000 between 1957 and 1964 to conduct experiments for MK Ultra – a mostly illegal venture that combined the use of paralytic drugs, shock therapy, LSD, medically-induced comas, and alleged sexual abuse. Some patients were exposed to repetitive messages for days.

    As a result, Cameron’s “subjects” – Levenson’s aunt included – would suffer extreme personality changes, incontinence, amnesia, and in many cases, revert them to a state of child-like dependency.

    On Sunday in Montreal, families of these survivors gathered to share their recollections and traumatic history through medical records, as they plan to file a class-action lawsuit against the provincial and federal governments, and possibly McGill University.

    Though the statute of limitations has elapsed in many of the MK Ultra cases, families are seeking compensation and a public apology.

    “I could not believe this was allowed,” Levenson said. “These were innocent people who went in for mild depression – even if it was severe depression, post-partum, neurological things that happened – they came out completely ravaged, and their life was ruined.”

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  8. Classic Moo meltdown 😀


    Seriously, stick with it. It builds up to one of her finest tantrums yet.

    There are veiled references to Hampstead in this video too, btw, in between her screaming her head off about tooth whitening (or whatever she’s banging on about).


    • I almost lost it when she said in that video that the toothpaste tube “even had a paedophile symbol on it”.

      Since when has a molar with a heart in it been a “paedophile symbol”?

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    • “CCRB checks, or whatever they’re called now”

      No, Deborah, as I’ve repeatedly told you over the last three years, they’re called DBS checks. You’re welcome.

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    • She’s a dangerous nutcase and is an example of how Facebook, Youtube etc criminally allow these idiots to infest their platforms. Their reporting systems are crap.

      What Deborah Mahmoudieh is doing here- if for instance some unfortunate abuse victim watched her videos – is saying no-one can be trusted, no-one in authority, the police etc etc. I don’t know much about the ISPCC but she is claiming that any child ringing them could be speaking to a pedophile.

      But she makes the same claim about the police, local authorities, social workers – every single authority in Britain cannot be trusted according to her. She is basically telling real victims there is NO-WHERE they can turn to for support.
      What a fucked-up in the head monster she really is. Get some frigging help.

      And reading her claims about abuse along with those who correspond with her (I have no reason to doubt what she says in that respect) it’s evident they are confirming what all reports find : that over 95% of child abuse happens within the home and relatives are involved. Yet she and her pals turn this into claims that every single authoritative entity is part of a large conspiracy (reaching up to the Royal Family)..

      1. Why has not one single other person in Hampstead or nearby suburbs spoken up and made claims of abuse?. These vile conspirators don’t even know how implausible their claims are. On one hand they say parents like Ella Draper did not know what was supposedly happening right under their noses but then imply all the parents are part of the plot. Madness.
      2. Look to your own backyard Deborah Mahmoudieh and stop defaming innocent and hard working local government workers, police etc. In your own posts of Facebook you post little red hearts (sometime several). Is this a signal to other pedophiles?. Of course not but this is the sort of mindless, but dangerous, idiocy you promote.

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    • From the FBI Files : White heart within a red circle with a response of a larger red heart : covert signals that both are former residents of Bedlam.

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