Tracking Angela’s lies: 2 letters, 4 envelopes?

All right, class, this is going to be a tricky one, so sit up straight, pay attention, and take notes.

Today we are going to talk about how Angela Power-Disney claims to have received two letters, both of which she says came from a person or persons related to this blog…but somehow these letters arrived in four separate envelopes, at different times. It’s all very complex, but we’ll try to straighten it out.

Many thanks to our friends at MKD: Fake News, Fake Allegations, Fake People Exposed for helping us track down some hard-to-find evidence which had been misplaced!

Alleged letter #1

According to Angela, she received the first letter on or about 17 December 2015. She published a photo of this letter, which she referred to as a “poison pen” letter, the following day on Facebook:Angela-letters-2015-12-19Note the header from Hoaxtead Research, which she has printed out and stapled to the letter as “proof” that it came from us. (Note to Angie: it wasn’t convincing.)

Bear in mind that at that time she was fully convinced that this blog was run by RD, who she claimed lived in California.

On 21 January 2016, about a month after she claimed to have received this letter, Angela posted a YouTube video containing a photograph of the envelope in which she says it arrived.

Angela Envelope 1 2018-04-01We shall call this Envelope #1.

The following August, in another YouTube video, Angela again brandished an envelope which she claimed had been sent from the UK, and contained the “poison pen” letter:

Angela Envelope 2 2018-04-01This time, however, the envelope looks as though it had been opened with a chainsaw.

We shall call this Envelope #2. Note that the typed address is more legible, and the stamp is more visible—and looks quite different to the stamp on Envelope #1.

In fact, it was the stamp which gave the show away: at the time one of our sharp-eyed readers noticed that it was an Irish stamp, part of a “peel and stick” collection available in late 2015Irish stamp Red Fox 2018-04-01Note that the stamps on Envelopes #1 and #2 look different, though it’s harder to fully make out the stamp on Envelope #1, as the video quality is so poor.

However, if Envelope #2 did contain the alleged “poison pen” letter, it was most certainly not mailed from California, where Angela claimed that RD lived; nor was it mailed from the UK.

If the letter was real, it was sent from within Ireland.

Judging from the frequent emails this blog receives from irate neighbours and townsfolk, Angela is not popular in her home town, and so we’re not ruling out the possibility that someone who knew her sent the “poison pen” letter.

However, given her pathetically obvious attempts to claim we’d sent it, and what we could see of the letter’s contents (something about the St Vincent de Paul Society, about which we know less than nothing), we’re inclined to believe that Angie cooked the letter up herself to gain attention.

Alleged letter #2

The second letter which Angela claimed she’d received from Hoaxtead Research arrived in March 2018.

On 20 March, Angela posted a screenshot of the letter and the envelope (#3) in which it supposedly arrived. (For some reason, Angela claims that this is the “3rd anonymous tip off from #Hoaxtead”. However, she’s never said anything about a second letter, and has never shown any evidence that such a letter was sent or received, so as far as we’re concerned, this is Letter #2.)

Changing the story

After we pointed out that Envelope #3 bore a UK stamp but was not postmarked, something rather amusing happened: in a video interview with Heather Brown/Pru Halliwell, posted on 21 March, Angela changed her story.

Now she claimed that the “anonymous tip off” had arrived in an envelope postmarked in the UK and sent from Gatwick.

The “Gatwick” bit is important, as Angela and Heifer claimed in the video that the letter could have come from Sheva Burton, who lives near that area, and whom they’ve both gone to a great deal of trouble to slander.

And then, ta-da! In a video published over the Easter weekend, Angela brandished yet another envelope!Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 4.37.28 PMEnvelope #4 bears absolutely no resemblance to Envelopes #3, #2, or #1. The handwriting is different, it has two stamps, and it is appropriately postmarked.

The top postmark in these samples show the “Gatwick Mail Centre” processing mark, and looks similar to the mark on Envelope #4:Royal Mail postmarks 2018-04-02

We do know that Envelope #4 was mailed in February 2018, as it bears the Royal Mail postmark slogan, “Supporting Team GB at Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics #We Are the Great”.

This “slogan postmark” began circulating in early February, and ended when the Olympics did, on 25 February.

Our verdict on Envelope #4

Envelope #4 matches up perfectly with Angela’s statement to Heifer: UK stamps, UK postmark, even (as far as we can see) mailed from Gatwick. Amazing!

However, as a ploy to frame Sheva, it doesn’t work: Heifer herself has admitted that she lives in the same area as Sheva. And Angela has stated that Yannis, too, lives in that area.

So could one of them have sent Envelope #4?

This would be entirely reasonable, but there’s a fatal flaw: the handwriting on Envelope #4 doesn’t even remotely match the handwriting on Letter #2. The handwriting on Envelope #3, meanwhile, matches perfectly, so it’s clear that wherever Letter #2/Envelope #3 came from, they were written by the same person.

In addition, Letter #2 was allegedly received in mid-March, after the Pyeongchang slogan postmark had been discontinued. 

Nor can Envelope #4 be linked with Letter #1, which was supposed to have been received in December 2015, more than two years before Envelope #4 was mailed.

It appears quite likely that Envelope #4 is just a random envelope which Angela decided to flash on-screen in hopes that it would convince her more gullible followers that she’d received confidential (albeit incorrect) information from a Hoaxtead “insider”.

One way or another, though, a distinctly fish-like odour continues to surround Angela’s claims that she’s received letters of any sort from us.


35 thoughts on “Tracking Angela’s lies: 2 letters, 4 envelopes?

  1. Thanks for that excellent timeline, EC.
    There really is no need anyway for anyone to try and convince people of how revolting Angela is, she does that without flinching again and again.
    Heather told a lot of porkies about me too, seems to take alot of pleasure in so doing.
    Two malicious gossips, stomach churning tbh.

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  2. “Psychopaths have a tendency towards impulsive behavior and a lack of remorse, so it’s not surprising that lying comes easily. However, with very little training, it seems psychopaths are able to create lies faster and almost effortlessly compared to the rest of us.”

    “Lee and her associates tested 52 university students in Hong Kong by separating them by high and low levels of psychopathic traits. They were then shown photos of people they knew and those of strangers. Using an MRI to measure brain activity, the researchers recorded how long it took each student to respond when they were cued to lie about recognizing the person in the photo.”

    “Lee suggests in Business Insider that these findings can be interpreted to say lying is a skill that can be rapidly learned by psychopaths. (Don’t miss these 7 clues to spot a liar.)
    Our findings, for the first time, suggest that … Individuals with higher psychopathic tendency may not have a ‘natural’ capacity to lie better, but rather show better ‘trainability’ of lying,” Lee said.
    So unfortunately once they learn to lie, a psychopath will always have the edge over the masses. And unlike Pinocchio there’s no nose to tip us off.”

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    • With Angela, it’s not the lies that get her into trouble, but the fact that she can’t recall from one time to the next what her last lie was. So…”Here, look at this envelope, it proves that this hate mail was sent to me….” followed shortly afterward by “Here, this is the envelope which contained my latest hate mail….” Except they’re different envelopes, and everyone but Angela notices.

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      • In my experience that is the very nature of a psychopath. Because they lie so easily and without shame they don’t, as pointed out below, construct a “narrative”. A lie flows easily to cover up a previous lie or exposure of one.
        The fact people finally twig to their machinations means little because they really lack empathy and cannot be shamed. I can imagine Ange thinking “that didn’t quite work so I’ll produce a new envelope with a stamp” with it never even occurring to her that many can see through her falsehoods. She cares little as she is always seeking new ‘marks’ who may send a donation.

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  3. The use of letters & postcards as faked “evidence” for persecution, by SRA-DID patients, is well documented by their DOCTORS!

    [George Fraser reports similar experiences. One of his patients claimed she was receiving threatening postcards, with “self-desctruct” mind-control commands secretly coded onto them, mailed from various foreign countries. Fraser became suspicious, and a close examination of the postcards revealed that the foreign postal-markings were faked! The patient had been mailing the doctored postcards to herself, confessed one of her “alters”.]

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    • Yes, I’m actually surprised that Angela hasn’t claimed that one of her “alters” was doing the dirty deeds. After all, she did claim a year or so ago that she has DID, didn’t she?

      Fascinating article, as always, Justin. Thanks.

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  4. My guess is that she knows she has become irrelevant at this stage. Nobody is interested in her scams anymore.

    She tried to jump on the Eugene L. bandwagon on one of his lives last night but he didn’t pay any heed to her.

    She obviously thought you were a soft target Sheva but thank the Heavens you are stronger than that.

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  5. Sherlock Coyote, you done it again…
    Once again apd ‘tries’ to be clever, but as usual she is less Sherlock Holmes, and more Inspector Clouseau (except he is actually more successful)

    Like most habitual liars, she tries to cover up her mistakes by lying even more- and unfortunately for her, she has neither the intelligence to create a successful narrative to her lies, nor the shame to acknowledge her mistakes, like a cat trying to ‘cover up’ on tiles, it just plain doesnt work…

    Most cats have the sense to stop trying however….

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    • Thanks Steve! I think you’ve hit it on the head here: “she lacks the intelligence to create a successful narrative to her lies”.

      Also, I see you’ve met my cat. 🙂

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    • There are only 38 mail sorting centres in the UK. The Gatwick Sorting Office is in Crawley. According to available information it covers an area from Guildford to Lewes.

      Her claims completely ignore any chain of evidence. All we can tell is that sometime in February she received two letters of unknown content from someone who posted them from vaguely south of London.

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    • Her video is soooooo boring that I managed to learn a new tune on my tin whistle, until near the end of the vid, my ears perked up, I heard her say she wasn’t begging for a car but if someone has one sitting around they’re not using & I blew a note so high & long in shock, that the crows outside cawed so loudly they beat my bad note.

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    • Good if she really does, step back from Hampstead, but still so many lies….forever calling exposure of her; trolling when how vicious her tongue has been towards innocent people and still claiming the children were not coerced……. ignoring and dismissing the abuse dealt them by Abe Christie……
      Thanks everyone here for the warm comments, but without all the people who’ve commented here, made videos and also the seperate but mighty MKDs, I might not have been able to stick with it, nor have so much solid evidence of what the hoaxers are really up to…………. It has taken people to do much that I couldn’t have and watching and monitoring the lies and deciept by those claiming to speak the truth……….Really .shocking, also to realise more connections between various con artists than I would have.
      I think Angie really saw red when she learned that Rupe had visited me briefly on his way to Rome….. and was determined to grind me into the gravel somehow…… suddenly Gatwick must have been a word that just stuck so much in her craw, that she had to try and use it somehow, hence the new envelope and her implying also that she’d recieved post from Gatwick ages ago.
      How many times does she say empathy in that video ?…….. I guess she didn’t read this today..
      A true Christian would have not lied at all about anyone, let alone levelled false and malicious accusations at them and no amount of wriggling now, changes that.
      She just hasn’t got any foundation to build anything on, not concerning work with any genuine survivors nor on their behalf, nor has she any credence when speaking about child abuse, childrens rights or any troubled parents.
      She could make amends to a degree by removing her videos for the childrens’ sake and advocating that, if she wants to be teaching people the way.

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  6. Few people know that Angela Power-Disney died in an MKUltra experiment in Wales when she was fed LSD by MI6 and she jumped from a hotel room window. She was replaced by look alike MI6 spy Andrea Davidson who possessed the same brilliant forgery skills and was noted for her ability to concoct abusive letters & send them to herself claiming they came from Tony Blair because she was about to expose the cover-up over the pending arrival of Planet Nabiru which would signal the New World Money Order where every citizen would get £1Billion (contact Princess Neelu Berry to pick up your voucher / lien to access the cash).
    Look at these 2 photos and it’s so obvious -they could eerily be twins & I can’t remember which is which now.

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