Belinda’s latest update on Sabine challenged by Tracey Morris

Belinda McKenzie posted her latest update on Sabine McNeill yesterday, to a mixed reception. While a few commenters wanted to know how they might contact Sabine whilst she is on remand pending her trial next November, Tracey Morris seemed determined to undermine Belinda’s authority as Sabine’s Spokesthingy-in-Chief:

Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 1Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 2Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 3It’s a strange mishmash of “she’s fine, holding up well, a real trouper” versus “she keeps breaking down in tears, she’s in a Nazi concentration camp (!!) with sadistic guards who torture her”.

Tracey, however, was having none of it: she flat-out accused Belinda of fudging the dates in her report, and offered as proof a letter which she’d received from Sabine: Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 5Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 6

Wednesday, 28/03/18

Dear Tracey (and Linda)

I can’t tell you enough how impressed and touched I was to see you and hear about your activities as well as your intention to come again.

Just now, after another of my at least daily upsets and mini-traumas, I have been able to leave a message on Belinda’s phone! None of the other numbers are working yet, but since I was given some paper I feel I owe it to you to write. After all, I have your address and DOB, but I also need your phone numbers!

My solicitor is going to make an application but I feel as if I need to ‘settle in’. Hence I was looking forward to a Bible group of ‘Women of Destiny’. But first we were not ‘unlocked’, and then the group was cancelled. No apology, no explanation. My main consolation is that soooo many people are suffering more than I do.

A nurse just came refusing a second mattress. I need to add it to my list of complaints. After court litigation and police defence, now this battlefield of ‘lifestyle’, besides the housing benefit and pension credit battles.

The irony is that I fled to Berlin to escape imprisonment by a SECRET family court. Now writing from HMP Bronzefield thanks to the deception that wigs and robes are creating masterfully…

At first, the traumatisation of the sequence of assaults was such that I was completely discombobulated for days—full [illegible] headache that didn’t respond to paracetamol or sleep either of course. I had hoped/expe[cted]…

The rest of the letter is cropped out of the photo, so sadly we will never know what Sabine “hoped/expected”, but you get the idea.

And we must say we’re inclined to agree with Tracey that at very least, Belinda has got the dates wrong in her update. We’re not sure what difference this makes in the grand scheme of things, but Tracey seems to think it’s significant. And she does seem determined to take Belinda’s place as Sabine’s voice in the world outside the prison, by hook or by crook.

Another county heard from

An interesting side note—an American woman named Francine Stover added her voice to the discussion, but took a rather unusual stance:

Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 4Belinda re Sabine 2018-04-03 4a

As it happens, Francine Stover is the mother of Melissa Laird, a previous “client” of Sabine’s who was eventually deported back to the USA, while her young son was put up for adoption. The child was undernourished; had unexplained bruising; showed signs of serious emotional problems including lack of affection and neglect; had a severe speech disorder (though his mother insisted he could speak four languages fluently); and had been bitten by his mother’s dogs, despite a court order which prohibited her from owning animals.

Sabine acted as Ms Laird’s McKenzie friend, mishandled the case spectacularly, and was nearly assessed full costs for a poorly thought-out request for judicial review; as it is, the costs have now been passed along to Ms Laird, who as far as anyone knows is in the States.

Clearly, Ms Stover believes that had Sabine not intervened in her own special way, Ms Laird’s case could have ended quite differently; she blames Sabine for the loss of her grandson. We don’t know whether this is an accurate assessment or not, but we do know that Ms Stover is not alone in her belief that Sabine ought to be prevented from sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.


56 thoughts on “Belinda’s latest update on Sabine challenged by Tracey Morris

  1. So, whilst Sabine is locked up in the clink it’s Tracey and Belinda (blabbergob and bellender) who are vying for top dog position – there are more productive ways of spending your freedom surely!

    Taken from Sabine’s letter to Tracey (3rd paragraph, last line): “. My main consolation is that soooo many people are suffering more than I do.” – schadenfreude? Good to be reminded how unpleasant a person Sabine is.

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  2. I just love observing all this in-fighting, back stabbing, crotch kicking and name calling by Rubbergums. Address and date of birth???
    1 Nutcase Lane,
    Fruitloop Valley,

    Date of birth? More like date of manufacture! I am much more interested in the date of expiry cos she is long past her “best by “date.

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  3. They really are hilarious the lot of them!
    Sabine expects to be given 5* treatment in prison. A nurse wasn’t pleasant to her, hah! How pleasant was she to parents & children when she was accusing then of heinous crimes.

    Belinda & Tracey are best of friends one weekend having a brilliant time, next thing they are stabbing each other in the back. Next Tracey & her sidekick paralegal are going to ride in on their white horse/sail across on the ferry, except the paralegal does not seem as gung ho as Tracey. Perhaps she is the person footing the bill, the ferry is not cheap when bringing a vehicle.

    Into it all comes an American grandmother who has probably already paid Sabine McNeill for her appalling advice & cannot get to see her grandchild & now has legal fees hanging over her head.

    They put Coronation Street to shame, the writers should integrate this into a storyline, it really would be fascinating! You couldn’t make it up.

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    • It’s Turnbull, not Turnball the cretin. Frightening to know there are Satanic goofballs in Oz but they don’t seem to get the same traction as in the UK & USA. Just another loony fanatical religious wack job. Always worries me that these people have children. God only knows what damage they are doing to their minds.

      As for Sabine: she still seems appallingly ignorant to the law and the courts. Did she lie when she pleaded guilty?. The laws aren’t that different in Germany so she has no excuse. No sympathy for her. She’s being looked after where she is and will get proper medical treatment if needed.

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      • More insight into the minds of these self appointed “child advocates”. She’s a fan of Senator Derryn Hinch, a former controversial radio broadcaster who was once married to the actress Jackie Weaver who is having such great success in Hollywood.

        Hinch surfed into the Senate at the last election as an independent on the platform of anti-child abuse but his credentials are highly suspect. He’s been jailed twice for defying court orders on suppressing accused offender’s names. There are good reasons for suppressing names usually to protect the identities of child victims. The second time- he is now a convicted criminal (and lawmaker?) was for revealing the previous convictions of an accused murderer in the dreadful high profile case of the murder of an Irish ABC worker who was killed in Melbourne 2 years ago. The trial had to be aborted at a cost of $millions. I think he served 9 months.

        But he also went into bat for a man who was charged with having sex with a minor who the accused thought was legal aged. Hinch claimed he did similar- picked up a girl he thought was 18 at a party and had sex with her and then the next morning discovered she was 15. He claims that when the controversy broke she contacted him and said she was 18 bit there is no proof this ever happened.
        All this is forgiven by the above dame because he’s a rabid alleged self appointed “child protection advocate” who sees a pedo behind every bush (but never has any positive successes in his campaigns) and is very similar to our HampHoaxers who are equally useless but also seem to have their own convicted pedophile heroes.
        ## he was recently in the news for falling out of a Uber cab pissed as a rat which infuriated the family of a deceased man whose liver Hinch received- at the age of 70. He destroyed his own liver through alcoholism.

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    • I’m very familiar with Shawcross. A bigger retard you will not find, constantly posts pics of A+G.


  4. “My main consolation is that soooo many people are suffering more than I do.”

    Haha, good to know that other people’s suffering has cheered you up so much, Sabine!

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  5. If you see anyone posting fake news regarding recent shooting at YouTube offices on Twitter, report them, this company will take action. I think all the social media companies will react fast now their employees are beeing shot at.

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    • The shooter appears to be a woman who was annoyed that her YouTube channel had been de-monetised. Hard to fathom that kind of violence in response to such a minor thing, if that’s indeed the case.

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    • IT IS ABOUT TIME! Twenty little kids in Newtown wasn’t enough for them to reign in the hoaxers, eh? These psycho’s have been melting down on YT with all kinds of crazy, dangerous content, monetized hate ala’ Jones, ect, Youtube and LE ignored the complaints since 2012 at least. Bravo to them.

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  6. I see another idiot has fallen for the Becki Percy scam:

    One born every minute.

    By the way, I think it’s quite telling that Ogilfail’s promoting the pro-child porn site Voat (particularly in light of the recent revelations about his online searching habits).

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  7. No so, there are numerous observers keeping careful watch and record. Although, I’ve no idea if Percy need the services of a mobile car radio fitter, the “trade” that Ogilfail follows will eventually see him in prison for something much worse than fraud.


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