Never fear, Blabbergob is here!

Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s Blabbergob and her sidekick Morticia, flying down to London to rescue Sabine!

Yes, according to Tracey Morris’ latest bit of Facebragging, she has heard from Sabine, who is not adapting well to life behind bars: Tracey Morris re Sabine 2018-04-01 2“Not in a good place”…yes, we’ve heard that about prison. It’s not at the top of most people’s “Places I Must Visit Before I Die” list. But don’t worry, Tracey and Linda are about to fix all that.

Tracey Morris re Sabine 2018-04-01 3

She is being denied medical assistance, medications* and refused an extra mattress for her medical needs, BY THE NURSE….

*”medications”: special vitamins and health food supplements

The horror, the horror! What, no extra mattress? No full body massage? No osteopath? What about her right to essential oils? Or scented candles! She gets very stressed, you know, and requires these things simply to exist. What kind of monster is this so-called “nurse”?

That’s it, we’re calling Amnesty International straight away. This aggression shall not stand!

She was never so relieved when she seen myself and Linda Byrne O’Riordan burst through those court house doors last week and she knows if anyone can free her, WE WILL…

Compare and contrast with this description of what really happened, from an eye-witness in court:

…as the judge was making her verdict, Tracey Morris and two friends burst into the courtroom.

Tracey yelled, “DON’T WORRY, SABINE, WE’LL GET YOU OUT!” before turning and fleeing before she could be removed. She could be heard in the hallway outside, still shouting, for a few seconds. 

We’re sure it was a huge relief to Sabine, knowing that two or three people were there to shout incoherently on her behalf.

By the way, Tracey, good luck just showing up unannounced at Bronzefield and hoping to see Sabine. You do realise you need to make an appointment to visit with a prisoner, right?

But wait, there’s more!

Tracey Morris re Sabine 2018-04-01

Tracey Morris re Sabine 2018-04-01 4This one might require a bit of interpretation, as it is written in Blabbergob-ese, a unique dialect spoken by few and understood by fewer:

She’s so unrelying of the application that’s went into the higher courts, she’s expecting to settle in until trial and is not in a good place right now..

English translation: She has so little faith in the application for appeal which has gone to the higher courts that she expects she’ll be in prison until her trial. She is not happy right now. 

Being laughed at by the other prisoners, setting alarms off constantly and refusing her medical attention and extra mattresses for her cell.. 

English translation: Sabine is being laughed at by the other prisoners, and she is unhappy about the alarms being set off constantly*, and the fact that she is being denied special treatment, including her various vitamin supplements and an extra mattress.

*At least, we assume that other prisoners are setting off the alarms. We understand that this is not really the best way to win friends and influence people whilst behind bars. 

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the arrival of Tracey and Morticia at Bronzefield; this should prove very interesting indeed.

Tracey Morris + Linda Byrne O'Riordan 2018-04-01

“Which way to Bronzefield, Tracey?” “Fecked if I know, Linda, jest keep runnin’!”

43 thoughts on “Never fear, Blabbergob is here!

  1. They’re hoping to turn up unannounced and break her free from prison? BAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Good luck with that idea, Batman and Robin! Great pic, by the way. 🙂

    So the other prisoners are laughing at Sabine and she feels hard done by?
    Maybe she should sit and reflect how she has made Mr Dearman and the people of Hampstead feel these past few years…

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  2. ‘Prisoners laughing at Sabine’: Sabine is in for a very rude awakening if she becomes the entertainment in the prison, something quite possible if it has already started as it will likely build to greater levels as her notoriety – in and out of prison – increases. Sabine putting in complaints and making special requests will only help compound this as she turns the officers against her… I predict bad things for her. She left no other option open to the authorities. I wonder if Sabine will learn her lesson now.

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    • It is dangerous to extrapolate from such questionable sources. However much anger anyone may have against Sabine for her previous actions against innocent people, she herself is an unconvicted person and at this stage of legal proceedings presumed to be innocent. She is ***entitled*** to different treatment in prison and she is within her rights to ask for it. An extract from the Prison Reform Trust website in relation to just one of the claims being made by El Blabbergob:

      Your health
      • You do not have to get NHS healthcare from the healthcare staff in prison if you do not want to.
      • You can get healthcare from a private doctor or dentist but you may have to pay.
      • Ask the healthcare staff if you want to do this. They and the governor will usually let you do this.

      What this actually suggests is not that Sabine is getting her “just desserts” but that Tracey Morris is spouting complete BS to her gullible audience and making up her “harsh” treatment for effect. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

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      • This is interesting, Owl. Does the different treatment extend to health food supplements and extra mattresses? I’m asking in all seriousness, as her complaint when she was held in police custody involved her inability to obtain supplements which she believed were critical to her health.


        • I’ve done a bit more digging and it is not possible to determine from the published guidelines. Police custody is a different kettle of fish. I (and I’m not going into why!) have been in police custody for a few hours and their rules are strict and in no way related to remand. No shoes, no belts or indeed anything that could be construed as being able to cause self harm.

          However, remand prisoners are able to wear their own clothes; they can vote; they have enhanced access to family and friends; can refuse prison work; and they are able to get monies from external sources to help pay for certain “prison luxuries”. I can’t see why “health critical” supplies would be banned, unless of course they were complete bollox and of no health benefit whatsoever!!!

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  3. I don’t suppose either of them have bothered to post why she is where she is, eg: accusing people of killing babies, using their skin for slippers or something equally abhorrent, hiding body parts in a Church, I won’t even go into the rest of it all. You can bet not one of them know what is involved in all of this.

    They just see that a 74 year old pathetic lady is being kept in prison for standing up for children’s rights.

    But hey, never mind, Tracey Morris & Morticia are going to go & rescue her, despite TM having an injunction out against her that seems to have been let slide. But then again, she has her would be paralegal with her, who when announcing her plans to study law, told a pal, ” Thanks Sharon, yeah it felt like junior infants class to me i knew it all anyway haha but it has to be done to achieve what i want and need to be allowed to practice. Xxx”.

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  4. So blabbergob (I must admit I do like that name) is going to go and visit her in jail, I wonder if the authorities have been informed of her threats to ‘get her out’?
    I did have a bit of a giggle about her ‘she will know when we visit her’
    Well most people do know when people visit them, unless they are in a coma!

    I suspect that in the very unlikely event tracy actually did go to the prison, she would most likely turn up unannounced, not get in the gate (boo hiss) and promptly send off a mostly incoherent rant on her facebook about the nasty, evil ‘them’ preventing her from her gobgiven right to do- something or other

    The chances of her actually getting sabine out- 0.0000000%
    She made her bed, and now she has to lie in it (with no second mattress even- oh the pain, oh the pain)

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    • It would appear the rumours of a loving truce between Tracey Morris and Belinda McKenzie were greatly exaggerated.
      Will she be taking MY NEW CAMERAMAN with her on her prison run?
      Has she figured out yet that as she is not Sabine’s appointed legal representative (I doubt Sabine is that silly) that Tracey has no authority to even approach the courts on her behalf?
      Or are they planning a Prison Break? I suggest not just shovels and picks but a Jack Hammer will be needed.

      I agree that whatever sympathy McNeill receives should be compared to the possible life-long nasty social media campaign she has unleashed against one particular family and the others. Is she even aware many couldn’t attend their Sunday church service without a pack of wolves screeching obscenities at them led by a mad American? Or a hapless priest was hounded & abused as he tried to go home after services?

      Sadly the UK court system is creaking at the seams and the length of time McNeill must wait before she appears is unfair but if for one moment she abandoned her ME ME ME hand wringing attitude she may have pondered that any campaign should have been conducted within the law.

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    • Um linda dear,
      You realize that she is in the slammer for BREACHING her bail conditions, they dont give you bail to get out when you were already out on bail and screw up (YET again…) doing exactly the same thing you were out on bail for the first time
      She has had multiple ways of avoiding jail…
      Dont commit the first offence that got her the court order
      Dont breach the court order
      Dont breach your bail conditions

      She repeatedly, deliberately set about this and they are now attempting the ‘poor old dear’ defence
      This ‘poor old dear’ is a repeat CRIMINAL, part of a deliberate CONSPIRACY of facebook/utube social ‘warriors’ that have set out to deliberately destroy innocent peoples reputations and lives
      Sympathy factor ZERO
      (Does it make me a bad person to wish seeing a few more of these people join sabine in the slammer?)

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      • No, not a bad person. Just another fed up with these fanatics who joined a campaign to make innocent the lives of innocent people, hell.


  5. The two ladies had a post on Linda’s page last night that showed they had been reading this blog, they were laughing at being called Batman & Robin, but it is gone now.

    So saying that, may I welcome Linda to the blog and respectfully ask her to read the proper information on here about Tracey Morris & her involvement in a known hoax, read about the pain & suffering of innocent parents & children who were terrified every day by people screeching about babies being eaten.

    C’mon Linda, I challenge you that if you want to be a real solicitor, look at the facts, not the rantings of known hoaxers.

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  6. Sabine McNeill is in the place she deserves. She had plenty of chances to avoid her present situation, and if she is suffering discomfort, tough.

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      • Just the first step before asking for donations. If a 14 year old girl (last post) can convince some Yanks to put her up for months on the claim baby eating cults are rampaging through Britain it’s clear there are 10,000s of people out there who qualify for membership for the Fools & Their Money Are Soon Parted Club.
        Weasley’s very experienced at applying the Hoover to people’s wallets.

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  7. APD’s still using her back-up account, then:

    Either she’s got another suspension already or she’s too dense to realise that her previous one expired on Saturday.

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  8. Tracey’s going to expose all? Oh Gawd, what a ghastly image. Let Sabine out now I say, for the good of us all 😮

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