Angela receives (another) anonymous letter

Here’s something a bit odd: have you noticed that every time the Hoaxtead mob suffers another crushing defeat, Angela Power-Disney seems to pop up out of nowhere with a renewed offensive against this blog?

Early this month, when Sabine was still on bail but had just been fitted with a tag and given a strict curfew, Angela came out with a series of viciously libellous videos against a number of people, accusing them of running this blog.

Many of those she accused had never heard of Hampstead, and had no idea who Angela was or why she was claiming they were involved in paedophilia and cannibalism. To say they were horrified to learn the truth would be a gross understatement. We assisted several of these people in having that video blanked both here and in other countries, and that seemed to be the end of it.


Yesterday, not 24 hours after Sabine lost her bail amendment hearing and was remanded in custody until her trial, Angela suddenly popped up again, this time claiming to have received an anonymous letter which purports to reveal El Coyote’s identity. (Oooo-eeee-ooooooh)

What, again?

Long-time readers will recall that the last time Angela claimed to have been in receipt of a damaging letter, it was a classic “poison pen” effort to which she had stapled a photocopy of this blog’s masthead in an attempt to demonstrate that it had come from us. It hadn’t, and Angela’s attempt to smear us broke down entirely when our alert readers noticed that the person who’d allegedly “sent” the letter had used Irish stamps, and the postmark read “Ireland”. Whoopsies.

This time, the alleged sender remembered to use English stamps, and even cleverly wrote “Air Mail” on the envelope (as opposed to rowing it across in a boat, we suppose). Angela Power-Disney 2018-03-20

However, for some reason, this time the Post Office forgot to postmark the stamp.

Poor Angie, she just has the worst luck with her mail! How is she supposed to prove that her anonymous letters are real, when people keep using the wrong stamps and forgetting to postmark them? Really, it’s very thoughtless.

The contents of the “letter” are surprisingly terse: a person is named as EC, their date of birth is given, along with their address, and the suggestion that they might be the sister of someone whose name is currently protected by a court order. Not a single word true, but we’ve redacted the “letter” because the person in question is one of those we helped a couple of weeks ago, and they will be very unhappy to find that Angela is smearing them again.

Again, funny that the “anonymous letter” would contain information which Angela has already broadcast once, but which was taken down from YouTube following a flurry of defamation complaints. If one were a suspicious sort, one might even suspect that the sender of the letter was Angie herself!

But of  course we’re not like that.

We totally believe that some anonymous person would use letter-mail rather than email to convey weeks-old misinformation which has already been removed from the internet. Sure, it’s much less convenient, but it photographs so much better against a wrinkled bedsheet!

And in the end, in Angela’s strange, sad world, it’s appearances that count, baby. Angela Power-Disney 2018-03-20 2

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126 thoughts on “Angela receives (another) anonymous letter

  1. Ah, good old mail. And why not? Why bother with Facebook or email when you can simply handwrite it all out in biro on a bit of torn scrap paper and post it? Get with the programme, people – digital technology is soooo 2016.

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  2. It would be fascinating to have a handwriting expert check the writing against some other random samples, say like apd’s….
    Totally not saying it is hers of course, I have no proof of that at all

    None at all
    (I’m quite happy for such an expert to compare it to mine of course)

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    • I wouldn’t get too hung up on the lack of franking on the stamp or the handwritten “airmail”, having once worked for Royal Mail I can say that envelopes with handwritten addresses that are too scrawled to be read by the sorting machines are sorted manually and so the stamp has to be cancelled manually (usually just by putting a line across it with a pen). However, it’s common that this isn’t done. Also, people write all sorts of extraneous things on envelopes so the “airmail” notation, although quite pointless, isn’t indicative of anything much. Of course none of this means that the letter isn’t another feeble attempt by APD.

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  3. The address leans up towards the right where the stamp is. There’s a message under the stamp!
    (From ‘Five Start A Smear Campaign’ by Ivor BlogSpot.

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  4. I’d noticed that the letter didn’t have enough postage on it to get from England to The Republic of Ireland. How mean of someone to send it like that.

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  5. Thing that makes me laugh the most is that one of the basics of the internet is don’t give out your name/address.

    She deliberately goes out to troll people and make enemies (maybe thats the only way she can get any attention at all???) and then puts her full name and address up.

    Neelu does the same, its like they are trying to get people to respond.
    (admittedly I still am not convinced that the rock through her sons car window was actually done by an aggravated person- imho thats still 50/50 where it was payback, or attention seeking- either way deliberately broadcasting your address when you make a habit of aggravating people isnt a good idea…)

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    • Yes, what on earth was she thinking, doxxing herself like that? I can’t think why one might do that, unless it’s to “prove” that one actually received the mail and didn’t just get one’s kid to jot down a bunch of nonsense on a bit of paper. (I’m sure Angela’s handwriting is much nicer than this. After all, she went to university and everything!)

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  6. If a threat of any kind has been issued to her Angela Power-Disney has a duty to report it to police / Garda and if it comes from the UK it needs to be investigated.
    Particularly if it’s the form of a handwritten letter & envelope as that is vital forensic evidence.

    It’s not just a matter of the receiver’s welfare but when such threats are issued : a letter as opposed to email indicates a serious determination : numerous people may have received similar and the person threatening may have acted in the past. It could be a chance for the police to catch a serial offender.
    Sadly Power-Disney has form in not reporting what could be serious crimes. She claimed she had evidence a Russian born mother had sexually abused her son. Why would someone not report this vile crime to police?

    Of course if someone had manufactured “evidence” and made a false claim of a threat that could result in a charge of wasting police time.
    Astonishingly Angie has- possibly the distress at having received (what appears to be a hand-delivered letter) that threat, published her address via the internet for all the world to see which somewhat widens the list of suspects to several billion.
    This would be as foolish as, for instance, making a video in which one states vile racist and demeaning claims about possible immigrants moving into a council house next door (to that published address) which in turn alerts any Nazi Irish racist nutcases there is a new set of victims to harass.

    ## completely unconnected & entirely co-incidental :
    real sociopath / psychopaths act is such fashion often creating phony alleged threats against themselves while posing as the eternal victim who is selflessly trying to obtain justice for others.
    When their fabrications are exposed they do not act like normal people and, well basically freak out in fear of exposure – having little empathy with normal people their minds simply absorb “the message” (ie- it didn’t work this time) and they start thinking about how to create a new diversion.

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    • Yes, it’s a very interesting characteristic which I have noted (completely hypothetically of course) in a number of people whose online work has become familiar to me recently. Allegedly and without prejudice.

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      • My mistake. It didn’t reveal that El Coyote is actually a member of the Rothschild Family did it? And a Freemason to boot?. Oh Gawd..what have I done! Sorry EC. (please don’t tell Mr Soros)

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    • Interesting but I can’t see it myself. I don’t think that’s really his style. Plus that letter almost certainly hasn’t come from the UK, as it has no postmark. And I reckon Jake would have just PMed her rather than post a handwritten letter. In my humble opinion she’s made that herself. She has form with this sort of thing too. I’m also wondering – why would she need to get Jake to send it instead of doing it herself?

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  7. On a general note: we have all noticed that Facebook and Youtube have become somewhat more active recently in removing possibly defamatory or threatening material.
    I’m told by someone in the know this is connected with the Cambridge Analytics scandal which is just beginning to unfold (and I think it’s going to dwarf the Hacking Scandal as it explodes).

    Facebook have known for some months this was brewing and have been doing some house clearing. There is the real possibility that many of those alleged “50 million hacked” FB users could be able to sue, depending on what is revealed and depending on what privacy laws are in place. It could even mean the end of Facebook. I expect the directors and Mr Zuckerberg are hunkered down right now with a battery of lawyers.

    Many of us have always said that the indifference of Facebook and Youtube in allowing vicious and defamatory and extremely cruel material to remain was bound to backfire at some stage. The floodgates may be about to be opened especially as most governments are no friend of these tech giants seeing they submit a pittance in tax to them.

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    • Google, Facebook, Twitter and others which have listed anywhere the names, faces and other details of the RD children, their teachers and friends, all are failing to remove this information under “right to be forgotten.”

      GDPR comes into force in May 2018.

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    • I’m not keen on the idea of a “right to be forgotten”, mainly because if someone has been found guilty of a serious crime, it isn’t unreasonable for this fact to be available in the public realm in the future. However; in cases of serious defamation, the allegations shouldn’t be on the internet at all and the media platforms should act swiftly to remove it and to identify repostings of old videos.

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      • I also am of two minds about this ‘right to be forgotten’ legislation…

        good side- The kids videos and such could be pulled (but existing legislation could also do this as well- they just haven’t bothered to enforce it ie court order exists)

        bad side- People like APD, Rupert etc could also claim the right to be ‘forgotten’, clear up all previous mentions of their behaviour and start the whole thing all over again with new ‘marks’
        (like the infamous ‘I’d like to try it’ remark- ‘what, I never said that-prove it!’) how could you if ‘all has been forgotten’?????

        One of debs mates ie another free energy scammer, has successfully run the scam for nearly quarter of a century, simply by purging as much info on the net as possible on a regular basis, so any negative comments are ‘disappeared’, just in time for a new round of ‘fundraising’ to begin…

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  8. A slight alteration to my prediction that APD will disappear in a puff of smoke. After a stunt like this she will disappear up her own fundamental orifice! What a dipstick to publish her own address.Although it could be a very calculated strategy on her part so she can bleat about all the unwanted, unsolicited “parcels ” of nasty stuff which may come her way as a result. Her devious ways know no bounds. Her postman can probably order a new car already on the basis of the overtime he will get.

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  9. She’s obviously not getting the attention she wants, so she’s decided to pull her big pants down and run round the garden again, just to see if any one takes any notice, Angie ME ME ME, help it’s a shark.

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    • Well I hadnt until you said it lol
      Such a nice looking neighbourhood, although a bit boring looking, all the houses exactly the same (except no 5, I love how they ‘bent’ the existing plan to go around the corner!)
      A friend of mine lives in an estate where all the houses are 1 of 3 designs, only difference between them is the apparently random selection of 4 different colours for the roof, front door and garage doors (I know his house, its the one with the blue/grey roof, red front door and grey garage door, as opposed to the neighbours which have a green front door with pale yellow (yuck) garage door and the other side which has a blue front door and white garage door)

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      • And I just had too as well. Shame they don’t all paint their houses nice colours..maybe pretty pastels like an Italian village. Perhaps Angie could organise the neighbourhood into a Painting Party (Oi you two sniggering in the back row get to the Headmasters office right now!).

        I see they are semi-detached. I wonder if Angie’s new neighboiurs are moving into the house attached to hers?. Could make for interesting times.

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    • What’s particularly galling, is that Salter is exploiting the fact of his students not even being born at that time, to teach them a deliberately falsified perspective on events of that time and people’s attitude toward and beliefs about them.

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    • Yet the just concluded Oz Royal Commission into child abuse has made no such conclusion. Rather it’s identified serial cases of denial which I believe applied to all sectors of society including police and even parents with a desire to just not want to know. No organised abuse was uncovered, no cults or gangs, just individuals who got away with abuse- and really not that many of them- because they were so secretive.
      For all the abuse and flack Cardinal George Pell has received when he was even just a priest and knew possibly the greatest self-confessed offender Ridsdale when they shared a house, the highly respected political journalist Paul Biorgono actually shared a room with Ridsdale as a trainee priest (like Pell) and he says he never suspected a thing (and hasn’t received the slightest bit of flack).
      But no Witches, Warlocks or orgies have been uncovered !

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  10. Let it go, Tracey. You’re just embarrassing yourself now.

    (TM’s response to the Peter Klein Hampstead video re-posted on Weaselly’s ‘Free Sabine’ page yesterday)

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      • “Don’t worry – WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU OUT”

        I wonder what movies she’s been watching for inspiration. The Great Escape? Escape from Alcatraz? Papillon…? 😀

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          • She’s quite a sickening & despicable person. Note how she can’t help but chortle away in her posts. In the end it’s all a jolly jape for this Tracey Morris character. She obviously doesn’t give a stuff really about O’Neil, it’s just something for her to bang on about and make ridiculous claims and boasts and screech she is about to pull the whole edifice down but it’s all a damp squib.
            And if she mentions once more she has a NEW CAMERAMAN as though Steven Spielberg has sent his personal Director pf Photography …Gawd help us.

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    • I had to laugh when she said her “army are coming out in their droves”. Let’s face it, Tracey – no they’re not 😀

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    • No you didn’t “have her released by 9pm” Morris, she was released on bail as per the usual way it happens. And how a campaign in Northern Ireland could have any effect on a court in London is bizarre.
      This Tracey Morris is not only delusional but her aggressive ego is frightening. Stalking people’s possible homes is frightening for anyone who lives there and extremely dangerous. She needs to be monitored by police for everyone’s safety.

      You were going to spring Sabine this Monday weren’t you Tracey you nutcase?
      Earth to the delusional Morris- this website or any other website on the planet has no control over any court and the jailing or freedom of Sabine McNeil (who incidentally from reports of even the latest court appearance she agreed she was guilty perhaps to try and mitigate the decision). Nor does it occur to Morris that Sabine McNeil has pleaded guilty in the past.

      And if you have evidence Ms Morris an affidavit isn’t enough. You will need to get the person you claim uploaded the videos to appear in person in court if you want to exonerate McNeil of that matter- surprising you don;t actually know that you pig ignorant blowhard.
      Why didn’t you take this “evidence” to the court on Monday Tracey?

      Clearly Tracey Morris is no different to the rest of This Mob (for fuck’s sake Power-Disney, I’ve copyrighted that term and when you use it you have to attribute it to me and pay the right fee) she’s had no successes, she’s more than likely caused immense damage to distressed people by falsely claiming she has access to “the best legal teams” and she a blatant liar and a fraud.
      And of course- then there’s Jake, the walking advert for Morons R Us who since his bizarre episode at Speaker’s Corner has gone off on various tangents totally unconnected to Sabine McNeil. Wondered what happened to him?

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    • Was it a Hampstead Church help line that Sabine contacted for spiritual guidance? Why in all the church help lines in all the world would she pick that one? I thought she said they all eat babies,

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      • Seriously F.G. Sabine is a lunatic if she called Christchurch. ffs! No wonder they won’t let her out and the Gerbil and ONE friend turned tail….heehee, tho..


    • Move over Naomi Klein, Tracey Morris is coming through!

      John Pilger, Seymour Hersh, your jobs are in danger!

      This is going to be a compelling bit of documentary making with first hand testimonies and definitely not half an hour of wobbly shots of empty streets on a wet Hampstead afternoon punctured by unsubstantiated rants in a thick Ulster accent. I’m sure the people at DHL who handled thousands of live babies on their way to Satanic ceremonies have been interviewed, as have the dozens of McDonald’s staff who noticed the human flesh being cooked in their restaurant. There must be so many witnesses for Tracey to talk to – unless of course it was all invented by Abraham Christie and none of it actually happened.

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  11. Another one whose law career never really took off. Can’t imagine why…

    15:03 – “The BBC complained about breach of copyright to YouTube and subsequently Ken O’Keefe’s video was taken down. However, human rights to freedom of speech and expression are designed to override an issue of copyright.”

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    • And at 24:47 she says you can’t open a YouTube account unless you use your real name and that you have to upload ID. Er…nope. Where the hell did she get that from? Is she thinking of Facebook?

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  12. Take a shot of booze every time that Debs uses the word ‘lawful’. Guaranteed to get you smashed in no time at all.

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  13. Can someone please get to the bottom of a mystery involving Angela Power Disney. Why have no more emotionally dysfunctional men been recruited by Disney to her cause? Has she lost her touch?

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  14. Poor old Angie, not only is she not getting the attention she thinks she deserves, she is also being usurped by the much younger, blonder and relatively better looking Tracy M.

    That has got to hurt, but coming up with phoney letters again, that really is sad.

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  15. Someone who is not familiar with the Irish language would write, ‘Eire’.
    Someone familiar with the Irish language would write ‘Éire’.
    Someone posting a letter from the U.K. or another country would be highly unlikely to use the Irish for Ireland anyway.

    My P.I. skills are going into overload!

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