Survivors of the last Satanic panic awarded $3.4 million

It’s a good news/bad news story: the Washington Post reported on 25 August that a couple from Austin, Texas who’d been falsely accused of Satanic ritual abuse back in the bad old days of the 1980s-1990s Satanic panic had finally been awarded financial compensation for the more than 21 years they’d each spent in prison.

Yes, US$3.4 million is a lot of money, and the couple, Dan and Fran Keller, will likely have no financial worries for the rest of their lives. But 21+ years is a lot of years. Fran is now 67, and Dan is 75. They won’t be getting any of those years back, no matter how much financial compensation they receive.

In 1992, the Kellers were convicted of the usual bollocks, after parents of an emotionally disturbed child, parents of other children, quack psychotherapists, and gullible police used “the latest interview techniques” to draw bizarre stories from children who attended the Kellers’ day care centre.

The Kellers were accused by various children (all patients of the same psychologist) of “serving blood-laced Kool Aid; wearing white robes; cutting the heart out of a baby; flying children to Mexico to be raped by soldiers; using Satan’s arm as a paintbrush; burying children alive with animals; throwing them in a swimming pool with sharks; shooting them; and resurrecting them after they had been shot”.

“Satan’s arm as a paintbrush”? Seriously?

And forgive us, but the bit about the Kellers shooting the children and then resurrecting them reminds us of this:

The Post reports that

…one girl claimed that Dan Keller “had come to her house and had cut her dog’s vagina with a chain saw until it bled, that she was taken to a cemetery, where, after a person dressed like a policeman threw a person in a hole, Daniel Keller shot the person who had been thrown into the hole and cut up the body with a chain saw while all the children helped.”

Sure, sounds totally plausible to us.

Actually, no. No, it doesn’t. It sounds no more plausible than the idea that some 170 people could crowd into a school and/or church in the middle of a busy school day to rape, torture, and murder infants and children, leaving behind absolutely no trace of evidence—no blood, no semen, no stray dildos—and completely escaping the notice of all the other students at the school, their parents and teachers, and the various visitors and passersby who might have seen or heard anything during these broad-daylight orgies.

It sounds no more plausible than the bizarre notion that thousands of infants could be shipped from various countries in boxes transported by plane and delivery fan, without the babies either freezing to death or dying of hypoxia in the unpressurised hold of the airplane, without them crying and alerting any of the many, many people who handle package deliveries, without soiling their nappies and creating the most Godawful stench…and that’s not even getting into the difficulties which would arise if a “package” were late in being delivered.

None of it sounds plausible because none of it is plausible.

These fantasies are made up for various reasons—in the 1980s–1990s version, the reason seemed to be a combination of poorly thought out theories of psychology (the idea that multiple personalities could result from severe trauma, for example); poorly trained and indoctrinated psychotherapists who were more attached to their theories than to the well-being of their patients; and an hysterical media, willing and able to churn out headlines like “terror at the day care” or “kids in Satanic sex horror”.

If Dan and Fran Keller were the only couple convicted of insane, implausible, physically or logistically impossible crimes against children, that would be bad enough. But they were far from alone.

The Kern County case in California, the McMartin Preschool case, the Wee Care nursery school case in New Jersey, the Little Rascals case, the Martenville case in Canada, the Cleveland, Rochdale, and Orkney cases in the UK…each of these left a trail of traumatised victims, falsely accused and often convicted on the most spurious claims, backed up by ludicrously sparse evidence.

It’s shocking that the falsely accused and imprisoned are still emerging from prison 25 years after the Satanic panic, the best years of their lives stolen from them. We wonder whether any of their accusers feel even a shred of remorse for the damage they have done. We hope they do.

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  1. Stirling work as ever EC and crew.

    Many good folk in Hampstead have suffered much as a result of the appalling hoax.What else would they have been put through if certain disturbed and malificent individuals hiding behind the “child welfare” cloak had ruled the day?Hardly bears thinking about.

    On the matter of Debs birthday I have arranged a surprise to cheer her up by getting everyone that has ever “liked” one of her videos to turn up.I am pleased to announce they both agreed.Great deal on a venue too.

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  2. The best years of their lives taken away, the hatred they faced, the frustration, depression, loss of everything, and all over some lying scumbags. So very sad and a great write up. Thanks EC.
    On a lighter note some entertainment.

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  3. The problem with articles like these, so well written, and explained to any sane person, is that still the hoaxtards will promote the same bullshit. It doesn’t matter how many holes the Hampstead hoax, pizzagate and the many, many, endless hoaxes before them have, perverts will still want to believe these things happened, and will cling to a hoax like it’s a cult or their religion, because they have nothing left to show for their delusions after it’s gone.
    You can’t fix stupid!
    You can’t stop these paedophile protectors promoting pathetic hoaxes to save their own skins, and the hides of their nonce buddies. It has been proven, time and time again, the hoax promoters are child abusers and connected to convicted paedophiles.
    Not a single one of them should be allowed near a child.
    Those that beg for money for supporting hoaxes should be arrested, and those that fund them investigated for their own links to child abuse. As conspiritards like to say, “follow the money”, in this case, look at those giving these frauds money, and what they think they are getting in return.

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  4. “We wonder whether any of their accusers feel even a shred of remorse for the damage they have done. We hope they do.”

    Sadly, I doubt that the central core of adults who orchestrated the allegations are feeling even the remotest shred of remorse and probably never will. In fact, they probably still believe the bollocks they made the children spout. As we’ve seen with the Orkneys, McMartin and other cases, not even admissions by the now fully grown children that the claims had all been made up can sway them. The people behind crap like this are extremely sinister, have their own agendas and do not let up. We’re seeing it here now not only with with the creeps who continue to push the Hampstead hoax, i.e. Abe, Ella, Veater, Bellender, Sadbint, Mad Moo, Kristie Sue et al, but also with the handful of clingers-on to the Holliehoax case. Malcolm Ochilvy, APD and Geek Fucker spring to mind.

    But the aforementioned fully grown children often do feel remorse and it can affect them for life. In other words, as commenters here have oft pointed out, the adults who manipulate vulnerable, suggestible children into telling these lies are the real abusers.

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  5. Some very familiar themes here:

    “The tiny Orkney island of South Ronaldsay became the centre of a worldwide media storm in 1991 when nine children were removed from four families following allegations of satanic sexual abuse. Two decades on, Esther, who was the child at the centre of the scandal, believes none of it would have happened if she had spoken out at the time.

    One mother had a son dragged from her arms and her daughter was pulled out of the bathroom, breaking the hand basin to which she was clinging.

    Police officers and social workers arrived at dawn at four homes on South Ronaldsay and removed the nine children, who were taken to separate foster homes on the Scottish mainland and interviewed about ritual sex abuse.

    Stories of satanic child sex abuse at a local quarry both mystified and horrified people who lived on the island, whose population is less than 1,000.

    For five weeks the parents had no contact with their sons and daughters but eventually the claims were dismissed by a sheriff as “completely unfounded”.

    Esther, who was in her teens at the time but is now 39, feels that she was to blame for starting the ball rolling on a terrible chain of events which ripped apart a community and affected so many lives.

    She believes that if she had spoken out earlier about the genuine abuse she was suffering then none of the satanic abuse scandal would have happened.

    For almost 20 years, Esther did not tell her side of the story.

    But after having her first child in 2006, Esther began counselling and was advised to face head-on her own abuse and her key part in the Orkney scandal. Esther W, who still uses the name she was given to protect her identity, has now written a memoir called If Only I Had Told.

    Esther says she ‘lived a childhood in fear’ of her father who used to beat her and her 14 brothers and sisters with sticks and rubber pipes.

    He would make the children stand in a bin full of nettles and treated one of her brothers like a dog, keeping him chained and not allowing him to come into the house.

    “The only time he seemed to be happy was when he was inflicting pain on my brothers and sisters,” she says.

    In 1987, Esther’s father was imprisoned for offences against his 15 children, known as the W family.

    He attacked them with weapons, kicked them with steel-capped boots, stuffed nettles inside their underwear and sexually abused the eight girls.

    The family was ‘splintered’, Esther says, and the social work department on Orkney could not cope with taking so many children into care.

    But despite being saved from her abusive father, Esther’s situation did not improve.

    A care worker at the home in which she was placed was abusing girls and soon Esther became his latest victim.

    ‘Obviously because of me being sexually abused in my life, it seemed like a natural progression of my life and I just thought it was my fault,’ she says.

    She had not told of her father’s abuse and she did not tell anyone in authority about the care worker.
    ‘What then happened was, obviously I kept it to myself but I admitted to a friend that somebody was sexually abusing me,’ Esther says.

    ‘They then assumed it was my older brothers that was sexually abusing me because I would not say who it was. I couldn’t say who it was. I felt unable to say at the time.’

    All seven of her younger siblings were taken into care on the strength of the suspicion of the Orkney social work department that her older brothers had been abusing them.

    Esther, who says she had a mistrust of social workers engendered by her father’s hatred of them and her own experiences, knew they were wrong but thought it was ‘just the kind of things these bad people do’.

    Her brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom was just four, underwent ‘disclosure therapy’, although Esther says it would be better described as ‘interrogation’.

    It was this process which led to the the satanic sex abuse allegations against the four families whose children were taken away.

    Esther believes her brothers and sisters were being ‘coached’ into revealing something which had not happened at all.

    She says: ‘Sheriff Kelbie himself (the man who threw the allegations out of court) said it amounted to repeated coaching. It was pummelling and pummelling over and over. Even an adult would have been broken by that type of interrogation.

    ‘It is designed to break a person down, so a four or five or six year old does not stand a chance.’

    Why didn’t Esther say something to stop it?

    She says at the time she thought the situation had gone too far.

    ‘It was a monster completely outside my control,’ Esther says. ‘It had evolved into these satanic sex abuse claims.’

    ‘They had tried to look for evidence of sibling sex abuse and they had failed on that. But then, not content with that, because they didn’t want to return the children home, they looked to satanic sex abuse allegations.’

    Esther also says that as an abused child she felt everything was her fault but learned to take that blame on her shoulders.

    ‘It is very difficult to believe that anything you are doing or saying has any truth or is ok,’ she says. ‘You assume you are the bad guy.’

    After the counselling in her early 30s she came to understand and forgive her younger self.

    A £6m inquiry into the scandal of the removed children produced a 363-page report which ‘savaged’ the way Orkney’s social work department handled the allegations and made 194 recommendations.

    The parents and the children involved accepted a full apology from the council as well as compensation.
    But the W children, Esther and her siblings, received neither.

    ‘I just felt like we were very much an aside, as opposed to the people who were at the centre of it,’ Esther says. ‘I never felt the truth was told but now I feel the truth has been told and it’s out there.'”

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  6. “In 1987, Esther’s father was imprisoned for offences against his 15 children, known as the W family.

    He attacked them with weapons, kicked them with steel-capped boots, stuffed nettles inside their underwear and sexually abused the eight girls.”

    Remind you of anyone?

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  7. “I’m Sorry

    A long-delayed apology from one of the accusers in the notorious McMartin Pre-School molestation case

    …Kyle Sapp told police that he had been the victim of sexual abuse…He and hundreds of other South Bay children made allegations against the family who ran McMartin and against the employees who worked there. School administrator Peggy McMartin Buckey, her son Ray, daughter Peggy Ann, mother Virginia McMartin and three female teachers were accused of fondling and raping youngsters over a period of years, and of threatening them with death if they told. The scandal eventually resulted in criminal trials against Ray and his mother. By the time the trials came to an end in 1990 – with acquittals and hung juries – ‘McMartin’ was a household word. The case had turned into one of the longest and costliest criminal proceedings in U.S. history.

    By the spring of 1984, Kyle and scores of other children were talking about school employees who had drugged them and touched their genitals, made them play sex games in the nude, used them as models in kiddie porn, and forced them to watch pet rabbits, mice and turtles being killed. By the time the trials began more than three years later, many of these children’s stories had grown even more bizarre–they now included being taken to local businesses or flown to faraway places to be molested in satanic rituals. Prosecutors feared that their case would be hurt by such testimony, and they dropped many children from the witness list. Others were pulled from the witness list by parents who worried about causing further psychological trauma…

    …In the decade and a half since the defendants were set free, research psychologists have shown that it’s easy to pressure children to describe bad things that never happened. False memories can feel real, though, not just for preschoolers but for older children as well. But Sapp, now known as Kyle Zirpolo, says he never had false memories: He always knew his stories of abuse were made up. The adults at the McMartin Pre-School ‘never did anything to me, and I never saw them doing anything,’ he says today. ‘I said a lot of things that didn’t happen. I lied.’ Why? Now married and with young children of his own, he feels the need to explain publicly…”

    Los Angeles Times, 30.10.05

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  8. This is an interesting – and at times harrowing – article from 2015 which includes a reference on the Texas case:

    “Dissecting Decades-Old Testimony in a Satanic Child Abuse Case
    Mar 19 2015

    ‘Satanic abuse’ cases in the 1980s and 1990s centered on sensational tales of animal sacrifices, murders of babies, and violent orgies that children were sworn to keep secret by powerful cabals of daycare workers.

    Any courtroom lawyer will tell you that young children are among the most difficult witnesses to put on the stand. Their stories can shift over time, they easily contradict themselves during cross-examination, and though they can swear to tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” it is not always clear they understand what that means.

    Nowhere is this problem trickier than in a case of sexual abuse where the child is the only victim and witness, a dynamic that took full form during the so-called ‘satanic abuse’ cases in the 1980s and 1990s. These cases may have faded in the collective memory, but from California to Texas to New York, communities were roiled by sensational tales of animal sacrifices, murders of babies, and violent orgies that children were sworn to keep secret by powerful cabals of daycare workers. Many believed the cases were linked, while doubters saw such bizarre claims as products of a Salem-like hysteria…

    …And then there are Fran and Dan Keller, who ran a daycare in Austin, a short drive from San Antonio. The couple spent 22 years in prison after they were accused, in the words of the Austin American-Statesman, of ‘dismembering babies, torturing pets, desecrating corpses, videotaping orgies, and serving blood laced Kool-Aid in satanic rituals.’ Like the San Antonio women, the Kellers were recently freed while the case was reopened, but they have not been declared innocent. The Kellers are represented by Keith Hampton, who also is aiding Mike Ware in the effort to exonerate the San Antonio women.”

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  9. “We wonder whether any of their accusers feel even a shred of remorse for the damage they have done. We hope they do.”

    Sadly I suspect they still have 100% ‘belief’ in their methods- as I havent seen a single apology from one of them

    I mean- these ‘people’ (and I use that term VERY loosely) have had INNOCENT people sent to jail- in Dans case for almost 1/3 of his entire LIFE has been either in jail or in court proceedings- for something he DIDNT DO!!!!!!

    And now he gets a couple of million (and still no apology)- wow- he’s 75 for dawgs sake- most of it likely to be still in his bank account and the govn will take it take as tax after the few years he has likely left

    It makes me both violently sick and horribly angry that the people concerned dont even get a nominal slap on the wrist and that MAJOR investigations into every aspect of cases like this arent being done to ensure it NEVER-NEVER-NEVER happens again-EVER

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  10. “It sounds no more plausible than the idea that some 170 people could crowd into a school and/or church in the middle of a busy school day to rape, torture, and murder infants and children, leaving behind absolutely no trace of evidence—no blood, no semen, no stray dildos—and completely escaping the notice of all the other students at the school, their parents and teachers, and the various visitors and passersby who might have seen or heard anything during these broad-daylight orgies.”

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  11. Angie’s perception of reality strikes again:

    Really, Ange? Nothing to do with the fact that you were talking bollocks and made the whole thing up out of bitterness over Daddy not letting you get your grubby mits on Rainbow Farm, then?

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  12. What the actual feck? Just how alone, ostracised and desperate for allies must she be if she’s resorting to begging Hetty B. for an interview?

    Tracey Morris will love this when she sees it! 😮

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  13. LOL.

    I’m sure she was the one that got him diagnosed or tried to get him diagnosed with Dementia so she could claim that 105 Euros a week in Carers Allowance or a similar amount.

    As for that Military Paedophile crap she’s made up about herself and the forest.

    NO, No and no!!!

    I’m not buying it. None of it.

    You need a Polygraph test you fraud.

    Angela my dear have cried wolf so often it wouldn’t surprise me if your name wasn’t even Angela.

    As for the Police not bothering investigating, that’s because they didn’t believe your claims luv and not that your Father has/had Dementia.

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  14. Angie’s still stalking, harassing and slandering that poor social worker in the Baby H case. Seriously, how long can it be before the shameless fag hag ends up in jail where she belongs?

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  15. The Delightful Heather will be laughing her socks off at the desperation of “Angela”.

    If “Angela” wants to put her ahem “journalistic” ahem “talents” out there why doesn’t she come to Southwark Crown Court tomorrow and see what she makes of the goings on there?

    She’ll be able to correct the Prosecutor that her surname is Power-Disney and not Disney-Power.

    Actually I haven’t got a f…ing clue what her name is anymore…

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  16. Desperate just isn’t a strong enough word for “Angela”.

    My oh my!

    I sense she’s panicking that she’ll be in Court real soon…

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  17. “As for that Military Paedophile crap she’s made up about herself and the forest.”

    Sadly she was egged on with that crap by the likes of Cathy ‘Annoying Voice of the Year’ Morgan and Miles ‘Wandering Hands’ Johnston.

    Mind you, even Johnston soon came to realise what a freak she is and elected to distance himself from her. Seriously, how bloody weird do you have to be for Miles Johnston to want nothing to do with you? LOL

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  18. Miranda? As in the Miranda warning the American police have to give people when they arrest them so that they understand that they have the right to remain silent? Why would a British Army officer need to understand an American legal construct?

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  19. Another of Angie’s false allegations although if anyone used a pic of her sister that is out of order.
    But let’s not forget how she tried to humiliate a psychiatric nurse who refused her admittance to a mental health unit when another of her acolytes was sectioned plus she urged others to do likewise,

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  20. There are two types of Satan Hunter. The Satan Hunters who were behind the jailing of the Kellers are the type like Valerie Sinason. When you think about it therapists and social workers deal with social problems impacting an individual or a family, the only type of people in history who dealt with social problems were priests, monks, nuns and shamans, which is to say social workers and therapists naturally fit together with religion. These type of Satan Hunter are easily influenced by religion and incorporate it into their work, and Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria follows off from that.

    The second type of Satan Hunter is not so focussed on SRA, people such as Angela Power Disney, who are usually involved in multiple projects such as working on depriving custody of Baby H 100% from their parents, making up stories about people, and stealing money from African orphans. These type of Satan Hunter are motivated by attention seeking, like a baby that throws its toys out of a pram in order to draw attention to itself. If you observe all the Satan Hunters in the Hampstead case, attention seeking sits at the heart of their activities, I call this Me-Me Syndrome, or just Me-Me. When Disney asks people to sign a petition, they are giving her attention, when they donate to her Go fund, she gets attention. When a Satan Hunter makes up fictions such as Disney about Ella Draper sexually abusing children, she is gaining attention. Whenever a Satan Hunter promotes an alternative truth such as London terrorist attacks were false flag, a new scam product such as a perpetual energy machine, or the notion the world is flat, or Clinton eats babies, or does or says anything that puts themselves in the limelight, it is Me-Me.

    When Nathan S. travelled to the Antifa and Neo-nazi type of protests, both of them he says turned on him. Why? Both Antifa and Neo-nazis are tribal groupings with a strong personal group identity, and a powerful aggression or fear towards what is different from them, a spinoff from the oxytocin hormone. Nathan S has Me-Me, so he only takes action that puts himself at the centre of attention, but will flag him up as different from these aggressive tribal groups, thus he suffers their anger.

    Unlike the activists of Hoaxtead, the Satan Hunters promoting the Hamsptead SRA hoax are unable to work together for long before they turn on each other, these individuals all have Me-Me, trying to build their personal castles on the Hampstead narrative where they are at the centre of attention. The Satan Hunter will go to great lengths and great expense, if they can be the centre of attention of anything, this is where they get their oxytocin from, the attention seeking, rather than working as part of a group such as Hoaxtead individuals do.

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  21. Christine Keeler lives in the same Chelsea block as a pal of mine and I’ve encountered her many times. She’s a lovely person but I wouldn’t say she is the Brain of Britain. Mandy Rice Davies was the smart one.
    If Angie is reading Keeler’s book she’s about 40 years behind the times but what else is new?

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  22. It’s a common theme isn’t it, this one of holding Satanic orgies in forests and hunting children but..and a Big But…an English forest? Freezing cold, uncomfortable and hardly conducive to arousing sexual desire I would have thought.
    Aren’t the VIP “Rothschild” Free Masons supposed to be fabulously wealthy and own huge mansions? Why hang out in a freezing forest when you have your own ballroom to hold your shindigs?

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  23. It is my theory that all human behavior and emotions are spinning off from the influence of one of three hormones: oxytocin (deals with relationships with things, people and identity); dopamine (hunting hormone, encourages hunting and exploring); adrenaline (puts the body in a state ready for a high energy activity such as bringing down prey, competition, or running away from a danger.)

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  24. You’re kidding.

    Angela’s 60 years old and wears clothes from the 70’s.

    She’s not a young looking 60 either and some say she is really a man.

    The woman looks like an “enemy” of mine, no names mentioned.

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  25. how about they just… idk… do the whole “catfish and act like a 6-12 year old girl/boy” thing to catch pedophiles and kidnappers. it seems to me that that would be much more effective than “oh, im just gonna Assume this person is a pedophile, and now im gonna find coincidences that will convince me they are one, because i have confirmation bias”


  26. I really hate that lipstick photo of her for some reason.

    It’s plain NASTY.

    The profile photo is of her which a fan edited out all the wrinkles.

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  27. “…act like a 6-12 year old girl/boy…”
    But most of the people who have ever done that – adults pretending to be children online – WERE pedophiles and some really were wanna-be kidnappers. It’s not an admirable thing for any adult to do, regardless of their motivation. It is up to police to do that type of “sting” work, not self-appointed vigilantes.

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  28. One of our favorite anti-semites, can’t remember which, was pushing the old “jews = communism” schtick recently.

    ACTS, chapter 4, verses 31-35
    32: “and the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.”
    35: “and laid them down at the Apostles’ feet, and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need”.

    The fundamental precept of communism; “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, would appear to be of Christian origin specifically.

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  29. Kiss of death having someone like Angie being your support and advisor in a court of law…”Try to convince the court that you are actually a banana and thus exempt from any charges about anything under hunter/gatherer rules agreed by a bunch of nomads in central Africa (circa 9642bc) whilst all off their faces on resin from the walking bumbum tree”. FFS.

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  30. “It is up to police to do that type of “sting” work, not self-appointed vigilantes.”

    Agreed… But the frustrating thing is there are numerous cases where the police and other authorities have been supplied with information and failed or even refused to act upon it. Equally well, cases like Orkney are. at best, examples where so-called ‘professionals’ that are neither use nor ornament take to interfering with lives, lying and even fabricating material to justify their own pitiful existence… More worrying is that fact that members of that very same ‘cluster’ are abusers themselves.

    There is little serious doubt that ‘Satanic Panic’ is, universally, a tool used by the dishonest to assist in the cover-up of the most heinous offences against children, and that those involved in such abuse come from all walks of life; from common drug dealers to ex-military intelligence officers to TV stars, book dealers, scrap merchants, oil workers and yes; social and care workers and even police officers!

    But these days the culture of closing ranks and dishonestly manipulating situations is possible worse than ever. and that’s compounded by the ‘target-led’ mentality which defines modern (mis)management practice and a lack of properly directed resource to actually deal with the things these agencies are supposed to be dealing with. And that’s even further compounded where individuals in government (national and otherwise) seek to abdicate their responsibilities and line the pockets of their cronies by directing public money into private profit centres; one of the key factors that has devastated social and health care in this country, and ensured a historical paucity of integrity in others.

    No, self-appointed vigilantes are not the answer, but as things stand neither are the agencies whose job this ought to be.

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  31. Happy to oblige Angie… I asked the opinion of two people, one a highly qualified expert in electronic imaging and the other a graphics artist who works in TV. The general consensus was that either this woman has some serious physical deformities, and is badly injured (note the strangely ‘hairy chest’ and odd relationship between arm and shoulder; coupled to the fact she’s a bloody odd shape for a 20-something – especially in proportion to the face). …Or this is quite a bad PhotoShop effort!

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  32. Dedicated to all self inflated,interfering,gatecrashing,barrel scraping,vitue signaling,chain smoking failures in the game of life who are so far up their arse the sun dont ever shine in County Meath this fine bank holiday monday.

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  33. “There is little serious doubt that ‘Satanic Panic’ is, universally, a tool used by the dishonest to assist in the cover-up of the most heinous offences against children…”

    I disagree with your hypothesis. Feel free to provide proof if you possess it.

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  34. Its best to leave `sting’ operations to the police, we had a pedohunter in my state, the cops really detest him because he has screwed up many of their cases allowing people to walk free that otherwise would be behind bars- plus he has in many cases not only used entrapment against them, but technically is guilty of producing and holding childporn himself, making it easier for others to claim they are innocent of charges- they were just `trying to catch em’

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  35. sorry scarlet. i appreciate you helping me keep in check. im still a bit angry and upset, but im going to let it go and just work on being the kind of person i want to be. it doesnt matter if some stranger or strangers think badly of me, as long as i know the truth. i can prove my own character, i dont have to sit around and let others define me.

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  36. As an example, if an individual is caught in a vigilante sting, who is part of a major police investigation into a child abuse ring, then the whole network could become alerted and will get rid of any useful evidence.

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  37. Hee-hee! Here we are, modelling what we profess: that genuinely adult persons approach disagreement from a position of mutual respect 🙂

    Except of course for that time when I threw a tantrum and kicked EC out of the cult for failing to slavishly agree with something I’d said…until I realized that it wasn’t my turn to be Cult Leader that week. Speaking of which – whose turn is it this week? 🙂

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  38. Seriously?? The fact that (in the UK at least) there has never been any such case proven is proof enough that that SRA is not a reality. Rather, it is a sexual fantasy (rarely in the practical sense) indulged in and promoted by gross sexual deviants, promoted for their own personal sexual gratification. The Orkney case, highlighted above, illustrates this well.

    Sexual abuse of children is not necessarily limited to the physical. Psycho-sexual abuse – i.e. sexualising young children by the projection of deviant fantasies; such as happened in the Hampstead case, is also child sexual abuse, and those who indulge in it are irrefutably child abusers as much as any other type.

    In the Orkney case the generation of those sexual abuse fantasies falls to the so-called ‘professional’ people who implanted and encouraged them…

    “Her brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom was just four, underwent “disclosure therapy”, although Esther says it would be better described as ‘interrogation’.

    “Esther believes her brothers and sisters were being ‘coached’ into revealing something which had not happened at all. Sheriff Kelbie himself (the man who threw the allegations out of court) said ‘it amounted to repeated coaching. It was pummelling and pummelling over and over. Even an adult would have been broken by that type of interrogation.'”

    Couple this to other reported facts… “A care worker at the home in which she was placed was abusing girls and soon Esther became his latest victim.”

    Indulging in child SRA fantasises at all – even privately – is an act of gross deviancy. It moves to being an act of child sexual abuse when those fantasies are projected onto a child; robbing them of their innocence and causing them real harm… The law actually recognises this; for instance, the act of ‘grooming’ a child (real or otherwise) for sexual activity is an offence even if there is no intention of following through with the act.

    The ‘professionals’ – and I believe there is a list of serial offenders – who abuse not only their status, position and authority to project their own warped agenda onto children are no different from any other abuser. They are not unintelligent nor are they uneducated; therefore what actually is their agenda in helping to promote puerile nonsense such as this?

    I happen to have personal links to the psychology department of a leading university; not as an academic but as service staff. I have numerous psychologists in my circle of friends all of whom consistently decried the SRA nonsense, both contemporaneously when these scandals were afoot and to this day… As much as it was promoted and gained ground in some circles, that was to the extreme frustration and anger of many if not most credible psychologists… So what does it boil down to but a bunch of sick perverts promoting their own fantasies and covering up their own abuse – as well as that of others?

    SRA fantasise are an immense distraction from the real work of fighting child sexual abuse. They divert resources, provide escape routes for real deviants to slip through and draw the light of suspicion away from the realities of child sexual abuse… In fact part of their function is to discredit any and all emerging concern about current or historical child abuse. – Aside from filling the coffers of those who also utilise such thing for criminal financial gain, they serve no other purpose that I know of!

    Incidentally… You might find this article provides a good starting point for another line of enquiry as to how these thing become interlinked…

    Drill into it… Find out which particular regiments and units were involved. Then dig around a bit to find out what certain of the individuals from those units got up to (and were sent to jail for) in later life!

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  39. Angie’s certainly changed a lot since she left Lanzarote where she was known as a gay divorcee about town. Perhaps it’s the grey skies of Ireland.

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  40. Don’t get me wrong… I do not for a split-second defend or endorse these ‘trappers’. A big danger with them is that they are not properly (or at all often) schooled in the law and they can completely fuck-up other operations. And I think a very serious problem is that their ‘entrapment videos’ are in themselves a form of sick entertainment aimed at an audience of twisted minds; their glory hunting sickens me.

    But then I’ve been faced with the question “what do you do when the police will do fuck all”? And I honestly don’t have an answer to that.

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  41. Yes Debs… You can believe it. Voice-Over artists are normally selected after a video has been made, often via an agency. They’re picked on the basis of the tone of their voice matching the look and message of the video; that’s all – possibly price plays a role. One job might be a charity appeal the next one selling carpets… These days the V/O often doesn’t even meet or know the producers; it’s all done remotely. The reason for that video being withdrawn is simply that it had ‘expired’ and served its purpose; replaced with something else as the campaign moved on IIRC?

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  42. Lmao, i should be more sophisticated at my age probably but sod that, fart songs always have me laughing away like Beavis & Butthead.

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  43. I’m not the type of person that usually carries hate around with me but i can honestly say that i hate Angie and that’s without having ever met the woman.

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  44. That’s awful. People who abuse children would do well to remember that in a few years that child will be an adult with a shit load of rage who may track them down and release their anger on them. A jury would probably go easy on someone being on trial for that.

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  45. In this day and age you can employ people to do a voice over on sites live Fiverr very cheaply.
    If Debs had looked into Haiti at all, this goes for the Pizzagators as well, they would realise that many forms of slavery and child abuse goes on. There is a big difference between providing a safe environment for children in an orphanage and letting them live in poverty and being forced into street prostitution or becoming a slave for the few with money in those countries.
    What would these people say to aid agencies who help children in war torn countries? Would they call the human traffickers just for helping them flee to safety. I thought Debs fought for the rights of illegal immigrants? A significant percentage of those refugees have had to pay human traffickers to come over to the UK.

    “There are more slaves in the world today than at any time in history. After spending four years visiting a dozen countries where slavery flourishes, Skinner tells the story, in gripping narrative style, of individuals who live in slavery, those who have escaped from bondage, those who own or traffic in slaves, and the mixed political motives of those who seek to combat the crime.

    Skinner infiltrates trafficking networks and slave sales on five continents, exposing a modern flesh trade never before portrayed in such proximity. From mega-harems in Dubai to illicit brothels in Bucharest, from slave quarries in India to child markets in Haiti, he explores the underside of a world we scarcely recognize as our own and lays bare a parallel universe where human beings are bought, sold, used, and discarded. He travels from the White House to war zones and immerses us in the political and flesh-and-blood battles on the front lines of the unheralded new abolitionist movement.”

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  46. “I thought Debs fought for the rights of illegal immigrants? A significant percentage of those refugees have had to pay human traffickers to come over to the UK”

    Yes, and I believe that Debs is very fond of cannabis. I hope she is aware that a great deal of the locally produced cannabis here is grown in abandoned buildings by young slaves, usually brought to the country illegally to work in utter isolation and terrible conditions for little to no pay. As an afficionado of ganja, Debs could turn her hand to helping ensure that this evil practice ends. Will she? Not on your life.


  47. I have no idea what the problem is with a group of people doing the sitting down dance moves to “Oops Upside Your Head”. It’s a family wedding staple.

    Obviously I can’t see the context. Presumably someone wants to incriminate the lady in some way.


  48. “In this day and age you can employ people to do a voice over on sites live Fiverr very cheaply.”

    Not if you want them done properly you can’t. Even so – Someone like RD will only cost you around £2-300 +VAT for a non-broadcast or charity video. It’s the man’s job!

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  49. Sick of this sick bitch. She spews collective blame all over the place. Isn’t she from South America? She would have to be of Spanish origin so using her twisted ugly logic she is responsible for the mass murder and extermination of untold numbers of Indians purely for the sake of stealing their land and plundering their gold.

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  50. And the twisted hag demonstrates her sheer ignorance daily. Numerous people have studied every aspect of the Russian Revolution and the events that followed up until the death of Stalin and know all about every character involved which is why the cupid stunt can read about Yagoda’s short reign on Wikipedia.

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  51. FAO Debs, RD removed all his videos, not for any mysterious reason other than they were being trolled and commented on by Abe Christie… and he was no doubt sick of idiots like you referring to them too.


  52. @Sir Henry – I didn’t understand what you had originally said, the way that you understood it.
    I thank you for the extensive ‘proof’, which i don’t disagree with at all.

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  53. For venting spleen without jeopardizing fair proceedings this may prove a handy theraputic outlet for the duration.

    B side: (Feel at liberty to insert alternative grotesque pantomime hoax nobber gargoyle characters to suit).

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  54. Sir Henry Rawlinson
    August 28, 2017 at 1:22 pm
    “But then I’ve been faced with the question “what do you do when the police will do fuck all”? And I honestly don’t have an answer to that.”

    We had this problem a while back, it took public pressure (and lots of it) to instigate royal commissions into the various state police forces (corruption) and into child sex abuse (institutional)- GOS may have mentioned them a while ago
    (we had a saying here for many years- the NSW Police Force- the best that money can buy…. and they didnt mean it was well funded by the state government LOL)

    If your local police forces are that inept/corrupt that they are willing to ignore abuse, then perhaps it will have to come down to what it took here- feet on the streets, letter and email campaigns to politicians (esp those in marginal seats where they can lose votes enough to lose their job and being seen to be indifferent to child abuse is a sure fire vote loser LOL) and generally enough people making themselves heard that they HAVE to do something

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  55. I used to do sound mixing a while ago, and the difference between a professionally engineered studio voiceover and the stuff you get off live fiverr is basically the difference between watching CNN and watching CCN…..


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