Why it’s a good thing Deborah Mahmoudieh never became a lawyer

By and large we tend to skim past Deborah Mahmoudieh’s frothing-at-the-mouth shriek-fests, as she almost never has anything more interesting to say than “WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING TO ME!!!??!” If you’ve ever tried to cope with a three-year-old in the midst of a frenzied tantrum, you’ll understand when we say there’s really only so much one can take before the thought of earplugs becomes very appealing.

Yesterday’s rant wasn’t really all that much different from Debs’ usual fare, but we thought it worth a look, if only to appreciate her utterly deluded weaving together of disparate facts and factoids (factoid: thing that superficially resembles a fact but is actually complete bollocks) into what she seems to think is an airtight “lawfully legal” argument.

So let’s see if we grasp the essence of Debs’ argument:

Some time ago, prior to the Hampstead SRA hoax becoming public, RD was hired to do a voice-over for a fundraising campaign for a Haitian orphanage. According to Debs, this is highly suspicious, since the allegations his children were later forced to make included child trafficking and murder.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Haiti is country that has been wracked by poverty for many, many years. With high birth rates and 80% of the country living in dire poverty, many parents are tempted to give their children to richer families as “restaveks”, a Creole word which means “stay-with”. These children are promised a better life and education, but frequently this doesn’t happen. Instead, they become household slaves, working long hours under deplorable conditions. According to the U.S. State Department’s “Trafficking in Persons Report 2014“, most of Haiti’s trafficked children are domestic slaves, who are dismissed when then grow up; they then often turn to prostitution, begging, or petty crime to survive.

As with the restaveks, children in Haiti’s orphanages are also often given up by still-living parents. They have been separated from their parents due to poverty, disability, discrimination and a lack of services in the community. Parents often give up their children because they believe they are sending them to a better life, where they will receive health care, education, and enough food. These orphanages aren’t always the havens the parents imagine, which is why some turn to fundraising activities outside of Haiti.

Orphanages full of children who have living parents are clearly not the best solution for children. Arguably, it makes much more sense to donate money to agencies which help keep families united in the community. However, it can be difficult to sell this proposition to overseas donors, who believe they are helping the poorest of the poor when they donate to orphanages.

That’s where the fundraising campaign about which Debs is so exercised comes in.

And frankly, while orphanages are a less-than-ideal solution for the situation we’ve outlined above, these fundraising campaigns are commonplace. The fact that this particular orphanage hired RD as a voice-over actor for that particular campaign is not nefarious in the slightest, unless you are a Hoaxtead mobster who sees fantastical ritual abusers behind every tree.

As commenter Sir Henry Rawlinson said,

Voice-Over artists are normally selected after a video has been made, often via an agency. They’re picked on the basis of the tone of their voice matching the look and message of the video; that’s all – possibly price plays a role. One job might be a charity appeal, the next one selling carpets… These days the V/O often doesn’t even meet or know the producers; it’s all done remotely. The reason for that video being withdrawn is simply that it had ‘expired’ and served its purpose; replaced with something else as the campaign moved on IIRC?

So RD read a script which was attached to an appeal for funds for an orphanage in Haiti.

Later, his ex-partner claimed that her former partner had been the “boss” of a mythical “death cult” (later changed to “Satanic death cult”, and still later changed to “state-sponsored trauma-based mind control cult”). One of the activities of this so-called cult (whatever it was) was alleged to have been transportation of babies from foreign countries by delivery services such as TNT and DHL. To our knowledge, Haiti was never mentioned in the children’s initial claims, but who cares?

To Debs, the combination of “read script for orphanage” and “was falsely accused of child murder” constitutes conclusive (and no doubt “lawful”) evidence that everything the children initially alleged  was true. Never mind that there was never any evidence, or that the children withdrew their allegations as soon as they were out of the clutches of their mother and her abusive boyfriend.

So far as Debs is concerned, the fact that someone did a voice-over gig for an orphanage in a poverty-stricken country, and several years later was falsely accused of being the leader of a murderous, cannibalistic cult, is clear-cut evidence of that person’s guilt.

She’s also got her girdle in a knot about the fact that the fundraising campaign, which began shortly after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, is no longer active, and the video has been withdrawn. Here’s a fascinating but true fact for Debs: the point of any campaign is that it will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. That’s how fundraising (and other forms of advertising) works. Material becomes dated (the Haiti earthquake is no longer in the news, for example), and new campaigns are begun.

Oh, but Debs is convinced that because a bunch of loonies in the U.S.A. made false allegations connecting a bunch of other people to child trafficking in Haiti (which, as explained above, might or might not have anything to do with orphanages), her allegations about Hampstead must be true.

Quite aside from the fact that Pizzagate has been roundly debunked and abandoned by many of those who formerly promoted it, the fact that some people make a false allegation does not mean that other people are guilty of anything. If our neighbour down the street is found to be dealing drugs or stealing cars, that is not adequate (or even lawful!) proof that we are doing the same.

Since Debs is so dedicated to the concept of “lawful evidence”, we think it’s time she learned something important about how actual evidence works.

Circumstantial evidence is evidence which relies upon inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact. In other words, a person’s fingerprint might be found at a crime scene, but that does not necessarily mean that the person committed the crime, or even that they were present at the time the crime was committed. It is possible to explain circumstantial evidence via two or more scenarios. In other words, it is not definitive proof of anything.

Not that Debs is really looking for the truth. She is grasping at straws, looking for anything that could be used to infer that the thing she most wants to believe in—that children were being raped and murdered wholesale in a school in Hampstead—is true. Why she wants so badly to believe in this is really anybody’s guess.

70 thoughts on “Why it’s a good thing Deborah Mahmoudieh never became a lawyer

  1. I love how she just ‘stream of consciousness’ (or more accurately unconsciousness in her case) various facts, semi facts and just plain made up falsehoods together and declares it ‘lawful evidence’
    So he made a voiceover- shock horror that is something actors do sometimes to earn a living (something debs knows very little about I suspect)
    He has also undoubtedly bought milk and petrol- that doesnt mean that cows and BP are conspiring together to replace milk and petrol with babies on our breakfast cereals and in our petrol tanks…..

    And why she has this fascination with ‘lawful’ when her own stuff is anything BUT lawful is beyond me- altho it is useful in one sense- every time I hear her say ‘lawful’ I know that whatever follows is complete and utter bollocks

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    • Oh dear…Steved has now exposed the Great Petrol & Cow Conspiracy which will shortly be added to the mix.
      In this day & age most of us feel quite impotent when it comes to helping solve so many problems in the world. But we can try and do our little bit perhaps, as I do with a charity in Thailand run by a French doctor which cares for orphaned kids with AIDs.
      Debs would find far more relief for her undoubted troubled psyche & life if she just devoted some of her time to physically helping a genuine charity rather than a’ranting and a’raving via Youtube video which is basically, shouting into the wind.

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  2. If Debs were ever to quietly knit an orphan a pair of socks or give a few squid from her benefits to someone worse off than herself,then she might actually contribute something towards the common good.

    Attempting to change the world by making shouty videos stitching a mill of nonsense and tired clichés into a mish mash of extreme hyperbollox never fed or clothed anyone or alleviated any suffering,ever.

    Unfortunately,the likelihood of her actually doing something of value or usefulness,even for herself,yet alone anyone else,are about as likely as anyone being enriched by having the serious misfortune of being exposed to Power-Disney bursting into song.

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  3. Same with all the fakers. Go and actually do something physical if you are able. I’ve not heard Deborah is not. Mouthing off on fb youtube etc. Does zilch.

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  4. Man hunts for work, man gets work, man does work, man gets paid for work = EVIL!!!

    Something I’ve seen a few times with these stoner parasites is that hey really resent people who get up off their arses, to a bit of work, earn a couple of quid, and pay their way in the world. – That sort of thing being in stark contrast to how they live their lives. They seem to want to reduce the rest of the world to the same gutter as them.

    Thing is of course that this is biting the hand that feeds them. Where do they think the money for their dole ultimately comes from? These dirty stoners get no sympathy from me for their ‘disabilities’; they’re entirely responsible for frying their own brain with the filth they consume. For them to be hounding the very people who put the food on their table is well beyond it!

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    • Not to mention their sense of “universal entitlement” is derived from the backs of many who gave their lives to overcome genuine hardship,enslavement and suffering.Seems if many of these moaning wastrels had their way we would be back in the dark ages grovelling to the bastard weilding the biggest stick.

      On the bright side that would give Debs et al something to bang on about from the town square stocks and provide villagers with some evening amusement and hone veggie chucking skills.


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      • “Not to mention their sense of “universal entitlement” is derived from the backs of many who gave their lives to overcome genuine hardship,enslavement and suffering.”

        Quite so… The system is however abused from both ends. When the dishonest poor see the dishonest rich making progress, it becomes a case of monkey see monkey do… The only real difference is how far up the monkey tree they happen to have landed.

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      • I actually don’t… Because the workhouse is what oppressed many an innocent person; I stress that I’m far from opposed to a benefits system or even a citizen’s stipend. What I do object to is the abuse of that system by low life scum. Abuse which facilitates the inhuman in their vilification of the poor and needy. There are plenty of decent people forced to live on the breadline.

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        • In principle the workhouse system is a good system, providing shelter, food and training in exchange for work, where people in modern day UK can become homeless and hungry with nothing to fall back on. The former workhouse system had serious failings, so I am not recommending the sort of workhouse system that previously existed, but a suitable modernised one. Parasites such as Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney convinces me the wefare systems should be totally abolished and replaced with workhouses.


          • Unfortunately government at both local and national level is essentially corrupt; and such setups would only become ‘profit centres’ for those determined to introduce a new form of slavery for those who have the misfortune not to be born into wealth. The march of technology means that labour is becoming increasingly redundant… That’s been becoming a problem for something approaching 40 years now; we’re now at the stage where it’s beginning to impact on the chattering classes (as much of the whining in the news indicates).

            There are only two answers, cull the ‘poor’ or feed them; I for one don’t advocate the former. What I do stand up for is law and order and an effective severity of punishment for those that breach it.

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            • “Poverty” is a subjective term. What makes an individual poor? It is enough that a workhouse provides shelter, food and those other things associated with health and life, however, everyone must work for their bread.


          • @Satanic Views –

            You should change your name to Scrooge.

            Are there no prisons?

            Are there no workhouses?


            • I know the “workhouse” invokes negative images, but these could solve so many social problems.

              At this moment people who lose their homes through failure of paying rent or mortgage face living on the streets, there are no back up systems to catch them, all the night shelters are closing or are full. Same goes for hunger, foodbanks are over subscribed. These people in addition face sexual exploitation, being beaten up, no place to go to feel safe, no sanitation or places to wash themselves or their clothing. A workhouse can provide all these things, and can train them. But, all people must pay their way by working. People such as Angela Power Disney cannot be allowed to sit on her arse all day on welfare abusing innocent people, this is why the welfare system in its present form needs to be 100% abolished, replaced by workhouses.


          • Respectfully; I suspect SV we might have very different views on what a civilised society is, and must leave it at that.

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          • Actually I tend to side with satanicviews with this
            Not a return to the workhouses of yesteryear, but something like what that Australia already has, which is work for the dole, where in order to get the dole, you are required to ‘work’ so many hours a week (currently 10 I believe) – mind you work is loosely defined as either training for work or working with a volunteer group (there are many worthy groups involved in such things as beach cleanings and dune stabilizations, parks & roadside cleaning, charity shops etc)
            Although I would personally also like to see a ‘basic living’ allowance similar to what some European countries had been discussing- ie a minimal amount of money sufficient for a minimalistic lifestyle that everyone gets, having been involved with people living on the street through no fault of their own and often ending up getting involved with criminal activities just to survive

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    • Her omelets must consist of chucking an egg and any old ingredients in a pan,turning the gas up to “full” and waiting for the fucking fire brigade to turn up.

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  5. Self-professed “citizen journalists” spewing bullshit from “the right”, “the left”, from above, from below, from their butt’s, etc…


    “Explosive allegations about Donald Trump made by online writers with large followings among Trump critics were based on bogus information from a hoaxer who falsely claimed to work in law enforcement”.

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    • A (general) question many with in my circle pose is, if you believe – even know- that something or someone is corrupt, what’s the point in acting in an equally corrupt way to discredit them? For if that corruption is unearthed (as it really ought to be) the truth of your own position will become rejected along with the lies; actually aiding that which you knew to be corrupt in the first place!

      – Was it Gandhi that said ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’?

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    • No need to make up anything about Trump. He’s an A-Grade Grifter and owes me about £1200 for some work I did on one of his projects about 14 years ago. I got off lightly, others are owed a small fortune. Never met the man but I’ve seen him about New York where he has been universally loathed for decades for similar non-payment of 100s of small contractors. Interestingly over drinks at night the Trump employees relaxed and would say how much they hated the man’s guts.
      Some said they put up with his awfulness hoping it would lead to a better job but they soon learned to leave employment with him off their CVs.
      Louise Mensch..can’t really work her out. I often think ( as she’s still paid by Murdoch until the end of this year) that’s she’s really a bit of a “disinformation” agent with Murdoch playing both sides as Rupert will quite easily ditch support for Trump if he thinks it suits his purpose.
      I always watch for signs on Fox News for a slight change in attitude towards Trump. When Murdoch says “you’re fired” you really are.

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      • I know of an Indian businessman who owns a tumble-down country house not far from Turberry… Built in the 1920s it’s straight out the pages of Wodehouse. Trump got his eye on it and placed a personal call offering £6m cash for it… This fellow took great delight in telling Trump (literally) to ‘go fuck himself with one of his shitty golf sticks’ – He is now a local hero in two countries!

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  6. Angela Power-Disney
    48 mins ·

    #RupertQuaintance trial update:
    The good news:
    1. Rupert said his investigations in to the H CASE were inconclusive
    2. Rupert avoided implicating myself or Sabine McNeill in supply or sharing of excel spreadsheet with contact details of alleged paedophile cult members by saying he “could not remember” the source
    3. Prosecution accepted assertion by defence that Rupert amongst many others had received credible threats including death threats from ´trolls
    We will overlook the bad news for now and eagerly await the jury decision as to whether he is guilty of harrassment of alleged paedophile cult members causing them to fear violence, hopefully due today
    The last time I visited SOUTHWARK CROWN COURT Ben Fellows was righfully released and went on to be acquitted of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Strangely his acquittal did not lead to investigation of the abuse claims he had righfully made including against KENNETH CLARKE
    Let us hope justice once again at least partially prevails, even if myself and others have taken the fall …for the sake of children one develops broad shoulders !!


    • Someone just let me see her page on their tablet. I’m more ‘concerned’ abut her comments regarding the current court trial… She’s busy libelling the witnesses (in a live trial!) and expressing relief that Quaintance didn’t name names with respect to the source of the ‘hit list’ with which he went equipped!

      As you so stupid Angie that you don’t realise what you’ve just done?

      Additionally… Ben Fellowes’ allegations against Kenneth Clarke were proved false. In fact there is not much that Fellowes claimed that is true; we can even track down his appearance on the word, prove that it wasn’t shot where he said it was, and that he wasn’t actually filmed as part of the programme, but in the car park outside, promoting a pantomime!

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      • Please don’t comment further on this. I’m biting my lip here but everyone needs to keep quiet till the case has finished. No offence.

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        • What? On Ben Fellowes appearance on The Word? – It was quite a while ago! 😉


          • As I’ve had to advise others before… I know exactly where the line is, and have the paperwork to prove it; I actually deal with this sort of thing for a living! – That evidence has already been admitted to the record and reported.

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          • Anxious is reasonable… For the avoidance of doubt, my comments relate to the contents of a post by Angela Power-Disney; not anything else. I’d love to know where she gets her Teflon coating! What’s interesting is that she’s raising the Ben Fellows/Fellowes (don’t know the correct spelling) thing again.

            Just for gits and shiggles…

            There was at one time ‘hidden camera’ footage he posted of an interview with the police that took place in his home – since removed, but held in archive. Among the various (clearly false) claims he made was that various sexual assaults and rapes took place at an after show party following ‘his appearance’ on “The Word” – an old Channel 4 TV show.

            A recording of that particular show was subsequently traced… It turned out to be the 1992 Christmas special.

            In his ‘hidden camera footage’ he claimed that the programme was shot at a warehouse on the Isle of Dogs? Famously, Limehouse studios originally were indeed based at an old warehouse at Canary Warf – Isle of Dogs. But they had to move in 1989 when the building was sold off!

            By 1992 Limehouse was based NOT on the Isle of Dogs but at Wembley! – What is today the Fountain Studios where they now do the X-Factor and Britain’s got talent!  – Used to be the old Lee International studios.

            Here is a recently posted VHS of the show… Ben Fellowes appears at about 39:20

            The thing about this is it’s done outside in the car park. What happened was a ‘shout out’ to various theatres to show a few cast members in a taxi and get them to do a quick live promo… According to crew that actually worked on the show, these guys went straight back to where they came from; they didn’t even get into see the rest of the recording!

            So… No after-show party, no famous people sexually assaulting under-age girls… And, actually, to ‘guesting’ on a major programme for Ben Fellows either!

            The guy is full of shit! – And got off a weak charge on a technicality!


  7. Clear proof APD & Mad Moo are practicing Satanists and probably eat babies
    6+6+6 = 18
    Moo and Ange were both 18 once.
    Hence both disciples of Satan
    Prove me wrong.

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  8. Well, well…you can be a coding genius and still be a moron!


    “Markus “Notch” Persson, the Swedish billionaire who created the wildly popular sandbox video game Minecraft, has riled up thousands of conspiracy theorists by embarking on a long-winded defense of Pizzagate and a host of other conspiracy theories, including a “manufactured race war,” on Twitter”.

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  9. Angie, you obnoxious habitual liar whose reputation is so low you are beneath defamation… Please read and for once in your life learn.

    “Absolute privilege

    If the defendant’s comments were made in Parliament, or under oath in a court of law, they are entitled to absolute privilege. This privilege is absolute: qualified privilege protects only the communication of the complained statement. There can be no investigation into whether remarks made in a situation of absolute privilege are defamatory.”

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  10. False and Lurid Allegations combined with Benefits and Financial Fraud utilizing the Vulnerable is a common theme with these Grifters! Thanks for the Update E.C.! Lovely to See them eating their own on both sides of the pond.


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