‘Freeman on the land’ woo can be catching: Canadian report

Many thanks to Sarah Phillimore for this fascinating blog post, guest written in 2014 by a Canadian contributor to the “Quatloos” discussion boards.

Many of us were complete newcomers to the wild and woolly world of “freeman on the land” woo when we first became aware of the Hampstead SRA hoax, but exposure to people like Neelu Berry and her Canadian guru Kevin Annett quickly made us realise that we were dealing with a special kind of crazy alternative rationality. While not all Hoaxtead mobsters are fully formed FOTL adherents, elements of FOTL woo seem to have influenced the attitudes and ideas of many.

So we were pleased to find a post on the Child Protection Resource blog which took a step back and looked at the evolution and spread of what its author calls “Organised Pseudo-legal Commercial Argument” (OPCA)—an umbrella term which covers FOTL, Sovereign Citizen, detaxers, and other anti-government, anti-societal movements that reject the authority of law enforcement, courts, and banking regulations. The basic premise of OPCA ideology is that governments are illegitimate and have no power over individuals, but other details may vary.

Freeman woo as a virus

The author of the CPR blog post, who goes by the pseudonym “Hilfskreuzer Möwe”, writes that OPCA movements may be viewed as a kind of virus, which acts in a predictable manner:

These are a parasitic, highly pathogenic strain of ideas that rapidly transmit in susceptible peer groups. Emphasis there on “susceptible”. Our experience in Canada is that Freeman concepts are tightly concentrated in certain peer groups, where their ‘hosts’ reinforce one-another’s preconceptions and preoccupations. The preferred ‘hosts’ are those who usually are poorly educated but believe themselves highly sophisticated, typically with ‘alternative’, non-conformist, leftist, eco-nik, occupista views. This can both be ‘old hippies’ and their younger anti-authoritarian counterparts.

Another way of looking at OPCA susceptibility is by age, according to Dr Stephen Kent, a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta. He notes that J.J. MacNab, a Forbes writer who focuses on anti-government extremism, breaks the appeal of OPCA ideas down by generation:

Sovereigns over the age of 60 most likely joined the movement following a personal bankruptcy or argument with government tax collectors. Those in the 35 to 60-year-old age group likely joined when they ran into trouble with a mortgage foreclosure or other debt problem. The youngest and newest recruits are either 1) children of sovereigns who were indoctrinated into this absurd belief system by their family, or 2) they were introduced to the belief system through an online conspiracy source such as the “9/11 Truth Movement”.

Vulnerability to OPCA ideas seems to be informed not only by personal socio-political conviction, but by financial circumstance. This is borne out by Dr Kent’s observation that OPCA woo gained significant traction in the wake of various financial and debt crises in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Hilfskreuzer Möwe elaborates on the epidemiological model as it applies to OPCA ideas:

Once OPCA ideas reach a susceptible but uninfected population they spread very rapidly, through social peer relationships. This is a period where gurus, old and new, surge their activities and obtain many subscribers. The combination of guru promotion and peer encouragement results in numerous attempts to apply these ideas.

The next stage is collapse. After a certain number of failures the peer groups abandon OPCA ideas, and move on to something else. The time to collapse is affected by whether there is a perception that the OPCA scheme is already complete, or if instead there is a need to adapt or grow ideas – a kind of “let’s do a trial and error” period. ‘Pre-fab’ schemes grow and collapse fast – an excellent example was an outfit called the One People’s Public Trust. It appeared in late 2012, attracted massive attention, but by summer 2013 had all but collapsed.

The spread of the “OPCA virus” can only be exacerbated by the internet, which enables “gurus” to carry their ideas further and faster.

However, it seems that the internet can also have a (somewhat) curative effect, as critics and opponents of OPCA ideas have found:

Another key ‘time to collapse’ factor is knowledge of in-court and other failures. OPCA litigants are notorious for lying and misrepresenting their degree of success. They also tend to interpret delay as success. Media, court judgment, and ‘skeptic’ reporting is very efficient at this stage. …

That in part is what myself and a few collaborators are doing on Quatloos at present with Dean Clifford [a Canadian FOTL adherent who was convicted of 12 out of 14 charges, including possession of drugs and guns, in 2015]. It’s costing us some cash but we’re ordering court materials and putting them online to demonstrate that his claims and what is actually going on do not match. Nothing wrecks a guru like proof of failure…

Once a surge of OPCA madness has subsided, says Hilfskreuzer Möwe, a small number of die-hard believers can be expected to shrug off the setback and carry on. “There’s not much that can be done about them – they just keep coming on, no matter the degree of state, court, and social sanction”. (Hello, Neelu!) Due to their small numbers, these few holdouts can usually be contained at this stage. However,

The interesting thing about the holdouts is that they are the pool from which the next wave of gurus emerge – they are the ‘disease carriers’ – once they find another susceptible and hitherto unexposed potential host population for their memes.

Post-script: ‘Elizabeth of the Family Watson’

In the UK and Ireland, Dr Kent notes, “Evidence that some Freeman ideas had entered popular culture came in March 2011 when an unspecified number of protesters espousing Freeman-related concepts “tried to arrest a judge after storming into a courtroom [i]n Merseyside”.

Later that year (in August 2011), a newspaper published an article about a mother and her investigator who had been involved in the manufacture and dissemination of false child sexual abuse allegations against the father. To the court the investigator gave her name as “Elizabeth of the Watson Family,” which is a typical way that Freemen attempt to demonstrate their sovereignty (by rejecting last names as a form of corporate domination by the state [PA Media Lawyer, 2011]). Five days later in a London Administrative Court, a man followed the same pattern with his last name when providing it to the judge. He called himself “Norman of the Family Scarth (The Living Man)”.

Long-time readers of this blog will no doubt recognise the case involving the manufacture and dissemination of false child sexual abuse allegations against an innocent father as the infamous Vicky Haigh case; when it was covered by Carl Gardner in his Head of Legal blog at the time, Elizabeth Watson (who seemed to have undergone a switch back to her former name) protested vigorously that the campaigning in the case had in fact been carried out by none other than Sabine McNeill. Similarly, Norman Scarth, one of Sabine and Belinda’s stable of nutters, is infamous for having attacked a bailiff with a chainsaw.

It seems that if we scratch the surface of Hoaxtead, we find nests of OPCA woo dating back years; suffice to say, Neelu is far from the only Hoaxtead mobster involved in this particular brand of anti-societal, delusional nuttiness.

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  1. Good old Quatloos, I’ve been following it for several years
    Hilfskreuzer Möwe is sorely missed but others continue on
    You can find much about several well known figures that are mentioned here in the UK section (most have their own threads dedicated to them), and much of their stuff seems to be based on the Canadian FOTL gurus (lots about them in that section)


    (oh and if you want to know the best watering holes in the UK and Canada, look out for Burnaby49’s posts as he has sampled his way around them all LOL)

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          • What really shocks me is that this woman goes to a school and teaches! I think she’s a maths teacher? Anyone know? If you check out her Facebook page you’ll see she can’t write a sentence properly and confuses ‘their’ with ‘there’.

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          • Sadly, teacher status is no guarantee of syntactic competence (though I like to consider myself an exception). I regularly spot spelling mistakes on whiteboards and worksheets and it can be shocking proofreading pupils’ reports; and I’m including English teachers in that (partly, I think, because their degrees focused more on literature than language). One prime example from an English teacher contained the following two consecutive sentences:

            “[Pupil] needs to pay more attention to speeling accuracy. She should also try to ensure that she uses correct punctuation such as commas and full stops”

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        • I do think that an eviction over a case like this is heavy handed and cruel. I just do. She’s working so why can’t they garnish her wages to get the money back? Taking someone’s home (even if they’re an obnoxious loon) should be the last resort.


          • Yes, I do have sympathy for this lady and I don’t know all the details of the events that led up to this situation. I also think that the police could have handled things better and more compassionately. I was just pleasantly surprised to see truthers supporting a teacher, whom they tend to view as bêtes noires.

            That said, the truthers were acting like idiots too and the crap about the warrant being fake was just laughable.

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          • Unfortunately she has indeed brought it upon herself, She actually didnt owe anything to begin with, did the tv show and renovation, damaged the neighbours common wall, was sued for damages (a measly 6G if I remember correctly), and went down the FOTL route- the courts actually bend over backwards in the beginning to try and ensure she didnt lose the house, but after several court cases (she lost every time), her breaking into the house and barricading herself in several times, the shenanigans with her ‘selling’ the house to a company owned by her parents (did they even know I wonder) then onselling to another fake company, then onselling to yet another fake company, all the while renting it back to herself at a pittance, issuing ‘liens’ left and right, and finally being tossed out and 24/7 guards living in the property to ensure yet another breakin didnt occur, plus the many other runins shes had with the authorities-

            Yeah- she deserves it
            She brought it, and now she has to own up to it

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          • If you have a spare hour(or day- or week) or two- Quatloos has a thread following her shenanigans at http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=11145 – this is from june 2016 onwards and is 42(!!) pages long, there were earlier threads I think following the leadup to it, I’ll try and see if I can find links to them too
            I read them as they unfolded, which is much easier than sitting down and reading them in one hit!
            It was a bit like those old serials- every week they left you on a cliffhanger, to bring you back the next week to see how the hero or heroine (or in this case the villainess lol) gets out of their predicament…

            Next week, will the ‘princess’ escape from the evil bailiffs clutches??? Will the gate to Castle Patel fall to the siege of the army of Gold fringed courtiers….

            (Just checking the latest pages of the thread- it appears she didnt appear in court and will probably have a warrant issued, also something about another one of her supporters broke into the place and claimed it back for her? back later with further news)

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          • Oh dear….

            “Get this, news from the Simmondley Village pub has it that Wrecka’s friends broke into Patel Cottage on Wednesday two days after her BIG WIN at Stockport Mags. Police were called and current owner of Patel Cottage, Peter McDowell, got arrested. Nothing on Derbyshire Constabulary website as yet but here’s a photo of Freeman McDowell’s reg plate parked up in the pub car park – read the Freetard small print under the reg no!! Patel Cottage has now been re-boarded up. LOL”

            Strange- Casta Patel hasnt been sold yet…

            Remember I mentioned this bit???
            “the shenanigans with her ‘selling’ the house to a company owned by her parents (did they even know I wonder) then onselling to another fake company, then onselling to yet another fake company, all the while renting it back to herself at a pittance”

            Who is this Peter McDowell????

            He is the Director of Tunkashila Ltd who bought the house from the company of Rekha’s parents for £100.
            (I’ll happily take it off his hands for 110 pound… cheap at a thousand times the price…..)

            Sit back and enjoy the show people, Princess Patel hasnt finished entertaining us yet…

            (do people still feel that eviction was heavy handed and cruel?)


  2. Yep – if you dislike one of Mad Moo’s videos, you are a paedophile. Every single one of you. Don’t argue – it’s a proven fact. I know this because Deborah “I’ve never slandered anyone” Mahmoudieh says so 😀


  3. So we can take it from this roving/raving/repeating reporter that all reports on all the news stations are false flags, wow, I wonder if that means it’s a false flag about the family she’s harbouring! #Enlightened!

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  4. An introduction to FoTL law from Kevin ‘Wearechange’ Weaver, everyone’s favourite freetwat:


  5. “…ideas that rapidly transmit in susceptible peer groups…where their ‘hosts’ reinforce one-another’s preconceptions…”

    To wit: Lee Cant & Neelu Berry

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  6. “The preferred ‘hosts’ are those who usually are poorly educated but believe themselves highly sophisticated…”

    HI ANGIE 😀

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    • Yes, I’ll never forget her greatest triumph – a defiant FB post about how under FOTL law electricity bills are illegal and how she was never gonna pay another one as long as she lived…on the same page as a sob story about how she needed money to pay her electricity bill, with a link to her GoFundMe page 😀

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      • Plus in the same week she was promoting Hopeless Girl’s QEG ‘free energy’ machine. So she had a machine that could generate unlimited electricity, she had legal precedent for not paying her electricity bills…but still she was begging for donations to pay her electricity bill! Couldn’t make her up, could you?

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  7. I reckon the Holy Grail for citizens of Freemania is the siege, where all their mates turn up for green tea, lentil sandwiches and a (usually verbal) pagga with the cops. Tom Crawford’s a prime example of this.

    By the way, ‘Freemania’ – ooh, that’s a keeper!

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    • “Children are being attacked at schools.”

      Really? In August? How does that work, Debbie?


      • That’s Mad Moo “logic”, Sally. Like endlessly berating the MP for Rotherham for not speaking out on Hampstead. And claiming to be against Islamophobia whilst openly supporting the EDL and BNP.


    • If you are going to comment Mad Moo on current events, do keep up. Sarah Champion foolishly got into bed with The Devil in the form of The Sun newspaper despite Labour colleagues warning Murdoch’s goons could not be trusted and alas, so it came to pass as they twisted her words into something else.

      She wasn’t forced to resign, she quit of her own accord after admitting she had been taken for the fool she was, and relegated to the Sin Bin where she belongs until she does her penance.


    • Call me naive, call me stupid, even call me Doris but Debs says she grew up suffering 17 years of abuse by white men.
      Even if she was being attacked in the cradle, surely by the (lawful !) age of 17 she should have realised something was amiss.

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      • Well, she can afford it. According to her accounts, she raised £1,151.72 in the first half of this year and made just £402.75 in “part-time income” (much to the disappointment of her pimp), making a total income of £1,554.47. Of that she’s spent just £748.97, meaning she has £805.50 left to spend on self-help books, fags and Filipino hit squads. (Not that that will stop her from continuing to beg for donations, of course.)

        ‘Update 16’


        • Putting aside the GILF-for-hire theory, how exactly did Angela make that £402.75 in part-time income in 5 months? Anyone?

          And has she accounted for what she makes in income support fraud and housing benefit scams? (“Allegedly”)

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        • Shurley shome mishtake..”professional interview software, Vimeo professional Video fees”?.
          Angie is working with equipment that came back to land with Noah and The Ark. Who is she trying to kid?
          Maybe she picked up a cue from that great charlatan David Icke who raised £300K (maybe more) from hapless small investors and then proudly displayed his new “TV studio” above a shop in Wembley until a technician pointed out that his so-called professional TV equipment would have cost no more than £50 at auction.

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          • Absolutely, mate. Can you smell the bullshit? For starters, Vimeo is free. Plus since when has she had a Vimeo account anyway? She’s never posted one single Vimeo link on her Farcebook page. She’s an out and out fraud.

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      • The “Main Players” tab at the top of the page has a tidy rogues gallery of adherants to the church of the terminal liar.


  8. Just checking out a thread on the LtV video, where Tim and The Order have both been taking Shurter to task. In one comment on there, I notice that he says he was under 10 when he supposedly murdered that police officer by dousing him in petrol and setting him on fire:

    And on the same page he opens a thread by implying that he was 13 at the time and then later in the same thread he says he was 10:

    Oh but the plot thickens. In this one from 2010 he says it occurred in 1979, when he was…12! But that’s not the best part. He also says he’d completely forgotten about it all until it came to him in a dream in November 2009…!

    Come on, Dave – get yer story straight, son! 😀


    • Hehe. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always loved ‘eejit’ and ‘gobshite’ – or ‘gobshoit’, lol – and I’m loving ‘gombeen’. I hadn’t heard that one before and it t kinda suits her 😀


  9. Large group of people who come together in one location, how do they work together? They create rules in which they define how they will trade with each other (contract law) and how they will live with each other (rights such as right of life.) These people agree in common that they would like communial roads, schools and hospitals, so they all contribute based upon rules to a pot of money to pay for these things, which gives rise to a tax system, and a public system of hospitals, schools and roads built and maintained through taxation. Some people agree a token to trade by, a type of credit note, thus currency is invented.

    Most Freeman loving idealists live in locations of high population density, they enjoy the luxuries made possible by trade and tax funded services such as roads, hospitals and schools. Most of these Freemen whilst promoting their ideals are living in homes, getting welfare, using hospitals, driving in cars, enjoying electricity and water to their homes, and use the internet.

    Anyone with an iota of knowledge of history will see what happened when the Roman Empire collapsed, and the legions were removed from Britain. Bandits roamed the roads, pirates ruled the seas, no tax funded navy, army or police existed to challenge the bandits and pirates, so trade broke down, followed by economies. Pirates attacked all the harbours of rivers and the ocean, slaughtering everyone, taking anything they wanted, raping and destroying everything. Currency collapsed since trade was no longer possible, and all the laws became worthless because there were no publically funded individuals to administrate and enforce those laws. People abandoned their cities, towns and villas living in caves and mud huts. Everything devolved to a former system of strong men and their warband of thugs who offered protection to farmers in exchange for part of their harvest and labour, the farmers becoming little better than slaves, dependent upon the strength of the strong man, and his integrity to keep his side of the bargain to protect them. In the Dark Ages it was common and acceptable for one strong man to raid the territory of another strong man, to plunder the cattle, daughters, crops of the farmers, and if any of the strong man’s thugs were killed by the defending farmer, it would cause blood fued, and thus either the unfortunate farmer paid compenstion or was murdered. On the death of a strong man, his kingdom was divided equally amongst all his sons, who then proceeded to wage war on each other to increase their share. It is little wonder that the Celtic peoples were never able to effectively hold off outside invaders including saxons, vikings and the normans because they were too busy killing each other, a divided society based upon rule of strength rather than the law. Many intellectuals of the time from Gildas, Bede or Gerald of Wales all condemned these lawless peoples, and welcomed the civilising order of law, trade and currency that Saxons and Normans brought to this anarchic society.

    All the things such as internet, electricity and water that Neelu Berry takes for granted happens because there are laws and a currency that allows people who provide these services and facilities to trade in exchange for making profit from them. The reason that Neelu Berry lives in safety of her house, has nice clothes and expensive cars, is that people less well off than her are forbidden by laws, and the agencies of those laws from taking them from her by force. The reason why Neelu Berry cas safely say and do the things she is doing against Satanism is that there are laws and agencies protecting her from those individuals including those in the Order of Nine Angles who could if not inhibited by those laws do extreme harm to Berry.

    All these things that everyone takes for granted such as laws, police, judges and currency are necessary to avoid the terrible anarchy, and are a blessing to be respected. In a society lacking trade and laws, I will prosper by reason of my strengtyh and ruthlessness, but Neelu Berry will not.

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  10. Notice of my coming retirement from this struggle.

    The conclusion of the trial of RQ will be the point when I retire from the Hampstead campaign. I think that there is no further I can offer of benefit to this campaign.

    The victims.
    The victims of the Satan Hunter are the agents of their own success or failure in this matter, if they are unwilling or unable to place pressure on the legal authorities, or institute civil proceedings, their victimisation by the Satan Hunter will continue.

    The internet information merchants
    Google, Twitter and Facebook are merchants who like all merchants exist to make a profit, they cannot expect to become altruistic and effective in stopping the abuse of the Hampstead victims. The information merchants will require to be regulated, something the governments are slow in addressing.

    The legal authorities
    Including judges and police, these people are failing to protect the victims because they are either complacent, lazy or under-resourced. In fighting for the victim I have already unfairly become the target of a harrassment investigation by the legal authorities. It is no longer worth my putting myself at risk because the legal authorities are incapable of doing their job.

    The Satan Hunters.
    The Satan Hunter exhibits the following: obsession; delusion; self righteousness; victimhood; victimiser; predator; self-entitlement; rigid thinking. They are of the pscychopathic personality type, not crazy, but with a serious yet undefined personality disorder. They will neither stop or change, and for the rest of their lives will pursue what they have been doing now against the victims of Hampstead.

    The mistake everyone has made is they have allowed this case to run as longs as it has, so now it has become embedded in the Satan Hunter mythos forever becoming part of their narrative to haunt RD, his children and the rest of the Hampstead victims for decades to come. I condemn the legal authorities for their complacency, laziness, stupidity and incompetance. I have fought for nearly three years, it is time at the end of the RQ trial to step off the magic roundabout and move onto other things.


  11. satanicviews, I will miss your posts, wiseness & humour. I am not a regular poster but have always appreciated what you contributed to this community. I wish you the best in life.

    An Old Irish Blessing
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!

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    • @ 8:11 – Bullshit alert! As Shurter well knows, the “See you in court” comment was a response to HIM saying HE’D reported US to the police, not the other way round. Nice try, Dave, but seriously, your lies are making baby Jesus blush.

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    • Funny how Shurter hasn’t said anything about the terror attacks in Spain. “Birds of a feather, I guess.”

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    • i wrote out a long ass reply to this. but then i deleted it, because honestly, what’s the point. the man believes what he wants to believe, and if he wants to see everyone here as some horrible person/pedo protector/ murderer, then that is what he will see us as and any attempt to reason or prove otherwise would only be considered “attacking him”


      • and explaining the many reasons why it is common for people to use aliases online, and how it does not, in fact, indicate that that they are guilty of anything, would be considered “lies” or “excuses” or some shit.

        And david, i did use my real name with you when i met you, which i could easily prove if it had any chance of making a difference, but it doesn’t, and the person you talked to was indeed me and my personality.. though you wont believe a word i say, and honestly after spending months continuing to support you and trying to reconcile with you and only getting distrust and slander as a result, i’ve come to the conclusion that it is not worth it to try to be friends, and that there is nothing i could say that would make you believe in me. granted, after you calling me a worthless and pathetic bitch and beating down on me and not giving a damn when i indicated i was suicidal, i’ve come to the conclusion that you are no better than your trolls, and that they may very well have the right of it in trolling you and pointing out to people how ridiculous some of your claims are, because you do, indeed, needlessly slander people and cause them to be attacked by others, whether they deserve it or not. hopefully, it does some good. hopefully, it will keep others from getting close enough to get stabbed in the back.
        i will find out how much is true.
        it matters, because it is a pivot which changes the way i view the world and how much i trust my perspectives.

        El Coyote, Kilrush, or AbesKFCbucket – i would like to talk to one of you again.


    • LOL- “they threaten, they attack, they defame”
      And some more self projection…

      Yes we all consider you (and Fiona) both nutcases and arent shy about saying it
      But why do we feel the need to do so?
      Well could it be because you have without any justification called posters here child killers, cannibals, etc etc
      But the main reason of course is
      you are completely off the planet bonkers
      Just for laughs and giggles- actually watch one of your own videos and think how anyone else sees it…
      go on…
      try it….

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    • “Rumour has it that I have ADHD.”

      Oh it’s a rumour now, is it? Funny, as she previous stated that she had a formal diagnosis.


    • She’s confirmed that the case is continuing to the end of August…and here she is once again talking about it in graphic detail, even slagging off the social workers and admitting she’s been trying to dig up dirt on them. Wow.

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      • From 30:31 to -25:20 Angela gives out extremely personal details about the new social worker’s past and also makes some extremely serious allegations about her. She then admits that she, the mother and Tracey Morris have been secretly recording their conversations with the social workers 😮

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    • Lets look at some potential whos-who:

      Neelu Berry – to arrest the judge.
      Belinda McKenzie – a jinx for any court case.
      Sabine McNeill – able to turn on the tears at all the right moments.
      Edward Ellis – the friend of many a conspiracy retard.
      Angela Power Disney – a lady who always gets to the bottom of things.
      Heather Brown – beefy muscle to protect your arse.
      The Servants of Baal – some say the solar eclipse is the end of the world.
      Jelly Babies – every entertaining Satan Hunter trial needs these.
      Hang them High – sorry, I meant Ham and High.
      The American Marines – anything is possible with Trump.
      David Shurter and his Devil Dogs – solar eclipse gives him Satanic powers, opens dimension gate…
      Judge … ! – every court trial needs one of these, they are the Law.
      Kris Costa – it is the fashion to wear funny wigs at these courts.
      Jake Clarke – awkward moment with the man who stole his chick.
      El Coyote – they let guide dogs in, but looks like a coyote to me.
      MKUltra… – creative awesomness just waiting unleash…
      Porpoises – only if they serve fish.
      Mr Hemming – every good SRA conspiracy needs an ex-MP.
      President Trump – anything is possible, its the solar eclipse.
      Roger the Butterfly – add some weed, time flies by with Roger the Butterfly.
      Darth Vader – you are sitting in public gallery, Darth Vader sits next to you, anythings possible.
      Ella Draper and Abraham Christie – probably not.
      RQ – probably will be, lots of win or lots of fail – time will tell.
      The Queen – I think I covered that re: David Shurter.

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  12. Brilliant analysis:
    “These are a parasitic, highly pathogenic strain of ideas that rapidly transmit in susceptible peer groups..”

    and nice to see that Stephen Kent is keeping his hand in, on this type of research.

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  13. It’s only with this marvellous post from EC that I realise it’s ‘freeman ON the land’. I’ve been saying ‘freeman OF the land’ for over two years. Is that a correct alternative and if not, how much of a prat have I been making myself on a scale of one to ten? LOL

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    • Angie could mute things a tad by shoving her head even further up her arse if that is humanly possible.Beyond that,refraining from posting virtue signalling bollocks to a group of mindless chimps looks favourite.

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    • No doubt Angela has forgotten all about it, until she reads it mentioned in this Blog.

      I reckon if Angela did make an appearance it would really freak RQ out.

      She won’t have the nerve to attend.

      The Baby case will be her excuse.

      If Angela really was a “Whistle blower” she’d be there for the entire hearing, it’s not like she hasn’t had plenty of time to book her plane ticket.

      Whistle blower my arse!

      Bottle Job in more ways than one.

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        • Oh most definitely.

          If she hadn’t financed the visit to England, there wouldn’t have been a visit at all.

          Angela should definitely be being prosecuted.

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        • “…being tried as an accessory!”

          Being a serious matter of justice, I’m somehow reminded of the importance of being earnest, and so paraphrase and exclaim…

          An oldbag?

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          • Yes, I wondered about this too. I was thinking that if Angie and Belinda both turned up at court first thing in the morning to be tried as accessories, it would be handbags at dawn.

            Now can I have a cookie for the most contrived pun of the week please, Sir Henry?


          • My apologies Angiewatch, I seem to have consumed the last of them along with the Earl Grey.


  14. I would hazard a guess that she does not now find any newsworthiness in that/it/him, she thinks she is on a better bandwagon.

    As for the mysterious funding from some mysterious organization in Lisburn, I don’t believe the English nor the Irish governments respectively have any cross border initiatives for someone hiding from the Police! 👎

    Homeschooling is a Constutional right Angela, get your facts straight.

    Yes it is stalking trying to find out a social worker’s details if you are looking for them to harass or intimidate them. Also spreading rumors about another social worker’s son, did you ever hear of Chinese whispers?

    Btw, housing a suspected abuser, (whether guilty or not is not for me to decide), amongst an estate full of small children is the lowest of the low.


  15. Early doors yet but do I detect a wee pagga brewing between Angie and Yolande?

    By the way, does anyone know anything about this Josh Power-Disney story?


  16. I make that 17 hours after Brucey’s death was announced. Seriously, Angela, at least have the decency to let his body go cold first, you nasty old mare.

    And Ben Fellows as a source – seriously? Way to go, JournoAngie. Sheesh 😮


    • There is absolutely no evidence Brucey liked young girls. Only the sick words of that twisted liar, Ben Fellows.


  17. If you believed your son to be a fuck-up, would you pick him to be trained up as the Anti-Christ?

    Good question, Tim.


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