IPCC reports: A guide for the dimwitted

It recently came to our attention that Abe and Ella and their legions of adoring fans (well, Kristie Sue Costa and Sonja Vangelder really, but they like to big themselves up) have been putting about a completely erroneous idea of what an IPCC report is.

Apparently Kristie Sue and Sonja think there’s going to be some other IPCC report released, and the one we’ve been reading is only the ‘police response’. DDH re IPCC report 1 2016-06-27They seem to believe that the IPCC will look at the ‘police report’ and then issue their own ‘IPCC report’ based on that.

Mmm, no. Sorry, girls. That’s not quite how it works, no matter what Abe tells you.

Here’s a helpful hint: before mouthing off about how stupid we are for thinking this is the IPCC report, have a look at what the IPCC says about its own procedures. We’ve clipped some helpful and relevant bits from this leaflet that might help you understand it all a bit better.

The IPCC complaints process in a nutshell

IPCC guide 1 2016-06-27Yes. You read that right. When the IPCC receives a complaint, they send it to the police force in question. A supervisor, manager, or other person from that force will deal with the complaint.

Now, check this out: it’s the cover letter sent to Abe & Ella from DCI Treena Fleming of the IPCC on 24th March 2016.IPCC cover letter 2016-06-27See that part where she writes, “A report detailing the findings and conclusions of the investigation has been completed and is attached to this letter”?

And then she follows up with, “The report findings and my decisions in relation to it, are based on the facts that were available during the investigation”.

Kristie Sue and Sonja, we know this is hard stuff, but we want you to pay attention. You see, what she’s saying is that the investigation is over. Done. Kaput. Finito. And she (representing the IPCC) has made her decisions.

What is ‘local resolution’?

Just in case you are still worried, though, have a look at this: IPCC report 3 2016-06-27“Local resolution”: this means that the police in question—in this case Barnet police—dealt with Abe & Ella’s complaint. They provided information and explanation (if you read the report you’ll see that this is so); they explained the circumstances of the case and any actions taken; and they took investigative steps to find out more information.

If you’ll check out the IPCC report itself, you’ll see that at certain points, investigating officers made written statements under caution. This means that they were aware that what they were saying could be used as evidence. So they took extra-special care to tell the truth and be as clear as possible.

With us so far?

Actions taken as a result of the investigation

IPCC report 4 2016-06-27Now, Kristie Sue and Sonja, you’ll see that at the end of most of the numbered sections in the report, DCI Fleming writes (in bold font, to distinguish it from the police report section), “In respect of point X of your complaint I do not uphold this head of complaint“. There’s more, but we don’t expect you to read all those big words.

The general idea is that DCI Fleming (of the IPCC) is ‘reporting’ to Ella her decision (on behalf of the IPCC). So what we have, then, is…(brace yourselves) an IPCC report.

What to do if you disagree with the report’s outcome

IPCC report 5 2016-06-27Again, DCI Fleming spells this out in her cover letter. We’ve gone over this in a previous post, but basically she’s saying that if Abe & Ella don’t like the outcome of this investigation, they may be able to appeal it. Of course, Abe & Ella being who they are, we all know they’re busily concocting more rationales for appeal, but that isn’t our concern today.

We’d just like you to understand that when you said this…

DDH-IPCC report 2016-06-27…that nice Ms Barney wasn’t the one who came out looking like a monkey’s aunt.

p.s. We wonder whether Kristie Sue and Sonja will dare to print this factual refutation of their ludicrous claim? Place yer bets, ladies and gentlemen….Proboscis Monkey

54 thoughts on “IPCC reports: A guide for the dimwitted

  1. Proof the media reads Hoaxtead:

    The US website version of the MailOnline has picked up Jeff Sterns’ tale of the UN trucks being transported in Virginia.
    ## I know for a fact that British tabloids but especially the Mail employ young researchers who surf the net for stories. They certainly would not have found this on Facebook.

    As one reader comments it’s obvious that brand new UN vehicles manufactured in the US are simply being transported to be shipped somewhere.
    The only mistake is in the headline which really should have read “Batshit Crazy Troofer Bemused Motorist etc”.

    But this indicates the media is well aware of Abe & Ella’s Adventures. At some stage they will revisit the tale and squeeze a new story out of it. It won’t be complimentary to the Hoaxers and the 2 on-the-run fugitives. For certain they will be aware of an upcoming trial.

    # also a good reason to beware of posting only comments that are within the law.

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  2. Yes, we should always be aware that while this feels like a nice cosy community here, we’re very much in the public eye. We are very careful to only allow comments that are within the law, and have removed a few that aren’t.


  3. My client Mrs. Costa wishes it to be known that she’s not dimwitted, she’s just logistically challenged.
    By that nice Mr. Coyote, mostly.

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    • And my client Ms. Vangelder wishes to apologise for her own act of eggonfacery. It’s just that her brain recently held a referendum and voted to leave the world of logic and facts.

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      • If you lot are not careful I’ll have my legal counsel Patrick Culinane QC (Quantifiable Crackpot) telephone you and in no uncertain manner request you arrest yourself under Common Law.
        # Patrick doubles up as the most famous Irish Comedian and can be found performing in local court -room foyers re-telling his thigh-slapping routines “Talmudic Law has Taken over The Royal Courts of Justice & (my favourite) You Can Stick Your Ambulance Up Your Arse”

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  4. Why does it not surprise me that with all the details revealed in the report, they just focus on the source of the report. How about the part where Abraham claims to have been fresh out of prison and is forcing a young girl to talk about baby killing and sexual abuse in front of a stranger. Maybe they can start with that.

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    • Yes, that part struck us very forcibly as well. But of course you know the Hoasteaders will reject anything that counters their own strange narrative.


    • On the few occasions I’ve heard a hoaxer refer to Abe’s criminal past, 37 (mostly) recent convictions for drugs, fraud and violence have magically transformed into “a few minor transgressions in his youth” or words to that effect.

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    • Was Abraham Christie fresh out of prison? Was he on remand or sentenced? Is it even true? One thing though, I can imagine that being a scary thing for two well brought up children to imagine, their mother’s scary new boyfriend is just out of prison. It actually sounds more like some sort of threat, either Abraham saying he’s the sort of man who goes to prison or for some sick reason implying the child will go there.

      He’s a complete fuck up really.

      That’s exactly what a well adjusted and child focussed person does, drags a little girl round to tell strangers she’s been abused. FFS no doubt the remaining dangle berries will attribute Abraham’s truly terrible behaviour to something utterly unbelievable, he was breaking her cult programming perhaps. That shopkeeper was concerned enough to call the police. The CCTV showed the girl being distressed. Another excuse for that from Abraham’s clingons coming up.

      Let’s face it. Some people really really really really really want the children to have been abused. The alternative, it woz Abraham wot dunnit, won’t be as satisfying so they aren’t going to give it up.

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      • I’m a supporter of ex-cons being aided and able to re-enter society as a full member with all citizen’s rights and the ability to pursue a career of their choice,

        But 56 charges and 37 convictions shows rehabilitation has been a failure and we have no evidence of Christie ever having a legitimate job. So he’s a career criminal albeit an incompetent one.

        Amazing that any mother would allow such a person to have control over her children but : was Christie’s evil scheme a pre-emptive strike in case the father sought custody given Ella’s association?

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        • I agree, Sam. I’ve met ex-cons who’ve gone on to live very happy and productive lives, and I think everyone has the right to do that once they’ve served their time.

          That said, Abe shows no sign of having learned a bloody thing while he was behind bars, except perhaps to hone his criminal skills. Not his intelligence, though.


          • If his “criminal skills” are physically intimidating women and children he has certainly honed those. He seems to be inept in every other department of life.

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            • Yes, I think as he enters his old age he’s decided to stick with the thing he’s good at: terrorising family members who can’t defend themselves.


      • It could be true, but for some reason I get the feeling that Abe likes people to know he has been to prison. Quite a few people that I know who have been in prison or had run ins with the law, seem to be proud of it in some weird way. They actually boast about it as if it impresses people. I therefore think Abe may have been doing something along those lines.

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        • I think they believe it makes them sound tougher. We’ve watched Abe trying to impress his ‘manliness’ on anyone who’ll listen, so this doesn’t surprise me.


  5. So heartwarming to see Sonja and Kristie Sue sharing quotes, screenshots, comments and links from and blow-blow-blow accounts of “HoaxRes”, the blog they “absolutely never visit” 😀

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      • And Sonja whines and whines that all you do here is insult people and never post any evidence. Yet as soon as you post an official report, she throws a tantrum. Hard to figure out what she wants, really. Perhaps she could take time out from copying and pasting “pearls of wisdom” from the children’s chief abuser to stop by and tell us.

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        • Well, you know how they are. They claim they want facts but can’t handle them when they get them.

          Also, I’m still waiting for Sonja to publish this blog post on the DDH page. Guess she can dish it out but can’t take it.


  6. I have to admit that the first time I read the document I thought it was a police response and not the IPCC report. Then I read the above post and checked out details on the IPCC website (because fact checking is..er….essential). I got the gist of what the document actually is and how complaints are answered.

    It’s always best to check things before you go public and make yourself look a bit silly isn’t it.

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    • It really is, yes. Especially if you’re going to tell other people how wrong they are. As the tech geeks say, ‘RTFM’ (read the fecking manual).


    • Amazing the number of people with no discernible talents who the Guvmint has “programmed” from youth to perform..well exactly what we don’t know ?. Possibly spend their lives on the internet linking up with all the other nutters so the Evil Empire can identify all the loonies. Perhaps they will be the first to be sent to the Rothschild Soylent Green Factory to be made into pork pies to feed the remaining proles who do the slave work for the Corporation.

      That could be it : and Angie is an undercover agent provocateur chosen for her undoubted beauty to seduce these sad cases with her ‘come hither’ eyes and riveting patter. After all she has successfully inducted Jake and Rupert into her cult, Rupert currently being re-programed in a Spliff Cafe in Amsterdam.

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      • LOL! Yes, it seems odd to me that the re-programmed people all seem to be completely bereft of talent or wit of any kind. Odd that the Evil Empire would choose such patent losers to do their dirty work for them…whatever that dirty work is. Not totally clear on that yet.


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