Missing children statistics: What they really mean

We were browsing through some YouTube videos the other night, when we came across this one by WAPTEK. Granted, his video titles are sometimes a bit opaque (“liberal illuminati satanic ritual abuse pizzagate National Center for Missing & Exploited Children” in this case) but the content is often spot-on, and he doesn’t disappoint here.

In his usual caustically factual way, WAPTEK takes issue with the “800,000 MISSING CHILDREN EACH YEAR OMIGOD IT’S THE SATANISTS!!!1!” crowd. You’ll recognise this as the U.S. version of Sabine and Belinda’s hysterical shrieks that “a child disappears in the UK every three minutes!” They use this terrifying figure to bolster their arguments that those children must be going somewhere, and it’s most likely into an oven at your local McDonald’s.

In other words, this terror tactic is used to draw people into supporting their various hoaxes and scams, including the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Let’s look at the U.S. data first

When one considers that approximately 4,000,000 children are born each year in the United States, it’s sobering to realise that approximately 20% of that number go missing…until you look at what the figures actually say.

First, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of “missing children” are located within 72 hours of their being reported missing. When the figures are tallied up, 99.8% of all missing children are located. Most troofers won’t tell you that; they’d like you to believe that 800,000 children just vanish without a trace, never to be seen again.

About 48% of missing children are teen runaways, while about 28% are classified as “benign misunderstandings” about where the children should be. In other words, they are reported missing, but are found at a friend’s house, or off at the local mall. However, because a police report is made, these children make it into the official statistics.

Now, the problem of teen runaway teens cannot be understated: many are running away from abuse of one sort or another, or are running to people who do not have their best interests in mind. However, they’re not the “missing children” the troofers really care about…the ones they believe are being used as Satan fodder in secret tunnels under pizza restaurants.

WAPTEK breaks it down by numbers.

  • Missing benign explanation 340,500
  • Runaway/thrown-away 357,600
  • Missing involuntary, lost, or injured 61,900
  • Family abduction 56,500
  • Non-family abduction 12,100

By “non-family abduction” we mean children who are abducted by non-family members, usually during the commission of a crime such as robbery or sexual assault. The kidnapper is often someone the child knows.

According to the Polly Klaas Foundation, which is dedicated to the recovery of missing children,

The…study that is often quoted by media and by professionals in the missing child field was conducted by the Attorney General of Washington State in 1997.

The findings were that among abducted children who were murdered, “in 74 percent of the cases the victims were dead within three hours after abduction.” What is not generally reported is the fact that this statistic refers to a very small group of children abducted by violent or predatory kidnappers (approximately 1 in every 10,000 reports of a missing child).

So yes, it is important to find the child quickly, in case the kidnapping is one of that small group. But it is incorrect to assume that 74% of kidnapped children are at risk of being killed if not found within 3 hours.

The UK situation

If you listen to people like Sabine and Belinda, you’ll hear something like this:


But is the hysteria warranted? A look at the UK Missing Persons Bureau suggests otherwise. The two countries use different statistical methodologies, but a glance of some charts shows gross similarities.

The following chart shows the number of missing persons incidents in England and Wales by age. As you can see, the overwhelming majority of missing persons are between the ages of 12 and 17—similar to the U.S. statistics of teen runaways.

The raw numbers look like this:

As in the United States, the vast majority of missing persons, both adults and children, are found quickly:

In both the four UK jurisdictions counted, only 2% of missing persons remained missing longer than seven days, bearing out the U.S. observation that the vast majority of missing children are located within 72 hours of being reported missing.

As WAPTEK says, before troofers start throwing around random numbers, they might wish to do their damn research. And as our dear old mum used to say, “Figures lie, and liars figure”. She was a canny old coyote, Mum was.

A note to our readers: El Coyote has finally been persuaded to take a bit of a summer holiday. We’ve packed his bags for him, and as of Saturday, 22 July, we’ll be shoving him out the door. No doubt he’ll keep poking his nose back in and checking for new developments on the Hoaxtead front, but we’re encouraging him to claim a deck chair, apply sunscreen liberally, and take it easy for a week or so. He’s been growling and howling about it, but we think he’s finally starting to accept our advice. In turn, we’ve agreed to let him at the computer in the event that anything startling should occur. 

28 thoughts on “Missing children statistics: What they really mean

  1. Hang on…

    something doesnt add up there….

    age groups

    0-4 years 1484
    but we have it on `expurt authoritie’ from abe and ella that there were `thousands’ of baby skulls at the church alone…. and that `they’ are everywhere…

    Somehow the two sets of figures dont add up for some reason…

    Wonder what that reason is?

    (to pinch one of his howlinesses titles from a recent post)
    Abe and Ella: Lying, stupid, or both?

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    • Yes, it must have taken a great deal of determination to collect those 8,000+ baby skulls…not to mention finding the 27 chests of drawers in which to store them. Oh, and the chests were invisible, as the police couldn’t see them when they searched the church. Chalk up another one to the astonishing skillz of the satanic illuminati shape-shifting lizardian elites.

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  2. They are just not happy unless there has been mass murder, rape and mayhem plus a spot of cannibalism. It’s like a fetish.

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  3. Yes, thank you.
    Missing children are one of the easiest fear-inducement buttons to push, and missing children statistics are one of the easiest concepts to distort & misrepresent, which is why that was among the earliest Satanic Panic strategies. Such misrepresentations are also among the easiest to debunk, which is why that was one of our earliest successes – with some help from American & Canadian government statisticians. Newbie panic idjits will insist on re-inventing their fear-inducement wheels however, so its good to refresh people’s understanding of the truth.

    And now…might as well crank things up a bit…

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  4. “And last year there was a grand total of two murders in the whole of the borough of Camden…and there don’t appear to be a lot of babies going missing either.”

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  5. They also misconstrue the notion of sexual slavery in the US & UK which generally means a teen girl (or boy) being gradually seduced into a lifestyle of drugs and prostitution- sometimes willingly or because they just come from a terrible background and have few prospects.

    But the Nutter Brigade seem to think there are Pied Piper figures going around (under orders from George Soros or the late Ted Heath) and hoovering up dozens of children to be transported via DHL Couriers to the cannibal Satanists of well heeled London suburbs.

    If these crackpots ever ventured outside their frigging front door to investigate I may have a smidgen of respect but all they do is surf the internet connecting dots.

    Princess Ved of Planet Neelu is one such loony who claims she saw carriages full of babies being wheeled into a Hampstead church one morning. Did she alert the local coppers or ever go back to get more evidence or even search the rubbish bins for abandoned baby skulls?.

    No she just frigging went home and printed out some more ITCCS arrest warrants for every magistrate and judge in Britain.

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    • Cats are forever going missing and discovered stuck up a tree,probably millions.This proves evolution doesnt exist or they would have grown wings by now,unless thats what birds are.

      A troofers back garden only recently.

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      • Oh I love that- a pussy tree.
        You’ve reminded me though of my beloved cat that slipped out the front door a year ago and got run over. Her replacement is now never allowed outside. Not that she cares.

        They have an amazing ability to weave and knit a conspiracy out of so many disparate events, join the dots and etc etc.
        It must be quite a frustrating life as no conclusion is ever reached.

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    • I’m a little bit (emphasis on little) fascinated by this Aquino character as he seems to have surreptitiously by silence, allowed gossip, innuendo and a pair of bushy eyebrows take on a life of it’s own and create a fabulously mysterious persona. He’s probably quite dull & normal in real life.

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    • Aquino: “Now, David, ancient agricultural societies represented the natural cycles of birth, growth, decline, death and “rebirth” – which they observed in their crops – by a series of gods & goddesses”.

      Shurter: “Where’s yer horns and tail? Am I going to grow horns and a tail?”

      Aquino: **SIGH!**

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  6. Re: Missing children and David Shurter.
    I believe that David Shurter has put on publicc record that he has raped and murdered children. In my opinion the FBI and local legal enforcement should take what Shurter has said seriously. Shurter was an adult aged 19+ when he said he was killing children. I think Shurter should be raided, questioned, his garden dug up, walls excavated and floor boards looked at. If there is no truth to these claims, then Shurter forced into a mental institution for mental evaluation.

    How many times have we seen people campaigning against paedophiles being revealed as paedophiles? It is a common strategy for paedophiles to claim to be paedophile hunters or anti-child abuse campaigners to hide their own paedophiliac and child abusing activities, it is a well known form of projection of their perverted nature upon others. Others pretend to be crazy, to throw off others to what they are doing, for instance whilst people think Shurter is mad, they are lulled into a false belief he is not killing children and burying them around his property.

    If a US citizen made a joke of assassinating the President, the FBI, CIA and police would be all over them. The same goes for anyone making any statement in support of or inferring they will commit an act of terrorism, the legal authorities will act quickly. So, when Shurter is claiming to be killing children, I say that the police go in and investigate, they might be shocked what they will find, it could save the life of a future victim, if Shurter is killing, chopping and hiding kids bodies on his properties.

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  7. “Figures Lie and Liar’s Figure” Excellent observation and Truism by Granny Coyote. My client and minor clients met Mr. Klass on the Oprah Winfrey Show set along with that “Ernie” guy from CMEC…Very intense scene that Greenroom was…On a better note though, John Walsh, was great to the Recovered Kids at his Reunion Show in D.C…..My Client has observed the inflated numbers used by the “twoofers” and wonders, How many parental Abductions involved FALSE Claims of molestation by non-kidnapping party? Those liars should be criminally charged for such damaging BS to the best interests of the kids for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES like KSC’s SOOPER SECRIT Soursez! Of course, the Defective Detective didn’t ask them about that troublesome FACT! Nor, about them being “sectioned ” for it no doubt! LOL “Figures LIE and LIAR’s FIGURE.”

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    • Damn,if only @ 11:20 David had used “everything” rather than “something” I would have been quids in.

      At times I almost feel voyeuristic watching David narrates his own slide into a very dark place.

      He really needs to get out more as by talking to himself he is incrementally descending into ever more obscure corners.David has one real enemy in this world,himself.


    • 6.06
      “It’s all about me!”

      (and whats with the teeth thing? I haven’t seen one comment that I can remember about his teeth-to listen to him, thats all we ever talk about is him and his bloody teeth, he spent the first quarter of his video complaining about something that simply is totally in his own mind!)


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