The unbearable hypocrisy of Troofers

Yesterday we talked about the ways in which troofers in general, and True Believers in the Hampstead and/or Pizzagate SRA cults in particular, act in ways which resemble cult behaviour.

These groups display cult-like compliance with a set of beliefs and assumptions; they stifle any dissent which might challenge the group’s sense of specialness; and they will ruthlessly attack, devalue, and drive out anyone outside the group who dares to express different ideas that could challenge their group homeostasis.

However, they lack one of the critical components of a true cult: they have no guru/leader who dictates the group’s beliefs, demands and receives complete obedience, and tells members how they may behave.

We think it’s not inaccurate to refer to Hoaxtead/Pizzagate and other troofer groups as “pseudo-cults”, in that they lack the structure of a true cult, but demonstrate cult-like behaviour.

Stunning hypocrisy

Since we began reporting on the behaviour of the PseudoCult of the Worldwide Satanic Child Sex Abuse Conspiracy™ two years ago, we’ve remarked over and over on their astonishing ability to say one thing and do another. They manage this without even the slightest hesitation, embarrassment, or self-awareness.

For example, one of the alleged core values of the pseudo-cult is that they have a unique and special ability to dig up, consider, and display all the information on the topics they “investigate”. (And by “investigate” we mean “Google a bit”.)

However, as reader Justin Sanity points out,

Supposedly, their first & foremost goal and ‘value’ is TOTAL DISCLOSURE.

All information, about anything and everything, must be freely available to everyone. If anyone, especially governments, attempts to hide or suppress information, it must be uncovered and disclosed. No more secrets, no more propaganda-esque official narratives which leave out contradictory perspectives. Right?

So, you’d think that any Truther-run sites/pages/forums would be sanctuaries for the most free and open discussions the world has ever seen. Yes? NO!

The hypocritical truth of the matter, is that Truther “truth posses” are more fanatical and vicious about suppressing dissenting opinions and information which contradicts their currently trendy (and therefore ‘official’) narratives, than Soviet Russia or Communist China! There are no closed-minded & filtered information echo chambers like a Truth community echo chamber, and this is especially true of the SRA-MC true believer Truthers.

We’ve all witnessed this: whenever anyone brings up any evidence which might point to the True Believers’ pet theories being utter bilge, they circle the wagons and go into Extreme Defense Mode.

Almost everyone here has experienced the name calling, insane allegations, death threats, and bizarre non sequiturs that result when we’ve tried to explain why, for example, it’s simply not possible for two children to experience hundreds of anal rapes without experiencing utterly devastating and lifelong physical injuries, not just a couple of possible scars which turned out to be ruggae, or natural skinfolds of the anus.

Members of this pseudo-cult are not interested in “the truth”. They’re interested in their truth, and they don’t take kindly to anyone who challenges that.

‘Won’t someone think of the children!’

But the PseudoCult of the Worldwide Satanic Child Sex Abuse Conspiracy™ doesn’t stop at viciously stifling dissent.

One of the supposed core values of this pseudo-cult is the protection of children, particularly the protection of children against sexual abuse. In fact, let’s narrow that down even further: it’s the protection of children against sexual abuse by the alleged worldwide “Satanic conspiracy”.

When we began to try enumerating all the ways in which the pseudo-cult actually perpetuates the abuse of children, we ran out of fingers and toes on which to count. Here’s just a tiny sampling:

And then there’s the ongoing crime against not only RD’s children, but all the so-called “20 special children”, whose names, images, and complete contact details continue to be broadcast in the thousands by various members of the pseudo-cult. We’ve heard estimates of about 20,000 videos featuring RD’s children on YouTube alone; across the entire internet, numbers are closer to 100,000.

We’ve also begun to hear from people who’ve tried to speak out against Hoaxtead and/or Pizzagate, who’ve been rewarded by having pictures of their own young children smeared across the internet.

In other words, Hoaxtead mobsters and Pizzagators might claim that they’re only interested in the welfare of hypothetical children, but they don’t hesitate to exploit and harm very real children.

Their actions will have lifelong impacts for these children and their families, but members of this pseudo-cult seem to feel absolutely no compunction about the children whose lives they damage in the pursuit of their deranged beliefs.

29 thoughts on “The unbearable hypocrisy of Troofers

  1. I dont know how many of you have been keeping an eye on the farcebook Hampstead Cover-Up page but today I noticed some bad news, and some good news there!

    to quote
    `I’m back from another 30-day suspension (BOO HISS), during which I also managed to get kicked off of Minds … the HampsteadCoverUp page is still there but they will not let me log back in … it says the page does not exist, even though it is still on their website … so this is all that I will be able to post on Minds.
    In case you are losing count, that means that over the past 10 months I have been kicked off of Twitter, YouTube, VidMe and Minds, and I have been suspended from Facebook for 2 & 1/2 months.'(YAY!!!!!)
    my comments in ( )

    And over at yet another case of delusions of adequacy, APD will be most upset to be ousted of her position of `worlds best journalist’

    to quote
    `Today one of the world’s very few real journalists tells us about a children’s book about a fictional daycare center run by a Satanic cult.
    Since I am one of the world’s other very few real journalists, I can tell you that the real xxxxx xxxxx Nursery School in London is currently completely under the control of the #HampsteadBabyEatingCult.’
    (name redacted for obvious reasons)

    Interestingly when I went to their website, it appears that the nursery school has now closed- another victim of abe and ella?

    both sites bannered at the top with the kids photos
    Maybe we could get a few more months bannings for em?

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    • Ah, Kane Slater. Where would the freakshow be without him?

      By the way, he’s been bickering with Kristie Sue. It’s shaping up to be a nice little pagga.

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  2. [A number of screenshots of extremely defamatory comments about Katrina McCaffery by Kristie Sue Costa and ‘Divergent One’ redacted]

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  3. This explains why it’s so hard to argue with them then. They aren’t really arguing facts, just trying to defend their special status and drive away anyone who might cast doubts on their cultish beliefs. Knowing that, it seems like the best strategy isn’t to try to debate them on facts. Namecalling won’t work either, they’ll deflect it and say we’re doing it because we know we’re wrong, or because we’re devil-worshipping baby eaters.

    Maybe the best approach would be to point out that they’re acting like they’re in a little mini cult of their own, and catch them up every time they try to stifle dissent or avoid looking at evidence that contradicts their beliefs.

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    • I think that’s right, TMF. The only way to break through that kind of defense is to point out that it is, in fact, a defense against the full truth.


  4. Fantastic piece, Coyote!
    I thought this was particularly insightful and articulate:
    “These groups display cult-like compliance with a set of beliefs and assumptions; they stifle any dissent which might challenge the group’s sense of specialness; and they will ruthlessly attack, devalue, and drive out anyone outside the group who dares to express different ideas that could challenge their group homeostasis”.

    Stifle dissent that “challenges the group’s sense of specialness” – oh yea!
    Drive out…”ideas that could challenge their group homeostasis” – these are brilliant insights, I think, expressed so clearly that one can’t help but comprehend the truth of them. That’s what its about, alright.

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  5. (Don’t miss the chance to see what Justin would sound like as a paranoid conspiracy theorist. 🙂 In the previous comments thread I postulated an impending Trump Truther Tribunal of satan hunters masquerading as some kind of MKUltra Truth & Reconciliation Coalition thingy. Better be wearing an adult diaper, its poop-yer-pants scary!)

    So…I’ve been looking at some sites wherein some version of the cumulative, accumulated and ‘corrected’ SRA-MC mythological narrative has been assembled, by a cohort of True Believers naturally. Such as this:

    Its very easy for me to forget, (or overlook), that some people – including some Truthers – who might come upon such an archive of unmitigated nonsense, won’t know the history of how & why this narrative was constructed. Or even understand that it WAS constructed, consciously, step-by-step over a period of decades, by members of a global community of fanatical True Believers from a variety of academic fields, professions and walks-of-life. A group collaboration, facilitated by formal and informal associations and networks. A collective “work of art”, that was NOT derived from or based on successful criminal investigations, prosecutions or confessions of genuine SRA-MC perpetrators, but was rather “deduced” from the varied and various – and unverified – accounts of adult SRA-MC survivor claimants. Newbies probably wouldn’t understand that this SRA-MC narrative really IS an example of the deliberate mis-information propaganda campaigns that it claims to be “blowing the whistle” on!

    And so, I probably shouldn’t be so harsh in my assessment of Truther motivations, intelligence or gullibility 🙂

    For example, people who have been exposed to this crackpot hysteria:
    might actually take it seriously, which could lead them to assume many other false ideas represent a “hidden reality”, rather than a series of interconnected fantasies that falsely appear to support each other.

    When your brain’s most ancient and automated functions assess that you are in danger, for example…that you are about to be attacked by a rapist, your autonomic nervous system instantaneously initiates a response called the “fight or flight” response. In fact, there are 4 possible ‘responses’; fight, flight, feint, or freeze.
    Your body releases a flood of catecholamine hormones and related neurotransmitters, including epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline). The catecholamines stimulate increased sensory sensitivity (alertness), a more focused attention, more rapid breathing & heart rate to facilitate any sudden need for action, and intense emotion of some sort. Intense emotion and catecholamine release have a mutually stimulating effect. (The purpose of the emotional response is to ensure the hormone release continues until the danger has passed, because other neural systems will simultaneously be working to return you to a state of homeostasis by absorbing the hormones shortly after their release). The more intense the emotion, the more rapid your breathing and heart rate becomes. If it is too intense too quickly, you’ll feint. Game over for you, probably.

    “Dissociation” is associated with the freeze response. You aren’t going to fight, or run away, you are going to freeze up and “leave the scene” while remaining conscious, by a collapse of the function called Sense of Self.
    Specifically, your awareness that you are the person inhabiting the body about to be attacked, could cease functioning. You would have no “self”, there would be no “you” at that moment. You would still be awake, you would still have senses, sight, hearing, smell…your body would still register pain if you were hurt, but all of this would be perceived as though you were watching a movie about some other person being attacked. This would, in a sense, protect you from conscious awareness that you were being brutalized.
    AND, you would have no memory of being attacked. This doesn’t mean that a memory of the attack would still be recorded by your brain, but somehow hidden from your conscious awareness. It means you would literally have NO MEMORY of the experience that could ever be “recalled” or re-played consciously. This is so, because memories of your life experiences capable of being recalled and contemplated, (which are called narrative memory), can only be recorded if your Sense of Self is intact and operating normally. Narrative memory is a record of what YOU experienced, if for a period of time there was no “you” to experience events, there could be no narrative memory record of those events.

    The idea that there could be some other “self” inside you, secretly taking over your sense of self-ownership if you can’t handle the stress and dissociate, another self who would record & remember the event/experience for you in some part of your brain not accessible by your conscious mind, is a deliberate misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the fundamental concepts involved in memory and in dissociation.

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    • Whoops! Got a little distracted there 🙂
      Is it really true, that pedophiles know about and employ sophisticated techniques & technologies to traumatize child victims so they dissociate, and therefore can’t remember being abused until they go into therapy as adults? Similar claims have been made with respect to ritual abuse – that it so effectively traumatizes child victims they are rendered incapable of disclosing without professional intervention as adults.

      Well, this here survey based study:
      “Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse”, 1995, received claims from clinicians that some kind of ritualistic abuse was allegedly reported by 1360 child victims between 1980 and 1990, and child welfare reporting agencies claimed another 1079 reports of ritualistic abuse child victims. (We all understand, that the vast majority of these “reports” were not in fact made by the children themselves, but “on their behalf” by some adult who was the true source of the allegation).
      Taken at face value, this would mean that 2439 child victims of the calculated sexual abuse related trauma inducing techniques known as “ritual abuse”, FAILED to be successfully silenced by them. 2439 times over ten years, these ‘sophisticated’ and supposedly foolproof “techniques and technologies” failed to achieve their alleged purpose and the child disclosed anyway! While still a child!
      In any other endeavor, a strategy which fails to achieve its purpose 2439 times would have been abandoned and replaced long ago. But no, the same cult groups and pedophile networks are supposedly employing the same failed strategy even today!

      Or perhaps it was all bullshit urban legend and mythology to begin with? You think?

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    • This is brilliant, and shows exactly how those who push the “SRA–>MPD/DID” myth pervert reality to bolster their own nutty ideas.

      I think I remember you debunking (some time ago, can’t find it now, but I’m pretty sure it was you) the idea that children who are being abused will mysteriously divine that they might need to recall the abuse at some point in the future, and so somehow they “appoint” a convenient “alter” to absorb the trauma and retain the memory. You know, just in case some therapist might want to know about it.

      Putting all of this together, it becomes very clear how some unscrupulous and/or misinformed therapists have created an amazing iatrogenic faux mental illness out of thin air.

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  7. I am utterly convinced Angular Dishcloths first thoughts upon waking up run along the lines of:

    “Wheres my fags”–> “I am fucking great me”–> “Right,who can I shit on in the worst possible way”.Repeat ad infinitum until eventually nodding off at 3am leaving obligatory fag burn on the soft furnishings or fucking carpet.

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  9. Many SRA and child abuse cult allegations are overblown, but there are posts on this blog that reach too far in order to discredit legitimate cases. For example, take this post from December:

    After holding up Jackie McGauley as not credible (which I agree with, since McMartin is an obvious hoax), it cites her as saying she met Kathleen Sorenson and Kirstin Hallberg in 1984/85. Nobody else but her, to my knowledge, has confirmed this. And her claim doesn’t match up with the dates. See her Rigorous Intuition post: McGauley says that at the 84/85 meeting, Sorenson and Hallberg criticized the release of John DeCamp’s memo naming the alleged Franklin abusers. But this memo wasn’t released until 1990, and furthermore, Sorenson and Hallberg couldn’t have both been there to discuss it, because Sorenson died in 1989.

    This (unsubstantiated, and now discredited) meeting between McGauley and the Nebraska ladies is used to insinuate that they led Eulice Washington and Shawneta Moore into making their sex ring allegations. Yet Washington still maintained, back in the early 2000s when Nick Bryant interviewed her, that the abuse allegations were real. What exactly would she gain by holding onto a lie that her foster mother, Sorenson, led her into saying, considering she received no fame or money from her interview? And Hallberg was not the first person to hear the name “Larry King” from Moore; it was Moore’s counselor, who then told Hallberg.

    If Washington and Moore made their disclosures without being led into them (and there’s no evidence to suggest they were led), then they independently revealed their involvement in a child sex ring. Which would lend credence to the existence of such a ring, and the future victims (Alisha Owen, Paul Bonacci, etc.) who came forward.


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