As the Hoax Churns: More hoaxer in-fighting

It’s always entertaining to watch Hoaxtead mobsters tear one another to shreds, and they’ve been doing a champion job lately, as we mentioned last week. Things seem to have escalated in the past couple of days, though, as the Hoaxateers vie to see who can be first to accuse the others of being ‘assets’ or operatives, or even members of the Hoaxtead Research team, heaven forbid.

The problem, you see, is that most of the people who claim to believe the ghastly fairy-tale that Abe and Ella forced RD’s children to recite on camera are just not very nice people. They range from falsely pious to rabidly violent, and they all seem to share one overriding characteristic: they’re all, every last one of them, unbelievably paranoid.

Well, they have to be, don’t they?

After all, they see themselves as on the forefront of the ‘truth movement’, seeing things that no one else sees, joining dots like nobody’s business, and coming to conclusions that might just seem absurd if they weren’t so damaging.

So what happens when you put a group of paranoid, unpleasant people together to promote a hoax that they passionately claim is real?

Well, this:

jeanette-falcon-v-kris-costa-1-2016-09-25Starts with an all-caps shot across the bow from…who? Jeanette Falcon? That’s a new one on us, and apparently on Kristie Sue Costa as well. JF…JF…JF…now where have we heard those initials before?

Well, never mind. Whoever she is, JF seems to think that Kristie Sue has done her wrong. It reminds us of that time last winter when the giant gaping schism emerged between Charlotte Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer) and Dearman Does Hampstead (aka Kristie Sue Costa). Probably just a coincidence, though.

It sounds to us as though JF was given the boot from the Sooper Seekrit Facebook Groop™ that everyone knew about anyway. If you’ll recall, Charlotte/Jacqui was completely discredited within the group when her protegé, HWMNBN, blasted the thing wide open and started airing the group’s very dirty laundry on Facebook.


Ooh, lists! We love lists! In fact, we have made a few of them ourselves, just for shits and giggles.

JF has her knickers firmly in a knot, though, and keeps suggesting that Kristie Sue is working on the side of goodness and justice (i.e., us), a charge she heatedly denies. (So do we, just in case anyone is listening.)

JF’s got evidence, though: she accuses Kristie Sue of “making readers focus on the trolling and diverting them from what is really going on”.

Fair point there, JF. Then again, it seems to us that you were a wee bit troll-obsessed back in your heyday, weren’t you? You and Jacco deBoer spent a lot of time trying to ‘join dots’ and figure out who various trolls were, to bizarre and hilarious effect.

Ohhhh…wait, we think we see the problem here.

JF and Video Man got all their (laughably incorrect) info from…wait for it…Dearman Does Hampstead. And now they realise just how badly they were duped. It’s all starting to fall into place now! Old grudges, new allegations…it all makes sense.


Then there’s a whole long debate over JF’s gender, ending with a demand from the strait-laced über-religious Kristie Sue for JF to “expose yourself”.

Hoaxteaders have a real thing about that, don’t they? Constantly insisting that complete strangers drop their drawers. It’s a bit disturbing, actually.


JF and Kristie Sue spar a bit more, and then John Taylor, who has been begging for someone to please, please, PLEASE NOTICE HIM! wants to know whether there will be punishment for him, too! Oh please? John has been a very naughty boy, and he really deserves to be punished!

“Will there be any punishment for me? i hope it (all sic, not to say sick)”. This is starting to verge on too much information, people. Really, with Kristie Sue’s voyeurism and John’s S&M fantasies, it’s getting a bit weird.

So what the hell was this all in aid of?

Is Charlotte Ward warming up for one last power grab, now that Kristie Sue has declared herself the True Voice of the Hoaxtead Mob? (If you’ll recall, Angie wore that crown until recently, but it looks as though no one is paying her much notice now.)

Will anyone remember who Charlotte was?

And if they do remember, will they be willing to accept her, now that Kristie Sue has inserted herself onto the throne (at least for this week)?

Will John convince Kristie Sue to punish him?

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of As the Hoax Churns.


31 thoughts on “As the Hoax Churns: More hoaxer in-fighting

  1. It’s the stuff of nightmares. And I mean that literally.

    Early this morning I had to force myself to wake up as in a dream I somehow was traveling with Neelu to the UK and hired a car with her and we went to a house to stay for the night (NOT in the same beds)
    But she told me it was OK to park the hired car outside a church and it would be safe and when I returned to collect it in the morning to drive into central London I found it had been towed away by the council.
    I’m not joking. This was a real dream and when I was remonstrating with Neelu who was trying to send me on some complicated tube train journey i suddenly thought WTF?? ..I’m dreaming …and woke myself up.

    Are they performing Voodoo on us now?

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    • Good opting out of that passing glimpse at first base Sam.For many fear,paranoia and self imprisonment is a full time occupation.This crowd are so inept that any voodoo would be pissing into the wind,indeed they have made a fine art of it.

      The ill constucted ship of fools now obliterated on the rocks of reality has left its shambolic,ugly castaways thrashing around poking each other in the eye with splintered rafters.

      Oh such jolly japes.Popcorn and ginger beer at the ready.

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    • LOL! Oddly, Neelu appeared in one of my dreams a couple of nights ago. Less dramatic than yours though…she just got into an elevator with me. That was it. I have boring dreams, I’m afraid.


  2. Lol, sorry, that’s sooooome dream, lots of components to that.

    We need an expert Dream Analyser to interpret that one!

    I reckon, for what it’s worth, Angela has been doing her Black Magick on you.

    Not sure how she spells Magic??

    Must go now, off to the shops to buy popcorn for tonight’s Angela’s bollox.

    You owe me for that plug Disney, now don’t you forget it…

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    • Gawd I hope Power-Disney doesn’t invade my dreams. Now you have done it- she probably will tonight. Ahhhhh !
      Actually Neelu was quite sweet in the dream so obviously it was complete fantasy and i forgot to mention- I had foolishly eaten something very, very late with a cup of tea and I think it was a severe case of heartburn that woke me (had forgotten to take my Nexium) and as I rushed to the fridge for some cold water I did slightly throw up.
      So I think I’ll send her a lien for $6Billion for making me sick and getting my hire car towed by council.
      I wasn’t prepared to engage in a Freeman of the Land argument with the parking rangers.

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  3. Ah now, you see, well, you know…you ask whether the “JF” thing is a mere co-inkidink but KSC’s having none of it…

    By the way, the KSC v JF spat was very entertaining. A real bitch fest – keep it coming, “ladies”…

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  4. LOL, that ‘Defenders of the Cult’ video has brought back some great memories. Charlotte and Jacco did a series of them, always complete with an up-to-date (and always inaccurate) roll call of “trolls” – and each time they posted one, we used to change our profile names/icons, rendering the entire video obsolete 😀

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    • I thought i had finally made it when ‘Defenders of the Cult’ was released but alas no agents called to sign me onto their books. I’ll have to have a word with Angie about making it in the movie business.

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    • That reminds me of the ‘meet up’ groups, where the posters were essentially made up of the hoax exposers. They took their characters to ridiculous extremes. It took Sabine some time to catch on, mainly I suppose because the hoaxers are mostly nuts anyway. Yannis was good on that, he wanted to bring along all sorts of mad stuff.

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      • Oh God, yes – Ricardo the baggage handler and all that crowd. Classic stuff. Highlights included “I feel like a dolphin in a square tank”, “My brother’s counting the buggies coming into the airport” and “I’ll bring sandwiches – cheese for me and cheese and ham for the vegetarians”. 😀

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  5. I suggest every member (past & present) of Defenders of The Cult be put in a large paper bag and see which one can fight their way out first.
    But I won’t be hanging around for the outcome as I don’t have that much spare time on my hands.

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  6. Sometimes I wish that I could turn the clock back and re-invent myself as a poster on the Hampstead affair. I would now approach it differently and would worm and woo my way into the inner sanctum. Sadly I missed the chance to become a mole.

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  7. Some news – re Sabine McNeil

    Just heard from a reliable source (who was in Court this morning)

    Sabine’s case only lasted 15 minutes, its listed to be before the Court again on 7th October for a further mention – re Plea and Case Management.

    Her Court bail continues unchanged as UNCONDITIONAL bail until the next hearing.

    The person at the Court also asked if Neelu Berry is listed there for any hearings, the answer was no.

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