Meet Tina Simerly, aka Tina Kachina

It’s been a while since we last introduced a relative newbie to our Hoaxteader Hall of Infamy, but Tina Simerly has won herself a spot with her disgusting Facebook page, Eatin’ Liver Matters.

Actually, you might know Tina Simerly better as the psychotic hillbilly ‘Tina Kachina’. Apparently Tina feels some sort of white girl affinity for First Peoples’ cultures, so she just kind of borrowed the name ‘Kachina’, which means ‘spirit being’ in the Cherokee language. Holy cultural appropriation, Tina!

She’s had a few encounters with regular HR commenter Gabriella Barney, and usually comes out on the losing end:

G Barney reports Eaten Lives Matter.jpg

Tina-FB jail 2016-04-12

Like all Hoaxtead pushers, Tina never misses an opportunity to share images of RD’s children, RD himself, or the children, parents, teachers, clergy, and business people of Hampstead. Fortunately, much of the illegal material she has shared has been removed, mostly via reports to Facebook, but it’s the thought that counts.

Tina likes to write in a mangled, strangled version of English, which we’re assured is not a form of American, but rather her own invention. She seems to think that writing like this will ensure that the Powers That Be won’t cotton on to her existence (not that they give a flying whatsis about her, but you never know, right?):

This goose is thee sweetest, most talkative Bird eye hav ever met! It luvs us & it seems it’s not just a random goose, nor is it here for food, kause it doesn’t even seem interested in thee chicken scratch or anything else we toss at it. Tiz a very kurious kritter konnection N deed.

Of course, it’s also possible that Tina simply suffers from some sort of intellectual impairment. Hard to tell, really.

Tina lives in the vicinity of Cosby, Tennessee, with her partner in paranoid defamation, Xander McDouall, aka ‘Kapt Xander’, and she’s well known for her long-time pathological aversion to soap and water:

Tina Simerly-MySpace

In her spare time, she likes to practice her Illuminati hand signals:Tina Kachina-Illuminati signWant to see just how murderously deranged a Hoaxtead pusher can get? Here’s a sampling from Tina’s YouTube…just don’t say we didn’t warn you:

You’ve really got to hand it to those Hoaxteaders—they really know how to pick ’em!

Tina Simerly Kachina 2016-04-12


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  1. Another one to watch is Sandra Fetch, described as psychotherapist and avid promulgator of SRA. She’s the main draw at this ‘conference’ that Angie mentioned. Turns out it’s real and being held at York University (presumably just means they’ve rented rooms there, not that the Uni are endorsing them) but the Eventbrite page says it’s on 8th April, so not sure if future dates have been booked. Can’t find out much about her qualifications except one of her cohorts, Judith Moore, has a dodgy PhD that she’s acquired from a notoriously fake college in Sri Lanka. If Sandra has yet to arrive in the UK, and has said things directly about the case, she might be worth further investigation as there could be a chance of stopping her spreading her lies etc.

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    • Not a surprise about the 8th April date – the video in which it was mentioned was released weeks after some of the material in the video was recorded. Another example is the mention of the collection for Rupert and the amounts collected – cross referencing that gives a lot of information as to the date of that part of the video.

      Its been discovered that Angie has numerous links to Vetch.

      Tina Simerley does look to be in need of soap, Very sad, she might have been pretty once.

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      • Tina is vile, not only on the comments she makes but her hygiene.

        I have no interest in her apart from saying.


        I hate to think or imagine, the smell or the state of her GENITALS.

        Please Tina, don’t get anywhere near me.

        End of my comments on that.


        • Tina is indeed vile to the marrow, and could easily be dismissed by some as just another unwashed, hippy-dippy nutcase minding her own business in the hinterlands of Tennessee, singing “Kumbaya” and passing the peace pipe to her fellow commune dwellers. But she has been at this ‘movement’ for years- one that is eerily similar, if not identical, to that of Humpty Dumpstress NZ’s in philosophy. And she is every bit as venomous as Bronny on her Eaten Lives Matter page. I’m not quite sure how she latched on to the Hampstead hoax (interestingly, a close buddy of hers, a fortysomething musician who died in 2007, was called Dirk de Boer – no idea if that’s sheer coincidence or not!) Anyway, like the Krazy Kiwi, she shifted her focus from ‘creating a new world consciousness’ to further the Hampstead fairy tale at some point, and she pushes it HARD. I don’t know how many followers she has, but I see Tina & her Kap’n as threats because of their potential influence on Americans with respect to the hoax. After all, we have *many* more nutters on this side of the pond – and they have gun collections.

          Don’t let her filth – bodily as well as content- wise – fool you. She is actually quite intelligent and manipulative despite her visible mental derangement, like several others we know all too well. In short, I wouldn’t underestimate her odious potential…

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      • Yes, this links back to our discussion yesterday about the origins of Angie’s ‘Skype convo’ with Sabine, and the mysterious breaks in continuity. I wondered why they’d be discussing an 8 April conference, when allegedly this conversation took place only this past weekend. Angie’s clearly been mucking about with the truth again.

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    • Thanks for mentioning Sandra Fecht, Anna. In my opinion, she needs to be closely monitored. Not only does she support and push the myth of widespread SRA BS in her private practice ( in Orillia, Ontario), but in numerous speaking engagements and on alternative news shows as well. She has been on Richie Allen at least twice, just came out with a long video c/o Miles Johnston’s Bargain Basement Bilge Bonanza, and was scheduled to speak at the University of York on April 8th and 9th, I believe. That’s what two hoaxer biddies, who shall remain nameless, recently discussed in their Skype chat, Part 1. Anyone interested in this crackpot’s ‘schtick’ can go to her eponymous website, Icke is also a fan and mentions her in a recent book. The Johnston vid is worth some good laughs, too. Are Lucien Greaves and his team aware of this quack, particularly dangerous because of her calm and ‘professional’ demeanor?

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      • Sandra aint satisfied with the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Apparently during an act of abuse she says the perpetrator can morph into a lizard. I shit you not! And this person counsels people with psychological problems!

        Re Tina – I’m not sure I give a sod about the state of her cleanliness. She does work on a farm and I wouldn’t expect her to be as clean as a townie all the time. I’m more concerned with what comes out of her mouth and via her keyboard. She must feel really brave persecuting people some 3 or 4 thousand miles away whilst hiding in the woods with her gun.

        Another ‘love and light’ promoter who has no understanding of either word. Namaste you barmpot.

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      • Quack, indeed. Her website has the trappings of professionalism, but if you scratch the surface it becomes clear what she’s really all about. Very disturbing that such a person would be let loose to counsel people who are in a vulnerable state.

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    • Yes, Anna. I left the link on here to the seminar in York a few weeks ago.
      it alarmed me that she was coming over to talk about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

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      • Sorry Jake busy catching up and didn’t see it. People like her are even more of a problem as they do appear ‘sane’. I wonder how the conference went then and how many turned up, at £300 a pop not many, and might have not even gone ahead as you usually need a minimum number of attendees for these events to cover use of the room. If it had gone ahead on the 8th there’d be videos surely?

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  2. I always thought that ‘eaten lives matter’ name was really one of the wackiest out there. Always scary to see that people like Kachina have children and always think it would be wonderful of those kids grew up to be accountants or business people or joined the FBI or something similar, as long as they wore suits and had a job in an office. Drive their parents crazy.

    These faux ‘hippy’ types (so dated) really just remind me of all the loonies that went to live with Charles Manson.

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  3. Tina reminds me of those Preppers,who think one day their government will come for them. So they stock up on guns and food etc and live off the grid as much as they possibly can.

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    • The irony is that the more paranoid they get and the more weapons they stockpile the more likely it is that the government will take an interest in them. I think in some cases their secret desire for a show down, it would validate their beliefs.

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  4. I’m a bit puzzled about crazy Tina’s use of language and hand signs (sigils).

    The use of “ov” and “thee” derive from Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth ( who were/are a Crowleyan magic/arts group around in the 80s and 90s. A few friends of mine were members. The founder of TTOP, Genesis P-Orridge was pretty much forced to flee to America during the SRA panic/witchhunt, as he had genuine fears that his children would be taken from him on account of his beliefs and practices. So… why is an ostensible SRA nutter writing like a TOPY member? Maybe she doesn’t know…. which is actually funny.

    I don’t know the hand signs well enough to comment, but will do some research and report back.

    I should also say that there is absolutely no suggestion that Genesis and his then partner were anything but good parents to their children.

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    • LOL, hilarious that Tina and her partner seem fascinated with Crowley, and use a form of creative English that’s linked to an alleged paedophile! This is what happens when one forgets history.

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  5. Is this where the convicted child abuser & career criminal Abraham Cristie got the idea for the babies in McDonald’s hamburgers etc etc?. This so-called Rabbi Abe Finkelstein made the claims a few years ago that Jews were sacrificing 100,000s of babies every year and after killing them & draining their blood, their bodies were ground up for McDonald’s.
    The hoax was perpetuated by a far-right Nazi ‘pastor’ and Abe is certainly an anti-Semite, No-one has ever spotted this Finkelstein and he appears to be non-existent. On the Youtube video of the ‘interview’ they use a picture of a well known US government employee Kenneth Feinberg. It’s the only photo of the phony Rabbi that ever appears. The truthers and loonies lap this stuff up and so has Sabine McNeil who has promoted this video and hoax on her website.
    What was Abe’s real intentions? Did he believe he would become a star of the Truther movement?

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  6. Jim stated on Angie’s facebook that many CSA survivors called this as a hoax from day one. What is worse than drawing a quick conclusion, is having so much information at hand for over a year, and still spreading lies, disinformation and pure fantasy. Which is exactly what the likes of Tina are doing.

    Looking at Tina’s page it is obvious that she has the same level of understanding about this case as the likes of Rupert. That they only take on board the nonsense spread by the hoaxtead crew. I look at her pictures and memes and ask myself “if I truly believed that children were being raped and murdered, would I be posting silly memes about eating babies..etc?”

    I believe they are “campaigners” for the sake of being “campaigners” and sadly these children will suffer as a result. Along with true CSA survivors, being exploited in their so called campaign.

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    • Indeed their hate is extraordinary and rather than celebrate that children were not raped and babies murdered they damn well want 100s of children to be abused and murdered in Satanic rituals.I’m pretty sure Freud would have a diagnosis for these people and it would be along the lines that deep inside their psyche they desperately want this evil to flourish.

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    • It astonishes me that someone like Jim, who claims to want to help abused children, has allowed himself to overlook the fact that real survivors of abuse sussed this thing almost from the outset, and rejected it as false. As you say, the fact that he and people like him are still out there spreading this garbage is both sad and enraging.

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    • What annoys me about people like Tina and Rupert is that they never seem to do any research on the Hoax. They willingly jump aboard and believe everything the conspiraloons say to them.

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    • I couldn’t agree more, Dave. Case in point: Tina’s current source of “information” appears to be year-old ToothlessGetRuthless videos. Putting aside that none of them make sense and that not even the Hoaxteaders themselves ever took them seriously, even Toothless more or less admitted he’d been talking utter bollocks and walked away. No wonder Tina’s ELM page gets almost no likes or comments any more.

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  7. They certainly are not genuine campaigners of any kind. They are evil hate-mongers who just get their kicks spreading evil lies across the internet, thinking they can say what they want without any fear of a real life comeback apart from replies to them online.

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    • I have this awful thought that in 5/6/7 years when these kids are teenagers if they are identified (thankfully looks change and probably names will need to be changed) they will be living in fear they will be exposed all over again and with these vicious, vile, nasty creatures on the loose they will then attack the real victims -the kids-and accuse them of having been inducted into the (imaginary) cult.

      I feel like we cannot rest until some of them are dragged through the courts and their sorry arses are thrown into jail,

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      • I agree fully, Sam. I’ve already heard some of the hoax promoters murmuring that ‘of course the children will deny it all…they’ve been assimilated into the cult now’. Their circular arguments defy logic.

        At the outset, I became involved in opposing this thing because it enraged me that the children were so obviously being victimised by the adults who had them in their care. Much has changed in the past year, but the reality is that these two kids–and the other children named by Abe and Ella–will have to live with this thing for the rest of their lives. I want to ensure that the impact on them is as light as possible, and one part of that is ensuring that those responsible are stopped.

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  8. One can imagine a future scenario where one of those kids decides to set the record straight about the abuse suffered at the hands of Draper and Christie. I wonder if any of the hoaxteaders would believe them, somehow I doubt it. I wonder if they would have recourse to the law?
    It is quite sad too that the father, having to keep silent as any reaction would only harm his kids further, has not really had an opportunity to confront his accusers.

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    • He can’t possibly confront his accusers, as I would think he’d need to keep a very low profile in order to protect his children. Compare and contrast with the way their mother threw them out into the public arena to be gaped at, pawed over, and victimised by paedophiles who love hearing their stories repeated over and over.

      I’m sure that if the children were to decide to speak up in future years, those who now squawk, ‘I believe the children!!’ would claim they were lying.

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      • No, he can’t – the nearest he could reasonably get to doing so was the BBC interview. Unlike the numbskulls behind the hoax Dearman will be taking proper legal advice and acting in the best interests of the kids. Poor man… His career, such as it was, is in ruins.

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      • That’s pretty much what’s happened with the children’s retractions. The same idiots who shriek that we should “listen to the children”, that “children don’t make stuff up” and that “if they were lying, they wouldn’t be able to talk in so much detail about their experiences” also vehemently insist that the children were lying when they retracted their initial statements and explained in great detail how Abe and Ella had abused them. So no contradiction there.

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  9. I’ve had a lot of Tina’s vile posts removed from her Facebook page and even got her a suspension a short while ago. Here are some samples of this disgusting woman’s sick, twisted and illegal posts and comments. And disturbingly, she’s a mother:

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      • Many thanks : I am indeed compiling this stuff to send to the FBI. At the least they will put this on file but may even send a couple of agents for a friendly chat ( they are very polite – once called on me when I inadvertently passed a counterfeit note in a NY hotel ). They already, along with the very influential Southern Law Poverty Center list the Common Law / Freeman mob as dangerous groups to be watched.
        This is not harassing these people in any way. Issuing threats is taken seriously in the US and law enforcement should have details of anyone who encourages others to attack people.

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    • Terrible things happen in this world and much is beyond our control but this mob are just pretty sick I think.They so desperately want this to be true. God only knows what horrors the pits of their minds contain.

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