Brian Harvey, Bill Maloney, and the imaginary tattoos

Hands up, everyone who wants to talk about the tattoos again!

Okay, don’t all jump at once. We know, the issue of the alleged tattoos and birthmarks which RD’s children were forced to claim adorned the privates of every single “cult member” has been done to death.

We’ve talked about the ridiculous nature of the alleged tattoos, and we’ve noted the improbability of every member of the alleged cult—except its supposed leader and its financier—having “devil or monster” tattoos.

Brian Harvey exposes Maloney

But yesterday we happened across a very interesting twist in the tattoo story, thanks to Brian Harvey, who has been publishing a series of videos which contain rather damning material about “film-maker” and early Hampstead hoax promoter Bill Maloney.

Back when Abraham Christie was having his prolonged hissy fit at the person he believed was called “Nathan Numnuts Wedger“, who had sent an email about the Hampstead SRA hoax to police, he posted the following YouTube comment:

Abe-Gerrish-Wedger 2017-06-29 copy

Bill Maloney in an interview with Lou Collins .(connected to Danielle la Verite)speaks out about the tattoo on Leon Brittan’s pubenda (sic!) that a victim (Andrew) of Leon Brittan described and drew during an interview with a newspaer (sic) almost 2 years ago , so when Maloney and Gerrish received Ella’s email describing the Tattoos and distinguishing marks on the cult members (sic) pubenda (even more sic) they were well aware of this corroborating the testimony of Leon Brittan’s victim. Why then have neither of them said anything apart from the few times that Gerrish mentions the case on UK Column when the MSM had attempted a hatchet job on Abe and Ella, and he had to say something ? Now it’s clear why the info re Tattoos was buried buy (sic) Maloney, Gerrish AND the police and exposes Maloney and Gerrish as Shills ! Quite apart from the fact that Maloney passed the email onto a Nathan “NUMNUTS”Wedger a known police informant ; and the email eventually “found it’s (sic) way” to investigating/cover up Freemason, DS Steve Martin. mmmmmm…

Stripped of all subtlety, Abe is whining that even though he went to the trouble of drilling the “tattoos” idea into the children’s heads, because he knew that an alleged victim of Leon Brittan—Andrew Ash—had described similar tattoos on his abusers, Maloney and Gerrish failed to deliver the huge social media push which Abe and Ella had been assured the hoax would receive.

Abe is correct, though, that in January 2014, Maloney and Lou Collins did an interview video in which Maloney states,

Leon Brittan, you know, the witness was attacked and raped by Leon Brittan. And Leon Brittan is the one that they don’t want to go for in the moment. The witness identified Leon Brittan by a tattoo that he has on his groin, and the witness drew the tattoo for the police.

During the course of the video, Maloney identifies the witness as “Andrew”.

Maloney and Andrew Ash

In a video released late Wednesday evening, Brian Harvey continued his weeks-long rant at Bill Maloney, who he has been describing as a sort of Svengali figure, subjugating, exploiting, and dominating a vulnerable adult in order to film him accusing various VIPs of child sexual abuse.

At 18:27 Brian says,

After what Ian Puddick, Bill Maloney, Chris Fay, and what you made Andrew Ash do, right, the proof’s there, getting Andrew to say Richard Mallett’s name? Come on man, fucking grow up, it’s there, pure as day! All right? Making him lie about birthmarks on Leon Brittan, and all the rest of the fucking people on the list….

The list in question was a list of names of prominent people who were alleged to have sexually abused Andrew Ash, which Maloney read out on camera, and which Andrew would confirm. The interview was conducted at least in part for the benefit of James Fielding, a reporter with The Express newspaper, who has covered the “VIP paedophile” and “Satanic ritual abuse” beats extensively.

Richard Mallett was Brian Harvey’s solicitor, and was one of several people, including Ted Heath, named on camera by Andrew Ash in what Brian Harvey seems to believe was an attempt to silence him. We agree that Mallett’s inclusion in the list seems out of place, as to our knowledge he was hardly a “VIP”, but we aren’t as certain as Brian is about Maloney’s reason for including him.

However, what’s even more odd, from our point of view, is Brian’s statement that Andrew Ash, who definitely comes across as a vulnerable adult, was coached/coerced to make allegations concerning birthmarks and tattoos on Leon Brittan and others on the list.


These are the very birthmarks/tattoos to which Abe refers in his YouTube rant, and which he forced RD’s children to claim were evidence of membership in the alleged Hampstead SRA cult.

Evidence of coaching?

In this July 2018 interview with “Eddieisok”, Brian Harvey shares an audio clip of Bill Maloney coaching Andrew Ash’s vocal technique:

And in this phone conversation between Brian and Andrew, Andrew explicitly states that he said what Maloney told him to say:

Brian: Andrew, there’s one question I need to ask you, yeah? 

Andrew: Yeah.

Brian: What did Bill say to you when he told you to say Richard Mallett’s name? This is the thing that’s got ‘im in trouble. How did he say it to you? That I need to know, because there’s no way—and I knew that at the time, when he said…

Andrew: Well, Richard Mallett…

Brian: You don’t know Richard Mallett?

Andrew: No.

Brian: Well, so I know you don’t know him. But Bill’s made you say his name! 

Andrew: [silence]

Brian: What did he say to you, because me and Mick woke up late, didn’t we?

Andrew: …yeah…

Brian: He took you out of there…

Andrew: I think the best way of describing Bill, you know I can’t remember every single word he said, but…

Brian: No, I know, but I know that he made you say Richard Mallett’s name. What did he say to you? 

Andrew: Cause you see, like, I didn’t know you were coming to my house. I had no idea and everything,

Brian: Yeah.

Andrew: And then Bill phones me up and he says, ‘Oh! Do you like Brian Harvey?’ And I says, ‘Yeah, he’s made some good records, he’s a good singer’ and everything, and he says, ‘Well’, he says, ‘I’ll bring him to my house and you can come do this interview with me’, and I said, ‘What? You’re joking!’ you know, like you do, don’t you?

Brian: Yeah.

Andrew: [inaudible]…and he says ‘Oh, he just needs you to back him up a bit with a name’.

Brian: Yeah.

Andrew: And I says, ‘What do you mean?’ I says, ‘Because I can’t give names I don’t know’, and he says, ‘Oh no!’ he says, ‘When I give the name’, he says, ‘you just say yes’. 

Brian: Yeah, all right. 

Andrew: And that’s how the names came about. 

So according to Andrew, Maloney dangled Brian’s celebrity status before him in order to entice him to cooperate.

Back to the tattoos…

We were reminded by a reader that in his original description of the person who would later be identified as Leon Brittan, made in 1990, Andrew only described a birthmark, not a tattoo.

In his interview on BBC’s October 2015 edition of Panorama, Andrew (dubbed “David” for the show) made the following statements:

Narrator: David started making claims about VIP paedophile abuse in 1990. He’d met Chris Fay at a support group, and he says he was encouraged to name names.

Andrew: I don’t know how Chris got me into saying names…it was done over a period of weeks, you know, it were done as a joke suggesting to start with, but that suggestion became reality.

Narrator: David told me he’d described a distinctive birthmark on one of his abusers.

Andrew: I described a birthmark and a first name, and described the person, and they says the surname and everything, and says that can only be one person. Why should I doubt them?

Narrator: The man who ended up being named was Leon Brittan.

In other words, it was Maloney himself, and not Andrew, who made the claim about the tattoo.

Chris Fay claimed that the person Andrew described must be Leon Brittan, and Andrew believed him.

And then Maloney turned the birthmarks into “tattoos”.

And given that Andrew was a vulnerable person who could be made to say almost anything, it seems more than likely that the alleged “Leon Brittan tattoos” with which Abe was so obsessed were a mere figment of Bill Maloney’s fervid imaginings.

How ironic, then, that Abe would use a story invented by Maloney (and Chris Fay, who seems to have been no slouch in the “inventing horrible smears” department), which Maloney would have known full well was untrue, as bait with which to attract the attention of…Gerrish and Maloney.

Could this explain why Maloney, after a brief initial burst of interest in the Hampstead hoax, quietly removed himself from it? More than most, he must have been keenly aware that at least some of Abe and Ella’s invented “evidence” was based on his own disgusting lies.

11 August 2018:
We were reminded by a reader that the original 1990 claims by Andrew, which were ‘facilitated’ by Chris Fay, were of a birthmark, not a tattoo. We have amended this story to reflect that.

Maloney Ash Fay-VIP list

Bill Maloney, Andrew Ash, Chris Fay

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, EC. It’s intriguing that the more you dig, the more you find things that influenced the fake story that Abe forced the children to tell.

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  2. Am I right in remembering that in the photos/videos posted by Abe of the children supposedly drawing pictures of the teachers’ private parts, his own hand is clearly in view?

    Great post by the way, Your Howlness.

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  3. From the tail end of the last post…

    Neelu’s latest eviction video:


    This time she’s actually gone onto the premises at her old home and confronted the guy working there, who subsequently calls the police on her.

    And it gets worse. Check these out…

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  4. I just watched a long video with Bill Maloney, Andrew Ash and Chris Fay and others. When asked about Leon Brittan Andrew says ‘birthmark’ and doesn’t mention tattoos. That must have come later.
    He comes across as a really vulnerable guy who could be made to say almost anything. He may well have experienced abuse but it looks like he’s being led up the garden path. Not nice to watch.

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    • “I am looking for these children”.

      What the hell is wrong with the hoaxers?? Not even a happy video of the children winning an award makes them see sense or admit they were wrong. They don’t even take the time to research the case properly.

      You can explain things, give them links to read and all you get in reply is “You must be one of them” or “I’m not reading that, you paedo protector”, or “Nice try, shill”. Or they reply with “You only need to look at the McMartin case to know this is true”.


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  6. Has anyone ever considered who the ” artist ” who did the todger tinting might have been? Is there a Tattoo Emporium which specialises in genital artwork? The only possibility I could think of is a certain bald headed chap down Rochford way who says he is/was a “Registered Tattoo Artist “. He should be questioned immediately.

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    • The poor bugger only opened that account because I got him suspended from his main one. Seems it hasn’t worked out too well for him – I’ve just got him suspended on his backup account too:

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  7. Not sure what the correct tagline should be here – “I’ll keep you posted” or “I’m not holding my breath”…

    I’ll keep you posted anyway. But don’t hold your breath

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    • Scammer Girl spent a lot of time and salacious details documenting the fun she had with Ray Savage, before more recently revising her memories to make herself the victim of “abuse”.

      HG describes the sleeping arrangements as bizarre: while HG was placed in Ray’s own bedroom, Ray slept in a caravan outside…but each night after lights out, he’d sneak back into the house and spend the rest of the night with HG. Missing his old bed, no doubt.

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  8. Another Slimgater pervert:

    Seriously, where do these people keep coming from? Is there a factory somewhere churning them out?

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    • “This is my full time job, it’s my No. 1 passion I’m pursuing.”

      That’s the problem with most of them, they think sitting at home spreading lies and malicious slander online constitutes a “full time job”. LOL!

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      • And earlier today he told one of the fake Palestinian scammers who’ve been begging him for cash that he lives in a mansion and doesn’t need to work!

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    • Neelu will have problems applying to her local Council Homeless Section too, a Council doesn’t have to give any of their homeless accommodation out to someone who has ‘intentionally’ made themselves homeless (although her situation would be assessed) and in Neelu’s case she has indeed made herself homeless through a fault of her own, the prime one being, she doesn’t feel she has to pay for anything!

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  9. Apparently Tracey Morris in England and she’s threatening to “come and get” a senior police officer and her husband:

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    • What is this thing with Tracey that she thinks everyone is terrified of her? I wonder whether it’ll ever dawn on her that she just comes over as laughably pathetic.

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  10. Tracey on another rant, she is more comical than anything these days, she is always going to get someone but that only lasts until her next episode, then it’s someone else.

    Nevertheless, that is a threatening post & I hope the Police have a talk with her to put it politely.

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    • Yet threatening a senior police officer and her husband…doesn’t go against Facebook’s community rules, I’ve just been told. Go figure

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  11. Baloney’s ‘documentary’ in Jersey, which produced no new evidence whatever, claimed that garden ornaments were evidence that the owners were involved in Satanic paedophilia.

    I don’t think Baloney is smart enough to be a Svengali. The Posh Plumber, possibly.

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  14. Tracey Morris is in the West Midlands with far right EDL character Gary Clarke, she’s posting videos on his Facebook, usual I am coming for all their careers nonsense, her discription of her daughter’s death is getting more graphic and disturbing but may be of interest that she’s throwing in religious iconography now, saying they took her into a chapel etc, obviously trying to bring in a satanic motive to what was a tragic young woman’s suicide. How she isn’t in breach of the court orders I’ve no idea and once again where are her children while she’s running about England looking for vulnerable people to exploit. Gary Clarke seems and interesting character, how she manages to find these people I’ve no idea.


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