Just the facts, ma’am: How to drive Hoaxteaders nuts

It’s always nice to know that others out there share our views, even if we’ve never actually met. So we were delighted to discover this conversation on Tina Kachina‘s otherwise revolting Facebook page, Eatin’ Liver Matters:

Eaten Lives Matter 1 2016-06-02Funny how Christopher Grey opens with a factual observation, which Tina, bless her pointy little head, takes as a threat. Then she runs off into some kind of attempt at hillbilly philosophy that we can’t even begin to interpret. Eaten LIves Matter 2 2016-06-02Christopher, undeterred, tries to keep talking sense, but apparently that’s not Tina’s first language.

Tina, who has clearly never been to London, tries to assert that “5 miles is basically the same neighbourhood despite imaginary borders”. Hmm. Eaten Lives Matter 3 2016-06-02Christopher tries to use reason, but is met with the standard Hoaxtead response: “Yes the UK state authorities are all evil cunts who deserve a violent death”. Really? Really?

So Christopher tries the old ‘show me evidence’ tack. Tina is clearly stumped by this request, so she hauls out her cousin…er, husband, Kaptain Xander to answer. He fails. Eaten Lives Matter 5 2016-06-02They try to convince Christopher that their page is, in fact, a repository of evidence and reasoned argument. He’s not buying it: “Maybe I was unclear. I asked if there was evidence”. Go, Christopher!Eaten Lives Matter 6 2016-06-02Classic response from people who can’t back up their arguments with fact: “We are telling you to research it yourself. We aren’t here to answer to you or specify our research for your entertainment”.

Translation: “STOP ASKING US FOR REAL FACTS. We’ve told you: we don’t do facts, only slanderous allegations, innuendo, and death threats”.

Tired of being put off, Christopher introduces his own facts:Eaten Lives Matter-6a 2016-06-02OH NO! HELP US! MAKE THE BAD FACT MAN GO AWAY!! Here, distract him with a spurious allegation!

Eaten LIves Matter 8 2016-06-02Okay, so Christopher obviously cannot be dissuaded with baseless accusations. So how about some gruesome fantasy about people eating baby eyeballs with pepper?Eaten Lives Matter 9 2016-06-02Brief reversion to previous argument regarding the size and population density of London (which we assume will be unimaginable to Tina, who lives in the backwoods of Tennessee and pretends to be a hippie).Eaten Lives Matter 10 2016-06-02Best line ever: “We are trying to stay nice on this one”. Yes, that good ol’ down-home hospitality, complete with shrieking, baby eyeballs, death threats, and corn pone. Gotta love it. Eaten Lives Matter 11 2016-06-02Christopher is holding on like a champ here. Lesser folk would have abandoned these loonies to their gopher stew, but he stuck it out to the bitter end, as Tina and Jethro ceded the field.

Christopher, whoever you are, you have our admiration. It’s not everyone who can stand that kind of f*ckwittery, and your stamina does you proud.

In fact, your example seems to belie that old saying from George Bernard Shawβ€”in Tina and Jethro’s case, the pigs definitely did not like it. Good on you, mate!

GB Shaw re Tina Kachina


39 thoughts on “Just the facts, ma’am: How to drive Hoaxteaders nuts

  1. Christopher held up the mirror way beyond the call of duty there.
    It must be really tough for the poor gutter snippers to have their precious faeces blown back into their faces.

    Aww bless.

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  2. Christopher politely states facts about juries, the electoral role, population statistics etc. Ergo, he must be a “sicko”, “really programmed”, “highly fluoridated”, “suffering from cognitive dissonance”, “part of the cult”, “desperate like all the rest to make all this disappear” a “co-intel agent working for government cult members”, “brainwashed”, “ignorant of the system”, suffering from “mental issues”, “obviously not open to seeing reality outside of mind control indoctrinations”, “wasting our time”, “a victim of severe mind control operations happening in the area” and attempting to “intimidate” Tina and her creepy mates.

    And she worked all that out by herself – go Tina! LOL πŸ˜€

    Oh but she’s not finished there – she then goes on to imply that Christopher is a baby-eating paedophile and that he should be killed. Sorry, “receive the death penalty” (which is apparently much more polite).

    Moreover, the irrefutable facts that Christopher presents will not “sway our thoughts on the matter”. Because hey, God forbid their thoughts should ever be based on facts; and don’t you just love the use of the word “our”. Because, of course, Tina has every right to speak for everyone in the World. SHE won’t sway HER opinion in the face of the facts, so no one else is allowed to.

    Sooo, what’s wrong with all that, lol? Tina’s logic is, as always, impeccable πŸ˜‰ In fact, I note with interest that a new series of ‘Question Time’ has started – can’t we get her on there? She’d settle the Remain/Brexit debate in seconds with her unique brand of “logic”!

    As for Kapt Xander, he’s just sulking because, as you may have seen from the photo posted some days ago, someone burst his favourite balloons and now he’s got nothing to play with:


    By the way, remember this?:

    Near the start of the video, Angie says that she’s scared of Rupert and hints that he may be a cult/Illuminati member because he does the Illuminati sign in one of his videos. Well, let’s hope she doesn’t see this pic of Tina, or she’ll flip:

    Still, Angie will calm down once she’s worked out a way to groom Tina and make some money out of her. Then we’ll have to rename her “Tina Kerching-a” πŸ˜€

    Back to Christopher, he is definitely on my wavelength. I stumbled upon the above FB thread myself yesterday and was instantly impressed by his style.

    Incidentally, some time ago I also tried to get Aaron Dover to provide some kind of verification that he was an ex-Christ Church pupil, as much of his story wasn’t adding up. His response was (surprise surprise) to shout abuse at me, threaten me and, as per “hoaxer on the back foot” tradition, block me. But not before he went off on some bizarre story about how he’d been chased by a swarm of police/army helicopters trying to stop him exposing the truth (I suspect he was confusing reality with the rather excellent 70s movie ‘Capricorn One’).

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work, Christopher – and long may your “penal gland” remain “uncalcified”. And I’m sure that that nice Mr. coyote won’t mind me saying – stop by the blog any time to share your thoughts πŸ™‚

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  3. Like taking candy from a baby.

    Christopher forensically stripped his interlocutor(s) of any semblance of credibilty utilizing simple persistant logic until the pips squeeked culminating in a deafening cringewothy silence Ricky Gervais would have been particularly proud of.

    Unfortunately all these deluded social justice warriors nail what little being they have to a particular cause celeb and do not have anywhere to retreat to .They will cling for dear life to the wreck as it heads over the waterfall rather than show humility and grace and submit to objective truth and apologize to each and everyone they have hurt.

    When it rains the pavement gets wet.

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    • To be fair, though, for all of Eating Liver Splatters’ woes, at least we can take comfort from the fact that that other…ahem…”highly reputable” blog Dearman Does Hampstead (aka ‘DaCosta Does Hamsters’) is proving to be a big hit in the anti-Semite community:

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      • On that subject of the World’s Most Misunderstood Humanist A.Hitler, Araya Soma is re-writing history as we speak and says dear Adolf invaded The Soviet Union (causing some 20 million Russian deaths) to save the world from Communism. Apparently she isn’t aware that the Russians repelled the nasty Nazis and much of Europe did become Communist.
        My offer is still open – I’ll pay for a one-way ticket for Araya (she wouldn’t need a return) to visit St Petersburgh and expound on her theories to the locals of what a Great Chap Adolf was. That would be one problem solved.

        I have a very great friend who is a world renowned astronomer who occasionally goes to NASA for a few months to work- the one who bought me a fine dinner when I told him there were still Flat Earthers. He is originally from Tennesee and said the woods are full of strange creatures. Now I know what he is talking about.

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    • He deserves a Gold Star for supreme effort but he has done a good service : getting these two to engage in chat is very illuminating and their increasingly strident non-answers reveal a startling fact : we are not dealing with one sociopath here but two who have actually formed a union. It cannot last and as soon as one of them becomes sober there will be fireworks.


  4. In the unlikely event that anyone still thinks Kachina has any credibility, I give you Exhibit A:

    Yup. Tina’s a flat-earther.

    The prosecution rests.

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  5. I can’t come to grips with why Tina cites the Encyclopedia. It even has the word PEDIA in it. Wake Up people!

    Oh and that term ‘cognitive dissonance’ being misused again. Bah! Festinger, the (Jewish) psychologist who came up with Cognitive Dissonance theory must be turning in his grave!

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  6. I can’t pretend to be in Christopher’s league but I’ve been having some vaguely similar reactions to my totally unreasonable request for proof to support serious allegations. Check out this reaction from a rabid follower of the would-be cult leader Tory “US senators rape 5,000 babies a day” Smith:

    Have ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ been declared swear words (US: cuss words) or something? I looked on Urban Dictionary but couldn’t find them. LOL

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  7. Good job Chris Grey. The only conclusion that can be drawn from the many attempts of rational conversation with the Satan Hunter is that they live in lala land and would never recognise reason if it took a massive bite out of their bum.

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    • Clearly the prime movers of the hoaxstead lifeblood sucking vampires club each harbour delusions of granduer and possess a yearning for power and control over others as their own lives are barren,desolate and void of any purpose or worthwhileness.

      Each is compelled beyond reason to be revered,placed upon a pedestal(aka paedostal) and perhaps even receive an award and appear on loose women and other fine daytime chat shows and stuff.

      This craving for cultship leader status defines their entire modus operandi and negates the realworld where they are floundering sociopathic candidates for the lunatic asylum.

      The promised land for Sabine for instance would be to head up a world wide movement of Sabineism where all her subjects three times a day prostrate themselves wailing incoherant gibberish whilst simultaneously forcing crocodile tears into a grail like theres no tomorrow…just for the hell of it.

      No doubt Disney-Powerism,Jakeism,Neeluism.et al ad nauseum are all phantasmagorical delusions of grandeur in formation.

      Fortunately for the evolution of life on Earth great nature has a little achillies heal trick up its sleeve whereby such individuals become are so far up there arses they end up drowning in their own shit.

      Lest we forget.

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      • Yes, I think you are correct.
        They dream of appearing on Oprah who has outrageously promoted some of the biggest ratbags in the world but also by doing so shattered her credibility and eventually had to abandon her TV show and now even her TV station.
        The hoaxers are so behind the eight ball they really do not know that all their weirdo theories have been around for 100s of years (the biggest plagiarist in the world is David Icke). They honestly think that by some crackpot website full of nonsense that is must be fact and they are compelled to tell the world about it.

        However I know for a fact that when Tina Kachina & Kapt Xander are in the Grip of The Ganga (99% of the time) the local porcine community are very VERY nervous. All the pigs of the USA have seen Deliverance and know it was a documentary dressed up as fiction.
        These Tennesse Hillbillies should forget about London babies and explain where all the local pigs went. We know Tina gets down & dirty with them but what does she and the Kapt do out of sight with these poor pigs?

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  8. I’d suggest the Christ Church vigilantes get themselves up to Govan in Glasgow where there’s a lot of Satanism needs sorting out.

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  9. I did used to think that we should live and let live; if some people want to believe, against all the evidence, the Earth is flat, why not let them? The problem is their lack of logic spreads into other arenas and we end up with these idiots making very serious allegations against people without offering any credible evidence. They need arguing with, they need to join the real world. Well done Chris Grey.

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    • The world is frightening enough without adding chemtrails and Alien Masonic lizard baby killers. I take exception to people spreading more fear. Fear is bad for people’s mental health and IMO disempowers them. Like I said, the world is frightening enough already – we don’t need this nonsense piling on top.

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  10. Given Aaron’s history and subject matter of his YT videos, i’m not sure he is the most credible source.

    Having said that, he does admit that he knew nothing about this ‘cult’ until he seen the children’s videos. Which is strange, because if this is multigenerational, then surely he should remember the school shutting down for sex parties with all the other schools..etc. The fact he doesn’t remember anything like that is actually further evidence that none of this takes place. I guess we should thank Aaron for coming forward and letting us know that he doesn’t remember any abuse at this church and school.

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    • Yes, that’s true–he seems to have adopted the hoax, but claims he has no recollection of it. Strange, as you say. But ultimately, he’s confirming what we all know.


    • Aaron will likely say that when he was at the school he had a funny feeling about X or sometimes uncomfortable with Y happening. He’ll probably throw in additional stuff like “I have always been sensitive to that sort of thing so could feel something was wrong”. It’ll be the usual vague BS based on nothing but a bunch of lies.

      One thing is certain, whichever school he actually went to he missed out on Geography and Physics. Perhaps he was too busy watching The Matrix thinking it was a documentary?

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      • Oh….it wasn’t? This explains so much!

        Seems you’re no one these days unless you have some sort of ’empathic’ experience that somehow tells you that you were horribly abused in ways you can’t remember by people you don’t know (unless they have money, of course, in which case you know their name, address, email, and phone number).


  11. *waves*

    I’m a long time reader and a big fan of what you guys do here. I’m delighted to feature in your pages and with the kind words. I’m actually blushing here! I try to shine the light on these people as much as possible, I only wish that more of them would see the light…

    Keep up the good work everyone πŸ™‚

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    • Welcome, Christopher, and many thanks for keeping the Hoaxtead pushers on their toes! You’re right that too many of them choose to keep their eyes squinched shut and their fingers in their ears, but it’s still important to keep trying.

      Hope we’ll see you around, and thanks again!

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  12. I just watched M.Knight Shyamalan’s ‘The Visit’. I’m pretty sure the grandmother is based on an amalgamation of Angela Power-Disney and Araya Soma and the grandad seems a projection of Rupert Q in 10 years time.

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