For want of a calculator: Hoaxtead by the numbers

When Abraham Christie and Ella Draper were concocting the Hampstead SRA hoax and teaching RD’s children to recite their childish version of how a “paedophile Satanic cult” operates, they failed to pay attention to a few telling and important details. As if they hadn’t already given away the show by filling the kids’ heads with bizarre, incorrect rubbish which the children then obediently reeled off under fear of another beating, Abe and Ella forgot something very important: their calculator.

The baby skull problem

For many people, the image of tattooed cult members, naked and bedecked with the skulls of dead infants—20 skulls per adult—was understandably very unsettling. According to Abraham in the Jean-Clement Yaohirou recording, there were 400 adults in the cult. He excitedly informed Jean-Clement that this meant that 800 infant skulls would be required. Of course, this was incorrect: 20 multiplied by 400 is 8,000 skulls.

Nowhere is the age of the alleged babies specified, but it seemed reasonable to assume an average age of six months. It’s pretty easy to find charts online that specify the circumference of infants’ heads. We found that at age 6.5 months, going by the 50th percentile, a male baby’s skull is 44.04 cm circumference, while a female baby’s skull is 42.7 circumference. This puts the average 6.5-month-old baby’s skull at 43.37 cm.

Using ancient skills we thought we’d long ago misplaced (involving things like the value of pi and such-like), our resident mathematician worked out that this would mean the average diameter of a 6.5-month-old baby’s skull would be 13.8 cm (5.4 inches).

The children claimed that these skulls, all 8,000 of them, were stored in the vestment drawers in the church.

For anyone unfamiliar with vestment drawers, they are much like the drawers used to hold maps or blueprints: they’re quite shallow, and are meant to hold the chasubles, stoles, dalmatics, and so forth, worn by (in this case) Anglican priests. We don’t know the vintage of the vestment drawers at Christ Church Hampstead, but most of the chests of drawers of this sort that we found on line looked roughly like this: It seems that vestment drawers come in a standard height: about 87cm high. This particular one is listed at 118cm W x 87cm H x 89cm D. Most of these chests have six drawers, plus space between the drawers. We estimated (by putting a ruler against the screen of the computer) that each drawer in such a chest would therefore measure approximately 10cm high x 110cm wide x 89cm deep.

The crucial measurement, of course, is the 10cm drawer height: remember that the baby skulls (all 8,000 of them) that are meant to fit into the vestment drawers are 13.8cm in diameter. To be sure, a skull is not perfectly round, but a more or less roundish thing that is 13.8cm at its widest point simply will not fit into a 10cm-high drawer.

And even assuming that the drawers in the chest at Christ Church were high enough to accommodate a 13.8cm diameter skull, a chest of this size could only hold 48 such skulls per drawer. The entire chest shown above would hold only 288 skulls. To hold all 8,000 skulls, the church would require 28 chests of this size (only higher). Whoops.

Sure enough, recall that when the police searched Christ Church in Hampstead, they concluded that there were no drawers sufficiently deep to contain baby skulls as described by the children. The police were correct.

Sorry, Abe and Ella: another stupid claim debunked.

The swimming pool change room

Another issue where a calculator might have come in handy was the allegations regarding the mass “sex parties” at the East Finchley lido. This is mentioned in the IPCC report issued a year ago: The mathematical problem here: fit “20 parents, a number of teachers, and several children (for argument’s sake, let’s call this 30+ people) into a space that is 3.5m long by 2.5m wide”. We asked one of our team who happens to be a CAD whiz to throw together a schematic of that space, with only 30 average-sized people (whose shoulders seem to overlap, and who are apparently dancing the Macarena):

As you can see, even with 30 people, things would be just a tad crowded in the change room. Good luck squeezing a few more people in there, and then trying to hold an orgy.

And of course, as the report points out, the walls of the disabled change room do not meet the ceiling, so anything taking place in that room would be fully audible from the pool deck.

The IPCC report states that the other change rooms are even smaller: 2m x 2m; 1.5m x 1.5m; an L-shaped room that’s 2m along its longest walls. Nothing that would fit even 20 people, let alone 30+.

Again: another stupid claim debunked.

We suggest that next time Abe and Ella plan a hoax, they consider bringing along their calculator.


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  1. Ooh, check out the big brain on the Coyote! Nice work, EC 😀

    By the way, I think I’ve found evidence of a hoaxer at least trying to work it all out. This picture was taken just before her head exploded:

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  2. The whole thing is ridiculous and even a brain damged chimp could see that.
    If Abe’s whole Sex Magick was a thing, then the children would be trauma bonded to their abuser.
    In reality, they were only scared of Abraham and not their father.
    The main reason they were reluctant to expose Abraham as their abuser, was that, they were still very much afraid of him, the repercussion’s, and the hold he still had over their mother.

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    • The only calculation Abe got vaguely correct is that a howling mobsworth of fellow drug soaked zombies would neither bother(or have the mental capacity) to spot the myriad devils lurking in every detail prior to spreading his sick masturbatory fantasies all over the place as if theres no tomorrow.

      He certainly did not factor into his calculations the likes of HR or MKD`s foiling his cunning wheezes at every turn.

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      • Yes, I suspect Abe and Belinda calculated correctly on that one. Oh, and they correctly deduced that they’d be able to get some of Belinda’s flying monkeys to publicise the hell out of the story, as well.

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  3. I knew we had traveled into the Twilight Zone when Nutty Neelu, one of the most proficient mobile phone filmmakers with enviable expertise, claimed she had gone to the Hampstead church early one morning and witnessed dozens of baby carriages with “lunch” being wheeled in for the Cult.

    Did she film this event as does almost every aspect of her life?. No.
    Did she ever go back perhaps with one of her pals (after having out their indifference aside) on another Wednesday morning and film such an event? No.

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    • Not to mention her claim that she’d actually heard a baby being murdered in the church. What did she do about this? Not a sweet bloody thing, except to tell all her friends about it.

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  4. Nicely done, EC 🙂

    Meanwhile, another hoaxtroofer attempts to apply – cough cough – “logic” to the Dearman interview:

    That’s on Kristie Sue’s ‘Believe the Children’ page. Good to know she’s wheeled out her A-team 😀

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    • Yes, it’s a well-known Medical Fact of Science that you can tell whether a person has demons by looking at their eyes.

      Oh wait, I think mine are rolling back in my head right now! Call the Exorcist!

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      • Following ‘friends’ links on one of these hoax promoters ( APD in this case) really leads you down the Rabbit Hole of sheer depression.
        I landed on one of those anti-Social Services nutcases and it was a woman who they all claim had her children ‘stolen’ etc etc.
        The vile cow describes how she took a drug overdose and was in a coma for many days and then ended up in a psychiatric unit for a month and lo & behold- social services took her kids in. (Presumably they would have starved to death because of this cow’s sheer selfishness in deciding a drug OD was a reasonable thing to do)
        Then she nabs her kids and flees to Scotland but it all goes haywire.

        These people are repulsive. They suck on the teat of government handouts ( I’m all for those needing help & the unemployed being assisted financially) which gives them the time & some cash to buy drugs rather than provide for their family. Then they moan & scream when local councils have to step in because they are so selfish they would rather pump lo-grade heroin into their arms than feed their kids.

        They test my patience. I simply cannot stand them or their supporters (yes you APD etc). I’m fast coming to the conclusion would-be parents should have to get a license to have children. The morons of the world are reproducing and continuing a cycle of despair through generations.

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    • Always wondered what happened to Kevin Turvey.Seems he has infiltrated the hoax mob cunningly disguised as Rhys Oakes.Should make for a fascination exposé when he gets round to it.

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  5. The worst EYES are Peacher’s and I’m with Tracey Morris on Andy Peacher being totally out of order in going to his annual conference in 2016 and leaving his wife Joanne who he supposedly is paid to care for by the Welfare state with 2 broken legs while he boasted his ego.

    He is some creepy fella…

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    • I’m not sure his eyes are the worst, but he has been responsible for enabling and collaborating with the hoax teams…. bigtime. On Facebook mainly, he and others have infiltrated good groups, caused problems if possible, taken them over, or attacked, hacked and mirrored…. I spoke to him years ago, spelling out the dangers and wrongness of the hoaxes….he giggled. I spoke with others who were promoting him years ago, saying he was not the right person to be holding conferences etc… They said, ‘we know, we just use him’.
      He’s just a bow in their quiver of building the illusion of leading activism in the UK, regarding Child Protection.
      How mad ? How Bad ?
      He hasn’t any boundaries necessary for dealing with the issues he claims to care about.
      Another one who imo should be visited. Again, is it the lack of listening figures ? Do the police not consider his activity serious enough ?….. I do, especially as they are slinking around the Scottish Inquiry, creating the illusion of leading a campaign regarding it, whilst promoting the hollie hoax as having been true, and using the P gate tags.

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      • The Scottish enquiry has been driven straight up looney lane by these cnuts! In fact I go so far as to say it’s these interfering drugged up bastards who are absolutely ensuring the failure of it. That’s one of the reasons I’m completely convinced by the argument that says part of the reason (apart from money) these hoaxes are put together in the first place is to get the heat (attention) away from the organised criminals that really are actually behind child abuse. A lot of things point to the remaining ports with fishing boats that can pretty much come and go as they please. I’m very much in agreement who point to the north east of scotland as a haven for these people and its no accident there is a focal point for hoaxers there.

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  6. In other news, Araya has called ‘False Flag’ on the Manchester attack, (I knew she would eventually) and has boasted about having multiple Facebook accounts. I want to inform Facebook of the multiple accounts, but can’t see where to do this, any ideas?

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    • To report a Facebook profile click on the 3 dots that are next to the message box. Some options then come up, choose report and one of the options that appears is Report this profile.

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    • I’ve already reported one of her posts were she says Remainers should have their heads chopped off.
      But it’s hit & miss with fucking Facebook. They let her anti-Semitic posts flourish. And those are posts that would get the filthy looking cow jailed in Germany or Austria.

      They claim to now have 8000 people monitoring posts but apparently they are really badly paid by the scumbag Zuckerberg (not he’s not Illuminati just a frigging common & garden variety tax-avoider who forces the waged taxpayer to supplement his fortune)

      But what if some of those “monitors”, already pissed off with their low wage are also believers in this crap? What if they are Nazi lovers and conspiracy believers? How guards the guards?

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    • I think both Abe and Angie both watched too much Jackanory as children and now they both think of themselves as great storytellers. They both live in a world of fiction that they have created in their own minds.

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    • It’s only believable to people who already have a childish, Hollywood-esque idea of what’s involved in real cults and paedophile rings. The story rings true to those who have swallowed that version; to the rest of us, it’s very clear that the whole thing is a hoax.

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  7. Excellent blog post! Reminds me of the Jean-Clement audio where they’re talking about how many people are involved and the little boy says ‘Millions!’ and Abe corrects him. Not that he was teaching him what to say or anything….

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    • I would love to hear what Jean-Clement has to say about this whole sorry saga and hear what his true thoughts are about Abe and Ella.

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    • “Reminds me of the Jean-Clement audio where they’re talking about how many people are involved and the little boy says ‘Millions!’”
      Loved that – the real little boy inside him, shines out 🙂

      How absurd is it, though, to ask 8&9 year old alleged sex slaves how many people are in the supposed cult?
      How could they possibly know the answer to that? They counted them? Where & when? How could they possibly know, if there were other members they’d never seen – or not? Where they in charge of membership and records? Two little kids?

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  8. The same happened in Finnbarr’s video where he’s talking to the little girl:

    F: Right. How much money do they get
    A: Oh…a LOT…
    F: Do they charge…do they charge…yeah but they charge for it as well, don’t they?
    A: Yes
    F: How much do they charge?
    A: Like, one thousand pounds…it looks like one thousand pounds a week, they get. Or maybe two…maybe it’s a million pounds…
    F: Doesn’t matter, yeah yeah yeah

    In other words, she can’t remember what she’s been told to say, so she just throws numbers out there, hoping one will be correct. But it doesn’t matter: Finnbarr doesn’t really want those kind of details. He’s only interested in the “sexy” bits.

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  9. I recall when i saw the video of Finbarr talking to the little girl and how creepy it felt to hear an adult male talking to a young child about sexual abuse. I remember at the time thinking i wish i could see his face as he sounded like a dirty old man getting his kicks from what the girl was telling him.

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      • Yes you are right EC, it was very disturbing to listen to and it was yet another one of the videos that had me thinking something wasn’t right with Abe & Ella for letting this guy talk to a child in that manner. It does give you an unsettling feeling.

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    • That’s just it, AP. Abe should never have had his friend interviewing the children. The Finn video is particularly disturbing as he prompts the girl and comes across as creepy as Abe is at times.

      What kind of Mother allows this? Ella was complicit throughout in my opinion.

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  10. I totally agree with you TorkGirl8, the whole thing was disturbing and unsettling and Finn sounds so creepy the way he talks to the child. Ella seems quite happy to let anything happen to the children as long as Abe says it is ok.

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    • Ella is a mother only in that she elected periodically to open her legs and nature took its course.I observe zero evidence of anything resembling maternal protection/self sacrifice/unconditional love towards her progeny..

      I think it was Fanny Adams who made the point about the children being a handy meal ticket.Along with Abe she weaponized them against the paternal side of their arising.

      In my eyes this makes her Ella little more than both grubby manipulative prostitute and callous pimp but “mother” in its full meaning surely even Mr Caesar would have issued the big thumbs down.


    • I’m pretty sure if she really had lost lung capacity to COPD she’d realise what a limiting thing that is and be rather less casual about it. I know a bloke in his mid 50s who never smoked in his life, but was the child of a heavy smoker which lead (he believes) to him developing brittle asthma and ultimately COPD through scarring. Otherwise fit and healthy he literally cannot walk up stairs before getting seriously out of breath and apparently he’s effectively “only lost” half a lung to it, it really drags you down. He won’t go within 50 yards of a smoking area and reckons the smoking bans are what allow him to lead a relatively normal life.


    • Irresponsible much, Woody?

      Seriously, what qualifies her to give out such medical advice?


  11. Watch out, folks – there appears to be a Relayer clone on YouTube, attempting to discredit him by making death threats.


    • Despicable nitwit. The deplorable goose like so many others uses every tragic event to push their lunacy.

      “Published on May 23, 2017
      Love & Strength to all who have been touched by the impact of the horrific events at Manchester Arena – my heart goes out to you all, in solidarity of compassion: Already, the haters are out in force – feeding off OUR suffering; they want to create division on behalf of their Nazi-Zionist puppet masters who have been profiting in EVERY way from their ORCHESTRATED ‘war-on-terror’ which they fund, arm and recruit every crazed individual their INTELLIGENCE AGENTS can find. Now they want to infect the population of Manchester toward strengthening their divides – so we can all hate each other and be LOST in that distraction from the REAL enemy; the Nazi-Zionists and ALL their ‘elitist’ global-corps who meanwhile, are free to rob,m rape and kill, with IMPUNITY – well, you’re in for a SHOCK NWO: MANCUNIANS ARE NOBODY’S FOOLS!”

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    • One can almost sense the collective punching of air and the rush of excited dashing across basements towards keyboards when any major tragedy hits the wires.Each and every one of them hoping to be first to wave the false flag siren and gain attention and kudos by riding on the back of the suffering of innocent lives.

      Beyond shame.

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  12. In Abraham’s demented world, if his plans had worked out, he would be so called ‘Curing’ people’s children of mythical SRA and TBMC. People like this lady Andrea Sadegh, who has appeared on both CCN and Miles Johnston Bases series talking about when her 2 and a half year old son started experiencing signs of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    From her YouTube Channel “trauma based mind control, MK Ultra, (satanic) ritual abuse, pedo-criminals, freemasonry, human experimentation, super soldiers, programming, symptoms of toddlers and children; Nazi-Germany, cover-ups. network against torture on toddlers and children:

    From The CCN Video description
    “Andrea specializes on Trauma Based Mind Control especially in the German speaking countries, what she has learnt is beyond the imaginable:

    She is Austrian, living in Vienna and after having done enormous research for years about the reason for the traumatization of her 2 ½ year old son Luki in 2011 – she learnt the nearly unknown term in 2012 “trauma based mind control” and (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse, Andrea then founded

    Finding out too much about the crime meant that she lost custody of her beloved son and is currently not allowed to see him. Since 2011 Andrea has requested detailed examinations over MRI/CT/nuclear medical examinations but they are denied from Austrian authorities, several times she had to flee the country, because of attempted murder. Officials in Austria are claiming “there would be no initial suspicion”, as they continue to use her son heavily in different MK Ultra and SSP programs.

    In the meantime – 2017 – she is regarded as an expert in this sad topic (she studied comparative literature at university, does have a postgraduate in statistics and a diploma as a trainer, coach and social councilor), she specialized for years on symptoms of toddlers and children who have to go through these programs which are far beyond the imaginable , as well on the modus-operandi (intel and freemasonic groups) of these crimes.

    An English based psychologist, Dr. Rainer Kurz, just mentioned her as one of the leading expert-by-experience researchers in the field in his article, comparing the case of her son with the most famous cases in Austria on Fritzl and Kampusch.”

    Her channel promotes this crap as “One of the best documentaries on MK Ultra, trauma based mind Control & SRA and how these crimes are connected to our governments”


        • I know, I’ve been following the news coverage today. So awful, and I think any of us, whether we have children or not, can empathise with the families and friends of those killed. Except Angela, apparently. She is too busy marinating in her own sickly-sweet brew of self-pity to think of anyone else, especially if they are coping with real and terrible pain.

          She disgusts me.

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      • Yep vile, evil….. weeding out the ‘time wasters’, so only the ‘potential punters’, are left…. I used to canvass for some rotten scoundrels,……. Meanwhile, in the real world…..I see definite signs of a wave of recognition, created by BBC Ones’ ‘Three Girls’….. I could bear a grudge against the beeb for the treatment of our first rally, ’93……if I did that, i could easily hate the world, i’ve been battered, bruised and knocked around a fair bit, by all kinds….
        The cyber attack tho, on the NHS, seems weird, like wasn’t it protected fully? If not, why not ? I can see it being used to push for controls, but then so I can, caused by hoaxers, scammers, fakers and haters…… but, then we do need good journalists, investigators, whistleblowers…….
        I never watch Gogglebox, but it just was on, and ‘Three Girls’, was on …. I had tears rolling as I watched the reactions….. people were listening, responding, that’s what we needed….. It’s what I said on the video, that Truth & Hope & Belinda & Co, got rid of, ‘We;re ready to talk,…… Are you ready to listen ?’……
        There is another wave, from my perspective…. there are already alot of copies from youtubers, I havn’t had a chance to check out…. One wants to know where are the girls……….Grrrrr….. Safe I hope, just like the children, some will use this too, misuse…… I heard someone discussing it, saying that they were ready for the reaction and glad it was occurring……it was why it was made…..Just like what my reason for doing what I did, what motivates most who genuinelly have been determined that it had to be no longer a dirty secret for victims to not only keep, but be blamed for……

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  13. Low Life Scammer and criminal Thief Hope Girl is now feeding the delusions of seriously mentally ill ‘Targeted Individuals’ and marketing products pretending to be able to help them.
    Her latest video has a stupid clickbait title and the description is just links to her scam products and bullshit.
    What a dirtbag.

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      • I think thats the one she has renamed click bait. How bad is that title, lol?
        It reminds me of those ads that show some steroid guy and it says “personal trainers hate him, How to get buff with one top trick” or the weight loss ‘tips’ clickbait adds, in one easy step.

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      • She cut the best bit, ‘Huff n Puff’, I hope i didn’t spook em, when i accidentally, subscribed to Dangelus ,,,probs not, cos i’m sure they don’t watch it all like hawks, while they chat away, share screens, get messages around, to any still listening,,,,listenin…listless…


    • Miles Johnston is also planning a conference in Dublin, september with Sandra Fecht & other SRA regression therapists, healers, mkultra specialists, galore because the organisor/therapist has found so much child abuse in Ireland…….. meanwhile in the real group, some very stricken, elderly, worn out from being re victimised by charities, set up to help them via previous commissions, are being ignored, told they moan too much, are not interesting ….. Funds are being raised & spent, but need to get to many survivors of abuse, urgently, who need to be free to choose the help they want to have……freedom of choice, but in that case…..all these vultures are lining up, to be magnets for victims, some with compo or benefits…
      El Coyote, I’m gonna get sent to you some emails…. No, i can’t even figure how to do that, this is so different and crashes alot, still….. They’re a mess…. but evidence…..that you are welcome to put to good use, or show people.
      There’s a link in the comments….

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  14. Unqualified medical advice…False flag bandwagon jumping…So that’s twice you’ve pissed me off tonight, Woodbrain.

    So what you gonna do for the hat-trick, Mahogany-Brain? Deny the Holocaust? Say something about black people? Post a photocopy of your arse from the office Christmas party? I wait with bated breath…

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