Abe & Ella’s blogs: Not with a bang, but a whimper

Was it only three months ago that Ella and Abe seemed to be on the brink of re-launching the Hampstead SRA hoax, complete with exclusive interviews (Ella only, please; Abe is too unappetising for even the most gullible troofer), an aggressive funding drive, and an attempt to latch onto the American audience via that whole Superbowl advert controversy?

It was all going so well: Stone-faced Ella was giving interviews to that SGT fellow, followed by Sofia Small-Something, and then Nathan Stolpman…who sadly stepped in it by revealing Ella’s admission that she’d been lying when she said her ex-husband, his new wife, and her eldest son were part of the imaginary cult.

At this point, the entire story collapsed, since most people realised that not only Ella, but RD’s two children had both originally asserted that their older brother and his father were in the cult…which meant that they were not, in fact, being absolutely truthful in the videos Abe and Ella had forced them to make en route Morocco to London.

And then there were the various crowd-funding attempts, all of which, we are proud to say, were stymied by you, our commenters. If Abe and Ella were hungry last spring, we imagine they must be ravenous by now, despite all those chickens we heard in the background of one of Ella’s videos. Hemp soup might be all well and good [No, it’s not—Ed.], but we noticed that in each of her appearances last spring, Ella looked a bit more scrawny and washed out.

Poor Ella and Abe: cashless, stranded in the Spanish countryside with only chickens for company (or presumably, for supper), losing supporters by the bucketload…and now, the final indignity: Yes, it’s true: yesterday we learned that both of Ella and Abe’s obnoxious, identical, and virtually unreadable websites, HampsteadCoverup.com and FreetheHampstead2.com, have gone tits up.

To be honest, we hadn’t really been paying much attention to the twin blogs, as Abe could never be arsed to update them. The last time we checked, the most recent post was dated 2016.

It seems most likely that the blogs were removed by their Icelandic web host, who are quite happy to tolerate all manner of child abuse and defamation on their platform, but become a bit tetchy when they aren’t paid on time.

In any case, we’re quite certain the blogs’ absence from the interwebs will not be missed, except perhaps by Kristie Sue, Abe’s last remaining fart sniffer.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter…crickets.

Yes, you read that right. The last time Abe roused himself from his cannabis-induced stupour long enough to bother writing on Twitter was just three weeks shy of a year ago.

So…no Twitter, no crowd-funding, no blogs, no cash, no hope. It seems that at long last, Abe and Ella and their malicious hoax have reached the end of the line, and it’s happened not with a bang, but a whimper.

There’s only one option left for them, and it involves porridge. Still, that’s a step up from hemp soup, right?

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  1. “In any case, we’re quite certain the blogs’ absence from the interwebs will not be missed, except perhaps by Kristie Sue, Abe’s last remaining fart sniffer.”

    Ha! Can you believe I posted that pic before I read your comment, EC? Great minds think alike. And so do ours 😀

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  2. Child abuse will never be tolerated, and those supporting these two child abusers on the run from the UK Police, should be held accountable for their part in spreading hoaxes that cover up, and take away from genuine cases. Anyone who has ever shilled for Abe and Ella, given them a platform, given them any money are all guilty of supporting child abuse.

    As we are all too well aware, those that helped plan and promote this hoax are linked to convicted paedophiles and charity scams that have done considerable damage to anti-child abuse campaigns in the UK by overshadowing and making a side-show entertainment parade out of sensitive issues.

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  3. I wouldn’t have known, if you hadn’t made an excellent post on this as I’ve only ever looked at their sites a handful of times in total. Excellent news.

    I haven’t seen Abe comment on YT for a long time either.
    “Kristie Sue.. Abe’s last remaining fart sniffer” LOL! Well said, EC.

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  4. The face of pure evil, gives me the shivers and the Jeepers Creepers.
    That “woman” has a lot to answer for, especially the immense damage she has done to RD and his children.
    It still amazes me what filth a pervert like Costa can get away with spreading and not face any charges.

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  5. The Mother (Fucker) of The Year award goes to Ella who allows her career criminal boyfriend to post images of her own children talking about sex & repeating lies beaten into them by Christie.
    What a legacy she has created for herself.
    It was always inevitable this shonky enterprise was doomed for failure even without the High Court declaring it a hoax.

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  6. Has there been no sightings of Abe and Ella since they fled the UK?
    No tracking of them throught their sites or online presence, videos, communications with LTV and other scumbags who gave them a platform?
    Maybe wanted posters?

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  7. They were so out of their minds before, I don’t even want to think of what Abe’s drug addled regime has done to them now. At least they never got to take the children back to Morocco the next day as Abe mentioned them planning in the JC recording.

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  8. Yes, I’m sick of these fucks saying that London and the UK are some type of Mecca for child abuse. That’s absolute bullshit. people in this country despise child abusers and any sex offenders. It aint like the USA where men rape other men in prison. that is not tolerated here. sex offenders are mentally disturbed, same as people who abuse animals.

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  9. Her kids must hardly remember her. why hasn’t she come back? is there some even more serious stuff we don’t know about coz I cant see her doing that much time for what she did. Meeting Christie was the biggest curse to ever happen to her. Horrible little bastard.

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  10. Ah the lovely Bridget Yorke who I had noted long before she got interested in Hampstead. I have a pal who has spent 30 years in Paris building up a career as a successful fashion journalist and she told me some amusing anecdotes about this South African ex-model (a business that attracts highly intelligent young gels. Not).
    Yorke apparently is reasonably well off from a family inheritance and stormed around Paris demanding unsuccessfully, to be allowed into the top fashion shows during Fashion Week and then even when attending the second tier of shows where guests and the public buy tickets on a first in, best set basis she still attempted to demand front row seats.

    However after 10 years or so her repeated promotion that the Holocaust never happened and other anti-Semitic themes, combined with a particularly nasty rant she engaged in at a fashion party with a black designer where she screeched racist insults at him the poor thing still hasn’t twigged why she is pretty much loathed around the city and persona non grata.
    ## there are two Bridget Yorkes, ironically both who are seen on the fashion circuit, one a genuine non cotroversial and the other our perp.

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  11. @Sir Henry – please have a look at the comments under this article:

    There is considerable evidence that Esther Baker was “fronting” for charity scams run by the Evans & Wilmer families, specifically.

    I liked what you said the other day, but if you believe that she was also fronting as a distraction for genuine child abusers, you really ought to name those persons and present the evidence to support that hypothesis in her case specifically.

    The distraction hypothesis IS a valid one, in some cases, but for example in these cases:

    the false SRA allegations were distraction from the liar’s personal sexual interest in children, for which there is substantiation.

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  12. The only slight pity is that the Icelandic hosting company didnt invite the team over to press the magic termination button but hey we cant have it all.

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  13. The best bet imo of finding the pair of them would be for WANTED POSTERS to be put up in the last area they were known to be in.

    Have a chat with the locals, buy them a drink, they may talk easier.

    I don’t think the Police can be bothered with these 2 so it’s going to be a case of Citizens doing the job for them.

    I could be wrong, for all I know the Police could be knocking at their door today…

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  14. You raise some very odd aspects of real and false sex abuse matters and some of the odd behaviour of the fevered campaigners. I was one of the few who found the comedian Tim Minchin’s rather tawdry and abusive song about cardinal George Pell rather quite sick.

    I have no clue on the veracity of claims about Pell but he deserved, as everyone does, the presumption of innocence which is something he most certainly has not received. Oddly those who defended Pell in the media who tended by on the right of politics encouraged others to then accuse anyone who dared make claims as a “pedo defender” & it included some notable ‘left wing’ writers.

    But I could see a disturbing matter brewing as I had been warned by my ex-PI Melbourne friend that he had met and become very friendly with a child abuse victim whose abuser had been charged, admitted guilt and sentenced to a small time in jail.

    That abuser was the man Minchin was raising money for to send to Rome to confront Pell along with a bunch of genuine victims. It was all bound to end tears as the that abuser (who also happens to be a chief accuser against Pell) was exposed much to the distress of the other victims he led to Rome.

    But it was his victim who suffered the most according to my friend. This was a matter he had out out of his mind and got on with life but then had the whole matter revived by Minchin who lauded this man’s abuser as some sort of hero. H e became physically ill and quite distraught.

    Minchin has never had the good grace to apologise to this victim and like many who claim to be “child abuse campaigners” simply got on with his career and ignored the matter.

    But other fevered campaigners began shouting loud defences of the Rome abuser declaring he had “served his time, paid the price” and so. It seems this abuser’s attacks upon Pell over-rode his own activities. Also there seems to be a hard-core of Catholic haters among ( VicPol- Victorian Police) who have promoted the Pell claims especially using media contacts.

    Perhaps it will all come out when Cardinal Pell faces a court but word circulating is that the case may have to thrown out due to the decades long prejudicial attacks on Pell meaning it may be impossible for him to get a fair trial.

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  15. Off topic but I’ve been thinking….always dangerous. Two people have claimed that Hoaxtead has attacked them in the past few days, when nobody here seems to know anything about it. So either it’s a rogue who’s actually on our side (and would we want them?) or someone is playing silly sods in a clone. Just a thought.

    Of course it’s possible that the complainers are just jumping to ridiculous conclusions……

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  16. I know what you mean, but the two people who seem to believe we’ve been harassing them have nothing in common that I can see. Still, it’s odd.


  17. Defective detective, I guess it’s obvious where the false information came from, the mention of having IP’s gives it away to me at least. He is showing screenshots where people got Kane Slaters child abuse videos taken down on vid me months ago. So does he support child abuse videos on the internet?

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  18. There is a fellow from Sweden I think who seemed to be supportive of Rupert, but turned on him quite nastily , I saw it on FB, can’t access FB atm to look at it again but it is easily found.

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  19. Ahhhh…it all falls into place. Kristie Sue has a nasty habit of “outing” me and Spiny as one and the same, despite the fact that he and I have never met; as you say, the Defective Detective strikes again. I’m surprised she didn’t tell him RD was behind his takedown. 😂

    She also tried to dox a commentator here a while ago by seeking out information on them from “family members”. Sadly, not only was the info inaccurate and libellous, but the people she got it from were involved in longstanding criminal behaviour, some involving abuse of children.

    If I were Titus, I’d be a bit more careful who I believed. Kristie Sue isn’t exactly a trustworthy researcher.

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  20. What’s the point of blocking you? Strange how a couple of defective detectives sent him in the wrong direction, now he’s making more enemies that he really didn’t need to. The whole blogs now Satanic?
    Personally I don’t care for religion, but i’m not going to preach about it.

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  21. I’m not getting Titus’ assertion that Hoaxtead and the Satanic Temple are connected either other than EC follows Lucian Greaves on Twitter. I only came across Lucien Greaves a few days ago. He has some interesting things to say about False Memory and Satanic Panics. My main interest is Psychology and he knows his stuff. He’s not a ‘Satanist’ in the literal sense anyway. He’s an atheist who sees God and Satan as metaphors for something. If I had a Twitter account I’d probably follow him too so I’d get notifications when he publishes. I don’t know what EC’s interest is in him but I suspect it’s much the same as mine.

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  22. Yes, I have found his writing intelligent, straightforward, and intellectually honest…which is more than I can say for anyone I’ve seen so far on the troofer side.

    Plus, frankly, I’ve heard Titus wittering on about “freedom of speech” in his videos, but I’ve heard him say nothing about “freedom of association”, another important right.

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  23. Have you seen what Nina Valentine has put on APD’s wall?

    I, for one, am very pleased to read your latest news re that horrendous couple’s blogs. It is a win for all of you!

    It’s kind of shocking to observe the amount and strength of attacks you’re under in the last couple of days…someone is definitely busy winding people up, it might be APD given how the people threatening legal action against Hoaxtead Research or its commentators are posting their intentions to her FB wall.

    I’m quietly supporting every one of you at the moment.

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  24. Has anyone seen the news on a certain ex MP, known around these parts?

    Too much of a minefield for me to comment.

    It must be awful to be falsely accused of child abuse.

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  25. I’ve been avoiding that one like the plague; the MP in question monitors discussion of himself, and once he arrives he’s like a dinner guest who just. Will. Not. Leave.

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  26. Over 2 hours of rabbiting? The ego of these goons. And everyone else is a “sheeple” because they don’t join their fight which is err, making youtube videos.
    My researchers. Honestly..I mean HONESTLY !. Where are these ratbags coming from?

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  27. Bloody George Soros who is my section leader and finances the CIA, GCHQ, FSB (Russia), Mossad and was behind the notorious Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club is always promising to pay me as Head Tea Lady but I’m yet to see a shilling.
    If El Coyote doesn’t pay as well is it possible he’s really Soros? Would explain a lot.

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  28. The insensitivity of these people is staggering.

    She’s wandering a graveyard and accusing monuments as having ‘Lucerfarian’ devils on them and Freemason symbols etc etc, not giving a Flying F*ck that it’s a monument (which looks like that of a mother and child) put there by a grieving family to remember their lived ones.

    No, for Nutcase Nina it’s yet another attack upon HER (loved her claim her dog had to get out of the cemetery fast when all he wanted to do was find another tree to piss on).

    The arrogance of this mob is that they overtly or covertly promote the false accusations against innocent families & then appear shocked that they in turn will be attacked. By continually promoting and agreeing with a main hoaxer like APD Nina Nutcase is trying to give credence to all Power-Disney’s perverted and disgusting accusations.

    And everyone is supposed to just accept having their life destroyed by these ghastly creeps but when their victims might fight back, it’s all “oh woe is me why am I being attacked?”

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  29. The strange thing is that Pell (afaik) has never been accused of being a pedophile himself, just that he ‘covered up’ others, and the church at that time did cover up as a matter of course as to not be seen as ‘fallible’
    (I know this sounds like a lame excuse, but their ‘reasoning’ was to some extend understandable, ANY failings of members of the church simply couldnt be allowed to enter the public view, they (incorrectly) thought any failings should be dealt with ‘inhouse’

    Strangley enough the various police forces here at the same time had EXACTLY the same culture of ‘deal with issues inhouse’ and as a result had to undergo the exact same procedure, with Royal commissions, and in the end every failure had to undergo intense public scrutiny which, had the issues been dealt with in the first place properly, would have been subject to far LESS public exposure ironically

    For a long time, it resulted in the police in the worst states improving their behaviour, but I have noticed in the last decade or so (mostly since 9/11 strangely enough) their behaviour has swung back markedly towards that displayed during the worst years before the Royal commissions investigated


  30. I’m not sure, looking at their various links, its been a while since they posted regularly (Spiny’s link further up for example has been inactive (by them at least) for a couple of months)
    Ive seen them post occasionally, but only the odd one or two posts, here and there- nothing substantial


  31. Oh! I don’t know if anyone else see the always charming John Alexander (Paterson?) with his eloquent, kind words for a nice lady who was calling him out! He always has such as charming mouth!

    “ZIONIST TROLL BASTARD” and other such wonderful words to a lady! What a fine example of a man!


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