Ella and Abe can’t keep their stories straight

Ella’s latest interview, produced by “Sean” of the oddly secretive Russia-philic “gold and silver trading” site SGT, may be the hottest thing on the American #Piece-o-hate lovers’ horizon, but that’s probably because it’s fresh new fodder to them. To us, it’s old hat…in this case a grease-stained, smelly old flat cap that’s been chewed by the family dog.

We’re all too familiar with the lurid details of the Hampstead SRA hoax, so it didn’t take much effort to pinpoint the inconsistencies between Hoaxtead version 1.0, released circa February 2 2015, and Hoaxtead version 3.5, released two days ago.

For example, only a minute and a half into the video, Ella states that Hoaxtead involved “an array of counterintelligence operatives connected to child trafficking, snuff movies, organ trafficking, ritual sexual abuse, torture, and money laundering“. Later in the video, she states that there were “38,000 shell companies [at a building] on Finchley Road in Hampstead….Some parents in the cult are involved in this money-laundering operation”.

Well, hold the bloody phone just a minute here: since when were snuff movies, organ trafficking, and money laundering part of the Hoaxtead narrative? Clearly, Abe and Ella have been doing some work on the hoax since we last checked in with them. We recognise the money-laundering allegation as one of Charlotte Ward’s lies from her old Hamster Research blog, but the rest seem to have been invented from whole cloth.

Then at 25:45 in the video, Ella claims that “the children were being made to touch animals”: where did this come from? Again, bestiality certainly wasn’t part of the original story. It appears to have been added in to create that extra frisson of disgust in a new audience.

But we thought the cult members were ‘elites’?

Contrary to Abe and Ella’s original claim that the cult was run by incredibly wealthy and powerful “elites” in a posh London enclave, Ella now describes RD in very different terms.

At 35:24 she says, “He’s coming from a family of miners, so total poverty—I’ve been to their house…they don’t have much money at all….” How does this square with the allegation that RD’s entire family, going back generations, has been involved in cult ritual abuse? Surely there must be a fundamental disconnect between “they’re all doing it because they’re rich and powerful and can get away with it” and “he comes from a poor working-class family”?

‘Why didn’t they arrest me?’

We confess that we laughed out loud at the end of the video, when Ella pouted, “If I’ve committed offences, why didn’t they arrest me?”

All together now: “Because you jumped out the window and ran away when the police came!”

‘She stared into my eyes…’

One of the most glaring inconsistencies, though, comes close to the end of the new video, at 53:35, when Ella describes how the alleged “special children” want out of the “cult”:

A told me that her friend she came to our house, they wanted to tell. But she was scared—they were threatened that their entire family would be killed. Their mum would be killed, their grandparents would be killed even if they said anything. So the girl got scared and never said anything. And I knew, I felt it, I mean the girl was like looking into my eyes like she wanted to say something. And obviously they knew I’m not part of it….”

Such a touching story—a little girl, terrified and pleading with her eyes to the one woman she knows isn’t part of the cult, who might be able to help her.

But compare and contrast to the following:

Some of you who’ve followed this hoax from the outset might recall a post on Charlotte Ward’s Hamster Research blog titled “Message from Abraham”, published 1st June 2015. While the blog is long gone now, we were able to find the post in its entirety on the David Icke Forum’s never-ending Hampstead hoax thread:

And then, just in case we were wondering who “M” might be: So amazingly, Abe and Ella both had exactly the same experience of a young child looking imploringly into their eyes, silently begging for their help in freeing them from the murderous cult? Funny how this story, once belonging to Abe, has now been given to Ella, the new spokesperson for the couple.

And quite fascinating that their story, far from remaining static, seems to be developing new twists, turns, and angles, the longer they are able to sit and mull about it in their Spanish hideaway. We can think of only one way to stop them at this point: this pair really wants arresting.

176 thoughts on “Ella and Abe can’t keep their stories straight

  1. Hey, EC – haven’t you heard? Reboots are all the rage! 😀

    Fresh plot. New backstory. New characters…And if they can get Abe to fuck off, we’ll even get an all-female cast à la Ghostbusters and Ocean’s 8!

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      • Great post as always EC. I can just picture Abe & Ella sat watching pizzagate videos on Youtube all day and looking out for new subjects to add to their original lies. They’ve got to keep attracting new conspirasheep all the time otherwise their story will be left behind while yet another conspiracy suddenly takes all the headlines and the conspirasheep with it.

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        • Thanks, AP. I was particularly amused by their “big (green) eyes” story, which is apparently interchangeable between Abe and Ella.


  2. Snuff movies are trending, it seems. Abrella have timed their marketing strategy well.

    (Thanks to Barchon for this screenshot.)

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  3. Not only did Abe and Ella “jump out the window and run away when the police came” but as I recall, they’d also spent some time beforehand refusing to let them into the house to question/arrest them. How do we know this? Because Abe & Ella uploaded the recording themselves! Same mistake that they made with the ‘coaching’ videos. Word to the wise, Abrella – if you’re going to tell lies on the internet, it’s probably best not to upload videos that disprove what you’re saying. Sit back and leave that to us, haha.

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    • Funny how none of their believers ever mention Ella & Abe running away from the cops. Innocent people have no reason to run from the law whereas guilty people certainly do.

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  4. There’s something very creepy about the image of a little child “looking deeply” into Abe’s eyes.

    And are they sure the kids’ eyes were green or will they change to brown for the reboot? 😀

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  5. I do seem to remember very early on, it being mentioned about the children touching the dog in one of their interviews but I don’t think they ever mentioned it again.

    The two of them are so easy to see through! Ella’s new video was obviously revamped to appeal to the pizzagaters who swarm around it like flies to the shit that it is. Abe and Ella knew exactly what they were doing and saw it as a chance to make money.

    They didn’t bank on us getting their fundraising page shut down though..:D

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      • Ye i remember hearing the kids saying they had stopped touching each other and ella saying about the dog ? While they were all in morroco abe said their was a little one the kids molested but my questions what happend about that were never answered , ie did the child receive hospital treatment and now that the kids are molesting others what steps are taken to keep them and others safe – and the poor dog

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        • I personally must have missed the mention of a “dog”, something like this would not happen unless a child had been encouraged to do that. As I recall an incident happened at the school involving a pupil encouraging other children to show or/and touch private parts, but something that is not necessarily sinister. The sinister part is how much involvement Abraham Christie has played in encouraging or even participating in any sexual situations with those children. I am going from the small facts I am aware of and intuition, but I think there is a lot the police have not said involving Abraham Christie, I am thinking whilst he is running around free, many other children may be at risk from him.

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    • You’re right that the family dog was mentioned at the beginning, but to my knowledge there was never any suggestion that the so-called cult had mandated anything to do with animals. This was added in after the fact, along with a number of other embellishments, such as the story that the children had assaulted a young child.

      If the conspirasheep wish to truly “believe the children”, they might want to consider that nowhere in any of their recitals on video to Abe and Ella, nor in the illegally released police videos, did the children mention that bestiality was part of the alleged cult, nor that they had attacked any child not previously named. So Ella’s addition of bestiality to the catalogue of alleged “cult activities” is clearly an after-the-fact creation of her and Abe’s imaginations.

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      • The conspirasheep really despise that fact that Hoaxtead Research exists. I’ve seen a few comments on Youtube now saying how people’s computers would play up after visiting this blog. Obviously a ploy to try and scare folk away from visiting this blog and reading actual facts with evidence to back them up as opposed to the lies and fantasies they prefer to believe in.

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        • Haha! Their computers play up after visiting a WordPress.com site? Do they realise that the “.com” version of WordPress doesn’t allow any sort of code changes or plug-ins that one would have to use to do anything nefarious? So even if we wanted to, which we don’t, it couldn’t happen.

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  6. Kudos on your thorough research, EC. You must have spent ages trawling for such obscure, long lost evidence. There are certain troofhoaxers who could learn a thing or two from you.
    Well, let’s face it – all of them!

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    • Thanks, WN–in fact this one wasn’t hard, as I vividly recalled my disgust at Abe’s description of the event (first time round, that is). My filing system is a bit eccentric in that it’s ranked by Revulsion Levels.

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      • I can imagine in order to make any semblance of what the hell this catalogue of abusers,grifters and plain mentally bonkers individuals are up to,some creative process of collating, prioritizing and generally sifting serious criminality from gibbering verbal masturbation is inevitable.The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” has no doubt held some sway in regards keeping tabs on events.

        Mr Einstein somehow created order from chaos and back again amidst papers sliding about all over the shop but no doubt he had contrived some system that at least worked for him in attempting to fathom the workings of everything.Not convinced he could have come up with a general theory of fruitloops though.

        Sterling stuff and clearly the revulsion method is prooving just the ticket.

        Great to see the new batch of interns settling into their positions btw. 😉

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        • Bob needs to get back to his seat and stop licking the office carpet, he’s on his last warning.
          ..and there’s always one, isn’t there? Jasmine on the right, waving to the camera, I see you! Get back to work!

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    • Yes Spiny, i think they could all learn a lot from EC and others. But that would be boring to them as they prefer to believe wild stories told to them by fruitloops on Youtube.

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  7. Speaking of sick lying fucks…

    Thanks to BM for drawing my attention to this perverse video. I’ve made my feelings known to Titarse Frost, who uploaded it:

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        • Honestly you can’t make this stuff
          Angela on her latest video says she was “intellectually trained” ( STOP that giggling up at the back Spiny Norman. I’ve got my eye on you) and learned karate where she used “kanakas” (presumably nunchucks).

          Ref : Sugar slaves | Queensland Historical Atlas Development › Exploitation
          These peoples were collectively referred to as Kanakas, but prefer to be called South Sea Islanders as the word ‘kanaka’ is considered derogatory by Islander communities in the Pacific and Australia.

          She says this to a black man she is interviewing. University education shining through again.

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          • Haha Angela must mean those “toys” we had in the early 70’s I think called nackers/knackers of something like that.

            What a load of hog wash as usual.

            I wonder what belt she claims to have been because she said it wasn’t a black belt.

            Lol you just couldn’t make her tales up, honestly, pure fantasy.

            The only equipment she uses is t-squares, garden rake, bamboo sticks and the bottle of gin in her hand.

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          • Well it certainly wasnt a chasity belt given her tales of dalliances with anyone in whose who in the past century and a half.Might have been a fan belt mind.

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          • Fanny, I think you mean Clackers. You don’t want to be banging your knackers together, although that hazard increases with age and baggy underwear.

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        • Ah the Fat Slags from Viz comic, there’s a blast from the past indeed. The pair of them along with other characters such as Sid the sexist and Postman Plod gave me so many laughs in the past.

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    • Yes agreed SV.

      Angela is too prolific at getting people to do her dirty work, encouraging and manipulating them.

      It might not be long before one of her stooges takes things into their own hands and becomes physically violent.

      I mean Heifer seems to be getting a bit wound up, with her threats of knowing where Sheva sleeps.

      No you don’t Heifer plus her intending to pay a visit to Erith and also Jockney.

      Not good Heifer, all 3 are threats and intimidating.

      Even Angela recognises that.

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        • Wtf?!

          I’ve missed that.

          They are not her children, it’s none of her damn business where they are!

          Why on earth did this busy body think she would be given that sort of information??

          Talk about arse licking Angela.

          Angela must love it having a new donkey to do all the dirty work for her.

          What a fool Heifer is.

          I’m suspecting though that when Angela turns on Heifer and/or when Heifer gets fed up of us not being able to hear what she has to say, Power Disney will get Heifer’s wrath.

          Heifer tell Angela to shut the f up because I actually want to hear what you have to say, you’re a damn sight more interesting than that old has been Power Disney.

          After all, if Heifer does indeed have a son and it looks increasingly like he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, as he’s 25 years and not 18, then she must be a bit peeved that someone like Angela, a self confessed drinker, pot head and someone with all these Mental Health diagnosis’ managed to keep all of her 3 children, despite Angela’s own family knowing Angela was not good enough to bring up the daughter let alone the 2 boys.

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          • I am unsure what results the Heifer got from their enquiries, but evidently an idiot in Barnet Social Services gave out some information they should not have, and Angela Power Disney is making claims (true or false – unknown) on the internet based upon this.


          • Good grief.If someone in Barnet SSD did gave away any confidential information they will definately get hauled over the carpet or much worse.Major carpet fire if any such is subsequently emblazoned across internet.

            Might well be hyped up attention seeking bollox of course.

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          • I had my doubts as Heather is not too bright in the detective dept, and Angela is a liar and a fantasist. The source was probably a friend of a friend she used to know who had a cleaning job for round the corner from barnet council who once overheard a woman talking about children whilst queing for a tuna mayonnaise panini on her lunch break.
            Or she just made it all up cos she wants Angie to like her and loves the attention of doing a show, as she can get pissed up, talk bollocks, and sit in the dark whilst listening to the sound of someone else’s voice other than her own for an hour to stem the lonliness.

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          • Thanks Jake Blake.

            I haven’t managed to catch up with that video yet!

            They are coming in so fast and furious, I haven’t got enough hours in the day.

            This claim is as true as Angela’s claims about Ella masturbating the small boy.


            Poor old Dave, believing it all.

            Why does she make this rubbish up?

            I expect it’s for the “attention” and to feel important.

            As for Dave, I think he is Schizophrenic.

            One of my son’s has a friend that comes out with similar tales.

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          • When Heifer eventually turns on Angela, I confidently expect Angela to shout about how she’d always had her doubts about her. She really does excel in the arts of back-pedalling and back-stabbing.


    • I appreciate they need to build a solid case for Crown prosecution to give the nod to proceed in securing conviction etc but all three in anyones book surely have passed every test for slapping the cuffs on.

      Also appreciate shortage of manpower particularly in light of yesterdays appalling events.The thing is investment now in bringing these prime movers to book will save a fortune long term yet alone potentially save an incident and future inquiries etc etc. Be some serious squirming before a parliamentary committee by those attempting to justify such inactivity if some unhinged lunatic inspired by Angie et als hate speech chose to go on a cause celeb rampage.

      It only takes one after all.

      All parts crossed things are plodding along behind the scenes and an operation will soon be swooping to lance this horrendous boil.

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      • There is enough resources, enough evidence to pull Angela Power Disney, Ella Draper and Abraham Christie into custody inside 48 hours; what the legal authorities lack is willpower, and thus this farce of a hoax spins and spins further out of control causing misery, fear and further illegality wasting more and more public money dealing with it. There is no excuses, it is pure incompetance, complacency, laziness and stupidity on the part of the legal authorities, drinking too much tea dunked with chocolate digestives, and avoiding the key actions that can put an end to three of the largest promoters of this hoax. If there is any legal person reading this, get off your arses and start doing something about this.

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        • It’s beyond a joke. There have been cases where people were arrested or sued over a single tweet or social media message, justnone single one if it applies to a public figure.
          But its okay for mindless hate filled witch hunters to send daily threats to the father and others.
          The Pizzagate, JA and Podesta, if it was one or two people they would have nipped it in the bud but tens of thousands all saying the same and it will just snowball if they try and deal with them all, like that yank flouride blank eyed ghoul at the pizzagate rally crying about censorship on twatter and reddit, OMG, like the evidence is so ummm, overwhelming, like, on social media, voat, just so much evidenzzzzzzzz.

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          • Barchon Mad, I am seriously pissed off that the legal authorities can pursue me for a legal complaint of harrassment by RQ, but apparently do nothing against people like Angela Power Disney, Ella Draper and Abraham Christie who are saying and doing as they please without any apparant legal counter-action. My frustration is being taken out on the social media companies such as Patreon.


    • I wouldn’t wait : any politician needing a platform should jump on this ASAP and get in early.
      Fugitives from the law Draper & Christie are breaching Patreon’s own rules (so much for their claim to be aiding those in the arts) but Patreon is also breaking the law and need to come to the attention of the FBI.

      I would NOT give entities like Patreon the slightest wriggle room.

      Amusingly they go on at length about how the poster indemnifies Patreon for any breaches of copyright etc but this is a ruse.
      Patreon is liable for such breaches themselves for civil breaches of copyright and criminal law. You cannot be indemnified for such things. And considering they do minimal checks on authenticity (as exampled by hosting Draper’s criminal fundraising) it is a matter of time before events and the law catches up with them.

      # This reminds me very much of a long conversation I had with a lawyer nearly 5 years ago about Uber. He was acting for a Black Cab driver in an unrelated dispute as conversation got around to how governments were falling over Uber’s seductive campaigns. He said they were breaching laws in dozens of ways which. despite the fact people may like the service, it was just a matter of time before it all came down in a heap. That included matters like whether they were employers, complicated liability insurance, VAT etc etc and likened the whole idea to a very sophisticated Pyramid Scheme. Now the whole edifice is beginning to crumble as directors bail out having made $Millions in the meantime.
      A prime example of how the law and governments can become bamboozled by how the internet is being used.

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      • @GoS
        I get the impression that Patreon is as arrogant as Uber.

        One of my associates jumped the gun and contacted Tulip Siddiq MP, but do not live in Hampstead. Since there has been one contact to this MP already, it is ideal to contact them now.

        You are probably right. Why Wait?

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    • Neelu Berry is the type of individual who will fight to the bitter end, i.e. will have to be carried out screaming from her house. There is unlikely to be any immediate results today as the baliffs will have to be used to remove Neelu Berry requiring several more days delay i.e. nothing major will happen until next week.
      The following link provides information on the eviction process:


      • Thanks SV.

        I think Angela should support Neelu on the next Bailiff’s visit and the police who will probably be called can arrest her at the same time.

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      • She’ll do a Tom Crawford, hero of the Freeman movement and probably perch on the roof Lucy Jordon style until she is inevitably carted off.
        I find no joy in anyone being evicted but Neelu should have paid more attention to things that really matter, like trying to pay her mortgage instead of hanging around churches and demanding judges be lynched for treason.
        It will be interesting to see which of the fruitloops turn out to support her – if they can possibly put their indifference’s aside. After all they love a bit of a hullabaloo but then they usually slope off to the pub or McDonalds once the party is over.

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        • We’ll have ring side seats as we watch the inevitable videos.

          But I suppose it would probably be more interesting to actually be there.

          Will Neelu’s love interest, Mr. Andy Peacher come down all the way from Scotland?

          I very much doubt it.

          I predict Kevin Wearechange Weaver, Barry backpack, maybe Lee Cant after all Neelu did go in search of him to the Police Station and promptly got herself arrested, Yet again, grrr…

          They might as well reserve a cell for her.

          Tracey Morris is going to court tomorrow to represent someone against Social Services.

          I think I read it on Gayle Fawkes fb page.

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  8. “grease-stained, smelly old flat cap that’s been chewed by the family dog.”

    That’s getting a bit personal and close to home if you don’t mind. 🙂

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  9. ‘She can’t keep her story straight because it didn’t happen.’

    This is why she’s never shown any emotion when talking about the children. In Abe and Ella’s earlier interviews they talked more about hemp than they did about the kids and Ella could be heard giggling and chatting like nothing happened and that’s because…er….she knows nothing happened.

    Abe: ‘Naively or otherwise I decided to trust and go to the authorities.’ Let’s remember that this is from a man with more than 30 previous convictions who has spent time in prison. I don’t think he has a naive bone in his body. Incidentally it’s a matter of debate whether he went to the ‘authorities’ because what he actually did was tell his brother-in-law who is a ‘Special’ (volunteer) policeman and was off duty at the time. It was the brother-in-law who reported this to the Police.

    p.s. I know I’m preaching to the converted here but I’m repeating the above information in case someone uninformed happens to stop in and have a look. If you are the ‘uninformed’ please click on ‘Hampstead Hoax FAQ’ above. This is an incredibly useful part of this blog.

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  10. Hi everyone.
    Re: Patreon
    One of my team have given Patreon a couple of days to remove the Ella Draper campaign, and then we will take action against them on a political, media and internet level. I don’t know what the hell is going on in their heads, they either refuse or are incapable of enforcing their own terms and conditions. If anyone has not done so, or if they can do so again, a straightforward referral can be made here:

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    • It’s also worth mentioning to them that Indiegogo has made the correct decision and include a link to the Indiegogo Generosity page. That could make them see that other online fundraising platforms are banning Abe and Ella from fleecing the gullible.

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      • Patreon has until Tuesday to remove that content, then I and others will initate the process to get politicians to roll out legislation to regulate social media. A member of parliament is now aware, and on standby.

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        • Enraged here about too about Patreons stance.Will contact again venting disgust at flaunting their own T&C + inactivity.They could at least have suspended account pending enquiries.

          The lack of regulation enables the more disreputable and unprincipled platforms to effectively flick a V at complaints possibly because they dont like reducing their user figures or of course they are simply inept and simply cant be arsed with such triffling matters that doesnt bring in $$$.

          Great you have initiated upping the ante to political arena SV.This whole area is going to become massive over the next few years and politicians worth their salt will get stuck into these shysters.

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    • I was glad to see that Generosity finally took down their page (although it took long enough, my first reply from them was 1/3/17), whereas I never even got a reply at all from Patreon and they still have their page up despite many complaints being received (as was logged here)

      (plus the nightmare involved in actually reporting pages to these companies- what a kludge their reporting systems are)

      Not good….

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      • Hi Steved, like you I have had to navigate a reporting system designed to put people off from complaining about content. These internet companies hale largely from Silicon Valley in USA with the same attitude of money over any other concerns. They don’t care about the innocent people of Hampstead, or the children, if it brings in money, thats all that matters to them.

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        • They are based in Silicon Valley when it suits – repeating that tired old mantra of Free Speech when confronted with internet libels.
          They are based in The Caymans when it comes to (not) paying tax despite just having an unmanned office and their funds in a US or UK bank.
          They have become all-powerful and basically bullies because they can get away with as politicians have been too slow to realise what is happening.

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  12. The pizzagaters who are jumping aboard the hoax really need to listen to the Jean Clement Recording. Abe is shown up for the piece of shit he really is on it. Constantly coaching the children with ridiculous claims.

    The reason for starting the hoax and the timing of it is also evident when Abe says to Jean Clement (regarding Ricky Dearman) “He’s taking their Mother to court as he wants to see his children, we can’t let that happen and he must be arrested.” Abe and Ella wanted to cut Ricky off from his access rights.

    Nobody ever looks at what went on just before the hoax started, the answers are all there. Their disagreements with Social Services, with other parents, with the School staff, etc.

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  13. And once again, the concept of a CSA and murder “snuff” film industry is just a fantasy.
    Not only has a genuine “commercial” child snuff film NEVER surfaced, from the 1950’s to 2010, the whole idea is inherently nonsensical. The idea is supposed to be, such a film would have a high value because it would be very rare, with restricted distribution. But there would be nothing to stop a buyer from making 500 copies themselves, and re-selling them on the cheap or even giving them away – destroying the rarity value overnight.

    But there’s even better evidence that this “snuff” idea is bullshit. My little network of historic CSA video victims includes some persons who were allegedly “child snuff” victims. I can personally assure you, those persons are still very much alive today.

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    • The nearest thing to real snuff movies seems to be the Peter Scully case. That was in the Philipines; and it was uncovered, and he was prosecuted. It is hard to imagine such things occurring in central Washington or London without anyone noticing.

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    • Yes, this has been my understanding too. The concept of “snuff movies” originated in the 1970s or 1980s, and was HUGE for a while, until people began to realise that no one had ever seen a real one.


  14. What an Ass Hat that “Titus” character is! “Pizzagate March” WTH? ffs! Stupid as dirt. I hope they all get arrested…Ella and Abe have hit a new low. I agree with S.V.. If they can take the time to question him due to R bloody Q’s crappola and paranoia, they can arrest them lickity damn quick, it is complete BS. Are they waiting for a crazier Edgar Welch? I was reading about this “Shayler” person. Very strange guy and story. He probably met agony Abe at the “eco-squat” commune of weirdos or one of three prisons? Bizarre as hell. Was his “info” on Col. Ghadaffi true in re: 1996 Newspaper reports in UK?? What is his ex-partners deal? Anybody have a good link or source on these two? Sincere condolences for yesterday’s Tragedy. RIP

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  15. The additions must be the result of more “brainstorming”. I used to hold some sympathy for Ella, taking her as someone caught up in Abraham’s web of destruction. However, she sat back and watched Abraham beat RD’s children and is now making these scam videos for a quick buck, exploiting her own children. She knows exactly what she is doing.

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      • Mr Draper would be well advised to read the T&C as he could well be in line for a full refund under goods and services act.I am sure trading standards would be very interested if UK residents are being flogged dangerous,inflammable materials under false pretences.

        I am not sure if there is an ombudsman for the mail order bride/grey import industry but if not the Ombudman for Ombudsmen should bloody well pull his finger out and make one sharpish.ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

        What on Earth is the world coming to???


  16. Abe’s website is disgusting. Someone named DOCTOR_MOEBIUS has left this comment on it, this month:

    “I would hunt down this ‘father’ and blow his genitals off. If anyone out there feels compelled to do so, I’m sure it’s a worthy cause.”

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      • I understand, SV, it’s getting out of control. That person is talking about shooting an innocent man in the genitals. I honestly fear for RD’s life sometimes.

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    • If someone like the deliciously mental Sandie Bergen-Whatever-Whatever came round to ‘blow my genitals off’, she would be more than welcome… Anytime…
      The added benefit of course, being it would stop her whiny, insane utterances.
      All after the obligatory ‘implant check’, of course 😉

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  17. Because I do not live in the Hampstead area covered by the MP Tulip Siddiq, please can anyone who lives in that area contact her when they feel ready. This MP is Labour and a Muslim. The issue is regulation of internet social media companies to force them to remove abusive, hateful, illegal and harrassing content in a reasonable time of notification, preferably by an independent body. Highlight the problems encountered trying to get social media such as Facebook, Google and Patreon to remove content, and the distress, fear and other negative impacts this has had on its victims.

    Although arrests and convictions help, it is by forcing social media companies to remove content that will bring to an end this hoax and protect the children at the heart of this hoax from the psychological harm it will do when they start to read and see it when they are older.

    For an MP to act, you must live in the area they serve. You must include personal contact details such as your address and contact number. If the MP is different in your area, then please consider contacting them.

    The details for Tulip Siddiq is:

    By phone – Call on 0208 127 5525 (This line is open 10am – 4pm, Tuesday – Friday)

    By email – My address is tulip@tulipsiddiq.com

    By mail – Write to Tulip Siddiq MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

    At a Constituency Surgery – If you would like an appointment at a constituency surgery then please call on 0208 127 5525 or email tulip@tulipsiddiq.com

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    • Yes do it.
      As one who has been trying to remove hateful and shocking lies for over 5 years now, about a woman who passed away in the meantime (aged 85) it can be a very debilitating and frustrating experience.
      I’ve had some successes and failures: the failures are that even though the posts etc breach the rules of an internet entity’s own rules, we all know from Youtube experience they take an aeon for them to act if at all.

      And then of course the stuff pops up again posted by someone else.
      The US election has now shown. whatever the truth may be, that Fake News (and that is what Hampstead is) can be a very dangerous thing.

      I’ve joined a group who have set themselves up as internet ‘vigilantes’ – not to attack anyone, but to use any legal means to get hateful, spiteful lies removed. We have 3 lawyers aiding but as anyone knows, a legal process can take years as well.

      I believe the EU Parliament will be one of the main aids in this campaign as they generally seek to look after the welfare of their own citizens. Several countries are enacting legislation such as the ‘Right to Be Forgotten”. France has demanded this apply worldwide now for any French citizen. They have fought a fierce battle with a cashed-up Google on this but succeeded but it really takes the power of government to win.
      And what a slap in the face it is from these internet giants that are all tax avoiding entities leaching off other taxpayers and then using their might to prevent citizens having rights to privacy without being harassed.

      However the world is waking up to the dangers of internet defamation and while MPs can often be the last to act, once a politician comes aboard a cause they can wield considerable power.

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      • GoS, that is another thing, my business has to pay so much tax, yet these internet giants escape. It is totally wrong that kids and innocent people of a London community suffer because of what is essentially greed by foreign internet companies. Bottom line, all these companies are interested in is money, they have no interest in freedom of speech etc, they are just as quick to shut someone down that they disagree with.

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  18. David Shurter, seems afraid of Hoaxtead. I am impressed with El Coyote that he has such power to shake the Dark Jesus, Messiah, Dark Lord or whatever dark master demon this Shurter has become to his very abyssmal core, backed by the most powerful magicks of Satanism, and who has defeated all the fallen ones, and created a new hell for all those who oppose his will. Do dark ones like Shurter bleed and die?
    I think probably Shurter lacks the master ring that is supposed to control the other rings, and a certain creature living in Kent might have it.
    Also, I speak on occasion with Dr Michael Aquino over at 600Club, Shurter should come over and talk there sometime.
    Shurter reminds me of this guy in his video:

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  19. Hi Jake!
    I was gloating about McKenzie’s Arrest on tOm Cahill’s yt channel and apparently spurred on a flurry of activity. Sorry Hoaxsted! ffs! omg ….sigh

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