Ella and Kristie Sue in Audi advert shocker

All right, faithful readers, we hope you’re sitting down for this one.

As you all know by now, Ella Draper has released two videos in the past couple of weeks, in which she has attempted to seduce thousands of new viewers into accepting her false narrative regarding the Hampstead SRA hoax. No big surprises there.

Nor is it exactly breaking news that at about 48:50 in the video put out by Comrade Sean of SGTReport a few days ago, Ella revealed the “shocking” news that she is convinced that RD’s children starred in an Audi commercial which was aired during the Super Bowl. Yawn.

Just to reiterate for those who went off to get more popcorn during this part of the video, here’s what Ella said:

It’s 100% my children. I know them. The way they move, the way they smile….My mum confirmed it 100%….I did have question about A’s eyes colour, I thought it was too dark, but they could have put lenses in her eyes, brown lenses or something….I would say that in the last shot, when the girl is walking towards the car, I believe they replaced A with another much older girl. The girl there is much older, maybe instead of 12, maybe 13, 14 years old. And it’s definitely not her. It’s not her walk…at the end.

Okay, so they might have made the girl wear brown contact lenses for some mysterious reason (you know how those Illuminati types are—there’s really no rhyme or reason to what they do, you just have to roll with it); and they might have replaced the girl with another, older girl in the last scene of the advert, again for no discernible reason, but otherwise Ella and her mother are both 100% certain that it’s her daughter. They don’t really explain why anyone would wish to “parade” RD’s children in a commercial that was viewed by millions, but then much of what they say is really quite inexplicable.

And as of three weeks ago, Kristie Sue Costa, Ella’s most recent Arse-Licker in Chief, was spouting the party line: 100% Ella’s and RD’s daughter, absolutely, no doubt about it.

So we were forced to sit down and take small sips of water the other day when we discovered that Kristie Sue appears to have (we still can’t quite take it in) GROWN A SPINE.

Here’s what she said a few days ago: Perhaps it’s a slight exaggeration to say she’s departing from the Ella Party Line—after all, she does offer a few soothingly sycophantic words about the interview before she drops the bombshell:

We are quite certain at this point though that the child in the audi (sic) commercial is not Ella’s daughter. Her parents are stunt actors and they live in CA. Certainly did have similar characteristics, but would seem not to be the same person.

Good heavens! Next thing you know, Kristie Sue might start thinking for herself! Hard to believe, but apparently anything’s possible.


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  1. Why do people like KSC do their research AFTER spouting the nonsense. It makes them look stupid. Most people research something then give their opinion.
    Still, better late than never, I suppose. 😀

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  2. Nice work, Mr. C.

    Wow, that’s a lovely bit of back-pedalling from KSC! 😮

    I think it was inevitable, though, after Ella’s own self-contradiction in claiming that the children were “100%” hers (according to KSC anyway), whilst also stating that she didn’t even know whether they were alive or dead. As you’ll recall, many of us pointed this out to Kristie Sue and of course she ignored us as usual. But clearly, she knew we were right, as she is now demonstrating.

    By the way, you’ve raised a great question, EC, in asking what the motive would be for changing the girls’ eye colour using contact lenses. Especially when one considers that they’re claiming the whole point of putting the kids into this commercial was to “pimp them out”. Why exactly would you disguise something you’re trying to sell? As Tom Cahill would say, “It just doesn’t make any bloody sense.”

    Oh and for the record, I personally think that the girl in the advert looks nothing like Child A (let alone the fact that she’s now two and a half years older and no one, including Ella, knows what she looks like now).

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    • Angie keeps saying, “Oh God.” I’ve noticed this before too. Isn’t that, like, blasphemy? “Thou shalt not take the name of our Lord in vain” and all that. She is a devout Christian, right?

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    • Bridie looks as old as her mother.
      Actually, can someone please enlighten me as to which is which?


    • At 1:17 she says that she’s managed to get some money out of Jake Clarke to enable her videos to last more than 40 minutes. In fact, she says he’s been making monthly donations to keep her zoom going! Fleecing vulnerable, mentally ill young men now, is she? A new low.


    • Good grief Bridie was going to have Patrick Cullinane assist her in the UK in a legal matter but his “alleged death” (Angie) put paid to that. She doesn’t know how lucky she is. And the judge wouldn’t let someone else represent her in court because he wasn’t a lawyer. They find this odd?

      3 old crows nattering over the back fence or on the bus. I find Bridie a bit hard to understand as she reminds of my one Irish granny who wasn’t the full quid either.
      30 Euros from Jake? what- 2 packets of cigarettes which Angie must go through in as many days. How is that helping protect children.
      So this is some rant about coppers and the Garda came to check if there was semen on Bridie’s carpet. And Patrick was going to represent the daughter but dropped dead. Major conspiracy. Christ that daughter’s laugh. And the son said he wouldn’t go to school as he had to protect her (great excuse kids !) but was kicked out of school because he has a beard. And he was abused while he was asleep and didn’t know about until he woke up. Uhh? And finally we get to it – she’s been sectioned. Surely a case for Tracey Morris.
      God help us.

      Love the claim a cop was sent to dry out and the daughter can’t get served in the 4 pubs in the village.
      Only in Ireland.

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  3. Great post, EC.

    By the way, look who’s turned up on the Ella video:

    Vunky in all her “glory”, for those who don’t remember her:


  4. It’s been two years since this drama started. Those kids were at crucial age where they have growth spurts. Probably be taller, older looking. No doubt they have moved on with a new school, new friends (plenty of food now) with that remarkable resilience children have and being away from a horrible situation no doubt are thriving. Poor Ella. Children can attach themselves to a new loving foster parent after leaving an abusive birth parent. It’s human nature and in fact the nature of all species. We see it with animals were a female will become a mother to abandoned kittens etc.
    (much like my 2 cats have become parents / slave drivers to me and expect endless slavish devotion from me and get it)

    It’s actually a rather sad reflection of the position Ella has placed herself in, a sort suspended world where she thinks everything is as it was in 2015. Could this be the drugs? Smoking pot continuously can induce brain damage like any drug that helps us – abuse them and they can have bad results.
    And what does she think will happen?. Is she so deluded that she thinks the case will be re-opened and end in her favour? It’s simply not possible.

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    • To be honest GoS, when she says she wants to get the kids back, she must be aware of the impossibility of doing that through legal channels. That leaves only illegal ones; I think that’s what she has in mind. Using “mind” in the loosest possible sense, I should add.


      • There’s also the delusional ‘revolution’ they’re all hoping for. When the uprising comes all prisons will be emptied, all politicians burned at the stake and all children in care returned to parents. I believe the Easter Bunny and Tinkerbell will be there…..

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      • Yes there is no way on earth that Ella would get her children back. She’s wanted on child abuse charges for one and two i don’t believe that Ella wants her children back at all. Why would she want them getting in the way of her new life and having the extra expense of looking after them. Ella cares only about herself and Abraham.


    • My personal opinion is that she has no intention of trying to get the children. That she is just using the Pizzagate nonsense to try scam money out of people to fund her extended holiday.

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      • I totally agree with you Dave. She doesn’t want the children back with her at all. This pizzagate nonsense has given Abe & Ella another way of getting their lies out there to a new audience hence the new Ella video and interviews. They are trying to make as much cash as they can while the pizzagate paedo nonsense is on the conspirasheeps minds.

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        • Woman-mother would cross hot coals and make whatever self sacrifice is required for their children.Ella is not woman-mother she is woman-prostitute.Her children are commodities/meal tickets no more.

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  5. Fired off an e-mail to the agency behind the Audi advert advising them the Satan Hunters have used it to promote the hoax, suggested they do copyright takedowns to protect their client brand and the actors.

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  6. Sadly, due to the actions of Ella and people like Kristie Sue, far from allowing the children to take part in something fun like an advert or acting, there may be a tendency for the children’s carers to hide them away from anything that would make them public. A cloud hanging over their head due to their mother and Kristie Sue’s personal crusade.

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      • Kristie Sue has told me she is going to track you down using Stylometric Software to reveal your identity. LOL! Why is it so important to her to know who you are? ;)’

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        • Quite apart from it being pointless it’s still not an exact science as it doesn’t take into account the fact a person can deliberately mimic another’s style of writing.
          I know they put great store in the supposed revelation that J.K.Rowling was the author of a crime book under a different name but that whole case reeked, to me, of a very good publicity stunt.

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    • Dave, I struggle to understand how the children can ever have a normal life now and that is tragic.
      They are all over YT as will their school friends be with their own channels, in time, and it will only take one to say on YT that they know them and are friends of theirs and then they will be easily tracked down.

      What can a normal day in their lives be like now? I can’t even imagine.

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      • I estimate that we have about a year to clear out the damaging content on the internet. I am hopeful that if those looking after the RD children can keep them away from the internet one year, we will have enough time and a change in political climate to wipe out a large part of the content on social media. One thing that is now important in my opinion is to argue to politicians with this hoax as an example to regulate social media giants and make them clear out content when told about it inside a few days.

        In addition, legal authorities have to pull in Angela Power Disney, Ella Draper and Abraham Christie on European Arrest Warrants.

        Kris Costa needs a civil legal action taken out against her.

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        • Angie and tracy morris have said they have teams tracking the kids, this needs to be classed as serious organised crime. We have worldwide groups of religious fanatics who are organised and plotting crimes. Legislation exists to put these people away for a long time

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        • I’ve been thinking about your post SV in relation to the supposed “right to be forgotten” which is now law in the EU. It’s very confused though, as they were only thinking of adult individual’s rights, not those of minor children. I wonder if the children’s father could apply to google on their behalf to make sure that specific searches for their names or anything connected to them lead to a dead end? It’s not perfect, admittedly but it would be a start.
          Social media giants must be held responsible, as you suggest, for the continuing, illegal discolure of the children faces, and their names/identities.

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      • I think about this too, JB.

        I imagine it must be a bit like being a protected witness—you have to relocate, adopt new names, attempt to disguise your appearance, etc. You also have to be hyper-conscious about who you talk to, and never reveal any details of your former life, just in case. Home security is also an issue for protected witnesses, in case anyone does manage to track them down. It’s a precarious, nerve-wracking life, from what I’ve read.

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  7. Alanson’s got his main FB account back after his ban and he’s got straight back into the bail-breaching and defamation (with the help of his creepy mates Ogilvy & Saskia). Let’s see how quickly we can get him banned again…

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    • Saskia Whitfield – “It’s blindsided me how many were prepared to get on board with Pizzagate but ridiculed Hampstead. WTF is that about?!”

      LOLOLOL!! Aww.. is Abe and Ella’s plan not working to your satisfaction, Saskia? Diddums..

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    • Cretins the lot of them.

      Why do they want to be on Facebook when they believe Mark Zuckerberg is the grandson of the late David Rockefeller & Facebook was started by Zuckerberg with a $500M loan from the CIA ?

      And Rockefeller who just died at age 101 years old got to that great age by drinking babies blood and the mantle of chief Freemason NWO boss now passes to George Soros. The fact they are all Jewish (who control the world along with the Rothschilds) and the myth of Jewish baby sacrifices has been around since time immemorial is by the by.

      So why the FUCK do these vile creeps want to be on Facebook when it’s run by the Devil?.
      And why are they even tolerated when they use FB to defame, humiliate, falsely accuse, bully and try to decimate the innocent lives of 1000s of people who have never done a single thing to these revolting scum bags?

      If you owned a shop or a hotel or some establishment and these ghastly ugly minded sods came in and sat in the foyer and started to abuse all & sundry you would pick them up by the scruff of their necks and boot them into the back alley. Of course my preferred method is to accompany that by a good horsewhipping after tar & feather them ( only metaphorically of course) but aren’t they the biggest bunch of smug arrogant hypocrites to walk the face of the Earth? ( didn’t Jesus have something to sat about this?..yes about you too APD)

      # Nursie said I must calm down and take a Valium.

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      • …Not to mention that Zuckerberg was born a Jew. Why would these raving anti-Semites be so keen to have a presence on a site founded by a “Red Sea pedestrian”?

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    • Loved the late Leonard Cohen but not sure I can forgive him for making people think that if they wear a pork pie hat it will give them credibility.


    • Omg the Pot and the Kettle.

      Raving lunatics the Gruesome Twosome.

      They only do a stupid video and put the blame on Sheva?!

      Nasty pair of bitches.

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  8. Titarse is planning a Christ Church-style protest for tomorrow and is desperately trying to rally the troops:

    And how’s this for ambitious?

    Good luck with that, Olenna.

    And thank you for imparting your mathematical wisdom, Nightwriter. I never realised that the Queen had 360 trillion dollars hidden under her bed.


  9. LOLOL Alex Jones should be put in prison for SEDITION and INCITEMENT! He pushed the Sandy Hook Hoax from early on then “called to arms” the faketriots TO, WITH THEIR GUNS, NEV and OR., then deleted the vids (which were saved)!! It’s all on tape! He should be criminally charged AND sued in Civil Court, the little Scammer!

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  10. A few years ago I fought an injustice, won, then went after the individuals and destroyed them. The Hampstead SRA Hoax will be won by Hoaxtead in time, however, one has to go further, and this is in two elements.

    Satan Hunters
    The Satan Hunters, all the principle ones hunted down, arrested, prosecuted in the courts. In addition, heavy damages legal claims in the civil courts, against people such as Angela Power Disney, Belinda McKenzie, Kris Costa and the Quaintances.

    Internet Companies
    The second element – the internet companies. Get them regulated in the UK, this is the only way something like Hampstead will be stopped in its tracks or at least restricted. It is clear that internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc either are unwilling or are poor in removing content that is illegal, harmful, hateful and abusive. I have had too many reversals where facebook tells me death threats are not against Facebook community T&C, and how Drifloud can continue to exist after perhaps a hundred complaints to Twitter is a farce.

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