Angela lands herself in serious trouble

Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed Angela Power-Disney’s bald-faced lies and defamation regarding Gardaí Sgt Maurice McCabe, whose case has been having a profound impact on Irish politics—to the point of triggering a no confidence vote against the sitting government last week (the government squeaked by with five votes).

You can find a summary of the McCabe case here, but in essence, a whistleblower cop appears to have been targetted by higher-ups, who attempted to smear him with false allegations of child sexual abuse. Angela chimed in with two videos in which she made further spurious allegations about Sgt McCabe, his brother, and his father. Hilariously, Angela attempted to cover herself by claiming that all her claims were “without prejudice”—a term which has no meaning whatsoever when it comes to making defamatory statements.

Those two videos have now been removed from view in Ireland due to “a defamation complaint”. We have not been made aware of the source of that complaint, but we do know that YouTube will not remove videos for defamation unless the request comes from the individual being defamed; they require proof of identification, and even then the decision to block or remove the video can take some time. We believe it’s fair to assume that the complaint in this case came from Sgt McCabe or his legal representative:angela-power-disney-maurice-mccabe-defamation-1angela-power-disney-maurice-mccabe-defamation-2Angela appears to be aware of the removal of the videos and the defamation claims, and of course has tried to claim that this is all part of a nefarious plot against her:

angela-2017-02-24-mccabeWhile defamation is not an extraditable offence, it does seem likely that Angela will soon be looking down the barrel of a nice juicy lawsuit. We have it on good authority that lawsuits can easily cross national boundaries, and Angela does own property, her former council house in Oldcastle, which may make it worthwhile for a lawsuit to proceed.

Her false allegation that Sgt McCabe and his family are involved in criminal activities is nothing more than another of Angela’s desperate bids for attention—and the fact that she all but named her “source” for those allegations could create legal difficulties for that person as well.

A public Tribunal to examine the alleged orchestrated smear campaign against Sgt McCabe will begin its work Monday. According to the Irish Examiner, the “Government bowed to pressure to establish a Tribunal as opposed to a private Commission of Inquiry after Sgt McCabe said he could only have confidence in a public investigation”. The work of the Tribunal is expected to take from nine months to one year. Meanwhile, Policing Authority Chairperson Josephine Feehily has been quoted as saying she has “concerns about the ability of Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan in carrying out her role while the tribunal is underway”.

In other words, the excrement has hit the air conditioning in a very big way, and it seems that Sgt McCabe is unwilling to bend in his quest to ensure that those who have smeared him are exposed and brought to justice.

If Angela possessed an iota of intelligence, she’d voluntarily take down her defamatory videos, issue a public apology, and call it a day. How likely is that? Let’s just say we’re not betting on it.

Thanks to Spiny Norman for posting news of the defamation strikes in the Comments section of yesterday’s post on Hoaxtead Research.angela-power-disney-maurice-mccabe-without-prejudice

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  1. Maybe, just maybe there will finally be some legal action taken against Power Disney and all the allegations she has made against so many people without a scrap of evidence to her claims.

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  3. The falsely accused cops legal counsel must be informed so they can present, if they wish, APD’s online abuse and libel harassment as an example of how their client has been made a pariah on social media.

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    • Yes that would be really good evidence if it could be given/sent to the Legal Counsel.

      Counsel could call her to the Stand to explain herself or maybe arrest her and bring her up to the Court from the cells in her Prison Stripes.

      Here’s hoping.

      Let her pay for that little junket/front line duties/”ahem” work.

      She’d love it, hopefully not.

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      • Everyone has a weak point,an achilles heel that can trip them up.However,by all accounts Angies heel seems to be in reasonable fettle,its just every other aspect of her existence that malfunctions on all cylinders.

        Front row tickets for Angies forthcoming court appearance have been trading frenetically on but the site has crashed.

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        • I want a front row seat please if anyone manages to have a spare ticket.

          We can have a celebratory party after.

          Don’t forget to bring your banners and balloons.

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          • A celebratory party to celebrate the sunshine and the fact that we’re alive, that is, rather than the result of the trial, which we cannot know and would of course not speculate on. LOL

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  4. Mr Hubris paid Angela Power Disney a visit recently, leaving the door open to an opportunity for a juicy defamation action. Better set up a Go-Fund Me campaign Angie, you be needing it.

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  5. It sounds like Angie’s long party may soon be over. Time to come back to Ireland and face the music.

    Alternatively she could buy a lilo, paddle east and seek asylum in Mauritania.

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    • She can also increase her 6 laps and swim the whole way.

      Sharks beware, a nasty “human” shark will be in your water soon.

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  6. Without prejudice! I think Angela Power Disney has been trying to curry favor with Gardai and explain away some of her own troubles as a conspiracy in her attempt to expose her fictions around the McCabe family. Rather a risky strategy, but then she is a psychopath who will weave any fictions to help her out of sticky situations. A trait of psychopaths is that they have an amazing ability to walk the path of ashes rather than gold.

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  7. Without prejudice! A low level sweep for independent confirmation of McCabe association to drugs produced nothing, but I did pick up a lot of noise about Gardai being overall suffering corruption on a widescale involving the drug trade. Personally I think if Angela Power Disney was hoping to win support from corrupt Gardai in her attempt to destroy the McCabe family, then this will backfire since if there is a massive Gardai problem with drugs then they won’t want that issue highlighted. There is another argument in support of an independent Artificially Intelligent system to be put into place in police forces that can monitor and stop corrupt police officers tampering with evidence and the system.

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    • I am also fairly sure all the drug trade in both Eire and Northern Ireland are controlled by paramilitary groups such as IRA who won’t want any attention drawn onto them either by Angela Power Disney gambit. If these groups sense any threat to their operations, they can send highly trained hitmen out to protect their interests. Rather stupid Angela to go poking a hornets nest with your malicious fictions.

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      • satanicviews your wrong about drugs being controlled by IRA its a fact that loyalist paramiltary groups and criminals are the drug dealers many of whom are protected species (informers) just thought I better correct you as I am from N. Ireland and most drug dealers are known by mainstream media of being in control of their communities with drug running, the IRA would not be happy if they saw your comment just saying!

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        • “Excuse the pun but the real power in Eire and Northern Ireland that call the shots is not the police, politicians or the army, but the paramilitaries.”

          No, sorry, wrong.


        • Criminals in Ireland tend to use ”IRA” as a badge of convenience to strike fear into adversaries. That is not to dispute that some ex-Provos might be involved in dealing…but logically, one imagines that legitimate employment opportunities are thin on the ground for anyone with a lengthy prison record involving terrorist offences.

          The most powerful drugs cartel in Ireland over the last decade, the Kinahan cartel, implicated in half-a-dozen shootings recently, has no significant involvement of ex-paramilitaries.

          It is politically convenient for the right wing establishment media in Ireland to blame drug feuds on the IRA, but the public just aren’t buying it any more.


        • I’m actually seeing four videos. The Chasing Rainbows, 1 week ago, The Angela’s Cache’s, 1 week ago. (which are the two videos detailed in this post above) but I’m also seeing “WHISTLEBLOWER Sergeant Maurice McCabe, Declan McCabe, Mickie & Joey Curran” 2 years ago, along with the one uploaded before it 2 years ago, also entitled Sergeant Maurice McCabe, Declan McCabe, Mickie & Joey Curran.

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  8. A bit ironic that she may actually be involved in some real without prejudice discussions with a view to settling a defamation case.

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  9. In my opinion any lawyers planning on initating legal proceedings against Angela Power Disney should consider getting an asset freezing injunction against Disney, which includes the lawyers for RD and his children, if they were planning any civil actions.

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    • Excellent point SV.

      We will have to check the Estate Agents in Oldcastle in case she puts the house up for sale, which she just very might well do this July 2017 as that will be 3 years since she bought the house and when she is able to sell without having to pay back the Council House the huge discount she got. (I think it is 3 years)

      She probably already has plans to sell up and move to Lanzarote or elsewhere permanently and kicking her meal tickets out on their arses.

      She does have a thing for bums in more ways than one.

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  10. I always had Angela down as more of a ‘me first’ rather than ‘Britain First’ kinda gal. Lives ‘n’ learns, don’t yer.

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    • Aha, the calssic “I’m not a racist but…” gambit. Never gets old 😀

      By the way, can someone please confirm that you can see my Facebook icon? ‘Cause I bloody can’t.


      • All I can see is some small sky and green pic, so no icon.

        I reckon Angela is anti-Jamaican at the very least.

        She was going to tell me all about Jamaican’s when I first met her January 2015 but she talked so much about how her car was sabotaged and she crashed it a few times, the mechanic said this, that and the other etc. that she never told me.

        She did say one of her family (an older sister if I remember correctly) had a child/children by a Jamaican that never financially supported his Children.

        But that could be said about a lot of men, not all.

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      • Can`t see it either Pete,unless of course its an image of a sheet of paper with a comprehensive list of all the evidence the hoaxers have gathered to date.

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    • Let me know if anyone disagrees… but is it not perfectly normal for a teenage boy to look at porn on the internet?
      I realise her comments are from back in 2009, probably at the time when she beat the living daylights out of him for doing it which I totally disagree with!

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    • I thought teen boys looked at porn because they are randy but what would I know seeing it was decades since I was a teenager?.
      Way to give your kid some hangups: have mum castigate them over porn, cartoon or otherwise, Nice one APD you big phony.

      ## wall drawings going back 10,000s of years and endless works of art from aeons ago now in museums and art galleries show porn is nothing new, just the medium is.
      Perhaps the “Christian” Angie could point to some anti-porn passages in the bible.

      ### From Angela’s own admitted difficulty in maintaining relationships with her husbands and even marrying a pedophile perhaps we need to know more about her own habits from her formative years- what did she do under the bed sheets with a torch and dog-eared teen mag?


  11. I don’t reckon Dave Conaghan felt a lack of nurture or rejection from his Mum.

    I would say he loved her and vice versa.

    So clearly that’s not the reason for HIS addiction to Pornography.

    I do wonder what is wrong with him though.

    I think it is GUILT.


      • He was married once, divorced and soon after the ex-wife died.

        He says he can’t afford a girlfriend

        Yet at 15.02 Sunday 1st January, 2017 he texts me:-

        “Rather than being ‘activists’ we should have been’Lovers’


  12. Thanks for the info E.C., Spiny and SV! Very interesting when coupled with the Public Investigation Request by McCabe. The Pols and/or police abusing their Governmental Toys aka Tech to Smear a Legit. “Blower” or to “stitch up” an innocent person NEED to be taken to harsh task. And the dispersal/amt. of Bayonets to local police disclosed. Agreed S.V.! It has become an “epidemic” over here. So much so, that cases will be dismissed on the front end if Counsel demands Jury Trial AND Hard Evidence of Dirty Tricks can be produced lickity-split w/o ever reaching point of introduction to the “record”….Crimony, this Old corrupt “using media to smear” propaganda game has been played from “time in memorial” and probably why One doesn’t see LOADS of Support for Mainstream News Media today. (See: Church Commission Media/govt. Disclosures) The most recent and disturbing trend in “Chilling Speech’s Free Marketplace of Ideas Needed for Public to attempt to separate real wheat from fake chaff” as is happening now in D.C. is being Allowed/Welcomed based on the simplistic logic: the “press” lied about Blank or was controlled by Blank to push Blank’s Agenda, ERGO, the MSM lies ALL the Time….and shall Now be BANNED from The Hill. LOLOLOLOL The hypocrisy is Rank with Stank from ALL of them. I’d love a Helen Thomas quote about now…Or, an interview with Diplomatically Immune “Nurse Naima” explaining WHO put her up to inciting US Troops to want to Massacre Iraqi’s over some outrageous incubator story, repeated as FACT by Bush Sr. ten times in the lead-up to slaughter….Who vetted her and her Kuwaiti Ambassador Father to spread this BS, I wonder? lol A Congressman from ? He later received a Lifetime Humanitarian Award….They come in all stripes and Religions. Liars, that is, the protected “insider sources” like Ret. NSC General “TWitleaking to MSNBC’s “reporter”, Kyle Griffin, that Erdogan was circling Germany in his plane seeking Asylum from Merkel” A Chaos inducing Coup D’jour Epic Fail resulting in deaths/jailing of 1,000’s suspected of spying for US, judges, attys, agents, ect.(no retraction or apology to the Dead due to their Fake Ploy!)….An update on Jessica Lynch aka Superwoman Soldier would make a Great Old “Fake News” scoop for Good Morning America this Weekend to show how “victims” of these big lies are really made! When the People of a Country do not even pursue or DEMAND the truth or continued release of “classified” Docs about the past/present/future? Political Assassinations of their National “heroes” with the same vigor as brushing their last tooth, the Stage has been set for a PT Barnum Clown Govt…Do see, Swill the sPinhead O’surrilous’s Book….” Killing Kennedy” The End of Camelot…One can tell by the Very Spotty Index, that it’s Tripe! What? The Pinhead couldn’t get an interview with Ford’s W.C. Legal Assistant, W. David Slawson….still alive and kickin and actually said the “C” word about the process of the Commission itself, to an Author named, Sheehan years ago…He couldn’t say otherwise after the “W.C. working Memos” drafted by Jr. Attys, Assists, and Others were Released to the Public who MAYBE gave One Rip to read them….IMHO, this is part of the recent and very twisted Hate Campaign Against the “Press” instead of those who controlled What was printed and by Whom, historically, and is a Result of a Very Lazy and Apathetic body politic Not really caring enough to get down to brass tacks on the events that shaped Our Today… Sorry, but this “Fake News” Debate gets me steamed sometimes….lol Our “TownHall Meetings” are getting Hairy, especially the GOPs!! The Gop farmer’s wanna know WHO will pick this years’ crops or will they rot on the trees? And the other Gops wanna know Why the Saudi’s are not on the “list” as 15 of the hijackers’ had Saudi passports…especially after the contrived hoopla of the super secret redacted “28 pages” that mentions More than ONE “foreign govt.” including Saud. It would seem that, legit “Natl. Security” Logic would Demand that since Saudi Arabia is a “terrorist supporting/financing” Country, it should Also have been Revenge Attacked or sanctioned Worse than the Others but No. “Computer sez NO” lol There are Lies and then there are Lies…’/

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  13. I must have missed this one previously as I’ve never seen this one before. Maybe it’s one she’s recently made public?

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    • Thanks for the link, Mik. The video is hilarious when they show YT conspiracy theorists’ videos in it and Miles babbling nonsense. I’m about to go on to Part 2 now..


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