What Angela Power-Disney said about Sgt Maurice McCabe

Yesterday we reported that Angela Power-Disney claims she “blew the whistle” on Sgt Maurice McCabe at some point prior to 2015. While searching for anything to back up this extraordinary claim, we discovered the following video, published on on 11 November 2014 on APD’s main YouTube channel:

The video, titled “Garda “WHISTLEBLOWER” Sergeant Maurice McCabe, Declan McCabe, Mickie & Joey Curran”, contains the following liner notes:

and the rumoured dissident patrols….

Couple people off on a technicality already whoops I say GERRY on video but you know I mean Maurice….and so on

and volume and not mad mode can be fixed tomorrow but now this is off my chest I’ll try to sleep….
TIME TO GET HONEST, REPENTANT, PAY YOUR DEBTS AND STOP THE FEAR, INTIMIDATION, CORRUPTION, COVER-UP AND MORALE DESTROYING OF THE FEW GOOD MEN & WOMEN STILL DOING THEIR BEST…..whichever cap fits and all of course allegedly but Jesus knows the nation knows and so do you……the path of least pain and greatest piece is not DAMAGE LIMITATION truth whole truth nothing but truth and CHANGE please

Interesting to note that APD was no more coherent in her pre-Hoaxtead days than she is now. So much for the theory that joining the Hoaxtead mob drove her round the bend.

The video’s sound quality is abysmal, but through the help of a good pair of earphones, and by dint of sacrificing his hearing, one of our team members was able to make out what Angie is saying here.

She starts off with the usual pseudo-religious waffle, detours briefly to note that she and her family don’t get along, and then gets down to the slagfest.

First up: someone named Mickie Curran, who Angela apparently believes was involved in “petrol-stretching” (diluting petrol with kerosene and selling it at the same price; this can have a disastrous impact on a car’s engine):

So Mickey and Joey with the petrol thing, enough. Enough. You’ve got a woman who loves you, you’ve got a family, you’ve got children, you may forget your reputation….

There used to be glory in doing naughty shit and getting away with it, and everybody knows and so like,“oh well he got away with that”…well you didn’t get away with it.

It’s been going on for years, I’ve had engines blown for years, and your announcement at the meeting that tests prove that your petrol is 100%…well, it’s not what I heard, I don’t really care…this is not raising money for freedom fighting, this is raising money for your Porsche.

To be fair to APD, it does look as though there is at least some truth to her allegation about Mr Curran:


However, after a longish rant which included references to Mr Curran’s family and his reputation in the community, Angie ends on an interesting note:

When you admitted it laughingly, I said, “You know what, just throw a hundred euros in the Kenya Project, and we’ll just forget it”. And you couldn’t even do that, you arrogant shit!

So apparently Angela is now in the business of selling dispensations? If Mr Curran would only agree to fork over some cash, Angie would stop badmouthing him in public. But he wouldn’t, so he gets the Royal Treatment on Angie’s video channel. Care for a little blackmail with your tea, Mr Curran?

Allegations about Sgt Maurice McCabe and his brother

Having dispensed with Mr Curran, Angela moves on to Sgt Maurice McCabe, whom she inexplicably calls “Gerry”. However, for the sake of clarity we’ll correct that here:

Maurice McCabe heralded and hailed…as “poor Maurice, blew the whistle on expunging penalty points and tax evasion”, well I’m sorry, that’s very hard for us to let go of that kind of stuff…and given what’s going on with the country, who would blame us? That’s why that joke was so funny, “Irish accountant, is there such thing?” because evading tax and looking out for each other and disappearing, oh that’s just favours—maybe we need to grow up and stop that.

But Maurice McCabe, come on.

I want to know why you’re covering up or seem to be covering up for your outrageous drug-dealing brother Declan, okay, and I’m sorry for Steven and the kids, but you know what? You’re a Gard, and your brother inherited a family business that should have been enough. And you know we all had the Crash, and we didn’t all go into drug dealing. And cannabis? Personally I don’t know what you’re dealing. I don’t think cannabis is a big deal. I don’t condone it, but it’s not a killer, but you know what’s a killer? It’s the brutality of what you have to do to keep your secret and build your empire and get richer and richer and have more and more protection and have all of Mountnugent mobilised on your behalf, and thinking that it’s still honourable to threaten people to leave the country and they’ll get killed if they talk.

No it’s not honourable, and you guys, it was honourable maybe when you were…freedom fighters. That’s not RA (Republican Army), that’s somebody throwing you a few quid to go and scare somebody. No! Stop it. That’s bullying, that’s nasty. Don’t do that, stop it. Both of you stop it….

You’ve had two lads die, they’re just pawns, disposable human beings. You know, and then covered it up, Maurice McCabe….There’s ways to do this, and sorry, I’ve given plenty of people some opportunity to do it, but everyone’s holding their breath. Nobody wants to say there’s a huge amount of corruption in the Gardaí. And it’s not okay. So clean it up and sort it out. Stop it. And don’t harass me. No, you know what? Don’t harass me.

Angela appears to be referring to a double homicide which took place in April 2014 in Cavan. According to the Irish Independent News,

Gardai have issued an alert through Interpol for three foreign nationals they wish to question about the murders of Eoin O’Connor, 32, and Anthony Keegan, 32, whose remains were discovered last Monday.

The two Dubliners disappeared after travelling to Cavan on April 22.

Gardai believe the two men visited Sheelin Cottage, which was innocently let to the foreign nationals by local businessman Declan McCabe, a brother of Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

The two men were debt collectors for a drug dealer, were murdered by person or persons unknown, and their bodies hidden on an island on the nearby lake. As far as we can tell, the only connection Declan McCabe had to this crime was that he “innocently let” his cottage to the murdered men’s bosses. If Angela has information which would implicate anyone in the murder, she has had two years in which to tell the Gardaí about it.

Instead, she has chosen to viciously slander two men, one of whom has already endured a relentless campaign of slander and undermining, for the crime of being what Angie wishes she were: a true whistle-blower.


134 thoughts on “What Angela Power-Disney said about Sgt Maurice McCabe

  1. Thanks for all the fantastic work your doing on this Garda McCabe story EC. I am Irish born, so naturally have a very keen interest in. As always, your presentation of topics is absolutely top class.

    Angie has posted an update tonight, to her allegation/Smear in regards to Garda McCabe and his brother and Father. It’s very strong and serious stuff. EC I’m not sure of the legalities of embedding it here, due to the nature of those Allegations/Smears, so just to be on the safe side, I’ll post the link to it here instead, and see what you think.

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  2. This is a comment from Angie underneath that old video:

    I’m sure there’s a coherent message in there somewhere if you can hack your way past the invisible punctuation.

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    • She’s one flaming fool for sure, for sure.

      Why she is saying all this “without prejudice” lol STUFF is beyond me?

      If there was any truth in this doesn’t she think she’s as liable to be bumped off as the 2 32 yr old Dubliner’s?

      Is she on a suicide mission?

      If this is not true and she is investigated for slander she could well be up the Swanee without a paddle.

      What a masochist.

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      • ‘Without prejudice” doesn’t apply verbally and also Power-Disney like the ill-educated creep she is and like so many others seem to think that if they write that on a letter it absolves them of any defamatory content in that letter. It does no such thing.

        She is the worst type of over-the-backyard-fence-gossiper who thinks the fact she picked up some salacious rubbish in the pub and repeats it is “whistleblowing”.
        Now with social media Google has become her source of ‘whistleblowing.

        She most certainly has breached Irish libel laws and they differ slightly from UK libel laws in that there is no cap on damages which can be in the millions. She most certainly has breached Irish cyber bullying laws and needs to be reported to the authorities.

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        • Thanks for clarifying that for Power Disney GOS.

          Perhaps she can remember that for the future, but now she has done that latest video (which incidentally I see if full of her lies with her hands covering her mouth and touching her eyes etc.) her days surely must be numbered for being free to make any more.

          Question is I can’t see her being sectioned so it’s off she goes to jail, do not pass Go and do not collect £200 for Ms Angela Power.

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        • As far as my understanding goes, without prejudice in legal terms is relevant to discussions parties to a dispute might have out of court with a view to settlement.

          I can’t see any relevance it would have when making allegations against others.

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        • The term “without prejudice” is a very misunderstood term. The without prejudice rule will generally prevent statements made in a genuine attempt to settle an existing dispute, whether made in writing or orally, from being put before the court as evidence of admissions against the interest of the party which made them.

          It has little other weight and certainly does not afford a person protection from libel or criminal action.

          Poor poor Angie…..

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          • Yes, that’s my understanding as well. She uses it so often in that video, one might think she’s afraid of legal consequences. Sadly, it’s a bit like using an umbrella to fend off an earthquake.


      • She probably uses ‘without prejudice’ the same way children say something doesn’t count if you’ve got your fingers crossed.

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    • I wonder if she does that intentionally.

      Maybe not, I’m probably giving her too much credit.


  3. At 27:11 in her new video she seriously slanders a named DWP employee. Nasty old woman. She’ll get her cumeuppence eventually. I hope she likes canvas outfits with arrows all over them. She may have to do without the black Cruella de Vil armslips, though.

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  4. INTERNET DELUSIONALISTS WITH A DEATH WISH:Take a leaf out of Angelas book and dig your own grave well in advance of tripping into it.That way you can be sure to have made it plenty big enough to include your fat sorry arse.

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    • Love the way she projects what she does on to imaginary people.

      Angela is the one throwing her “colleagues” and others under the bus, NOT others doing it to her.

      Let’s hope she’s done her last “throwing under the bus” with that latest video of hers.

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      • The way Power-Disney is carrying on I am becoming increasingly concerned for the durability of suspension systems on our public service vehicles.If she throws someone under my bus when I go to bingo on wednesday afternoons I bet she doesnt arrange alternative transport for us older folk.Whats the world coming to?

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    • Luckily Angie always has her journalists notepad with her so she could indeed record the chassis number. 🙂


    • She’s not naive.

      Angela knows exactly what she is doing.

      She’s not going to play that one with me. it just won’t wash.

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    • More likely lost all the friends she ever had by betraying them and had no choice but to move before they gave her a taste of her own medicine back.

      Aww poor Angie is feeling lonely.

      Go home to your Children and face the music Angela.

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    • Yes, and let’s just remember that she believes that everyone here is employed by the CIA, MI5, GCHQ and/or all of the above; that we all regularly rape, murder, and eat small children, as do the parents, teachers, and clergy at a school in Hampstead; and that we somehow have the ability to interrupt her internet signal at will.

      She will state these things as fact to anyone who will listen to her (a rapidly dwindling minority), and claim that she has it on “good authority” from “impeccable witnesses”. I hope she uses that defence when she’s nicked for last night’s video.

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      • But I thought we were all employed by Ricky Dearman and that we are all Ricky Dearman anyway and that I’m Yannis and that you’re Relayer and that McKenzie’s Devils are Danielle la Verite and so is Ricky Dearman and…er…sorry, I need a lie down.

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  5. Apparently, TV news shows are no longer allowed to report on anything unless it’s about child abuse. Who knew?

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  6. Can’t ya just see the Slag attempting to get backstage in the 70’s and using her giant boat feet to get ahead of the other frisky groupies?? LOLOLOL ( no shame on the glasses thing GOS, I didn’t need them until my eyes went blurry reading all the on-screen crapola about these hoaxers Worldwide….when I have time from my “CIA” acting job that is…..;/)

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      • For starters, I wonder whether any of these people realise that Kanata is in fact a suburb of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa? I understand that Canada has been cracking down on these nutters, and none too soon.

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    • Sad that anyone could be gullible enough to believe any of Asshatt’s “people’s court” BS. I suppose, if they were naive & desperate, they deserve to be called fraud victims rather than co-fraudsters though.

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      • Yes to the majority of folk Annetts claims stand out as totally ridiculous but somehow he always manages to find some people to fall for his bullshit.

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    • O’Brien is just recycling L. Ron Hubbard’s original scam from the early 1950’s : “you are all secretly under government mind control, give me all your money and I’ll teach you how to free yourself”, except adding falsely claiming to have been a victim herself.

      This whole genre of scam artistry and the fear-mongering mythologies that underlie it, would probably have collapsed before 2000 if they did’t have an extremely wealthy Patron ‘saint’ propping them up. That invisible hand belongs to the arm of Rosanne:

      Rich, mischievous, vindictive, a bit loony, likes to stir up shit, famously donates to whack-jobs that no one else will give a penny to, personally an uber conspiracy-theorist, a false SRA victim claimant, a client and defender of quack Dr Colin Ross. That’s the real Rosanne.

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        • No doubt, she will be frantically engaged in doing whatever she can to prop up the Fake News industry right now – since they are officially “under attack” by governments and mainstream media giants.
          Did you know that Icke is funded by grants from “foundations”? Roseanne has tools of that nature, grant-giving foundations. The noble effort to bankrupt Icke with lawsuits will probably be of no avail for this reason.

          Roseanne helped O’Brien move to and settle in Canada, even sponsoring a fund-raising “lecture” appearance by O’Brien. On the loonier side, Roseanne once undertook a months-long trolling campaign to take over all the conspiracy/ new age/ neo-pagan internet forums, calling herself “One Smart Rat”.

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            • @Wobbly & Coyote – yes, this doesn’t seem the same person as the beloved star of “Roseanne” show, right? Look through the blog on her website though. Whatever isn’t authored by her there is certainly there because she personally endorses it. You’re shocked now…try going through a year or two of her log posts…

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      • I knew she was a bit wacky, but not completely nuts.

        Sadly she isn’t the only wealthy person to promote bizzare beliefs. I know of some others who push everything from fake news to the flat Earth, apparently in a spirit of anti establishment devilment.


  7. @ Mel Ve
    If you’re reading this, our mutual friends chez McKenzie’s Devils have asked me to ask if you could please explain why you split with Hope Girl. You’re happy to explain why you dropped Angela, Sandy, Danni and Lisa but the Hope Girl schism remains a mystery.

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    • No doubt at all that Mel Ve will see your post Spiny as she clearly states she gets a lot of enjoyment from reading this blog and watching the MKD videos.

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    • At least she says “before we die” rather than “you”.

      Given the way Angie wrecks herself with cheap booze and fags, who knows who will fall off the twig first.

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      • I don’t think the guy is even that old.

        Maybe in his mid 60’s.

        I reckon Angela is thinking time is running out for her, what with the enormous amount of fags she smokes in a day, plus her drinking/or not, I’m not sure if she actually does drink now.

        She’s already lived longer than her Irish Twin and maybe is thinking she’s going to try and make as many person’s lives a misery whilst she can.


  8. LOLOL Cathy O’Brien? KNOWN Fraudster who belongs in Prison!!??(copied by all other scammers like Scamgie and Sandy..et. al.) hahaha Roseanne is a big liar and vindictive as hell! Lying about having MPD and “incest” in her Family….Obvious Lies. She is one very drugged up Bitch!! Roseanne’s RT interview with Abby Martin was Stupider than DIRT! 😀


    • Roseanne is capable of buying WordPress and eliminating every account that she finds offensive. I’m not saying she would, but she COULD. So I will refrain from applying the more extreme language from my heart, to her, and I think that you should too.


      • Did that sound unnecessarily paranoid? That’s because it was 🙂
        I just want to be respectful of my hosts here, this isn’t my blog, and as a grateful guest I hope I never incite an unstable Goliath to squash this merry band of heroic ‘David’s. 🙂

        But i definitely think more people should be made aware of Roseanne’s nefarious attitudes, beliefs and actions. I support appropriate speaking out about that.


    • Perhaps Angela could be put on a desert island, totally on her own and with no internet collection.

      Let her fend for herself for a change.

      It’d be the making of her and maybe she’d come to her senses.

      Angela wouldn’t have to try and ruin as many peoples lives then.

      She is on such a roll at the moment and that snowball running down the hill needs to be stopped.

      I wonder what her running total of lives messed up, it must run in to the 1000’s.


    • Yes indeed Liza. Fair play to the guy. There’s going to a lot more of that kind of comment coming her way, as her video gets shared around, and more and more people get to see just how vile she is. Hoaxtead Research, and the MKD’s, will be the least of her worries, before too long lol

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    • Needless to say, this idiotic tripe is being promoted by Angela. No surprise there. But this is where it gets weird:

      For the record, the final soundbite on that video is – and I quote:

      “OK, that’s it for now and, er, we’ll see you next time.”
      (And that’s all she says.)

      Go figure!


    • LOL! I don’t think Arthur needs Angie’s help to be sectioned. He’s doing a good enough job of that one his own. Pretty sure it’s gonna happen soon..


      • Yeah the twonk is doing a great job of it himself.

        Doubt it’ll be 10 months next time, likely to be more though wasn’t the 10 months for waving around a loaded gun, which seems remarkably light if it was.


  9. Blimey, she’s getting round everyone tonight!

    It’s like she’s covered herself in treacle and thrown herself into a nest of killer ants.

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    • Belinda will keep a dignified silence, if, she has now realised that Angela is one of the worst “trouble makers” (me being kind) that she has ever met.

      Perhaps Belinda could call in a favour from her Consultant Psychiatrist “ex”/or “not ex husband” (I’m not exactly sure of her marital status) and see if Angela could be gotten a “little help” in some way.

      It would be for the greater good of everyone.

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      • Is she a sort of “functioning alcoholic”?

        First drink of the day, some wine or similar and then drinks for the rest of the day but doesn’t really get obviously drunk?


  10. @Liza – have you seen the youtube video “Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien Exposed!” by The Millers?
    It’s quite remarkable! It was made by the sisters of a young woman named “Sheala” (I’m almost certainly spelling that wrong), who was apparently suckered into visiting with Mark & Cathy at age 19 and never returned to her family. Sounds like she became another member of Mark’s harem, perhaps O’Brien had grown too old and the MKUltra ‘master-victim’ sexual role-play with her wasn’t turning him on anymore.
    Kathleen (Katherine) Sullivan claims to have been under Phillips’ spell years ago as well and escaped, but of course emerged with a false SRA-MC identity permanently embedded in her psyche as well. Anyway, these ladies in the video are so young! in 2015, and how brave & heroic they are for even attempting such a public appeal. I hope their sister returns to them.

    Phillips, O’Brien, Sullivan, Brice Taylor, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, and a host of others, all belonged to a community of ‘lecturers’ that worked the conspiranoid circuit – hosting/attending/speaking at conferences, self-publishing and promoting books & videos mostly starring themselves, making guest speaker appearances at far-right churches across the US, and hawking their wares at weird conspiranoid trade shows where they’d run a booth-table and directly compete for attending sucker’s dollars. Here’s a fascinating account of one such conference/ trade show from 1996. Note the strong element of Christian Patriots, militia members and racists…


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      • UH-OH! “Shaela” is VERY beautiful young woman, and 23 in 2015, as revealed by youtube video of interview with her, Phillips & O’Brien in Germany.

        I think I know why Cathy O’Brien moved to Canada. She’s been dumped, for the younger MKUltra mind-control sex slave role-play cutie. Bet ya a million pounds!



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