Is there anyone Angela hasn’t smeared?

If you’ve been following our coverage of Angela Power-Disney’s smear campaign against Irish Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe, you’ll know that YouTube has blocked two of her defamatory videos, which can no longer be viewed in Ireland.

However, Angela’s first shot across the bow of her local Gardaí, titled “Garda ‘WHISTLEBLOWER’ Sergeant Maurice McCabe, Declan McCabe, Mickie & Joey Curran”, posted in November 2014, remains untouched; and McKenzies Devils pointed out on Saturday that Angela extended her smear campaign to another Garda officer in one of her “Angela’s Caches” videos for Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network (CCN).

We know that Mel and her husband Biggi were aware that Angela would be slagging this second officer, as she tagged Biggi on 16 October 2016, to indicate the Facebook Note that she planned to read on air.


While she does not name the officer in the Facebook Note, she does state his name in the video; and she named him in this letter to Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer, published in 2015:

angela-power-disney-false-allegation-mccabe-2017-02-10It’s difficult to understand why Mel and Biggi would have allowed Angela to make this sort of allegation on CCN, as it puts them directly in the firing line should Sgt McCabe decide to pursue legal remedies against those who’ve defamed him. Recent court cases have found that even mega-corporations such as Google can be considered as “publishers”, and CCN is hardly in a position to fend off an aggressive lawsuit. They would do well to be aware that in libel suits, anyone involved in promoting the libellous statements can be found at fault—if we were Mel Ve, we’d be doing some serious thinking right now about the sorts of things that ought to be broadcast via our organisation.

Speaking of Mel Ve…

While we’re on the topic of Angela’s very public split with Mel, Biggi, and CCN, we noticed yesterday that Angie had posted a long and typically whiny/self-aggrandising Facebook Note:

angela-power-disney-facebook-mel-2017-02-26Oddly, we’ve seen no sign of either sackcloth or ashes at Angie’s end, unless one counts the ash at the tip of her ever-present ciggie. But you see, all of this was Mel’s fault, for pressurising Angela into a promise not to fight, which meant that she had to throw everyone she knew under the nearest passing public transport vehicle, tout de suite. Or something, we didn’t get all the way to the end.

Meanwhile, however, Angie has not exactly been behaving as the martyr she claims to be: in fact, we heard from Mel a few days ago that she’d received a most peculiar birthday greeting from her erstwhile friend:


24/02/17 15:01:29] Angie Power-Disney: May God have mercy on your soul. You may just have grieved the HOLY SPIRIT RUACH HA KODESH with your J fucker remarks…..I prayed and God showed me how the daughter of King Herod´s wife so wanted to PLEASE her MOTHER she danced for the King and his friends (HOAXSTEAD) and then asked for THE HEAD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ON A PLATTER as payment. In some desperate attempt to gain approval from her abusive manipulative JEZEBEL satanic Mother….take a look at your relationship with YOUR mother and see why the Holy Spirit drew me to that in explanation of your horrendous behaviour? It is your Birthday…while you have breath in your body there is time for you to REPENT.

[24/02/17 15:03:31] Mel Ve: It is not my birthday… and go fuck yourself

By the way, are we the only ones amused by Angela’s pretentious attempts to use Hebrew terms in her bizarre mangling of Christian doctrine? And if God is showing Angela dreams of Herod’s wife and John the Baptist’s head, we’re thinking she might want to refrain from eating rich foods so close to bed time.

Another county heard from

And just in case you thought the whole Mel Ve/Angela/Sandra Bergen sideshow was over and done with, here’s an email we received on Friday from Sandy:

Hi, this is Sandy Bergen. I love the way you say first that Mel canned me at end of December, when my shows went through end of January. I should never have started with them or should have quit when I did say I quit and instead let them talk me back. Actually, I finished January because I had guests lined up. The way Mel shared portions of messages to Angie saying I am seeking exceptional search engines on my shows is ridiculous. It was the way Biggi was loading my videos, without tags with guests names. Once he fixed it, the shows came up with search for their names.

Anyway, I have ALL the Skype messages between Mel and I since the end of October 2016 to end of January 2017. Mel so graciously downloaded them and sent them to me in a file to my email account. That email is read in the McKenzies Devils video they copied of my show with Angie. These messages compared with what she said to Angie prove Mel is a vicious liar and puts the nails into her coffin for you guys.

I stand behind everything you will read. Did I know Mel would do this and twist everything. I do see orbs ALL the time. Your loss. It wasn’t just an owl in that house and I have proof. I have pictures. That will be shared on a video in the near future. As I re-read the messages, I remember my desperation trying to get through to Mel and Biggi the problems with my shows. If you tell me how to zip file Skype messages, I will send you all messages between Biggi and I since the inception of the relationship.

I am told to stay away from you guys. But at this point, I know I am not a liar or trying to convict INNOCENT people of pedophile. I despise pedophile and it does HAVE to end. Funny, on any of my shows or interviews or anything private or public, I have never commented on the Hampstead case, as I never investigated it. As far as Pizzagate, the government is clearly involved in child trafficking, sex slave rings and I will openly say that. All I know is that those two children were taught by SOMEONE all the horrific things they describe.

Before I send them to you, I will be posting a show reading all the messages and comparing what she wrote to Angie. Funny thing, there are very few messages between Angie and I via Skype. She was mostly silent in December and January but did Facebook message quite a lot but never a word of what Mel was saying about me.

Oh and I have proof that Mel lied to Angie in a message about contacting “Jo”, a guest of mine, and asked Jo if she was mad about how searches were in YouTube. I have emails between Jo and I and Jo said Mel did contact her to contract her to broadcast, but never brought up the YouTube search under name problem. She said I could share those emails. When you read my emails you will see the frustration I have as Mel answers for Biggi many times and no one can see the original comment I made to Biggi. My God, Biggi flipped out when I wrote the words “disappointed” when he asked in a message if I wanted to edit something one of my guests said. He called Angie, they both called me, big stress. I was adamant with him that not one word of my shows will be edited. Angie was like “oh you triggered him”. Like I said, I would be happy to share Biggi’s and mine messages too. I have nothing to hide.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Thanks for getting in touch, Sandy, but we don’t think there’s much more to add to this particular story, fascinating as it’s been.

Well, unless you count this Facebook spat between Sandy and Angie, as reported by regular reader Liza Radley. Angela is referring to an allegation she apparently received, accusing her of being involved in the death last summer of Max Spiers:

angela-power-disney-sandy-bergen-fb-2017-02-26-1 angela-power-disney-sandy-bergen-fb-2017-02-26-2 angela-power-disney-sandy-bergen-fb-2017-02-26-3 angela-power-disney-sandy-bergen-fb-2017-02-26-4 angela-power-disney-sandy-bergen-fb-2017-02-26-5Sandy, I think she’s transparent to pretty nearly everyone now.

We do find it highly entertaining that this blog seems to have become the news source of record for the Hampstead SRA hoax and its various spin-offs—and the Hoaxtead mob all seem to quote us pretty regularly—and we’re flattered, of course. But unless there are further newsworthy developments in the CCN debacle, we think it’s probably time to draw a line under it.

As for Angela and her continued smearing of innocent people, Gardaí or otherwise, we think it’s time for those who’ve supported her in the past (Mel, we’re looking at you) to take a stand and tell her to fork over some compelling evidence of her wild claims, or shut the fuck up and go home.

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

139 thoughts on “Is there anyone Angela hasn’t smeared?

  1. I did watch the four short pieces about Max Spiers, his death and his mother.

    The short story read by an actor, the one Max Spiers wrote when little really touched me. That childlike wonder turned to something else in the end perhaps.

    How sick he sounded with people who just seemed to want to get their interview.

    A father and a son.

    I hope his mum gets the answers she actually bloody well deserves about what went on in Poland.

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  2. Isn’t it great they all point people to Hoaxtead now for the accurate news?

    Things have really kicked-off beween them all (as it usually does) at the moment and I find it very entertaining.. in a smug kinda way. 😀

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    • Plus they seem to be frequently citing MKD videos as evidence. Kristie Sue did that at least twice in her rants screenshot by LR. HR and MKD appear to have become the go-to sources for the hoaxer crowd. One thing’s sure anyway – they ain’t going to each other to get accurate info’ any more.

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  3. It makes me laugh so hard that Conspiracy theories ask for an investigation into so called suspicious deaths.
    What’s the point when it’s the Goobermint doing the investigation. Just like Hampstead, they want some waste of tax money going towards an investigation about a hoax and then won’t believe any findings apart from cherry picking anyway, as everything in life is a conspiracy to them.

    Not so funny how they believe some of the reports, as obviously they are the truth parts, and bits they don’t agree with are the cover ups.

    A person who was really onto some nefarious act, like any real undercover worker, would not do youtube projects as it’s too important to risk going public with important information.

    When the real people who are onto something special die, whatever the subject, the public most likely never hears about it, we only hear about fakers and stupid claims.

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    • Every suspicious death IS investigated but often they don’t like the conclusion.
      They prefer the ones they formulated in their own minds without evidence or fact.

      Allegedly and Without Prejudice.

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      • I said so called Suspicious deaths. Every death ever concerned around Angela is a so called suspicious death, from her sister, Patrick C, and others. All nonsense and magically murdered by the powers that be.
        I bet Angela would did up all these bodies in the name of research if it brought in some more donations.

        amaxing how these people are always surrounded by pedophiles and death.

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    • The ending of this video where Miles talks about the “Agents” following him and APD (just like he said about Max in the BBC documentary) is paranoia in the extreme.

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      • This was a favourite of Fiona ‘Barking’ Barnett.

        Agents in dark cars were following her everywhere and in one case she phoned the local Plod Office to report a suspicious car had been standing down the road with a man staring at her house for half the day. When they arrived and went to inspect the car the man was a coat thrown over the back seat and a hat dangling off the head rest. It belonged to a pensioner who was vising his relatives in a nearby house.

        I think they really pray for men to follow them. Angie probably does.

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        • That story of the coat and hat is good, GofS. LOL!

          This is a good video about the internet madness known as Gang Stalking.

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          • Thanks that’s a great video. I never had any clue about this until about a week ago. Extremely dangerous levels of paranoia and a delusional sense of importance. Of course as soon as they pick the wrong person to shout abuse at then they will be able to make a video about how they were assaulted by a gang stalker.


      • To be fair, it’s not entirely unfeasible. It’s just that when it comes from John ‘Chemtrails’ Taylor, I tend to take that as a sign that something isn’t true!


        • I actually do think it would be foolhardy for anyone to allow those kids any sort of public profile until they’re adults and can decide for themselves. They and the other children of Hampstead are still at significant risk of kidnap by the Hoaxtead vigilantes, and to my mind, it would make no sense to do anything that might increase that risk.

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    • So you’ve got John Taylor and another man there openly breaching a Judge’s Court Order by posting pictures of the girl. Are the police going to act on this? Do these Court Orders mean nothing?

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      • They are not the same person, just another excuse for creepy people to post more images of other peoples children. I take it there next step will be researching the Girl in the advert then probably 5 months later Krusty Poo will find out about it and try tracking the actress down.


    • Sandy’s comments were not disrespectful. The proof was in the skype messages posted on this blog as she stated.

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      • Plus when did Angela apologise? What’s she on about there? She made excuses, passed the buck and, in her rant about Mel, tried to make out that she’d only slagged off Sandy behind her back as a ruse to get the truth out of Mel. So the usual Angela bollocks, then.

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  4. That tagging of Biggi is something that’s been intriguing me as I’ve been digging for old posts. It seems that around that time (October) she went on a Bigg-taggging spree, sending him dozens upon dozens of her posts and comments, from rants to musings to self-penned poetry going back as far as 2009. I wonder what that was all about.


    • Enjoyed that too Spiny.After Angies long winded,ill educated mish mash of babblical proportions Mels retort “It’s not my birthday…and go fuck yourself” was efficiency par excellence.

      Whilst I hardly associate Mel with Indiana Jones as he would never have been seen astride a plastic throne my heart very nearly warmed to Mel as she incisively swotted that annoying pesky fly on her windscreen.Top marks.

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      • LOL, I remember that scene from the first time I saw that movie and I absolutely fell about at the time 😀

        By the way, this was a last minute thing because Harrison Ford was suffering from food poisoning and couldn’t cope with the scheduled sword fight, so the story goes.


  5. Seems that ‘Call the Midwife’ has made Angie’s ‘Approved TV’ list.

    Hold on – update on the way…


      • Isn’t Holby City a spin off show of Casualty?

        Don’t they have the same script writers?

        Angela is a f..king LIAR, you can’t believe a word she speaks, writes or types.

        She speaks “Angela Language” to which you have to read between the lines to understand.

        As we all know, it’s quite easy once learnt.

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      • Be careful what you say, he is a former antiChrist who is able to cause hurricanes and kill celebrities mothers at will. He is so evil that he even owns a small novelty plastic skeleton.

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  6. Matty Williams ever blunt review on Max Spiers death,”Fractured documentary”,care in the community,drug addiction,shit happens,Elvis fatness overdose etc etc.Love Miles Johnston “the pied piper of the mentally ill”. WARNING:Explicit language lol

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      • Yep.Used to do a lot of field art (circles) back in the day and he has no nonsense style debunking self styled “researchers” and myth makers wherever they may pop up.In fact it was through watching Matthews channels and his work tackling Chris Everard(arch wanker) that made me aware of this fine blog last year.

        Matthews is ever good for a laugh and he cant help being Welsh.

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    • Thanks for sharing this, Mik. Good stuff!

      By the way, I’m still wincing over the bit at the start when the guy lets the dog lick his face. For some people it’s fingernails scraping down a blackboard; for me it’s dogs licking people’s faces. I’ll grab me coat.

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    • The truth will out, eh?
      I’m reminded of the moment when Dipstick Shyster was feuding with his DID conference buddies and disclosed that they are meth-heads. Oh yea! I believe he later deleted that from his blog, but it was a great revelation nonetheless. It becomes clearer all the time, these conspiranoids are not simply potheads…

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    • This is how low these conspiracy nuts will go, linking Max’s death to Pizzagate. Even including a picture of his mother in the video thumbnail. A video in which Max is slurring through the whole thing and clearly in no shape to give an interview.


      • As far as I’m aware Max wasn’t going to expose the false news which is Pizzagate (gawd, I hate that hashtag.) This just seems to be something the conspiraturds have attributed to him since his passing.
        Vile lot they are.

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  7. Do you suffer from APD? Some symptoms of APD to look for?

    1. Do you feel a hand touching your bottom?
    2. Is there a knife sticking out of your back?
    3. Are you sectioned, arrested or jailed?
    4. You are innocent, but everyone is talking about you being a paedophile, drug pusher or murderer.
    5. The little secret you told someone is now known by half the world.
    6. People are talking about murdering you and abducting your children.
    7. Some heavy dramatic shit is going down about you on Facebook.
    8. You are being described as a Shill, Satanist, a Ricky, or a Lizard.
    9. You ate a pizza in Hampstead, now you are a baby-eating leader of a Cult.
    10. You are famous, and you hear a story about being associated with someone called Angie.

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  8. Nutter Neelu Alert !

    Good pal of APD, the Princess Ved has a new cause she is pushing..a lady called Ruby who was born into a middle-class Jewish family in Pakistan and then whisked off to Ireland with a false passport issued by the UK at the age of 12 when her father was ‘tricked’ into an arranged marriage with a Brit. While there she was sold into various pedophile circles and needless to say, cover-ups occurred and police won’t investigate etc etc.

    But Ruby has found her calling and now aids immigrants who may be deported and in doing so has scored herself a nice abode in Harrow, all in the name of charity of course.

    One small hitch: on Ruby’s own website on which she describes her life in Pakistan and where she proudly displays some press clippings that no doubt helped her raise funds for her, err , charitable activities, Ruby describes ( accompanied by violin music) what inspired her wonderful work., She was orphaned as a baby.

    Maybe I just read it all the wrong way but APD, you are a rank amateur.

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    • Ruby must be credible as she lists a host of TV shows where she has been interviewed in depth by one of Britain’s leading investigative TV hosts. The fact that host looks remarkably like Crystal expert Ved Chaudhari is purely co-incidental.

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      • Alas there has been tragedy in Ruby’s life. She also advertises lessons in common law delivered by a fine upstanding Irish gent by the name of Patrick who sadly, is no longer with us (or standing up).

        If you would like to be trained in Common Law Grand Juries and are 18 and over, you can join a jury pool which will select 24 people randomly to sit in Common Law Courts of Record in a local court.
        You will need to train in Common Laws. This can be done directly from the material on the websites below, or from videos by people like Patrick Cullinane, Simon Spaniard (White Rabbit), Karl Lentz, National Liberty Alliance etc”

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    • I found Ruby’s Rescue Center on the Companies House website. No 09229749 Incorporated in 2014.

      They are apparently being ‘dissolved by a compulsory strike-off’ tomorrow.

      No reason given as to why.

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      • Introducing the amazing ‘life’ of Angela Power-Disney

        You would think she would be able to spell lies correctly.


      • “…the leader of The EDL’s Pakistani Christian Division, Ruby Akhtar, was also a member of the BNP…the same time she was active with the EDL…Akhtar, who now claims she is actually a Pakistani Jew…”

        Bloody hell, just when you thought the hoaxers couldn’t get any weirder!


        • Oh it gets weirder, she’s been convicted, she claimed to have Down’s Syndrome,….


  9. Angie is putting this under her videos, don’t all rush at once..

    “You can visit my website here: and you can donate to my ministry and work securely by donating here, with a monthly update to your e mail address.”


    • “I’m wondering if I’m acting on MK programming to self-destruct.”

      Well, we can always hope..


  10. Ahh yes. That Bannon guy probably created the Pizza and Shower gates…We just can’t have the dullards concentrating on what was really said about Sanders and Each Other in those “liberal” DNC emails….LOL Jews hating on other Jews for their Jewishness must Never be Discussed Again in “liberal” or “conservative” circles in U.S.! The Yuge increase in the Anti-Semite outrageous claims/scapegoating/hate crimes/emboldened persons Arena really needs to be addressed. I notice it is a thread that runs through Most of the hoaxers/scammers in the Fake Conspiracy/Fake News corner of YT, off-line, there are increasing acts of defilement, ect. The Far Far Right are having a field day in 2017! Why wasn’t John Hinckley, Jr. appointed to the Supreme Court yet? ffs LOLOL Are any of the Giancana’s or Roselli’s available? How about opening up the Tropicana again? Good Times ;/

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    • So she’s gonna upload the two illegal McCabe videos to her, ahem, “website”? Good luck with that, Angie. If you have no other skills, at least you excel in the art of digging your own grave*.

      *And I mean that metaphorically,
      Angela, before you start.

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    • Sorry, Spiny – I’ve tried putting Angie’s rant through Google Translate but it’s coming up as “gobbledygook” under the “Detect language” column.

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    • Oh Lordy,Woman at the well ministry?Well to be fair she had gone through 5 husbands (allegedly and without prejudice)so that part adds up.I am just not entirely convinced Jesus would have been overly keen on haggling a drink off Angie or having his arse grabbed either come to think of it.


      • LOL! And by the way, don’t you find it bizarre to hear someone who hates gay people, Atheists and Jews repeatedly using the phrase “without prejudice”? 😀


        • Good spot,well made Spiny.Coherance is not exactly the strongest suit in her wardrobe which by all accounts seem to consist mainly of threadbare hand-me-downs and stuff nicked from a charity shop skip.


    • A “real” friend would tell her straight she is heading for the buffers bigtime rather than fueling her false personality delusions.Angies smears and betrayals serve to feed and coalesce the walls and bars of her interior dungeon.


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