Deborah Mahmoudieh v the IPCC

Yesterday the ever-effervescent Deborah Mahmoudieh posted a video featuring herself (who else?) reading a letter from the IPCC. It seems she’d written them to demand that they re-investigate the police investigation of the Hampstead SRA case, and they had written back to let her know that she had no business sticking her nose into a case that did not concern her. Unsurprisingly, she was not pleased with this response, and spent the majority of her video reading out her response to their response.

McKenzies Devils were on the job, and were able to put together this synopsis of Debs’ diatribe:

Through an amazing series of coincidences, at the very time that Debs was reading out her latest, this blog received a plain brown envelope containing the script for a one-act stage play, titled “Death of the IPCC on Lawful Suspicion of Unlawful Malfeasance”.

We present it here, in its entirety:

Scene 1

A large urban office space. Work stations are set up in rows, separated by large filing cabinets. Each work station has a large computer monitor and keyboard, plus exactly one medium-sized potted plant per desk. Above the door, the letters “IPCC” can be made out. The impression is one of quiet efficiency.

As the curtains open, two women in their 40s are standing centre stage. Ms SMITH is leafing through a sheaf of papers; Ms JONES looks on in amusement.

Ms JONES: What, not her again?

Ms SMITH: I know, can you believe it? Doesn’t this woman have a job? A hobby even?

Ms JONES: (chuckles) I’m sure she’d tell you she’s not lawfully obligated to be employed. Or to have a hobby, for that matter.

(Both women laugh.)

Ms SMITH: (exasperated) But seriously, can you believe this? (reads) “While some may consider my reactions as ‘unreasonable’ the reality is, the United Nations has listed crimes against children, as a ‘crime against humanity'”. I’ll tell you what’s a bloody crime against humanity…people who take up my time with utter….

Ms JONES: Now now, dear, deep breaths. Deep breaths. No swears. We’ve gone over this.

Ms SMITH: I know, it’s just that I told her last time…

Ms JONES: …to piss off and stop bothering us with her ridiculous ‘appeals’? I know, I helped you write the letter, remember?

Ms SMITH: You did. Well, you promised me a free round at the pub if I could do it without kicking something. Same thing, really.

Ms JONES: Indeed. So what’s she after this time? Let me guess, she didn’t like your answer…

Ms SMITH: She most certainly did not. When I—we—told her to piss off last time, I pointed out that she had no right to request a review of the investigation, because she wasn’t directly affected by the case. So doesn’t she come back and say, “In trying to deny my complaint on the grounds that I am not directly affected, the IPCC has not taken into account the severe emotional and psychological impact on the public, when police have failed to act on fully satisfied arrest criteria, and have instead coerced child-witnesses into giving false retractions about abuse which at the time was already confirmed by medical evidence”. This is the kind of ignorant faux-legal mumbo-jumbo that gives me nightmares, really it is. Oh, and did you know that “crimes against humanity are a public concern”? Give me strength….

Ms JONES: Of course, of course. So…how many this time?

Ms SMITH: I lost count. Hang on, let me check.

Ms JONES: Oh dear, this doesn’t bode well….

Ms SMITH: (reading aloud) Of course there’s “lawful suspicion” and “lawful suspects”, about ten times apiece; then…let’s see…”lawful evidence”, “lawful dynamics”, “lawful duty”, “lawfully sound”, “lawfully ignored”, “lawfully recognised”, “lawfully related”, “lawfully evidenced suspicion” which I’m sure is distinct from “lawful suspicion”, “lawful concerns”, “lawful witnesses”, “lawfully evidenced”, “lawful right”, “lawfully duty-bound”….

Ms JONES (who started giggling hysterically about halfway through the list): Stop! Oh God, stop…I’m going to choke, I swear….

Ms SMITH: I tell you, I starting to lose the will. How am I going to get out of writing her back? She’s going to be slung round my neck forever at this rate, like some sort of deranged albatross!

Ms JONES: Have you thought of emigrating? I hear the weather is nice in Australia.

Ms SMITH: Not helpful.

Ms JONES: Sorry, sorry. Right, look, I have an idea. (whispers something)

Ms SMITH: (looks shocked) Oh, I couldnt! That would be just too cruel.

Ms JONES: So you want to write her yourself, then? Forever and ever, lawfully bound to this lawfully flaming loony until lawful death do you lawfully part?

Ms SMITH: (pauses briefly, then nods) Right. What’s the new girl’s name again?

Ms JONES: I don’t know, I didn’t catch it yesterday. Jessica something. I think.

Ms SMITH: (walks to one of the work stations and plops the file folder onto the desk) This still doesn’t feel quite right…

Ms JONES: Pish-posh. It’ll be good for her. Teach her to sort the wheat from the chaff. Now come on, get your coat.

Ms SMITH: Where are we going? We haven’t even started work yet!

Ms JONES: We’re going for a tea break.

Ms SMITH: Right, got it. Don’t want to be here when whats-her-name gets in. I’m buying!

(Both dash off stage left, giggling like schoolgirls. Within seconds, JESSICA enters stage right and picks up the file from her desk. As she opens it, her eyes widen and her jaw drops. She looks imploringly toward the audience.)

JESSICA: (mouths silently) Help me….!

Curtain falls.


160 thoughts on “Deborah Mahmoudieh v the IPCC

  1. This is the full list, I think 😀

    “Lawful evidence”, “lawful dynamics”, “lawful duty”, “lawfully sound”, “lawfully ignored”, “lawfully recognised”, “lawfully related”, “lawfully evidenced suspicion”, “lawful suspects”, “lawful concerns”, “lawful witnesses”, “lawfully evidenced”, “lawful right”, “lawful suspicion”, “lawful citizen”, “lawful complaint”,”lawfully identified risk”, “lawful equation” and “lawfully duty-bound”

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  2. Mr. Coyote, you have so missed your vocation as a playright.

    I can see this working as a musical too. I’ll get in touch with that nice Mr. Lloyd-Webber and see if he can help.

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  3. By the way, MKD’s wonderful chimp-themed interpretation doesn’t contain the full rant. For anyone who missed it on the previous post, this is the source video:

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    • Yes, well done, SV. We’ve never shared pictures of her children (though she claims otherwise); you’d think she’d have the common decency to leave the children of Hampstead out of her posts. Oh wait. Did I just say “common decency”? Whatever was I thinking?

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      • In fact, as we said before, her own Farcebook icon is of her son, so she is trolling and hate-campaigning using his picture, which I think is shameful.

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        • Yes, there is no way in the world that anyone involved in this sort of campaign should post pictures of their children. We make a point of not publishing pics of the children of any of the Hoaxtead mobsters, but those on the other side, as we know, are not nearly so careful.

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      • Kris Sue Costa and other Satan Hunters like her have an amazing lack of empathy or ability to comprehend how what she posts has an impact upon those that are involved, even when it is pointed out to them. Take as an example, her young son, the posting of the image of her son in a highly abusive and hostile context against people she is accusing of child abuse of the worst kind, puts him at significant risk of becoming involved, especially when this case is swarming with paedophiles attached to the likes of Angela Power Disney and Sabine McNeill.

        An average person should have the ability to place themselves in the shoes of a child or a parent, and feel how the posting of an image of that child on the internet might be felt or how it can impact those people now or later in life. The RD children have not given Costa or any other Satan Hunter permission to go posting their images and video all over the internet, these postings are going to haunt them emotionally later in life. No child of any alleged abuse wants their images posted all over the internet so all their friends and family can see it.

        It seriously irritates me the blind indifference these so-called child-abuse campaigners like Kris Sue Costa have to the damage they are doing to their own children and other people’s children through the psoting of these images. Kris Sue Costa is indulging in child abuse by posting these images and videos. I am tempted to refer her to local child welfare services as a bad and abusive mother of her children.

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        • SV ‘The RD children have not given Costa or any other Satan Hunter permission to go posting their images and video all over the internet, these postings are going to haunt them emotionally later in life. No child of any alleged abuse wants their images posted all over the internet so all their friends and family can see it.’

          I completely agree.

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    • Another thing… if I was campaigning against a bunch of crazy child-abusing nutters, I would not be posting an image of my son on the internet, especially one where he wears a badge of a local sporting club he had/has connections to. Words fail me.

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    • Well said indeed, Kristie Sue is such a hypocrite and has no compassion even though she would swear blind that she is the kindest person on planet Earth.

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      • Yes, she actually believes that by posting random gibberish about Hoaxtead and Pizzagate she is somehow “helping” to…end? prevent? combat? child sex trafficking. As we’ve discussed elsewhere, nothing could be further from the truth.

        If she were really a “children’s rights campaigner” she would be out on the front lines actually doing something, rather than sitting behind her keyboard harassing and libelling people she’s never met, and subjecting their children to a lifetime of pain and humiliation.

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        • I reported Rob Johnson, 2 vids, so far ~ 1 has the boys image in the thumbnail, also in the content, soundless but alongside lurid images. 2. Ashton Kurcher …pizzagate @26mins, talking. 😦


        • These people don’t know anything about child or sex trafficking.
          When they read about this in the news they automatically think it refers to Hampstead or the moronic pizzagate. There are dozens of Youtube videos claiming pizzagate is being busted because they come across as a news story about a sex trafficking bust.

          The vast majority of busts in the US are about a pimp selling an underage person in prostitution. Or an isolated case in the UK of a gang passing around a disadvantaged underage person passed among themselves often with cash being changed.

          In Asia there are Asian gangs who control prostitution and often young people or even children are sold. They usually cannot be busted by local or international police because they are powerful & murderous.

          Real “amateur” anti-child abuse campaigners can be like the owners of gay or hetero bars in Pattaya , Thailand who got together to actively drive child prostitution out of the area and have done so successfully with the help of local (not corrupted) cops, tourist police and an army of local hotel and apartment workers who will inform on any pedo with a child.
          Of course sadly it means the organised trade moves elsewhere to say Cambodia or Vietnam.

          Even then there are very dodgy so-called “anti-child abuse” organisations, especially a notorious one in Cambodia run by an Indian (accused himself of child abuse in India) who run what are no better than blackmail gangs falsely accusing innocents who must pay a fortune to get out of jail. Often they have spent years building up a persona with a few genuine busts and because of the highly emotive subject can get foreign donations to aid (used to rent up-market villas and buy Range Rovers etc).

          One such outfit in Cambodia financed by wealthy Gina Rinehart and run by an ex-Oz cop that had some retired British cops in it were found to be holding their meetings in a “girly” bar with “entertainment” provided after meetings (bars run by criminals) before funding was withdrawn. As it was hard to prove laws had been broken and they remain low key and simply set-up a new “charity”.

          These ghastly keyboard warriors who concentrate on Hampstead or the Podestas ( dontcha love how they had never heard of them 6 months ago) doing a terrible dis-service because they exhaust the general public’s sympathies in the same way those who combat hunger in the Third World have to be careful of the images they display lest they turn the public off.

          They should be condemned for what they are : false accusers who are part of the problem, not the solution. If they break laws they should be prosecuted every time.


        • There are 100,000s of children in the UK who are neglected, hungry or abused mentally, physically, emotionally or sexually ( sexual abuse is about 17% of overall abuse and 98% of that is within a family). The poorer or more disadvantaged a child is the more easier they can fall prey to abuse.
          Deb should become a political organiser or campaigner is she wants to help.
          Instead she rants on Youtube and then writes a 10 page letter to the IPCC about HER feelings of hurt.
          She displays a narcissistic temperament so common with this mob: it’s about ME ME ME.

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          • Absolutely agree, GoS. The case had nothing to do with her, and the IPCC told her that. The fact that she’s unable to accept it says a great deal about her.


  4. In her video Deborah says she’s been involved with the Hampstead case for three years. Does that mean she was there during the planning stages then? Just askin’.

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  5. Please tell me : I quite like Deb’s videos when they slowly rise to a resounding crescendo. Does that happen in this one?
    Some are better than others. Perhaps she is a Performance Artist as she’s very skilled at drawing you in to the inevitable climax.
    Or perhaps she’s just barking mad.
    I haven’t got time to listen to her now as I’m off to the dentist. Root canal therapy sounds far more preferable.

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    • She does get a bit tearful towards the end, about her own personal difficulties but no crescendo, not that I was paying too much attention.

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    • Sadly, this one is rather flat, GoS. She does have a minor meltdown right at the end, but it’s not nearly as shouty as some of her other productions. Bit of a disappointment for her fans, I’d say.

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  6. So now I have a new G+ notifications system and from asking around, I appear to be the only person in the World that’s had this inflicted on them, lol (having only just started to get used to their last new system, which requires going to separate bloody pages for YT and G+ messages).

    Anyhoo, it’s kindly deleted all my previous notifications, has no way of saving new ones and doesn’t allow me to reply to comments. I can ‘plus one’ them, report them, delete them…but can I reply to them? Can I bunnies! LOL

    If I were Kane Slater or Angela, right now I’d be blaming this on interference from the Illuminati/MI5/Mossad/aliens [delete as applicable].

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    • I thought it was just me having problems with the new notification system. I can click on a notification of a YT comment but it won’t take me to the comment and i get different results depending on whether i’m on YT or G+. I wish Google had left things as they were.

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  7. Well my notifications are a bit weird too.

    I can comment on some, however I can see on the top right there is a comment but can’t see the comment in the feed??

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  8. Lawful suspects.
    Lawful suspicions.
    WTF is she on about.
    She’s actually comparing it to the Holocaust the crazy bint.
    It’s all ME ME ME.

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      • A press release can go something like this…

        For immediate release

        Dudie pants died… blah blah

        Tinker Bell said ” blah… blah”


        For more information contact … blah blah…

        Reporters tend to be lazy and will take a large chunk of what they publish from the press release, and any extra from sources given in the original press release. Having done press releases and dealt with the media, I can guess what has happened to allow Angela Power Disney to indulge in her psychopathic narcissism in the media.

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    • No mention of his abuse of hard-working telephonists in various government departments or court attendants and zilch mention of his appalling anti-Semitic ravings and false accusations.

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        • Sunday supplement headline:

          Funeral For Anti-Semitic Campaigner Amidst Allegations Thats He’s Simply Moved To The Same Island As Elvis – “A Fire on His Kishkes” Says His Neighbour, Mrs Edith Cohen.

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  9. Another question. I ran a check on an address in Wellfleet for Kristie Sue Costa which was connected to that name on one internet site, yet another site brought up a name Kristen Lombari for the same address. Is their a known connection between the names Costa and Lombari?

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  10. Got to say if a policeman in Winchester is clumsy in handling an emerging SRA hoax re Ted Heath, that this will undermine all the good work of his collegues in London and give the Hampstead SRA hoax a new lease of life.


    • She’s promoting vigilante style barbarism and hatred, which some loonies will no doubt attribute to innocent Hampstead residents. How are posts like hers allowed on FB?


    • I’ve reported this vile creature;s blatant anti-Semitic & racist posts a few time but they still allow them despite Zuckerberg and others claiming they will abide by EU demands that racist attacks will be removed.


      • I flag and report them on an almost daily basis, including that she has three facebook profiles…. Almost none of her posts are taken down, but she does get regular bannings for a week or a month. Then she just switches profiles and continues to spew her foul garbage again.
        Whoever said ayahuasca was therapeutic is as bonkers as she is.
        Local (good) news, she’s now out of a job as of January.


    • Poor George Soros has never once said or done a single thing that these people claim he has. There is not an iota of proof or an event that they can point to that shows in any manner he is what they claim he is.
      The worst anyone has uncovered is something he himself admitted- that as a teenager under the rule of Nazis he silently tried to survive as best he could which probably the entire German nation could be accused of or perhaps all Russians under Stalin could be accused of or anyone in similar situations.
      He is a generous philanthropist who does nothing to interfere with politics in the manner that say, the multi-billionaire US Koch brothers do.

      Soros does promote a ‘left’ view of the world but he is hardly alone in that the right leaning billionaire Warren Buffet also agrees with Soros that unchecked Capitalism could bring the entire world monetary system crashing down. Nothing new there either as most US presidents from both sides of politics since the late 1800s have tried to stem the unchecked power of would-be monopolists and hard-line free marketeers.

      People like Icke and his followers and the ghastly Somas of the world really show that we are surrounded by little fascists who would hang off every word of a dictator or Goebbels’s like propagandist and help do their evil work for them.

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      • The Sea Cadets taught me this when I was 10:

        “Hitler! has only got one ball
        Goering! has two but very small
        Himmler! has something sim’lar
        but poor old Goebbels has no balls at all!”

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        • Which is to say – we shouldn’t ignore the little proto-fascisti set and just hope they go away, but to some extent taking them seriously also legitimizes them. Better to belittle & mock them, I think, as Melissa McCarthy has so brilliantly done on SNL. I think it was the producer of SNL who said: “comedy can be a devastating attack, and one for which there is no defence”.

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  11. Yeah? Well, there’s a first time for everything, Angela…

    Hey, why not go check out Warwick University while you’re there. It’ll be a nice new experience for you.


    • Probably just her Lady Godiva alter kicking in after getting pissed.Actually that conjurs up some truly aweful impressions.Sorry in advance if any coffee spilt.


  12. Lol.

    And I wonder who she’s upset now?

    Too many to guess which person she is talking about.

    Did she get pissed in the bar?

    Did she slap one of the Cuban’s on the bum?


    • I reckon there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with Sonya and Kristie Sue. She’s gone out of her way to bait them and slander them. She clearly craves negative attention.


        • Not sure about that, but I bet the wind coming out of her backside is awful

          because the wind coming out of her mouth is bad.

          How does she know the video is banned in Ireland?

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      • No, no…she’s thanking Jesus for closing the doors! 🙂 Jesus personally watches over her & her house, and closes doors when she goes out if she forgets to.
        Nice fellow, really…he mows my lawn and does my sidewalk with his snowblower, in the winter.

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    • Either Patrick has made a wee visitation or its the build up to another dodgy insurance claim to pay her bar tab…perhaps both although i rather suspect insurers have inserted a cunning clause against claims related to incomprehensible tealeaves from beyond.


      • I thought she might be insinuating some “dark forces” closed her patio doors.

        Why did she leave them open unless she wanted visitors/burglars.

        Dodgy woman.


      • She’s admitted to leaving them open, so any insurance claim for anything that’s gone missing would be considered invalid, presumably.


      • Another question. What is the source of income that can allow Angela Power Disney the leisure of living in a warm holiday destination perpetually on Facebook waging war on the innocent with an endless supply of fags?

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        • She’s rented out her house in Oldcastle to her 2 boys, who claim housing benefit (or whatever it’s called in Ireland or elsewhere) and this pays for her rent for the 2 bed apartment in Lanzarote, all the duty frees to which I’m sure there is a limit, her piss up in the bar yesterday at 3 pm to 5 pm, air flights back home to Ireland and England, the tat earrings etc.

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  13. Off topic, but that Spaz Richard D Hall has an interview with a “embedded confession expert” on McCann case and it’s SO Stupid! lolol

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  14. A special thank you to my sooper seekrit source, who has confirmed that both of Angela’s Maurice McCabe videos have been taken down in Ireland on defamation grounds. Fingers crossed that Mr. McCabe takes some kind of legal action against Angela.

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  15. McCabe should Nail her. However, the outrageous nature of these kinds of false allegations are sometimes all gnat-minded readers remember all told. The actual McMartin result exposing the B.S. of the Minor’s questioning by social workers, ect. is a prime example of mass gnat-memory. Maybe McCabe could have the whole thing placed “under seal” to *Lawfully Restrain APD w/o more negative attention to himself? We have a procedure like that….
    Who is Tom Cahill and what CA “list” is he on Anyone? I noticed a reference on “Cross of Change” Sheva…I see he has dogged McKenzie and Baloney and Wiggy from Tropical Climes…

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  16. Has this one come up before? It’s bizarre:

    I’m only just over half an hour in and she’s already had a blazing row with Dad, a singalong with Ma and a bickering match with her sisters, who here tell Angie she has an anger problem and are seemingly determined to ‘sack’ Angie as Dad’s carer.

    Then at 35:23 she says, – and I quote – “My price for being a carer to either of our parents is 102 Euros a week and an acre of land.”


  17. Angie’s “Sending myself to #COVENTRY for a liccul while” edict is turning out to be about as successful as the 3-day break she announced a few days ago. She just can’t bear to tear herself away, lol.

    Free yourself first, Angie. You’re trapped in your own head and you need to find the secret tunnel that leads back to normality.

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    • She’s a disgrace taking the piss out of Arfur with the “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” quote.

      If it wasn’t for her encouragement of him, he probably wouldn’t have ended up going so “crazy”.

      She’s one sick woman.

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      • I don’t know about the law re APD, but arfurs in deep doodoo
        AFAIK he’s been sectioned by his parole officer, meaning he’s an involuntary patient
        In NSW that puts him in a really bad spot (esp considering his past offenses) about getting out anytime soon

        Here there isn’t a defined time period, if he continues in his delusions,he could be in there literally for years, and with the recent atrocities committed by people out on bail, his chances of getting out until his mental condition improves considerably are practically zero, and even if he does get released off the sectioning, he could (and probably would) be held then on his many possible bail breaches in a criminal capacity (mental sectioning doesn’t count towards imprisonment periods on criminal charges in NSW- all criminal imprisonment times are held on suspension until he is declared fit and accountable)

        So his worries might only be starting- esp if his bail and mental officers have records of his online threats and behavior (and I suspect they will have everything)

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  18. Well I suspect after reading it here first Power Disney will be posting about this on fb.

    Mind you, hopefully she has the problems she caused herself regarding Mc Cabe on her mind.

    Power-Disney leave Arthur alone please.

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  19. Welp Guys, didn’t mean to cause a minor “Kermuddlefluff” in regard to TC’s level of sincerity regarding C.A. advocacy…I noticed he did engage with peeps on G+, seemingly normal at first, then when off on homophobic and anti-Jewish, pro Neo Rants. I was wondering why Sheridan, Wiggy, N Spivey were harassing his family off-line and Why He seemed obsessed with “Sparkles the Pony FB page” and “PedosDownUnder”….Sorry E.C, leave it to the Philby to ask a Shoe in Mouth ? about a person who gave out creepy vibes to me while they “advocate” for Children. Comment sections are like texts…not very clear sometimes. I noticed you had CA “advocate” Blacklist on your Blog, Sheva and also a Whitelist? I was just wondering if he had been “classified” by you or any group or was on either list is all, Sheva. Thanks for responding and the exchange of info. The fact that Hollywood NOW feels compelled to release a “holocaust denial” movie due to the cases of David Irving and Ernst Zundel demonstrates the “Yuge” re-resurgence of far far Right views in the Heartland US, even if they are being spewed by far-flung “alt. RT. journos” from Ireland OR Japan! lol Next thing we know, Angie will be “conspiring” with “anti-Castro” Cuban Blues Clues Players and the Retired NSC Casino haunters in Monaco, introduced to Scamella’s camel back in the day by Good Ole Gracey herself….Muahahaha!


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