Urgently needed: Translator, must know JibberJabber

The other day, we talked here about YouTube placing a partial bar on two of Angela’s YouTube videos, in which she smeared Irish whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe. This news has apparently filtered down to Angela now, as last evening she posted…well, we’re not strictly certain what she posted, but it had the words “McCabe”, “videos”, and “YouTube” in it. We’re assuming she’s a bit cross, judging by the copious use of RANDOM capital LETTERS, the strange use of Biblical quotes, and something about a parrot:angela-power-disney-2017-02-27Any forensic linguists out there who’d care to take a stab at it? Our own Hashtag Cuntwaffle declares him/herself stumped:angela-power-disney-hashtag-cuntwaffle-2017-02-27All we know is that there are a bunch of words, and they look like English. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Then there’s this confirmation that Angela has made a copyright complaint to YouTube:

angela-power-disney-youtube-copyright-complaint-2017-02-27Going by her comments here, it would seem that she thinks she’s made some sort of bold move against someone called “HOax death ted SOR REEEEE”. Not sure who that is, but since we don’t have a YouTube channel, we’re pretty sure it’s not us.

angela-power-disney-fb-comments-2017-02-27angela-power-disney-fb-comments-2-2017-02-27 Judging from all of the above, we think it’s pretty clear what the real issue is: Angela really needs to lay off the gin before bedtime. Or any time, really.

Meanwhile, back at Hendon Mags…

Rupert Quaintance will be attending court this morning to find out what’s to happen with his case. On his last court appearance he stated that he’d been unable to find a solicitor; we hope that situation has been rectified by now. We’ll be reporting any results as soon as we hear, so stay tuned!


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  1. Hey, who’s got “spiny hands”, Angela? Remarks like that are offensive to the hedgehog community, I’ll have you know. Your constant cries of “without prejudice” lose their potency somewhat when you start flagrantly prejudging members of the eulipotyphlan family in this manner.

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  2. I’m sure Belinda will make an appearance and keep Roops company in the morning. Hope she manages to refrain from giving his rear a pat for good luck…

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    • I just hope that Ricky the baggage-handler remembers to bring chicken sandwiches for the vegetarians.

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    • I am looking forwards to hearing what happens.

      Will he be busted out of the dock by Neelu and supporters? Will there be a daring James Bond style speedboat chase across Brent Reservoir in a daring attempt to reach free Neasden?


  3. Can someone ask that nice Mr. Baracus why he’s picking on the Foo community? Prejudice against hedgehogs is one thing but when he starts on the Foos, that’s fighting talk.

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  4. By any measure Angies outpourings are a well of vile,dischordant,vindictive nonsense.Given she does not know what she is on about there is fat chance of anyone else making head or tail of it.Good luck anyone who attempts to venture into that pit for thou art far braver than I.

    Yes an interesting day lies ahead.I trust a certain American gentleman has stocked up on boxer shorts.

    Meanwhile,for the general theory of the origins of conspiracies we need look no further than Mr Lovecraft HP no less.


    • There are some great stories from the early history of LeVay’s Church of Satan, involving their contact with and encounters with Cthulhu-istas. These supposedly self-professed ‘demon worshippers’ seemed to have some connection to Lin Carter, and may in fact have been orchestrated by him. Apparently, the Cthulhu-ist’s satirical, improvisational, ‘ritual’ performances were not appreciated by LeVay & associates – 🙂

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  5. So she’s gonna upload the two illegal McCabe videos to her Vimeo page and her, ahem, “website”? Good luck with that, Angie. If you have no other skills, at least you excel in the art of digging your own grave*.

    *And I mean that metaphorically,
    Angela, before you start.

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    • She just doesn’t get it does she? It is like Angie is determined to get herself into as much trouble with as many people as she possibly can.

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      • She’s on record as speaking out against all three of those, though she often back-pedals when called out on it.


    • A lot of fundies (fundamentalist Christians) will tell you they don’t hate anyone. They just believe the categories you mention aren’t going to heaven and will burn in the pits of hell. They don’t seem too worried about this either and seem able to look forward to heaven knowing some of their neighbours (who they are told to love) will be meeting this fate. It’s all very confusing.

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  6. Sorry but this comment from Jake is too “zingworthy” to leave languishing in the twilight zone that is the “tail end of the last post”:

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    • Yes I also noticed that the lazy bstrd.

      Sad for her, she didn’t have anyone else interested either.

      Oh dear! Never mind.


  7. Another bizarre upload from Angie. For those unfamiliar with Asha, she’s a woman who claims to be a flying saucer pilot who went to school on Mars. Yep, “madder than Sandy”, as the traditional phrase I just invented goes.

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    • 2:54 – Does Angela think that ‘cruise control’ means the lorry drives itself and that the driver can just switch off and Skype with Angie? Remind me never to go for her for health and safety advice! 😮


      • Cruise Control? Pfft..according to Asha all you need is a lot of planets in the 3rd House and you’re good to go.

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      • On the subject of horns and stuff,surely in 2017 its not beyond the wit of the CIA technical boffins to issue an incoming preparatory fruitcake alert whenever a comment from one of the nutjob circle jerk community is about to be released upon these hallowed boards.

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    • Asha is in a moving vehicle. Is it a saucer she is flying?

      Where are all these ‘fake profiles’ of Angie and why would they be needed when she issues her own threats? How long are we giving this new relationship? Asha like Angie looks like she may not like the attention of herself too much.

      Without Prejudice & Allegedly.


    • Is there some type of college that churns out these fruitloops and sets them free to spread their bullshit across the globe.

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  8. The first page on Angie’s “new website” is disturbed…. that is mentally disturbed.

    Perhaps it gives some insight into her mind.

    The content is quoted below:

    “Introducing the amazing life of Angela Power-Disney

    Angela Power-Disney has a unique insider perspective of MK Ultra trauma-based mind control connected with the British Military and was recruited against her will as a super spy.

    Angela Power-Disney is an Anglo-Irish Mother and Grandmother, an MK Ultra and abuse survivor, activist, a vlogger, lobbyist, who has been living in rural Ireland on and off for 30 years, a world-traveller who’s moved around almost 50 homes including within seven countries and three continents.

    She comes from a story-telling tradition and she eloquently describes her background and how she came out to speak against her abuse and conditioning at the hands of her family and associates and opens up about the world of spies and the elite underworld.

    Angela is a survivor/overcomer of child sexual abuse, and has seen how corrupt the system is from the inside. She’s a vocal activist against child trafficking, illegal state enforced adoptions and is an expert child activist flying the flagship in support of the children of the infamous Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse and Infanticide and has scathing opinions of the elite paedophile stained families around the UK. Angela is frank about her trauma which has been off the charts particularly since she returned to work online and at protests vigils court cases etc in the field of ending child abuse and specifically in covering the Hampstead case.

    “I call myself a reluctant monarch and illuminati asset who has defected and is ongoingly disclosing ….I have had diagnosis along the way of borderline personality disorder, Dissociative identity disorder and ADHD. I am a publisher writer and journalist tho was on what I call extended maternity leave for 30 years raising my children mostly on my own. I am a radical non religious Christian and a scholar of eschatology or end times……I am a bit of a comedian seeing absurdity in life on many levels . I have worked extensively wifh children and vulnerable adolescents ….also working in high places so to speak such as cia funded merchant bank, social secretary and personal assistant work with politicians and aristocracy, ghost writing for royalty etc ….all info gathering roles though I was MK unaware at the time….

    I was one of the lead campaigners in the fight to expose the Hampstead Cover Up and somewhat the public face of the campaign and as such have been subjected to a vicious and sustained smear campaign by nefarious forces including the father and operatives centred at hoax stead.” she said.

    Survivors worldwide have been disclosing to Angela for years including some in America who were instrumental in getting MKUltra exposed over there ….they would tell her about being abused hunted etc by people like George Bush, Pat Robertson etc and back then her mind could not process it or even digest it as she was still programmed. De-programming escalated for Angela under anasthetic in 2 major surgeries in 2014 and also because her children were showing similar symptoms of suppressed trauma with memory gaps etc

    Angela volunteered and trained for several years with Werner Erhard aka Jack Rosenberg ‘s ‘human development movement EST then called THE FORUM now called LANDMARK INSTITUTE ….one course she was in also had ex Australian Prime Minister the late Bob Hawke’s daughter in it who she is on Angela’s friends list now though a silent observer mostly. Angela has done a lot of research into brain pathway diversions, artificially created genius and demonic attachments ….there are spiritual as well as practical solutions to these horrendous issues. Werner Erhard was part of the council of 9 fallen angel channeling fiasco and sadly was part of the infiltration as are many big Christian televangelists.”

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    • My god, what a load of…..


      She is really going off the deep end isnt she?

      Be interesting to see how far she decides to push the boundaries, self moderating has never been her strong point, so now without the limits set by places such as utube and facebook moderation teams(feeble as they seem) and relying simply on her own good sense (lol) how long before she goes wildly over the top and gets herself in serious legal trouble??

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      • Don’t you think she is in serious legal trouble already, what with those McCabe videos, naming the 2 Hampstead Children and many others?

        She is still saying the Hampstead fiasco is SRA, when Sabine and Neelu agreed in Court last July 2016 it wasn’t.

        APD needs a Restraining Order, to be arrested and questioned.

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    • Angela notably hides her most remarkable accomplishment from her fan.Her extensive collection of unique purses she has careful crafted from pigs ears over many decades.

      “Reluctant monarch”?I think that is perhaps gilding the lily just a wee smidgette.

      Honesty you really couldnt make it up.


    • “She comes from a story-telling tradition” ie- she’s a frigging pathological liar.
      Without Prejudice & Allegedly. Non auferetur onus.


  9. Angela Power Disney wants more people to speak out… in other words she wants more people to repeat her defamations against the McCabe family. The McCabes should get the poison witch into the courts quickly.


  10. It will be interesting to see what stance (if any) that Rupert takes when he finally returns to the US. I will be surprised if he gets jail time if he makes some sort of case that involves naivety and the time he has spent languishing in the UK. I wonder if conditions can be set that he will not be able to speak about his misfortunes and if those conditions would still apply in the US.


    • Don’t tip him off midicon.

      I do however agree with some of your comments but don’t really want to speculate whilst the Court case/s is/are on going.

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  11. Regarding that quotation:

    “37 When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen:

    38 “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”
    “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”
    39 Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”

    40 “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.””

    Luke 19

    I’m not sure where the bit about being killed has come from – well actually I am, it is out of Angie’s addled mind.

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    • “I’ve got Angie in my inbox suckin’ my c***k.”

      She must be a bit of a contortionist as well..


  12. But she had “fallen on Love” with the charming Yank!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A Love VICTIM!! 😀 Again!


    • Is she capable of loving anyone other than herself?

      It wasn’t love, lust maybe and the power to control him is what she was after and she’s still trying to control him because he didn’t want her sexually.

      I certainly DO NOT BELIEVE this utter rubbish she is spouting about him.

      I don’t blame him for being repulsed by her.

      Who would find her attractive in any way?

      Only the very, very desperate imo.


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