Did Angela Power-Disney ‘whistle-blow’ on Irish cop Maurice McCabe?

Our Irish readers are probably familiar with a particularly disturbing case in which Sgt Maurice McCabe, a whistleblower against corruption in the Garda Siochána, was himself made the target of false allegations of sexual abuse in 2013.

According to the Irish Examiner,”(t)he allegation surfaced during a period when Sgt McCabe’s claims of malpractice were causing major political and Garda-related controversy”. The file containing the false allegation of sexual abuse was opened by Tusla, the Irish child and family agency, following disclosure by a young woman in August 2013. Her counsellor contacted Tusla and gardaí, but Sgt McCabe was neither contacted nor made aware of the allegations; nor was any investigation of the allegations carried out.

In 2014, Tusla admitted a mistake had been made—which it attributed to a “clerical error”—and withdrew the allegations.

However, although the allegations were widely circulated within the gardaí, Sgt McCabe was never made aware of their existence until last year.


Angie claims responsibility

In a blog post published 12 May 2015 on Charlotte Alton Ward’s now-defunct Hampstead Research blog (partially preserved as HROldblog on WordPress), Angela Power-Disney claimed responsibility for the false allegations against Sgt McCabe:


If Angela’s claim is true, she has caused untold misery to yet another innocent man and his family. Sgt McCabe told the Irish Examiner,

“They have destroyed us,” he said. “I find it hard to believe that it was an honest mistake.”

Even though the sex abuse allegation was on file in 2013 and 2014, Sgt McCabe was not contacted about either its existence or the discovery that the allegation was completely false.

“How can I and my family be on the system [in Tusla] since 2013 and not be told about it,” he said. “The first I knew about any of this was when I was contacted about that horrendous allegation last year.”

A Commission of Investigation has been set up to deal with allegations of a campaign by senior gardaí to discredit a whistleblower in the force. Questions have also arisen about how much the Irish Cabinet knew about the false allegations against Sgt McCabe; the case could have far-reaching implications for Tusla, the Garda Siochána, and a number of elected officials.

Is this why Angela was forced to move from her home in Oldcastle to Lanzarote, where she believes she cannot be extradited? If her claims of having “whistle-blown” against Sgt McCabe are found to be true, it’s unlikely she will be able to return to Ireland without facing very serious legal consequences.

We will continue to follow this story.


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  1. Angie:

    “I am having to put a time limit on my source to provide back up evidence for the information shared with me about Ella´s alleged implication in the horror that has been these childrens´upbringing. It has been five months and sadly though I believe the intel I will need to retract the allegations if the promised evidence is not forthcoming”

    Arthur Pint:

    “I thought Angie said she had seen the supposed video of Ella abusing a child?”


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  2. Stupendous work, EC.

    Angie’s bang to rights on this. It sounds like what happened is she ran a Google search to find bandwagons to jump on and whistleblowing achievements to take credit for (as is her wont) but messed up by reading an out-of-date article from before this guy was cleared. She then tried to take credit for it without realising it had since transpired that it was all bollocks. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – her blatant bullshit, her icky attempt to take credit for other people’s achievements, or the lazy cow’s inability to take research to the next level, i.e. scrolling more than 3 links down on a Google results page.

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    • Yep. And it was also pretty ambitious of her to take credit for something that had been reported by “a young woman”. Did she genuinely believe people would think that was her?!

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    • The Young (insert appropriate age group here) Journalist of The Year Award is deservedly won by El Coyote !
      I think I’m with Liza on this and tend to think Angie did as Liza says.
      Like so many pathological liars, they never think or even understand that their lies can be exposed.

      Is she in Lanzarote? I still think she took a holiday there and her claim of having a permanent abode is a furphy.
      And let’s face it : Angie was not a “young woman” in August 2013 unless the Tulsa counselor was deaf, dumb and blind or stark raving mad but anything is possible.

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      • She’s living there now as she’s got a scam on where she rents the Oldcastle house to her 2 boys.

        She then receives their housing benefit, for which she pays for the place in Lanzarote.

        With the spare cash she buys a bit of food and her fags.

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  3. Sooo, if it was her who reported him, she lied through her arse and wrecked the life of an innocent man…and if it wasn’t her, she…er…lied through her arse to take credit for someone else’s ‘work’. Either way, the arse/lying motif prevails. Get out of that one, Blondie.

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  4. Nope, can’t let this one go:

    Dear Angie


    Happy to clear that up for you.


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    • The mad bint can’t even get her conspiracy theories right. The claim has always been that McCartney died in 1967, not 1966. Keep up, Angie, you drunken old tart.

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      • I think I mentioned previously that I know a lady who had an assignation with Mr McCartney right at the beginning of that era and then when they met again 10 years later in London when The Beatles were at their peak of fame they had a celebratory night of passion for old time’s sake.
        She assures me that a certain unique aspect of an appendage of Paul’s was as she previously had discovered (she examined it quite closely) but prudery prevents me from being more accurate.

        The brilliant Sir James Paul McCartney we see today is the very same lad born in 1942 in Liverpool.
        This was quite an amusing conspiracy theory in it’s day and rather harmless & fun but this mob make everything so dark and sinister.
        And what have they got against popular music? I think these weirdos probably think gifted children are the spawn of the Devil or the result of an MKUltra experiment. (now I’ve probably given them the idea)

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        • May I respectfully suggest an ‘allegedly’ there, Sam? Paul is famously very proud of his loyalty and commitment to Linda, both of whom claimed that in all their years of marriage, the only night they spent apart was the time he was arrested in Japan for marijuana possession. Your friend claims to have had a sexual encounter with him while he was married to Linda? It’d be hard to prove that (plus I’ve not heard of any other women making such a claim) and as such I remain skeptical.

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          • Paul and Linda didn’t really become a couple until mid-1968, if I recall, so it’s possible that Sam’s friend was in a position (so to speak) to report accurately. 🙂

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          • Yes, I got that but Sam said they got together again 10 years later (and it’s why I mentioned one encounter during his time with Linda rather than one).

            By the way, before that he was engaged to Jane Asher for years and I’m wondering if a similar point applies (though I don’t know that he was as loyal to her).

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          • “Those cats were right when they said that you were dead”

            John Lennon’s smoking gun according to the conspiracy theorists. I imagine (no pun intended) that John would have spilled the beans with more than an obviously metaphorical lyric if he really knew Paul was an imposter.

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          • Indeed, yes! The song was called ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ and Lennon was basically insulting McCartney over what he saw as his insipid solo output. It was his way of getting back at him for what he believed to be an insult by McCartney on the cover of one of his early albums (a beetle ‘fucking’ another beetle). It was an ugly spat that went on for months, with each of them writing open letters in the NME slagging each other off!

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    • And not an ‘allegedly’ in sight! She just comes right out with it as if it’s a matter of accepted, proven fact. No wonder she’s never won a journalism award in her life or had any articles published (and they ARE proven facts).

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    • If there’s one good thing that comes from Angie’s idiotic remark, it’s that it distracts from Linda Drew’s drunken, incoherent, nonsensical ramble.

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    • Linda Drew is a genius. By calling him Pail Mc Cartney she is hinted he “Kicked the bucket” and the reason she seperated the Mc and Cartney is because she is referring to the “Cart” that was once used in ye olden days to carry away the dead.


  5. Everyone appears to be catching Angie out tonight.

    I hear that the Met Office has just reported a 100% increase in squirmage in the Lanzarote area..

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    • Oh Dear God. What a pair of comediennes.

      The “intelligence services” have a dossier LOL. It’s quite probable that these nitwits cobbled together their “investigations” (ie : surfing the internet) and sent it to MI5 and some poor newly hired underling has been given it to plow through as punishment for picking up the wrong type of coffee for his section head.

      And Arfur a “reformed underworld figure” ?. I can’t make LOL any bigger than it is. I don’t think genteel West Pennant Hills is known for it’s various Mafia style gangs but like all Australian communities now, drugs and especially ICE are a problem. Perhaps Arfur’s failed lawn mowing & concreting business were a cover for his major international drug importing conspiracies but sadly, he’s just another clot who has been busted for drink driving, driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle (odd for a man owning land worth at least $100M) and drug possession.

      It’s likely he was asked by police to be a grass but probably the only wise choice he made seeing ICE distribution is run by criminal motor cycle gangs who wisely rejected Arfur’s application for the position of Head Tea Boy.

      That pair haven’t exactly been working on their tans in Lanzarote have they?

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  7. Aah feck! I’ve just heard that Angela’s named after me. How embarrassing 😦

    Nurse! Extra whiskey with my meds tonight, please.

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        • It wouldn’t be the first time she has made up a story about her family that bears uncanny resemblance to the plot of a film. The rubbish about her father drinking her baby milk comes straight out of the feature film of “Til Death us do Part” which would have been in the cinema when Angie was a teenager.

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      • Whoopi G. was on Graham Norton tonight (er, so to speak), talking about her flatulence problem. I don’t think I can ever look at her in the same way again!

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  8. Now that the IRA tremble at the sight of Tracey they should send her to Palermo to sort out the Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta.

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  9. #LyingBitch

    Melissa, yesterday:

    Arthur, yesterday:

    “No, I have not received any specific threats.”

    No contradiction there, then.

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    • Who would do Arthur harm? He admitted to the police that he hadn’t received a single threat and it’s on video so he can’t deny it.

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        • Indeed! It comes to something when we care more about Arthur’s mental health and wellbeing than his so-called friends do. Angie, Sonya, Melissa and Kristie Sue are still blatantly egging him on for their own selfish amusement.

          PS: don’t forget to screenshot and share that one, Crusty Poo.

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    • Crikey now I’m getting love letters from this nutbag as well.
      What a cheek he has to think I’m writing about him !

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    • Dipstick Shyster (I learned that trick from the 4-chan kiddies) is such a narcissistic egomaniac, that he’s incapable of understanding no one gives a damn what he thinks or says about anything, so why would we bother to answer his “3 questions challenge”? His “questions” are incomprehensible in any case, they are not coherent enough to answer even if you wanted to:

      “…since we have irrefutable proof that the UK covered up massive child abuse in the 80’s…” – what? What proof? About which alleged case or cases? Is this supposed to be a reference to the UK’s historic SRA accusations cases, circa 1987-1995?
      “What exactly were the allegations?” – What were the allegations against…whom? In what case?
      “Who exactly were involved in the allegations?” – This is a pointless circularity. If he doesn’t specify what allegations he is referring to, how can we tell him who was alleged to be involved? If he doesn’t specify whom the allegations he’s talking about were directed against, how can we tell him what was alleged?
      “If these claims were so bogus- why was so much time, money, and effort spent to cover them up and hide them?” – what claims? about whom?

      If Dipstick Shyster is talking about the UK’s historic SRA accusations cases, circa 1987-1995, those are huge and complex questions which could require a massive PhD thesis to answer properly.

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      • – Cleveland:
        the Butler-Sloss report, properly titled “Report of the inquiry into child abuse in Cleveland 1987”, might answer such questions for him, (but he’d just select passages he doesn’t understand, out of context, and misinterpret them anyway). Cleveland doesn’t involve SRA allegations directly, it more presages the later SRA cases because of the medical practitioner’s misguided obsession with mass “diagnosis” of CSA, based on a physical test so subjective and meaningless you might as well call it intuition.
        [I forgot to mention something about the Reflex Anal Dilation test, before. When I was seven, I liked to crouch over a heat vent in the “knees & elbows” position, with my robe hanging loose over my sides trapping the delicious warm air coming out of it. Knees and elbows rather than “hands & knees”, so I could hold a book and read while enjoying the heat. In that position, so snug, so relaxed…my anus spontaneously opened! I’m quite certain I had never been penetrated with anything but a standard rectal thermometer, and I didn’t have any problems with constipation at that age. I thought this was a hilarious occurrence, and even more so when a little experimentation with flexing my sphincter revealed that I could draw a little air inside myself, and then expell it. I had invented artificial farts!
        In that position, a child could VOLUNTARILY relax their sphincter to the point of the passage opening spontaneously and staying open until they consciously squeeze it shut again. I know, I did it myself. That being the case, all of Higgs & Wyatt’s supposed forensic medical expertise about the meaning of RAD response in that position is exposed as willful self-delusion. There could be some meaning to RAD performed in the left lateral position, but making any forensic conclusions from knees & elbows is just a bad joke.]

        In any case, I assume any details of what exactly was alleged and against whom, not found in the Butler-Sloss report would be confidential under UK laws. The accused were primarily family members, mostly working class folk I believe. No VIPs or otherwise notable persons.

        – Nottingham (Broxtowe) –
        Lots of detail about what was alleged, by whom & against whom, can be found in the JET report:

        The accused were family members, again. This family is described in the report as being ESN.
        “The ESN(M) term was introduced in 1945 as one of eleven categories of educational handicap. Prior to this other terms (mental deficiency, mentally defective, feebleminded, mentally retarded, backward and slow learning) were used…”
        Let us say, mentally challenged to some extent. Not capable of running a national or international criminal conspiracy, controlling governments, police forces, intelligence agencies, etc. Not capable of concealing the abuse of their children, from their nieghbors even. No VIPS involved.

        – Orkney (South Ronaldsay) –
        Details can be found in The Clyde Inquiry report, available online. The accused were family members and friends, a small and isolated rural community. Some families were described as middle class, but no one wealthy, famous or powerful amongst them.

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        • A brief clarification.
          The whole concept of RAD may be invalid to begin with, but it will definitely be invalidated for any physical position in which the child could cause the passage to open (dilate) voluntarily. Reflex = involuntary. If the child can manipulate dilation themselves, then dilation can’t be assumed to be solely, predictably and consistently reflexive.


  10. I suppose I shouldn’t insult Pigs again with reference to the Serial Blovation Qween! Amazing the activity from Certain quarters….the damn has broken….and More LIES spill out. Gomer sez Surprise Surprise Surprise 😀

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    • Yes leave the poor pigs out of this.
      Remember they are already under threat of the Muslims coming to take them which is why Donald Trump is trying to prevent pig stealing Muslims from entering the USA.
      The hillbilly pig owning community were rejoicing until the meddlesome ‘so called’ Federal Court nixed his pig stealer’s ban.


  11. “Angela Power Disney is named as being collecting donations” – Great grammer Ange.
    “Christchurh” – Great Spelling Ange
    Looks like a load of number number code cut off at the bottom and above the bottom right address, nice of her to give out a fellow campaigners address. Why would she include that?
    In other News.
    Ar4 has a new video out demanding his money, He only wants a 100 Billion U.S. Currency for some alleged defamation of characteur from this blog apparently. I haven’t a clue what he’s on about. I’m pretty sure he will have many more people interested in the allegations and defamation of characteur that he has made.
    I finished my little video on him as well. I won’t link either as it takes up space on unrelated matters to this thread topic.

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    • Let the Mc Cann’s know the great journalist has written that.

      Perhaps they could sue her.

      I reckon Angela was the Head Mean Girl at School.

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  12. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this story was down to Angie. Though she does have a very loose definition of the term whistleblower.

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  13. Boy Oh Boy, this “dossier” is INTERESTING! Btw, nice “letterhead” Scamgie! You really shouldn’t get too pissed and Fall into the Drink with your Snooki-esque Gerbil friend, People are still Sleeping here …. Sleeper Agents on their Way! ;/ Far “above the Police” to the Rescue! LOL Clear the Bilge Water M8’s! Thanks for All the Laffs! Priceless Comedy Gold of the SCAM set!

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  14. From Angieballs disinformation HQ recent bollox release.–>
    “7. Finally, I am looking for an intern for a month who will give me about 20 hours a week computer support at a more advanced level than mine (not TOO hard lol) in exchange for free accomodation in the sun! Obviously I will need to vet applicants for safety reasons, but if you know anyone suitable again please share, network and contact me!”

    Hmmm,let me see now.Oh yes,Biggears will be turfed out of his sack anytime soon at CCN after it failed dismally to make the world a better place.He is really great at fiddling statistics and will do anything he is told by gobby females who dont know what they are banging on about.He only needs feeding once week on dodgy psychotropics and comes with his own portaloo.

    Garn Angie headhunt Biggi now,you know it makes sense.

    Biggi out on his ear spotted recently.

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    • Poor Camilla doesn’t know that people are not required to prove their innocence.
      If Neelu can get me £5Billion for my Birth Certificate she’ll be my modern day hero.


  15. Angie ,Makes Friends and Influences People, Part 2

    “Save yourself, Arthur – get help for your mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction and stay well away from Angela. She’s the one who got Jake Clarke sectioned and put into a mental hospital and then did all she could to keep him there. Judging by her comments on your Facebook page, she’s trying to do the same to you too.”

    “They are trying to get in your head Arty. I’m not engaging with the trolls . We all have our strengths and troll slaying is one of yours. Your family is safe . These keyboard warriors are cowards except when abusing innocent children or covering up for those who do. Go through my video play list Hanpstead Cover Up if the silence is too much ….the victory is ours the battle is the Lords”


  16. Angela, you’ve made an extremely serious allegation about me in public by calling me a paedophile. May I ask to see your proof, please? Thanks.


    • Angie, I know you “never rarely sometimes” read this blog but next time you’re not passing, would you care to explain what you mean by “join you”? You mean you’re continuing to encourage Arthur to act in such a way that will get him arrested (like Rupert) or sectioned (like Jake)? Hmm. What a good friend you are.

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    • Is that a death threat? Angie’s such a drooling incoherent drunken old tart that I can’t tell.


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  18. “Is this why Angela was forced to move from her home in Oldcastle to Lanzarote, where she believes she cannot be extradited? If her claims of having “whistle-blown” against Sgt McCabe are found to be true, it’s unlikely she will be able to return to Ireland without facing very serious legal consequences.”

    ^ No offence, but either you are stretching here, or you misunderstand the issues.

    I think that is more likely that Angela did as Liza Radley and Ghost of Sam suggest, which is that she read a bunch of news articles, and decided to appoint herself as the hero.

    The rumours are that the allegation came from a close relative of another cop and was instigated with the intention of discrediting McCabe as a whistleblower and ruin him personally and professionally. Very dark stuff. Angela’s mention of the two lads whose bodies were found on Lough Sheelin relates to this case:


    The Tribunal commences next week. It does not have legal power to extradite witnesses (assuming she really did make the allegation, and assuming that she really has moved home to Lanzarote).



    • Does it matter if she was the “whistleblower” or not?

      She’s making these allegations in videos, which have now been removed from view in Ireland, not sure by whom, maybe she took them down??

      She should be held accountable for broadcasting the content.


      • No, as can be seen from the screenshots I posted earlier, Angela did’t take down those videos of her own accord – they were removed due to a defamation complaint.


          • Under YT rules, you can only lodge a defamation complaint if you’re the person being defamed (and they ask you to confirm your ID).

            She had another one removed for defamation a few weeks back. Her channels are in serious danger if she gets any more strikes, so let’s keep reporting the mad old bat.

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