More evidence that Hampstead SRA hoax was planned

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve spelled out exactly how the Hampstead SRA hoax went from a police investigation to an online firestorm. In November 2014 when Ella Draper sacked her second solicitors, then rehired them, then sacked them again (all in the same day, we’ve heard), she turned to Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie to act as her McKenzie friends in court. We’ve already talked about how Sabine attempted to blackmail the courts with threats that she would refrain from “exposing this scandal” in exchange for the return of the two children to Ella. We’ve shown that this cynical ploy on her part revealed that she was very well aware that she was promoting a complete hoax, a fabrication with absolutely no substance behind it. And we’ve shown how she released the videos of the children via links to her Google Drive, which she attached to the email she sent then-Home Secretary Theresa May, as well as to the petition.

By late December/early January 2015, Sabine had prepared her first “press release”. Clearly she was already preparing to take the case public, despite the fact that it was still before the courts. sabine-mcneill-first-press-release-2-01-2015sabine-mcneill-first-press-release-2-01-2015-2As with all of Sabine’s statements, this one contains smatterings of truth mixed into a stew of lies.

Yes, the children “confessed the most harrowing details” whilst on holiday in August 2014…after they had been beaten, smothered, kicked, woken in the middle of the night for questioning, and threatened with being buried alive in the desert if they did not cooperate. Yes, the little boy’s hearing was impaired…as a result of being hit on the side of the head by his mother’s new boyfriend. Yes, hair samples were taken…and revealed that the children had been fed cannabis. And so on.

By the time the hoax burst onto the internet on 2 February, it had already been some months in the making.

There’s an old saying, probably incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain, that “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. Whether Mr Twain said it or not, it’s especially apt these days, as the internet acts as a gigantic megaphone. The public face of the Hampstead SRA hoax had been carefully prepared, the scene set, the lies spelled out, so that by the time those with an interest in the truth could even find their shoes, let alone start putting them on, the hoax promoters were miles and miles ahead of them.

For those who were callously targetted by the hoax—the parents, teachers, clergy, and businesses of Hampstead—these bizarre allegations struck like a bolt from a clear blue sky. For some, it took weeks or months to work out exactly what had happened, and why. It was during that time of shock and confusion that a few people began doing what we could to fight back: challenging the lies on YouTube, Facebook, and various online discussion forums. Some of us had been personally affected by the hoax, while others had never even been to Hampstead. After a few weeks of being mercilessly trolled, called “paedo enablers”, “shills”, “agents” and the like, we began to start groups online, where we could talk freely and compare notes. That’s where this blog originated: founded by Scarlet Scoop on 2 May 2015, it was the first public, organised attempt to oppose Hoaxtead’s lies.

Sabine, Belinda, Ella, and Abraham had months to prepare the hoax, push it into the public sphere, and launch an aggressive publicity campaign to support it. In its first month, an estimated 4 million people saw the videos of the children, or read versions of Sabine’s carefully constructed lies.

But while all that was happening, the truth was out shopping for just the right pair of shoes. We think we found them.


92 thoughts on “More evidence that Hampstead SRA hoax was planned

  1. Just in time for my latest ambitous video.
    Operation Smiles: Hoaxer’s

    Features lots ideas of Hoaxtead Research’s contributor’s from images, gifs and youtube clips including Monty Python, Arthur and the Devil. Hope you Enjoy.

    Thank you all for the inspiration and I hope you check it out for a light-hearted Chuckle.

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    • How Sabine, Angie et al must curse the existence of Hoaxtead Research for showing them up for the liars and lowlifes that they are

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      • Oh, yes—they loathe us! LOL
        In the past, they could get away with spreading their lies, with no opposition. These days, we’re there watching, reporting, and laughing at them. It cannot be a comfortable feeling, especially when they’re so accustomed to having things their way.

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        • It is for those very reasons EC that i love Hoaxtead Research and it is generally the first place i come to upon firing up my laptop.

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  2. Well done, EC. Planned indeed, though with alarming levels of fumbling incompetence. This bunch of muppets couldn’t plan a piss-up in a brewery, so they never stood a chance with a satanic panic hoax. Where was Matthew Hopkins when they needed him?

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  3. I’ll tell you where Sabine’s team went wrong – how they ballsed up this entire hoax right from the planning stage – it’s because they didn’t have their “EU law expert” on hand at that point. She’d have soon shouted all those pesky coppers, social workers, parents, teachers, vicars and judges into submission.

    Speaking of which…

    Random picture of a segway which has nothing whatsoever to do with the above comment:

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    • 2:32 – “…to raise that child to a human being…”

      Oh, are children not human beings already then, Debs? 😮

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      • Deborah’s best bet is to remain quiet. Very quiet.

        Does anyone take any notice of her?

        I certainly don’t.

        The trouble with this Hampstead hoax is that too many people wanted a slice of the pie and that pie just wasn’t big enough to go around.

        The now absent Belinda, Sabine, Neelu, Penny, Rupee, JC and all the Original Wankers plus new ones wanted something to eat from the pie and all they got were crumbs.

        If you’re going to lie, fantasise, make up bullshit, then you’ve got to keep your circle small.

        Tell one, tell all.

        Angela has half a grip on that saying, as she records every conversation she has with anyone.

        Belinda no doubt films it.

        This sorry hoax never had a hope in hell of fooling all of the people all of the time.

        Oh well, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s another hoax already been cooked up in that hub.

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        • Angie takes notice of her. (Surprised much?) They’re Farcebook BFFs. I’m amazed she’s never had her on as a guest. Oh well, it’s only a matter of time…

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          • I thought Angela turned on Belinda a week or so back?

            Angela wants to keep in with Ms McKenzie though.

            She’s probably got her eye on Belinda’s Highgate pad, though isn’t that in the name of her sons’ Company?

            Angela give up luv, Belinda is too sharp for you.

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        • Another hoax being cooked up by those miscreants is a distinct possibility. That’s why this site is so important and relevant. They know that if they put themselves ‘out there’, Hoaxtead will see them off.

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          • Yes, there is no way they could have expected this site to materialise.

            Perhaps that is partly why Belinda is extremely quiet, though she must be hatching some kind of plan if history is anything to go on.

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    • It is indeed, to me, her best performance to date…”Give Me Back My Poosy” and “Period Rights ! we’ve Got rights” must become a rallying cry for the women of America, nay the world.

      Do you think there was a slight giveaway there to an incident in Deb’s life when Deb screams about going through child birth and bringing up her kids and going through the blood sweat & tears of raising that child etc etc blah blah.

      It slightly reminds me of my late mother when driven to distraction raising 4 boys with all the chaos that goes with that…. she expressed similar sentiments albeit not so screechingly about her ungrateful little sods although after an early afternoon snifter with her feet up she would recover quickly.

      Has Deb been abandoned by her ungrateful little wretches who had the temerity to grow and go out into the world & give their bodies to the slave merchants of big business? (ie got jobs and pissed off out of home)

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      • Did she lose custody of her offspring because she was a piss head?

        I’m not well aware of Mrs. Shouty Mouth but I seem to recollect something along those lines.

        Something dodgy about her, as she had to piss of to South America or something.


    • Fooking hell Debs you don’t half talk a lot of crap and why must you always end up shouting in each of your videos. Have a herbal tea and just chill out.

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    • Well that was weird. Actually I think “we’ve worked our fingernails to the bone” may be a dundrearyism, not a malapropism.


        • Based on a character in a play “Our American Cousin” (the one President Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated – I guess Chris Spivey would tell you either it didn’t happen or the Duke of Edinburgh did it), also gave his name to Dundreary whisters. Given to saying things like “birds of a feather gather no moss”.

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  4. So let me try and work this out – I’m Darcy Lynn from December 2014 AND I’m Ricky Dearman…?

    …And for some reason, as Ricky, I was trolling Arfur several months before the Hampstead case broke? Er…? Anyone?


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    • He’s an absolute joke is Arfur.

      Doesn’t seem to have realised a lot of people are having a right old laugh at his expense.

      Shouldn’t he be on the streets saving humanity or something?

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      • Arthur you are the only person going insane. All i’ve seen you do this past week is post comments all over Youtube begging Spiny to come and talk with you. You need Spiny more he needs you.


    • Arfur has a thing about donkeys & mules. I wonder if when he was on holiday in the Hills of Lebanon he meet Daisy the Mule under the Cedar trees?. I’m not going to infer anything untoward but the words ‘holiday’ & ‘romance’ come to mind.

      So Sabine has been involved in 50 cases? She would crow if there had been a success so that’s maybe a few 100 more victims she has that we don’t know about.


  5. I wonder if Belinda and Sabine whilst colluding and planning realised the reality of what Christie and Draper would put those children through. They might not have expected the children to return battered and bruised and although it quickly became apparent what had been done to them in Morocco they had to run with it and play it down. Having said that, they were both intent on returning the children to their abusers. I noticed early on that the ‘cry’ to return the children to their loving mother switched to returning them to their grandparents.

    A nice summation EC, I can’t be as erudite as you but I share your sentiment and applaud your endeavour.

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  6. Those 2 witches didn’t care.

    Belinda had to reluctantly admit that Abraham Christie bashed the 2 children slightly but brushed that off as though it was nothing.

    I reckon those 2 children are never going to recover from what Christie did to them.

    Belinda wouldn’t like to be on the back hand of that psychopath, how the hell she can brush it off as nothing much is beyond me.

    Sabine doesn’t give a toss either why would she?
    £$£$£$£$£$£$£ fame £$£$£$£$£$£$£ fame £$£$£$£$£$£

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    • The children will recover. They are young and resilient and best of all this has all been brought out into the open and they don’t have to hide it. I say that with the idea that they will receive the counselling and care they need and perhaps if they are with their father they will also have the love of at least one parent to support them.

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      • I wonder if Angela will carry this on until she knows where the 2 children are every week, as she says?

        I think she’s talking out of her arse tbf but what is she going to do apart from hang on to this Hampstead Hoax?

        She doesn’t have another outlet, other than sunbathing and singing the blues.

        Perhaps she could bog off to Cuba with one or 2 of her new friends?

        Still in about 6 or 7 years the 2 children will be adults and if she’s not killed herself with her 120 fags a day, maybe they can sue her sorry arse for naming them on the internet and sharing the videos etc.

        Some survivor she is!

        What a liar.

        If she WAS a survivor she would shut the f..k up in naming the 2 children, sharing the videos and having some respect.


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          • I don’t know who Angela thinks she is.

            Why would anyone tell her where the 2 children are?

            It’s none of her business for starters and she’s not going to get her money grabbing hands on them to foster them.

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        • I hope the kids will sue – preferably Belinda and Sabine. I have a fantasy that they will one day turn up on the doorstep of the Highgate Hub with their own film crew, wanting to have a little chat. I expect that they will actually live the rest of their lives under different identities, which they are quite entitled to.

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          • I have a fantasy that one day those kids will turn up, tell their story and the troofers will accuse them of being brainwashed and fully paid up members of the cult.
            Hey, they might even decide to write a novel as a sort of lucrative catharsis!
            I think that they can put all this behind them. As children they are protected and as time passes they will heal. Time too will pass on this Hampstead affair and perhaps at the end of the day everyone will move on.

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      • You may be correct but then again maybe not.

        There are a lot of damaged adults out there who were damaged as children and are still damaged.

        If Abraham gets a left hook in a few years time, it will serve him right.

        He’s a violent idiot.

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        • Christie and Ella will be targets in any british prison, Christie knows this which is why he will hang this out as long as he can. You go into prison with child abuse on your sheet, nobody will ask you for an explanation.

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        • Life is strange it was only yesterday I heard the true tale of Fanny Adams!

          Christie might be a bit of a psycho, those around him seem to be afraid to tackle him.


  7. Arfur showing once again how much respect he has for women:

    Stephanie, Kristie Sue and Sonya must be delighted with him.

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    • He doesn’t respect anyone, let alone women.

      Look at the state of him, doesn’t even respect himself, the fat lump.

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  8. 😀 Spiny & Lizzy – brace yourselves, guys – you’re about to be haunted by Partrick Cullinane, it seems…

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      • I’ve gone right off Arfur. It’s always bloody Spiny this & Spiny that !. I was just an after thought.

        Haunted by Patrick? I can see a horror film in this. One of us (probably Spiny) has dropped off to sleep and the phone rings. As he reaches for the handset in a slight daze a throaty Irish voice says “I want my remedy”. When he asks who it is the caller hangs up. It happens numerous times so Spiny goes to his phone supplier and demands they block the calls. But there are no calls recorded!

        In desperation Spiny flees to the Colonies having been driven nearly mad and ends up in a quiet village called West Pennant Hills. But the calls start again..saying the same thing..”you can stick your ambulance up your arse..”. Spiny meets a shady underworld figure in the local Mall when he spots him sucking on a hooker.
        He introduces himself to Arfur and the hooker leaves (geddit ?) and Arfur promises to help but Spiny finds himself strangely attacked to the mysterious dark & obese stranger… to be continued (it’s lights out time in the secure unit)

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        • I know, right! I’ve been sending him all your comments about him in order to get you some flak but to no avail. Hopefully, now that I’ve blocked him, he’ll give you some more attention 🙂

          Loving the movie synopsis, by the way. Maybe you could ask Angela to get in touch with her Hollywood contacts to get it commissioned.


      • I hope that Spiny and Lizzy have some industrial ear defenders to protect them from Patrick’s shouting


    • Arfur is completely round the bend.

      Why would Patrick Cullinane haunt Spiny Norman and Lizzy Borden?

      I’d think he’d be more likely to haunt HMRC, the Tax people who took away his 4 bedroom house.

      I thought Neelu said Patrick wasn’t dead?

      How deranged is she?

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  9. Meanwhile, on Facebook Kane Slater is barricading the doors to his room in his mum’s basement (okay, I made that bit up) and threatening to sue You Tube. He’s not a happy camper right now!

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  10. OK, I’m bored with this freak now.

    It was fun to watch him stamping his feet and crying for a while but now the novelty’s worn off, plus I’m not comfortable with the borderline sexual harassment. So I’m blocking and ignoring the creepy bastard. He’s an irrelevance now anyway – and there’s way too much good stuff to enjoy in Hoaxteadland at the moment without wasting my time on this dribbling psycho.

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    • There’s something wrong with him and he’s easy to wind up. Waste of time.

      I can’t figure out why people on his page take him seriously?

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    • Yes, I agree. I think the only way to shut him down is to stop feeding his demands for attention. Bit like HWMNBN, who still keeps trawling these pages in hopes that we’ll throw him a bone. Sad, really.


        • Here’s the thing about HWMNBN: he passed along some very interesting info about a year ago. We thanked him politely and moved on, but discovered that once we’d mentioned him, we couldn’t get rid of him. I understand that he natters on about us, but quite frankly I don’t bother keeping up with what he says, since about 90% of it is deranged mutterings, and the rest is not very interesting.

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          • But EC, how can you trust anything HWMNBN says? He’s a pathological, attention-seeking liar, and unlike many people in the SRA hoax world, is not actually mad, just a cynical narcissist.

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            • The only reason I believed what he told me was that it came with screenshots & links. Otherwise I’d have tossed it in the circular file, believe me! 🙂


          • I notice that HWMNBN will bitch about us “trolling” his site – but he STILL REFUSES to answer any of my SIMPLE QUESTIONS. He just keeps blocking me and running away.

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      • I can handle his childish abuse and his death threats but it’s the sexual threats that he keeps making to people (including me, other people from this blog and even women on his own team) that make me uncomfortable. The guy is a full-on sex pest.

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        • I couldn’t agree with you more Spiny. Whilst we tend to laugh at Arthur here, he is in fact an extreme danger to Women. He is an abuser of women, who tries to pass himself off as being a Savior of women. He is an online groomer who attempts to verbally pommel any woman he comes into contact with, into a submissiveness to his dominance. A Gang leader who like’s his women down around his knees, cowering for his protection, and heeding to his every command and instruction. Arthur is just another version of Kevin Annett.

          Annett use’s a more a far more subtle version of Arthur’s tactics, to wrangle his way into the Hearts of vulnerable women, and of course, their Bank Account’s. Annette sweet-talk’s. Arthur demoralises. Same end result sadly. 😦

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          • I agree, Ed. It’s clear that Arfur’s technique is to bash women into submission, whether verbally or physically. His obsession with “maternal women” speaks to a kind of objectification that should ring very loud alarm bells for those who think he’s their friend. He’s not; he’s a predator.

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  11. He’s feeling drained cos Angie sucked the life right out of him. I wonder what type of scenario the word ‘urgent’ suggests.
    Arthur reminds me of Father Jack of Father Ted fame.

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  12. WTF? LOL! I hardly know where to begin with this one!

    The irony of the fact that it contains a clear pic of her own kid might be a good place to start, though! (I’ve thoughtfully replaced said pic with one of Peter Griffin, seeing as Kristie Sue couldn’t be arsed.)

    And then there’s her pathetic attempt to compare the re-sharing of pictures that she’s voluntarily uploaded with the constant posting of illegal images of extremely vulnerable children whose families have absolutely not consented.

    Then there’s the hilarious claim that she and her creepy associates don’t upload pictures of the Hampstead children. I think you’ll find that’s how this whole thing started, luv.

    Oh and to reiterate, it was us who pointed out the inappropriateness of Kristie Sue trolling using her child’s photo in the first place! LMAO!

    Now, can someone please pick my jaw up off the floor?

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