Maurice Kirk: Between South Sudan & South Wales

When we last left Maurice Kirk, the so-called “Flying Vet” who’d managed to get himself lost (twice) whilst flying the length of Africa as part of a Vintage Air Rally, he’d crash-landed in South Sudan. Rally organisers, fed up with his now-you-see-me/now-you-don’t shenanigans, had unceremoniously booted him out of the rally, but were continuing to offer him logistical support.

Mr Kirk, whose antics over the past 40-odd (sometimes very odd) years have seen him in and out of prison for a variety of offences, had his veterinary licence removed in 2002; an appeal before the Privy Council in 2004 failed to have it reinstated, much to Mr Kirk’s chagrin:

kirk-threat-royal-veterinary-college-legal-teamThat seems to be Mr Kirk’s style: when things don’t go his way in court (and they rarely seem to), he feels no compunction about issuing threats…or indeed, commencing vendettas.

For example, as we have mentioned previously, Mr Kirk has had a long-standing vendetta against the psychiatrist who had the temerity to allege that he might not be quite right in the head: maurice-kirk-wanted-poster-2016-11-23What did the good doctor say that Mr Kirk found so offensive? Here’s part of the medical report in question:

maurice-kirk-medical-prognosis-2016-12-09According to this report, Mr Kirk may have suffered brain damage as a “result of a combination of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration injuries following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self-awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify so that for periods they have a quality of a paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unameanable [sic] to reason of a paranoid nature)”. [Emphasis ours]

The report also notes that “neither Maurice Kirk’s underlying personality nor brain damage will respond to medical intervention”. It’s also “unclear whether Maurice Kirk’s brain damage is likely to progress”.

Hard news to swallow, we’re sure, but Mr Kirk seems to have taken it extremely personally indeed, and never misses an opportunity to threaten and harass the psychiatrist in question. Q.E.D.

Interestingly, Mr Kirk’s recent Facebook posts from South Sudan seem to lend some credence to his psychiatric diagnosis:

maurice-kirk-fb-post-2016-12-05Despite his alarming claims of very serious health issues—malaria, severe septicaemia, diarrhoea, headaches—he seems to have sufficient energy to rant incoherently about the UK judicial system, which he calls a “huge money stealing organisation” and express his rage at the current status of his legal case in South Wales (he lost and was assessed court fees).

In fact, his most recent missive is a plea for “someone” to lodge an appeal on his behalf in Cardiff Crown Court:


It’s been pointed out to us that one of Mr Kirk’s standard ploys is to claim serious illness when he’s in trouble, only to experience a sudden and dramatic recovery once the difficult situation has passed. For example, when he was most recently in prison, he claimed to be too ill to move about in anything but a wheelchair. However, the following week, when he’d been released, he was suddenly fit enough to pass a medical test enabling him to fly to Cape Town. Oddly, this recovery and long, gruelling aeroplane trip took place just at the point when he was facing bankruptcy in the UK, due to court costs having been awarded against him.

A Mail Online article about Mr Kirk’s African misadventures hints at some of the difficulties the “Flying Vet” has caused organisers and participants in the Vintage Air Rally, various UK embassies, and his own family:


maurice-kirk-mail-online-2016-12-05-1While the media—and Mr Kirk’s fans on social media—seem to focus on his various adventures and near-misses, we think it’s important to realise that he’s not just a harmless, colourful eccentric. As his much-maligned psychiatrist pointed out, Mr Kirk seems unable to control his own impulses; he lacks self-awareness and judgement; and he appears to be a game-player extraordinaire.

Games people play

For example, we’ve previously noted Mr Kirk’s strange relationship with convicted paedophile Christopher Ebbs: in August 2012 he made death threats against Mr Ebbs, but in 2014 he provided an address belonging to Mr Ebbs (then known as Mr Alexander) to the court as his bail address.

This complex relationship becomes even more perplexing given that on 26 October 2012 Mr Ebbs pressed charges against Mr Kirk for entering his house without permission, and helping himself to food there:

kirk-police-statement-re-ebbs-home-invasionOddly, though, that same day—26 October 2012—Mr Ebbs apparently changed his mind, and decided that Mr Kirk “was not there as a trespasser, was very welcome to be there and that he would be happy for him to be returned to his address for something to eat!”

kirk-refused-charge-re-ebbsEven more curiously, the day after this contretemps, Mr Ebbs (writing as Christopher Paul Alexander) wrote and signed a letter in which he stated that he had met with police before he’d taken the witness stand against Mr Kirk, who had assaulted him in a Bristol pub in 1997.

christopher-alexander-ebbs-letter-2016-12-10In this letter, Mr Ebbs/Alexander affirmed that “during the meeting it was suggested that I should alter my statement to increase the impact my statement would have against Maurice Kirk in the proceedings….During the meeting I was threatened with various sanctions if I failed to alter the statement, which included sanctions against both my pilots and aviation engineer’s licences”.

So Mr Ebbs has gone from being the object of Mr Kirk’s death threats to claiming that he’d been forced to participate in a police-orchestrated plot to incriminate Mr Kirk in a 15-year-old assault trial.

What was all this in aid of? What persuaded Mr Ebbs—who had up till then been the object of Mr Kirk’s death threats—to suddenly decide to welcome Mr Kirk into his home after all, and then to write something that backed up Mr Kirk’s ongoing vendetta against the South Wales police? It’s all very confusing indeed, and frankly smells just a bit of coercion.

What’s next?

We understand that the Sunday Mail has a feature story on Mr Kirk planned for today; we haven’t seen it at time of writing, but we have no doubt that it’ll be another “rah-rah, isn’t he a character, what an eccentric!” story, focusing on Mr Kirk’s various amusing peccadilloes.

We expect that at some point Mr Kirk will wend his way back to South Wales, where he’ll continue his endless vendetta against the police, courts, and sundry others.

Will he have learned anything from his African adventures? Highly unlikely. After all, as his psychiatric report states, Mr Kirk’s impulsivity and poor judgement don’t seem liable to improve over time.


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  1. The Mail on Sunday has published Kirk’s story –

    Reading Kirk’s facebook page, and the Facebook page entitled “Vintage Air Rally” there seems to have been numerous posts by Kirk asking people to send him spare parts to repair the aircraft, the latest seems to ask for a new engine (hardly surprising as Kirk indicates in earlier posts that it stopped at least 5 times during his journey).

    Several people had asked Kirk in reply to his appeals for parts for photographs of the latest damage, he alluded that his camera and phone had been “lost” or “stolen”, no pictures were given by Kirk in response to those questions. Yet now he appears to be able to provide for the Mail on Sunday with a picture of the crash site and damage – handy having a photographer on hand to take the pictures of the crash.

    The only thing missing is a DONATE NOW button

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    • There is a little battle going on between someone who is not impressed with Maurice and others who claim to know him well.


    • “…not least as a close drinking buddy of Oliver Reed “. Another annoying habit of gutter tabloids- the ability to seize upon one tenuous ‘fact’ and weave it into a tale to give it more substance.

      I wonder if my pal who ran a restaurant in Wales encountered Kirk in the pub? He certainly encountered Oliver Reed many times and described him as very pleasant man sober but as his drinking progressed he became an obnoxious bore who regulars tried to avoid. Regulars would studiously avoid getting sucked in by Reed when he arrived as they knew the night would end in tears but I suppose each and every one of them could be described as Reed’s “drinking buddies”. Talk about a Brush With Fame.

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  2. How could a police force have a 23 year vendetta against one person?.
    The staff are constantly changing and it would be rare after 10 years for the same personnel to be in one force or area except for maybe someone who had risen through the ranks to become Chief Constable or someone in the lower ranks who remained a constable and lived in the area.

    Clearly it’s Kirk who has the vendetta against the cops and seems determined to disobey normal driving rules and so on with an unsaid Freeman of The Land mentality who sees any authority as a challenge against his own exaggerated belief of power.

    Also note : the shrinks important point that others could be inspired to commit violence because of Kirk’s agitations and the gunman in the pizza house is a perfect example of this.

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    • Yes, I think Mr Kirk’s vendettas are long-lived (except for the one with Mr Ebbs, which we’re still scratching our heads over) and not necessarily based in fact.


  3. Something seems wrong with the chronology here

    Kirk crashes on ????

    On 30th November he posts on facebook a video, AFTER THE CRASH

    On 30th November he posts the following on his Facebook page:

    “Well, at least I am with wonderful Christian people in Kapoeta a remote part of South Sudan…….How humbling for a privileged European to be stuck in the south Sudan desert for up to a week for his weary knees, vomiting , head aches and in paper-work! ..5 hours in an army truck last night did not just get me to a hospital and medication but also my very own safari ride with informed commentary- seeing the wildlife in the head lights…..huge wild striped cat, pregnant I diagnosed from afar! , all types of antelope and birds and bushy tailed varieties of rodent/squirrel and birds galore!….and the tea and the coffee here..Wow…the real stuff ..with 7 soldiers all speaking English and me with not a word of Sudanese except I must get out of here to Nairobi quick for Cape town and Falklands. (fast thinking I could zig -zag IN TO AFRICA and take 10 years of these last days of really meeting the indigenous people? )….Belinda J K , you would of loved this last 500 miles
    To have come from Gambella, of all places, having entered Ethiopia with the vintage rally all without permission that night, seat of S Sudan terrorism, was not the most diplomatic of departure points for the old cub next day ….
    .Wow, to those who know how I am buzzing…..who out there knows what I am dreaming, the magic of this great Continent… grabbed yer, didnt it? Oh what a magic place!…..Waiting now in Bruce’s ‘The Mango Camp’ with internet at last, as the Governor wishes to have ‘words with me’
    Peanut President’s Carter Centre did me proud out there in the dry , oh so dry remoteness—thank you Jill at the British Consulate and Mr Alain Havers and Sarah of Carter Centres all in Juba for getting me out….well not quite I am parted with cub and nothing to tie her down with except siphoned out fuel and my tie down screw has snapped…..promised lumps of iron to be added NOW to tie downs but I am not there to do it …Please district commissioner, more rope and iron girders to each wing seen in bushes behind my ‘temporary residence’…..I see my self not getting into Lokichogio until sunset tomorrow if she is not broken….
    Who’s coming to my tea-party on top of Table Mountain in their aircraft?”

    On 3rd and 4th December he posts his mobile phone number for people to get in touch AFTER THE CRASH

    Yet In the Mail on Sunday he claims the following:

    “Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday from his sick bed in South Sudan, he said: ‘I’m staying here, and I’m going to rescue her.’ He’s affectionately referring to his Piper Cub, which lost its propeller and one of its legs when it crashed near the town of Narus.
    After emerging from the wreckage, Mr Kirk was dragged away by bandits. ‘I was roughed up by the locals, who dragged me through brambles that have terrible thorns,’ he said. ‘I have deep cuts all over my legs. They stole my mobile phone, my camera and my emergency beacon.’

    I know Captain Kirk was Captain of the Starship Enterprise, but is time travel possible?”

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  4. Another one for your collection, MKD 😀

    Stop trusting the mainstream media, guys. RichieFromBoston and TheCrowhouse are the gurus we should be following without hesitation. Apparently.

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      • Thanks, AF 🙂

        For the record, though, I’m not posting them to show off. It’s just that I reckon MKD will get a kick out of the Mel Ve stuff.

        Also, I’d value people’s thoughts on this phenomenon of Troofers preaching to us about how stupid we are for believing the mainstream media, whilst they themselves seem to believe every word spouted by anonymous weirdos on the internet!


        • I wish i knew the answer to that question Spiny. I guess it’s because they believe they somehow have inside knowledge of what goes on in the world because they see themselves as ‘awake’ and anyone who believes the MSM isn’t a free thinker as they believe whatever they are told. Which is ironic really as it is the troofers that believe any story they are told no matter how fantastical and improbable that story is.


    • Speaking of internet weirdos, it seems Kristie Poop has exposed a worldwide pizza conspiracy! 😀

      Mind you, it is in the Riverfront Times, so it must be true.


      • There’s a massive problem with human trafficking in the world today and trafficked people show up all over the place. Adults and kids are trafficked for forced labour or sexual exploitation and if you look you’ll find the statistics and news reports available online. For example, I saw something in the newspapers a while ago about the trafficking of young women and underage girls to work in nail salons. Although I’m speculating, I suspect anyone who’s trafficked to work in a nail salon is open to other forms of exploitation!

        When you look at the official statistics it’s obvious that what’s in the news is the tip of the iceberg. To say ‘What IS it with pizza places and pedo rings?’ is silly and shows a lack of understanding of the breadth of the problem. All you do by saying this is focus people’s suspicions and hatred on pizza restaurants, when most pizza places are ok and run legitimately. The problem of trafficking and exploitation (sexual and other) is much wider.

        So it’s not just pizza places dear… a good newspaper and find out!
        While I’d agree that the MSM needs a kick up the arse these days, they don’t always tell lies

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    • ‘about how stupid we are for believing the mainstream media, whilst they themselves seem to believe every word spouted by anonymous weirdos on the internet!’

      Unfortunately, this is to do with either being ‘hard of thinking’ or ‘cult’ thinking and there’s not much you can do about it. The ‘cult’ thinkers are going to feel a bit stupid in ten years when they’re through this phase and realise they let themselves be conned.

      Meanwhile, have you checked out the comments about Mel Ve’s book on Amazon:


    • The thing is, the mainstream media do often slant their stories in particular ways, and so yes, it’s wise to be cautious before accepting everything one reads. However, as you say, these nutjobs and gullible fools aren’t exactly a viable alternative. They seem eager to believe anything they’re fed by the “alt media”, and even more eager to latch onto the fear-mongering crazies like Kristie Sue Costa or Angela Power-Disney.


      • Oh indeed and I’m as cynical as the next person when it comes to the mainstream media. But the troofers’ custom of cherry-picking articles that suit their agenda is a disgrace.

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        • Absolutely–I’m totally with you. I think this is another instance of the troofers’ tendency toward confirmation bias. Everyone does this to some extent of course, but they’ve turned it into an art.


  5. “Obsessional, delusional and Irrational” springs to mind.

    That crash looks very near buildings. Kirk is surely endangering peoples lives by ignoring requests to stop flying a plane with a faulty engine.

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        • Yeah, Gerrish et al have been banging on about that for weeks. I can’t bear to listen, though, not after the last time they vehemently defended her, when she was incarcerated for trying to burn down a house with a man, his wife and his two children sleeping inside.

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          • Yes, she clearly has some mental health issues that needed addressing, and as usual, instead of admitting that, the troofers egged her on.


  6. Oh and if I can change the subject slightly for a moment, there is a woman on facebook, goes by the name Katie Fear, her and her husband call them selves paedophile hunters. If you look on her Facebook page, which is open for all of us to see, she does talk about The Hampstead case, and Ricky Dearman, and the Children, and it’s really not good and should be reported. I have done but I’m really not happy about these two calling them selves paedophile hunters.

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        • I hope the police are aware of these people. If you ask police departments, they will tell you that so-called “paedophile hunters”, aka “vigilantes”, do far more harm than good. They have no idea how to build a case in such a way that they preserve evidence; and much of the time the people they “expose” are either innocent, or are potentially evil-doers who cannot be arrested because the case has been so badly botched.


          • It claims on their website that they have built cases and arrests have been made. What’s wrong with that? They appear to be working with the police in a similar manner to Perverted Justice in the US, they have good relations with the police?


          • I just read the Facebook comments on her page, maybe it isn’t such a good idea for this person to be actively involved in all of this, it could lead to Richard being harmed. Scratch the last comment.


      • Just saw her FB page. This woman is dangerous and her husband looks like a steroid abusing thug. Her comments about Hampstead are shocking. This pair should be no-where the subject of children. We must all complain. She is also breaking the High Court injunction and advocating the murder of RD.

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      • They are known very well by Luton Bedfordshire police, because they keep sending paedophiles there from the railway station, but I don’t thing the police are aware of the stuff about Hampstead.


  7. It was inevitable – Maurices friends have all slithered away.

    Someone ordered, paid for and shipped the parts Maurice wanted, he has given up on that one. Poor guy no doubt left out of pocket.

    He seems to talk a good story, but that is as far as it goes. Obviously his visa to leave Sudan is sorted, money in his pocket from the Mail on Sunday and OFF.

    His latest plea for help is for someone to sort out various legal matters for him, WHERE IS TERRY OR SABINE?


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