Prelude to a hoax: How Sabine warmed up her audience

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about Sabine McNeill’s role in getting the Hampstead SRA hoax off the ground. We’ve outlined Sabine’s use of a petition as a vehicle for publicising her email to then-Home Secretary Theresa May; that email contained links to Sabine’s Google Drive, which contained the original videos of the children “confessing” to Abe and Ella. We have found the deleted blog post in which Sabine released the videos, then claimed she hadn’t. And we’ve talked about how Sabine’s bone-headed attempt to blackmail the courts and police with “exposure” if they did not return the children to Ella demonstrated very clearly that she never believed in the hoax herself.

Today we’re going to explore how Sabine did the groundwork for her “big reveal” in early 2015, creating a seamless transition between the failed Musa case and Hoaxtead, which she hoped would be her “breakthrough case”. Her goal: to establish the Association of McKenzie Friends as the authoritative voice (and willing recipient of donations) for those who believed they were the victims of “child-snatching”, as well as those who believed in the prevalence of Satanic ritual abuse.

On 26 December 2014, Sabine posted this on her National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse blog:

sabine-mcneill-national-inquiry-2014-12-26-1Before she gets into the specifics of the case, she sets the stage: she falsely alleges that RD had a “history of domestic violence”; in reality, Ella had made multiple allegations of him which, oddly enough, coincided with each new court order he got to enable him to see his children. Sabine skips over exactly how the “harrowing details” were extracted; but knowing her audience, she’s well aware that “harrowing details” are their bread and butter. She flat-out lies about the little boy’s hearing being damaged by the father’s hitting and yelling; Dr Hodes was quite explicit in saying that this had been the result of abuse by Abraham Christie. In fact, it was Dr Hodes who recommended that the children be taken into protective custody.sabine-mcneill-national-inquiry-2014-12-26-2Interesting that Sabine refers to Abraham here as Ella’s “then partner”; this was during the time when Abraham had fled the country, fearing that the police would arrest him for child abuse. And Sabine is wrong when she states that the children’s reports matched up. In fact, one reason the police smelt a rat was the dissonance between the children’s statements. Sabine “forgets” to mention that the reason the children don’t speak Russian in their meetings with Ella is that their carers suspected (correctly as it turned out) that Ella was attempting to bully the children into saying they wanted to come home to her. And since when are violin lessons, tennis, and swimming evidence of a happy home life?sabine-mcneill-national-inquiry-2014-12-26-3Here’s Sabine’s little advert for the Association of McKenzie Friends. She claims to have assisted in “some fifty extreme cases”, but seems to have never documented a single case in which the parents have actually won. Then a plug for John Hemming, and a claim, quoted from conspiraloon blog The Coleman Experience, that there are “hundreds of satanic paedophile rings in existence throughout the UK and many are quite horrifyingly taking place in primary schools”. News flash, Sabine: just because some nutter says it does not make it true. Proof of claim, please.  sabine-mcneill-national-inquiry-2014-12-26-4This is interesting: Ella sacked her barrister who was “not willing to defend her affidavit”…which was, we now know, Ella’s statement naming children, parents, teachers, clergy, and businesses in Hampstead. Why would a barrister be unwilling to defend such an affidavit? Words like “professional ethics” and “not wanting to be struck off” spring to mind. When Ella’s solicitor disappointed her by failing to file documents on time (possibly for the same reasons?), Sabine and Belinda just happened to be there to pick up the slack. What an amazing coincidence! sabine-mcneill-national-inquiry-2014-12-26-5Sabine signs off with a list of suggestions for her readers: sign a petition, start a compensation fund, write to Sir James Munby.

In this post, she sets the stage, whets the appetites of her followers, and drops a few tasty hints as to what’s to come. Two days later, she reblogged this post on another of her many, many blogs:

sabine-mcneill-from-musas-to-hampstead-2014-12-28The message: “Well, if you thought the Musa case was shocking, with its horrific allegations of child abuse, kidnap plots, and the ‘snatching’ of seven children from their loving parents, just wait till you see what we’ve got coming up for you!”

Conspiritainment at its finest, friends. Step right up.

And on another note…

It hasn’t escaped our minds that Rupert Quaintance is due back at Hendon Magistrate’s court today. We’ll have our ears to the ground, and will bring you up-to-date reports from the courtroom just as soon as we receive them. Stay tuned!


50 thoughts on “Prelude to a hoax: How Sabine warmed up her audience

      • Hurrah !!! I’m back in favour!. Na nana nana to you Spiney.

        Seriously this poor bloke is disturbed and has a serious obsession with bodily toilet functions. I heard the Hell’s Angels were going to do him over at one stage until they realized he is actually suffering from a mental disability.

        Perhaps they should take him around on tour to schools, you know when the local copper gets up and warns the kiddies about taking drugs. They could then bring Arfur in as an example of what happens when you abuse Ice ( a big problem in Oz). The kids wouldn’t even go near an aspirin after 5 minutes listening to the Angry Arab.

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    • I am seriously thinking someone should forward rants like this to the police…
      Normally I’d write it off to the ranting and raving of a methhead keyboard warrior, but considering his previous ability to get a gun and actually using it (or attempt to) claims of possessing bombs and the claim to use them in an attempt to implicate other people does IMHO seriously overstep the boundaries of keyboard posturing and become a distinct possibility of him actually doing something, especially considering his distinctly unstable mental condition

      Certainly if he is currently out on good behaviour bond, it should be brought to the authorities, considering the several recent cases of people who shouldn’t have been on bail in the first place snapping and attacking people, arfur is IMHO another that shouldn’t have been out of a cell in the first place

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      • I suspect the local estate agent makes a point of showing prospective new residents around the cul-de-sac when Arfur is at rugby training or in the nick.Its a fair guess that his long suffering neighbours would happily have a whip round towards a one way ticket to Lanzerote or the middle of nowhere or anywhere really.


      • Not half FS, can you imagine living next door to someone like Arthur? Talk about a neighbour from hell.


  1. It was the perfect crime. McNeill had planned everything in meticulous detail and left no stone unturned. Her fiendish plan could not fail. Or so she thought. But she hadn’t banked on…

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  2. It was disgraceful of Sabine to make all those statements (in December 2014) as if they were accepted fact. She didn’t even use the word ‘allegedly’. Utterly shameful.

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  3. Saying that ‘the Mask of Zorro’ had been used in other cases….not citing any examples…offering “so I’m told” as her sole ‘evidence’.

    Sabine’s ‘legal expertise’ and ‘research skills’ in a nutshell.

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  4. Clearly she was plotting and planning to build herself up as a McKenzie Friend expert (while not having a clue what their function and restrictions are) and a “child abuse campaigner”. Hence the visit to Brussels and her faux impassioned delivery to the remaining MEPs who had nothing else to do that afternoon and had clocked in for their daily allowance.

    But it’s all ended in tears for her. Literally as she turns the water works on and off in an instant. Perhaps the poor thing really was traumatised as a child during the bombing of Dresden. But was she really there in 1945? How old is she?

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    • Can a one year old remember a bombing raid enough to be traumatised by it for life? Not something I’ve heard of before.


      • My father can remember hiding in cellars during air raids when he was a small child. He describes the sky being lit up by burning cities. It is a clear, but I don’t think traumatic, memory. Very young children won’t have much concept of the danger they are in; adults and older children have more understanding and are more likely to be traumatised.

        I won’t say anything to diminish the horror of Dresden, but I doubt a baby in a pram would see or remember anything specific. Most of Sabine’s memories are probably the result of what she was told about the event later in life.

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  6. This one’s going out to Sam, in celebration of his new status as chief Arty-baiter…

    Keep up the great work, Sam. Arfur truly does have a ghost in his house 😀

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  7. Angie’s antisemitism is getting out of hand now.

    And this is from yesterday:


  8. Excellent post EC. From what was written previously on here, today would seem to be that Rupert gets to learn his fate. I wonder if Sabine and Belinda are still supporting him??


    • Well, put it this way – Belinda hasn’t donated for two months…

      …and Sabine hasn’t donated for five…

      Mind you – ten dollars, Sabine? Very generous! That’s a whopping £6.40 at today’s exchange rate 😀


    • He would do much better without their support. I can imagine the judge’s eyes rolling whenever either of them turns up in court.


      • I agree.

        He’d do much better to detach himself from all of them and hope his court cases go unnoticed.

        They are a liability, who I bet he wishes he’d never met.

        He’ll have to put it down to the experiences of life.


        • Maximum Belinda; always strives to achieve the worst possible outcome for her clients.


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