That little detail that Sabine forgot

Ask and ye shall receive, apparently. Yesterday we sent out a plea to the anonymous tell-tale informant benefactor who’d sent us the delightful response to Sabine from Buck House. And no sooner had we sat down to our morning coffee than another missive in a plain brown envelope showed up in our…er, email.

Sure enough, it appeared to be the original message, as sent by Sabine to Her Majesty. Here it is, in all its glory:

sabine-to-the-queen-2016-10-12sabine-to-the-queen-2016-10-12-2The nub of the thing was this: Sabine wanted the Queen to “cite” various people who done Sabine wrong:

  1. The Constables who concealed critical evidence and terminated the investigation prematurely;

  2. The Metropolitan Police who responded to the mother’s Judicial Review that I had written for her, with Grounds of Resistance consisting of denials only;

  3. The Council who threatened the mother and me with imprisonment in a secret family court;

  4. The High Court judge who discovered the concealment of evidence, but did not transfer jurisdiction to a criminal court and condemned the children’s testimonies as fantasies.

As we learned yesterday, Her Majesty had no intention of doing any such thing, and told Sabine, via Miss Jenny Vine, to get stuffed.

Meanwhile, Sabine whinges about being on “Police Bail since August 2015 after six arrests, one acquittal in a criminal court, and other related proceedings”, and complains bitterly that Judge Worsley issued that pesky restraining order, “despite acquittal, thus giving Police a reason for arresting people for its supposed violation as ‘agents'”.

That time Sabine pleaded guilty

Funnily enough, a mere five days after writing this letter to the Queen, Sabine walked into court to face charges of (you guessed it!) violating that very self-same restraining order. She quietly pleaded guilty, and walked out with a 12-month conditional discharge.

Oddly, while she has documented every other aspect of this case ad nauseam, she has said nary a word about that little event.

We suspect we know why: we’ve read her proposed “defence” to the charge. A five-year-old could have written a more convincing brief; here’s a small sample: Sabine-proposed defence 2016-10-14.pngWe’ll spare you the actual links, which are all available on a publicly shared Google Drive. And we’ll especially spare you the 22 pages of “reasonable excuses”, which are pretty much what one would expect from Sabine, and include a long and dreary organ recital of her various ailments, including “nervous stomach” issues brought on by the stress of being remanded in custody for two whole days. Please never tell us about your “nervous stomach” again, Sabine, m’kay? Thank you.

We are quite certain that her legal team took one look at this, recoiled in horror, and told her she was to plead guilty. It was good advice, and got her a sweet deal: no prison, and all she has to do is keep her nose clean for a year.

Any bets on how long that’ll last?



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  1. Deborah Mahmoudieh’s still claiming to be an “EU law specialist”, then. Shutting her up may be the best thing to come out of Brexit ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Amazing, it seems shes never heard that a secret shared isn’t a secret for very long, yet here we have this incredible conspiracy, involving nearly THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE, and even now we have only the sketchiest of details (and most of them appear to be wrong/inaccurate/wholly made up)

    Or is the conspiracy really on the other side, with a small (and really it is a very small number) of active CSA `discoverers’ conspiring to slander innocent people for their own nefarious reasons???

    I know which I feel is more likely….

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    • I think we all know the answer to thatโ€”when we look at the approximately 30 hoax promoters and/or supporters, it’s very clear where the conspiracy really lies.


    • They are showing repeats of Q&A on telly here and the one last night was all about con-men who successfully sold items like the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge , Sydney Opera House and one highly amusing incident where a Yank successfully sold the Statue of Liberty 3 times but was caught out on the last sale when he sold it to a wealthy Aussie who inquired “how can I get it home” and then made enquirers with shipping companies who, after picking themselves up off the floor told the poor chap he had been had.

      I think these perpetual motion machines have become today’s con-artist scam of choice and with the internet now allowing totally naive innocents to access the world a few sad victims are being sucked in.
      The ghastly grifters like Hope Girl must be repeatedly exposed and hopefully one day she will face a court for fraud.

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    • Nice find Spiny. Amazing how these scams have been around for so long and just get updated a little bit along the way. I guess it must be a successful scam for it still to be used today.

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  3. What a Moaning Minnie she is. Her claim about the Royal Commission into NSW Police intrigued me as I’m staying with a retired Aussie journalist who filled me in on the facts over a few G&Ts.

    His first observation was that he thinks the poor deluded woman may think Australia is still a colony and not realise the NSW police (with all states having separate police forces) are independent of any British police force but he struggled to understand which Royal Commission this was.

    A recent NSW one looking into child abuse in institutions like the the Catholic Church did hear from an ex-copper who claimed a Catholic cabal of regional detectives had covered up child abuse. Those officers were cleared and this ex-cop was branded a liar and obsessive:

    Not mentioned in news reports is the affect it had on the innocent falsely accused detective’s lives, one who is said to have a nervous breakdown and eventually retired early after a distinguished career and another whose son inevitably was bullied at school once the rumour mill got into gear.

    He then described a Royal Commission into NSW Police corruption in the 1990s which I see is often quoted by these pedo obsessed fanatics.
    It did indeed find massive police corruption in all manner of things and in particular, that 2 detectives had accepted bribes from a very wealthy man involved with young teen boys, to scupper investigations. While the Commission was in progress the man fled to various European countries and was eventually tracked down by the media in a Swiss chalet (he was very wealthy). A good friend of his had fled to Bali, while a third man named was arrested.

    So we had 3 men mentioned whose crimes were they were grooming young teen boys. taking them on holidays, buying drugs for them etc.

    All three were eventually arrested and tried and given long jail terms with 2 dying in prison from natural causes and the third presumably released after serving his sentence.

    That is the sum total of any police involvement in any NSW Royal Commission in respect of child abuse.

    Yet the Satanist Pedo Fanatics like Sabine cherry pick their info and then write a letter to The Queen and blatantly lie in their letters. What’s more Sabine McNeill is so bloody ignorant of her adopted country she apparently hasn’t a clue about how a Constitutional Monarchy works.

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    • Waves hi to G.O.S.
      Funnily enough that happened in the city where I was born, so am familiar with some of the people involved
      It is imho a prime example of why the Hampstead case has (again imho) been dealt with far too leniently, this kind of false rumour mongering can have incredibly bad consequences, from job losses, to people committing suicide if falsely accused of abuse and publicly `named and shamed’ when innocent

      Sadly even after it has been shown to be false, the rumours and innuendo can continue on, resurfacing as newbies find out and restart the whole thing from scratch, sending abusive emails etc without first finding out all the facts

      Again imho- the people who publicly continue to promote such hoaxes should be dealt with far more harshly than they currently are, these people should not be continuing to breach court order after court order, they should be in jail, and there for a long long time…..

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    • @GOS – wow! Very important info in that newslink, thanks!

      The Detective in that story, who “lost his objectivity”, reminds me of private investigator & former New York City Detective Jim Rothstein. Rothstein was involved in a NYPD investigation during the 1970’s, called “Operation Together”, which was closed down after it spiralled into a blatant witch-hunt. Rothstein subsequently dedicated his life, apparently, to spreading false allegations of a similar nature – publicly and privately – at every opportunity.

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  5. Hasn’t Sabine broken the Restraining Order a few times?

    If so, are the Police waiting for her to do so a few more times and then charge her on various matters?

    Sabine was on the Richie Allen Show talking about SRA, in fact the broadcast was labelled …..SRA…… if I remember correctly.

    It looks to me that next time she’s in Court, she won’t be getting another 12 months conditional discharge sentence.

    Probably a fine, (fat lot of good that will do) maybe more.

    Only a suspended prison sentence or more is going to stop her violating the RO.

    If I was Sabine, I’d be thinking the stress of it all wasn’t needed at her age and live my life out peacefully, doing a bit of walking with my hiking sticks or having afternoon tea and cakes with other elderly women.

    But no! Sabine wants to be famous, just like Angela and their egos won’t let them at the detriment to the real victims.

    Sabine isn’t a victim, she is the catalyst for all she purports to be suffering.

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    • And she is defaming all manner of people as you can see with her recent letter to the Palace were she falsely accuses Hampstead residents all over again along with police officers.
      I wish there was still law of criminal defamation. Would solve a lot of problems with the internet.

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    • She’s subject to a Conditional Discharge now and that’s a whole different ballgame. The Courts don’t take kindly to people who breach these. She could well find herself experiencing a short, sharp shock and eating porridge for a couple of weeks.

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      • I so hope that she does find herself eating porridge sooner rather than later as she has proved that she has no intention of learning her lesson at all, so she must be shown how the law treats people that don’t take it seriously.

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  6. I see that Angela Power-Disney has jumped on the QEG bandwagon now. And she’s also posting stuff about how you never have to pay ANY household bills if you show your birth certificate because that proves that the state owns you, therefore they’re responsible for paying all your bills bills blah blah. Anyhoo, point is if she has a machine that can generate endless electricity AND she doesn’t have to pay any bills anyway, why the fuck is she still begging for money to pay her bills?!

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      • Great question, JS. No, she isn’t. The Disney part of her name comes bizarrely from one of her zillion previous husbands and in this case it’s one whom she claims to loathe and detest. In fact, she loathes and detests him so much that she’s kept his surname to this day! And even more bizarrely, she was indeed at one point claiming to be a direct descendant of Walt Disney, despite the name supposedly having come to her via marriage! Oh and if that’s not enough bullshit, she was for some time claiming that her name was Angela Power-d’Isigny (so d’Isigny rather than Disney) and claiming to have French lineage. Angela gets very confused by her own lies and finds it hard to coordinate them all, lol.

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        • She does indeed, which is presumably how she ended up playing the 02 Academy decades before it existed, meeting the ‘famous’ George Michael years before he made his first record and claiming that there is no way of telling who’s donated to her GoFundMe campaign even though donors’ identities are ALWAYS visible to the recipient. Those are three examples that spring to mind but I’m sure everyone has their own favourites ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Hopeless girl must be livid at Scamgie letting that cat out of the bag.

      Slave owners now paying leccy bills must come as a real blow to anyone having forked out for an expensive free mains connected energy machine this Christmas.

      Still all is not completely lost,they might get a tenner for it down at the local scrap yard.

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    • Dave Witcher whose video APD has posted is really convincing isn’t he?.

      He says the Treasury must pay your bills under House Joint Resolution.33 which this : Authorization for Use of Military Force against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

      Right in touch there Dave and that sniffing…lay of the Bolivian Marching Powder and you will see life a bit more clearly.

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      • Dave in the video on Angie’s Facebook page says you don’t have to pay your bills. He has a business called D P Witcher Plumbing and Heating in Staplehurst, Kent. I still have a flat outside Brighton and the bathroom is from the 1920s. I’m emailing Dave and requesting he install a new bathroom suite and can I send his bill to the Treasury for payment.

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    • That’s also what Danielle George aka La Verite claimed years ago if I remember correctly, before she was in to all this mystical stuff.

      Of course Mrs. George MIss Deller never paid the bills, because they were paid directly to the energy companies via the Dept. of Social Security/DWP (or whatever it’s called) from her benefit money.

      The lot of them twist words, telling half truths.

      I wonder if Angela’s claim that the bills don’t have to be paid works in Lanzarote, where I remember she was saying she needed money from gullible people to pay her bills? Hypocrite Angela, scammer!

      Angela is such a bullshitting liar it’s laughable in some instances, but re the claims about Ella and the small boy certainly not laughable.

      One of these days Angela is going to come unstuck and that day can’t come soon enough for me and I’m sure quite a few others.

      Some of these Hampstead Hoax lot do not think much of her.

      I’ve heard it on the grapevine that someone asked Paul Barbara his thoughts on Power-Disney and he has refused to comment.

      Silence say a lot.

      Paul Barbara is not fooled by you Angela and he’s not the only one.

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    • After reading about Hopeless Girl and the QEG lately it has really shocked me at how many people there are out there who are willing to believe the most outlandish claims and even put their money on the line for their beliefs. I’ve no doubt some folk will believe APD about getting out of paying their bills as long as they show their birth certificate.

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  7. Published on Sep 2, 2016
    Sabine is interviewed by Kevin Hart just hours after being charged with restraining order breaches. Naturally, she commits several more bail breaches in this interview. And then (from 34:11 to 51:36) Kevin raises the prickly subject of “the Jewish question”…

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  8. Have you ever wondered, why so many false CSA allegations artists seem obsessed with linking CSA allegations to espionage matters? Several “investigators” – some of whom really were police or even FBI detectives at one time – have dived down that particular rabbit hole and never made it back to reality, apparently.

    Here’s one of the reasons. During the late 1960’s – early 1970’s, several libertarian-anarchist-pederast-hippy-con artists attempted to use: “I have important information for Jim Garrison’s JFK investigation” as a get out of jail free ‘card’. There were variations of this, sometimes it might be: “I have important information about the Mafia” or “I have important information about soviet espionage activities”. The idea was, Garrison or the FBI or the CIA would spring them from jail for an interview, during which they would attempt to negotiate the dropping of whatever charges they faced in exchange for their TOTALLY BOGUS ‘information’. This actually worked, sometimes, which is why it became a common tactic.

    Sound incredible? Well, here’s an absolutely mind-blowing document from the Mary Ferrell JFK collection of declassified CIA documents which proves this was taking place:

    The con artist in question, here, was young Malcolm McConahy, who would subsequently change his name to Adam Starchild, and who would become one of the principle masterminds of the Better Life boy prostitution & pornography conspiracy. Starchild would also become an infamous libertarian-anarchist fiscal scams & tax dodging advice con-artist. Note that this document was written by none other than James Jesus Angleton himself.

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  9. Oh dear, Angela ๐Ÿ˜€

    “Working in the EU could become more difficult for UK expats if host countries ask them to comply with more restrictive rules when it comes to permits and setting up businesses. They may lose their automatic right to work within the EU area and be asked to apply for Blue Cards.”

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    • I wouldn’t worry, Angela isn’t working.

      She’s just playing at being a tv presenter, roflmfao.

      To do this she’s been paying 200 Euros a month to speak on YouTube.


      Talk about a fool and their money are soon parted.

      Whoopsie I forgot, she didn’t broadcast in December and hasn’t so far in January.

      Perhaps she is on an extended holiday like the British MP’s?

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  10. Lovely find by MKD ๐Ÿ˜€


    Dear friends and strangers,

    Radio Free Kanata has become unsustainable. Our total number of live listeners last Sunday was 31, after nearly two years of weekly broadcasting. We have received not a single donation to cover the $250 required every month to keep the show going. Our appeals for ideas and help have gone unanswered.

    I have never based my efforts on the chance of success or the popularity of the issues Iโ€™ve raised, but rather on the necessity of doing so. But I have also learned to be a hard realist, which is the only way to survive decades of attacks and opposition. And realistically, Radio Free Kanata can only continue with the sustained efforts of more people.

    Therefore, until more of you are willing to take active responsibility for the program and its related campaigns, Radio Free Kanata cannot continue to broadcast. So this is a final appeal. If you want to see this work continue, let us know within the next week. If not, January 15, 2017 will be our final broadcast. I will have more to say about this and what lies ahead on that day.

    There have been many setbacks in our long campaign to stop crimes against the innocent and prosecute the guilty, and some moments when unrelenting effort has caused mountains of injustice to move. And so I am not discouraged, nor have I closed my eyes or heart to what still must be done. What matters is not that we win or lose, but that we do what is right and honorable, and understand things as they are.

    Kevin Annett, host

    Radio Free Kanata”

    Awww, poor old Kev ๐Ÿ˜€

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  11. Busy news day!

    “Directly beneath Wikipediaโ€™s biography of me was the link to a shocking website. It included a lengthy diatribe which, among other lurid allegations, accused me of satanic child abuse, child murder, burying dead babies in my garden, holding drug-fuelled sex parties, covering up the crimes of well-known paedophiles, and creating Childline (the confidential helpline I set up in 1986 which has now helped four-and-a-half million children) as a front organisation whose sole purpose was to filter out accusations of abuse by celebrities”.

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    • One of the major issues the victims of the Hampstead SRA hoax have faced is the complete indifference of Google, YouTube, and Facebook when it comes to hateful, defamatory material. Progress is being made, but it’s frustratingly slow.


    • Her problems don’t end there either. The “fastest growing alt media broadcaster in the World and we have the stats to prove it” still hasn’t fixed its mic. But at least that means we STILL don’t have to listen to Sandy Bergen’s terminally irritating voice!

      Mind you, in Sandy’s shoes, having presumably paid 400 Euros to do two shows in which no one can hear her, I would ask Mel for my money back.



    Sorry, it’s a Daily Mail article, I do read other papers, honest.

    ‘research proves that internet trolls tend to be sadistic, Machiavellian psychopaths. They take pleasure in inflicting pain, they manipulate people and search engines to get the result they want, and feel no remorse about the effects of their actions.’

    Any guesses as to who’s page it could have been?

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  13. Thank Xenu, The Rula of the MKUniverse for Small Favors! Bergen’s voice could peel the chrome off Rupert and Scamgela’s Thick Domes! AgonyWomon! hahaha!


  14. I’m loath to link/screenshot it but but for the record Pervy Peacher has just posted what can only be described as child porn on Angela’s Farcebook page (with no objections from Angela, naturally).

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  15. Liar, child abuser and fake “EU law expert” Deborah le Vesconte revelling in her latest hate campaign against the innocent people of Hampstead and supporting the self-professed neo-Nazi Sabine McNeill…

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    • This lying whore of Babylon is once again claiming that Ella reported the alleged abuse to the police. The hoaxers often peddle that particular piece of ocelot dung. Ella couldn’t give a shit about her kids and never reported it because she knew that she and Abe were the real abusers.


    • One hour + of mindless drivel?
      Once again, I marvel at those of you with the patience to plow though such piles of poop – but I can’t stand to.


    • Can I throw Slurpy Debbie’s hat into the ring as a candidate for the troofhoaxer with the most irritating voice? Current contenders (in no particular order) are:

      Sandy Bergen
      Hopeless Girl
      Stephanie Oostveen
      Deborah ‘Mahmoudieh’ le Vesconte
      Patrick Cullinane (Well, he’s still alive, so still eligible, right? LOL)
      Colleen Black
      Angela Power-Disney
      Sabine McNeill
      Nina Valentine
      Tracey Morris
      Melani Vermay
      Christine Ann Sands
      Arthur Kaoutal
      Cathi Morgan

      ๐Ÿ˜€ Plus anyone I’ve overlooked…?

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        • It’s the video that Deborah refers to. Hadn’t seen it before. Thanks for the info Deborah – will be reporting this one on a regular basis till they take it down.

          In You Tube looked for: ‘whistleblower child g witness statement truth with trishaly’


    • Lyrical means to express emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way.Surely this is one for trading standards given the tedious drone emitted from an orange lump on a tatty throne?I am sure they will let her keep the reference to ear wax though.Fair play and all that.


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