Angela’s vicious attacks on her own family

Most of us are all too familiar with Angela Fag-Ash Disney’s waffling on (and on…and on…) about MK Ultra and mind programming and ritual sexual abuse and how everyone except her is doomed to the fiery pits of Hell. But did you know that Angela has a second YouTube channel, featuring APD waffling on (etc., etc.) about how her family has done her wrong?

True story. And while we found it amusing (in a “can’t look away from the car crash” way), as we listened to her violate her family’s privacy it occurred to us that we might have finally discovered the roots of Angela’s wild allegations against them.

It all boils down, you see, to her feeling done out of an inheritance which she felt she had been promised by her father.

Angela video-inheritance 2016-11-20 .pngAngela gives vent to all her grievances against her family—but her main beef seems to revolve around her father’s inheritance, and the fact that she felt she had been cheated out of her share. She started making videos on this topic in May 2012:

We don’t expect her family could have been terribly pleased to find their dirty laundry so publicly aired. Angie excuses herself by saying, “It’s true, and what are they going to do, sue me?” She notes that she began to be excluded from family weddings and special events—big shock there, as the family must have known that anything they said or did would be put up online for public viewing.

In one video, which we’re not linking out of consideration for the parties involved, Angela replays an audio-recorded fight she had with her father, in which she claims that her mother said some very unkind racist things about a young family member. Was her dad aware he was being recorded? And what in the world would make Angela think it appropriate to publish a private family quarrel on YouTube?

Angela has an unpleasant habit of using her videos as weapons against anyone she is angry with. Take this 2013 gem, for example: recorded as a “greeting” to her father on Father’s Day, it’s a rambling, self-pitying diatribe against her dad, whom she accuses of cheating her out of her inheritance (yes, that again).

Incidentally, she explicitly states at 4:18 here that her father was not one of her sexual abusers. Interesting, considering that by the time she was interviewed by Miles Johnston for his “Bases” project, she’d begun accusing dear old dad of being one of her primary abusers.

In this next one, she accuses her mother of being a narcissist—oh, the irony!—and complains that an ill and elderly woman burdened her with details of her illness. Memorable moment: Angela tells her mother, “Thanks for the week or 10-day bridging loan, and by the way, you will be being contacted by the police soon on charges of criminal neglect and aiding and abetting abuse—child abuse”.

But wait…didn’t she say in her “Father’s Day card” that her father hadn’t been one of her abusers?

These videos are clearly intended to let the public know that Angela’s family is cruel, unkind, unfair, and smells funny. Angela’s stunning lack of self-awareness shines through, as she seems completely oblivious to the fact that the videos say a great deal more about her than they do about her beleaguered family.

And they shed a whole new light on her allegations against her father: based on these videos, it now seems that those accusations are nothing more nor less than a viper’s revenge against the person she believes cheated her out of her rightful inheritance.

Somehow, we don’t feel particularly surprised.



75 thoughts on “Angela’s vicious attacks on her own family

    • Poor old dear, singing to herself. She must be feeling very lonely now that she has alienated herself from just about everybody with a scrap of remaining sanity.

      With those vocal talents she could perhaps perform a bit of Laurie Anderson, her lyrics are so appropriate:

      O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.
      O Superman. O judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.

      This is the hand, the hand that takes. This is the
      Hand, the hand that takes.
      This is the hand, the hand that takes….

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  1. “I am willing to wait until you die and all I ask is that when you and Mummy are BOTH dead, whatever’s left you split between Cathy, Fiona and Angela. I don’t care if it’s 20 Euro. I don’t care if you’ve run away or if Mummy’s drunk it…”

    ~ Angela to her father in ‘TOXIC FAMILY AUDIO # 4’

    Awww, bless her – what a charmer.

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  2. Surely an inheritance is a privilege not a right?

    It should depend on a persons wishes and reflect the esteem (or lack of) that they felt for the person to whom they make a bequest.

    I don’t think Angie should expect a penny based on her attitude towards her parents. But, ultimately it is her parents choice and their right to do as they wish.

    Very simply Angie is a greedy evil bitch who is not worthy of the air she breathes…… The more she says and publishes then the more that seems proven.

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    • Yes, it seems that each time she publishes something which she feels “justifies” her position, she digs herself in deeper. It’s very clear to anyone who watches that Angie takes very good care of Angie.


  3. It’s not surprising that Angie isn’t invited to some family events if she can so easily accuse them of being paedophiles and murderers, and air those accusations online for everyone to see. Likewise, if Angie is frozen out of the inheritance, it is likely due to her behaviour, rather than anybody else. I’m only surprised she hasn’t added a ‘poor me, please donate money to cover my inheritance’ button.

    On top of Irrational, obsessional and delusional, I would add sinister, vile, vindictive and nasty. I would be ashamed to have her as a sister ,mother or daughter. Truly one of the most disgusting characters I have ever come across.

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    • I’m not sure if Irish family law is similar to UK law but it’s often unwise to exclude a child from a will as they have a right to challenge it on the expectation that parents have a duty to provide for their children and a challenge is usually funded out of the estate.

      But 2 things here: the father’s estate was probably not of such great value and a legal challenge could have just eaten up the estate or….a parent can exclude a child if they have done things so heinous that parent deliberately excludes them and says why or other beneficiaries can show the one excluded has done such reprehensible things they alienated the parent.

      And my money’s on that given APD’s bizarre, unwise and nasty habit of airing her dirty linen in public.

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      • Yes, I expect her siblings would be only too happy to explain to the courts why Angie ought to be left out of the will. They can use her YouTube channels as evidence.


  4. Run for the hills (or underground Antarctica)…’s over!

    Yes, according to Angie, a little bird has told her that the elite cabal has been dismantled, and cabal members have hidden in an underground bunker in Antarctica. That of course includes everyone here, and by everyone I of course mean just Ricky Dearman. It is Angie’s hope that as a result, the mentally ill and convicted paedophiles will be freed to roam the streets.

    On second thoughts, don’t panic just yet. This could be the same little bird (or large butterfly) that told her about Ella’s involvement with the Russian mafia drug dealing cartel. The evidence for which appears to be well and truly stuck in the “pipeline”.

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  5. For someone who I believe is a Roman Catholic, she has a very Calvinist attitude towards life. She clearly imagines she is one of God’s elect, destined to sit on his right hand regardless of her behaviour. Angela Power-Disney: “Confessions of a Justified Sinner”.

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    • Well God did say that whores and sinners would sit by his side if they repented.
      I think he/she is pretty strict on the repentance bit though,

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    • I don’t think she is religious in any shape or form. Like the rest of them there seems to have been very little religion in their religious of bilge online before this Satanist baby munching stuff.

      No, it’s an audience she craves, she is prepared to put up any bollocks if she thinks it will get her friends/comments/likes, maybe she is just lonely.

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  6. EC used the phrase “stunning lack of self-awareness” in his header post which I found a particularly good way of summing up Angies absolutely disgraceful,callous behaviour towards others,even her own family.

    Her lack of conscience and heartless actions very much suggests she has disabled (murdered)her inner world,perhaps having once gained a glimpse at the seething monstrosity that lurks within.

    This effectively leaves us witness to the foul stentch of a Zombie stumbling about reacting to this and that with considerably less sensitivity than a thing void of sensitivity.

    Desensitized,nasty,brutish and odd.

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  7. From the same Peacher & Paterson team that brought you the timeless classic “Susan Kellner Johsnon has two million supporters”, how’s this for blatant misleading? The figure quoted is NOT for the Cullinane article as implied but the total for the whole ‘Before It’s News’ website in its entire history! (There are over 6 million articles on there.)

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