Coroner’s office threatens Neelu with legal action

A few days ago, Neelu made another of her patented harassing phone calls, this time to the Coroner’s Office in Harrow, demanding that they provide her with details of Patrick Cullinane’s death. They quite rightly refused, explaining that since she was not a family member they could offer her no details. The details of any death are always a private matter between the Coroner and the family of the deceased, but Neelu quite clearly chose not to understand this very basic point, and continued haranguing the office.

You can hear the full call here; once again we marvel at the calm, polite approach of the recipients of Neelu’s attempted bullying:

In the text below the YouTube video, Neelu actively encourages her followers to call or write to the Coroner’s Office to demand a “full inquest” into his death.

Despite the fact that Cullinane’s own family, as well as the Coroner, have confirmed that he died of natural causes, Neelu et al are determined to turn this into yet another conspiracy theory: you see, Cullinane was “on the verge of something big”, something which would “blow the Establishment out of the water”….uh-huh….

Part of Neelu’s complaint is that the police did not allow Cullinane’s friends into the house while they were determining the situation; again, perfectly normal procedure in any situation where an unexpected death occurs. We’ve noticed, though, that troofers in general, and Hoaxtead pushers in particular, seem to labour under the false impression that the authorities ought to pander to their curiosity, allow them access to private and confidential material, simply on the basis that they want to know.

Here’s a tip, Neelu and friends: some things are none of your bloody business. No one but family was allowed to see Cullinane’s body, for the simple reason that no one but family had the right to do so.

However, that didn’t stop Neelu and friends from continuing their campaign of harassment, which has now led to threats of legal action by the Coroner’s Office (hurrah, Coroner’s Office!):


“Horrific corpse fraud”…now, there’s a phrase one doesn’t hear too often. Also, by “Million Supporters of Patrick Cullinane Inquest”, we believe Neelu means “a few crackpots and fruitloops on Facebook”.

In any case, here’s the part we liked: “Haringey Council on behalf of Harrow Council is threatening (Neelu and a couple of her friends) with legal action for DEMANDING AN INQUEST….”

And good for them, we say. In fact, we’re thinking of ringing up Haringey Council just to be sure they know the full names and addresses of the people they’re planning to take action against. We really feel it’s the least we can do.


Patrick Cullinane and “Small Paul” Barbara in happier days (for them at least)


60 thoughts on “Coroner’s office threatens Neelu with legal action

  1. You guys just don’t get it, do you? This whole thing is one massive false flag psy op to deflect attention from the real cover-up. After extensive research, Patrick stumbled upon a scandal that he referred to as ‘the potato famine’ and he was about to blow the lid on it. According to Wikipedia Wikileaks, it “ravaged potato crops in Ireland in the 1840s”. You bastards tried to shut him up but the truth always comes out in the end. You will never stop us from telling the World about ‘Spudgate’, so deal with it.

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  2. What is she hoping to achieve?
    Even if the coroner was allowed to divulge information to random members of the public, they would surely just tell Neelu the same as they told Patrick’s family.
    Therefore, is she accusing Patrick’s family of lying?
    Is she phoning just to show off to her nutcase friends?

    Hopefully the coroner will take legal action because they have far more important things to be getting on with than taking time to speak with the likes of Neelu.

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    • Someone must do something to break Neelu of her habit of calling public offices and wasting their time. I wouldn’t weep if the Coroner’s Office were to take her to court.


      • Ambulance service charges(was £550) for false alarm call outs.Surely services that Neelu interferes with should consider something along such lines if calls are persistant and baseless…£20 a minute or some such.The woman is taking the pi$$ only because its free and there are no come backs.

        Better still they should transfer her to a dedicated nutcase line where idiots can all gibber insanely to each other for £40 a minute and use the cash for a rave up office party or something.

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  3. Crown Princess Neelu is off and running..she’s discovered you can hire a corpse by the hour, day etc (wonder if you have to supply your own refrigeration?)
    For those of you who have been seduced by the dulcet cuntwaffle tones of Angela Power-Disney, I have tracked down a snap of her sans make-up before she goes on air. As you can see, she is also a natural beauty and you can understand why Chanel were desperate to hire her as an in-house model.

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      • Muchas Gracias El Lobo! I stumbled upon the Despicable and outrageous Hampstead Hoax when it was shared unto G+ Stream by a Brit “twoofer” showing the FACES and Details of two minor children obviously being forced and coerced to tell tall false tales for Mommy’s benefit. I was appalled to say the least. I told her it was wrong to share it in the stream. The posting of those vids was a crime, notwithstanding the rest of the BS Fraud and harassment of a whole community of decent folk. When I expressed my dismay, I was trolled! So, just like with the Vile Sandy Hoax group, I had to know more about these criminals. I found your site first from watching MKultra666’s “pure hate” vid! lol The guy is talented and funny considering the subject matter and these wholesale scammers! Thanks for all the info! Sandy Hoaxer “Jonathan Reich” is now in jail as he should be for pulling Neelu antics with the Newtown Coroner’s Office…Tee Hee! Kick Rupert back to us for the public pillory and we will forgive you for Piers Morgan in toto! Cheers!

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    • I like the MK Devil’s crew too but it’s frustrating not to be able to slam the sub-geniuses with comments if One is so inclined. I bet it would be a troll fest though.


  4. Has Mel Pea and these other H. Hoax slags and slatterns showed their hoo Haas yet? Abe or Smella? lol What’s the hold up “if they are not the pedos”? HAHAHAHAHA! ScumBucketVampires! It’s TREW! ;/


    • OMG! Prepare a padded cell for bug-eyed wild sprite KNEEL U Bury! And call the Anatomist asap before it starts to reek more than her life’s work of vileness. A stake in the heart at the Hampstead Crossroads should do it. Her extreme mental illness needs containment. This should do it if the family complains. They have a suit for extreme intentional infliction of emotional distress. I don’t know uk equivalent.


    • Neelu’s behaviour is absolutely disgusting, she spares no thoughts for anyone else’s feelings whatsoever. To take photos of a dead man and then tell his family that Patrick isn’t dead at all, well i am surprised that she didn’t receive a slap from a family member followed by a kick up the arse to get her out of the place.
      Neelu needs to be locked away for everbodys sake.

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