Troofers: Adapting to a post-Cullinane world

It looks as though things have begun to settle down a bit on the Patrick Cullinane front, as the conspiranoid community begins to come to terms with the death of one of their own. You will recall that from the time his body was found on Saturday, hypotheses of varying degrees of lunacy had begun to pop up like mushrooms after rain: he was dead, he wasn’t dead, he was just cold but could be revived, he was dead and had been murdered, he was not dead but was missing…and so on, seemingly ad infinitum.

By yesterday, though, even Neelu seemed to have accepted that Cullinane was in fact dead (and not missing, as she’d previously assumed). She announced late yesterday that a church service would be held in Harrow, where Cullinane lived:


Gosh, she actually sounds almost sane here! With all the words making sense and everything.

Meanwhile, Neelu’s friend John Banks put together his version of a eulogy, complete with artsy black-and-white montage of himself and Cullinane:


R.I.P. Patrick Cullinane! “FREEDOM FIGHTER AGAINST ALL THE ODDS” A friend, mentor. Patrick, a man who fought for truth and justice against the criminals who have infiltrated the system and who are parasitic vermin! A man with guts, tenacity a true fighter for justice and fair play! Those who crap over us, crap over their own families which makes them complete fucktards! Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 the force of law!

You know you can always count on John to keep it classy.

But as the murder theories wind down…

…the squabbling over Cullinane’s legacy starts to heat up.

On Joe Public’s Facebook page, uncomfortable questions are starting to be asked about the “Patrick Cullinane, Restoring Common law & trial by jury, with the A team” Facebook group:


The plot thickens, as Mr Public shares a video in which Cullinane was heard to roundly denounce Julian Coulter. The thing was apparently recorded in a tuberculosis ward, so be warned:

So: Julian Coulter out, Katie Boyle in. You heard it here first.

On the same thread on Mr Public’s page, he rips into Andy Peacher, as well:

cullinane-death-joe-public-peacher-2016-11-15We can expect a sharp rise in troofer infighting over the next few weeks, as the conspiranoid community starts to adapt to life without Cullinane. Keep that popcorn handy!


45 thoughts on “Troofers: Adapting to a post-Cullinane world

  1. Bloody hell, one of Neelu’s FB mates (Sally Ann) said something sensible!

    I think we can safely assume that Sally will now be blocked by Neelu.

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  2. Those “Angie Archive” screenshots from yesterday appear to have gone down well and attracted interest from MKD. So what the hell – I’ll share this one which I wasn’t sure about before (I also posted it “at the tail end of the last post” but it’ll sink into obscurity there, lol):

    The thing that jumped out at me was her saying she’d really enjoyed working at the merchant bank (BCCI). And it also sounds like she was there for some time. Yet wasn’t she just a few weeks ago raging about it and claiming to have singlehandedly investigated it, exposed it as corrupt and brought about its downfall whilst working there for a few weeks as a temp?

    (Incidentally, BCCI didn’t collapse until 1991.)

    Mik has also cleverly spotted that she keeps contradicting herself on the work front. In another screenshot I posted, she was claiming to have run a daycare centre in San Francisco, working 80 hours a week (LOL):

    Yet as Mik points out, hasn’t she repeatedly claimed that she was “on maternity leave” for 30 years, during which time she didn’t work at all? I think the 30 years she refers to were supposedly from about 1984 to 2014, right? Yet here she was, supposedly running a daycare centre from 1985 to 1989.

    And by the way, how exactly are there 5 years between 1985 and 1989, Angela?

    Oh and if it was a daycare centre – i.e. it was only open during the DAYTIME – how did that add up to 80 hours? Even at 10 hours a day, 7 days a week (which is really stretching the bounds of feasiibility anyway), that would only have come to 70 hours!

    Bullshit bullshit bullshit,
    She’s a walking shite machine.
    Anything to plead poverty,
    And keep her donors keen!

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  3. Ever on the ball MKDevils reveal the depths to which broken human being is prepared to plummet.Angie ably demonstating how to juggle the 7 deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth)without so much as even batting an eyelid.

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      • So picture the scene – Angie and her creepy mates spent several afternoons marching round and round her parents’ house, praying, chanting and aggressively driving away potential buyers who turned up with the estate agent for viewings. I’m amazed her parents didn’t issue some kind of restraining order.

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