Update: Maurice Kirk missing…again

Thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey for passing on the information that Maurice Kirk has once again gone missing from the Vintage Air Rally. On the VAR Facebook page, organisers state: “For the second time in two nights, Maurice is a no show. We have launched (again) an overdue aircraft process (now Kenyan rather than Ethiopian)….Next of…


Coroner’s office threatens Neelu with legal action

A few days ago, Neelu made another of her patented harassing phone calls, this time to the Coroner’s Office in Harrow, demanding that they provide her with details of Patrick Cullinane’s death. They quite rightly refused, explaining that since she was not a family member they could offer her no details. The details of any…


Cullinane and Paterson: What happened?

Watching the constant infighting, slap-fests, and very public tiffs amongst the Hoaxtead mob is one of the more entertaining aspects of running this blog. Lately, the death of professional anti-Semite, nuisance phone caller, and alleged “common law lawyer” Patrick Cullinane has highlighted the end of the bromance between Cullinane and his former bestie and official…


Troofers resurrect Cullinane yet again

It’s been a week since professional anti-Semite, nuisance phone caller and alleged ‘common law lawyer’ Patrick Cullinane was found dead at his home in Harrow Weald, and after a brief moment of calm amongst the troofers who worshipped him, rumours of foul play have once again begun to run amok.


Debate continues over Cullinane’s death

Since Patrick Cullinane’s death was announced on Saturday, the conspiraloon community has been awash with rumours, speculation, and dizzying u-turns and counter u-turns. Depending on who you listen to and what time of day it is, Cullinane is either dead (of natural or unnatural causes), possibly dead/possibly not dead, or a “missing person” (either dead…