BREAKING: Patrick Cullinane dead?

Rumours began flying fast and furious this afternoon concerning Patrick Cullinane, the anti-Semitic “common law” lawyer who has promoted the Hampstead SRA hoax since its inception.

The first news was relayed from Cullinane’s friend Andy Peacher:


Responses from the troofer community have been swift…


…and predictable, with Tracey Morris instantly jumping in to allege foul play:


So far no official sources have reported that Cullinane is dead. We will bring you more on this story as details emerge.

Edited to add: Further details from Andy Peacher, who is now calling this a “suspicious death” on the grounds that an ambulance was not sent to attend to a dead person. Demonstrating his usual taste and good judgement, Peacher announces that he will be using his BlogTalkRadio show this evening to discuss this:


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  1. Farewell Patrick Cullinane, you could have utilized your life in more positive ways than continue this spiteful SRA hoax against the innocent. Your life is over, and this will be a relief to many.

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  2. I’m determined to get to the bottom of this heinous act and find out who the dastardly culprits behind this high level VIP assassination were. I’ve given that nice Mr. Peacher a summary of my findings so far:


  3. Not heard from for 3 days, lights on, mail in the letter box and mention he was found by his bed. Sounds very much like a natural death and from the many videos of Mr Cullinane he looks to have had very high blood pressure and looked an ideal candidate for a heart attack.

    But you can see can’t you, a new hoax is building among this mob as snippets, real or imagined are pieced together and dots created to be joined.

    In their world no-one dies, they are always murdered by some nefarious hand, usually some secret government agency because they ‘spoke the truth’ or were ‘exposing the great pedo satanic cult of world rulers’ who for some bizarre reason chose a random person out of the 10,000s of so-called ‘truthers’ on Youtube or the blogger world to do away with when they are just pissing into the wind and have zilch influence on anything outside their own living room.

    One thing we never mention about these people who have created a fantasy world around themselves to explain their basic failure to achieve so little on this planet (apart from make other people miserable) is that a huge streak of a paranoia connects them as well the other various mental disturbances.

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  4. Yes, the paranoia is the bedrock I think.

    And you know, people do just die sometimes. In fact if I’m not mistaken, that’s how the vast majority of us will make our exits fro Planet Earth.


  5. “You’ve got these psychopaths that live into their 90s and 100s”.
    Oh dear, every little old lady that reaches that grand age where they get a birthday card from the Queen will now be accused of being a cult member.

    So poor Patrick had a brother. Watch as he is weaved into their fantasy world as being ‘silenced’ because he didn’t immediately contact this bunch of fruitcakes.

    Imagine when Neelu was a chemist and preparing potions!. Frightening to think she had control of powerful drugs and dispensed them to patients.

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  6. I happen to be London based, and have had the personal misfortune to have had to engage with this buffoon on many occasions. He was fat, approaching sixty and one of those men who was such a heavy drinker that he had a constant “alcoholic fug” about him. He would often be seen emerging from one of his rants or having walked from one place to another, out of breath, red-faced and struggling. He clearly wasn’t a well man! Nor was he a “non-drinker” as APD claims. I have certainly witnessed him down an alarming volume of whiskey as he stood waiting for one thing or another at the bar! He seemed to me typical of the functional alcoholic. Something that is bourne out by his past.

    Why it would surprise anyone that he was found dead at home? And although they do send “ambulances” for obvious corpses, these normally take the form of unmarked vans belonging to Funeral Directors or the Coroner. That will only happen some time after the scene has been examined and “cleared”.

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  7. Andy Peacher wanting to waste police time and ring them.

    None of these morons are next of kin, they should have some respect and leave well alone.

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  8. John Paterson will get himself arrested if he calls 999.

    Patrick Cullilane is dead, any call will not be an emergency.

    Andy Peacher trying to push Neelu into making the call.

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  9. Paterson’s on the phone to the emergency ambulance service, telling them “the patient isn’t breathing”!!!

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  10. Tracey Morris demands someone go to be with him. In the morgue?. They’ll need their best winter coat, it gets cold in there.
    How do they know he’s dead?. He’s in the morgue which to me is a Big Clue.

    A chap in a ground floor flat in my building went in almost similar circumstances a year ago. Police had to break in through a window after he hadn’t been heard from for 3 days.
    No ambulance needed as bizarrely, coppers can often tell the living from the dead and from looking out my window I could see a young female officer rush outside slightly gagging to grab a bottle of water from the cop car to swig on.

    Of course a cop is not going to officially pronounce him dead as that’s the job for someone at the morgue . But the absence of breathing can be a really good indicator. There are procedures that must be followed by them. There are coppers going through this every day all over the country.

    Neelu thinks he may have been frozen (like Walt Disney?) which would be some feat if he was found lying by his bed after 3 days, Perhaps he had dragged a refrigerator in to the bedroom and got inside it. Call me naive but I reckon if he was in his refrigerator frozen for 3 days he may also stop breathing.

    # I’m quite keen on the rumour now swirling about the internet that Angela Power-Disney is somehow involved. Think about it folks- everyone connected to her comes to grief. Arrested, charged, bodies in refrigerators…while Angie suns herself in Spain.
    There is also a very Big Rumour that Lanzarote has Safe Houses used by GCHQ. MI5/6 and the Bilderberg Group.

    Join the dots. They all lead back to APD and her handler, Belinda McKenzie.

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  11. We can only pray.
    Not sure how these things work but I have a sneaky feeling ambulance services are always stretched at the best of times and their main purpose in life is to patch up the living and get them to a hospital as, well if the patient is Brown Bread it sort of makes their job redundant and they could be better employed elsewhere. Perhaps attending a 95 year old psychopath pensioner who has fallen out of bed but still breathing.

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  12. Yes, same thing happened to my neighbour, only the cops attended, followed by the Coroner. No ambulance required.
    What Angie and the rest of them don’t realise is how upsetting their outlandish claims can be for remaining family members.

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  13. Love to be a fly on the pearly gates watching Cullinane confuse and argue the toss with St Peter before the trapdoor is duly opened.

    Honestly,this lot of pointless stress heads will all be putting themselves into early grave the way they carry on.

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  14. Andy Peacher is a right stirrer.

    Instead of speaking fondly of their memories of their friend Patrick what do this little lot do?

    Spend most of the show going on about an ambulance!

    Quite apt though as Patrick did have a thing about ambulances.


  15. I’m angry that people are wasting police and ambulance time like this. I’m sure there are those amongst us who will let the police know about this and what’s going on. If I ever come face to face with Neelu I will want a remedy and she better have 5 trillions squids on her!

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  16. I sort of feel a bit sorry for him (pointless at this stage) as his own video explains how he got in this mess and confirms what i said on here previously.

    I had pals working on British films at studios like Elstree and they were all ‘self employed’ and paid no tax. It was inevitable that the tax department would crack down at some stage but the people I knew set up little companies to employ themselves.
    Cullinane was just not on the ball and allowed the situation to get out of hand, made all the wrong moves which led to the conclusion- bankruptcy.

    No wonder he was driven to drink or perhaps he was always as someone said, a functioning alcoholic. Alcoholics have only one trajectory- downwards. They are far more destructive than druggies as their alcoholism can be easily hidden.

    Love the world weary receptionist in the MPs office. Gawd they must take a lot of stick.

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  17. It is difficult to put a picture together. I first encountered him about four or five years ago when I was in what they call a “forward facing” role within a public service organisation. He was just a horrible little man but not untypical in that his belligerence did seem to be connected with a drink problem.

    I was promoted to a “back office” but that placed me in a supervisory position where again his name would often come to attention. And as a supervisor I had to deal with him a few times at various places where he would cause trouble.

    I have been told by others that he was “dispensed with” from his job in the film industry due to his drink problem. By the time he donned a suit and started passing himself off as a “lawyer” it would appear he had been driven well into the realms of mental illness.

    I’m told he was very badly treated by the tax authorities and have read some of this. Some say that pushed him over the edge. But whatever the circumstances he seems to have done nothing to help himself at any point, and was simply an offensive presence wherever he went.

    What I can tell you is that he caused a lot of distress and offence to a number of people I know who were just trying to do their job and get through the day. For that reason he will not be missed.

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  18. MKD`s bring us:
    Angela Power Disney/Mel Ve/Conscious Consumer Network/The Jimmy Savile Connection


  19. Many people who work for the emergency service are sick to the back teeth of having their times wasted by conspirinuts. Mrs Berry is well known and very wearing. I do wish someone would provide her with the help she so obviously needs. But it seems so many agencies are caught in a game of pass the parcel she might well hurt someone before something effective is done.

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  20. Yes, I agree she has. By hurt I mean physically, either by direct action or pushing another unwell person to harm themselves. Unfortunately it seems things may have to be at that sort of stage before she can be helped. It is extremely frustrating. And of course she is not the only one in that position.


  21. This is research Angie has been conducting on the optimum use of body bags in Cryogenics.

    Her tests reveal that an Irish human stuffed in a fridge for 3 days and a body bag subsequently applied results in overall significant loss of being alive anymore.

    An Irish horse stuffed in a similar fridge for 3 days with a body bag already applied can emerge slightly alive although a bit confused about what the fuck is going on.


  22. The idea that they should despatch an ambulance to a dead man is insane. I can confirm from personal experience that a) it’s pretty obvious when someone has died, and if this chap had been dead some time, even more so, and b) police can and do take charge of the situation without a medical team being present.


  23. I always found his pronunciation “fillum” amusing as my Mum said it exactly the same way. Must be an Irish thing.


  24. He is being brought home to Limerick, I’ve spoken with his sister today. Heach is having Autopsy donew today


  25. I am very sorry for his family. A deeply unpleasant man in my opinion, but I am sure he will be mourned.


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