Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry: Tag-team harassment

If you think it’s painful listening to the Queen of the Malignant Narcissists talking bollocks to herself on the Con-the-Consumer Network, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Yesterday one of our readers alerted us to this episode of BlogTalkRadio, featuring Andy Peacher and Neelu Berry, those two paragons of mental health, taking it in turns to harass staff on the “Heather Ward” at the Airedale Centre for Mental Health.


Take it away, Andy:

Susanne Kellner Johnson has been terrorised for 18 years for whistleblowing against Mental Health frauds and violation of Human Rights by public servants in Yorkshire .   Susanne is currently being held hostage in the Heather Ward, Airedale Centre,
She was falsely diagnosed as “delusional” in 1998 by Dr Andrew Aspin when she mentioned her belief in God and forced to have an anti-psychotic by depot injection for writing to her Member of Parliament.  Her nightmare has got worse.  She has been subjected to multiple Police raids at her home without cause with dogs threatening to break her door without any cause. 
Susanne’s demands for an independent second opinion from a psychiatrist other than Natalie Johnson has been denied against the law to pervert the course of justice.
Susanne exposes the local Mental Health services which failed the Care Quality Commission’s standards Inspection in 2014 which required “Improvements”.  No improvements are evident as Susanne was kidnapped in September 2015 and September 2016, forced with Haldol depot injection 50mg against her wishes and in a fraud.
Susanne has been failed her remdedy despite seeking the assistance of the local BAMHAG Advocacy services due to bias towards the Mental Health frauds, local MIND service frauds within the Bradford District Care Trust NHS Trust.
Susanne fears for her life and it is in the public interests in matters of great general public importance that these services are shut down immediately for the crimes and Treason being committed on a daily basis against the public by those impersonating public servants embezzling public money in attempted corporate manslaughter.

At about 14:40 on the audio, Neelu calls and demands to speak to the duty psychiatrist. The receptionist asks her name, and then almost immediately fobs her off to the Communications department, much to Neelu and Andy’s annoyance.

They discuss this for a bit, and then Neelu notes that the last two times she’s called, that receptionist (whose voice she says she recognises) has refused to give her name. Hmm. Cannot think why.

On their next try, the receptionist insists that Neelu explain the reason for her call.

“It’s an urgent situation, you have a patient on Heather Ward and her life is in danger, she’s not mentally ill, she’s been illegally kidnapped has had multiple injections….” You know, the usual.

The receptionist puts Neelu off yet again, saying she cannot speak to the duty doctor; in fact, she won’t be able to speak to anyone until Monday.

“That’s not acceptable to me,” Neelu snaps. “You don’t have the authority, the real purpose of the on-call psychiatrist is to deal with emergencies, and she’s had her mail opened…we’re the million supporters of the Susanne Keller-Johnson relief group, and members of the Million Mask March….”

If you try hard, you can almost hear the beleaguered receptionist rolling her eyes. There’s a click, and suddenly we’re being treated to a strangely truncated version of “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, which frankly is a nice change from Neelu and Andy droning on. By the 15th repetition of the song, however, even we are starting to wonder when the receptionist will come back.

Ah, there she is.

Neelu: “I would like to speak to the on-call psychiatrist…”

Receptionist: “What is your name, please?”

Neelu gives her name…and is once again referred to the Communications department. Click.

Neelu says, “Right, so this has been going on for two days, Andy….”

So basically, this pair of malicious buffoons has been harassing the receptionists at the Airedale Centre for two days and counting. Wasting their time, subjecting them to abuse, and ultimately, keeping them from doing their jobs.

We wonder whether the Centre might like to know who’s been responsible for this siege, just in case they should feel inclined to press charges of harassment…in fact, we’re feeling an odd desire right now to put pen to paper. Catch you later, ‘gators!


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  1. The important thing to remember here is that there is nothing creepy, icky or sinister about that nice Mr. Peacher, as these photos clearly indicate:

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  2. “She was falsely diagnosed…”

    Oh, is that so, Andy? Thanks for clearing that up for us. Now if you could just show me your psychiatry, mental health care and/or medical qualifications before I share your info’, it’d be much appreciated. Purely a formality, you understand. So whenever you’re ready…

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    • These people don’t half talk some shite. If i was ever to receive a call from them they certainly wouldn’t be given the time they get now.

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      • If they ever ‘phone or approach you, you inform them you don’t want to talk to them. When they continue you accuse them of harassment and tell them you want a rememdy and are imposing a 5 trillion pound lien, their assets will be siezed unto the fifth generation and on and on and on… get the idea. When they object you keep insisting they owe you 5 million pounds Be sure to record it and put it on You Tube.

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  3. Diagnosed as delusional, forcibly given anti-psychotic injections and subjected to multiple police raids…purely because she admitted to believing in God.

    Yep – that is of course exactly how it happened, Andy. No bullshit there whatsoever.

    Now, have you taken YOUR anti-psychotic drugs tonight?

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  4. “We’re the million supporters of the Susanne Keller-Johnson relief group.”

    Yes, Neelu. There are a million of you queuing up to storm the gates of the Bastille psychiatric hospital and “rescue” Susanne. Go you!

    Now, on a completely unrelated point – Andy, do you have any anti-psychotic drugs left over that you could pass on to Neelu? Thanks, mate.

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  5. “We wonder whether the Centre might like to know who’s been responsible for this siege, just in case they should feel inclined to press charges of harassment…in fact, we’re feeling an odd desire right now to put pen to paper.”

    Yep. And you’re all welcome to adapt my email that I sent to various other organisations who fell prey to Neelu’s phone harassment back in June:


    Subject: Information Re. Illegal Phone Calls

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing to you because I am concerned about phone calls which have been made in recent weeks to members of your staff and uploaded to YouTube, contrary in some cases to the specific wishes of the staff members in question.

    Said videos have been uploaded to this YouTube channel:

    In these calls, a person calling herself “Lou” has made extremely serious allegations against your organisations and personally against the staff members contacted. The accusations have included child trafficking, cannibalism, kidnap and murder. There has been a distinct tone of harassment and bullying in Lou’s approach and some specific threats and ultimatums have been issued. When questioned, Lou has refused to give her name or contact details.

    I can inform you that “Lou” is Mrs. Neelu Berry (also known as “Ved Chaudhari”) and her address is:

    3 Peel Drive
    Greater London
    IG5 0JR

    She has also uploaded your telephone conversations to her Facebook page, which can be found at:

    Mrs. Berry is due in court on 11th July to answer to charges of witness intimidation. She has also recently been arrested and fined for harassment of a priest and had a restraining order placed on her to prevent her from harassing members of a church in Hampstead. She was also recently charged with perverting the course of justice:

    Mrs. Berry has also been under a lifetime restraining order for several years due to her harassment of the staff of a well known London hospital (she was also struck off as a chemist as a result of her actions); and as you will see from her YouTube channel, she has a history of filming herself harassing various officials and uploading the footage in order to humiliate her victims.

    I would strongly suggest that you report her recent harassment, slander, bullying and intimidation of your staff members to Barnet Police, who are very aware of Mrs. Berry’s antics.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    ********* ******


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    • Apparently the Illuminati can’t spell worth shit, and they’re a little shaky on the concept of large numbers. Otherwise though, sounds like a good deal.


      • Numbers are written differently with separators in the Vedic system and that has influenced modern Indian English. There are also names for numbers without an English equivalent, for example crore. I think this is written by someone educated in India. “serious people” “300,000,00” “church of Illuminati” “Are you seeking for wisdom” and also in the use of a space both before and after punctuation marks.

        I should be a forensic linguist,

        Odd that the purported forensic linguist hasn’t piped up to explain that we are not all the same person or even RD because forensic linguistic techniques would show that. Maybe this linguist is a person not interested in the truth at all.

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  6. Neelu is actively seeking to interfere and undermine another individuals treatment and welfare.Her behaviour in this matter represents “harm to others” and potential grounds to initiate a mental health assessment.

    Police and mental health agencies will be more than aware of Neelus “irrationalality” but may to date not have had quite enough to warrant sectioning under the terms of the mental health act.This may well be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back.

    Preacher mans bubble cant be far from bursting either for that matter.

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  8. Have you guys seen this one? It’s from May but I think it might have been set to private and only recently made public. At 6:47 Angie genuinely claims that Hollywood filmmakers are making movies designed to cover up the Hampstead stuff! LOL

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    • 17:22 – “No person on this planet could have coached these children to speak this amount of detail with this amount of authenticity.”

      …Says the woman who believes that the Sandy Hook, Marseilles and Brussels massacres were all false flags pushed by “crisis actor children”.

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      • She should watch some films with child actors in them: The Sixth Sense, for example. Little kids can most certainly memorise large swathes of very strange material very convincingly, especially when they’re being physically and mentally tortured. Angela is a moron.

        And the Hampstead kids actually recited their stories in exactly the same tone as when they told the police officer they’d had Indian food that evening: there was no emotional affect, no distress, nothing one might expect from children who’d been subjected to the horrors they described. The only time they became emotional was once they’d unburdened themselves of the lie, and then they wept as they remembered Abe torturing them while their mother stood by watching.

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      • Her relatives went to a casting recently didn’t they? Is she saying they are always inauthentic and unbelievable in their roles? That they can’t learn their lines?

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    • At 20:41 she talks more bollocks about Kenya. She’s not happy that no one offered to fund a holiday to Kenya for her and her mate an essential trip to Kenya for her and her business partner to present the cheque to the orphanage.

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      • The only thing true about Cullinane’s film industry career (he was obviously just a scene shifter) is he didn’t pay tax and that was pretty common in the 70s to mid-80s until the tax department cracked down. Each film is set up as a series of new companies and regular crew members like say a transport manager did likewise setting up their own little company and then winding it up after the film.

        But Cullinane is a fucking liar. Those who construct sets and so on are rarely around when scenes are being shot and as for his idiotic claim people were being sent home for drinking is lunacy. Work starts at 5am and you only have to search IMBD and you will see (my name !) the same people are hired over and over again because they are reliable.
        Mind you seeing I worked as a gofer for 2 of the biggest Hollywood names on a couple of films their indulgences were something else but even then it maybe when they have a 4 hour break between shooting and retire to their trailer.

        I’m so sick of this con merchant Angela Power-Disney and her extraordinary ignorance of how even basic things work. She really thinks if she talks in a ‘knowledgeable’ manner she might convince her 7 viewers she knows something when she’s as ignorant as they come. As for the ‘big Hollywood names’ and Hampstead- she’s a just a fucking moron.

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          • Indeed and if the national association of certified professional blaggers ever strike her off their membership roll she wont have to change her letter headings because she is a lifetime member of the Criminal Psycho Bitch society too. Bloody handy that.


        • He was checked out by others some time ago….. And not long ago I had the opportunity to speak with someone (also an Irishman) who worked with him back in the day, and was the opinion that he was the lowest of the low scum of the earth – the sort of character who gave the Irish a bad name.

          Yes, he was just a ‘grunt’ scene shifter/driver/painter/handyman, nothing else. Not sure IMDB is much cop as a source (nobody I know pays much attention to it as if you’re actually in the industry they pester you for ‘pay to play’ money) but I’m told he was a regular at Pinewood and other studios. What did for him, as it did for many was the loss of the likes of ITC and the general instability of the industry during the 80s. – And yes, actually, it’s possible his drinking was a problem, but this would be more of a half-bottle in a ‘howf’ made from old packing crates in the middle of some shed, rather than anything like he claims.

          There is little doubt he was unfairly treated by HMRC – he was actually overpaid on his tax. But it also seems he was a deeply unpleasant man (some of this is explored elsewhere on the blog) who possibly wound up the bullies at the tax office to the point they set out to get him. That doesn’t justify their actions, but it does explain how he wound up so deep.

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      • Yes! Considering how she now sees paedophiles round every corner…chances are that the poor fellow wasn’t one, but she’s decided he was because, well, everyone she doesn’t like is a paedophile, right?


    • OMG! Are you telling me that ADP was courting another film-maker at the same time as Rupert? Does Rupert know!

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    • Berry also has some recent videos on her Youtube channel banging on about Hampstead and the kids so she continues to breach a High Court injunction and a restraining order from the criminal court.

      She and her goons need to rethink their crystal magic as it didn’t work for Sabine McNeill.

      Power-Disney is a real low-life snake oil salesman. Remember these con-artists may look like they are trying to attract dozens of fans but all they really want is a handful to hand over some cash.

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    • Frigging moron. Can’t even do the slightest “investigation”. What a phony. You are correct. There was an unwritten rule about 2 terms but of course FDR won 4 elections but after him the 22 Amendment limited it to 2 terms only.

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    • I think I’ve worked out her Spanish address (at 24:20):

      Calle Teide 26
      Apartamento 46
      Puerto del Carmen
      Las Palmas 35518*

      (*She says 35510 but I believe this to be incorrect.)


    • And her UK address is allegedly:

      74 Mayall Road
      SE24 0PJ

      Isn’t it heartwarming to know that people are donating their hard earned cash to someone who only has three houses. Bless her.


        • Easy for anyone in the UK to check property databases (do it before they are privatized). Possibly another mis-direction.

          Think about it: why is she doing out of her way to give out such personal information? Few people do.


        • Apparently, she’s bullshitting. I’m told she’s previously mentioned a friend in Brixton with whom she stays during visits to London. If that’s the case, I’m sure her friend will be delighted to know that Angela is giving out her address on the internet and inviting people to post copies of court injunctions to it!

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    • F*ck it – in for a penny, in for a pound. Here’s her Ireland address to complete the collection (though I think we had this one already):

      24 Loughcrew View
      Co. Meath
      A82 XN77


      • So she has a residence, unlike the woman who lived with her children in a flat attached to a Hampstead church and who fled her home after death threats.
        A pox on this psychopath Power-Disney.


        • I do, however, take Sam’s point that she might not be telling the truth. It could all be a cheap diversionary tactic. Hard to believe she’d give out her real addresses when she claims to have had “assassination attempts” and “demonic burglaries”. LOL


          • I wonder if the Irish social security folk are fully aware she lives such a lavish multi property owning, jet setting lifestyle with their helpful assistance?

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          • Well if Angela’s given out other peoples addresses and they end up meeting their maker, then imo Angela will be an accessory to the crime/s.


      • Those road cones may look like road cones but they are probably satanic pointy hats used in rituals by a secret coven cunningly disguising themselves as innocent doggers.”By the powers invested in me…etc etc”.


      • Given Angie is in such abject poverty and struggling to pay Mel and Bigears for her weekly two x 2 hour drone fests, surely they could come to an amicable arrangement.

        Perhaps something along the lines of condensing things down to 1 session per week for about 30 seconds for say 50p.Perhaps we can support her by arranging a whip round.

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    • Funny to hear her ridiculing Martin Royce’s comment about her having a lavish lifestyle not long after boasting about having houses in three different countries! LOL


  9. Well, Neelu isn’t allowed to talk about Hampstead so she has to find something else to go on about. It does seem to be all about her paranoia. My only complaint re the psychiatric services is that they’re not helping her and it certainly looks like she needs to be assessed.


    • Neelu has recent videos on YouTube talking about Hampstead and the children. She needs a spell in jail to give the public some relief.


  10. Listening to Andy and his fight for ‘hoo man rights’. Good on yer buddy! So glad they’re using the services of Edward Ellis. That should sort it out.


  11. The more videos like this that Neelu uploads, the more impressed I am with the receptionists across Britain. I had no idea they were this good and this professional. They and their trainers deserve a lot of praise. I do wonder though if our mental health services have in some way let Neelu down. Quite clearly she is delusional and it’s hard to imagine that the residents of the Airedale centre are any more delusional than Neelu. She needs help….or dare I say it….remedy.


  12. LOL, at 34:26 in that video Angie claims she used to be in a band! Another one for the collection, lol.


    • Hmm,I am going to have to have a serious word with my so called mates,the bastards.Whilst were at it EC where are we up to with that suitcase full of used notes?

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      • @Mik If you can’t find your way to the tunnels under Hampstead Heath to get paid then it’s your own fault. I was down there meself this morning and took receipt of three farthings, a groat, and a threepenny bit. EC told me not to spend it all at once.

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        • Well I have just returned having been down there and had a good nose about.Found a clay pipe,a copy of Health and Efficiency magazine and an unopened Tin of Watneys Party Seven.I suppose thats better than nothing.

          Oh yes,there was a rather large pile of old scrap that may have fetched a few bob but there was this fucking great bird hanging about the place.Sod that.

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    • Neelu’s complaining that no one from the hospital will give her medical info’ about Suzanne.

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    • The phone call starts at 13:11.

      Oh and if anyone wants to put any questions to Andy Peacher, he has a comment on the video page to which you can reply.


      • She seems to know absolutely nothing about the organisation she’s called or what their remit is.

        It reminds me of when Charlotte et al kept trying to complain about the school to Ofsted, when that’s not what Ofsted do.

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    • I’m just at the bit where Neelu’s refused to give her surname. I’ve had enough – I can’t sit back any more. I’m calling the Heather Ward to tell them who Neelu is.

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      • OK, I’ve now called the Heather Ward and spoke to a very nice lady who said that their communications department is following up on Neelu and Peacher’s harassment. She gave me the number and I called them but it it went straight to voicemail. So I’ve left them a message identifying Neelu Berry and Andy Peacher – including Neelu’s aliases – and invited them to look at the Lou Lotus and Freedom Talk Radio YT channels (especially the video above) and also Ved Chaudhari’s Facebook page.

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          • Yes the links are on that post from 6 hours ago.

            Well they are for me but I don’t know how to share them!


          • We could always complain to Butlincat!

            (From the comments section on Blog Talk Radio’s ‘Susanne Kellner-Johnson continues to be held hostage on the Mental Health ward’ page.)


          • Drat, he doesn’t accept calls from withheld numbers.

            Oh well, at least we can tell from the number which part of the country he’s in – 01202 is the district code for Bournemouth.

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          • Bloody hell, Neelu’s mate Tricia Boyle (see screenshot) is on the phone to Suzanne now, presenting herself as a “community mental health worker from Surrey”. If she’s telling the truth, there is absolutely no fucking way she should be acting in a professional capacity in this case and communicating with this patient. She’s even advising her to stop taking her medication, to ignore the hospital’s rules and demands, to make a formal complaint and to sue them! She’s even telling her she “should be in line for a fat compensation package”!

            I think a complaint to this woman’s superiors in called for.

            The “lady” in question:

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          • Whilst staff at the center have a duty to maintain a professional,impartial demeanour,you can bet your bottom dollar they will be livid at having their services effectively tele bombed and disrupted by these abominable so called “campaigners”.

            I would imagi staff are logging the calls/content and will be referring the abuse to the appropriate authority.The fact that they have now been furnished with factual histories of these scurrilous repeat offenders will be most helpful in minimizing and terminating such harrasment.They will do this”in the best possible way” of course.

            Cupid Stunts grr

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          • Tricia Boyle has not got a clue.On a section the patients “lead clinician” can restrict external communication (indeed pretty much everything)that is deemed not in the patients best interests.There are rigorous on-going reviews,tribunals etc carried out where a patient and his or her representatives can raise issues regarding the treatment program.

            If Tricia Boyle is a community mental health worker she would be hauled over the coals big time and most likely be removed from her post for acting so unprofessionaly.

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          • From the phone number it’s a hop skip and jump to postcode and door number. Cheapest council tax band too, if he actually had to pay anything.


      • Thanks for that Fnord,it was an effort to be sure albeit I am none the wiser as a result.I can see why Neelu has befriended Susanne Kellner-Johnson because they both are on the same page each being completely round the bend.

        In one breath we get: “There is one thing that I am definitely am not, and that is of unsound mind.”

        Followed a little later by: “The Home Office employes a lot of dossers in MI5 and when they get bored they spy on MI6 and on each other, buy criminal loot from the criminal police at Christmas and they all get paid for by the taxpayer! ”

        after further apparently randomly selected words we are treated to: “Let us try to destabilise the Talmudic Jewish paedomasonic means of total control and anal domination.”


        “The idiotic British have not twigged that if one of them has the brains which work independently, and they write a Freedom of Information Request, they will be singled out and treated under the Mental Health Act, because that is what Rosie Winterton and consorts really designed it for. Well, you have my writings on that when I watched the live debate in the Lords. Back on prison ward, no more time out for the rest of the day, and once this gets back to them more forced injections on the menu for later on. ”

        It is very sad some folk end up stuck in such obscure corners.


  13. The brain of my cat is more advanced than that of people like Neelu Berry. It disgusts me that people think that humanity is more advanced than the rest of the animal kingdom, when there are many examples of degenerates like Neelu Berry walking around that reveals what a dumb species so many human beings are.

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    • Fantastic response MR.I cannot imagine anyone trained in the field of social care would do what what this Tricia has claimed to have done.It counters the most basic of principals of how such work is carried out and undermines the work of her collegues and the profession itself.The only correct point she makes is that the patient has a right to question her treatment program.

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  14. Should (in theory at least) be interesting when ‘her superiors’ turn out to have never heard of her and raise their concerns with the police….

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      • Yes Roger,I recall only too vividly how after 15 years in the CIA I was summonsed to the inner sanctum where I was duly initiated into the ancient secret art of pressing a fucking ginormous button.

        Obviously which ever alien craft dropped this crowd of idiots here havent exactly rushed to fucking collect them.Mutter.

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          • I am so relishing the prosect of retirement when they send us packing off to that deep underground chamber under the Antarctic out of harms way just in case we completely lose our marbles and start gibbering state secrets to the red tops in our dotage. A lifetimes service and sacrifice are amply rewarded with the prestigious honour of pressing random buttons of various sizes and colours for anything up to 14 hours a day.Its all that keeps me going when listening to Power-Disney or Neelus monotonous drivel to be honest.

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  15. Has anyone else found it strange that Angie claims her son needs a carer (due to his sight problems) but he is sufficiently able to play football with a normally sighted team?

    To quote his local press:

    “A SPORTS-mad student has told how he has just weeks to raise almost €20,000 for a ground-breaking operation to restore his sight.

    Jamie Power-Disney, from Oldcastle, Co Meath, was born with a hereditary eye condition leaving him with just 6:60 vision.

    But now the teen is hoping to jet to the States later this month for pioneering stem cell surgery to give him back his sight.

    Jamie, who has bilateral optic nerve atrophy, said: “Most people who have bad eyesight have a problem with the lens, so they can just wear glasses to see.

    “My problem is with the back of the eye so glasses don’t help. Everybody asks me what it’s like but I’ve never had good sight, so I can’t compare it to anything.”

    Jamie is due to go under the knife on September 1 as part of a clinical trial at a cutting-edge optical hospital in Florida. And his family have just three weeks left to raise the €19,000 necessary. Devoted mum Angie has already helped raise €6,000.

    She said: “Jamie never let his disability get in his way.

    “He’s always been independent and plays football with local GAA and soccer teams.

    “When he told me he had found a cure for his condition online, I couldn’t believe it. After some research, we finally found a place in Fort Lauderdale that does it.

    “But we could never raise enough to send him. I even tried to sell my house.

    “If he doesn’t go this year, he will have missed the trial. It’s his last chance.”

    Meanwhile, laidback Jamie hopes to study sports physiotherapy at college this year.

    He joked he’s more worried about his Leaving Cert results on Wednesday than eye surgery. He said: “I’m not really nervous about the surgery. You just have to persevere.”

    l TO HELP Jamie reach his goal, visit”.

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    • Call me an old cynic but the terms “milking the system” and “meal ticket” spring readily to mind.Lets face it Angies hardly exactly there to attend to her sons apparent needs.I suspect it is not without considerable glee when mother from hell buggers off to warmer climes.Wouldnt surprise me at all if she is still claiming housing/carers/mobility allowances etc until full time education ceases.When that all stops he will have to fend for himself which of course Angie will portray as sooo hard for her to bear etc etc blah.

      Angie is a chancer,opportunist and grifter and will be to her very last drag on a fag.

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