Angie: Does she suck or blow?

We think we know what Angela Power-Disney’s real problem is. We mean, aside from the pathological lying and narcissism, which are more or less a given. Yes, it’s true, we’re venturing in where experienced psychiatrists fear to tread, but we think we’ve got it: you see, Angela tries to suck and blow at the same time.

(No, not that way… at least, not that we know of—get your minds out of the gutter! Sheesh.)

What we mean is, Angela wants to have it both ways.

She wants us to believe that she is a posh, educated lady from a well-to-do background, a world traveller, owner of multiple residences in various countries, multi-lingual, and related to people like Princess Diana. She’s the sort of person who wears armpit-high gloves and fancy hats and seems to have an entire wardrobe of vintage early-90s clothing, complete with Peter Pan collars and shoulder pads out to here.

She pops off to her little hideaway in Lanzarote on a whim, seemingly insouciant about small, unimportant things that might worry other people—you know, like “the cost of airline tickets” or “paying rent/mortgage on two or more properties at a time”.

And yet, she would also have us believe that she is down to her last fag, unable to pay the (rent? mortgage?) on her various properties, on the verge of having her electricity cut off, about to lose her show(s) on the Con-the-Consumer Network because she can’t scrape up the funds to cover the ‘broadcast fee’.

She claims to be a Christian, yet waffles on and on about God smiting people on her behalf—betraying a very strange view of the religion she claims to espouse.

And the contradictions don’t stop there!

In one breath she’ll say that she knows that RD’s children could not have been coached to deliver their lines about the imaginary cult in Hampstead, because children cannot possibly remember that much detail and sound so convincing. Nope, just not possible, no way.

And then in the next breath, she says, “#THIS is my daughter and I listening to the HILARIOUS audition of my grandchildren for parts in the MEL GIBSON and SEAN PENN movie due to be filmed in Ireland….SHUT UP the begrudgers I would KILL anyone who touched my grandchildren!! ANYWAY….omg omg omg they have a CALL BACK audition tomorrow with the movie Director and the Casting Agency owner and told to keep all filming dates until December FREE!! PRAYERS PLEASE!! p.s. AD LIB by my grand daughter mid way through scene….DID YOU KNOW SOME INDIAN PEOPLE PRAY TO COWS?”

apd-grandchildren-audition-2016-10-29Isn’t it strange how her own grandchildren are brilliant enough actors to get parts in a Hollywood film, while RD’s kids could not possibly have been acting?

And speaking of Hollywood, aren’t all Hollywood types “suspect” and “implicated”, in Angie’s books? Why is she jumping around and squee-ing like a pre-teen fangirl at the thought of her beloved grandchildren being selected to act in a Hollywood film with FAMOUS ACTORS, when out the other side of her mouth she’ll tell us about how Hollywood is really a latter-day Sodom and Gomorrah, full to the brim with Satanists who’d eat your kids as soon as look at you?

Sucking and blowing at the same time. It can’t be done, Angie…at least, not without choking.



198 thoughts on “Angie: Does she suck or blow?

  1. Here’s a halloween costume game. You have to guess the name of the Hampstead Hoaxer I’m dressed up as, and who I am under the costume, from the video clue below. Ok? Go…

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  2. As Angie is such a widely travelled cultivated soul she should know by her ripe age that :-

    Albanian:You cannot swim and not get wet.

    Bosnian: You can’t have both the lamb and the money.

    Chinese.You can’t have both the fish and the bear’s paw.

    Croatian:If the wolf is full, the sheep are all accounted for.

    Danish:You cannot both blow and have flour in your mouth.

    Dutch: You have to choose or partition.

    French:You cannot want the butter and the money from selling the butter.

    German: one cannot dance at two weddings at the same time.

    Swiss German: you can’t have the five cent coin and a bread roll.

    Greek: you want the entire pie and the dog full.

    Hebrew: you can’t eat the cake and keep it whole.

    Hungarian: It is impossible to ride two horses with one butt.

    Icelandic:You can’t have and have not at the same time.

    Italian: It is not possible to want the barrel full and the wife drunk.

    Malayalan– You want both the one on the roof, and the one in your armpit.

    Portuguese:Wanting the sun to shine on the threshing floor, while it rains on the turnip field.

    Brazil: You cannot whistle while chewing on sugar cane.

    Romanian: You cannot have the pan greased and the lard in the attic

    Russian: wanting to eat a fish without first catching it from the waters.

    Spanish: wishing to be both at Mass and in the procession.

    Vietnamese:You catch fish with two hands.

    Welsh: You can’t have it every way(boyo).

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  3. It seems that that nice Mr. Royce has touched a bit of a nerve with our fake/unprofessional health worker Tricia, the one who’s been joining Neelu, Peacher, Lee Cant and Butlintwat in harassing Susanne Kellner Johnson and the hospital where she’s a patient.

    You may recall this screenshot from earlier:

    Well, here’s her respsonse to Martin’s message. And it turns out that when she’s not busy telling vulnerable mentally ill patients to stop taking their medication, she’s both a full-on fire-and-damnation Christian fundamentalist and a fully fledged Hampstead hoax-promoter who’s begging for a spot on the perps list:

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  4. “okay , i just try to fathom what is exactly going on re this abuse cver up in london”

    So glad she’s approached the case with an open mind. Not.

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  5. Second try. This is a halloween costume game. You have to guess what Hampstead Hoaxer I’m dressed up as, from this video clue. Ready? Go…

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  6. Re. the acting thing: lest we forget that in between stating that there’s no way on God’s green Earth the two Hampstead children could have been coached to act, she’s also telling the World that all the children filmed crying, grieving and relating their traumatic experiences after the Sandy Hook, Marseilles and Brussels atrocities…are “crisis actors”. Go figure!

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  7. She seems a little foggy on how IP addresses work. That’s all right, she didn’t know how to shut her browser down when she was online with Andy Peacher, either. I’m thinking perhaps she should reconsider this whole internet thing; it seems a bit beyond her.


  8. The first try was fine, mate. It’s viewable, though you have to click on the title and watch it on YouTube, as it won’t play directly on the blog.

    Anyhoo, here’s my stab at the cast list:

    John Cleese = Lee Cant
    Arthur Lowe = Tim Veater
    Paul Chapman = Rupert
    Connie Booth = Angela
    The horse = Tracey Morris

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  9. Suck blow suck blow suck blow…Christ, it must be exhausting!

    And which Hampstead residents are these, Angela? Last I checked, they all hate your guts. At least make your lies believable!

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  10. I dispute Mik’s conclusions:
    German: one cannot dance at two weddings at the same time. : are we sure Angie is not a bigamist? After-all she has a very dodgy marriage record.

    Hungarian: It is impossible to ride two horses with one butt. Self explanatory.(OK I’m being size-ist but why not?)

    Brazil: You cannot whistle while chewing on sugar cane. I reckon she could with her considerable talents.

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  11. As the Germans would say, Angie “hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank”, meaning she hasn’t got all her cups in the cupboard, if you catch my drift.

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  12. I thought she went with The Rapture in September? Was God just taking the chosen ones to Spain?. Is Ryanair God’s chosen transport?

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  13. Oh, I thought the opposite. I reckon Mum comparing Mel’s dragon shite to fairy tales is a sign of rational thinking that doesn’t seem to have been passed down to ickle Melani (who also doesn’t get what irony is, it seems).

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  14. Angie is a big fan of the AWOL Ben Fellows.

    Contradiction and hypocrisy are her middle names.

    It’s all about the “fame” and money with Mrs. Power-Disney.

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  15. Makes me laugh about the IP addresses.

    So what if they do have them, what are they going to do with them?

    Sweet Fanny Adams.

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  16. Good Lord! 🙂
    Arthur Lowe was SO brilliant – not only in this spoof, but in everything I ever saw him in.
    In any case, you went far beyond what I had in mind so you win ALL the candy corn. Well done!
    In fact I was dressed up as the relentlessly dim-witted Detective (or Super-Agent) Rupert.

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  17. I’ve encountered this one before and if you are not doing anything illegal why make the claim?. No ISP provider is going to give out personal info unless the cops ask for it.
    Quite apart from any sensible person uses proxies now which are incredibly cheap so my posts often come from Iceland, the UK or Brazil etc depending on my mood.

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  18. Their theme is always the ‘alleged’ Satanic ring but what follows is always written in the certainty that they believe everything (without facts or evidence).
    Why do they even bother using ‘alleged’?

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  19. Mental illness is very sad and reading this poor lady’s history she clearly suffers from a particularly fierce paranoia whereby every entity from the PM downwards to the local bin man is out to get her.
    Despicable of these people to concentrate on her and probably aid in that paranoia and note, not a frigging word on all the other poor souls suffering and in institutions for their own good.

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  20. “Penn is the ‘madman’, aka Dr WC Minor, who submitted 10,000 entries while an inmate at an asylum for the criminally insane.”


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  21. I’m just listening to last night’s Freedom Radio show now and am at the bit (just at the start of the second hour) where Neelu repeats her crap about Suzanne’s life being in danger and about two people having died in Heather Ward on Friday. The guy’s calling her on her bullshit and Neelu’s unable to explain why Suzanne’s life is in danger and what makes her think anyone’s died.

    …Oh and now a manager has come on and more or less told her to get on her bike (much more politely than I would have done).

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  22. Angela at 4:12 – “I met with some people that I completely trust, like I trust you and I trust Rupert, and I’ve known for a long…you know…mmm…almost two years.”

    Almost two years! Blimey, as long as that, eh? There’s no way they could possibly be bullshitting you then, Angie. LMAO! How did I miss that first time round?

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  23. Tricky is continuing the posts theme. Is she a health professional or not?

    The obvious answer is no.


  24. What Angie’s grandchildren really need is a good agent with Hollywood connections. Wasn’t there someone we knew of who had made films in the US and used to run a talent agency?
    That would be a real dilemma for you Angie, choose between a proper career for your grandkids or maintaining what you must know is a ludicrous fantasy in order to con a few pennies from the terminally gullible.

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  25. We were simply proceeding in an orderly manner near the local shoreline when this ageing biped approached like some demented lunatic,tossing her locks and insisting we partake in a little discreet snorkeling.She even tried enticing us with bread and stuff.We are god fearing fish and would like to set the record straight ” WE DID NOT GO SNORKELING WITH THAT WOMAN”.

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  26. Just another endtimes con. It seems to be quite a common theme with those that want to herd the gullible to meet their own ends. I was talking to Q…. the other night. He reminded me of one of his early-mid-90s ‘take downs’, a local con merchant called David B.R. Scoular who ran a scam called “just people” – This guy took over various premises in Lanarkshire and and the central borders on the pretence of running a religious mission. – In truth he was conning vulnerable homeless kids to join his cult, clawing in housing benefits for them as well as seeking ‘donations’. The man was basically a scrap merchant/second hand car shark. And, as well as conning benefits from them, he’d use the kids as free labour to run his scrap business for him – which of course was a ‘charity’ etc. etc. etc. He’d also con hapless local landlords into letting premises to him, which he’d either not pay for or fail to upkeep or both….. So good was he at this game that his ‘marks’ included Strathclyde Regional Council and the South of Scotland Electricity Board!

    As an aside – I’m told there are two possibly three similar cons running in the Motherwell area still, though by different people and without the religious aspect; still cons though, to which Scoular laid the groundwork. Big money in it, with one ‘family’ firm having recent;y acquired £1M premises!

    Anyhoo….. The ‘USP’ of Scoular’s con was this religious aspect. Seems he was a devotee of one Ralph Stair ( ) and had hopes of becoming the leader of a similar kind of ‘commune’ – this was all pretty much pre or in the very early days of the internet remember. Scoular at one time had plans to set up a TV studio at Southfield Farm near Blackwood, and another at an old SSEB premises called “Ferry House” in the west end of Glasgow next to the river! (This is how Q…. was able to infiltrate them; Scoular’s son had been at college with Q…. and the old goat enlisted – for his broadcast expertise – him on that basis – In fact Q…. had been alerted to Scoular by genuine local evangelists and clergy.) Scoular planned on ‘cabling’ the signal to The Netherlands where it could be broadcast from a satellite; thus circumventing UK broadcast laws! – Replicating models that had existed in the US for decades.

    My point here is, all this ‘endtimes’ doom and gloom ‘rapture in nigh’ stuff is a firm favourite of the ‘conning community’. The difference is that years ago you had to be very much more plausible and skilled. And it took real work to bring such a con down – still does really when you consider what is still going on in Lanarkshire and the sheer scale of it all. There is nothing really unusual about any of these channels, or Angie trying to ‘hook in’ to it. – the internet has just made a lot of this stuff much more amateurish and open to unintelligent/unsophisticated con merchants like Angie to exploit.

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  27. I would say that Neelu invited Tricia on to that “show” to phone the hospital, so “Yes” is the answer.


  28. Damn.

    She might well be phoning that other hospital next and that is directly related to Hampstead.


  29. she’s an idiot if she cannot understand re-posting defamation’s is also adding to the libel and makes you as legally responsible as the original defamer.


  30. Angie just demonstrates her utter ignorance all the time.
    I now live in Sydney very near Fox Studios where there is always 2 international productions under way at any one time.
    I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who have appeared as extras or been given a few lines. I’ve had producer friends say “for God’s sake come along as an extra , it’s money for old rope” but I never have the time or patience.

    One friend for instance spent 2 days filming a simple scene with Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford. All she had to do was walk out of a US style diner and say hello to Cate but it took forever. She got the walk-on role because she had huge boobs and looked like a Texan.
    Another 2 I know just had speaking roles in Hacksaw Ridge. Minor roles-one line each. May even hit the cutting room floor.

    It all means nothing except it’s good pay and a fun experience (but actually quite boring due to endless waiting time). But none of it leads to anything.

    This is not a slight against them but it shows how ignorant Power-Disney is of the real world for a claimed “actress” and “journalist”. Just as she is impressed by a complete goon & dickhead like Patrick Cullinane because he had a job on a few films as a scene-shifter. ( and my guess is Cullinane actually worked for Pinewood or another studio and not for a production company before he got the boot).

    Producers don’t cart huge crews around the world as Cullinane claimed. They use local crews if they are in Europe. They couldn’t afford to cart the 100 plus crew it takes to make a fillum all over the world.

    Fantasy merchants. The lot of them. Dangerous deluded fantasy merchants.

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  31. No, you’re right Sam, Cullinane was a sometime/casual grunt at Pinewood and never employed as ‘crew’ per se. – He has no formal ‘trade’ behind him you see. So the most ‘skilled’ thing he’d ever be allowed to do is paint (as in three coats in an hour paint) scenery and help move it or perhaps drive. It’s thought he was MAINLY at Pinewood, but also did odd stints at Elstree and Teddington. And was primarily on ITC’s ‘casual’ list. This was checked out some time ago – and I’ve actually spoken to someone, who happened to be up here working at the festival a few months back, who remembers him well.

    Disney, we already know as the woman who tried to cash in on Judy Sweeney’s work thanks to the passing resemblance. – That’s the length, breadth and height of her ‘acting’ career…. Sitting in a pub conning some gullible dirty old bugger into buying her drinks all night off the back of somebody else’s glory.

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  32. LOL! – Must have been a cheap one to shoot, I see she’s just gone with her usual makeup!


  33. Yes, paranoia and paranoid delusions are awful. They are terrifying for the sufferer, and can be very difficult to treat. These irresponsible people are just making things worse for their friend, if she knows they’re doing this.


  34. Salford: You can’t have your cake and your h’appeny unless you’re willing to get knicked and eat microwaved food.

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  35. Neelu has surely got to get into trouble for this. I used to feel a bit sorry for her but the way she talks to the staff on the phone, all indignant and ordering people about and demanding replies to her questions. Neelu they will come for you.

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  36. Haha! Good point. If that was the case I’m kind of sorry I didn’t get in on it at the time. I can do shouty prayer with the best of them, you know. I’m sure God would have picked me.


  37. The only thing an IP address will tell you is who the ISP is and what central exchange they’re connected to. Right now, although I’m connected to and using my desktop computer at work, I am physically many MANY miles away from it! I’ve been told who people that know about these things that even the police will struggle to make use of an IP. – It requires the ISP to go through the server logs to establish what subscriber line was assigned to the IP at a given time; which can change often. – This then needs to be matched to customer records, which are kept separately, and are subject to the data protection act.

    This information isn’t available to random loonies.

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  38. For Sure AF.Whilst I really dont envy any public servants involved in arrest and subsequently accommodating and drawing up a workable treatment plan there is inevitablity that this will have to happen.

    For what ever reason her disgraceful activities have to date been somewhat tippy toed around.It is abundantly clear she has no intention of letting up and egged on by the likes of Angie is bent on imposing her delusions upon the lives of bystanders.

    Hopefully firm action will occur before a major incident/enquiry.


  39. I have heard of wild mountain lions in California, but not tigers – unless Siegfried & Roy were in town.


  40. MK Ultra 666 mixes,matches and mashes memes in the latest trip into the very bowels of Hoaxerville.


  41. Quite right Ms Kaplan! You’re not at all paranoid or delusional sounding! Incidentally, are you really Molly Weir? – I’m a huge fan of Rentaghost!


  42. =====================================================================

    “Internationally renowned and presidential honoree COMIC BOOK author T.CASEY BRENNAN

    By Angela
    Oct 30, 2016

    T. Casey Brennan is a legend in his field and recently was thwarted in a comeback series called CREEPS after he disclosed in a podcast that he was drugged and hypnotised as one of many SHOOTERS in the global trauma assassination of JOHN F. KENNEDY

    You do NOT want to miss this fascinating show which will not only challenge historical accounts but give insight into alleged ‘crazed lone gunmen’ shootings in multiple false flags which mostly DO have casualties.…/422524-tvcu-42-i-may-have-shot…

    The show will feature photographic evidence and documents tracking the career endorsed by Bill Clinton when in the White House…..

    And HERE is my video of the week given that this broadcast will go out on the RITUAL sacrifice day known and ignorantly CELEBRATED as Halloween….

    I agree with about 90% of the content of the above and it is hugely informative especially for survivors of ritual and other abuse

    Tune in Monday 31st October 2016 live or catch up a couple days later in archives or on youtube!

    ANGIE x”


    Well, I’m convinced! LOL 😀


  43. It’s back down to a million now, then. Peacher had it up to two million yesterday. Maybe Septic Boyle, the fake mental health worker, drove the other million away, lol.

    “For the sake of the community, it really is essential that Neelu is sectioned and given the psychiatric treatment she so urgently needs.”

    “Million Supporters of Susanne Release
    ℅ Freedomtalkradio
    30 October 2016
    Individual Named agents, employees, directors, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, agencies, volunteers, companies, professional bodies, public services, public servants of
    1. UK plc or United Kingdom plc
    2. BDCT or Bradford District Care NHS Trust
    FINAL NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION of all dishonourable public servants and services for failing to accept the immunity offer above to
    Bradford District Care NHS Trust, acting on behalf of and under the authority of the bankrupt, illegal trader, namely UK plc, has today, 30 October 2016, been issued with formal Notices of a Commercial Lien for the crimes against humanity and Issued with a Notice of Habeas Corpus Application for the immediate release of Susanne Kellner-Johnson from being held hostage, falsely diagnosed with a mental illness, forced medicated with toxic anti-psychotic depot injections on Heather Ward, Airedale Centre, Bradford, Yorkshire.
    Failure to provide the immediate remedies sought will deem the UK plc and all its treasonous public services including the BDCT one of many NHS Trusts at deemed treasonous to the oath to God to maintain God’s laws to serve and protect God’s children, a dishonourable trader against the international law of the Uniform Commercial Code following the Statelessness Treaty (which mandates all international trading and contracts under Gold currency to be only with the consent and honour of the human man and woman or citizen and criminalises all counterfeit currency run public services outside consent as treasonous).
    All public servants of the UK plc including the BDCT will be given immunity offers if they co-operate with all the remedies sought by the men & women, citizens, in their care, being held hostage, tortured mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, medically & psychiatrically for the purposes of denying God’s oath to serve and protect God’s children which the Queen purports to uphold, which is treason.
    See attached recent evidence of ongoing Treason against the UK men & women, children & families, Citizens, by counterfeit currency crimes of dishonour, fraud, impersonating public servants and services, embezzling public money, piracy, usury, human slave trading with fraudulent taxes and debts, against consent, outside of the Uniform Commercial Code, international law mandate under gold currency.,,
    This is a Final Notice of Dissolution and Treason Notice on the above named individuals and corporations, voluntary & charitable organisations etc. on all dishonourable individuals in the un-rebutted Commercial Lien under the Uniform Commercial Code UCC 3-503, 504, 505 without prejudice 1-308, if the remedies sought by all men & women, citizens of the UK, is not implemented under Gold Currency immediately, and all frauds remedied, with a full refund of all fraudulent interest and taxes charged since the UK signed the UCC on 14 January 1932 after the Statelessness Treaty of 14 April 1931.
    Pursuant to the Geneva Convention 1930 a number of corporate governments such as the United Kingdom and therefore all companies/corporations registered there-under such as UK plc, including all public services such as the BDCT are operating illegally due to their bankruptcy and insolvency. This is evidenced by the Gold Standard Act Amendment Bill 227, 21 September 1931 [suspended] and the subsequent Uniform Commercial code (“UCc” International Law). �
    AND I make this Solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true, and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835
    Declared this 30 October 2016
    Million Supporters of Susanne Release
    ℅ Freedomtalkradio
    30 October 2016
    WITNESS 1. Neelu WITNESS 2. Andy
    of Berry clan of Peacher clan
    Without Prejudice UCc 1-308: A party that with explicit reservation of privileges performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the privileges reserved.Contract revoked, rejected, denied and dishonoured, UCc 3-503, 3-504, 3-505 without prejudice, UCc 1-308


  44. MKD, I see that this video has incorrectly been removed for harassment. Feel free to upload it to another channel and I’ll happily copy it to a few of mine.


  45. Oh dear. The poor man seems to have been in a bad car accident and suffered severe head injuries from a knife attack. Typical of Angie : pick up a person suffering delusions or mental ill-health. One has already ended up being sectioned for 6 months.
    Another, the Princess Ved, interplanetary visitor from the BeBopaLulu Galaxy looks like going the same way.

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  46. Angie’s a ghoul really isn’t she?. Picking on the ill and deluded.
    ““I was diagnosed with imagining the ski-mask attack on my home and every aspect of my long career, including the Wikipedia page because I asked for help in getting the phone I needed. My iPod had to save my life by emailing people to call me an ambulance,” Brennan told The Chiseler exclusively.

    New use for your iPod- it will email people for you.


  47. Several people posting here have been reported to the MET for breaching the Malicious Communications Act 1988 and The Protection From Harrassment Act 1988.


  48. Do feel free to leave this page up and your utube videos up as evidence for the police.


  49. I think you’ll find that it’s the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. You’d probably know that if you lived in the UK, but what ho, carry on.


  50. Mrs Pankhurst has been reported to her mummy for being a whining, lying, spoilt little brat.

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  51. That’s most interesting, Mrs. Pankhurst. Feel free to give us the crime number and we’ll look into it on your behalf.


  52. Obviously a crime ref no is an easy way to access a victims file , for use by their counsel and police. The police could not give anyone off the street details under the data protection act. You would have to be a policeman to access the details of a crime.I’m sure you must know this !!


  53. At 158 years of age one would have thought Mrs Pankhurst would be a complete basket case by now.The fact that she can access the internet and post albeit pointless drivel says a lot about the quality of care and medication regime at her nursing home.Credit where its due.

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  54. Let’s see. You’re not RD, because that’s all of us, allegedly. And you’re not my dog, because she is banned from the internet after the unfortunate mouse-chewing incident. So I’m going to guess you’re some random person who lives in the USA, on the east coast around NYC. I’ll say mid-40s, fancies the taste of her own urine, and thinks we’re all one person here, despite ample evidence she’s mistaken. Bit of an Anglophile but not enough to know that Spare Rib went out of print nearly a quarter-century ago.

    Now do buzz off, there’s a dear. The grownups are busy.


  55. I was under the impression this group loved trolling and trolls , some of you have so much enthusiasm and dedication to it. Not so nice getting trolled though, is it ? Especially when said troll {trollee} is upset and has politely asked you to take down this page.


  56. Oh, is that what you are? Well, I’m sure you’ll improve with time. Our best trolls usually threaten us with death and dismemberment, and try to hack into the blog to remove it entirely. It’s fun watching them, though the threats get tiresome after a while.


  57. I am not party to knowing whether life is tough for you. I can only explain this does not give you guys carte blanche to behave irresponsibly.I ask again , please take this page down and your most recent few videos, just as a truce , as a gentleman.


  58. If you can explain to me why I should do that, I will consider your request. If you don’t wish to do it publicly, we have a ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the home page. Also, could you please be a bit more specific about “your most recent videos”?


  59. You attracted me to this site by posting lies about me .And , here’s a clue .Where is our charming butterfly and his best friend the spy tonight?. Maybe they would like to comment ?


  60. If there’s one thing that upsets me , its being called ‘Crazy’. Its a tad libellous.That is when its posted on your photo.


  61. Well, I can certainly understand that no one likes having lies told about them. Perhaps you might wish to relay this to your friends. However, if you can tell me which specific comments you’d like removed, I will do it as a gesture of good faith.

    Edited: It’s all right, I think I see the post you’re referring to. I’ll remove it as a gesture of good faith. And in turn, I would kindly request that you stop accusing anyone who disagrees with the Hampstead SRA hoax of being a paedophile/cult member/baby murderer. Deal?


  62. I have outlined my requests .Im going to be straight with you. My name is Tricia Boyle. I am a genuine voluntary support worker, with tip top credentials. I am not a Hoaxer , certainly not crazy and I do not appreciate being stalked trolled harassed and threatened online on my own fb page and on your blog. Your members have not only invaded my privacy , but libelled me too. This is not lawful.


  63. Yes, and I’ve removed the two posts in which you’re labelled crazy. I’ve left the ones in which you’re engaged in conversation on Facebook, as that occurred in public. I fully agree that being libelled is a very unpleasant thing. Just ask the people of Hampstead.


  64. Will you remove all pics of me and videos and keep them off ? I am new to that case , as I stumbled across the vids recently my nanny instincts kicked in, { I was a proff nanny many years} My interest is not in campaigning, as I am not party to the facts. Your blog is about hardline hoaxters from what I can see, and I support none of them. Its a matter for the law. I do think you are all a bit hard on Neelu though as she’s so sweetly ineffective at everything she does, apart from getting aquitted , that I wonder why you are trolling her .


  65. That’s a much longer conversation, which I’ll be happy to have with you. If you’re interested in the facts of the case we do have a Frequently Asked Questions section which you can check at your leisure. Please do let me know if I can answer any questions.


  66. Ah, so you use ‘trolling’ as a catch-all term for all satire or subversive commentary that makes you uncomfortable, Mrs Pankhurst? Have you written to Ian Hislop to express your concerns about Private Eye too, seeing as by your “logic” that magazine is simply “trolling”? In fact, have you written to everyone in the World who has ever dared to say something you don’t agree with, to warn them that it’s illegal for them not to have the same opinions as you? Hey, why not write it on the back of a printout of the First Amendment for added irony?

    Oh and don’t forget to report your mates too:

    Lovely collection of death threats there, aren’t there.

    Speaking of which, do you have a link to / screenshot of one single death threat made by just one of us to you or your hoaxer mates? Or is that protected under the Data Protection Act too?

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  67. Putting aside the fact that no one’s mentioned you for nigh on two weeks – and presuming you’re the real Tricia Boyle – you deserve everything you get. Your behaviour has been disgraceful, presenting yourself as a representative of Surrey Health Authority and telling a vulnerable mentally ill patient to withhold her medication and that they could make money by suing their hospital?! And you’ve been doing all this with people who have criminal records and then uploading it to the internet! You get absolutely no sympathy from me, ‘Tricia’ – you’re a disgrace.

    And lest we forget your disgusting, libellous comments about the people of Hampstead (as well as illegally posting photos of the two vulnerable children, which is essentially child abuse). You reap what you sow. You are the troll and you’re clearly struggling with the notion that people aren’t going to take your bullying and harassment lying down. Well, here’s a newsflash, lady – GET USED TO IT!


  68. if you’re serious about only “stumbling upon” the Hampstead case, Tricia, you could do yourself a massive service and gain a lot of respect by withdrawing your comments about the “baby-eating cult”. Mr. Coyote has been kind enough to take down our links to MKD’s video about you – are you now going to do the honourable thing by removing your Facebook comments about the Hampstead community and issue a full retraction here? That would be much appreciated. Thank you…

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  69. If there’s one thing that upsets me, it’s me and my family being publicly accused of raping, killing and eating babies. Can you confirm that you disagree with that allegation?

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  70. Interestingly, Mrs P, there are a number of comments in the screenshots above where you imply that I’m mentally ill (aka “crazy”) and you agree with your friend when he refers to me as a “nut”. Do you retract those remarks? Thanks.

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  71. Why are you asking for this post to be taken down? It’s about Angela, not you!

    And this blog doesn’t make videos. YouTube videos by people who happen to share its views are completely independent of the blog.

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  72. Mrs Pankhurst

    Did you really say someone should stop taking their medication? That’s not tip top credentials, that’s shit credentials. Dare I say it, but someone having a mental health crisis may not be telling the truth or full story about stuff for a variety of reasons, delusions, brevity, embarrassment and so on. Their treating team knows their case history, whereas you are just some incompetent busy body. The worst case scenario for someone with a mental illness is death is it not?

    I struggle to believe a mental health worker would behave in such a way. Are you a qualified psychiatrist? Is that a no? What are you doing trying to interfere in someone’s treatment then? Why not just provide info from MIND about tribunals, all the usual stuff that a voluntary worker might do in the course of their voluntary work? Would you tell someone to stop taking their insulin?

    Sabine McNeill isn’t an upstanding citizen. She forwarded the recordings of children discussing sexual abuse to some conspiracy blogger which is just, well, evil. Poor children. It isn’t the first time she’s done stuff like that. There’s a “my daddy is a paedophile” piece she posted about a very vulnerable little girl whose father was completely innocent. Not that Sabine cares. Not that she cares about the impact of her actions either. And now those videos are out there you can be a trauma vampire like the rest of the hoaxer lot and get your daily hate in. Go and find some videos of children being dragged out of bombed buildings in pieces in Syria if that’s how you get your kicks. Post a sad face. Feel IMPORTANT.

    Neelu whatever she’s calling herself today isn’t sweetly ineffectual. She hounded some blameless people herself. Now she’s claiming, almost one and a half decades later, for the first time, despite an inquest, IPCC case, more court cases, despite the lack of any evidence, that her baby niece was abused and orally raped. Ineffectual she ain’t.

    And I haven’t made a single comment to you on Facebook. Just so you know.

    You also might like to think about just how it is that Sabine McNeill has managed to befriend and be involved with so many paedophiles and child abusers. Linear keloid scars on the backs of children from whipping isn’t good enough evidence for Sabine. A dog bite on a baby doesn’t matter. Nor does a toddler living in a dog shit encrusted caravan. A child that has been neglected so much he cannot speak is not concerning.

    Sabine’s been around for a while, and people are on to her game. Have been for years in fact.

    If you had any decency you’d delete your posts identifying the children in this case. Discuss it all you like, but posting those videos is not on. You don’t have the children’s permission. No one has EVER had the children’s permission. Let’s see how decent you actually are. Let’s see what wins out, prurience or respect for children who in no way deserve to have their faces plastered about by whack jobs.

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  73. I’m not going to argue the bit.I have been polite. If you wish to carry on with this folly then that is your decision.


  74. I have taken pics of all the relevant comments as evidence of this unlawful harassment.


  75. Delete my posts ! If you look for me on fb , in order to further harass me, you will not find me.


  76. I have taken pics of all the relevant comments as evidence of this unlawful harassment. I put the vids of Ella and the kids up for a one friend only , not realising my page was on ‘public’.Then Martin trolled me and I took my page down immediately for more privacy .If you are so concerned about these videos being online or posted , why are they up here for people to follow and watch. over a hundred hits on the video and hundreds here last night. Its YOU GUYS exposing these controversial videos , not me !! You have them up permanently . I had them up for a few hours , in the early morning. You have no evidence of anything else I have posted.I had previously been trolled by a weirdo called Ange Wentworth and wasn’t sure if Martin Royce was him , I didn’t know what was going on.


  77. Mrs. Pankhurst who here is sharing videos of the 2 children?

    Name the names luv.

    I think you’ve got your wires crossed.

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  78. If I was a hardline hoaxer on the Hampstead case , campaigning etc I would be online in some capacity . But I am nowhere to be seen am I ? My interests are more in mental health. The Hampstead case is interesting given all this hoo ha about it , but how many people want to focus on something so horrible for years on end . I don’t live in Hampstead so have no affinity there and this case is for the people closely involved to thrash out.If you guys want to make it your business , then go a head but don’t accuse nice people , or threaten or lie about about them as they will not take it lying down.Its sheer nastiness and bloody mindedness to target the general public in such an intrusive and libellous way.And it is against the law.


  79. They are posted above , easily found on utube , along with your post of Ella. Shooting yourselves in the foot.


  80. Hey, Boyley – as already mentioned, no one has spoken to you in two weeks and your FB page is set to private anyway. so as you well know, we couldn’t contact you even if we wanted to, despite the fact that the owners of this blog have been kind enough to allow you to comment here. So I assume your bizarre rants are now just an attempt to deflect from people’s requests for you to retract your disgusting false allegations about the Hampstead community. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. Simples.

    And as previously requested, please take down the images you have posted of the two vulnerable children in the Hampstead case. They are illegal, an invasion of their privacy and in breach of a High Court injunction. Thank you.

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  81. Who is targeting the general public?

    The people that want to focus on it for years on end are the likes of Angela Power-Disney and your mate Neelu/Ved.

    16 years she’s been going on about her dead niece.

    At what point do you call it a day?

    As you are a Mental Health worker what diagnosis in the Mental Health are would you give Neelu?

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  82. Yeah, good luck with that. You’re posting abusive, defamatory messages on someone’s blog and they’re politely responding to you. Must be a horrible experience for you. I’m sure the police will be fighting over each other to assist you.

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  83. This blog does not have the illegal videos of the children up. Do you have the links to back that up? Yeah, thought not. Seriously, can’t you go 5 minutes without telling lies about people (whilst simultaneously whining about people allegedly telling lies about you)?

    Oh, so you admit that your FB page is set to private, yet you’re still claiming that we’re trolling you on there! How exactly does that work, Tricia? Hmmm?

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  84. No, Tricia, they are not. Nowehere on this blog will you find the illegal videos of the children. Do you have the links to back that up? Yeah, thought not. Who’s shooting themselves in the foot now? Hmmm?

    Seriously, can’t you go 5 minutes without telling lies about people (whilst simultaneously whining about people allegedly telling lies about you)?

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  85. So you’re denying that you made the Hampstead-related comments in the screenshots above?


  86. Loving that last question, Fanny!

    Another question I would ask Tricia is what her credentials in mental health care are and could she show us copies of her qualifications. I won’t bother, though, as I think there’s more chance of seeing Elvis crash-land a flying saucer onto a yeti in Brigadoon High Street.

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  87. Sorry love , but Royce is lying. The radio show will be online in time and you can verify that I do not give advice on medication. I don’t work in this capacity. I get funding and support vulnerable mentally ill patients with subsidised restaurant meals and coffee mornings. So that they feel less isolated. I am not a doctor and Im not interested in getting lnvolved with patients meds.Neither did I know Andy the host would be calling Susanne. I was asked to contribute the show at very short notice. I gave my personal views , as is my legal right. As I said Neelu was sweetly innefective in her efforts to speak to anyone at the hospital as a patients medical records are full protected by the law.


  88. Royce is lying about what?

    We all heard your conversation with Susanne.

    And do you or do you not retract your allegations about the Hampstead community?

    And please stop claiming that we’re displaying illegal videos of the children (we’re not) or you will be blocked.

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  89. I don’t think Tricia has any actual paper qualifications in anything to do with Mental Health.

    Seems she has had Mental Health problems in the past and now volunteers to take the isolated out for lunch and coffee.

    Btw she did tell Susanne to stop taking the Medication as I remember in that phone call with Neelu and Andy Peacher.

    A potentially dangerous thing to advise I would say.

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  90. lol you really are like a pack of wolfhounds baying for blood. Its twisted, obsessive and ghoulish blogging , and I have spent too much time already on this page. So carry on , and enjoy!! ……………………………..


  91. Agreed Sheva.

    I got called “crazy” yesterday.

    Big deal!

    Especially when the person saying it is a fruit loop.

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  92. See ya then luv.

    Now don’t you go making any phone calls today as it is Saturday to the nice people at the Mental Health Unit, like you did full of glee last Saturday with your Obsessive mate Neelu.

    You know the one that has the Restraining Order on her, who will get you into trouble if you do as she says.

    Don’t do it!


  93. Fraudulent Misrepresentation very serious offence.Do homework well before starting pitch or much egg land on face.

    Even precious snowflake melt.


  94. This will be my last word on this site. From what Sussanne was saying , she knows how and has withdrawn herself from her meds several times. my only comments on psych meds were that they cause brain damage and are bad news . try them and find out !! Or watch Peter Breggin {top Harvard psychiatrist} on Utube on how dangerous they are. If they are not dangerous why do the leaders in psychiatry, in the world, the Finns, advocate support , therapy and making democratic decisions WITH the patients input. They avoid giving these dangerous addictive , mind blowing drugs out , unless it is absolutely necessary.See Open Dialogue UK.


  95. As you’re not Medically trained in the prescription or non-prescription of these drugs which are potentially dangerous, you would have been better off saying nothing about Medication.


  96. “A pack of wolfhounds baying for blood”? Listen, lady – you came here and attacked us. I’m actually impressed by the reasoned, polite, level-headed responses from all the people you’ve falsely accused.

    Not to mention the fact that EC and SS have allowed you to vent here, despite the fact that we are all banned from posting on your FB page.

    Remind me – how many times have you now been asked to retract your false allegations about the Hampstead community? What’s the hold-up?

    And are you ever going to provide the links to those illegal videos of the two Hampstead children that you’ve repeatedly claimed are on this blog?

    And if you think we’ve been rude, trust me – we haven’t even come close. In fact, you’ve got off lightly. You’re clearly too sensitive to cope with assertive responses to your verbal assaults; and as Fanny implied, you know where the door is. Mkay?

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  97. I will give one final reply. When you say Hampstead Community, do you mean the alleged cult in this community? The only people who have made allegations are the two children .And their mum who believes them . everyone elses take on this is all speculation. How can any of us know the truth ? We cannot judge the situation until the truth comes out, if it ever does.The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse say one in ten children in the Uk are sexually abused. So it is a fact of life. Whether its going on in Hampstead is yet to be determined.Its an interesting case, with many thousands looking at it , out of curiosity. This doesn’t mean they are doing anything offensive , myself included . We are all baffled onlookers. My comments are not public allegations , they were made on a private facebook page, which was inadvertently on ‘public’ The kind of stuff going on all over the world. There is a massive difference between a fb page and a heavy site like this. This site approved me to come on it.I did not approve being stalked and tracked and harassed on my fb page, by Royce and Flutterby, they were not welcome and not invited. They then proceeded with the above lies and threats which I have reported to the police along with details on MKD who makes the videos , one of which{on me] has been taken down by UTUBE for harassment/bullying.


  98. Nope. You too have made allegations, as can be seen clearly in your comments in the screenshots above, which you’re stubbornly choosing to ignore. You have a habit of denying you’ve said things, as can be seen by your repeatedly claiming to be a Surrey mental health worker then claiming not to be employed by anyone. You clearly, categorically and unambiguously accused the Hampstead community of heinous crimes and you cannot wriggle out of that, no matter how much you squirm.

    You also posted illegal images of the children, which again you cannot deny.

    Now, as you yourself are now stating that “we cannot know the truth” (we can and do and have proven it but that’s another story), it should not be so hard for you to retract your allegations, which you made when you were apparently a lot more confident about “knowing the truth”.

    Moreover, there are absolutely NOT “many thousands of people looking at the Hampstead case”. There are just a handful of crazies – including you (you are almost certainly mentally ill from what I’ve seen, whether you admit it or not) – who are stubbornly clinging on to it.

    And as has already been pointed out to you, you cannot use the defense of repeating someone else’s slander/libel. That does not make it legal (or indeed ethical). You are still breaking the law. Fact.

    Oh and neither Martin Royce nor Roger Flutterby – nor anyone else – has threatened you. Your conversations are there for all to see. Kindly stop telling blatant lies about people.

    And kindly stop telling porkies about reporting people to the police. You haven’t.

    Now if you could stick to the promise you made in your previous comment and go away, it’ll be much appreciated. Cheers.

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  99. @Tricia Boyle

    I’ve spent almost two years researching this case. I have more knowledge about it in my little finger than you appear to have in your whole body.

    If you’d like proof of the wrongly accused people’s innocence, you can start by reading a whole host of evidence on this rather excellent site.There are nearly two thousand articles, as well as medical reports, police reports, the children’s own admissions, Abe’s confessions, court reports, press articles, screenshots, links… There are also a number of videos about it on various channels. (Oh and there’s also the fact that several of the allegations are logistically or scientifically impossible, not to mention the fact that the children themselves have admitted that they’d made it all up and there is video evidence of them being coached by Abraham.)

    Alternatively, you could try to get your head around a basic principle of ethics and law, if you can: you’ve made the accusations. Ergo, the burden of proof lies with you (both legally and ethically). It’s commonly known as “innocent until proven guilty” and it’s been rather fashionable in civilised nations since the end of the Middle Ages.


  100. The so-called loving mother and her not-at-all creepy boyfriend could always stop hiding out in Spain and Morocco and come back to Blighty to help us clear up the truth of this case, couldn’t they. What d’you think, Patricia?

    By the way, please stop telling lies about me. Thanks.


  101. Dear Mrs Pankhurst aka Tricia Boyle.

    You naughty minx (as Simon Cowell would say.) The nice El Coyote gave you a slice of his cake, and you wanted the whole cake. You whinge and moan like a demented banshee in the Oldcastle graveyard. Videos, posts and links were deleted to satisfy your complaints. People replied to your many whingings with temperance and tolerance of St Theresa.

    I am a real pure and unadulterated Satanist. I can see I made your day, you attention seeking thing, you. As I read your many postings, and the replies, eating jelly babies and thinking which effigy of a Satan Hunter I would be throwing on the fire this evening at a Satanic party, I reflected at how far the human race has evolved to reach the epic moment you placed such entertaining words (moanings) upon this blog. All I can say is wow, there is hope yet that the kangaroos might still overtake the human race in evolution and rule this planet.

    When you said there would be one final post, I was so disappointed, like when I have one of those sexy dreams with baywatch babes and the alarm goes off, just when it was getting interesting.

    What you fail to appreciate is that children and simple-minded folk such as yourself are easily convinced by the more predatory assertive personalities of culture to believe and say anything they want you to say. In arriving at conclusions of truth the authority figures who put people in prison rely on things such as evidence and reason. I know you may find this disappointing, demanding that innocent folk be deprived of their families, employment and liberty based upon the court of public opinion, but that is the world we live in.

    On Facebook I spent time to learn all the settings, which was most enlightening and empowering for me. What I did was made everything private so that nobody could read what I post let alone participate. Unless the individual was a Satanist, Luciferian or expert of the dark arts, they did not become my friend. Many were the angry non-Satanists that beat upon my door, they huffed and they blowed, and the door was always closed to them. You see, if you were less lazy and used some of the underused brain cells that are rumored to be asleep in your brain, you would be able to cast near magical charms in your Facebook settings that would prevent trolls and other unwanted folk from tormenting your dear little mind on your Facebook page. I tend to describe Facebook settings as like Gandalf using his magical staff to prevent the big monster from passing: “you shall not pass…”

    I personally think you should be honored to be considered worthwhile to have some artistic attention in a video by MKD, he is a genius, and his talents are somewhat wasted on the likes of you. I am envious of you for getting the MKD treatment. The poor police have so much work on their plate with handling the mountain of death threats, harrassment, breaking of court orders, threats to abduct children by the delusional hordes of Satan Hunters. I as a Satanist have been abused, threatened, harrassed, lied about and trolled by Satan Hunters, and I answered in the only way I could – I ate jelly babies. Even if my poor religion and person is subject to the most vile of treatments by Satan Hunters I did not go to the police, they have better things to do. I am one of the few individuals that can claim that most of the Satan Hunters have blocked me on all social media, I think they have something against me. Therein is the solution to your problems, not police, not complaint, but block and delete.

    I am now off to sort out an urgent problem, my cat has claimed ownership of my waterproofs, so I have to deploy some Satanic magick – tuna – to manifest my will and take ownership of my coat from the demonic beast.

    Have a fun life. May your brain get better used..

    A real Satanist.


  102. “I have spent too much time already on this page. So carry on , and enjoy!!”
    ~ Tricia, 8:39

    “This will be my last word on this site.”
    ~ Tricia, 8:49

    “I will give one final reply.”
    ~ Tricia, 10:14

    Blimey, this woman has more “final words” than Charlotte!

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