Angie: Does she suck or blow?

We think we know what Angela Power-Disney’s real problem is. We mean, aside from the pathological lying and narcissism, which are more or less a given. Yes, it’s true, we’re venturing in where experienced psychiatrists fear to tread, but we think we’ve got it: you see, Angela tries to suck and blow at the same time.

(No, not that way… at least, not that we know of—get your minds out of the gutter! Sheesh.)

What we mean is, Angela wants to have it both ways.

She wants us to believe that she is a posh, educated lady from a well-to-do background, a world traveller, owner of multiple residences in various countries, multi-lingual, and related to people like Princess Diana. She’s the sort of person who wears armpit-high gloves and fancy hats and seems to have an entire wardrobe of vintage early-90s clothing, complete with Peter Pan collars and shoulder pads out to here.

She pops off to her little hideaway in Lanzarote on a whim, seemingly insouciant about small, unimportant things that might worry other people—you know, like “the cost of airline tickets” or “paying rent/mortgage on two or more properties at a time”.

And yet, she would also have us believe that she is down to her last fag, unable to pay the (rent? mortgage?) on her various properties, on the verge of having her electricity cut off, about to lose her show(s) on the Con-the-Consumer Network because she can’t scrape up the funds to cover the ‘broadcast fee’.

She claims to be a Christian, yet waffles on and on about God smiting people on her behalf—betraying a very strange view of the religion she claims to espouse.

And the contradictions don’t stop there!

In one breath she’ll say that she knows that RD’s children could not have been coached to deliver their lines about the imaginary cult in Hampstead, because children cannot possibly remember that much detail and sound so convincing. Nope, just not possible, no way.

And then in the next breath, she says, “#THIS is my daughter and I listening to the HILARIOUS audition of my grandchildren for parts in the MEL GIBSON and SEAN PENN movie due to be filmed in Ireland….SHUT UP the begrudgers I would KILL anyone who touched my grandchildren!! ANYWAY….omg omg omg they have a CALL BACK audition tomorrow with the movie Director and the Casting Agency owner and told to keep all filming dates until December FREE!! PRAYERS PLEASE!! p.s. AD LIB by my grand daughter mid way through scene….DID YOU KNOW SOME INDIAN PEOPLE PRAY TO COWS?”

apd-grandchildren-audition-2016-10-29Isn’t it strange how her own grandchildren are brilliant enough actors to get parts in a Hollywood film, while RD’s kids could not possibly have been acting?

And speaking of Hollywood, aren’t all Hollywood types “suspect” and “implicated”, in Angie’s books? Why is she jumping around and squee-ing like a pre-teen fangirl at the thought of her beloved grandchildren being selected to act in a Hollywood film with FAMOUS ACTORS, when out the other side of her mouth she’ll tell us about how Hollywood is really a latter-day Sodom and Gomorrah, full to the brim with Satanists who’d eat your kids as soon as look at you?

Sucking and blowing at the same time. It can’t be done, Angie…at least, not without choking.




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  1. I will give one final reply. When you say Hampstead Community, do you mean the alleged cult in this community? The only people who have made allegations are the two children .And their mum who believes them . everyone elses take on this is all speculation. How can any of us know the truth ? We cannot judge the situation until the truth comes out, if it ever does.The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse say one in ten children in the Uk are sexually abused. So it is a fact of life. Whether its going on in Hampstead is yet to be determined.Its an interesting case, with many thousands looking at it , out of curiosity. This doesn’t mean they are doing anything offensive , myself included . We are all baffled onlookers. My comments are not public allegations , they were made on a private facebook page, which was inadvertently on ‘public’ The kind of stuff going on all over the world. There is a massive difference between a fb page and a heavy site like this. This site approved me to come on it.I did not approve being stalked and tracked and harassed on my fb page, by Royce and Flutterby, they were not welcome and not invited. They then proceeded with the above lies and threats which I have reported to the police along with details on MKD who makes the videos , one of which{on me] has been taken down by UTUBE for harassment/bullying.


    • Nope. You too have made allegations, as can be seen clearly in your comments in the screenshots above, which you’re stubbornly choosing to ignore. You have a habit of denying you’ve said things, as can be seen by your repeatedly claiming to be a Surrey mental health worker then claiming not to be employed by anyone. You clearly, categorically and unambiguously accused the Hampstead community of heinous crimes and you cannot wriggle out of that, no matter how much you squirm.

      You also posted illegal images of the children, which again you cannot deny.

      Now, as you yourself are now stating that “we cannot know the truth” (we can and do and have proven it but that’s another story), it should not be so hard for you to retract your allegations, which you made when you were apparently a lot more confident about “knowing the truth”.

      Moreover, there are absolutely NOT “many thousands of people looking at the Hampstead case”. There are just a handful of crazies – including you (you are almost certainly mentally ill from what I’ve seen, whether you admit it or not) – who are stubbornly clinging on to it.

      And as has already been pointed out to you, you cannot use the defense of repeating someone else’s slander/libel. That does not make it legal (or indeed ethical). You are still breaking the law. Fact.

      Oh and neither Martin Royce nor Roger Flutterby – nor anyone else – has threatened you. Your conversations are there for all to see. Kindly stop telling blatant lies about people.

      And kindly stop telling porkies about reporting people to the police. You haven’t.

      Now if you could stick to the promise you made in your previous comment and go away, it’ll be much appreciated. Cheers.

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    • @Tricia Boyle

      I’ve spent almost two years researching this case. I have more knowledge about it in my little finger than you appear to have in your whole body.

      If you’d like proof of the wrongly accused people’s innocence, you can start by reading a whole host of evidence on this rather excellent site.There are nearly two thousand articles, as well as medical reports, police reports, the children’s own admissions, Abe’s confessions, court reports, press articles, screenshots, links… There are also a number of videos about it on various channels. (Oh and there’s also the fact that several of the allegations are logistically or scientifically impossible, not to mention the fact that the children themselves have admitted that they’d made it all up and there is video evidence of them being coached by Abraham.)

      Alternatively, you could try to get your head around a basic principle of ethics and law, if you can: you’ve made the accusations. Ergo, the burden of proof lies with you (both legally and ethically). It’s commonly known as “innocent until proven guilty” and it’s been rather fashionable in civilised nations since the end of the Middle Ages.


    • The so-called loving mother and her not-at-all creepy boyfriend could always stop hiding out in Spain and Morocco and come back to Blighty to help us clear up the truth of this case, couldn’t they. What d’you think, Patricia?

      By the way, please stop telling lies about me. Thanks.


    • Dear Mrs Pankhurst aka Tricia Boyle.

      You naughty minx (as Simon Cowell would say.) The nice El Coyote gave you a slice of his cake, and you wanted the whole cake. You whinge and moan like a demented banshee in the Oldcastle graveyard. Videos, posts and links were deleted to satisfy your complaints. People replied to your many whingings with temperance and tolerance of St Theresa.

      I am a real pure and unadulterated Satanist. I can see I made your day, you attention seeking thing, you. As I read your many postings, and the replies, eating jelly babies and thinking which effigy of a Satan Hunter I would be throwing on the fire this evening at a Satanic party, I reflected at how far the human race has evolved to reach the epic moment you placed such entertaining words (moanings) upon this blog. All I can say is wow, there is hope yet that the kangaroos might still overtake the human race in evolution and rule this planet.

      When you said there would be one final post, I was so disappointed, like when I have one of those sexy dreams with baywatch babes and the alarm goes off, just when it was getting interesting.

      What you fail to appreciate is that children and simple-minded folk such as yourself are easily convinced by the more predatory assertive personalities of culture to believe and say anything they want you to say. In arriving at conclusions of truth the authority figures who put people in prison rely on things such as evidence and reason. I know you may find this disappointing, demanding that innocent folk be deprived of their families, employment and liberty based upon the court of public opinion, but that is the world we live in.

      On Facebook I spent time to learn all the settings, which was most enlightening and empowering for me. What I did was made everything private so that nobody could read what I post let alone participate. Unless the individual was a Satanist, Luciferian or expert of the dark arts, they did not become my friend. Many were the angry non-Satanists that beat upon my door, they huffed and they blowed, and the door was always closed to them. You see, if you were less lazy and used some of the underused brain cells that are rumored to be asleep in your brain, you would be able to cast near magical charms in your Facebook settings that would prevent trolls and other unwanted folk from tormenting your dear little mind on your Facebook page. I tend to describe Facebook settings as like Gandalf using his magical staff to prevent the big monster from passing: “you shall not pass…”

      I personally think you should be honored to be considered worthwhile to have some artistic attention in a video by MKD, he is a genius, and his talents are somewhat wasted on the likes of you. I am envious of you for getting the MKD treatment. The poor police have so much work on their plate with handling the mountain of death threats, harrassment, breaking of court orders, threats to abduct children by the delusional hordes of Satan Hunters. I as a Satanist have been abused, threatened, harrassed, lied about and trolled by Satan Hunters, and I answered in the only way I could – I ate jelly babies. Even if my poor religion and person is subject to the most vile of treatments by Satan Hunters I did not go to the police, they have better things to do. I am one of the few individuals that can claim that most of the Satan Hunters have blocked me on all social media, I think they have something against me. Therein is the solution to your problems, not police, not complaint, but block and delete.

      I am now off to sort out an urgent problem, my cat has claimed ownership of my waterproofs, so I have to deploy some Satanic magick – tuna – to manifest my will and take ownership of my coat from the demonic beast.

      Have a fun life. May your brain get better used..

      A real Satanist.


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