Angie, the girl who cried ‘Paedophile!’

Hands up, everyone who was able to sit through Angela Power-Disney’s dismal excuse for a ‘show’ last night. Yes, just as we thought; we weren’t able to do it either. Something about the combination of aggrieved self-pity and lies spewing forth at such a rate they were impossible to enumerate fully.

At one point right before we lost consciousness we did hear her trying to claim that this blog had launched a smear campaign against David Chesoli, the pastor who runs a school and orphanage in Kenya; and she alleged that we’d promised to send him €300 month, but had reneged on that deal.


Before we explain why both those statements are bald-faced lies, we have a little story to tell.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Angie. Angie was pretty and had a head full of curls that she loved to toss when she was in a temper, which was often. You see, Angie’s parents had all sorts of ideas that Angie disagreed with.

For example, they thought Angie ought to help out around the sheep farm they lived on; Angie knew that she was far too special for that sort of thing. “God made me special!” she would exclaim to her mother, tossing her curls and stamping her foot and screwing up her little face in disgust. “Why should I have to go out in the fields? Sheep are stupid anyway! They’re so boring!”

But her mother was firm: Angie must take her turn watching the sheep, curls or no curls. So off Angie would trudge, muttering to herself about how God would one day take His vengeance upon her evil, nasty parents who made her work so hard and didn’t recognise how special she was.

One day while she was out watching the stupid, boring sheep, she had an idea: why not stir things up a bit? She opened her mouth and let forth a blood-curdling scream: “PAEDOPHILE!!! THERE’S A PAEDOPHILE OUT HERE! HELP ME!!!”

It wasn’t long before everyone within earshot came running to help the poor little girl. Of course, there were no paedophiles to be seen; but Angie just smiled and said, “Oh, he ran off. But he really scared me!” And then she forced out a few tears to show she meant it.

Angie’s family and neighbours felt a bit uncomfortable about this. They had the feeling that something wasn’t quite right, but they couldn’t prove anything so they held their tongues.

But the next time it was Angie’s turn to watch the sheep, she did it again: “HELP! HELP ME!! THERE’S A BIG BAD PAEDOPHILE AND HE’S PROBABLY A SATANIST TOO!!! HELP ME!!” Angie’s family and neighbours came running again, but this time a bit more slowly; and when they got to the field and saw that Angie was once again smiling and unhurt, they turned and walked away without a word.

Finally, the day came when Angie was standing in the field, tossing her curls like mad at the indignity of being made to work like everyone else. She spied a movement in the grass just beyond the sheep, and saw a pair of dark eyes and a swishing tail and sharp teeth.

“Oh my goodness,” thought Angie, in a panic. “It’s a coyote! And it’s after me!” She opened her mouth, and as loudly as she could, she began to scream, “COYOTE!!! THERE’S A COYOTE AND HE’S AFTER ME!! HE’S GOING TO EAT ME! HELP ME, OH PLEASE HELP ME…!!!

But by this time, Angie’s family and neighbours had had it up to their back teeth with the lying little girl, and they ignored her cries. Angie tried to run, but coyotes are smart and fast, and this one jumped at her and knocked her down to the ground.

Angie was sure she was about to die. She could feel the coyote’s hot breath on her face, and those teeth looked even more ferocious at close range. The coyote threw back his head in a howl of victory. But it turns out he’d already raided the hen house down the road, and he wasn’t really hungry. 

Still, he had a few choice words for Angie. He said (for he was a talking coyote, the best kind), “Angie, you are a liar and a cheat, and you’re lazy to boot. I am not going to eat you, in part because coyotes don’t eat children, but in part so that you will live to remember this: people who lie are always found out. And people who lie habitually are never believed, even when they’re telling the truth.”

Angie, of course, ignored the coyote’s words, and went on to a lifetime of calling “Paedophile!” whenever she felt like it, and being disbelieved and despised by her family, neighbours, and anyone else unfortunate enough to cross her path. But you have to give the coyote points for trying.

Which is a long way of saying that Angie should give up the indignant act and face facts: everyone knows she lies, and after a while it’s less work to just assume she’s lying than it is to try and parse out the truthy bits.

Now, as for Angie’s lie that this blog has been involved in a smear campaign against Rev. David Chesoli: nothing could be further from the truth. If anyone has been badmouthing Mr Chesoli, it’s been Angie, who actually blamed him for her own dishonesty.

Nor did we ever claim that we were going to send Mr Chesoli €300 per month. Rather, at the end of August we suggested that because Angela had first scammed money from her Kenya Project fundraising, and then left Mr Chesoli’s orphanage and school in the lurch, our readers might wish to consider donating privately to Mr Chesoli.

In the next post, we gave the following instructions on how to donate:

We’d like to suggest that anyone who wishes to donate to this very worthy cause can use Secure MoneyGram Online to send money directly to Mr Chesoli.

How to do it:

Go to the Secure MoneyGram Online site:
Choose ‘Kenya’ as the recipient’s country.

Fill in the recipient’s name: David Barasa Chesoli
Fill in the amount you wish to send, check out, and you’re done! It’s very easy.
You’ll receive a transaction number. You should email this, along with the amount sent, to Mr Chesoli at the following email address: . This will enable him to pick up the donation.

Most of the feedback we’ve received on this method has been very positive, although one person who contacted us mentioned that they’d received a notice saying the money could not be picked up.

Still, that seems to have been an isolated incident, and we would still urge anyone who feels able to do so, to contribute to Mr Chesoli’s charity. We know he is very grateful for any amount you might be able to give.

Champions orphanage & academy Kenya 2

46 thoughts on “Angie, the girl who cried ‘Paedophile!’

  1. Ooh, I love the fairy tale, The Grimm brothers have nothing on you, Sir. Which is ironic, considering the protagonist of said fable is known round these parts as “the grim mother”.

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  2. Thank you for your work in appealing on behalf of Mr. Chesoli’s orphanage, EC. Angie could learn a thing or two from you and the good folk of Goatshead™.

    And I couldn’t agree more about the unprecedented bullshit rate on last night’s show. It was absolutely dizzying, wasn’t it, and the Guinness Book of Records has been informed. It’s hard to know where to start. Her blatantly self-contradictory claims about interviewing David Bowie (which I gather was the part where poor Fanny Adams finally lost the will to live); her claims about uncovering “high level corruption” at BCCI during her two weeks there as a temp; her ridiculous claims that she’s been happy to publish her bank statements, accounts and correspondence (with Chesoli), when she’s repeatedly ignored our requests for her to do so; her bizarre statements about various people being “proven to be Ricky Dearman” (really, Ange? When did that happen?)…

    But I’m particularly pleased about spotting this one (if I do say so myself), regarding her statement that she has no idea who her “anonymous donors” are, because there’s just no way she can wriggle out of it:

    “Donors can simply check a box to keep their donations hidden from public view. However, the Campaign Organizer will always know who the donor is.”

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  3. I wonder what she has to hide. Could they possibly be ‘donations’ from herself in order to ‘salt the plate'(if that’s the right expression)?


  4. All this begs the question of why, with everything else that’s going on, Angie is suddenly so keen to frantically protest her innocence over the orphanage stuff (and to dig herself a rather spectacular hole in the process). Didn’t that boat sail a while back? Could it possibly be that the heat is back on? I seem to recall someone saying that the Irish police were investigating her over charity fraud allegations and she does seem rather keen to stay put in Lanzarote, to which she herself stated she wanted to move “because it has no extradition treaty with Ireland”. Which is untrue, by the way, despite what the movies tell us. And let’s not mention Angie’s apparent belief that Lanzarote is a country.

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  5. Received a lengthy phone call from an old pal just as APD was commencing her twice weekly public display of self incrimination and ever-so-sure descent into the dank nether regions of madness.

    A subsequent attempt to rewind and follow the monotonous 2 hours of unbridled invective dronery failed at the first hurdle suffice to report I regained full consciousness long after the witching hour(s).

    Will await MKD`s “bitchings of the day” highlights,a public service and sacrifice by brave souls that extend well beyond the call of duty.

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  6. I saw that! Nice catch.
    And yes, I hope our readers will consider donating to Mr Chesoli’s charity. I find it shocking that Angie would leave those children in the lurch like that.


  7. Let me get this straight. You ARE of this earth when it comes to fundraising but you’re NOT of this earth when it comes having a drivers licence. I’m beginning to understand now. I think it’s called ‘making it up to suit yourself’. 🙂

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  8. Some handy bedtime reading for Angie and other fraudulent feckless feckers flagrantly forging false fables.


  9. Very kind of you, Darren. Thank you for stopping by.

    These ill-informed knee-jerk-fuelled comments, which have just been unhidden by hoaxer Kris Costa on her ‘Believe the Children’ page, are a mere snapshot of why we keep fighting:

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  10. Can’t she get through just one sentence without lying and slandering people?

    For the record, I didn’t even contact her daughter, abusively or otherwise!


  11. I suspect it may only be a matter of time before Neelu is granted an opportunity to verify at close quarters the daily workings of such establishments.

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  12. I will be interested to know what you glean. Presumably not that she was a prolific playwright and serious journalist.


  13. Essentially this lot is confirming what we’ve suspected for ages: that for those who like to believe in a world in the grip of ‘Satanic cults’, the Hoaxtead fairy story is too delicious to give up. It “proves” to them that what they already believe is true, and that makes it “ego-syntonic”. It meshes seamlessly with their own feelings and perceptions of the world.


  14. I’m assuming this was during her time at Warwick University? So she was actually there, then? I doubt she fared very well, though. Hard to imagine her carrying out extensive research for her dissertation!


  15. I would like to know some hard facts of what is happening with Angela Power Disney over stealing money from hungry African orphans. All I have heard so far is opinions and guesses. If there is one deed I like Disney nailed to her self-righteous cross for is it is on the issue of what she has done to the African orphans.

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  16. We would like further confirmation on this as well, SV; unfortunately, contrary to what the Hoaxtead mob believe, we don’t have police contacts who can keep us informed, so we must rely on the information that does come our way. But believe me, if we ever do have confirmation that Angie is on her way to prison for her misdeeds, we’ll be all over it!

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  17. @ El Coyote.
    I might do some digging or pushing things along with regards to Angela Power Disney and the African orphans she stole from in early 2017.


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