The return of an old YouTube friend?

One of our team members recently noticed that an apparent newcomer had set up housekeeping over on YouTube, and had begun uploading videos like there was no tomorrow. None of the videos were new; all came from a variety of older accounts, but they all shared one thing in common: they preached the Gospel According to the Hoaxtead Mob.

The enthusiastic new poster, Clinton Mason, seems to have been lifting and uploading Hampstead SRA hoax videos from a variety of sources, starting about three weeks ago.


Clinton Mason claims to be a newcomer to the Hoaxtead mob:clinton-mason-yt-2-2016-09-24

Just yer average troofer

Clinton Mason seems to have been indulging in the usual troofer pastimes—for example, he has an abiding interest in ‘chemtrails’.

For the uninitiated, these are the people who like to take pictures of condensation trails of jet engine exhaust, and then do time-lapse photographs as the contrails disperse into the atmosphere. Some people believe that these contrails contain chemicals which are intended to control the weather / the population / people’s behaviour, depending upon who you ask. Some people also believe in Santa Claus.


Here’s Clinton Mason’s contribution to the discussion:

clinton-mason-chemtrails-2016-09-24Something about his free-form writing style struck a few of us as familiar, but we couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

Pre-emptive blocking?

Then one of our team members noticed something very peculiar about Clinton Mason’s YouTube account: he seems to have blocked at least one of our long-term colleagues, as that person is unable to view his comments, or respond to his posts.

This struck us as odd, since this person was completely unaware of Clinton Mason’s existence until yesterday.


Same page, viewed while not logged in:

clinton-mason-not-logged-in-2016-09-24One might almost think that Clinton Mason knew in advance that certain YouTube users would be aware of his existence, and might take exception to what he was posting.

Another strange coincidence

Some of you might recall that when Sabine was first arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice upon her return from Germany in August 2015, the event was filmed by numerous people. One of the most-shared videos came from the prolific and particularly vicious YouTube user Code 2222 (sometimes known as Guidance 2222).

At the time, one of our team noticed that one of Code 2222’s videos had been interrupted quite abruptly:

If you scroll to 00:08:16, you’ll hear someone shout, “Clinton!” The person filming answers, “Yeah…yeah…” and then stops filming.

Now, we’re not saying that there cannot be two Clintons involved in promoting the Hampstead hoax.

And of course we would not try to claim that Clinton Mason is definitely, for certain, no-doubt-about-it Code/Guidance 2222.

We’re just saying it’s a strange coincidence, that’s all. You may draw your own conclusions.

Code 2222 outside RCJ

Completely random pictures of person filming at the RCJ

98 thoughts on “The return of an old YouTube friend?

  1. There was a poster on the Icke forum called masonma. He blocked me on Facebook after trying a friend request as a young woman. His name was Martin Mason. Might be the same dude.

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    • I think Martin Mason was on the never-ending Icke forum thread about Hoaxtead, in the pro-Abe & Ella camp, of course. I’ve seen him floating about Twitter from time to time, looking dour and sour-faced as ever.

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  2. That’s an odd choice of name….. We know of a ‘Clinton’ (not his first name) who was legit now gone rogue due to illness. The guy is Scottish, from one of the darker (Belfast-lookalike) regions of the M8 corridor. And wouldn’t be a fan of Masons either – for various good reasons.


    • Wooops! Hold that thought! I’ve just been read the riot act and informed that whilst the guy I’m thinking of IS unwell he’s by no means shape or form ‘gone rogue’. My bad! Apologies.

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      • Haha, okay…
        Oddly, there really is a Clinton Mason living in the Brighton/Hove area; born in 1966, he started a business in the late 1990s, but closed it down within a couple of years.


        • Well, the voice on the video is English, and by the sound of it is both ‘off-mike’ and close to it. Which rather places him behind the camera or very close to its operator. I’m seeing that guy you refer to…. Describes himself as a ‘Wireman’ which is an old GPO/BT term. – Failed phone installer?

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          • I thought that too about the voice on the video, though of course it’s not conclusive of anything.

            I wondered what a ‘wireman’ was; thought it might be to do with phones. Thanks for confirming.


          • My Brother’s a Telecoms Engineer….. He started out as a ‘Wireman’ – a ‘semi-skilled’ trade. They’re traditionally the guys who’d do all the ‘grunt’ work fitting wires in trunks and stringing them off poles into premises….. Whilst the ‘Engineers’ would supervise this sort of thing and do the actual set-ups. – i.e. back in the dark ages if you had a phone connected the wiremen would run the cable off the pole into your house and terminate it in a ‘screw terminal’ box and a day or so later the engineer would physically come with the phone and fit that….. It’s actually quite a ‘funny’ antiquated term. – A bit odd.

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          • Gotcha….. Yes….. I think he’s ‘known’ up here and has an exasperated family who rather wish they had the heart to deny him!

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          • I really need to go to bed! LOL! – I meant McMenamin is known up here…

            On the ‘Wireman’ from my brother tells me he – apprenticed in 1980 – was probably among the last to take that route…. With the advent of BT that demarcation was removed, and apprentice engineers (generally 18 year-olds with Highers) emerged as engineers! – Somebody born in ’66 would have been on the ’84 intake and therefore NOT trained as a Wireman. Those guys there were classed as such were being ‘upgraded’. So, this rather looks like the guy was possibly ‘faking it’ as far back as 1995! Which might well explain why his business didn’t last long. – At that time there was still much regulation in place, but the telecoms industry began to get plagued with rogue installers trying to cash in on the PBX market.

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  3. I’m keeping an open mind but I’m afraid I have serious doubts about the green cap man theory and have back-tracked to my original suspicion that this lad from the church protest is the prime suspect for Code 2222:

    Listen to his voice at 0:36, 0:44 and 1:42…

    Then listen to Code TwatTwat’s voice here…

    I’m becoming more and more convinced that the feller in the woolly hat is our man.

    Also, regarding the name, lest we forget that Abe seemingly refers to Cody as “Darius” in one of their interviews. Listen to Abe calling to Ella at 17:51…

    And thank you to Anna, who said this at the time:

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    • Of course, not that that will stop me from shaking the apple tree to see what falls out 😀



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      • Jane may love Jesus but Jesus tells me he can’t stand a bar of Jane.
        Now this is real investigation and does actually join some obvious dots.

        Has it never crossed their minds that those Chem Trails may BE Santa Claus cross-crossing the country to see who’s been naughty and who’s been good?

        Actually I overheard not long ago when I was cleaning out the bogs down at Thames House a couple of MI5 agents chatting and the Chem Trails are in fact for the benefit of the populace. They are spraying Vitamin B12 all over the country to try and counter the rise in loonyism.

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    • Yes, the ‘Darius’ thing was very puzzling as well. I agree with keeping an open mind, but I thought there were a few too many coincidences here.


    • Spiny, the lad with the blue hat (standing at the fence, above) can be heard talking here again from 9:07 inside the church. He does sound a bit like Cody but I’m not sure, very similar accent though. What do you think of this one?

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  4. Confused now – not that I wasn’t before – the guy behind the fence seems pretty quiet. Not sure who the Scottish guy in green is, and I have no idea who’s behind the camera. – Time for bed said Zebedee!

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    • The man in the green jacket is Jim ‘Tears on my pillow’ McMenamin, who aided and abetted Sophia Green in eviscerating APD. I agree, the fellow behind the fence doesn’t seem to be the one speaking in this video. Am I missing something?


      • I think you are missing something, yes – go to 0:36 (after McMenamin shuts up), 0:44 and 1:42 and you can clearly hear a Guidance-alike voice speaking. He’s the one who says “Everyone needs a mum, innit”, among other things. If it’s not woolly hat man saying it, who is?

        OK, I’ll shut up now, lol.

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        • Okay, yes, I remember him saying the thing about the mum—and he sounds very similar to the other samples of Code/Guidance’s voice.


  5. The other family, that’s a sad case. And they claim their phones are bugged but won’t go to a pay phone somewhere far away to call, claim arson attacks, murder attempts, being followed. But, oddly, no evidence for stuff they say. It’s all a little puzzling. Or not. Abraham Christie keeps on about them too.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion, George. I’m pretty certain that Code 2222 isn’t Matt Taylor, though. The voices are massively different, plus Matt uses his real name and has a different style entirely. I believe EC and others have looked into Matt pretty extensively and we’re very familiar with his video rants. Here’s one of the chubby-chopped Frootloop™ throwing a wobbly about Chris Divvy, Dani Lavatory, Thomas ‘Panty-Sniffer’ Sheridan et al for not supporting the Hampstead hoax (and at times tragically believing himself to be funny):

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      • Just another random fuckwit looking for attention. the only relevant thing about him is how he vies for position against others….. ‘he’s the daddy’ is he? What a sad strange little man; desperate to be fuckwit-in-chief..

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  6. That’s the first time I’ve seen that video right through. Madness abounds including that Irish dame rambling on about Grand Juries and such and Belinda making herself look as small as possible on the fringes but I was taken by that older lady at 5.33 who is a spitting image of the late Queen Mother.
    Did she really not die and like Elvis is still alive and has now forsaken the Royal Family and joined the Hoax Mob?
    I need to know these things as I’ve applied to be Bog Assistant in the Royal Chamber at the Getty Bunker. Is she now a traitor to the Rothschild Cult?

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    • OMG, you’re right! Keep digging, Sam. Now that we know the Royal Family are involved, it’s only a matter of time before it all gets linked back to Lady Diana. Who, lest we forget, was Angie Dizzy-Powder’s auntie. Or something. We’re through the looking glass, people!

      By the way, that top hat really suits you, mate.

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      • I do wear a top hat like that and a huge bow tie but don’t have red hair. Close enough though. Now I’m off back through the Looking Glass where life looks quite sane by comparison.

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    • I think you’d know for sure that it was the Queen Mum via certain tell-tale signs. Is there any proof the lady on the left is not clutching a glass of gin?


  7. Oh please Aaron do it…I’ll pay your airfare. I can even pinpoint areas where these fake landmine fields are. I know locals who can guide to the areas but you will understand they may be reluctant to actually go the full distance with you…Do it…please..

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    • I”ll supply the hammer for him to hit this pretend unexploded weapon stuff, if he wants, only too happy to do so.

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    • Actually, there is: Vaksn zolstu vi a tsibele mitn kop in dr’erd!*
      And that’s the nicest I’m willing to get with this gonif**.

      *”May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground!”
      **untrustworthy, worthless person


  8. I hadn’t realised the prick did a follow-up video to his first “hospital rescue” one.

    I’m curious to know what he means by “we”, considering the pussy is hiding out in Thailand and wouldn’t dare step foot on British soil.

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    • Poor old John “Fake Stuntman” Taylor. Not even an attention whore like Kristie Sue will listen to him. “Hello, can anyone see me? Hello? John here. Please give me some attention. Pleeease. Hellooooo?”

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  9. Is there a Hoaxtead group? I thought people were just posting on a blog and doing a bit of research and reporting CRIMES to the police.

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      • No, there is no ‘group’ here that I know of. Nothing organised or cohesive. Few people will have any idea who anyone else is. And in fact the only cohesive group I do know about has only myself posting here; the rest eschewing HR for various reasons of their own.

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      • That’s right, Fnord. This is why I find allegations about “who controls Hoaxtead Research” so hilarious: “we” are really not a cohesive group, but just a bunch of people who gather here to comment, report on things we’ve noticed, and generally share information about the hoax. And yes, we do report things to the police when we see that people are doing illegal things.


    • “If anyone has any evidence bring it on etc etc yadda yadda”.

      If someone has evidence take it to the authorities so they can pursue it. Child abuse allegations are actively pursed by police as even Power-Disney continues to acknowledge as she posts endless newspaper reports of convictions even of high ranking police officers.
      It’s not a subject for Mel Ve to use to promote her tragic ‘network’.

      ## On that matter, RD & his kids surely have rights under the EU’s Right To be Forgotten rulings and not have his life picked over by a harridan based in the Netherlands and I think there would be many MEPs who would take up the cause.

      She’s also needs to be pursued for libel. Netherland’s libel laws are basically similar to the UK and any UK citizen can pursue any of these repeat defamers in an English court because their broadcasts even on YouTube are aimed at an English audience.

      Same applies to Angela Power-Disney who owns a house in Ireland. Trying to legally defend their libels – which are unique compared to mainstream publishers who may publish a libelous story in a newspaper once – because they are repeated on almost a weekly if not daily basis and for years on end- they are is indefensible legally. Same applies to the USA where idiots thing ‘freedom of speech’ means freedom to defame.

      No lawyer, in Ireland, the UK or the Netherlands and indeed the USA (or any country in the world) where that “hot blooded Yank” comes from would take on the defense of a libel action without a huge deposit up front. The opposite however is true for someone who has a good case to sue for libel- numerous lawyers will take on a case on the ‘no win, no fee’ basis when a case such as this is a no-brainer as far as succeeding goes.

      Also lawyers who sue on behalf of a client can demand the court make the defendant, if they appear to not have the (unbelievably expensive and debilitating) funds to defend their libels. make that defendant pay into the court a sum of money that will cover costs should they lose. The courts are used to people like this who make seek to frustrate the legal process knowing they can’t pay costs in the end.
      In fact when a libel writ is handed to one of these creeps at 6am by a process server one morning their life ends. They either quickly retract and agree to silence or start to sell the furniture or car immediately, withdraw their pension savings as no solicitor in any country will see a potential client up-front for a possible libel defense action in the way they will often see an initial potential client with a free half-hour of advice.


      • The main difference between the US and the UK is that in the US, the burden of proof is with the plaintiff, whereas in the UK it’s with the defendant. In other words, if you sued someone for libel in America, you’d have to prove they were lying about you, whereas here it would be down to them to prove they were telling the truth.


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