Update: Sabine’s hearing Monday morning

Subsequent to her arrest and brief detention in late August, Sabine McNeill’s hearing for plea and trial preparation will be held Monday morning, 26 September 2016, “no earlier than 10:45 a.m.”, at Blackfriars Crown Court, Room 3. The judge is expected to be HH Judge Peter Clarke, QC.

Sabine is facing charges related to the restraining order which was imposed upon her following her trial in July for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation.

While she was found not guilty of that offence, HH Judge Daniel Worsley felt it appropriate to impose restraining orders upon both Sabine and Neelu Berry, her co-defendant.

At Monday’s hearing, it is expected that in the event of a plea of not guilty, a trial date will be fixed.

As with all cases which are sub judice, we ask that our readers kindly refrain from speculating on the process or outcome of this case.

Blackfriars Crown Court

136 thoughts on “Update: Sabine’s hearing Monday morning

  1. I’m looking forward to next weekend myself, perhaps a trip to the coast, Sunday dinner with the family etc. – Mainly because I can look forward to it with some degree of certainty.😉

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  2. I think the famous Vitamin B12 deficiency aficionado has been uncovered. Recall on here there was a discussion about the chap who has been sectioned and we had one poster claiming all those suffering such problems probably had a Vit B12 deficiency.
    Now she appears on APD’s timeline ( where else?) with a (very) long rave. The author is one Lesley Moorecroft who describes herself (himself ?) as a:

    “Methylcobalamin campaigner and vitamin b12 deficiency investigator”

    Water finds it’s own level and like attracts like as Power-Disney obviously agrees with one of the best rambling screeds to date. Read it and weep.

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  3. Just as a general policy it might be useful to always screenshot anything drawn from Facebook or similar sources. – For a start, the bastards can hide things if they’re incriminating. And in any case, things posted on Facebook can’t always been seen from the outside.

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      • I watched about 5 minutes but now I’m sticking pins in my eyes which feels a whole lot more preferable.

        You can tell Angie’s Old Money the way she slumps so casually against an obvious genuine Old Master but her insurance company may have something to say about that ashtray placed beneath it as she flicks ash towards it. Maybe she’s broadcasting from the Louvre?

        Still having technical difficulties though

        Angie says there maybe a million plus just like the chap sectioned! Gawd are we safe in our beds at night?

        I made it to when her eyes twinkled as she described a visiting Yank as a “hot-blooded American” and remembering his jolly tales about his non-stop wanking after watching children describe sexual abuse it was more than my prim nature could handle.

        She got thing spot on: it’s a Comedy of Errors and Angie is one of the stars of the show. Well she was an actress wasn’t she? West End star I believe.

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      • “They’re coming at it from different tangents and there’s more than one way to skin a rabbit.”

        Wow, that sentence alone should earn Angie her long overdue Pulitzer.

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        • I think that thing she calls hair on top her head that she tosses about with such gay abandon could actually be a skinned rabbit.

          Mind you do have hand it to Angela Power-Disney. Her grand scheme formulated over many months that involved a visiting American (hot blooded) 5’4″ hunk and a handful of deranged nutters has ended in tears. Nothing can keep her down though and she’s off and running planning a new assault on the Cult.

          I think the claim “I’ve been granted a high level meeting with MI6.” is code for an arranged Skype call from Super Spy Andrea Davison hiding out in her bunker in Pathum Thani outside Bangkok. Perhaps Angie is moving on to sell phony stocks & bonds to unsuspecting pensioners.

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    • My favourite quote from the latest Chasing Rainbows video is “God bless all the blurters” which came after Angie informed us all that she herself is a blurter, which i’m sure will be no surprise to anyone.

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    • There was a very important message in there for Angie but did she take note?.

      Rebecca “I Love Jesus” Bee said you must go next door and apologies for calling your neighbor a fool (that’s us) or you won’t be able to find Jesus.
      I dispute that though as I think when Jesus comes back he will have a top flight PR agent and will be booked on Conan O’Brien, Graham Norton , maybe even the Dr Oz & Dr Phil shows.
      Wouldn’t you want your arrival on Earth announced far & wide?. I mean he gave Sermons on The Mount and that’s pretty well like the Ellen DeGenerous show of it’s day.

      Mean old Angie though said that she had a chat with Jesus in the above video and didn’t tell us any of this news.
      I like Rebecca Bee’s enthusiasm & sunny disposition though. If she’s in a secure mental health unit where she belongs they can’t be that bad.


      • “I think when Jesus comes back he will have a top flight PR agent” – True, our people are speaking to his people.😉 Often via the big white telephone after a long night on the beer.


    • Was that the Day of The Rapture? Maybe it came & went and took the true believers but left Angie behind. She looks pretty downcast in the above video and that could be why. these Raptures only come very few 1000 years so Ange has missed out altogether. She stuck with us and visa versa.


          • LOL… “I have heard among this clan, You are called the forgotten man” – seemed appropriate. The ‘official’ Blondie video features that clip as part of its intro; part of the original “Red Hot and Blue” video IIRC.

            Not quite forgotten though….. My nice new English friends who have recently joined us up here in Edinburgh have asked me to dedicate this to him and his Mommy Dearest…..


          • Actually Norman, if you enjoyed Debs and Iggy providing a different slant on Porter you may enjoy the “Red Hot and Blue” album…. Various Artists It was an AIDS benefit back in 90s. Better still if you can find the video version which is seemingly quite rare. – I still rue the day I got sniped on a BetaSP transmission copy on Ebay. K.D. Lang’s “So in love” heard with the video will have you in tears, whilst David Byrne’s David “Don’t Fence Me In” will re-arrange the plasterwork in your house!


      • What you’re all missing is that the rapture happened and we’re all still here. Rupert’s disappeared, however, which just goes to show that all those church bell-ringing sessions paid off. The rest of us are fecked and doomed to spend eternity with the rest of the Hoaxtenders.


        • Not liking this censorship EC…. There is NO legal justification or rational reason for it. ‘Bad men called me names’ isn’t remotely any kind of defence to a public order offence. And the plain fact is that once the criminal law is done with that certain individual he’ll be dragged through the American civil courts for the psychological injury he has caused others; not any kind of defamation.

          Now, if wordpress have issued some sort of ‘legal’ notice I think we need to hear about it. Otherwise this just smacks of running scared from some cheap American bullies. We weren’t impressed or phased when he threatened to rape our children and kick down our doors. I for one am not about to kautau to the little scummer now!


  4. Poor Rebecca.
    She rails against the evils of the medium of television where Satan puts on the best shows (Simon Cowell?) to get your attention. She even hears it passing her neighbour’s house and it’s riddled with filth, adultery and immorality ((Great British Bake Off ?)…..” there are no words to describe the filth on television now”.

    So she makes a video and puts it on the medium of Youtube on the internet which is..err..riddled with filth,adultery and immorality plus wife swapping, gay orgies , gang bangs, ISIL snuff films ..you name it.

    Beam me up Scottie.


  5. Not sure what all this fuss about the rapture happening yesterday really means. I wasn’t rapturous, but I was pretty pleased in a quiet, understated way. Does that count?


    • I think it does Pallas, I think it does. Personally I had a particularly nice cup of tea at about 4:00pm… Early Grey, hot (in a Captain Picard Stylee) served from the back of of a ‘classic’ Fiat coffee van the chap who runs it and his partner had actually restored with their own fair hands. – Just a nice bit of life-affirming civility in a world gone mad.


  6. Joe, I’m not sure what you’re referring to here? I don’t think there’s been any censorship…I gather you’re talking about Rupert but I don’t see where anything has been censored. Can you explain please?


    • My post – the one with the Blondie/Iggy video referred to “Rupert” – not to anyone’s “American Toyboy”. Firstly his name was starred out, then it was changed to “American Toyboy”. I made another post which was deleted questioning when we acquired a ‘filter’. The post I responded to also originally referred to Rupert.

      Sorry….. His name is not so precious that it dare not be mentioned. There is no rational or logical reason for it. Although I’m VERY aware that people have been threatened by the Quaintances with ‘legal action’ their fancy lawyers are talking shite, and they know it! I can tell the Quaintances right now that the responses that will land on their lawyers’ desks on Monday are of an ‘Arkell’ nature…. It’s THEIR little shit of a son who has come here and caused trouble, and his mother who backed him up. So really, nobody is prepared to give him a millimetre let alone an inch.


        • All right, I’ll explain: they like Nazis when they are killing Jews and claiming the Holocaust didn’t happen. They dislike Nazis when they perceive that said Nazis are in any way violating their personal freedoms.


      • One shouldn’t joke about suicide but ..well ..if you were in a secure unit and the other patients happened to be John Duane and Graham C.Watkeys you may just run out and jump off the roof.

        I’m a bit pissed off with MI5 & MI6 getting their agents though from the Highcroft Mental Health Unit. What happened to the old days when they courted bright university students?. Might explain why I’m still on KP duties at the bloody Getty Bunker while Uni educated Angie at least gets to be interviewed by the director for the Tea Lady gig. Life isn’t fair.


      • If you have any friends John Duane, do any of them ever tell you that you talk absolute crap? Because John you do talk crap and it’s about time someone told you this fact.


          • Lol, yeah John is your man if you need advice on anything at all Spiny and i am sure his words will be words of wisdom no less😉


          • John is definately the “go to” person when it comes to what`s what.He clearly has a masters degree in Applied Futility probably from the same non existent university Angie never attended.


          • Oh, Angie definitely didn’t attend but I can assure you that Warwick University is anything but non-existent, having at one point studied there myself. OK, it’s inexplicably in Coventry, not Warwick, but thankfully I wasn’t studying Geography.

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        • You need to be careful Arthur….. JD is now in 4d mode! You need to watch out for this apparition hovering about the place as he now has the ability to ‘project’ himself at will to any time, place or universe……



    • I’m a bit lost to read that there was a Graham Hitler. Was he a secret brother of Adolf’s? How many more where there? Bill Hitler, Charlie Hitler?.

      # On the subject of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have these loonies ever wondered why the remaining relatives of Adolf Hitler who live in the United States under assumed names have vowed to never have children so the Hitler line peters out eventually because they are so horrified by what he did?

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  7. An interesting claim of Sabines.

    “Police bail” is of course bail before a matter first appears in Court. Once a matter is before a Court, charges have been made and the bail CHANGES to COURT bail, rather than Police bail (which is following an arrest and BEFORE charges are laid and an appearance in Court

    Its either something that readers of this blog were unaware of, or Sabine not being truthful about “Police bail”.


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