Hoaxtead Research moves into new phase

If you’ve been following the Hoaxtead saga for any length of time now, you’ll have realised that there’s been a sea change over the past month or so: two of the top players have been slapped with restraining orders (and arrested again for allegedly breaching them); arrests have begun; those who promote the hoax are in disarray; and paranoia is rampant amongst the Hoaxtead mob.

We began covering this hoax nearly 18 months ago, and while we’ve had many victories along the way, we’ve never before been this encouraged that this thing could finally be driven into the ground. The sense of excitement is palpable: even our blog’s daily viewing figures have nearly doubled, as people try to stay up-to-date in the rapidly shifting Hoaxtead landscape.

Exciting times for Hoaxtead Research, but we’re now entering a phase in which we must tread with extra caution.

As most of you will remember from the days leading up to Sabine and Neelu’s trial in July, it’s very important that we refrain from speculating on the outcomes of any of the five arrests that have taken place in the past month, or any that might occur in the days to come.

To do otherwise would constitute contempt of court, and could prejudice the trials of the various accused.

Goading, gloating, and implied consent

Just as we don’t want to prejudice anyone’s right to a fair trial, nor do we want anything we say here to be taken by anyone—including any accused persons—as goading, gloating, or offering “implied consent” to engage in mutual slagging.

In other words, we don’t want to create a situation in which the accused could potentially use the defence argument that people from this blog are engaging in or initiating conversations about the case, and that any harassment they might have committed was only proportionate and in response to what they received.

We know that this blog is scanned daily by quite a few of the Hoaxtead mob (despite their protestations to the contrary), and we feel it’s important that we not give them any opportunity to claim, “But they started it!”

We won’t lie: we’re not really delighted that we need to mind our tongues…er, our keyboards, so carefully until any legal proceedings are complete. We know many people are furious with the Hoaxtead mob and the damage they continue to do, and we absolutely share that anger.

But we think it’s worth whatever we can do, if it means that people’s trials proceed unimpeded. If we felt that our actions had in any way created problems for the victims of this hoax, we’d feel we’d failed at everything this blog is about.

We’re not saying everyone should just shut up and allow the Hoaxtead mob to continue spreading falsehoods—it’s perfectly appropriate to point out when something they say is simply not true. However, it’s less appropriate to sling their own shit back at them, tempting though that is.

So what CAN we say?

It’s a question of rebutting falsehoods and critiquing hypocrisy (good) versus slagging and goading (not so good).

In saying all this, we should be clear that we don’t want to dampen the conversations that take place here. We have always valued the debates and humourous repartée in the comments section, and we don’t want that to stop.

Critical rebuttal of arguments or beliefs put out by the Hoaxtead pushers is important, and it’s always been at the core of what we do.

If you have any questions about what we’re saying here, please feel free to ask. As always, we’re learning as we go here, and we know our readers are often several steps ahead of us.

A note about Jake

We have taken a decision that while we have had our issues with Jake in the past, we feel that his current mental health treatment could offer him a chance at a fresh start.

We understand that seeing posts about himself could have a negative impact on his treatment, and we don’t wish to stand in the way of any possible gains he might make.

For that reason, we have set all our posts about Jake to ‘private’ until further notice.

Our friends at McKenzies Devils have voluntarily taken the initiative in this respect, as well:


74 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research moves into new phase

    • Spot on post EC.It has been affirming to observe the rapid implosion of the tower of hate in recent weeks.Collars have been well and truly felt and hopefully Jake and those tasked with assisting him can be afforded best conditions to calm turbulant waters.

      It will be interesting to see if Mel accepts the challenge to pull the plug on her promotion of this hoax or confirm unadulterated mercenary motivations.

      7:00PM Chasing Rainbows with Angela Power-Disney
      9:00PM Wax Lyrical with Mel Ve

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  1. Fully agree with all that. Let’s not mention at all anyone who has any court appearance coming up and anyone receiving medical assistance should be given the respect of silence so their treatment is not affected by on-line speculation.

    My concerns are the fanatics like Sophie Green, Kris da Costa and Kane Slater who routinely breach UK court orders by displaying images and videos of children. And their hanger-on’s who all seem to be Nazi sympathizers.

    Slater seems quite bizarre with his facebook page claiming everyone in UK public life “eats babies” which now includes police officers who have successful investigated and arrested perverts who have been prosecuted and found guilty. I mean it’s just weird how he latches onto any newspaper report and accuses those mentioned.
    But he also continues to post those banned images ( a criminal offence). Isn’t he in Canada where the same laws apply?

    And whoever Green is : even if they genuinely think the Satanist cult exists in North London, can’t that desist from exposing the names and images of children? .

    As for Lampshade Lil, we will have to await and see where her journalistic career takes her next. Personally I think she should seek out a lawyer to sue that University where she claims she studied, for negligence.

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    • Gawd mention the Devil and she pops up : posting a link to the vile Spivey and a long ranting article that Angie thinks is “brilliant”. Spivey talks about all the music he loves and then accuses the composers and writers of all sorts of vile things plus indulges in his idiotic game that everyone is actually someone else even claiming Ronald Biggs was also God only knows who.

      What sort of deep darkness inhabits the mind of a person who sees evil even in music they like?

      # must send a link to Getty Images as Spivey routinely publishes their copyright photos without permission. Getty have a reputation of coming down like a ton of bricks on copyright breaches especially on lone bloggers like this tattooed tool. Not only do they send a very large invoice for a breach they follow up with legal action with the intention of crushing goats like Spivey and ensuring they never steal their material again.

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      • Yes, definitely sic Getty on him if you have a spare minute. I’ve met bloggers who’ve been sued by them, and it’s no picnic. They do have a program now where bloggers can use Getty images, but they have to be linked back in a certain way; strongly doubt that Spivey would bother with such details.

        And yes, I often speculate what it must be like to live in a place like the average troofer’s brain. Not sure I could deal with thinking everything I saw was evil.

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        • I wouldn’t go too far down that rabbit hole. For a start, what are Getty going to sue him for? The muck on the floor of his grotty council flat? His extensive collection of greying Poundland ‘wife beater’ vests? Spivey is not only a twat but a potless unemployable twat; as so many of these types are. Not worth the spit on an envelope.

          Besides which, stones and glass houses in mind, ummmm…. The HR logo is a derivative of something that belongs to TFL! Sorry! I do actually know someone who created a logo that looks as if it ‘should’ be connected with either the railway or underground. TFL came at them and ere swiftly given ‘the Arkell’ but still. …..Can’t get into details sadly, but their lawyers were every bit as belligerent in their attitude as Getty, who have also been known to make complete tits of themselves over material they don’t own.

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          • LOL, that’s a fair point, Joe. To be honest it had just never occurred. I wonder whether we ought to consider updating our logo….


          • Spivey does, or did, own an X-Type Jaguar.

            As for Hoaxtead logo’s, I might have a go after work. We could have a competition!

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          • That would be brilliant! I love our logo, which was originally designed by the estimable Scarlet Scoop, but don’t want to leave us open to any difficulties.


          • Spivey’s ‘Jag’, if it’s in EXCEPTIONALLY good nick and road legal is worth about £1200-£1500 retail off a dealer’s forecourt…. More typically you’d get one for about £600. Basically it’s a Ford Mundane-o in a frock, and is generally hated by classic car and jag enthusiasts generally…… Just an old banger.

            He’s still a worthless tosser.

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          • I suspect TFL, like Getty, have bigger fish. The logo I’m thinking of was/is commercial. They tend to go after people if they smell money or want to make an example.

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      • Oh dont cha see. Everyone who’s everyone is everyone.The faces that fit the faces, fit. Thats Spivey’s world, dont cha know. I’d blame the daily chimp.

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        • Spivey is ripping off this website run by an American who invented this whole “crisis actor” nonsense years ago and has re-invented his website numerous times trying to make it a money spinner.
          At times I used to find it quite funny especially when he demonstrated that Walt Disney was really Adolf Hitler but sadly this loony stuff is like a infection that spreads via the internet and the Spivs of the world then claim his “research” * photographic merging of identities is their original work.

          His work took a nasty route when he started claiming events like Sandy Hook was a hoax and vision of a father’s nervous laughter gave the game away (I’ve seen distraught people at funerals laugh at the most inappropriate times which is just a sign of terrible nervousness & stress)

          I’m surprised a genuine journalist like Lampshade Lil is taken in by this stuff.

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          • an example of his latest discovery : Oz PM Malcolm Turnbull is actually actor Anthony Hopkins. Amazing he can run a country and finds time to act in movies at the same time.

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          • Spivey’s best I think was showing that the Duke of Edinburgh is Jimmy Saville (or vice versa, I feel asleep about 3 yards down the post), though his revelation that Princess Diana never existed comes a close second. I really would like a psychological or psychiatric analysis of how troofer’s minds work: it’s not that they believe nothing in the mainstream media as they are very ready to believe the press when it comes to stories they like – stories about police, MPs, Jewish people etc. being up to no good mostly.

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          • Spivey also “proved” that the Queen and the the Duke of Edinburgh were the same person – using a photograph of the two of them together. I can brush that sort of nonsense aside, but the bits were he accuses the victims of various accidents and atrocities of being “crisis actors” or even not existing in the first place I find incredibly offensive. His pieces about the Boston bombing and the Alton Towers accident are pretty nasty.

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          • Chris Spivey is the bald primadonna of fruit loons. Moreover, the Chris Spivey.org comments thread is populated by a veritable circus of utter jerks who are unintentionally hilarious! Funniest of all is Dogman – a character who comes across as very insecure about his masculinity indeed as evidenced by his seemingly constant need to attempt to ‘prove’ it over and over again. By far the highlight of last week was him threatening to ‘take it outside’ to another poster who had the temerity to disagree with him on something. He then posted a link to some Redneck American country rock song about ‘real men’ getting into bar fights. 2funny:) He’s also famous for posting huge chunks of info from Wikipedia – reckon he fancies himself as a bit of an intellectual on the sly. (*Well, he’s certainly mastered the cut n’ paste function – who’s a clever doggie then;)

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    • Yes, Kane Slater is an odd duck, all right. He seems to be in this purely for some sort of glory: he has announced that when the world accepts his thesis that every politician in the UK eats babies, he will be the most famous journo in the world. Um….

      I would assume that the same laws apply in Canada, but the word we received from Facebook at one point was that they would only ban the images in the country where the court order was in effect. I know, I don’t get it either.

      One bit of good news about Slater: he does own a condominium. Just saying.

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      • This is part of the malignancy of Facebook, Google and others….. Genuine media professionals know the laws that impact of what they may/may not publish because they are educated to know these things as part of their basic skillset. The reasons behind the existence of those laws is also understood. And it is just as well in Canada or the US as it is anywhere else.

        The dishonesty/immorality of these organisations rests with their refusal to obviate harm done to innocent people. And their willingness to game territorial concerns where laws and court orders are concerned. Their bleats regarding things like ‘first amendment rights’ and freedom of speech are shill and dishonest. With all rights and freedoms come responsibility. But these companies – for commercial purpose – are happy to exploit the doing of actual harm which has been recognised as such by courts of law and legislators. Making a mockery of things like the “Don’t be evil” mantra of Google. More obviously, crooks like Zuckerberg (go on, sue me for that opinion you slimy little twat) are quite happy to make their coin by continuing to host ‘pornography’ such as material featuring the Hampstead kids and game the law to allow them to go about their filthy business. People like that are half-a-pace away from any other form of child abuser in my view.

        People have suggested that the first amendment shield abusers such as Facebook and Google hide behind COULD be challenged in a similar way to that in which pornography is challenged. If someone credible is looking for crowdfunding to do that I’d certainly chuck a quid in the bucket!

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  2. Loved your humanity and caution regarding Jake, and the care you show, EC: Allowing him a fresh start. It is the absolutely proper thing to do in the circumstances. I have always felt he was easily led and had perhaps unluckily found himself in the wrong circles. His wish to please his peers has been abused by Angie in a most cruel way, without any thought for the consequences. Angie’s machinations have resulted in the loss of liberty JAKE has to live through and experience: Day by day, hour by hour, in an institution, away from home. Her manipulative, cavalier approach to vulnerable people begs for some kind of sanction.

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    • It seems to me that Power-Disney is escaping any form of punishment or retribution.

      Nothing whatsoever is happening to her apart from losing a few “fb friends” that she’s never ever met or was highly unlikely to.

      All the other main players have suffered in some way and yet Power-Disney escapes.

      I’d like to know why nothing is seemingly being done about ALL her actions, so many to mention.

      Power-Disney has property assets so why isn’t she receiving a financial penalty where it will hit her hard?

      Surely her flitting from Oldcastle to Lanzarote is not the reason for no action against her?

      What is being done about all of Power-Disney’s behaviour?

      It was mainly because of her that JC now has to spend 6 months “locked” up.

      Power-Disney’s “pal” Ben Fellows was apprehended flying into Birmingham Airport in December 2014, because he skipped bail in England, just why isn’t Power-Disney getting arrested?

      Surely she has committed criminal acts?

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      • Angie lives in the Republic of Ireland, where Irish laws prevail. Sorry if that sounds condescending, but I want to underline that British court orders/injunctions of the kind made against Sabine and Neelu have no legal force outside of the UK. If Angie is ever done for anything in Ireland it will probably be benefit fraud, just speculating here.

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        • So if Neelu and Sabine live outside of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, they can do as they please re the Restraining Order’s conditions?

          Re Power-Disney though, if she commits any criminal offence in England then surely she can be arrested?

          Didn’t Power-Disney make those phone calls to JC in England? Surely grooming a Vulnerable Adult must be a criminal offence?

          On a lighter note, I’ve missed her “shows” but I’ve got the Popcorn in for tomorrow!

          So don’t let me down Power-Freak…

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          • I would speculate that laws obviously only apply to the countries were they are mandated but if someone breaks a English law and travels to the UK I think they are at risk of arrest.

            I believe Power-Disney comes under that and that is why she has not traveled to the UK since the others got arrested. She would be regarded as one of those who have plotted to pervert the course of justice. In a sense it was an international conspiracy involving UK citizens and an American and Irish citizen.

            Her posting of the snaps in Whitehall were a dead giveaway. I doubt she will be visiting the UK any time soon and may never again set foot in the UK.


        • Julian Assange broke no UK laws when Sweden demanded he be held pending extradition.
          It’s not as simple as living abroad and breaking laws in another country unless you never plan to travel to that country or countries that have extradition arrangements with the UK.

          It’s why Abe & Ella have painted themselves into a corner.

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  3. In the last couple of days I have noted the massive drop in postings by all Satan Hunters about this hoax. There is a sense that this hoax is dead, but the few wanted to keep it running. The last cycle of the hoax was Angela Power Disney, supported by Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. Quaintance is arrested, bailed and has seemingly repudiated the hoax, the Satan Hunters, whilst obliterating whatever credibility he had. Angela Power Disney has made a web of ever-complicated falsehoods that finally backfired on her, a large part of her supporters have turned on her. There is nobody left to take on the poison chalice of this hoax, it has become so toxic. there is no benefit to any Satan Hunter to continue with it.

    With regards to Jake Clarke, it is in my opinion important that he gets to see an alternative voice and narrative about this hoax from the one fed to him by his fellow Satan Hunters, thus I think all content that mentions him should stay on record rather than be hidden.

    I could not leave the battlefield until I felt this hoax was over, it was Disney and Quaintance that kept it alive, and now I feel I can withdraw as both have been defeated.

    There is I am sure twists and turns still to come. There will be the few who will still wish to post in order to keep this hoax alive.

    I hope Angela Power Disney answers for what she has done. I also hope the civil actions will follow against those individuals who have the assets to pay compensation to their victims.

    I salute all the team. Well done on all your work. I can now let go and move on.

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    • Unfortunately a lot of hoax videos prevail on YT and seem to attract new Satanic Panic in people every day, SV.

      I’ve seen the new comments under the videos. Things like “OMG! This is awful, we must help those poor children!”… these people don’t know the hoax is now a year and half old, think it’s new and ask how they can help. These people also need to get a life and not believe every damn thing they see on the internet.

      YT have not taken the Court Judgement seriously enough and ignore efforts of reporting… now that REALLY pisses me off.

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      • Even though my role in the Hampstead SRA hoax campaign now ends, I will be joining the Satanic Temple, which now has a chapter in London, they both locally and globally will fight SRA hoaxes via their Grey Faction. I will be play my part in those campaigns against SRA.

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      • The sort of people who just discover the hoax after so much publicity and the fierce internet war are not really the ones to worry about. If they are so out of touch they only just discover the kid’s videos they are easily soon diverted by a new sensation- probably wave some coloured paper in their direction with a party hat on and a whistle and they would follow you like sheep.
        It’s the ones who continue to post the videos and photos of the children who must be concentrated on. They break the law.

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    • Carefull, you said the same thing a few weeks ago and then it all blew up again, you never know what these nuts have in the offing, they think they are doing gods work which makes them highly irrational and unstable.

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      • My hope was that the Hampstead SRA hoax would be destroyed by the trial of McNeill and Berry in July, but as they were acquitted, the hoax still had life. I made a miscalculation about Angela Power Disney and her previously loyal dog Rupert Wilson Quaintance, who managed to rally the Satan Hunters into a new cycle of hunting of the innocent Hampstead people. I had to make a decision to continue my fight, I could not withdraw in this new situation.

        The following short video explains the psychological dynamic of a movement, Angela Power Disney is the Shepherd (leader) and her sheepdog was the vital primary follower Rupert Quaintance. Disney created to many falsehoods, was too manipulative of others, she overplayed her hand, and her followers metaphorically threw her off a cliff. The cowardly sheepdog Rupert Quaintance apparently has disowned the hoax and his former leader Disney.

        “The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.”
        “New followers emulate the follower, not the leader.”

        Without a Shepherd and its faithful Sheepdog, the hoax no longer has a rallying point to continue to be an issue. I see no other Shepherds or Sheepdogs that will emerge. The dynamic is now with the legal authorities, who now are moving against the Satan Hunters. In the light of these considerations, I assess there will be no further campaigns by Satan Hunters in this hoax. Yes, there will continue to be internet postings, but these are like barking dogs with no teeth. There is nothing further of benefit that I can offer to this campaign, you have practically won the war.

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  4. I agree with others, a great and wise post. Particularly concerning Jake, who is clearly got a long and difficult road ahead of him.

    I noticed Abraham make the following comment on YT, under his FreetheHampstead2 account:

    “Jean Clement has had to change his telephone number due to harassment from Dearman et al.
    Why no recent photos of tRicky Demon ? Is it so the concerned members of public don’t recognise you or because you abominable acts have destroyed your looks? Or both ?”

    I can’t remember him making such a claim previously and have no knowledge of anybody from this side of the case ever trying to contact Jean Clement. And why would RD be posting selfies?

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    • How bizarre! I can vouch that no one associated with this blog has ever tried to contact Jean-Clement…and as you say, what on earth would RD want to post selfies for? The Hoaxtead mobsters would only leap on anything he put up and turn it into another grotesque accusation.

      (Oh, and for the Hoaxtead mobsters reading this, we’re not RD. Not that you will be persuaded to believe that, since it doesn’t fit your preconceived notions of who we are.)


    • I’d call bollocks on that one…….

      Any idea how high they suspend the ton of bricks they drop on someone harassing a Police Officer at their home? – What would JC have to say about anything anyway? This is the guy who was so rattled about the information he had he went directly to the Yard with it! Hardly likely to start chatting to some random on the phone now is he? As for RD….. The man will be under legal advice. And it may surprise the brain-dead fuckwit community that many sane, normal, sensible people take exactly fuck-all to do with the kiddies’ playground that is ‘social media’ and DEFINITELY don’t publish pictures there! – Particularly if they’ve had bad experiences in the past!

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      • I expect the Hoaxtead mob think that everyone does what they do: despite complaining that they’re constantly ‘under attack’ (read: receiving criticism where due), they continue posting their every thought, whim, and fart on as many social media platforms as possible. It seems to shock them that not everyone does this.


      • I get the feeling Abraham is looking for new material and become a bit more active since finding out Angie’s claims regarding Ella and the Russian mafia.

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    • Why would anyone on this side of this hoax want to harass Jean Clement ?. From the little we know it seems he acted correctly and ethically by going to police asap when he viewed highly disturbing videos.

      (tip to Angela Power-Disney : that’s what you do when you have evidence as you claim, or even just knowledge that ‘snuff’ movies were made by participants in this sordid affair)

      The only person with a reason to harass the man is the convicted child abuser and career criminal Abraham Christie because his carefully plotted plan was exposed far too early.

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  5. I agree with your decision about Jake, he is being manipulated and its giving him severe mental health problems, I would’ve said the same about Neelu until i saw the video of her bullying the woman who walked the bellringer home.

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  6. You are very wise, Mr Coyote!

    By the way, I bought Spivey’s Jag from a seized items auction, and crushed it in an industrial garbage compactor.
    Hmmm. Strange sense of deja vu…

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    • “I wonder where the fine goes”?? Bet she wishes she could come up with a wheeze to get her grubby mitts on some of it.Probably plotting to claim to family she was secret soul mate who Olive had promised her legacy to.

      Ooops shouldnt be giving her suggestions as she is a regular lurker in these parts.

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      • That’s EXACTLY the sort of bullshit people would expect from Angie. The woman has been a fraud all of her life! I personally have seen photographs that prove her association with Andrea Davidson. And multiple people have now confirmed that she used to go around London playing on her resemblance to Judy Sweeney. – Basically THAT is the entire length breadth and height of her ‘acting experience’. That she might be looking for an ‘angle’ to get at the old lady’s money seems a given.

        It seems she’s trying to paint the old lady into some of her conspiracy stories. – In old age Ms McFarland was, apparently, somewhat ‘crotchety’, as elderly people sometimes are. Angie and her band of loonies will no doubt try to twist her ‘odd wee confrontations’ into something they weren’t. But poor woman, her death was a terrible, terrible accident; nothing more. And any GENUINE friend’s concerns would rest solely with her family. – I seriously doubt if Angie had even HEARD of her until today; she simply imagined the old lady would be a suitably obscure and ‘not able to answer back’ peg to hang some of her lies on.

        You’re a fraud and a liar Angela Power Disney, a fraud and a liar in every aspect of your failed sorry existence. But this lady has family, and you’d best remember that before you start trying to drag her good name into your sordid cess pit of lies!

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    • Translation: “Dig dig buck-pass buck-pass bullshit bollocks self-project…”

      Hope that clears things up.


    • She has more front then Selfridges.
      No the case is NOT “Finally being investigated” : it already has been investigated and the matter was settled in the UK High Court where it was deemed Ella Draper and Abraham Christie had tortured 2 children into repeating bizarre allegations. And that those children’s father was an entirely innocent party.
      An appeal against the ruling was dismissed.
      A complaint to the IPCC (with an emphasis on INDEPENDENT ) found there may have been procedural mistakes but that did not invalidate the court findings.
      I have dealt with police on a number of occasions and had cause to make complaint about certain officer’s behavior and those officers have been “counseled” (the police’s nice way of saying hauled over the coals). But that did not affect the final outcome of matters in any way.
      She has actively participated in a campaign to falsely claim the IPCC ruling over-rode the High Court decisions when it did no such thing.
      Further complaints to the IPCC were dismissed.
      She has participated in a campaign to claim judges, police and prosecutors pursuing people for breaching UK laws and court orders (not always easy to prove) are part of a Satanic cult even when those accused were lucky to be fund not guilty.
      Through all this Angela Power-Disney has disgustingly falsely accused a father of terrible crimes and illegally exposed the identities of 2 children who have the right to privacy.
      She has conducted a vicious campaign against numerous North London residents and their children and actively contributed to their harassment which has included death threats.
      She has conducted a vicious campaign against a number of named police officers and social workers and falsely accused them of evil crimes and exposed their families and children to hate and death threats.
      She has falsely accused everyone who contributes to Hoaxtead of being paid shills for secret service agencies and ultimately part of a Satanic Baby Killing gang when the chances are , I doubt any posters on here have a clue who each of the other is.
      She has done this by a so-called TV Channel on regular programs and by posting Youtube videos where she has allowed numerous vile false accusers to air their crackpot claims against a bunch of entirely innocent North London residents.
      She has no need to “toughen up”- she’s a tough as an old boot and like all Psychopaths she has done the classic : when their falsehoods are exposed they turn around and accuse those who exposed her of being the ones committing the offence: her claim by fruitloop Yannis that there are “2 pedophiles” within Hoaxtead is simply because Hoaxtead question how the Hampstead satanic hunters have an odd capacity to associate and defend people who have been convicted of child abuse offences but with one Big Difference : we can name them, Dickhead Yannis cannot.
      The person now receiving mental health treatment should be left in peace by her so he can recover as it is Angela Power-Disney who encouraged him to be an acolyte and fermented his obvious disturbed & parlous mental state and outrageously like a true Psychopath, turns around and blames others.
      As for the advice given her in childhood about “being bullied” (this coming from the biggest bully on the block) was this part of her alleged MKUltra programming?

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      • Apart from Power-Disney’s terrible & destructive campaign against North London residents (and for her to opine she would like to foster the 2 children in question shows how her grasp on reality is mindbogglingly thin)…this is the sort of thing campaigns conducted by Power-Disney lead to (New Zealand has it’s own Hoax Community who encourage the same madness that happened in Hampstead).
        And one that really sickens me about this woman: her continued quoting of scriptures to justify her wicked & cruel campaign while she ignores a very important Biblical quote : thou shalt not bear false witness.

        “Your bedroom will be your cemetery’: African refugees subjected their daughter to four years of ‘sexually themed’ torture because they believed she was a WITCH”


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    • Oh dear…..

      Neelu, can you point out a single solitary time when you’ve actually managed to collect a penny from any of these organisations, shut anybody or anything down, or recover anything you claim was ‘stolen’? No? Thought not! – Which means you’re talking pointless shite really doesn’t it? Doesn’t it Neelu? Nobody that matters is bothered or listening to you are they now? Even if what you were saying made any sense (it doesn’t) nobody recognises it. So you’re just wasting your breath and electricity when you could be doing something useful in the world….

      It’s all a wee shame for you Neelu, poor soul. Waste of a life.

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      • Even her “pals” Belinda etc. seem to be bemused with her.

        Angela’s video of 29th August, 2016 – none of them took any notice of her.


  7. I look forward to the day when Ella Draper and Abraham Christie face a UK court for their transgressions as they surely will if the remain in Spain.

    I know the law can move frustratingly slow at times for numerous reasons : these 2 absconders would not be high on the list of those wanted when police have limited resources.
    I have also unfairly blamed police for their inaction’s and tardiness when i now see they have been ‘on the case’ all the time.

    All I can think of is Ella will now have to spend the rest of her life in Russia where she can’t be extradited from- hardly terrible but it is when you can’t travel, and Christie in Morocco. Both countries would ignore police attempts to extradite them.

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    • I know, it’s easy to blame the police for the lack of action, but it does seem as though more has been going on below the surface than anyone knew. I do think quicker action from the outset could have prevented both Sabine and Ella from absconding rather than facing charges, but it’s really easy to look back and judge. At that time, the prevailing sentiment was that this was a passing fad amongst the troofer set, and they’d quickly find some new bright’n’shiny fantasy to chase after. That failed to take into account the fact that the thing was planned from the outset, and that those who led the promotion had a great deal to gain from it, and would not let go easily.

      I agree, too, that eventually Ella and Abe (remember them?) will either be extradited to face charges, or will flee to somewhere outside the bounds of UK extradition treaties. If they do eventually face charges, I hope the judge throws the book at them.


      • Do Abraham and Ella claim benefits in Spain?

        If so, I would have thought it would be quite easy to arrest them either

        1. At the Dole office or

        2. At their home address?


      • I’m aware Met/CPS representatives read this, so they should take this on board as it IS aimed at them.

        I’ve made the point before EC, but that mentality – ESPECIALLY where McKenzie is involved – has proved disastrous in the past. There should have been (and should still be) swift action against those breaching the Sexual Offences Act and other legislation which SHOULD have protected the identities and wider of the children. And really the first seeds of a hoax of this type should draw the light of investigation onto those promoting it.

        The future and potential well being of two innocent children was irrefutably damaged. Those children were entitled to protection. And both the Police service in general and prosecutors have failed them. The notion that they didn’t act because they thought it would ‘blow over’ is, in this context, not only a prime face failure to do their job, but offensively so.

        The ‘teflon’ nature of McKenzie and one or two other people is widely noted, and causes the question of where their immunity from prosecution is sourced and authorised. They do appear to be above the law.

        Then there is the botched prosecution of McNeil and Berry, just as there was a botched prosecution against Green. The latter only succeeded because Green offered no relevant defence. But in both cases, assuming our prosecutors aren’t all incompetent idiots who don’t know their business and aren’t fit for office (a possibility I don’t entirely dismiss) why act in a way that is bound to fail. I predict another round of failure in the coming months as various individuals who have caused mayhem face no effective sanction.

        There seem to be various myths promoted here. Firstly the notion that hoaxers and ‘troofers’ are all relatively harmless loonies is convenient for those that wish to abdicate responsibility and avoid accountability. – Any and all persistent and/or inconvenient dissent or concern can be and often is painted and ignored as ‘vexatious’ on the basis that it is (paraphrasing Widdicome) just the rambling of mad people.

        In any case the mentality where trouble is not policed because it will hopefully blow over is completely unacceptable in any circumstances. ‘Many a meikle maks a muckle’! And a little attention combined with proper application can save much by way of resource. In particular with this case, the fact that the ‘executive producer’ of this hoax has a background that goes back DECADES and includes (possible) frauds involving sums of up to SEVENTY FIVE MILLION POUNDS should ring alarm bells….. Of course, they seem to be one of those folk who enjoy special status.

        And I’m afraid their (CPS/Met) current ‘tack’ isn’t doing their own position or credibility any good either! The continued hubris of certain individuals is plain and mocking of the police. Those who have been put in fear from such individuals are still in that position. – Managing the situation on the ‘mushroom principle’ – i.e. keeping people in the dark and feeding them on bullshit, really is failing to protect.

        It’s not good enough. And will not improve matters.

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