Happy New Year! from all of us at Hoaxtead Research

Each New Year brings us the chance to take stock of how far we’ve come, and offers a sense of renewed opportunity, of blank pages yet to be filled.

We’re starting stronger than ever this year, with some very important victories under our belt, and more to come. We foresee exciting times ahead, as the Hampstead hoax is finally knocked to the ground for good.

To each of our readers, wherever in the world you are, whether you comment here or keep your own counsel, the team here at Hoaxtead Research sends you our very best wishes for a successful, healthy, and happy 2018.

77 thoughts on “Happy New Year! from all of us at Hoaxtead Research

  1. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not just the Hampstead abscess that’s going to be lanced, but I think this whole thing about fake stories of child abuse, and the people that like to make it up and take advantage of vulnerable people is also going to be exposed. I hope this year people like Andrew Ash are able to get the help they really need, and the authorities that are should be ashamed for not putting a stop to what went on there for other people’s greed and perversions. I also hope Belinda gets what’s coming to her, and that all court cases in ascociation with her and her friends, show what justice really means. Hopefully when Facebook and YouTube do eventually get a bullet up the arse and decide to get them selves organised, all this so called fake arm chair activism stops once and for all.

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    • For everyone’s sake, I hope you’re right. I agree that the Hampstead hoax is merely a bellwether for the entire ugly situation of using the real pain of abused children to make conspiranoid hay. It’s got to stop, and I think 2018 will be a year to remember on that front.

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  2. Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all good health and happiness in 2018.
    May HR go from strength to strength this year too 😀

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  3. Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to more victories in 2018.

    One thing to look forward to in the new year will be the inevitable fallout between Kris Costa and Debbie Mad Moo and it looks like they’ve already got the ball rolling for us:

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    • By the way, does anyone know what planet Manuela and Kathy are living on?

      And can you all stop confusing Manuela with your intelligent arguments, please? 😂

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          • It’s like their little campfire, which they huddle around to complain that they’re losing the battle. Or, perhaps a better analogy, it’s their bunker, and the Allies are at the edge of the city.


        • I don’t think there are 6. I think it’s just Costa and Moo. I can tell by the writing styles and views expressed, plus she made a point of announcing Moo when she took her on as an admin’ but she’s never done that for anyone else. And I reckon KSC’s rant above is a sideswipe at Moo.

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    • Kristie has a bit of front complaining… OH No she doesn’t!

      She can give it but not take it.

      Didn’t she say before that Meridith was AP Disney?

      If that’s not an insult, I don’t know what is!

      Wasn’t Meridith accused of drinking Vodka and smoking like a chimney?

      Nice of her to clear up that’s she’s 6’2″. Wow.

      As for it being her page, well I don’t think so, I think it belongs to facebook.

      I’m not sure if Meridith was attacked first. Probably.

      As for banning, I think Meridith has already removed herself.

      Still her cage has been rattled and the bust comment did it…

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  4. Mad Moo @ 0:02 – “Donald Trump is under attack from demons and witches. And at the start of his presidency this last year, you know, and all throughout the last year, witches and demons have been casting spells against him.”

    16:52 (in reference to the California wildfires) – “THIS IS WITCHCRAFT! OKAY! WAKE UP, GET REAL!”

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  5. I see wee Tracey Morris has been busy and did a “live feed” last night, New Year’s Eve.

    She’s bringing in the Satanic element to her daughter’s death now.

    Sorry not sure how long into the video she mentions Satanic as I was listening to her in the background whilst I was feeding my cats.

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  6. Angie says she hopes you all have a lovely new year. At least I think that’s what she said. Either way, it’s good to see her in such a positive mood after her recent bout of skivilitis tonsillitis.

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  7. My new year resolution is to work out who I am. I don’t mean that in any spiritual/emotional sense – I’m way too shallow for that – I mean it literally. Bronwyn says I’m Danielle la Verite, Yolande says I’m Yannis, Kristie Sue says I’m Ricky Dearman, American Arsehole says I’m Doug Mesner and Malcolm Paedogilvy says I’m Jimmy the Outlaw; and frankly I’ve lost track.

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  8. Have a great hoax slaying year everyone. This will be year five of fighting the Hampstead SRA hoax, if 2014 is counted as year 1. I feel there are going to be many delights in store during 2018, with Satan Claws taking some Satan Hunters to Naughty Land for Xmas turkey in 2018.

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  9. Daft mare

    Costa 4:22 – “Bring forth my glass of piss, that I may enjoyeth it with my cheese pizza and gain magical powers that turn me into a complete bellend.”

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  10. It’s not often you see the words ‘Bill Maloney’ and ‘masterpiece’ in the same sentence.


    • His master piece of bullshit? Oh no, that was the video he did when he was crying and he said he was a f***ing artist blah blah blah, then the other one he did about the Quayne Muvver, on good orforritay. Then the other video he did slagging Truth and Hope off because that Emma woman wouldn’t let him speak. Strangely that video dissappeared.

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          • And seeing as Mc Ogg is doing a u turn and leaving it to the courts, Robert Green did plead guilty in court, Sylvia Major was never charged with any offence neither were the others who Anne Greig named, neither was the fireman who lived across the road, neither was Sylvia’s cousin, even Belinda got warned by the police for falsely calling him a paedophile. That video still exists somewhere

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        • What an act, sombre music ‘n all, then, up pops the ‘pie and mash’ logo, he’s a cruel joke to himself. Nearly puking watching this.


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