Veater plans campaign against mental health unit

In a cynical ploy designed to take advantage of a vulnerable individual’s mental health issues whilst promoting his own conspiranoid agenda, Hoaxtead mobster Tim Veater is getting set to launch a campaign against the Mental Health Unit in Luton:



This sort of opportunism is old hat for the Hoaxtead mob.

In fact, the campaign to promote the hoax was born out of the belief, held by a small but vocal group of people, that the UK (and possibly the world) is controlled by (take your pick) paedophiles, Satanists, Luciferians, shape-shifting lizard people from another planet, or some combination thereof.

One of the reasons the Hoaxtead mob find it so difficult to let this hoax drop is that if it were true, it would ‘prove’ that their strongly held beliefs were not just personal eccentricities, but actual, verifiable fact.

Similarly, Tim has grasped hold of the idea that a vulnerable individual has been hospitalised against his will, and has tagged onto it a number of his own false assumptions that pump up the Hoaxtead mob’s belief that the Evil All-Powerful Paedophile / Satanic / Luciferian / Shape-Shifting Lizard People from Outer Space have somehow pulled a few strings to have a harmless young person locked away, for nefarious reasons.

He expresses the crux of this belief toward the bottom of his post:

If true this has much wider and more disturbing implication than even for [redacted] because it would imply that anybody speaking out about child abuse, can be labelled a danger to themselves or others, locked away and forceably (sic) chemically treated (that ironically might even create the symptoms complained of) with little or no opportunity to defend or protect oneself in a criminal or civil court system. Of course the fact it has been seen to be used in other cases, suggests this is more than a one-off aberration but the misuse of coercive powers.

Excuse us, but Mr Veater does seem to be assuming facts not in evidence here: when he says “it has been seen to be used in other cases”, he offers no examples, no references, indeed nothing whatsoever to back up a rather strange assertion.

He knows he doesn’t have to.

His audience, those who swallowed the Hampstead hoax whole, don’t feel the need to trouble themselves with things like ‘evidence’. Mr Veater is well aware that these people will respond to his emotive, fact-free call to action the way a dog would respond to a whistle.

Even more troubling is his closing paragraph, which strongly hints at yet another campaign in the making:

If [redacted] is not released from this dystopian nightmare, it is likely a public campaign will be launched.

This is reminiscent of Sabine’s threat, immediately before she published the details and videos of the children back in February 2015, that if her demands were not met, she would take her cause to the “court of public opinion”.

In a similar vein, Mr Veater concludes:

…the more people that contact the hospital concerned, the more the authorities will be forced to acknowledge the deeply questionable nature of their actions and allow him to return to a normal unmolested life.

Mr Veater claims to be an educated person. Does he really believe that dozens of calls to a mental health unit will have any effect on “the authorities”, let alone force them to alter their treatment plan for one of their patients?

It seems unlikely.

But it’s very clear that he sees in this situation an ideal opportunity to push forward his own deeply questionable agenda, and invoke mob rule, at the risk of a person’s mental health. It all just sounds too painfully familiar.



104 thoughts on “Veater plans campaign against mental health unit

  1. I really should have gone to Specsavers. For a moment there, I could have sworn I saw Tim ‘Nice-But-Dim’ Veater refer to Angela Power-Disney as a “reliable source”!

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    • We’ve stopped counting, JB. Turning someone’s mental health issues into an opportunity to advance the conspiraloon agenda strikes me as pretty damn low, though.


  2. “In fact, the campaign to promote the hoax was born out of the belief, held by a small but vocal group of people, that the UK (and possibly the world) is controlled by (take your pick) paedophiles, Satanists, Luciferians, shape-shifting lizard people from another planet, or some combination thereof.”

    …And lest we forget Masons and Jews. I’d hate for them to feel left out πŸ˜€

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    • Not to mention the Rothschilds and now the Getty’s apparently are in league with the Satanic Baby eating Cult.

      I hope someone has warned Her Majesty that when she and the corgis flee to the Getty Bunker they keep in mind the meanness of J.Paul Getty who once installed a pay phone for guests in his 100 room mansion in the UK. If she thinks there will be a free mini-bar in her quarters she’s in for a rude shock.

      I also know for a fact they have installed Camilla in the room next door.

      I always thought the Royal Family had bought up large parts of New Zealand to flee to should the need arise so shows how these Troofers are one step ahead of us sheeple.

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  3. As my old Mum used to say :”he has tickets on himself”.
    The sheer arrogance of these hoaxers to
    1: believe it’s all about them including the sectioning of someone with mental health problems and
    2 : the arrogance to attempt to diagnose a patient from afar which not even doctors do.

    Good luck Tim Veater- are you in the UK? There are laws about harassment Veater and you could well find yourself in court for same. And true to form with these cowards their “campaigns” usually mean setting up a blog and pontificating and repeating their weirdo conspiracy theories.

    We saw the last efforts by some nuts trying to access that health unit just resulted in cheap and nasty insults and false accusations against a hapless NHS nurse just for diligently doing her job.

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  4. You can tell the wheels are coming off this Hoax (but that can be when they are at their most dangerous) when Angie is reduced to promoting the Tattooed Tool & homophobic C.Spiv who has a capacity to weave every know conspiracy on the planet into one huge quilt of madness.

    I would so like to buy that judge a drink who described Spivey as “deeply unpleasant”.
    And like the gutless coward Spivey is- he pleaded “not guilty” on the claim his lunatic writings are merely “opinion” thereby admitting they were not factual but that doesn’t stop these creeps from then claiming there rubbish is real and NOT just opinion.

    He’s in good company with Angela Power-Disney. My how she’s come down in the world and if the term : “Rooster one day , feather duster the next” it certainly applies to Lampshade Lil.

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    • I think Spivey was one of the first troofers i ever came across on the internet. His ahem ‘articles’ just get more and more ridiculous as time passes. The bloke is just one big joke and i hope he ends up inside one day for his actions & words.

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  5. Latest offering from Angela Power-Disney posted with a”straight face”. Is this why she bought that new purple hat? Is she going to attend a fashionable art launch at the Getty Museum and then crash through to the Bunker to occupy The Queen’s secret quarters? .

    ## this is Power-Disney using an old tactic. By posting endless weird & wacky tales with links to news stories about high profile child abuse busts (which somewhat dents her claim that VIPs somehow escape unscathed) – she is misdirecting. Angie is saying “look over there at that, not at me”. And you don;t need to go to MKUltra School to learn this- it’s the oldest grifter tactic in the world.
    the loon claims :

    “On the top of Santa Monica mountain sits the Getty Center museum. One mile below the surface is a deep under ground bunker, one of over 250 such bases in the continental USA. This particular base is the most luxurious of all of them and is destined to be the new home of the Royal family when they go underground soon. This base has over 100,000 child slaves that provide sex and blood for the Satanic elite that live there.

    The secret to world peace and ending hunger in the world is the occupation of this one base under the Getty Center. This one act will bring down the entire NWO”

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    • The claim that “if it wasn’t true, they would sue me for telling you” has been used by so many conspiraloons, most notably David Icke, who used to claim that no one had ever sued him and won, so his allegations must be truthful. Sadly for him, a Canadian lawyer did in fact sue him and win last year, so he’s no longer able to make that claim. But it’s a specious argument at best.


      • Also – in UK law a libel must be such that it “causes a reasonable person to think worse of them”. So if David Icke says that the Queen is a shape-shifting baby-eating lizard, no reasonable person will think worse of her, because Icke is clearly a terminally stupid conspiritard that no reasonable person will give the time of day to. Not being sued for libel or defamation in the UK is basically tantamount to admitting that you’re an insane clown with no credibility whatsoever.

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  6. “By posting endless weird & wacky tales with links to news stories about high profile child abuse busts (which somewhat dents her claim that VIPs somehow escape unscathed) – she is misdirecting. Angie is saying β€œlook over there at that, not at me”. And you don;t need to go to MKUltra School to learn this- it’s the oldest grifter tactic in the world.”

    A point I’ve made many times….. Corruption and dishonesty is, in my experience and consequently-formed opinion endemic in public service. I’m quite happy to tell you that I believe groups such as the Masons to be hubs of corruption and dishonesty – complete with silly quasi-mystical parlour games and sectarian agenda. Particularly here in Scotland, and along the M8 Corridor (which I suppose is no different from anywhere else) if you find an honest Politician they’re a tourist! Certain councils are rotten to the core, and there are places you can drive through that would make a good ‘set’ for a film about 1970s Ulster. Threats, bullying, intimidation, people being framed….. I’m sure no-one here will have the slightest difficulty in researching the ‘bad-movie-history’ of Glasgow City Council, which until quite recently was run by the lowest-of-the-low….. Druggies and doggers; disgusting wretches both and all that sailed with them.

    But, as you say Sam, look over there….. A shape-shifting lizard ufo-driving baby-eating tunelling monster! The facts being almost as strange as the fiction it’s easy to conflate the two and dismiss the whole lot! And the sideshow barkers always were happy to work for ‘tips and tricks’ only.

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  7. Actually because the patients in mental health units have undiagnosed and untreated vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms and pernicious anemia which has not been identified diagnosed of treated it means that doctors are knowingly using defective medicine which is illegal .


    • Surely if it ‘has not been identified’ the doctors are not ‘knowingly’ using defective medicine?

      Are you claiming that all mental health patients are suffering from vitamin b12 deficiency?

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      • That’s like saying homosexuality is caused by a hormone imbalance. People have mental health issues for a thousand different reasons, some are historical, some are born with it. PTSD Schizophrenia, anorexia, Bipolar are just a few, I doubt very much if a couple of vitamin tabulates are going to cure it.

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    • As a person currently on a number of medications which keep me alive I thank every medical researcher ( and Big Pharma) who have contributed to the discovery of those drugs.
      I do believe big pharmaceutical companies are probably far too greedy but that’s a matter for governments to look into- doubt there is conspiracy there.

      As someone who has an ailment that internet fruit loops say marijuana will cure, I’m not convinced. However I have a friend who got accepted for current medical marijuana trials in NSW (I missed out) who reports very positive results in pain easement with marijuana oil which he swears has now given him more energy but his bad blood count has not changed.

      So marijuana can definitely have positive results although others in the same trial are saying it is doing nothing. The results seems to be 50/50 at present but this trial has only been going for 4 months so who knows.

      As for those ignorant fools who blithely claim marijuana cures everything from warts to bad breath a pox on them. Thank God we have government bodies- especially in the USA that now are so strict about releasing new drugs we hopefully never get another case like the terrible Thalidomode scandal that wrecked so many lives.

      Vitamin B12 ? I get a jab every week from my doctor but it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference but as it comes free with socialized medicine why not.

      Perhaps cobaltatomic27 is a Tim Veater agent and part of his “campaign” which will consist of what?..writing bad things about shrinks on his website or blogs, letters to MPs and demands to psychiatrists at the mental health unit to cease & desist or he will hold his breath till his face goes purple and stamp his feet?

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      • Sorry to hear about your health problems GofS. Wishing you a return to good health as soon as possible. Also glad that you’re not heeding the cannabis cures everything brigade, who, as we’ve seen, hide the most appalling abusers and nutters in their midst

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        • Thanks but no sympathy needed. We all get carried away by something in the end and who knows, I just may surprise Angie and have a seat next to her on the Rapture bus.


    • Cobalt, that’s an extremely serious allegation. Please could you provide a list of the banned medicines that are routinely issued by medical staff to patients in psychiatric hospitals? Thanks in advance.

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      • No responses to EC and spiny’s requests, then? Cobalt must be busy.

        And by busy, I mean bullshitting.

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  8. The thing is, this patient wasn’t just protesting about child abuse.

    According to various sources, this patient had been posting leaflets through doors and putting them on car windscreens. And was involving himself with a woman and her daughter, with the possible intention of feeding them cannabis juice and discussing sexual abuse. A young man that appears to really believe in a satanic cult. Which is entirely different from people like Angie et al, that know fine the cult doesn’t exist but use it for their own agenda.

    What Tim is doing is cruel. Tim is attempting to use a mentally ill young man for his own purposes. Quite possibly just to try up his readership on his blog. I have noticed him linking/advertising it on various forums.

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  9. If Tim V truly cared for the person he has written about then he wouldn’t say the things he has. This again shows that the hoaxers only care for what they believe is right and the don’t spare a seconds thought for the damage that they will cause to others.

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    • They also seem to be – as usual – ignorant of God’s word, if they genuinely believe they can predict the date of the second coming:

      “For you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.”

      ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:2

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  10. Could this campaghn of theirs not lead to him being kept in longer? Surely the people caring for him will be concerned about them creating an unsafe environment outside the hospital.

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      • Coffee here. Need to keep myself awake. Might even resort to propping my eyelids with toothpicks to keep them open. I tried repeatedly slapping myself in the face last time, but even that wasn’t enough.


    • I would actually listen to Rainbow dame just to hear the latest fruit loop offerings but it’s a shame she missed the Uni lecture on timing and how to process 2 hours of information down to maybe a 10 minute talk that concentrated on the most important aspects of their broadcast.
      As it is it’s like somehow sitting down in a coffee shop and over-hearing to barking mad customers ramble on about the world fro hours on end.

      Thankfully others on here are made of sterner stuff.


  11. Aka.

    Barrel of condensed vitamin B12 and strategically aligned sick bucket at the ready.

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    • Rupert claimed that one of his mum’s ancestors is Charlemagne. Prince Charles’ ancestors include Charlemagne.

      It’s a pretty weird thing in my experience claiming ancestors, royal of course, from European antiquity. The most hilarious one I have seen was a claim to be descended from Boudicca. No one tell them that in ancient times and the dark ages, when the UK had many kingdoms, that usurpers faked genealogies, or they were made up later by descendants.

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      • “Shy goldfish shady in the green weed
        By gadflies giddy in the haze,
        Here I sit; I knit. knit, knit –
        And with the garden gnomes I say :
        How nice to be in England
        Now that England’s here :
        I stand upright in my wheelbarrow
        And pretend I’m Boadicea.”

        (Vivian Stanshall)

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  12. I posted some uncomfortable questions for Angela in the video chatbox earlier. Biggie deleted them and blocked me and now he’s blatantly denying that any questions had been posted by anyone! LOL


  13. LMAO @ the detail she’s going into about tomorrow’s economic collapse that’s definitely going to happen!

    Hey, maybe we can use that as an excuse for not being able to contribute to her GoFuckMe fund πŸ˜€

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  14. LOL, she’s finished by stating that she’s been the victim of more “witchcraft”, “spells” and “black magic attacks” and that she’s going to go into more detail in her next “show”. I can’t wait πŸ˜€

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  15. Proven paedophiles? – Like her dear friend Ella who she DIDN’T report to the authorities for allegedly being filmed abusing a child? Imagine protecting a person like that? A cynic might view that as proof (or at least good evidence) that the accuser was projecting their own guilt onto others and was in fact a paedophile/apologist themselves. – But I’m keen to keep an open mind, hear her ‘proof’ and consider her evidence about anyone here. I’ll even be glad to ensure it’s brought to to the direct attention of senior Police Officers.

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    • Yeah, consider the source. I’d prefer not to name “the greasy wop shistos pesevengi gamouri Greek bastard” but I would like to thank that nice Mr. Breaker for those inspiring words.


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