Will Angie show her face at today’s protest?

With the recent spate of arrests placing a decided chill over the Hoaxtead mob this week, Angela Power-Disney has continued to exhort the faithful to attend today’s rally against child abuse at Westminster. In fact, while the arrests were taking place, she tried to convince her followers that this was a “cynical attempt to derail the protest”:angela-protest-2016-09-16If the arrests of Lee Cant, Rupert Quaintance, and Neelu Berry are enough to “derail the protest”, then one wonders just what sort of protest it will be.

But more to the point, it’s still unclear whether Angela herself will be attending. In her last CCN video (the one with the purple hat and abysmal sound quality) she tried to joke about trying on outfits in which to get arrested, har har.

And that video was clearly filmed at her daughter’s house in Northern Ireland. Not only was the decor noticeably less “the 1990s died here”, but Angela noted at one point that she was using her daughter’s phone so she could avoid paying long-distance charges to the UK. Our Irish friends tell us that this is only possible from Northern Ireland.

So arguably, as of Wednesday evening Angela was already on UK soil; any concerns about border crossings would presumably be moot.

Then there was Angie’s uncharacteristic radio silence on Thursday, which some took to mean that she was en route to London. Others were less convinced, suspecting she was using the time to wallow in paranoia and rage.

Opinion has been divided here: some of us feel that Angela would never willingly place herself in the path of arrest (at least in part because they limit your ciggies while you’re in custody). Others feel that the martyrdom of arrest is right up Angie’s street: it would definitely be a bragging point amongst her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters.

Ultimately, the only one who really knows is Angela herself. Does she have what it takes to stand up for what she claims to believe in so passionately? Or will she be more like Belinda, leaving the arrests and court cases and such to the ‘little people’?

We hope that any of our readers who might be passing by Westminster tomorrow between 11 and 2 will let us know of any Angie sightings. (In the interest of full disclosure, we should point out that El Coyote has £10 riding on her not being there.)

For old time’s sake, here’s a shot of Angie at the 2015 rally:


170 thoughts on “Will Angie show her face at today’s protest?

  1. I believe she will turn up with a purple lampshade on her head and be promptly whisked away in an ambulance to the nearest nuthouse.But then I am an optimistic half pint full sort of guy.

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  2. A more pertinent question is whether anyone genuine show their face at the protest? – All having been driven away by the carry on of frauds like Disney, McKenzie, McNeill etc.

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    • The Great Pedo Demo of the 17th may be enough for them to put their indifferences aside.
      It’s regarded as the Social event of the season.
      Have the Crystal Team surveyed the joined and placed crystals at each corner? After all they seemed to have worked in both court cases for Neelu.


  3. Sorry, I know I’ve mentioned this before but these protests are pretty regular events around Parliament – and we’ve often shared and discussed videos of previous ones – so what is it about this particular one that’s got Angela so worked up? She’s been screaming about it round the clock for nigh on two weeks (whilst simultaneously saying that the World will have ended by then anyway, lol). Seriously, she’s treating it like it’s some kind of coup in which she’s gonna lead the baying masses to storm the gates of Downing Street, drag Mrs. May out into the street and execute her in a Ceaușescu/Louis XVI stylee. Am I missing something?

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    • Simple – it’s a promoted event on the conspiritard circuit. A commercial gathering at which ‘business contacts’ will be made and deals seeded.

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      • It’s really in truth a Social event for the Cult of Mumsy to get together and have a good old chin wag about people they don’t like that have put themselves out and are there for serious reasons, not for a good ole bitch fest.

        Some people are genuine Survivors of CSA but the Cult of Brenda has turned real people away and turned it in to a very small Circus.


        • This ‘Mumsy’ character is an associate or friend of Bill Baloney IIRC?

          Far as I’m aware, the latter was last heard from online in a interview with Lou Collins speculating that the ‘real reason’ for the Palace of Westminster renovations (*) was to get rid of the evidence of all the bodies of the children that had been killed there.

          (*) http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/jun/18/palace-of-westminster-renovation-options-report

          Rather than, you know, the more obvious conclusion that buildings – all buildings really, but particularly old ones that are in regular use – sometimes require renovation.

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          • He was up here last year at the Television Festival trying to ‘schmooze’ with the great and the good – a few ‘slighty tiddly’ (real) industry pros started ‘ripping the pish out of him’ at a particular event whereupon he had a hissy fit in the car park. Nobody seems to have heard a Dicky Bird since.


    • No clue, I’m afraid. I think now that she’s the Official Holder of the Royal Lampshade and Sceptre of Hoaxtead, perhaps she feels obliged to make a big thing of it?

      BTW, your image of the guillotine reminds me: if anyone sees Mumsy there knitting, be afraid.

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    • Angie in that new hat- all she needs is knitting and a front row seat to watch Neelu execute all the judges she has removed from office and arrested.

      And remember Rupert’s penchant fro cross dressing so keep an eye out for a drag queen with a Yankee accent carrying a tripod.


      • But do we know where Rupert is?

        And if he’s in the London area, does he have bail conditions that forbid him from talking to any of the other Agents of Sabine and Neelu?

        Rupert does however carry off the cross dressing rather well and he could appear disguised as a woman.

        He’ll get away with it until he opens his big mouth and produces from under his dress, the tripod.

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        • Maybe Angie and Rupert have hatched one of their genius plans and have plotted to go cunningly disguised as each other to evade the beady eye of the law.Their sheer ineptitude is mind numbing.


    • Spiny Norman.

      It’s because since the last one she attended (either her 1st or 2nd rally) Angela has now risen up the ranks and feels she is the Top Dog or Oldcastle Dogger re the Hampstead Hoax.

      I’m not sure how much interest the few people attending will give her.

      It’s all about their Egos with a lot of them and they certainly won’t like it if Angela tries to take over and run the Show.

      Oh! how I wish I could be a fly on the wall at Big Ben looking over them and seeing what really goes on.

      Not the edited video they’ll show.

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  4. “El Coyote has £10 riding on her not being there.”

    Ha! Gotcha. I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart 😀

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    • With the amount of fags that Angie gets through she could well end up finding herself as the bitch of B-wing doing ‘favours’ for a pinch of tobacco.

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    • “we may not be wealthy, but we have compassion and a social conscience,” said Angela.”


    • Caligula married his horse as well and we know how that ended.
      Remember that Angie is a master of make-up as you have all seen on her CNN videos so she could be in disguise but my contact has sent a copy of her passport photo so keep an eye out for her…

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    • Social Services could not have checked with her GP if she actually has fostered.

      Her medical file must be full of different mental health diagnosis’.

      The woman has delusions of grandeur.


      • Gobsmacked if Angie passed social services vetting for fostering.If she has then it throws into massive disrepute that agencies checks and proceedures.Give her perchance to hit her own kids with T squares and lots more it seems an oversight that her own kids were not subject to close monitoring. Seems Teflon Angie escape the net there too and kept her meal tickets rolling.

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  5. There is a rumour that today’s rally is cancelled. Someone upset Granny Potato Mumsayyy, but we can wait and see.


    • It’s going ahead under a different name I heard.

      Granny is attention seeking (as usual).

      Granny Potato Mumsayyy is NOT The RALLY.

      It’s not all about her even though she believes it is.


    • Granny has upset many, many more people than have ever upset her.

      It’s her problem if she is upset. She must take responsibility for her own emotions.

      She has had many people in tears, not added Survivors to Survivor Groups, just because it was “her” group.

      Granny is not a Survivor, she has no good cause to ban people from Survivor Groups and she is one of the last people that should be running Survivor Groups.

      The real problem is her Arthritis is probably playing up with the rain…

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      • Yes I know all about her and what she does, I have seen it for a fare few years now. But she has been throwing her toys out of the pram all week. I read some where it was also cancelled because there is another demo going on today.

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        • OpDeath is not Anonymous ( as in the real expert hacker mob ) as they love to claim (so many of them do) but is definitely just one person- most likely a basement dweller who has ideas above his (very lowly) station and obviously thought he was putting the fear of God into people but once they started laughing at him (her?) they’ve gone downhill ever since.

          They’re a really strange lot these ones who try to imply they are the hacking Anonymous- as though they are going to produce any day now a Wikileaks style batch of secret emails and such with messages from David Cameron to Barack Obama stating “the Satanic Rothschilds need another 1000 kiddies delivered by DHL to Bohemian Grove for a grand BBQ with every European leader and Hilary Clinton and her Lesbian tribe of lovers. Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel will perform live sex on stage before devouring one baby each”.

          But all they do is repeat David icke’s hogwash and other loony websites and occasionally a Daily Express article about a convicted pedo.

          I have no idea if it’s Wesley PP Hall or even who Hall is but of the bill fits !!

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      • “Death Eaters” – Characters from a children’s book which, if I recall correctly, were quite sinister. Essentially racist themes surrounded them together with torture, murder, secrecy, paranoia….. All this rapped up in an occult package. What a role model for them to adopt! And that’s leaving aside the (frankly offensive) infantilisation of what IS a very grave and distinctly sordid, non glamorous, type of offence against the person.

        What ‘opposition’ is there in actually GLAMOURISING child-abuse in this way? – In reframing it into the reference points of childish fantasy? Particularly those of horror-fiction. What opposition is there in ignorance, skilllessness and the pursuit of glory for entirely selfish reasons?

        These people are entirely concerned with the conflation of opposition to child abuse with ‘fairy stories’. And similar forms of conflation are well-recorded as one of the ‘tools’ used BY child abusers in order to manipulate children! Given that this conflation serves no legitimate purpose, is sinister in its nature, and seeks to trivialise (infantilise) child abuse it can only exist to draw energies away from legitimate opposition to child-abuse….. Dirty filthy frauds the lot of ’em!

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  6. From Angie’s Facebook timeline and an example of why these hoaxers sicken me: the creep that posted this along with the comments demonstrate extraordinary ignorance and they don’t even bother to find out the facts.

    What this ghastly Derryn Hinch, a former shock-jock and convicted criminal for breaching court orders 3 times (he was jailed) but managed to get elected to the senate actually did : was name 4 men who are actually in jail for child sex offenses.

    He revealed nothing except…their names had been suppressed by the courts – as they often do in the UK – because naming them risks identifying their victims who are guaranteed anonymity (usually means it was a family member)

    Hinch examples these ghastly self appointed phony “anti-child abuse campaigners” who do the opposite : expose children and abuse them by doing so.

    And of course Angie and her bunch of clueless twits haven’t bothered to research Hinch’s history where he admitted sleeping with a 15 year old girl he thought was older- and commiserated with a teacher who had been charged for exactly the same crime.

    But the girl has never been found so Hinch can’t be charged.
    Why do these people so readily accept into their fold highly suspect “activists” and often, people have have been convicted of child sex crimes?

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  7. Oh well, there may not be many there but at least she can rely on the staunch support and commitment of Tim Veater. Oh wait…

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    • She’s just unbelievably dumb as well isn’t she?.

      She reports Hoaxtead as ‘cyber crime’ for what ?- saying she’s a hideous lying bat (probably rude but true) and she is on Youtube & CN frigging N every second day defaming and accusing all and sundry of the most evil crimes without a scintilla of proof and even accusing people of shocking crimes when they have been found to be innocent in the UK’s High Court.

      I wonder if when she went to the Garda to report Hoaxtead she also mentioned how she has falsely accused a number of British police, social workers and judges of being criminals?

      Not only that she routinely exposes abused children’s images and names- a criminal offense (just because others have done it doesn’t mean everyone can).

      I think I despise this woman.

      ## also you are a liar Angela Power-Disney. Lawyers you have hired have no power to force you to settle any claim and must at all times act in your best interests. If they advise to settle a claim it’s because they have decided the amount offered will be the most money you can get.

      I’ve seen this so many times with lawyers – greedy clients who think their lawyers should be able to squeeze the person they are suing till the pips squeak. (in two cases were I sued newspapers I wanted to settle for a reasonable sum and both times my lawyer made me sign an agreement that I was settling for less than he believed he could obtain so I couldn’t come back later and accuse him)

      Sorry but the truth about Jake is- he’s as thick as 2 short planks. Anyone who would take advice and directions from this old crone has to be very dense. Doctors will have their work cut out for themselves with him.
      Long after Hoaxtead is just a memory I feel Jake will be in and out of mental health units for the rest of his life going from one nutty conspiracy to the next.

      These people do not get better without treatment. they deteriorate. Neelu is a prime example and Power-Disney is a very dangerous woman and a complete disgrace the way she is undermining doctors.

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      • She didn’t report us anyway. She claims to have support in Wiltshire police but is unable to produce names or a crime number. All bollocks, like her alleged “class action”.


      • Jake is an absolute fool to take any notice of Power-Disney.

        It makes me wonder if coming from a large family his own Mum didn’t talk much to him when he was a child.

        I’m not having a dig at his Mother, I feel sorry for her with the predicament she is now in, but I’m wondering why he believes every word that Power-Freak utters from her ugly head?

        Maybe she’s just reinforcing what he thinks anyway but I think she is putting the crazy idea into his head and that is downright EVIL…


    • This dame is now advising a mental health patient to mislead his doctors and then publishes that on the web, apparently totally ignorant to the fact that they would watch Angie’s facebook posts as they are aware she is a part reason why he is ill.

      If Jake’s parents do not exercise some control, which they legally have, over who Jake has contact with then he will deteriorate and be sectioned for a long time.

      And that advice includes to pretend he doesn’t believe in babies being cannibalized but that he wants the Hampstead case properly investigated.

      Quite apart from the fact doctors have nothing to do with investigations and Hampstead was investigated properly and a subsequent appeal was rejected and a complaint to the IPCC was also rejected and psychiatrists and doctors cannot order a re-investigation…shrinks treating obsessed patients are well aware that mentally ill people often back-peddle and pretend they no longer believe their obsessions in an effort to try and get free and fool their treating doctor.

      I believe Angie is very sick in the head quite apart from having zilch interest in abused children, is a narcissist with sociopath tendencies devoid of empathy. She exhibits none towards Jake but does a terrific job of appearing (to him) to be empathetic to his current woes while all the time, making them worse.

      She is a scammer but often psychopathic scammers don’t even know where their scam is taking them because there is one thing they are extremely bad at : making cogent plans with a goal at the end. They can jump on bandwagons – and Angie did that some time ago when she was a minor player and has worked her way to the top and in doing so, she has basically caused the downfall of those around her and whatever plan she claims she has, it’s crumbling around her.

      Now she is making enemies of former pals and can’t understand why this is happening.

      One thing with sociopaths : when people like Hoaxtead bust her in a lie which has happened several times and it appears she is trying to fool us now with her Pedo Demo (non?) appearance, they don’t get upset they simply look for a new way of continuing the path they have chosen albeit being a very rocky one, and simply lie to cover the previous lie.
      We can see that with her African children’s charity- finally exposed and busted she first lied about posting accounts, claimed the dog ate them or something and then just dropped the entire matter as it was no longer of use and has most likely never given them a second thought as they are no longer of use. She will do the same to Jake and that will make his condition far worse.


      • Yes GOS, when Angela finally drops Jake he is going to be devastated.

        I hope he recovers…


    • Whoopee do, Angela went for coffee and a walk along Whitehall.

      Don’t think you’ll get away with your slander forever Angela, you’re not immune unless it’s you that is MI5.


    • What are they actually going to protest about?. Child abuse? Do they really think the coppers guarding Whitehall and Downing Street or the passing public are ignorant to the notion there is child abuse?

      Do they not read newspapers, or at least their on-line versions or watch TV? They are full of child abuse cases (they only have to read Angie’s FB posts). Have they not heard of the independent inquiry that will look into decades of child abuse in the UK?

      What they really want to do is protest and screech about the innocent people they have falsely accused – like the residents of a North London suburb or the so-called VIP Pedo Cult ruling elite. Nutcases..all of them.

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  8. There was a massive demo in aid of the refugees today, even if a few had turned up they would have been outnumbered and laughed at. Thousands were there with a big screen etc.

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    • Yes, I think that’s what we’re looking at in the webcam shot that SN posted. Anyone who turned up for another event would have just been met with raised eyebrows…if anyone noticed them at all.

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  9. By my reckoning there were 5 people at the rally.

    Angela, the bloke in the red cap, 2 women and a man.


    • “The Non descript 5 mooch about randomly for no particular reason”.Sounds like one of Enid Blytons lesser works where she got serious writers block.

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      • LMFAO, ok one of the women had long grey hair about 70, the other female was about 45, sorry that’s all I can do for a description and the man was, well just a man about 45 as well. LOL.

        The 5 Mooch’s.

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        • Jesus wept.I can hardly see fleet street hacks scurrying around frantically jockying for this scoop. “5 Idiots amble around doing not much at all really”fairly unlikely to make the headlines for tomorrows Sunday papers.

          Angies attempt at overthrowing western civilization and installing herself as arch bitch overlord may have to wait another day.


    • Angie has no limits when it comes to the depths she’ll plunge….. I can make out the name (Port) Láirge on that white flag…. Are there any other images of the refugee march online yet?


    • That is definitely NOT the CSA Protest.

      Perhaps she is trying to say that is how people SHOULD be doing the CSA Rally and not the piddling 5 people that did turn up.


      • If Angie was trying to say that she would….. Nope, the auld mare is trying to mislead her followers.


  10. Note that the text accompanying her posted photos is deliberately oblique- it doesn’t say it was the demo but implies it but gives her room to deny she is misleading.
    Unless she gives proof that she at a demonstration today and others were there she is trying to mislead and that says an awful lot about her character.


      • Didn’t Angela fall out the other day with this Jockney woman by outing her real first name?

        What a f…..g Bitch Angela is, wanting to blackmail with sex photos now!

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    • We all know she is a liar.

      I’d like to see evidence of her Post Grad Journalism qualifications she claims she has.


        • You could well be correct there Joe. Angela lies so much she has probably convinced herself she has this degree when she hasn’t. The post grad journalism qualification is definitely a lie.


          • …..A lot of hoaxers make this sort of claim. But the plain fact is that Journalism is a trade or profession like any others, and to lay claim to it you need to spend time learning the discipline. The biggest ‘tell’ with Angie and others is that a real Journalist would know the law regarding the identification of those children and, most importantly, understand WHY it exists. The woman is a fraud through and through…. 30-odd years ago she was trolling around London pretending to be someone else – an actress. Her whole life has been one lie, one scam after another. As you say, maybe she’s been at it so long she’s forgotten the truth about herself; doesn’t change it though.

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      • Significantly more chance of seeing hundreds of people starting to float upwards with stupid grins on their faces than seeing Angie backing up any of her gobshoite.


  11. Very odd that Belinda McKenzie would put £250 in Angie’s GoFundme fund when Angie says she had no-where to stay in the UK (no invite from Belinda?) and we still have no proof she was in the UK today and also puts £280 in Rupert’s GoFundMe account at the very same time for his ‘pedo’ movie when he seems to have completely vanished into thin air.
    £530 from the tight-fisted McKenzie when APD could have stayed at her house for free?

    What a remarkable co-incidence when Hoaxtead was just discussing the fact McKenzie & Power-Disney may have fallen out as Angie tries to wrestle control of the Hoax and when Kung Fu Rupert is either :
    1. detained for a visa breach so could not access his gift from Belinda or
    2. was arrested in connection as a possible agent of Neelu / Sabine being in breach of a court prevention order and giving him money to assist in that breach such as make a film of the hoax would basically make Belinda an agent also.

    I smell some Dirty Rats in Oldcastle.

    # and an oblique but ‘friendly’ reference to Jockney Rebel in Lanzarote.

    Too many games Angie- it’s what brings down scammers in the end.


  12. Even if she was meaning the Irish demo as ‘this is how it’s done in Ireland, it’s a pretty crap way to behave considering she begged for money to get to London on the first place.

    Though it seriously wouldn’t surprise me if she flew to London, took a couple selfies, flew off to Lanzarote and posted the Dublin pic to pretend she was in London all day.


    • @Dave

      It’s certainly possibly that is what she was trying to imply.

      The anti-water charges protests in Ireland are motivated by, in my view, genuine and legitimate public outrage, rather than a fake and fraudulent campaign led by nutters, a campaign which has made absurd, unbelievable and in some cases downright defamatory claims against ordinary Hampstead residents, business owners, schools, etc.

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      • I am not a very technical person, but I can also confirm that Liza Radley’s researches on Google Maps Street View are correct – that photo was taken on Dame Street. I know Dublin well, simply by virtue of the fact that I’ve lived here for most of my life. I’ve been to gigs at the Olympia Theatre on quite a few occasions. Most recently in 2011 for Suede.

        I am curious as to why this Angela Power-Disney person moved to Eire in the first place? Oldcastle is a distant suburb – way out beyond Tallaght. It is technically in Dublin county, but most Dubs would consider it rural.

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        • ^ apologies, I have confused Oldcastle with Oldbawn, Tallaght.

          Oldcastle is in County Meath, not County Dublin.


          • Ah, Tallaght – home to a particularly nasty troll called ‘Eric McCurry’. I recommend to anyone who encounters this psycho to steer well clear – he’s an extreme racist who delights in plastering black people’s names and addresses all over the internet and trying to get them beaten up!


  13. Yeah, I’ve checked Google Maps Street View and Angie’s protest photo was taken in Dame Street, Dublin 2.


  14. As things stand it appears EC`s £10 stake is looking like a sound investment.His bet was whether Angie was “there” or not.There is some doubt whether she was in Parliament square today but forgetting that minor detail the rally itself pretty much wasnt.

    The really clincher for EC`s bet is that Angie is never all “there” and I see no evidence to suggest todays events have changed that in any regard whatsoever.

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  15. I came for news of the protest, but from what you’ve got here and the lack of any relevant discussion among CSA obsessed Twitterati, I gather it was a non-event.

    While I’m here, forgive me while I go off-topic yet again 🙂
    It occured to me, that my comment to Heather about Finklehor’s definition for “Ritualistic Abuse” not actually talking about Pazder’s ritualistic abuse/ritual abuse/SRA, I forgot to say what Finklehor WAS talking about.
    Finklehor was talking about SOMETHING, here: (from “Nursery Crimes” 1988, pg59)
    “We propose to define ritualistic abuse as abuse that occurs in a context linked to some symbols or group activity that have a religious, magical, or supernatural connotation, and where the invocation of these symbols or activities, repeated overtime, is used to frighten and intimidate the children”.

    What he is talking about, there, would more accurately be termed something like: “occult role-playing”.

    Children and youth in our culture sometimes use games, such as strip poker or truth & dare, or lures such as “you can join our secret club if you let us see you naked”, to overcome their own and each other’s normative inhibitions about nudity and/or sexual activity. There had been, and subsequently have been, a handful of sex crime conviction cases where the staging of pseudo satanic or witchcraft “coven” ceremonies were reliably documented to have been used as a luring strategy by the perpetrator(s). Such cases typically involve young teens as victims and older teens or young adults as the perps, although there have been ones where mature adults or adult couples had lured teens this way. The perps are rarely actual practitioners of an occult related religion, and the staged ceremonies are based on hollywood or medieval “witchcraft” stereotypes with some halloween costume type props; capes, candles, maybe a plastic skull…
    These would be examples of sex crimes occurring in the context of occult role-playing.
    Very young children wouldn’t be expected to have the cultural knowledge base to use “won’t you join our witch-coven” to lure them, and I can’t think of any documented cases of that.

    But the purpose of Finklehor proposing an alternate definition for “ritualistic abuse” is simply apologetics anyway. He needs to provide CSA therapists and other professionals working in Child Protection with a plausible explanation for the occult-satanic “ritual elements” in statements attributed to alleged child victims, which THEY induced/solicited, or had falsely claimed to have been told, or had uncritically accepted a third party’s account of the child stating. Because the shit would soon be hitting the fan – exposes about the fraudulent adult ex-satanists and SRA victim claimants in the evangelical testimonialist racket were already being circulated, as warnings, to such professionals and would be picked up by big media sooner or later. If their only explanation for these “ritual elements” was – “I got suckered by fake experts!”, their credibility would go in the toilet. Finklehor’s alternate definition at least refers to something REAL, even if it isn’t really talking about “Ritualistic Abuse”.

    Many people in Child Protection are still “True Believers” at this point, however, (and some will always remain that), so their two most treasured SRA concepts will still be preserved in Finklehor’s proposals; “True cult-based Ritualistic Abuse” will be preserved as a subtype, even though he can’t provide any genuine case citations or other documentation for it, and “identification with evil” will be preserved as a proposed but equally unproven possible motivation for sadistic sexual abuse of young children.

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    • [url=https://postimg.org/image/3lmyywfu5/][img]https://s22.postimg.org/3lmyywfu5/14384000_306728623039328_398086248_n.jpg[/img][/url]


    • Old photo, no-one under 18 anymore.

      It’s not a crime to post photos of people is it?

      I’m not a fan of Angela but Yannis called me a SLUT too on twitter, so FUCK him I say.

      The rumours or perhaps they are facts, I’ve heard about Yannis and his step-daughter etc…

      All I can say to that is, Mmm…


  16. It really was below the belt, but I don’t know what else one would expect from Angela. Yannis sent me those screenshots to post as well, and I agreed to do so, but now that you’ve put them up I’ll leave them.

    I did make the point that his sudden flip-flop, in which he began accusing those of us who run this blog of being paedophiles, was an extremely serious and completely unfounded allegation, and that we did not take it kindly. I hope he now understands that playing one side off against the other is a fool’s game, especially where someone like Angie is involved.

    Just for the record, I have no intention of continuing this conversation; as far as I’m concerned it’s now a dead issue.

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    • Oh blimey, yes – I have no time for Yannis. He didn’t only accuse us all of being paedophiles but also actively sought to endanger our safety and security by trying to find out and reveal our true identities to people he knows full well have threatened to kill us.

      He’s also a lying bastard whose claims have included that he had Guidance 2222 arrested.

      Oh sorry, just seen your last sentence, EC. I know when to shut up, LOL.


  17. Good grief.Shit hitting the fan in fantasyland it would seem.Apart from demented Jake who is too thick to realize he is in a loony bin because of her I believe Angie as now successfully alienated everybody. Only her refelection left to argue with.

    It not like she wasnt warned stupid cow.


  18. Interesting…. I’ve just had sight of Quaintance’s Facebook page.

    DIsney is obviously quite deranged, truly sick-in-the head. Whatever Yannis is ( and that includes being an imbecile) his kids are ‘off limits’. Of course, a twisted paedophile-apologist like Angela Power DIsney has no such limits, and is plainly happy to abuse children as she is doing here….. Quaintance I would say is complicit in this. If he has access to the page/account he has the option to delete it. I do hope the law comes down VERY hard on him…. A shoddy Septic con-man who tried to capitalise on the sexual abuse of children. – Just dirt.

    And, for the record Angela….. Your scumbag friend Quaintance IS lowlife drug-abusing vermin by the very fact he is a self-admitted pothead. Nothing ‘good’ or ‘peaceful’ about that. No different from any other druggie sewage…. Absolute filth, no matter how hard you try to dress it up. He’s scum, just like yourself and the vermin you spawned. Really, the best place for the likes of you is jail…. You fool few people with your deflection and projection techniques.


  19. Hey Rupert! – Your new Mercedes has arrived!

    …..Been easier if you just deleted as much of yourself from the internet as possible. Maybe Pop can pull a few strings and get you a job back home as a drain cleaner?


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  21. I see : “Rupert is a peaceful legal pot smoking activist who avoids drugs and even alcohol”.
    Where to start with that statement? lol.

    I think we can assume a number of things but I’m happy to be corrected:
    1. Angie did NOT go to the UK and used photos from a different visit to give the impression she did. She carefully worded her posts so she didn’t directly lie.

    2. The Great Pedo Demo of the 17th was a fizzer with the handful of regulars either growing weary of the infighting or are wary of getting involved with a number of people who have had their collars felt.

    3. Rupert’s new found Peace & Love attitude is the result of a couple of sobering days in a police cell which tends to focus the mind .
    Rupert resisted pulling any Kung Fu Panda moves on Mr Plod especially when he holds the keys to your freedom.

    Rupert was probably also questioned by a couple of smart detectives (often University trained these days) who can appear polite and even pleasant but are armed with facts & law & the poor man/child was unable to run his usual verbal rings around them which he is used to doing in his (amateurish) “radio” broadcasts and rather sad Youtube videos.

    ## as for avoiding : “drugs and even alcohol” Angie seems confused and maybe doesn’t realise pot IS a drug and there is an internet report (which doesn’t mean it’s true) saying Quaintance was fired from one “radio network” ( euphemism for 2 peeps in front of their PC with a microphone publishing stuff on YouTube) for being drunk all the time and causing havoc.
    ### Angie herself is a drug addict : addicted to legal nicotine which she should seek help for as the possible medical ramifications are dire considering how many ciggies she smokes.

    3. Whoever Emmanouilidis is, he is right to be upset that hoaxers are using photos of his children who are innocent parties in this squabble and he is factually correct as Angie has stated on Youtube videos she regularly took to her kids with a T-Bar piece of wood.
    Coming from a family that never ever used physical discipline rather the far tougher discipline of withholding privileges ( the very worst my Dad ever did was tap my brothers and I on the wrist with his own fork to get us to hold eating utensils properly and observe good table manners and I have always thanked him as he always correctly stated : “good table manners will open doors”.)…I have never understood parents who use physical violence and even wince when I see a mother slap her child in the supermarket.

    4. Real activists do not just walk around with placards at demos (although that may be part of their work) or ramble on the internet and create websites that assume much and accuse numerous people of vile crimes without proof.

    Real activists work very hard at mundane and practical ways of seeking change. You could say even politicians are real activists as they go through a long process of extremely hard work to get themselves elected so they are in a position of power to bring change.
    Of course there are assorted ratbags among them (looking at you John Hemming) but most try to be ethical and have people’s best interests at heart.

    Because they have different beliefs and politics is a pretty down & dirty business, the notion that an MP in one party could commit despicable crimes like the rape of children and even murder ( Ted Heath?) and get away with it when they have so many enemies on the opposite benches, it is laughable. Their enemies are real (many in the media) and will destroy ruthlessly as Keith Vaz is discovering.

    The current mob including Hoaxers who claim to be “activists” are no different to the sad chap who in the mid 1970s for about 10 years stood at Oxford Circus with billboards around his neck which claimed all sorts of conspiracies (including “Fluoride kills” and much Icke style stuff) but who was ignored by the 1000s who passed him daily.
    The New Internet “Activists” are largely today’s version of the village Poison Pen Letter authors who lob bombs of untruths and hateful lies not giving a stuff about who they may harm and their falsehoods are amplified to a much larger audience.

    5. I think Gonçalo Amaral was treated really badly by the British media and police and his own bosses but that does not mean his theories re: Madeline McCann are correct.
    To continually call the hapless McCann couple (who unfortunately do not have the most sympathetic media persona – most people don’t. Remember Lindy Chamberlain? ) murderers after what they have gone through is so vile but indicative of today’s Internet “Activists”.

    6. the Hampstead Hoax was bound to fall apart eventually because the participants basically don’t give a stuff about kids (too many examples of this) and are made of outright loonies, scammers and would-be empire builders competing with each other.

    7. Can you “donate ” to a GoFundMe campaign using a fake name? (like ‘Belinda McKenzie’) and why does a woman who claims to have rented an apartment in Lanzarote and regularly travels there, not be able to pay her car insurance and telephone bill?

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    • So much good thought-provoking stuff here, GoS. We’re hoping to have a firsthand account of the Great Pedo Demo available soon, but preliminary reports pretty much confirm your assessment.

      And yes, I doubt very much that Rupert was able to blag his way out of his recent encounter with the police. I do wonder whether he actually boxed their ears, as he once claimed he would do in the event of arrest. That would have been good fun to watch.

      And spot-on about the difference between real activists and the Hoaxtead mob. As for donating to GoFundMe under a false name, didn’t Angie try that last spring?


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