Angie a no-show at child abuse rally

Despite Angela Power-Disney’s attempts to convince her followers that she actually showed up at Saturday’s anti-child abuse rally in London, we can now definitely report that there was no trace of her to be found there on that day. In fact, the rally itself seems to have been a complete bust, drawing a grand total of two protesters.

Our Man on the Ground spent the morning and early afternoon at the site, and sent us back this report:

I got there at about 10:30am. It was Saturday and Westminster which means 1,000’s and I mean 1,000’s (in the real sense, not the way Angie says it) of people. It was so busy it was hard to walk in some places. Parliament Square was covered with groups of people so I had a walk round. (They’d have been there for the Refugees Welcome demonstration, which attracted thousands.—Editor)

Thought I saw Rupert, then thought i saw him again and again—then realised there are lots of Americans look like Rupert. Eventually, on the corner I saw the small Scottish woman with the huge…tracts of land, deep in conversation with an older man. (That’d be Mary Rooney and  fellow conspiranoid Sid Hingerty—Ed.)

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Mary Rooney and Sid Hingerty

I walked round a few times but no sign of anyone else. Didn’t know what to think—perhaps they’d arrived late and the demo had gone off elsewhere?

I walked up to Downing Street to check that out but all that was there were groups of Americans and Chinese. So I walked down again and those two were still there so I found a seat on a wall and waited….and waited…..and waited…..

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

“I don’t think she’s coming, do you?”

Anyway, about 11:30 am Mary gets a text message and they both stand up and look like they have a purpose.

Then they both RAN (and I mean RAN—like a couple of 15-year-olds—they’re both fit, I’ll give them that) across the road and up Parliament Street towards Downing Street. I’ve honestly never seen two people that old run that well.

I thought they must have found the others so I followed although lost sight of them cos my running days are over. I walked on the other side of the street to Downing Street but again—nothing going on there. So walked back towards Parliament Square and there they were. Sitting outside the Red Lion.

I was feeling pretty thirsty by then, so I slipped around behind them and got myself a pint of shandy.

About 12:30pm decided to have one more go round the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square to see who was there. By now it was HEAVING with people. But nothing! Nobody!

Went back to the pub, and Mary and Sid had gone.

But no sign of Angie anywhere, all day. No Belinda, no Neelu, no one but Mary and Sid. I reckon if Angie had been there, she would have met up with her friends, especially because they were the only ones there for that protest. 

We showed Our Man on the Ground the selfies Angie posted Saturday, and asked whether he might have just missed her?

Not a chance.

See this picture of Angie? This photo is taken exactly where I was and where Mary and Sid were sitting:


Now—she wasn’t there between 10:30 and 11:30 when I was there. And she wasn’t there when I did a walk round about 12:30pm. And I did a walk round three times.

By 12:30pm the place was HEAVING—you could hardly walk down the pavement. And yet in the picture of Angie and Big Ben it’s 12:20pm, and only a few people there. So—I think—the photos were taken at another time.

We asked Our Man on the Ground about Angie’s shots of the police stationed outside Downing Street.


I visited Downing Street three times (it’s only a short walk up the road from Parliament Square). Each time I went there were two policemen in front of the gate and none behind it. Both coppers were middle aged and white.

Not one young, dark-skinned cop, then. Hmm.

So…bottom line: the rally that Angie hyped so loudly, and claimed she’d be attending, consisted of two old conspiraloons who hoofed it off to the nearest pub as soon as Belinda texted to let them know they could abandon their post.

And not a sign of Angie. You don’t think she could have been telling porkies, do you?

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  1. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the creepy old bloke who was skulking around with Rooney. He was also at the church protests telling people to “stop watching telly and get off your arses”; and at Blackfriars during the trial.

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  2. Hmmm, so she faked her attendance? No surprises there, then.

    On the plus side, though, I hear that the Dublin water bill protests went well 😉

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  3. =====================================================================

    Hmmm, really? For the record, I’ve now “inboxed” Angie more than once and requested this alleged evidence – as per her invitation – but alas, to no avail:


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    • Not a chance. She just didn’t want people to know that when push came to shove, she wasn’t willing to stand for her principles.


  4. I’ve been thinking this over.
    It is of course possible (though unlikely given what I saw) that Angie slipped in and out of Westminster without me seeing her. There were so many people there I might have missed her and I did leave for a sneaky pint. (Hey it was a warm day!) If she was there at 12:20pm though the question is why? To arrive so late she must have known the demo was called off so why show up at all? It can only have been to (a) prove to her friends she was there and hadn’t legged it and/or (b) cock a snook at the police. Take note those policemen/women who read this blog. If Ms PD was there she was taking the piss.
    I can only say that if she was there she should be damn glad she didn’t run into me because my intention had been to give her an on-camera dressing down she would never forget and then advise the nearest policeman/woman of her presence. I have it on good authority that they would have been interested and willing to entertain her.

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    • Why would she bother spending the money when she knows all the main players were not going?

      These would-be leaders of the Cult are not capable of addressing a crowd of strangers or staging a single person protest on their own, they need their cohorts there as support.

      Angie alone, rabbiting on about Satanic abuse in North London would just confuse the Japanese tourists but they would still take a photo of her (they lurve their photos) and back home on a slide night they could screen the pic and say “ahhh..crazy raving lady in Whitehall wearing lampshade”.

      And why is anyone including Belinda McKenzie donating money to (they have the right to burn it if they want to) a grifter like Power-Disney when she can still afford to travel, as she claims, to Lanzarote where she maintains an apartment?

      My (psychic) take on this : Angie deliberately gave the impression of going to Whitehall on Saturday knowing the Inner Core of The Cult (Neelu, Sabine, Rupert, Belinda) would not be there but convinced McKenzie to ‘donate’ £250 on the belief Angie would be there waving the flag but intends to swan off to Lanzarote.

      The snap is an old one. Let’s watch her riveting CNN broadcasts ( stick pins in your eyes to stay awake) over the next week or so and watch how her suntan develops. ( she may end up looking like an orange like Mel Vd).

      Unless other snaps of a demo appear on the net or a Youtube video is published we can assume that no protest took place.

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  5. They are such a deluded bunch.
    Whether there was a protest or not how in the hell does it aid one single child of which there are 1000s in Britain alone and 100,000s (an African orphanage we are aware of ?) around the world who are are suffering abuse in so many forms- neglect, cruelty, mental & physical abuse, fear of death in war-zones, starvation and sexual abuse (statistically around 17% of all abuse).

    Does it salve their conscience that by standing for a couple of hours in Whitehall with a sign they are achieving some relief for all these kids?. Do they think surfing the net and seizing upon tales of arrest and conviction of abusers (some stories being years old) is actually aiding in the relief of abuse?.

    While at the same time writing blog posts and Facebook pages dishing out vile insults to the very police and social workers who must work under difficult circumstances and within limited budgets to catch these abusers (or insulting a hapless Mental Health nurse who relays information that is to protect a patient).

    And those limited budgets have to include rounding up a bunch of old goats and an arrogant Yank who continue to defy High Court orders.

    This endless fantasy about MKUltra plots against children from 50 years ago which all those loonies buy into including APD and their internet heroes like Fiona Barnett do absolutely zilch to aid one single child today when there are 10,000s in need of help at this very moment.

    It’s like an excuse to not actually confront today’s woes rather they prefer delve into the past and construct a situation which has a minimal of truth but it is mainly 90% invention. They confuse endless talk of abuse as actually do some thing to prevent it. In reality, apart from their madness and obsessional behaviour, they are frigging lazy bastards to boot.

    They remind of some friends I have who are virulent haters of the Catholic Church who rail against priests and nuns (I’m never practised any religion) because of the many awful tales of abuse have been revealed from 20/30/50 years ago and while the past is being addressed by official bodies they ignore the 1000s of decent priests and nuns who work in Third World countries and devote their entire lives to helping the unfortunate for little return except a roof over the heads.

    This mob are incapable of separating fact from fantasy or examining any matter in detail and refuse to see good in any case, rather they can only recognize what they believe is evil all around them.
    This Hoaxtead Mob are the biggest bunch of phonies on the scene.

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    • Well said Sam.
      In addition, the hoaxers actually muddy the waters and confuse people about the nature and frequency of CSA. If you start to believe the big dramatic lies about cults and “satanists” etc. you might miss the real picture of relatives, babysitters and so on who are by a long stretch the most frequent abusers of children.

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      • Yes, child sexual abuse is rarely the grand dramatic set-piece that the hoaxers make it out to be. It’s usually quiet, private, and carried out in the context of an ongoing relationship of trust (such as a parent, step-parent, other relative, caregiver, family friend, etc.).

        This is what makes it so difficult to detect in early stages, and so hard to believe for outsiders: it generally originates in a situation where a child is placed in a relationship of trust with an adult.

        The Hoaxtead mob just further muddy the picture by claiming fantastical scenes involving cults, skulls, blood-drinking, cannibalism, and all sorts of other logistically improbable things. These just make the public even more sceptical about a problem that is already difficult to face.


        • ^ El Coyote

          It’s important also, though, to recognise that institutional child abuse occurs and has occured, and to recognise the damage it has done in our societies and communities, and the damage done to individual survivors and victims.

          In Ireland, the pioneering journalist, Mary Raftery, started off investigating the heroin trade, and she kept coming across people involved as users or dealers in that trade that claimed to be survivors of institutional abuse in residential care homes – and that was essentially why she decided to go into investigating institutional child abuse.

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          • Absolutely, yes. When I said “people in a position of trust” with children, I intended that to include caregivers of the institutional variety as well as babysitters, etc. This would include residential care homes, and places like residential schools for indigenous children in Canada. These are places where children were entrusted to the care of adults who in too many cases abused them physically, emotionally, or sexually.


    • “This endless fantasy about MKUltra plots against children from 50 years ago which all those loonies buy into including APD and their internet heroes like Fiona Barnett do absolutely zilch to aid one single child today when there are 10,000s in need of help at this very moment.
      It’s like an excuse to not actually confront today’s woes rather they prefer delve into the past and construct a situation which has a minimal of truth but it is mainly 90% invention. They confuse endless talk of abuse as actually do some thing to prevent it. In reality, apart from their madness and obsessional behaviour, they are frigging lazy bastards to boot”.

      THANK you so much, for that. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      There are a continuous parade of new MKUltra “mind control” True Believers and/or victim claimants, year after year after year, who have only just started to learn about the subject and – thinking they’ve stumbled onto terrifying secret information that no one else knows about – set about “raising awareness” of what they think they know about it, with evangelical zeal, which is both annoying & amusing. Totally oblivious to the reality that the core of the MKUltra revelations has been in the public domain since at least the 1977 Senate Committee On Intelligence hearings – wherein it was revealed that not ALL of the MKUltra related documents had been destroyed in 1973, as previously believed. In fact, 7 or 8 boxes of documents – all the budget related ones – had been overlooked during the 1973 purge. OOOOPS! 🙂

      A woman named Ann Diamond is one of these “new revelation-ists”. She’s elderly, seems a very nice person, genuinely caring and concerned for the well-being of children anyway. She stumbled upon info about McGill and Dr Ewen Cameron’s MKUltra funded research not that long ago, decided her family had been victimized in some way, and wrote a whistleblowing book centered on her family. She was VERY surprised to discover that publishers she approached seemed to already know all about this (!) and more surprised that there already exist many, many first-hand accounts of alleged MKUltra victimization in book form. She concluded they are all some kind of conspiracy…
      Anyway, she had been posting allegations that Dr Cameron secretly used children for his “subproject 68”, “psychic driving” research, (something that I know is NOT true), but without any reference attributions for this info. Eventually, I found a blog post where she reveals the source of her knowledge about these secret child experiments:
      “I was contacted by a group of psychics who , while knowing nothing about MKULTRA, demonstrated an astonishing ability to explore the program, via remote viewing. With no prompting from me, they described those long country drives from my childhood that ended at a military base south of Montreal. Then they went onto locate and talk to murdered children in the spiritual world, interview them, and in one session even read their 1960 files hidden in the catacombs under the Allan Memorial Institute…”

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      • I happen to know a person who really was part of Dr Cameron’s MK Ultra-funded experiments in the 1950s. She was then a middle-aged woman who went to Dr Cameron for treatment of depression. His team subjected her to various experimental drug treatments and ECT (electro-convulsive therapy), and when she came out after six months her family said she was a changed woman.

        Not in a good way, though. Her sister told me she thought the treatments had taken the life out of her, and her intellect seemed dulled after she came out supposedly cured. We only found out that her treatments had been unorthodox when the story broke about Dr Cameron and the Allen Institute, some time in the 1980s or so.


        • “…and when she came out after six months her family said she was a changed woman”.
          NO DOUBT, Adam. Very likely understated there.
          There’s no way that patients or their family members/ guardians could have given “informed consent” to these experimental “treatments” – since Cameron himself couldn’t be certain of the results, and they were often horrifically drastic in application & outcome. There isn’t anything GOOD to say about them, IMO.

          But children were not used in this patient ‘pool’.

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          • ECT is still in use today, but it is used relatively infrequently.

            I have read research indicating that it is effective in cases of otherwise treatment-resistant severe depression.

            On a side note, an early U2 song ‘The Electric Co’ is about a friend of Bono’s who was given ECT in Grangegorman hospital, back in the late 1970s.

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            • Yes, I believe ECT is used now, but in a much more humane fashion. The dosages are minuscule compared to what they were in the early days; and as you say, it is one of the few effective treatments for otherwise resistant severe depression. It’s important to balance the risks of using ECT against the reality of severe depression, which has serious consequences and can be fatal.


        • There was a lot of experimental treatment going on in all fields at the time. A friend of the family was given a “safe” radium treatment for a birthmark on her face in the 1950s. She says she will never forget the look of horror on the face of the nurse who removed her bandages to discover that not only had the birthmark gone but most of her nose and upper lip with it.
          Now there would have been given an enormous amount of compensation. Back then she got some very crude reconstructive surgery. Happily despite the disfigurement she went on to run a business, get married and have children.

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          • How awful! I remember people happily standing in front of x-ray machines absorbing many times the amount of what is now considered a safe maximum dose. One wonders how many of those people wound up with cancers in later life.


          • This thing….

            Is called a Pedoscope! It would probably go into overload in Angie or Rupert went near it. But it is basically an X-ray machine that you would once have found in a shoe shop! Small children and shopgirls were regularly exposed to ionising radiation from a fixed isotope within! – Super!

            I can actually remember seeing one of these (disused) in a Glasgow department store when I was a very small boy. – Might have been Goldbergs or Pettigrew and Stephens.

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    • They think we are ‘sheeple’ but follow a man who has set up a non-existent Brussels’ court (in his bathroom) and ‘dissolved’ an entire country called Canada and renamed it Kanata. If it were true it would make him more successful that Adolf Hitler & Genghis Khan.

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    • Sorry, could I just verify the DATE of that exchange? People this end are interested in the involvement of Karen Quaintance in causing loss/illness among those who were harassed. – Bear in mind that they may well find themselves on the wrong end of multiple damages actions; anything that helps establish HER liability might well be of use.

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      • I’m all for shutting mangy plower dingy and troofbert up but this person is a REAL threat to children, lets face it nobody would listen to mangy but believe the children and Sophia are much more polished and pro, dangerous people who think they are on a mission from god.

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        • Fortunately, they have a very limited audience right now, as the vast majority of people (including most of the original true believers) have turned away from Hoaxtead in favour of newer bright’n’shiny troofer stories. Kristie Sue’s blog has a very low readership, and let’s just say that Sophia is not nearly as good at hiding her identity as she thinks she is.


      • Yes, “Believe the Children” is Kristie Sue Costa. She is, you might say, an Abe & Ella Fundamentalist: she believes in the original Gospel According to Abe, in which he tormented two children into making insane allegations against their father, their school friends and their parents, their teachers, and anyone else in the Hampstead community that Abe and Ella did not like for any reason.


  6. Angela Power Disney was given $250 by Belinda McKenzie to attend a child abuse rally that she never attended, then Disney puts together a fraud to dishonestly say she attended. Is Angela Power Disney going to give back the $250 to McKenzie? This is what happens when people give money to Disney, she spends it on fags and holidays to Lanzarote.

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    • Quite apart from Angie’s endless ridiculous claims of being a journalist and anti-abuse campaigner and all the other claptrap she has come out with, when she said she would like to foster the two children who featured in this case I realized she also stark raving bonkers as well.

      It would be like inviting Jack The Ripper to become CEO of the Prostitutes Collective.

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  7. Ahhhh.. so Rupert had a falling out with Kevin Galalae. I wondered why I got no answer when I asked (no-one in particular) what had happened to him.

    Rupert is like a One Man Diplomat wandering the world and bringing his own version of US friendly relations to the unfortunate natives of uncivilized countries like Italy, the Netherlands and England.
    I’m surprised the U.S. Department of State haven’t snapped up Kung Fu Rupert for the diplomatic corp and placed him somewhere as an Ambassador. Somewhere like Libya, maybe Syria or even Iraq.

    Other people travel the world and sort of build up a group of friends abroad over the years who they can return to and visit. Poor Rupert Wilson Quaintance 1V just leaves a trail of enemies glad to see the back of him. I’m not surprised after reading comments from his gun-toting mum Karen who he takes after. Bet they just love Donald Trump.

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  8. I still have a feeling Angie got an early flight (or arrived Friday) and maybe was in London before the man on the ground got there are 10:30am. Took a few photos, making sure to get the police in them, then flew off to Lanzarote. The whole exercise being to show she didn’t get arrested, and make that comment ‘close but no cigar’ once she was safely in Lanzarote. After all, she was only wasting Belinda’s money.

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    • It would also explain why she is not photographed with other people, as they had not turned up yet. Angie being gone before they arrived.

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      • Maybe if it was Friday? – Although those covers have been on the roof for a while, she was in London a few weeks back wasn’t she?

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      • It looks like she may have been there then if it wasn’t from another day. If there had been other people she would likely have taken photos with them and of them. Clearly the turn out was not what she expected or hoped for.

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  9. Angela Power-Disney becomes fashion commentator:
    “London fashion week. The future of men’s wear.
    Destroy common core value and you destroy society.”
    Surely Vogue will soon snap up this University trained journalist.

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    • To be fair, I can never understand how those models manage to keep a straight face wearing those outfits. But I don’t think they’re the advance guard of some plot to destroy society, LOL.


      • True and especially at the thought of wearing a short skirt in the chilly UK weather and I don’t think models are chosen because of their intellectual qualities, rather how nature has rearranged their bones in a pleasing manner and an ability to walk in a straight line.

        But it’s all part of Angie’s bizarre claims that the MKUltra plot extends to every facet in life including the fashion industry where designers are now part of a plot to well, I don’t know “destroy society” I guess by blurring gender identification,

        Quite apart from this Irish harridan’s apparent ignorance that kilts began life in Ireland and are not a lot different to ladies’ skirts and the amazing variety of fashion down the eons ( which makes today’s popular outfits, jeans, hoodies and so on look extremely dull and colourless by comparison) she forgets the renegade rabbi Jesus Christ- if he existed- much quoted by Disney-Power would have worn a version of a ‘shift’ similar to a ladies long gown (the most sensible garment for the heat in that part of the world and still worn today by men) :
        I think this is small piece of evidence often claimed that since being gay/lesbian/transgender etc has become acceptable in the eyes of the majority, gay hate has been replaced by pedo fanaticism.

        ## my only criticism of the above fashion picture is the dresses look extremely dull and are not terribly flattering to the young chaps wearing them but I bet they still look better than Angie would in pearls and the same and accompanied by her purple lampshade hat.
        ### Note : Angela in her posed snaps in Whitehall taken on an unknown date, is wearing a denim jacket and denim being a US invention by Mr Levi (Rothschild? Jewish? Freemason?) was specifically made for the working man at the time as a long lasting, tough and endurable fabric.
        Which means Angie herself is doing her own little bit to “Destroy common core value and destroy society”.

        But of course I always forget : Angie should be forgiven as she is the result of MKUltra experiments as a child overseen by Dr Josef Mengele. Or was it Dr Victor Frankenstein?. I’m going for Frankenstein who was obviously Jewish (with Rothschild connections) so Angie should be thought of as Frankenstein’s Monster.

        I mean that in a caring way as poor Angie knows not what she does (a quote from Luke 23:34 reportedly said by the Rothschild Freemason called Jesus)

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    • She’s a funny lady. She should get down the V&A and have her eyes opened to clothing from around the world ancient and modern.

      I promise you all the designers go for ideas. So this summer, lots of this type thing….

      Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London 2016. All Rights Reserved

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      • ‘He wasn’t a frigging Priest!’.

        I take your point because most Hoaxters don’t seem to the know the difference between churches. Church of England vicars can, however, also be called priests and in the high church this is quite common.
        Most people aren’t aware that the Church of England also has monks and nuns – there aren’t many and they don’t advertise!

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        • Those ordained as clergy in the Church of England are actually priests. Some don’t care for the label and prefer to be called “vicars”, but they are priests, both men and women.

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    • And funny that everyone was so well behaved according to Jim, because Christine Ann Sands and Neelu got arrested not long after for what they did on that day 22nd March, 2015 wasn’t it?

      Christine is ordered to leave England and Neelu ends up having to attend Court many times and then having a Crown Court 6 day trial this 11th July with Sabine McNeill, where the pair of them were given Restraining Orders.

      Yeah Okay Jim, whatever…

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    • Anyone who thinks the behaviour outside the church was ‘reasonable’ needs their head feeling. Perhaps we should all go to Jim’s house and shout ‘Do you like eating babies?’ outside and we can see how he feels.

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      • I am tempted to suggest we rent a bus and head up to Newcastle en masse to see how Jim and Helen would like being treated they way they treated the poor people at that church. I won’t suggest it, though, because I know it would be wrong. Apparently not everyone understands that distinction.


  10. Probably a reference to Jake’s sectioning:

    In what Power-Disney calls “journalism” & “research” in her capacity to surf the net and seek out tales that re-reinforce her beliefs (although I’m not sure she has any)
    and do what she always does when under fire : post an endless stream of stories, her latest is a link to a video called “Psychiatry is a fraud” by Jeffrey Schaler Phd, a psychologist who correctly uses the prefix Dr. which can also confuse readers into thinking they are a medical doctor.

    Schaler is an anti-psychiatric fanatic who claims drug addiction is a fraud and so is psychiatry (but a bet a few million Yanks who discovered the wonder drug Prozac in the 1980s as a relief from their depression might disagree).

    Schaler is also a professor at the privately funded (Methodist) University which has a sorry history of racism against black students.

    What Angie probably doesn’t know is that Schaler is also a huge fan of the Australian moral philosopher Peter Singer who advocates euthanasia especially of children who are born disabled or with mental defects and advocates various methods governments should use to control world population. He has been accused of advocating eugenics.

    People can make up their own minds about what they think of Singer- when he is interviewed it’s often very difficult NOT to disagree with his statements which are those of an obvious deep thinker.

    Both Schaler and Singer’s views are the direct opposite of what Angela Power-Disney’s claims and could almost be used as proof of an ‘MKUktra plot’ to control the world’s population. What a dummy she is.

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    • Angie lacks the cranial capacity to look beyond the surface. Heaven forbid she should actually do a bit of research, instead of just posting idiotic bilge that she doesn’t fully understand anyway.


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