Rupert threatens psychiatric nurse

Yesterday we reported that Rupert Quaintance and Angela Power-Disney had attempted to visit Jake Clarke in hospital, only to be thwarted by one of the hospital staff, a psychiatric nurse named Ella Baker. Angela had a fuming temper tantrum over the indignity of being turned away (and of course she filmed it, because if no one sees you losing your shit cos the mean hospital wouldn’t let you have your own way, well, what’s the point, really? In the Land of Hoaxtead pushers, public rage is everything).

In Angie’s video, she reported that Rupert had been confrontational with the nurse, demanding to know who had authorised her to refuse them entry, and filming her as she answered. According to Angie, Rupert said, “So the police tell you how to do your job now?” and called her a disgrace to the nursing profession.

On Angela’s Facebook post about the encounter, Rupert took it further:

Rupert-nurse abuse 2016-08-31Rupert-nurse email 2016-08-31Insults are one thing, and psychiatric nurses as a rule have a thick enough hide to repel them.

But threats to “throw down” and saying he’s “(s)eriously about ready to mess someone up” in the context of his discussion with a mental health professional who was attempting to do her best to ensure her patient was protected from the people who’ve been using him as a tool in their war against an imaginary cult?

Sorry, Rupert, but you blew it. That’s threatening and intimidating, and we have laws that protect us from that sort of thing.

And sharing her email—Angela has already urged her followers to “hammer” the hospital with calls and emails. it’s hard not to assume that Rupert’s sharing the nurse’s email was intended to further encourage the Hoaxtead mob to join in with this disgusting abuse.

We’ve reported Rupert’s online shenanigans to the police, who were already aware of the disturbance at the hospital.

We hope they’ll take swift and decisive action.

Rupert-threatening face


121 thoughts on “Rupert threatens psychiatric nurse

  1. How this git got into the country is beyond me; let’s hope he’s deported and on the next plane back to the God-forsaken hole of hell that spawned him….. Preferably gaffa taped to the underside of the fuselage!

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  2. “So the police tell you how to do your job now?”

    No Rupert the police only enforce laws which by common consent regulate society; to protect people; to enforce rights and to resolve conflicts. Laws exists to prevent or deter people from behaving in a manner that negatively affects the quality of life of other people.

    It is an offence to use threatening, insulting or abusive language if it provokes violence or causes fear of violence (section 4 Public Order Act 1986).

    Seemingly Rupert is exempt from any such nonsense simply because he smokes dope the possession of which also happens to be against the law in the UK.

    Hopefully he gets lifted by the boys and girls in blue.Superwimp needs a dose of reality.

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  3. I have a little confession to make, the reason angelas panel on monday night had many more viewers than normal (18) was coz i was playing a joke on some old tory smith fans, i told them that CCN would be channeling him live that night, i thought it was gonna be mels waxing lyrical show, so if angie starts bragging about what a draw she is try not to laugh

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  4. Fortunately the UK police have yet succumbed to what many US local coppers do- shoot dead suspects who usually would only be on a driving infringement charge.

    Hospitals often have to deal with aggressive visitors which is a shame as their role is to actually help people. So to have this dimwit abuse and demean a nurse working under the present difficult conditions of the NHS – on not very much pay (my close nursing friend in Kent struggles to bring up her daughter on a nurse’s pay) – is a to step to far.

    To invite others to humiliate and harass her online is just despicable.
    What an arrogant dickhead he is. I think Jake will be there for some considerable time.

    # Did Angie wear her fetching black gloves on her visit ?.And puff on a fag? . Neelu’s hair bow is beginning to worry me.

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  5. Judge Justice Pauffley was right when she considered dozens of men like Jake Clarke and Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV are getting sexually tuned on and are wanking over the medical reports, videos and images of the RD children. Both these individuals are disturbing and dangerous. Quiantance should be arrested and deported immediately.

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    I think I have worked it out!!

    Superstar Angie has in the past claimed to work as an actress. In the nineties there was a UK TV series called “Band of Gold” which was quite famous for the use of marigold gloves. Angie is obviously seeing to be cast in a remake -BUT THIS TIME WITH HER BLACK GLOVES and a twist to who wears them.

    Carol will be played by Angie, Curly by Rupert….

    A little more about the old series:

    THIS is the gruesome moment kinky Band of Gold client Curly meets a bloody end.

    Curly, notorious for wearing Marigold rubber gloves in his sex scenes, is murdered in tonight’s episode of ITV’s hard-hitting series.

    Millions will see the panic of distraught hooker Carol, played by Cathy Tyson, as the desperate punter is mysteriously stabbed in her home.

    Although the murder spells the end of a role that has made actor Richard Moore nationally famous, he is GLAD to see the back of it.

    He says: “It’s been a fantastic part but I’ve had enough. The world of prostitution is grubby and sad and, although it is only acting, it’s difficult to live with.

    “I saw the red-light districts of Bradford and Manchester while filming and it’s a harsh world where humans are degraded. There is no glamour, and the physical brutality that girls endure is appalling.”

    Richard, 56, married with a son of 12 and a five-year-old daughter, leads a quiet life in a picturesque Cornish village. He is originally from Burnley, Lancs, and has been an actor for more than 30 years.

    But it’s the role of Curly which has made him a celebrity.

    In the first series of Band of Gold he was in the frame as a serial killer. In one shocking scene Carol handcuffed him to the bed and poured boiling water over his private parts.

    In the new series, Curly has emerged as wealthy chicken-factory boss Granville Duckan, who has fallen in love with Carol and plans to leave her his fortune.

    But in tonight’s episode (ITV, 9pm) he is killed as he pledges to change his will.

    Locals in Richard’s village have reacted well to his TV fame… but not everyone has always been so understanding.

    He explained: “There were many scenes in the first series which were very near the knuckle and the Marigold gloves have become a sort of emblem.

    “When I’m in the supermarket I try never to stand too close to the household goods department!

    “I have had endless gags about wearing Marigolds but people forget that Curly doesn’t use them because he is kinky – it’s because he suffers from eczema!

    “There is something about Marigold gloves which fascinates people. They are immediately associated with sexual perversion.

    “Viewers have been more interested by the gloves than the fact that Curly carries women’s stockings and high-heeled shoes around in his briefcase.

    “I was in Burnley one day when a woman in her sixties asked if she could have my autograph. When she opened her handbag she pulled out a pair of pink Marigolds and asked me to sign them. She was having a real giggle.

    “Women are generally very sympathetic towards Curly. In a strange way, they like him.

    “I wasn’t embarrassed filming naked sex scenes, but at times I insisted on having a handkerchief over my private parts because you feel so vulnerable.

    “It’s certainly not easy to be asked to masturbate on prime-time TV – and I hope I never have to do it again.”

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    • LOL! I reckon you’ve got it, JW. The mystery of the black gloves, solved at last.

      I’d been going with a time-travel hypothesis: Angela really lives in the 80s, but from time to time drops into the present day to scam a bit of cash. Fags were so much cheaper then—with 2016 money she can afford to poison herself in style! However, she rarely bothers to change her clothes before she time travels. I mean, who has time when they’re dying for a smoke?


  7. Another thing I find disturbing is the mother of the pervert Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. That mother is validating every perverse deed and word of her deviant son with her support of him on Facebook. Bates Hotel anyone?

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    • I believe that point has previously been raised by one or two others. And it seems like a fair one. The ‘Karen De’Fuckwit Quaintance’ character seems every bit as deranged as her underfed, underdeveloped (both physically and mentally) offspring. So much so that one does wonder if she is a fabrication. – If not, she certainly provides an indication of how an oxygen-thief like Rupert made it onto the planet.

      Someone this end made a few enquiries about the Quaintances a few weeks ago…… It appears they are what my Granny would have called a ‘quare bundle’. Bullies that seem to be afflicted with that plague worse than AIDS – Affluenza!

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          • I’m generally a charitable person; however the hoaxers and their supporters continually astound me by sinking to new depths. I thought Rupert was just naieve and he proved to be an idiot, then I thought he was just an idiot and he proved to be a pervert. I worried at first that this site was harassing someone who had good intentions; Rupert’s latest exploits show he is more despicable than anyone at first imagined.

            Rupert, if you are reading this, I offer you a final warning. Stop what you are doing, go back to Virginia, cut down on the weed and booze, get a proper relationship and a proper job. NOT because some non existent cult is going to get you, but because you are going to end up like the pathetic losers you have associated yourself with.

            But that is me being charitable again. I suspect you already like the life of a scammer too much and are beyond caring about the squalor into which your life will inevitably descend. All that pot has made you think that if a mad woman puts on long gloves and talks to a webcam for a couple of hours a day she might as well be Oprah Winfrey. That your friends and family are abandoning you must tell you something? It tells everyone else something: the day will come when relatives tell their kids they aren’t allowed to be on their own with Uncle Rupert, when someone will thrust a handful of dollar bills into your hand on the condition that you don’t come over for Thanks Giving. I hope that is an upsetting thought, because if it isn’t it is definitely too late.

            And for God’s sake leave poor Jake and his family alone. He might have a chance of recovery if you do.

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          • I think it’s fine to give people the benefit of the doubt at first—but each time Rupert opened his mouth it became clearer that he had an agenda in coming here, and that agenda had nothing to do with saving children from abuse.

            He says it himself in his latest interview with Angela on CCN: he feels he’s on the verge of fame, and he thinks this thing will catapult him over the top.

            If he stopped to actually listen to the wackadoos and nutters on the Panel of the Damned that day, he might have reconsidered. Each and every one of those people showed clear signs of being barking mad. Rupert either didn’t notice or didn’t care.


          • Not fame but infamy!

            He had his own show on a proper (not completely loopy) internet radio station. If he hadn’t blown it by turning up drunk all the time and actually put in some effort, he might have actually achieved some real fame by now.

            Catapulting him over the top might be a cheaper alternative to gaffer taping him to an airliner.

            Goodbye Rupert:

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          • Those human catapults could definately reduce carbon foot prints. Rupert could be launched into the celebrity stratasphere if he became the first to be catapulted across the Atlantic straight into mummies cradling arms.
            Sales of these devices could go through the roof in Mexico in the next few years.Anyone got Dragons den number(the tv program not Angies gaff).

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    • Well they are both lanky, unhinged and drawn to mother figures, but Norman had good hair, better dress sense and a cool house.

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    • Hmm between watching and posting ^ vid seems to have been made was mainly clips of RQ from Mondays CCN “special” and Ruperts initial bravado about raising hell in Hampstead.
      Feel free to housekeep/delete crew.

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        • Should always download these videos. I use Ant Downloader on Firefox- very useful.
          Rupert : musician, actor, comedy and fucking useless at all of them. As for “wearing many hats”- a mask would be preferable. One of those corny Anonymous masks. And a big Picture Hat with cabbage roses seeing he’s also a cross dresser.

          Speaking of cross dressers- I’m guessing that that former MI5 “spy” David Shayler didn’t get to meet the doctor and demand he sign a release paper for Jake. Perhaps they ushered him into a waiting room (padded cell) and he’s still there.

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          • There is nothing on Shayler’s twitter about trying to see Jake. Nothing about Hampstead at all actually. Though he could probably benefit with a stay himself judging by some of the other stuff on his twitter.

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        • Oh Christ he’s such a frigging bore isn’t he?.
          And that thing on Neelu’s head- I think it may be an antenna so intergalactic aliens can send her messages.

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          • Given Angies God bothering virtue signaling antics she hardly recoiled in horror or reprimanded baby Rupert when proudly announcing he had bravely pi$$ed on Hampsteads pointy building.

            I bet she had hoped he would do a proper Job.

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  8. Asking people to harass the nurse is petty and pathetic. It was not her decision alone but Rupert wants to take it out on her. Luckily, he is not a very intimidating or imposing character. He has the physique of a boy in his mid teens, with the attitude and dress sense to match. I would be more afraid of that haggard ugly frump he has aligned himself with. Hearing her croaky voice through a dark tunnel would scare the shit out of most people.

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    • Hardly beauty and the beast double act is it? Beastie and her mobile dildo has a better feel to it. They should do a double act in Benidorm now that Sticky Vicki has retired.


      • Having looked up “Sticky Vicky” (pardon the pun), I can only say that compared to Angela she deserves respect for a professional attitude and knowing when to quit.


        • Knowing when to pull out is very important as Rupert much to his chagrin is belatedly discovering.
          Aww,bless his little cotton socks.


  9. On a side note, funny that Angela shared Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy’s post about a 60yr old foster carer being convicted for rape, but not the one where Malcolm implies that Mel Ve is a GCHQ asset, working with Hoaxtead and that she groomed Sabine, causing her to be jailed,lol.

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    • Angie in that ridiculous outfit, the badly died hair and those black lace gloves….they probably though it was cross dresser David Shayler who threatened to visit.
      I’ve worked out why she wears those gloves- chain smoker- fingers probably covered in ugly nicotine stains.

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    • Too too funny.
      Awwww..Belinda fell and broke her arm. Well having just looked after a lady who did likewise 4 months ago and who is about the same age as McKenzie that’s Belinda out of the way for the next six months. She’ll also be zonked out on morphine and oxycontin for at least 8 weeks. And that’s just if it’s a fracture- if it’s really bad (who can believe Angie?) we may not be hearing from Belinda again.
      Re Tory : not being judgemental but I think Tory died of AIDs. He has that look and and it can affect people mentally very very badly. Could explain him. Then again he could have always been barking.


      • Rupert and that business of trying to avoid it for 5 days..then succumbing and whacking off. He’s one sick puppy. Well hardly a puppy. A dog.

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      • In the group gloaty photo in the bar following Sabines release Belinda has what looks like some bandaging that I would suggest is at worst a minor fracture but nothing debilitating although it will of course be milked for any drama and/or compo up for grabs.
        She most likely did it smashing up some incriminating hard drives or slipping arse first on to her prize megaphone.

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      • A sad thing about torys death is it was probably preventable, he was too scared to go to hospital as he thought reptillians would kill him, I commented many times that he should be in hospital but his fans said he could heal himself and aliens would heal him, by the time his mother phoned an ambulance he was at deaths door and it was too late, when he was in jail he was given meds and it made a big difference, when he first came out he looked and sounded better than he ever had, he stopped taking them and deteriorated fast. All his delusions came from kevin annett, david icke and the usual galactic cult morons, some of these scammers make a lot of money out of the mentally ill


  10. The re-writing of history goes on and on with Steven George on APD’s FB page:
    “I have tears streaming down my face, I can hardly breathe, I just want this to end, I cant stand it, all I think about are the days before I let the world know what Jimmy Savile did to me, and all the others, I have been punished for over 40 years since I was 13, raped at three years old, locked up ,raped at 10 years old,assaulted at 17 years old, beaten and solitary confinement, villified and now all this, at 64 years old what a hell I have to endure, and for what?!!”

    In his autobiography that could still be accessed on Amazon a few weeks ago, he told of his rather fond days at Broadmoor which were regimental but filled with activities and attended to by some really nice staff. He wrote fondly of the 2 visits in which he encountered Jimmy Savile and how Savile brightened up the patient’s lives and with a party like atmosphere.

    Think what you want of Savile- I have nil knowledge of what he did except what I read but I know of all the allegations the Broadmoor claims (which only came from George ) have been shot down as preposterous by staff and managers who say Savile never had a set of keys and he was accompanied at all times by tough staff- some of these patients had murdered people and were still considered dangerous and unpredictable and the very notion that a ‘celebrity’ may be attacked was unthinkable.

    Alas when Savile died Steven George “recovered ‘ memories of abuse and claims it was so he could receive compensation are wicked,
    Sadly no-one has ever been prosecuted for abuse against George and he fails to mention the deliberate house fire he started that almost wiped out a family of innocents and he was considered such a danger he spent 10 years at Broadmoor.

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  11. G o S – Well said. Frankly the state of flux in the memory of some of these people leaves them beyond the realms of even the slightest hint of credibility.

    The common denominator is a need to seek attention and approval from others.

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    • People are always very polite to her. I’m amazed by the professionalism of our public servants.


    • After Neelu has delivered her carefully scripted incoherant diatribe one of the office guys 4:25 says: “it means absolutely nothing to us”.
      Well he`s definately not on his own there.
      At least Neelu is setting her compo sights more realistically going for a mere £100 million.If she can come down another say £100 million she could be in business.
      Talk about batting on a losing wicket.


    • this loon spends all her time either involved in court cases or trying to get in more, shes out of her flippin gourd, social services should stop this nut from wasting anymore time, she should be banned from dealing directly with anything to do with law. shes a pest annoying working people who are not in high paying jobs, she is also pushing the swissindo scam which is illegal


    • Did you notice Neelu wasn’t wearing her Intergalactic Space Communications Device provided by the friendly Alien Lizards from Planet Pertinax in the Severan System, cleverly disguised as a hair bow and sent to the courageous Lien Warrior to calm her down as they feared she may burn out.

      They also sent one to the Talmudic Terminator Patrick Cullinane (great Irishman disguised as a court comedian) and it’s worked wonders for him which is why he’s been so silent recently. I saw him wearing it the other day, very fetching.


      • Many people mistakenly think the movie Mommie Dearest was based on the life of Joan Crawford but that was a ruse to cash in on her fame.
        It was based on the life of Angela Power-Disney as evidenced in the scene where “Joan” (Angie) beats her children in the middle of the night but they exchanged coat hangers for the T-Square (artistic license).

        You will notice the similarity in the way “Joan” is dressed in black lace gloves when she makes the little girl scrub the bathroom floor with Ajax at 2 am. All based on the life of the Irish Temptress.


  12. Neelu? Angie? Jake? Meh – for a more reliable source of information, I go to Kristie Sue Costa’s ‘Believe the Children’ page to find out what the intellectual elite are saying. Here are some recent pearls of wisdom:


    • Apart from all Jake’s other woes and outside this satanic lunacy-he’s also incredibly dumb which won’t help matters. Doctors will have their work cut for them.
      The total absence of any critical thinking by this hoax mob to recognize a person who was troubled long before they came along is an education into the vapidness of their thought processes.

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      • I think if Jack The Ripper came along this mob would have invited him into the fold and he would have been sitting up beside Neelu after their demo at the police station.

        Then they’d helpfully direct him to the East End and tell him where he’s likely to find some working girls hanging out.

        If history was different and he had been arrested and being tried for slicing the insides out of a few sad prostitutes they’d be down at the Old Bailey with their “Free Whistle Blower Jack” signs.

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      • I find my visits to the UK rather expensive now so I cherish every opportunity to wonder at buildings & scenery etc (odd when you live in a big city like central London for decades as I did you put off visiting so many historic places) . But I know when I go again next year I hope to do a bit more than wander up and down some back alleys looking at people’s drug paraphernalia. Some earth shattering investigation by Rupie just there. Illicit drugs in the UK- who woulda thunk it?.

        Of course we know the USA is totally drug free. Unless of course you go to the less salubrious areas of a big city or town (all of them) which make those Rupert’s alleyway look like the gardens at Buckingham Palace.

        There are not words strong enough to describe this idiot but I reckon BIG TWAT encompasses many.

        Fascinated that Rupert has managed to educate himself about the UK’s struggling mental health services (obviously totally fucking oblivious to the fact one of Hilary Clinton’s policies is to inject massive funds into US mental health services).

        Had some “choice words” with the nurse. What a total dickhead. Like she wouldn’t have dealt with abusive people in her day in that job.

        Fortunately when you visit the USA and have the opportunity to live there (2 years once for me) or spend time working there you get to meet such a fantastic array of people and form some great links and unique friendships with many Americans.

        But there is a reason a term spread around the world for decades before cheaper air travel made it much easier for foreigners to visit the States. Ugly American sums up Rupert to a T !. An arrogant know-all big mouth who demonstrates his complete ignorance every time he opens his gob.

        Jake a “whistle blower”?. Uhh?. I saw this happening around 5 years ago- the rush by these tragic “troofers” to co-opt a good descriptive word and destroy it’s meaning. They’ve almost succeeded.

        Good to know his family are his only visitors. I reckon they have twigged to this bunch of parasites.

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        • Plus, nitrous has only been outlawed this week (along with other so-called “legal highs”), so when those canisters were discarded, they might not even have been illegal drugs! Amazing find, Rupert. For your next trick, perhaps you can expose some empty beer cans.

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          • How do we know those are nitrous anyway? They could be Co2 surely? Anyone for paintball? Or that they’re not being used for model rockets……

            Kids up here make model drag racers powered by this means and race them. Are London kids any less imaginative? Only a druggie would automatically project his own vile ‘perspective’ on others like this.

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          • Plus she would have ready access to large amounts of Iso-Propyl alcohol, medial grade Nitrous, and numerous empty R whites Lemonade bottles…… I know several people who would be happy to supply the gaffa tape, matches and a fishing trawler to navigate to a launch site just west of Rockall….

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      • It will be useful for the Police to know he is probably still at the same address in Erith.

        Why was he lurking about in a back alley behind a chicken shop? Practising for his old age when he will be found there clutching a bottle of meths in a puddle of his own urine?

        I’m not sure if it is good or bad that so far he seems to have spent all his time on the side of London diametrically opposite Hampstead. Is he actually too afraid of the nonexistent cult to go there?


    • When he’s deported, I wonder whether they’ll let him take his “spaaaaghetti bolognesiiiii that I maka myself” on board with him or will he have to make do with airline grub?

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    • So correct me if I am wrong (CIA we never get it wrong) this video was made so to ask for donations? blow me. makes no sense, the acting is awful, and his anti British comments will not win him any friends. (Other than those with sick imagination running after dragons).

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    • That there is an example of Grade A 100% genuine walking scum. You can tell a lot by how someone treats a stranger. Records outside a woman’s house. She looks. He gives abuse. Evil fucker. She may not even speak English. Nasty piece of shit.

      Those nitrous oxide cream spray refills aren’t everywhere, not at all. I’ve seen a few on the street where people go out drinking in central London. That’s it. He’s in a place that has people with problems.

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        • I’m not amused that his first impulse seeing a frowning woman looking at a man making a noise by her door isn’t ignoring her or even saying hello. Such a professional.

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    • And now, a word from Miss Frances….

      Rupert doth protest too much

      Dear Frances Followers,

      For someone who claims he doesn’t care about the good people at Hoaxtead Research, Mr Rupert certainly does spend a lot of time talking about them.

      First, he writes that he doesn’t like Hoaxtead. Then he shows us how much he doesn’t care, by discussing us in a silly video that Frances’ dear pet turtle could film equally well.

      It seems Mr Rupert is trying to emulate the great Edward R Murrow, the famed American newsman who reported during the Blitz, reporting the horrors of war to millions of American listeners back home. Some hold dear Mr Murrow responsible for persuading Americans to join in the war effort.

      Frances knew dear Mr Murrow and she can say with total confidence:

      Rupert, you are no Mr Murrow.

      You are not even Ron Burgundy. You are, perhaps on a good day when the wind is blowing away from the abattoir, dear Mr Ron’s dunderheaded wingman, Brick.

      Frances’ advice to Brickpert? Go home. Get some counselling. Stay away from your mother. Put away the videocamera. You’ve got good, straight, American teeth: perhaps you can work for a toothpaste company?

      Give it a thought. And please, do not get back to Frances on this.

      Good night, and good luck,


    • The Police need a copy of this video saying Rupert and 15 others on the banned list have been talking to Jake.

      How does Jake have any chance of recovering when they are still egging him on?

      Might be a good idea if the Police had a talk with Rupert at the address he’s staying at in Erith.


  13. “Why is everybody picking on me, why is everybody being nasty” – Possibly because you are actually a real-life child-abuser Rupert; you’re involved in a smokescreen which is designed to disrupt and discredit REAL grass-roots anti-paedophile activism…. You’re a ‘wolf cryer’ Rupert, scum of the earth. And if that’s not bad enough you’ve stated your own ambition to rape young children and told the world how you masturbated to the original videos of the Hampstead children actually being abused by one of your fellow perverts, Abe Christie. ….By your own words, you’re a proven pervert and lie when you claim to be ‘fighting paedophiles’. Nope – you’re all about creating the myth that whistleblowers are mad people, drug addicts and criminals like yourself.

    As for your closing statements about what does and does not constitute a ‘real’ medical professional, pot, kettle, black as you wander about with your child’s toy video camera pretending to be a ‘journalist’ begging for money…… Your a shill, a fraud, and a dirty child-molesting scumbag. We don’t like your kind in these parts.


    • If you hate paedophiles Rupert why are you working so hard to protect them? Why do you think child rape is “funny”? Why do you consider images of children being abused by a known criminal and deviant to be ‘masturbation material? Why are you involved with fraudsters who leverage paedophilia to make money whilst simultaneously acting as apologists for some of the worst child-abusers justice has managed to unearth!

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    • I’m trying to understand why a psychiatric nurse would care that someone visiting a patient is from America.

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      • That said, in any medical form people have to fill in to enable psychiatric professionals to ascertain whether they’re insane, surely “Are you a Yank?” should be one of the questions. Being American increases your chances of being an utter fucking loon by about 37%, I think.

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      • He imagines that being an American gives him some sort of diplomatic status that allows him access to vulnerable psychiatric patients. The nurse was probably pissed off by his arrogance rather than his nationality.


  14. Rupert has waffled on about kicking down doors, getting muscle and going to confront people, but admitted on video that there had not been any clashes yet. Mainly because there is actually no cult to clash with.

    Then, at his first opportunity of a clash, he has to walk away with his tail between his legs, because a nurse was doing her job. That nurse sure has bruised his ego and made him look like the toothless loudmouth that he is.

    Rupert’s other ‘successes’ during his trip to the UK are pissing on a church, and giving grief to a woman curiously looking out her window at the guy filming around her home. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

    I wonder if he took the opportunity to question Belinda, Sabine and Neelu about their protection of real child sex offenders like Brian Pead and Peter Hofschroer?…..maybe those questions could produce some clashes. After all, it’s about UK Pedos isn’t it?


  15. Lots of them do, if not all of them, though being the cowards they are, they don’t comment.

    Why not I say?

    EC must know who of that lot are logging on and having a nosy.

    I suspect Angela absolutely loves this blog as much of it is about her.

    That psychopath needs to take a long, hard, look at herself.

    Her actions in grooming, manipulating and encouraging Jake are despicable.

    I don’t expect she has given him a 2nd thought now she is back in Oldcastle.

    Her little hero soldier is long forgotten…


  16. I’ve been trying to work out why she likes wearing her black gloves… well I came to the realisation that her idol must be Bette Davis.. she wore gloves all the time and chain smoked. However I do feel that she has modelled her look on the film Whatever happened to Baby Jane… The dishevelled hair, attempting to be appear sultry to gain male admirers, the gloves to make her look mysterious… Poor Bette would be turning in her grave…


  17. There are times (which seem to be increasing as time passes) where a solid case for bringing back the birch – or other such punishments – seems so crystal clear. A bit of readjustment therapy three times a day may (eventually) make them think about diverting their energies into something useful and worthwhile instead of all this nonsense.

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    • With all due respect, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that, as I am vehemently opposed to corporal and capital punishment (and would also dispute their effectiveness).


    • As clear as the Crystal Team of Penny Pullen, Neelu and Barry Lyndon.

      I’m not sure if there are other members.


  18. Dear supporters, friends and families of Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV. Why do you support this loser, who so far has abused a nurse, urinated on a church, threatened numerous British people, wants to have sex with children, wants to kick down doors of innocent people and masturbates to videos of abused children interviews with the police. By failing to challenge the behaviour of Quaintance, by supporting him in any way, you are also assisting and validating his behaviour and the possible harm Quaintance might do to children. USA and the UK have a special relationship, but what Quaintance is doing is help destroy that special connection between the two nations, perhaps that is what you all want, that the UK and the USA become foes rather than friends.


  19. Rupert is insane. After he is deported. He must be nabbed stateside and put in a padded room. A.J. can interview him from there, along with fellow hoaxster from “Sandy Hook” Jonathan Reich, who was extradicted on the 21st for harassing Newtown Coroner. HAHAHA! Both “hoaxes” are Toasted!

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