IPCC report offers a few surprises

For some time now, we’ve been speculating about the outcome of Ella’s appeal to the IPCC regarding the police investigation of cult abuse allegations in September 2014. Based on a few excerpts from the report, leaked by Drifloud on Twitter, we were able to surmise that things had not gone the way Ella and Abe would have preferred.IPCC-no breach of standards 2016-06-20IPCC-not upheld-no case to answer 2016-06-20Turns out we were correct: in fact, Abe and Ella have had the report in hand since mid-March, and have now set up another website dedicated to their appeal of the new findings.

Apparently some people just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Ella wanted for child abuse

However, they’ve published the entire report, and it does contain some very interesting titbits of information:IPCC-Ella wanted for child abuse 2016-06-20This isn’t really a shocker: Ella is wanted by UK police for child abuse.

Given that she stood by while her new boyfriend beat, kicked, suffocated, threatened, and tortured her two children into saying what he wanted them to, it would be surprising if Ella weren’t facing child abuse charges should she return to the UK. However, it’s nice to see it right there in print.

The police drive-round

One piece we hadn’t expected, though, came from the description of the police drive-round to enable the children to identify where they’d allegedly been abused: IPCC-Abe took kids for drive round 2016-06-20If you’ve read Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement from 19 March, 2015, you’ll remember that Abe took the children out the night before the police drive-round.

He and Ella attempted to keep this secret from police at the time—most likely because they were fully aware that this would constitute evidence of coaching, and would give away their entire scheme. IPCC-drive round-2 2016-06-20We note that the IPCC official takes a rather more lenient view, suggesting that Abe and Ella might have believed they were being helpful.

However, if that were the case, would they not have told police about it without having to be confronted? Their secretiveness gives them away.IPCC-drive round-witness report 2016-06-20It appears that a ‘concerned member of the public’—presumably the taxi driver?—reported to police that Abe was discussing decapitation and forcing the girl to repeat the litany he’d drilled into her during the Morocco trip.

“You know she’s a baby killer,” he said to the driver. Then, talking to the girl, he said, “What do you do after you kill babies?” The girl replied, “I eat them”. “What do you do after you eat them?” “I drink their blood”. “What does your dad do to you?” “Sex”.

According to the witness, the little girl appeared distressed, and well she ought. Imagine being a child and having your mother’s boyfriend announce to perfect strangers that you are a ‘baby killer’, and then force you to repeat those grisly details…it really beggars belief.

Abe: Just out of prison

And this is the first time we’ve seen any official recognition of what we’ve heard from various unofficial sources: not only that Abe had a lengthy prison record, but that he had just come out of prison at the time he and Ella began living together.

Once again, this raises the issue of Ella’s fitness as a mother. While we realise that having been in prison does not necessarily make a person unfit to be around children, surely a mother who cared for her children as much as Ella claimed to would want to exercise due caution when entering any new relationship?

This is only the very beginning of the IPCC investigation report, and we’ll be covering it in greater detail over the next several days. Stay tuned!10157382-mission-failed-stamp - Copy

71 thoughts on “IPCC report offers a few surprises

  1. BAM! This is dynamite, EC! From now on, whenever one of the hoaxer twunts mentions the IPCC report and how it supports their spurious claims, I’ll simply send them a link to this post 🙂

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  2. I thought I knew all about the physical abuse meted out to those poor little children by creepy Abe, EC. But my eye is caught by “suffocated”. I appear to have missed that one. What a vile disgusting little “man” he is.

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  3. Several things come to mind: the Hoaxer Cult so desperately try to rely on official organizations like the police, courts and IPCC even up until today but when it all goes wrong for them and those same entities shoot down their claims all they can do is trot out the ‘cover-up’ mantra.

    I am more & more shocked by how positively evil Ella Draper & Abraham Christie really are. However I think Ella is as dumb as a sack of potatoes for going along with this fraud but Christie is definitely a psychopath but not an intelligent one.

    I do not believe for a minute Draper authored any complaint to the IPCC but it was written by Christie. Christie exhibits the classic sheer arrogance of a psychopath where they often lose sight off what their war is about and it becomes a matter of winning battles (but losing the war) – they will nitpick and seize upon any tidbit and try to press home one aspect that in the end does not change the result. He also exhibits classic drug psychosis whereby he has created a grandiose scheme within his head & then out it into practice thinking it will just be accepted by the police.

    So it’s officially confirmed these two are wanted for child abuse. Their time on the run will come to an end at some stage.

    Those supporting them & we know who they are, have joined a sort of conspiracy to attempt to pervert the course of justice. It’s one of the most difficult crimes to secure a conviction for but they are guilty of it. They seem to be made up of a core group of fantasists, Satanist fanatics who have been making satanic abuse claims for decades (with not one case being proved) some mentally ill persons and a bunch of Useless Idiots like Rupert Q & Jake Blake. Others like APD are evil personified.

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    • Given some other things I’ve seen from their legals, the calibre of their complaint doesn’t shock me overmuch.

      You’re so right about Abe & Ella’s degree of evil. Each time I see something like this I am shocked anew.

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    • I would be shocked if i discovered that Ella wrote the complaint. In fact, if i remember correctly, ‘Drif loud’ initially made a complaint but the IPCC told him that he could not complain on behalf of Ella. That Ella would have to complain herself, either in person or via solicitor. I therefore assume that Ella just posted Drif Loud’s complaint via the solicitor.

      “It becomes a matter of winning battles”.
      I agree. I think that is now Abraham’s motivation. I think Abraham knows that his nonsense is not going to suddenly overturn Puaffley’s judgement or result in arrest of RD. He just wants to try ruin RD’s…etc life by using other people to harass him.

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      • Yes—and I think he’s still clinging to the delusion that he can somehow make money from this entire shambles. After all, that was the plan when they started: use the original videos of the children to run an ongoing ‘save the children’ campaign via the CSA survivors’ and online conspiranoid communities.


  4. And yet another case from Oz where someone is convicted for using Facebook to harass. I read this man’s post at that time and thought it hideous as he crudely attacked an Aboriginal Senator but compared to the crimes committed by the Hoaxtead Cult they are minor. I’m sure there will come a time in the UK where action is demanded given the shocking recent death of an MP & how the mentally ill can be stirred into action by the hate mob.

    ‘Man pleads guilty to using Facebook to harass retiring Labor senator Nova Peris’

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  5. Extremely charitable “benefit of the doubt” that the taxi drive around may have been intended as an act of helpfulness!!
    I appreciate the concept of impartiality in such matters but oh lordy this mission was simply piling abuse upon abuse and seeking to PERVERT the course of justice.

    Anyone who can still support or offer sympathy towards these disgraceful beings is either confirmed sad,bad or mad (or any permutation thereof).

    Gold EC.

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  6. Christie knows whats in store for him in prison, thats why he is dragging this out, its his only option, In prison other convicts wont be interested in his innocent pleas, he’ll be classed as a child abuser

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  7. I’ve been watching the release of the IPCC report with interest. Like when publishing the Jean-Clement video, Abe is so arrogant and dumb that he doesn’t know he is incriminating himself.

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    • No, he seems to imagine that this investigation somehow plays in his favour. Then again, he also thought the police would fall for his vile hoax.


  8. Great great stuff EC, very interesting reading, thanks for your efforts keeping us all informed. And all the people who contribute too, many thanks to you too.

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  9. As an observation:

    Does the incoherence of these sites strike anyone else? I’ve noticed it in a lot of the sites and posts published by conspiretards. – There is rarely, if ever, a narrative that a third-party coming to the site could follow. – No structure, no timeline; it’s as if we’re all supposed to be party to the head-space of the author.

    – You can kind-of understand this where a blog is supposed to be a set of online personal notes. (in which case why is it public?) I do struggle to understand this though when the author thinks they are making a point. – Is it part of the deluded mindset that they think themselves so connected to that world that they can impart information to strangers through some sort of osmosis?

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    • Yes, this has occurred to me as well. To me, it’s a sign of a profoundly disorganised mind, combined with an overweening egotism.


    • They are quite mad or dense. Hard to know.
      I see one “truth” spreading like wildfire is a claim the California government will jail anyone who questions Climate Change yet the new law does no such thing: there are no jail penalties and all it does is bring into line corporations who may deliberately spread or publish knowingly false information, punishable with heavy fines.
      Basically it’s part of the same laws that proclaim corporations cannot make false claims about a new drug or a new car or refrigerator or what the road is paved with or any damned thing a consumer may buy & use.
      Troofers of course claim everything is a plot while at the same time happily traveling in cars or on roads that are only safe because governments force manufacturers to make them safe.
      Sometimes I wish this hadn’t happened and a bunch of Troofers were in a building put-up without any safety precautions and the frigging roof would cave in on them.
      I don’t really wish them harm of course but if it did happen I would love some of the more hysteric Troofers were inside but I’d never actually mention any names although the words Araya Soma come to mind.

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  10. I see they are trotting out all the same old crap again on the new site. If Abe thinks this will convince any one he is mad; if he doesn’t think it will he is being bloody vindictive.

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    • As usual, Neelu is talking through her hat. The investigation report has only been publicly available via Abe’s blog for a short time, but it was received some time ago.


      • And they have basically put all their eggs in one basket by proclaiming (but misinterpreting) the IPCC report as a sacrosanct document but now they are completely boxed in. Wonder how they will spin this one? Suppose the usual : cult cover-up. Yawn.

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        • Yup and that RD was”obviously” the taxi driver and the whole legal system is in “actual fact” entirely populated with RD clones being turned out by the dozen at Cern.Cripes.

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    • She is at it yet again. Let’s keep quiet on this until after the “fun” starts on 11 July to avoid any accusations of prejudicing the trial.

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  11. How handy to have it there in black & white that Ella is wanted for child abuse. As Gabriella posted earlier this will be a handy link to post when required.

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    • Indeed and I think we can also assume Abraham Christie is wanted for child abuse given the documents we have all just read detail his abuse.

      Which means those who defend Ella Draper & Abraham Christie are defending child abusers and aiding them by giving them support when they should really join us to agitate for these 2 fugitives from justice to return to the UK and face the music.

      Unfortunately we have seen by their own admission we are dealing with a number of people who have highly suspect motives : one ( Belinda McKenzie ) who has been in business with a convicted pedophile, one who cohabited with a pedophile and one who has declared he would like to rape a child “just to see what it is like”.
      Hiding in plain sight or a meeting of the like-minded?

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  12. Abe must be feeling rather uncomfortable.

    He must know that the knock on the door is imminent and that the Police in his part of the world are not as nice as in the UK.

    Abe – you have to leave the slums one day….

    Read the article Abe and smell the coffee, at a guess its just like where Abe is holed up.

    Few visitors to Ceuta, Spain’s exclave on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, ever venture into the Príncipe Alfonso district. Home to the city’s poorest inhabitants (all of them Muslim), lacking the most basic amenities and crippled by 90-percent unemployment, it’s a third-world slum dominated by rival drug gangs fighting each other to control a trade that has moved away to Tangier. “It’s a pressure cooker that could blow at any time,” says a member of the Spanish security forces. “This is Spain, but it isn’t Spain. Quite simply, there is no law here, the state is absent.”

    Outsiders are not welcome in el Príncipe, and neither are the police, who rarely enter, and whose duties are limited to mediating in domestic disputes. In any case, the area’s narrow streets and alleyways prevent cars from patrolling; there is no station house. Even ambulances and fire services only come in when protected by the Civil Guard. The neighborhood, which sprawls up a windswept, barren hillside known as Monte Chico, is Spain’s African outpost. Each day, tens of thousands of men and women head through the district to the Tarajal crossing, carrying goods to sell in Morocco. El Principe has also become a hiding place for undocumented migrants hoping to make it into Europe.

    The hashish trade is a part of everyday life in el Príncipe, and one of the few ways to earn a living there: “It is the only industry in the north of Morocco; it provides the most jobs, and pumps the most money into the economy, and it also finances radical Islam,” says a Civil Guard officer. This year alone, four young men have been killed there in disputes that the police say are related to the drug trade.

    Kids here don’t care about Batman, their heroes are the gunmen who drive big fast cars and live in huge houses”
    Fátima, who prefers not to give her surname, is the mother of 35-year-old Mohamed Ennekra, who was shot and killed in August. “Mohamed had never been in trouble with the police; he earned a few euros each day making deliveries. How could he have been a drug trafficker? He was as poor as a rat,” says his mother.

    “If the government had sorted this place out long ago, then we wouldn’t be here crying over Mohamed,” she continues. “All the decent people have left. The police haven’t even bothered to ask me about my son – how can we trust them?”

    Mohamed’s sister, Saba, says her brother may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time: “Here, you can die just because you know somebody who owes somebody else money. Before, disputes would be resolved with a fistfight, but the kids today sort things out with guns. And that is what happened to my brother.”

    In el Príncipe, silence means survival, and nobody is willing to talk to strangers, least of all the police or security forces, who must rely on informants and what they can glean from intercepting emails or cellphone messages as they try to keep track of the drug traffickers. Although their attention these days is more focused on the threat from radical Islam, keen to recruit among the young men who see no future within a system that has turned its back on them.

    “It’s easier to investigate the jihadists than the drug traffickers, because there is more international collaboration, and also because Morocco is very supportive: but we get no help in fighting drug traffickers, the Moroccan authorities look the other way,” says a senior Civil Guard officer. “But when it comes to fighting radical Islam, the information services can’t do enough for us. In Morocco, there are two things the police won’t overlook: attacks against the monarchy or jihadism.”

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    • Bit of a comedown from Hampstead, it sound like. I wonder how long Ella would tolerate such a lifestyle? I’ll bet she’d miss her Jag and face yoga clients. Pity.

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  13. Does page 29 (point 18) of the scanned IPCC document explain why they don’t appear to be actively pursuing Abe? The children would be required to go through more ABE interviews.

    “Serious consideration has been given to the possibility of re-interviewing the children to collate more evidence about why the allegations were initially made. However following consultation with professionals it was decided that any further contact with the children could do more damage and therefore this is not justified”.


  14. Thanks EC for putting this up, I had wondered if it would ever be put up, given the extreme cherry picking they need to employ. The need for cherry picking just shows that they must know in reality just how bad it looks for them.

    I am convinced that the promotors of this case as originally told must have known the truth for a very long time. I’m sure there are all sorts of official docs circulating between them.

    As far as I’m concerned that makes them accessories to the original abuse, guilty of various new crimes and continued abuse.



  15. Somehow i missed the part about Abraham saying he had just been released from prison. That in itself is just weird behaviour. Also that year he got the police caution for assaulting his son, and then goes on to assault RD’s children. Yet Ella takes his side and remains in hiding with this scum criminal.

    At least we know the police still want to speak to them over child abuse.

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    • Rather sad isn’t it. Just 2 little wires in the brain can get crossed and the mind becomes a whirlwind of paranoia.
      Who in the hell is Dave Eden Ex-Police Officer ? I love how they come up with some ex-copper as though that somehow lends him credibility, like that Savage nutter.

      And yes I agree the MEPS they meet may be horrified- horrified their duties include meetings with Raving Loonies.

      Disturbing though that Kent Police are importing pedophiles. Where do they order them from? Is there a supply company that sends a batch over?

      Reading between the lines & checking her FB page it’s pretty clear this poor woman no longer has contact with her own family.

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  16. Are the rats leaving a sinking ship?

    The email in her rant talks of Sabine and Belinda travelling to Brussels today (21st June 2016)

    Strange for a person to travel for seemingly pointless causes so close to a trial date,That is a criminal trial listed as starting on 11th July – less than 3 weeks away

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    • Is Dave Eden Ex-Police Officer the new Spielberg of the Satanic Troofer movement?. Will Dave be competing with Rupert Quaintance at the Oscars ?. I think Rupert’s amazing film of two very hungry activists praying in front of The Vatican & throughout Rome 98 times could be up for an award as an art project. Whatever happened to those two? Rupert’s a bit flighty with his friends. Has he found some new playground pals in Amsterdam?

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