Angie’s new boss waxes vermilion, rages at HR report

Oh dearie, dearie me, we appear to have upset Mel Ve.

Mel Ve Spencer, that is, owner of the massively popular and always completely trustworthy Conscious Consumer Network. That’s the YouTube conspiritainment channel which for some reason offered Angela Fag-Ash Disney a 2-hour slot each Monday evening.

Yesterday we noted that Angela had gone on an extra-specially catty, vindictive, and ultimately self-justifying rant about Max Spier, who died last week. We included a video put together by our perceptive colleagues at McKenzie Friends, and apparently this came to the attention of the lobster-toned Mel Ve, causing her face to turn from crimson to vermilion, such was her rage.

Mel Ve waxes vermilion 2016-07-24

Mel Ve on her Throne of Good Taste

We must thank our friend Spiny Norman for sitting through Mel’s ranting video and gathering up the salient notes for us:

25:13 – “This is something that’s been uploaded by Mckenzie’s Devils…It’s having a go at Angela Power-Disney, who is one of the people who was very big in exposing the information with regards to the Hampstead case…Of course, many people have called this a hoax and I’ll get on to talk about that in a moment…Angela Power-Disney, who has recently joined our network, is being trolled like crazy by all sorts of interesting and weird people and somehow we’ve all been sorta lumped together…”

Oh but then, to Mel’s credit, it gets really interesting…

“I’d like to just clarify first off a couple of things about what the McKenzie’s Devils really are. So for anybody who does want to go and watch this really pathetic attack on us, this is the video…I have quite a bit of experience with what’s going on here…Who is Belinda McKenzie? That’s a very interesting question and she’s got a lot to account for as far as I’m concerned. I have a history with Belinda McKenzie which goes all the way back to 2009…

She then goes on to talk about Belinda’s ‘Star Child skull’ scam (even implying that Belinda had her gassed in her sleep at a conference and stole her filming equipment); and she then, surprisingly, sets out to debunk the Hollie Greig case and Robert Green…and expresses regret over her involvement in the case at the time and what she put the accused through!

Sadly, she then blows it by descending back into hoaxer mode, sticking stubbornly to her guns on the Hampstead scam and once again banging on about how she “could feel the darkness” when she lived in Finchley Road (and trotting out all the usual discredited arguments and rabidly defending Abe & Ella).

And then she’s back into full-on conspiraloon mode and provides us with some comedy gold:…

“…Which is why we stand by Angela Power-Disney. And I feel very sorry for those people who feel the need to go and make these scathing videos about us, calling themselves McKenzie’s Devils.

Well, if you are Belinda McKenzie’s Devils, it’d make a lot of sense calling yourself devils, coz it’s very common knowledge – almost anyone in the truth movement – that Belinda McKenzie does in fact work for MI5. She is in fact an MI5 agent. She does in fact recruit people into her little cult.

There’s another little group of women known as ‘McKenzie’s Witches’, a harem of women she lets stay at her home – and there’s all sorts of stories that go round about what goes on in that house…

Coz let me tell you Highgate is one of the most questionable areas in the whole of London. There are some frickin’ scary things that go on there. Even when I lived there, I was acutely aware of it…

And if you go and look at, like, the most haunted places in Britain, Highgate Cemetery turns up on the top 10 list. I mean, Karl Marx, satanist and paedophile, is buried there…It’s not a coincidence that Abraham Stoker wrote the story of Dracula and set it in Highgate Cemetery, right. There’s a reason for that. And if you understand what vampires are, and kinda where they come from, you start getting into all of the reptilian and dragon information…

I’ve looked at the Hampstead Hoax [sic] website and most of the facts that they’ve got on there about me and my fellow alternative media journalists are blatantly incorrect, in fact outright lies, exacerbations, misperceptions and all twisted around to make us seem like we’re the hoaxters…”

She then throws another hissy fit about this blog and about McKenzie’s Devils and about how she knows it’s not a hoax because children never lie (yawn). Frankly, she’s just repeating herself over and over by this point (and I can’t be arsed to transcribe it), followed by her getting amusingly tearful and starting to hyperventilate.

So “most of the facts [we’ve] got” on this site about Mel and her “fellow alternative media journalists” are blatantly incorrect. Says the woman who claims to be a journalist but cannot be arsed to get the name of the blog right.

Rule One in J-School: Get the names right. It’s kind of basic.

Mel does seem to have a teeny-tiny little credibility problem, though. In the video below, McKenzies Devils points out that before Hoaxtead was even a glint in Belinda’s and Abe’s eye, Mel was out shilling for Kevin Annett and his fake ‘ITCCS’ court, which was supposed to “investigate colonial genocide in South Africa” back in 2013.

Just as Mel now “be-LEEEEVEs those little kids” (at least, the part where they talk about being abused by a cult, not the part where they say Abe forced them to say that), she once “be-LEEEEVEd” Annett’s shite on a plate, and tried to force-feed it to her fellow conspiraloons.

Now, though, she’s d0ne a complete about-face:

I look forward to the day when I don’t have to have yet another case file cross my desk of yet more people who’ve been brutally murdered in my home country for no other crime than having white skin.

Wait, what? “Colonial genocide activist” Mel Ve is now a Seth Effrican white supremacist? Say it ain’t so!

Fortunately for her, she’ll be spared any concern, unless there’s a sudden shift toward brutally murdering people who resemble demented lobsters sitting on baroque thrones making faux news videos.

Well, never mind. We’re very interested, though, in Mel’s assertions that if only we could provide some actual real evidence that Hoaxtead is in fact a fantasy concocted by Abe Christie and Ella Draper, she would be “more than willing to listen”!

Erm…where do we even begin?

Might we recommend that Mel start with the IPCC report, which we reported on in some depth last month? Mel’s the one who alleges she’s a journalist; we’re sure she’ll be up for some good old-fashioned research, even if all that means is reading a few blog articles that demonstrate very clearly that Hoaxtead is, well, a hoax.

Given the stellar journalistic standards we’ve seen from her so far, though, we’re not holding our breath.

159 thoughts on “Angie’s new boss waxes vermilion, rages at HR report

  1. Whilst I know you are concerned Mel looks like she is about to burst a blood vessel anytime soon she needs to remain on high alert.
    One of my sources only recently received a telegram that tensions are running high in the townships.
    A radical neo surrealist fundamentalist splinter group PRADLSOBTMFNV (Peoples resistance against demented lobsters sitting on baroque thrones making faux news videos) are swelling by the day and reportedly more than a trifle discombobulated from an aesthetical tangential counter intuitive perspective.And its full moon next month…wibble.

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      • You are most welcome EC.
        On closer inspection Madame Melanoma seems to be wearing Angies hairpiece,this unholy device clearly enables its wearer to access the portal of infinte crap,channel utter bollocks whilst remaining exempt from any personal responsibility whatsoever.

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    • Wow. I rarely encounter such heaping helpings of totally incomprehensible bullshit.
      (I just don’t expose myself to it, generally)
      She’s wrong, though. WE have him -his ‘spirit’, anyway. In a little cosmic jar, which will be tossed into a little cosmic closet and forgotten about for a million years.

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      • So he got the info all these 100s of children being killed and eaten by ‘remote viewing’. In other words he had one of the sickest minds that was constantly filled with child rape and torture. His fantasy was that murder happened on a daily large scale by world leaders.
        They used to treat barking mad people like him shockingly in the past. Then they built hospitals and humane ways of treating them with drugs. Now they give them a Youtube channel to promote their lunatic fantasies.

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    • What did he die of? I thought he may have brain cancer which explained his ramblings. Sad for his pals if he died but do they really think anyone in power would even know who these fantasists are on Youtube let alone do them harm? Why? They have no affect except for causing misery in the lives of ordinary every-day people like the citizens of Highgate etc.

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      • This video doesn’t clarify what he died of but it definitely confirms he was very ill and that he knew he was dying (so it was something terminal).

        By the way, whatever kind of guy Tory was and whatever we all thought of him, I have to warn you that this is not easy watching or listening:

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        • I really didnt want him to die, i wanted a court case in which his claims could have been seen to be nonsense, now hes a martyr to a certain type of mindset (neelu), he wouldnt see a doctor and that stupid meadors woman reinforced his delusions. She is already claiming to be in contact with him.

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          • Yep Nelly has put up info regarding him on her fb page.

            I reckon he was getting off on those horrible videos he did.

            Talk about over the top bollox.

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          • Wow, you too, Sheva?! I repeat – it’s not about making disrespectful remarks about Smith’s death. It’s about making them on this blog. I just think we’re fulfilling the myths that the hoaxer fruitcakes put around about us being hatemongers the moment we start shouting hooray and good riddance when people die of cancer or whatever, however nasty they were. To draw a parallel, Saddam and bin Laden were nasty f*ckers too but Americans cheering on the streets when they were killed did not cast the US in a good light.

            I appear to be in a minority of one on this, so I’ll shut up now.

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            • I do agree with you, CP. I’m aware, though, that our community is very diverse, and we won’t always agree with one another. It’s a fine balance, trying to maintain a space where people can express what they feel, but also retain a certain level of discourse on the blog.

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      • Well I hope his troubled soul is at rest. I’m reminded a little of one of the editors of Conservapedia, who was similarly filled with rage and immune to logic. He too turned out to be suffering from a terminal illness; all this flapping about before the light fails, trying to make a mark on the world before the light goes out. Horrible to watch.

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    • Anger at this man is justified on some levels. He did damage.

      Equally well he was, quite clearly, mentally ill; possibly as the result of his wider illness which could have been festering for decades. – I note there is an admission in this video that he was yet another pot-head. It strikes me this is a fairly common thread with these characters. Understandable if he lived with some chronic pain. But none the less, these types and forms of delusions seem to go hand-in-hand with a particular drug culture.

      Not being a clinician of any kind I don’t feel able to speculate on what was wrong with him. I do recognise some symptoms I’ve seen in others who have suffered and passed. – Elderly people whose incontinence caused them to reduce their fluid intake which in turn caused toxins to build up in their body that caused confusion and in some cases delusion… Cancer sufferers on medication that made them see things. People suffering from Kidney problems that had all sorts of knock on effects.

      The illusions come from within though….. Always within. God knows what guilt and/or trauma he lived with.

      As for this crazy ginger woman? God help her. There are many like her.

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      • I don’t know how long ago Tory started the business of claiming to ‘channel’ sexually abused children, but I agree that in the latter stages of illness it’s entirely possible to become increasingly demented. I’ve seen that happen in elderly people and those with terminal illnesses. From what I understand about Tory, the damage he caused predated his illness, but who knows?


  2. So this Mel Ve character calls people trolls when it’s her that sets out to cause total & complete misery in the lives of innocent people including her ludicrous claim she thought Finchley Road was a centre of Satanism.
    She will be tracked and her evil misdeeds will be pointed out until she pulls her heads in. It is the duty of all reasonable people to tackle the lies of these defamers.

    Mel is like a Poison Pen Letter author who has been busted and wails her Freedom of Speech is being curtailed.

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    • Given Mel,s experience of the tactics employed by holliehoax teams, the clearly identifiable stratagies and players, especially Belinda McKenzie. When she interviewed Sabine McNeill, my heart sank.


    • Mel’s grudge against Hampstead appears to be that no one there liked her, and they didn’t include her in their social set. Oddly, this seems to have been one of Abe and Ella’s major issues as well.

      Here’s a shocker though: sometimes it can be hard to fit into a new neighbourhood. That doesn’t necessarily mean one’s neighbours are raping and eating babies and children.

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    • I detect a South African accent on Mel Ve. Is it she who discovered Nelson Mandela was an agent of The Pope?. I was in a hotel foyer once when Mandela walked through- the man shone a light of such extraordinary charisma that I describe as being of great humility yet like he was an African king. These nutcases weren’t worthy of shining his shoes.

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      • Yes—one thing to remember about backstabbers like Angie: the closer you get to them, the higher the probability that you will wind up with the proverbial sharp implement embedded between your shoulder blades.

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      • Sheva you can bet before long Angela will turn on Mel V.

        She seems to turn on all the other women.

        I think she prefers the men, doesn’t see the men as such a threat.

        Angela wants to be the Alpha Female but she isn’t by a long way.

        I’m tempted to go to Brenda McNamara’s event at Parliament on Saturday 17th September and heckle Angela.

        Tempted but I have an important place to be the next day, so doubt I will attend unless it’s a scorching day and I can lay in the sun.

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  3. Meanwhile, Cherie Sowell Beltram (of the Three Hearts Church in Texas) may be one to watch.

    Jake Clarke’s targeting her to become his new best friend and she appears to be as deluded and “out there” as he is.

    As well as dabbling in the usual flat-Earth-and-false-flags bollocks, she’s a pretty rabid fire-and-brimstone-type preacher. Here’s a sample quote from her blog:

    “You do not want to BE this sacrifice. Nor do you want to be bid to the sacrifice as they are the ones who are sanctified by the LORD to carry this judgment out…Now is the time for the day draws closer when the LORD will enact His punishment on this earth.”

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      • Hang on I thought vindictive,sadistic and general nasty stuff was the domain of the red guy with horns and a tail and Mr God with the long beard and a comb in his breast pocket was all forgiving and let you off if you said sorry if you mess up or had a fling with your next door neighbour Oh bugger.

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    • Angie will be jealous that Jake is sending his affection elsewhere.

      Perhaps he can do a GOFUNDMEPAGE and visit this Preacher.

      Why hasn’t Angie invited Jake to Ireland, Lanzarote, Italy or wherever Rupert and her little love nest is?

      Poor Jake he must be awfully jealous. I mean he actually went to Blackfriars CC London for 2 days of the recent hearing and Rupert didn’t know there was even a court case on, the sap!

      It’s really unfair of Angela to give more affection to Rupert.

      Ditch her Jake and go visit the USA.

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      • Yes FA I can see Jake healing the sick,infirm and generally demented on some evangelical TV God bothering show channelling the L O V E vibrations.Lets face it he he is otherwise pretty much unemployable. Probably needs to get consent from his key worker though.

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      • Yep Jake – Visit the USA (whilst you still can – that is before you have a criminal record)

        At least Angie can’t visit the USA so its a safe haven from her

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    • Funny how this lot who claim “the LORD will enact His punishment on this earth.” all still want donations to buy Earthy things.

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    • Oh my Lordy !!! I watched her video (more lunacy).

      Oddly just this week my dear old pal who occasionally works for NASA was in town for 2 days on his way from New Zealand to Singapore.
      He’s a world famous astronomer and like many scientists is quite oblivious to anything outside science. Why was he in New Zealand ?. Well in Christchurch where he spent the last 4 months there is a airfield and there is based a NASA 727 jet which is especially fitted out to reach 14 KMs into the sky and which has the most sophisticated camera in the world, to measure atmosphere as it is atmosphere ( as he tells me- I don’t know these things) that scientists must study as atmosphere determines why a planet is like it is.

      Christchurch is the furthest South you can get where the Earth’s atmosphere is it’s clearest. My pal went up once in this plane as it costs $1M a day to fly it hence it is airborne once every few months.

      I digress- we went to dinner and I tried to explain to him again that there were Flat Earth believers. He simply does not believe me and thinks it’s a whole lot of people playing a joke. But he finds it so amusing that he once again, picked up the tab.

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  4. With that tan of hers Mel Ve could apply to be an extra on The Only Way Is Essex. She’s on the same intellectual level as Joey Essex

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  5. I love how she tells the story of how much effort was required to interview Robert Green. All that expense and travel. Has she never heard of a phone?

    A few things concern me about her journalistic integrity and ability. One being this idea that the children’s stories matched other descriptions of SRA and that the children cannot make up that sort of stuff.

    I don’t think it’s entirely impossible for children to make up that sort of stuff, and perfectly possible they could have viewed material relating to other cases. If Abraham was telling the children they are part of a cult or satanic cult, they are perfectly capable of Googling those terms on their Ipads and watching hours of footage with people discussing rituals.
    Though the main point is that they didn’t need to view such material, or make it up, Abraham could have done all that for them. I don’t understand why the likes of Mel cannot get that. Nobody is saying the children made up every little detail. The children say they were fed information, and Abraham describes ‘brainstorming’ (ie making up what he wants to believe) and also came up with their own ideas.

    There is so much information out there that it would be easy for someone to ‘brainstorm’ a story about a cult. One video about satanic cults will give almost all that information. There is also elements of ‘evil’ in movies and real life killer. From Buffalo Bill wearing skin in Silence of the Lambs, to serial killers using bones to sculpt ornaments. These formats feed off each other. That is why so many UFO and alien stories are very similar, describing saucers and little ‘grey’s. Matching does not mean it’s true.

    She goes on to mention how bad it would be for children to tell about their abuse but not be believed, completely ignoring the fact that the children themselves said it didn’t happen. That they describe Abraham abusing them and forcing them tell stories of murder and sexual abuse, which Mel does not believe.

    Mel’s ‘journalism’ lets her down again when it comes to Ella and Abraham. Claiming that the children were taken away from them and that they had to leave because they were afraid for their lives. The children were removed from Ella because they mentioned Abraham assaulting them. Ella could have chosen to leave Abraham to maximise her chances of getting them back fully and quickly. Something which shouldn’t be a tough choice when you have only known the man 4-5 months and he cuts your child’s face open and bursts the other ones ear drum. Ella chose to stay with Abraham.

    Not only that but Ella still had access. Her access only stopped when she refused to attend a meeting with social services, concerning her behaviour during contacts with the children. So again, Ella’s lack of judgement/care.

    Ella left when the police arrived to speak to her about the material being online. That is no threat of death. No need to be in fear for your life. She left to avoid a potential arrest and charges, which may never have even happened. Abraham didn’t even go with her and instead stayed in the UK. He turned up outside court saying he wanted to be arrested because he would have more of a voice inside prison. That is not a man in fear for his life. Abraham only fled later once police confiscated his mobile phone, likely because he knew the police were going to find the child sex images that were later found on it.

    So she does not base her beliefs on evidence, fact or objective truth. She places it on hearsay and intuition about peoples character, such as the children and the women involved in the HG case. That is, subjective opinion. Not a ‘truth’ movement, but an opinion movement. Huge difference.

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    • Oh Lordy he got permission from his social worker then!
      Why not just ask for 3 groups of 6 or18 groups of 1?
      Unemployed stoners albeit unless theyve been up all night will still be in bed at 10 am so 4pm to 10pm may get a couple of nobodies to respond who will inevitable end up receiving directions via Manchester or Glasgow.
      Honestly Jake couldnt find his arse with both hands and a radar yet alone orchestrate meaningful social change.

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    • Ha! You got me 😀

      To paraphrase Basil Fawlty: “Can’t we get you on Mastermind, Liza? ‘Next contestant, Liza Radley. Specialised subject, the bleedin’ obvious.'”

      To paraphrase that nice Mr. Weller, I should stick to “creeping across summer lawns at midnight” in future:

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  6. Here’s a tip: I’m finding her show a lot more entertaining with the sound off. The waving of hands, the rolling of eyes, the wild flailing about onscreen…it’s all just too funny.

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  7. Breaking News:
    Opta live stats update:
    Max viewers 12
    Average viewers 5
    HR % viewers 92.7
    Squirm rating 99.99%
    Fag count 9.5
    Idiots in underpants 0

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    • One of those viewers was me. It’s funny that most of her viewers are people that don’t believe her,lol.

      It’s one thing to block offensive comments but I will be interested to see what will happen if people simply disagree and offer other views or evidences. After all, Mel invited people to show her evidence. To ignore that would be ignorant.

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  8. No i dared use my long standing account with years of work on it.Buggers will probaly seek to have it flagged/removed by Googletube.Fingers etc cro$$ed.

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  9. I laughed out loud at the end when she was begging again and mentioned her own fund. Saying that it had some cash in it from her sisters estate…..but is a bit depleted now. So she put her inheritance in her own fund and then spent it. Bonkers.

    I think a lot of people will be disappointed if Rupert does not make it to the UK. Not least the people that already funded him to come here. After all, he started off by raising funds to come here, then spent it on pasta in Italy instead. Then last week begged for more money to come here. I would hope he wouldn’t go spending it on a detour to other countries.

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  10. Very important analysis by John Oliver, in this video (below). He’s talking about Trump and American Republicans, but the point applies equally well – I believe – to our Hoaxers, the Troofers, Annett-ites, and even the now defunct Exaro News site. He talks about people equating their feelings or beliefs with FACT, and how carrying & spreading this false perception can cause it to become REALITY in a very real sense, for them. Scary shit.


  11. Btw I see Angela is changing her opinion on Neelu.

    Not that Neelu will care.

    Angela is turning on all of the Hoax lot, just as I knew she would…

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    • Excellent find, Joe!

      I don’t know much about LNN but they sure got CCN’s number!

      And isn’t it great to see Mel demonstrating her allergy to the word ‘proof’ with her usual aplomb.

      As for her arrogant, misleading and insensitive “Radio is dying” remark, kudos to Michael for not losing it with her at that point.

      And as for calling herself “the last of the Boers”…oh dear!

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        • The ‘station’ is what I might call ‘a little kooky’ but interesting in that it’s typical of those traditional backwater broadcasters. It will quite genuinely have taken a modicum of technical expertise to put this together, as the man says, they operate their own server, audio seems to be of reasonable quality etc. The notion that ‘Radio is dead’ is quite absurd. But what alternative is Mel offering? We’ve heard the silly notion of CCN being ‘television’ but in terms of understanding and using that medium it’s as much ‘television’ as a pre-school child scribbling the words ‘three blind mice’ in crayon on the playroom wall is ‘literature’!

          Last of the Boers? Oh dear indeed!

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