Abe and Ella: Have they given up?

If you’re a would-be conspiranoid hoaxer hoping to make your fortune by claiming that your new girlfriend’s children were abused by a mysterious Satanic cult in a leafy London suburb, you know you’ve completely lost the game when your chief spokes-thingy is Drifloud.

We’d been noticing for some time that we’ve heard nary a peep from Abe and Ella’s secret hideout in the south of Spain; their last update consisted of a spate of deranged emails from Drifloud, who seems to be their last friend in the world.

Seriously, no one wants to know Abrella any longer. Sabine gave up on them ages ago; Belinda has had nothing good to say about them since last summer; Angie has accused them both of being ‘in the cult’; and even their erstwhile bestie Code/Guidance 2222 won’t speak to them.

Righty-o, Drifloud it is then.

It looks as though he and Abrella are still on speaking terms, or at least they’re sharing some of their information with him. Yesterday he tweeted something that looked as though it might have been a piece of the IPCC investigation.

If you’ll recall, the Hoaxtead pushers had been pinning their hopes for this case on a complete misunderstanding of the IPCC decision to uphold Ella’s appeal:

Drifloud-IPCC 2016-03-23

The important part being, of course, that the role of the IPCC is to investigate whether complaints against officers were properly investigated by the Investigating Officer.

Indeed, just to reiterate yet again for the hard of thinking (yes, Jake, this means you), “It is not within (the IPCC’s) role to review or assess the original criminal allegation and the IPCC IS NOT ABLE TO MAKE ANY COMMENT AS TO THE THOROUGHNESS OF THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION“.

All right. Now that we have that settled, here’s the scrap of (possible) IPCC report that Drifloud was waving about yesterday:

Abrella-IPCC-Foulkes 2016-05-17

If this is in fact a scrap from the IPCC report, we may assume that DCI Foulkes is commenting on his officers’ decision to remove the children from Ella’s care.

He appears to be addressing the report to Ella (“your mental health…your children”). He notes that the “actions of the officers were not taken lightly”, from which we may gather that he agreed that his officers’ decision to take the children into Police Protection was valid and appropriate.

If this snippet is representative of the tone of the entire IPCC report, it’s hardly surprising that Abe and Ella didn’t bother to share the whole thing on their blog. It’s hardly the glowing vindication they were hoping for, and at this point they must be feeling pretty discouraged about their chances of keeping this case alive. Indeed, they’ve now exhausted every avenue of legal appeal.

The last post on their sad little excuse for a blog dates back to the aforementioned rants from Drifloud; other than that, the only signs of life from their direction have been a few comments by Abe on hemp-related blogs.

Have they finally faced what the rest of us have known for some time: that their carefully constructed hoax has shattered into a million pieces, taking with it their dreams of internet fame and fortune?



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    • I’ve seen this–I suspect poor Kane speaks for many of the conspiranoids in wondering why he’s sticking up for Abrella’s ridiculous cause when they can’t be arsed to do it themselves.

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  1. The snippet is fascinating and it does sound like Abrella have been slaughtered in their IPCC appeal. They must have selected the least damaging paragraph and posted it/given it to ‘drifloud’, who I I think is Abraham ‘bag of flies’ Christie. Well, if that is the best then can show us, then imagine what the worst bits in the report say…

    May I take this opportunity to send out a warm virtual hug to Steve Martin, another unsung hero of the Hampstead Case. He has been another of its victims. He was severely targeted by the mad people who support this case, and still is.

    I read yesterday that he is one of the officers whose actions have been under investigation during the IPCC appeal, which makes sense, given his role. Scrutiny of his actions will have been part of the investigations, and cannot have been a pleasant experience.

    Steve, if you are reading this, you have my fullest respect for the job you did, and the way you spoke to the children, in what must have been a difficult interview to conduct. You were sensitive and warm, and the children warmed to you, and it is obvious they felt safe with you. I will never forget the little boys face at the end of the interview, when he looked so happy and relieved, vindicated, because you had understood him, He seemed to realise that he would now be protected from that tyrant. I am sorry that you, like so many, have suffered at the hands of the idiots that support the hoax, and from Abrella themselves, of course. Because of your pivotal role, analysis and action, the children were removed from their abusers, I am sure they will one day, when they grow up, they will personally thank you for what you did, and acknowledge the difference you made to their lives.

    I really hope you get the support you deserve from your colleagues and bosses in the police force, It’s not easy to be the fall guy.

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    • I think Steve has respect from all of us–he did an excellent job under difficult circumstances, and has been slagged ever since, simply because he didn’t stop with the first two interviews, but went on to a third in which the children finally felt able to tell the truth about what Abe had done to them. Steve struck me throughout as a good listener, able to connect emotionally with the children, and offering them opportunities to tell the truth without losing face (which is often what will stop children from retracting a lie).

      I’m sure the kids think of him kindly, and will thank him for what he was able to do for them.



    Crikey, have you seen this? Just started watching so not sure of content but from opening minutes it looks pretty interesting. Angie either genuinely doesn’t understand how to make her videos private or is deliberately sabotaging Sabine.

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      • Anna, if you want to send anything to Hoaxtead Research privately, hit the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page. 🙂

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    • The release of the video may well be “bait” to try to get the case discussed in the media, legally this blog is classed exactly the same as a newspaper – they are both media.

      Discussion of an ongoing criminal matter (that is a case that is after arrest, and before the sentence upon conviction, or the acquittal after trial) is potentially an offence in itself. The rules regarding what can and cant be reported as the matter progresses are strict, breaching those rules can (and has) resulted in a person being brought before the Court.

      There is also the chance that the discussion may give rise (through speculation about the case) to the defence claiming that a fair trial can not take place and that the matter should be discharged.

      My understanding is that the Police have got copies of the two videos that Angie Power Disney posted on her Youtube channel on Sunday / Monday,.I have no doubt that they will be passed by the Police to the CPS. Its upto them to use them as they see fit in the context of the ongoing case.

      Personally I think it would be very wrong of any of us to discuss the videos, motives or implications of any detail contained in those videos. In doing so you may be doing exactly what Angie set out to achieve.

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    • I think they are desperate for someone to write about this and then claim they did not get a fair trial. Don’t fall for it

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    • We’ve seen these videos from Angie, and have chosen not to talk about them here, as they discuss information pertaining to Sabine and Neelu’s upcoming trial.

      I’m glad you posted here, though, as it’s important that our readers understand that we didn’t overlook them; instead, we’re making a deliberate choice not to talk about them. 🙂


  3. So the IPCC basically looks into whether a complaint against a copper was not handled properly. Which can be as simple as Ella complained and was told by that copper he would respond in 2 weeks but got back to her in 3 weeks. He was found to have breached some code and would be called in by his superior and told ” For Christ’s sake if you say 2 weeks do it or say 3 weeks next time. Now go back to work”.

    Clutching at straws. Sadly Abella, Jake etc’s demands to inspect the privates of a number of people is never going to happen. And note how Drif loud or Abe whoever it is ranges form “alleged” to acceptance something has happened. Not only cracked but fecking dumb as well.

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    • Why are all the alt media sites run by complete morons? Even the relatively mainstream exaro has swallowed the “paedophile elites everywhere!!!” crap. If it wasn’t for this site, Anna Raccoon, barristerblog and a few others I would despair.

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      • The philosophy of the alternative media is unfortunately often just plain contrarian. This is a pity because the world needs strong independent investigators. Most of the alternative don’t investigate at all, just repeat hearsay.

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      • That’s a very good question Pallas.

        The most likely reason is it’s yet another symptom of the infantilisation of the internet. It’s been pointed out to me recently that the notion social media is a relatively new thing is completely erroneous. In fact it was one of the first uses found (apart from games) for a ‘personal’ computer. It pre-dates the internet, and in recognisable publicly-accessible form can be found in action as early as 1980! – Certainly by about 1993 it was central to the offerings of ISPs.

        The alt.* hierarchy itself dates back to 1987 and a Usenet event known as “the great renaming”!

        Apparently there was a time where this was the place to go for ‘the good oil’. Of course, there always were nutters online. But as it took quite a considerable finanacial and technical investment – and a degree of intelligence – the real prime-morons, such as the people behind the Hollie Greig and Hampstead hoaxes wouldn’t have stood a chance.

        I’m reminded of the comments of one of my acquaintances who has a deeply-technical background as was as a kid one of those people messing around with acoustic couplers and pre-html systems. – He tells me that back in the mid-late 90s “online networking” was a useful business tool. It was apparently the advent of MSN – the Moronic Scumbag Network as he calls it that started to drag things downhill. And later ‘Myspace’ which dragged things down to “primary 2” level! – Facebook et al simply supplied (quote) “an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of very sophisticated typewriters – Shakespeare seems to be untroubled”.

        Or put another way, it’s too easy for people who really shouldn’t even be walking the streets without a carer to get online and live out their fantasies at some level. – The clever money’s back inthe pub meeting face-to-face and/or working within closed forums.

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        • Very interesting, thanks. I sometimes wonder how much of this crap would proliferate if people were charged per message/post. The internet has empowered the truly stupid in a way that could not have been foreseen.

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          • At one time they more-or-less were! – You would subscribe to certain forums/newsgroups, and the threads on them. Your computer would dial-up and log on the the ISP, ‘grab’ what you’d tagged to be downloaded, stream it all down to you then hang up… 2 minute ‘phone calls to the US (where the access providers often were) were expensive in those days. And even when UK based providers came along, it could get quite pricey. – That did keep the dole-bludger types at bay.

            I’ve mixed feelings about going back to that. 😉

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        • Even in the early 90s there were plenty of morons on Usenet, I had run-ins with Holocaust deniers and alien conspiracy fruit-cakes.

          The nutters arrived long before MSN, it was AOL users. Anybody with an @aol address was pretty much guaranteed to be an utter twunt.

          I first started using dial-up to connect directly to Bulleitin Board Systems (BBS), depending where the computer was based you’d sometimes be dialling into BBS systems using an International number!

          Happy days.

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          • Yes, I remember some of the Usenet fruitcakes–as you say, you could usually tell by the @aol address.

            I ran across my first real internet hoax back in 1996; it involved a woman who joined a Usenet forum, then faked her own death, came back as another user, and tried to scam forum users out of cash to help the poor dead woman’s family! At that time that was ‘state of the art’ online scamming. Look how far we’ve come!

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          • LOL yeah… I’d forgotten about AOL! Arseholes On Line!

            One of the first ones I recall being debunked was on the Compuserve forums – Ray Santilli’s ‘Alien Autopsy’, and the redoubtable ‘Q..’ of this parish ripping Santilli’s ‘photographic expert’ one Bob Shell to absolute shreds on his analysis! At one point there was a woman, Theresa Carlson IIRC, who was absolutely convinced ‘Q…’ was the person responsible for creating the fake – he’d nailled the process so accurately.

            I only had access at work back then. My boss thought I was incredibly dedicated arriving early and going home late. If only he’d known! 😉

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    • “the British Establishment is in fact a Free-masonic club of psychotic paedophile murders”.
      I can’t imagine what pompous git writes this sort of stuff but it’s pretty clear to me that most of these truthers are tragic people who have never moved around this planet or indeed probably never moved outside their ‘basement’.

      I was friendly with an Aussie model & TV presenter named Charlotte Dawson who sadly took her own life 2 years ago, Charlotte was a lovely person but had manic depression and her life was one of highs & lows. In 2012 she became embroiled on a twitter campaign of hate from some classic trolls. They were vicious and they were nasty. She fled to the local hospital and their psychiatric unit that night.
      A few months after she went with a tabloid TV show crew to confront her trolls. I saw her 2 days after the show was screened and she told she almost felt sorry for them. They really were basement dwellers with shocking lives, no money and were filled with venom not just for her but just about anyone.

      The awful thing was these trolls had chosen her as their victim believing she led this amazing life of wealth & privilege but it was anything but. She was deeply in debt when she died and had lost TV contracts and had hit 50. It’s a great but awful example of the twisted thinking of most of these trolls and I think the Jakes, APD and others of this world are pretty similar in their own ways to Charlotte’s trolls.

      They have a seething hatred for anyone they perceive as rich, connected and who they think leads a life better than theirs.

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      • I think you’re right that one reason the Hoaxtead thugs chose Hampstead as their target is that they perceive its residents as better off than they are. Angie has actually told a couple of her American interviewers that Hampstead is “the richest part of London”. Umm….


      • I think the types such as Jake Clarke, Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney have the types of mind that curses them to a life of inadequacy and failure, which results in envy at the perceived successes of others, and a need to destroy those objects of envy to gain an element of control or power in their empty lives.

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    • Of for Fuck’s Sake ! I didn’t realize that was the cretin Mathew Taylor. Jesus Christ that is 5 minutes of precious life I will never get back.

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  4. In the other part of the Drifloud tweet it was claimed that the police finally responded on March 26th 2016. I remembered seeing something about the IPCC on Drifloud’s twitter a while back. Looking through, this tweet was made on April 26th 2016:

    “The deadline for them to have responded to IPCC’s upholding the appeal was 5 months or so ago. Burying heads in sand.”

    It would appear then that Abrella held onto the complaint for at least a month without informing Drifloud. What will be interesting is whether they try complain about the response, and whether the IPCC will find the response sufficient.

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    • Yes, I think they had good reason to keep the response secret: it doesn’t portray them in the angelic light they’d prefer, and it represents the failure of their entire ridiculous hoax.


  5. It’s off topic but i had to share it. I noticed APD (on facebook) has shared a link from Anonymous OpHampstead. It starts by stating:

    “People like James Hind would rather you not read this…doh”.

    Then links to a BBC article entitled “Witchcraft child abuse cases investigated by Met rise by over 50%”

    I think Angie and her cronies believe that the children are being abused by witches. When in fact, the children are being abused because these people, who are followers of God, believe the children to be witches. Heck, the article starts with a video of a man that was accused of being a witch when he was just 8yrs old. These witch hunters carry out exorcism in an attempt to rid these child “witches” of evil spirits. Often beating the children and using other forms of torture and violence on the children. Not dissimilar to what Abraham was doing to the children with his beatings and “water blessings/torture”.

    Angie et al do not see that when they are standing outside Christ Church accusing people of being Satanists/witches, that they are doing the same thing…a modern day witch hunt. It’s also amazing because they are constantly claiming that the BBC are covering up child abuse, yet the link is to the BBC.

    Angie and Jake are mind numbingly stupid and dishonest.

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    • Yes–I believe that one of the reasons the Musas horribly abused their children is that they thought they were possessed by evil spirits. This was one of Sabine/Belinda’s ‘high-profile’ cases.


      • I hadn’t read much about it before. From a quick look over it certainly seems like a very sad case. It can’t have been helped by the input of Sabine and Belinda, though it doesn’t surprise me they would be championing a couple of child abusers.

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    • That’s exactly what i thought when I read that story. That the Fruit Loop Group would somehow think it confirms their claims when it’s actually the opposite. Just as the Hampstead kids were beaten with spoons , water tortured and threaten to be buried. And given endless enemas by their crazed mother & fed cannabis by her career criminal boyfriend.

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  6. I doubt Abrella have given up, EC, but they certainly don’t have much support left.
    Thankfully the majority now see what it was – a hoax – but one in which 2 children’s futures look to be ruined by evil people still spreading lies along with the children’s names and images.

    It was great to see a portion of the alleged IPCC Report which exposes Abrella for what they really are, one being described as mentally ill and the other abusive…but we knew that all along.

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    Well Angie Power Disney seems certainly open to diversification. Perhaps HOMOPHOBIC Angie has now beaten all expectations, is this really her quest for a crossdressing young male, Lord only knows what the film script will be like??

    Is Jake now too old for her?

    Rupert is sadly left by the roadside…. (did he refuse to wear a dress) Perhaps she’s going to ask John Hemming to play a cameo role?

    Belinda and Sabine will no doubt provide a “North London Studio” Is it to be a cross between the Rocky Horror show, Mrs Brown’s boys and the Blair Witch project, with a few Irish folk tunes thrown in (The Irish Rover and Flogging Molly?)



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    • What on earth!
      Has she developed some strange fetish?
      Please don’t anyone let their child become involved in this project.

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      • Let me guess – the “actors” will have to pay a fee to get help preparing their CV to the required standard for the “film”

        Angie will no doubt call on her vast experience to provide (at a cost) those services. Thus charging the hopefuls for a dream, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (said Dorothy…. whilst checking their dresses)

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      • Yes but the Louise Kiely Casting page on FB has posted this same advert so it’s legitimate! Same gmail address too.

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        • I have no doubt that Louise Kiely is genuine – but why the involvement of Angie? Does she work for her?


          • No idea but it looks like she’s just passing on of information to her friends to advise of job opportunities. I do that all the time on FB. I just don’t see anything suspicious in this.


          • Noticed that odd post & yes it appears to be a genuine post from Louis Kiely Casting with the same gmail address..but..and a big but..why is Kiely friendly with Angela Power-Disney who repeatedly has exposed the images and identities of child abuse victims and falsely accuses innocent London families and their children of being part of a baby murdering Devil worshiping cult?

            Louis Kiely needs to be asked some important questions. If she has not noticed one of her Facebook “friends” puts children in danger and associates with numerous likewise minded people who are dangerous fanatics then Kiely herself is a danger to young people and should either be alerted or authorities warned.

            I believe Hoaxtead was probably successful in David Machin asking for his name to be removed from the phony MkNews website and likewise Louise Kiely needs to quickly do likewise before her reputation goes down the tubes.


          • Big Earl – The way that APD has published the post looks like she is working WITH Louise Kiely.

            However Louise Kiely has commented on this (in an email)



            Please would you confirm that you are working with Angie Power Disney? She seems to be recruiting for you.”


            A little latter:


            Angie Power Disney is currently being investigated by the Guardia in connection to Charity Fraud.

            I hope her facebook post does not cause you any problems. I am glad that you now know about it


            The response:


        • I have looked at the Facebook page, and yes, it is authentic. One can never be sure of the legitimacy of anything Angela Power Disney publishes.


    • Noticed that odd post & yes it appears to be a genuine post from Louis Kiely Casting with the same gmail address..but..and a big but..why is Kiely friendly with Angela Power-Disney who repeatedly has exposed the images and identities of child abuse victims and falsely accuses innocent London families and their children of being part of a baby murdering Devil worshiping cult?

      Louis Kiely needs to be asked some important questions. If she has not noticed one of her Facebook “friends” puts children in danger and associates with numerous likewise minded people who are dangerous fanatics then Kiely herself is a danger to young people and should either be alerted or authorities warned.

      I believe Hoaxtead was probably successful in David Machin asking for his name to be removed from the phony MkNews website and likewise Louise Kiely needs to quickly do likewise before her reputation goes down the tubes.

      Of course Louise Kiely is probably totally innocent and has had Power-Disney ‘like’ her page but does Kiely need a ‘like’ from a child abuser like Power-Disney ? Reputations take years to build but can be destroyed very quickly.


  8. Poor poor Angie, She is having a bad day. It;s obvious from her facebook post today. that people local to her are seeing her for what she is – A CHARITY SCAMMER.

    The Guardia are the best Judge of your “accounts” Angie, and when your in the wrong Angie and caught out, silence is your best policy……..

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    • Obviously there’s more than just one Upright Citizen local to the charity scammer Angela Power-Disney who is aware of her devious behavior.

      You only have to think logically : a man who (foolishly) wanted to date the Hag of Cavan would not simply decamp just because someone knocked on his door and said “don’t lend her any money”. There has to be more to it. That Upright Citizen probably showed the prospective suitor some evidence and he realized the share certificates given to him by APD in the new corporation – Illuminati Rothschild Baby Eating Cult Busters (Chair Person : B.McKenzie c/ Abuja PO, Nigeria) were worthless.

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  9. Surely a smear campaign isn’t a smear campaign when what is mentioned in the letters is true?
    The letters she read out on her “private and unlisted video” which is actually..ehm..public?

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